Huddersfield Daily Chronicle (19/Jan/1893) - Carlile Institute, Meltham

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.

Carlile Institute, Meltham.

The second entertainment of the season was given on Monday evening, in the large hall, which was well filled by an appreciative audience. Unfortunately, Mr. Herbert Jackson, who should have recited four times, was ill. Misses E. Taylor and L. Turton gave a dashing and well-executed duet on the pianoforte. Mr. James Garside recited "The fireman's wedding" and "Pooah Josewah," with capital effect. Mr. J.K. Wood sang "Be careful when you find a friend," "True to thee," and "Steering home," in his usual pleasing manner. Mr. George Moorhouse gave two readings, "The Moravian Knight's entertainment" and "Mr. Montpellier's recitation," which were highly amusing, and received well-merited applause. Miss E. Taylor sang "Twickenham Ferry," "Fiddle and I," and "The Better Land," with good taste and expression. Mr John Drake sang two humorous songs, "The sheep stealer" and "How did you leave the pigs, Sammy?" He received an encore for each song, and gave in response "Those girls at school" and "Sue was." A musical selection, entitled "Lily Bells," was cleverly played by Messrs. T. Bramley and Alfred Woodhouse (violins), W. Chatterton (concertina), and L. Chatterton (piano). Mr. W. Chatterton also gave a concertina solo, which was well executed. Mr. Albert Myers contributed a reading, "The bashful man." Mr. Harry Turton efficiently acted as accompanist. A vote of thanks to all the performers was proposed by the Rev. J. Johnson, seconded by Mr. T. Earnshaw, and was heartily carried.