Huddersfield Daily Chronicle (15/Mar/1894) - Concert at Meltham

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.

Concert at Meltham.

A grand concert was given on Monday evening, at the Carlile Institute, by the Lockwood Church Choir. The choir sang the following glees with good taste and finish, viz. :— "Come, merry comrades," "Wanton gales," "Spirits advance," and "Fisherman's good-night," and also the anthem, "Send out Thy light." The choir is very nicely balanced, and sang with precision and evenness. Miss Kaye gave "Love is a dream" and "When the robins, nest again" very beautifully. This lady has a rich, sweet voice, and only requires a little more energy to make her a capital vocalist. Miss Barber gave a fine rendering of "I couldn't, how could I ?" and was loudly and deservedly encored, and responded by singing "For all eternity." The latter is a rather hard and difficult piece, but she sang it splendidly, her beautiful rich voice and good pronunciation greatly pleasing the audience. With good training and perseverance this vocalist is destined to make her mark. Dr. Baldwin sang "Take a pair of sparkling eyes," and "If you're anxious for to shine," from "Patience." and the "Kissing song" from "Ruddigore." He received an encore, for which he gave "Silver churn." Mr. J.H. Earnshaw gave "The bellringer" with good effect. The duet, "When the wind blows in," was finely rendered by Miss Barber and Mr. J. Greenwood, and was loudly applauded and encored. A violin solo was played by Mr. G. Liversedge, who also gave a solo on the mandolin. A violin and piano duet was well played by Messrs. Liversedge and Brooke. The accompanist on the pianoforte was Mr. W. Brooke, who performed his part in a very satisfactory manner. Of Mr. Jacob Roberts, the esteemed conductor, we cannot but speak in terms of the highest praise. He evidently has laboured hard with the choir to bring them to their present efficiency, and his efforts deserve to be crowned with success. The concert, which closed with the National Anthem, gave the greatest satisfaction to all present.