Huddersfield Daily Chronicle (16/Sep/1891) - The Linthwaite Tragedy

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.



Stockwell's parents are said to have both made statements on behalf of the prisoner as to there being insanity in their family, both the statements having been forwarded to Mr. J.L. Sykes, the prisoner's solicitor

Mrs. Stockwell says she was in Wakefield Asylum for seven months some 24 years ago. Her eldest daughter has been insane for four years at least, and was 13 montlis in Wadsley Asylum, which she left 12 months ago, still insane, while her mother, James Stockwell's grandmother, died in Wadsley Asylum.

Mr. Mark Stockwell, the prisoner's father, says that his brother John, who would be the prisoner's uncle, also died in Wadsley Asylum, whilst another brother, George Stockwell, committed suicide whilst in a low state of mind.


At the West Riding Police Court, Huddersfield, on Tuesday morning, an application for the transfer of the licence of the Ivy Hotel, Linthwaite (where the murder of Catherine Dennis was committed on the 21st ult.), from Mrs. Brook, the present landlady, came up before the Bench — Colonel Brooke (in the chair), Mr. R Skilbeck, Mr. E. Armitage, Mr. J.N. Sykes, Mr. A. Walker, and Mr. C.W. Keighley.

The Magistrates' Clerk informed the Bench that this was an application for the temporary transfer of the licence of the Ivy Hotel, Linthwaite, to William Hayes, of Smith Riding, Linthwaite, rate collector. He asked Superintendent Pickard if he had any objection.

Superintendent Pickard — No, sir.

Colonel Brooke — Oh ! This is a certificate to carry on the house until the next transfer day. To applicant : Then have you ever kept a licensed house before ?

Applicant — No. I have not, sir.

Colonel Brooke — You must make yourself acquainted, as far as you can, with the obligations that you are taking upon yourself. The law is very stringent, and matters of very serious importance may arise, so make yourself as well acquainted with the requirements of the law as you can, and be determined to carry it out strictly.

Applicant — I will try to the best of my ability, sir.

The Chairman — You are living in Lintliwaite now, I see.

Applicant — Yes, sir.

Superintendent Pickard — He lives within a short distance of the Ivy Hotel, your worships.

The preliminary transfer was then formally granted.