Huddersfield Daily Chronicle (12/Oct/1894) - Local and District News: Concert

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.

Local and District News.


The first of series of concerts was given on Monday evening last, in the large lecture hall of the Carlile Institute, Meltham, by Messrs. J.C. Beaumont and F.W. Sykes's party, consisting of the following artistes :— Miss Lily Sunderland, soprano ; Mr. A.E. Hall, baritone ; Mr. F.W. Sykes, solo violin ; Mr. J.C. and Master E.P. Beaumont, solo piano. The programme was appreciated by the large audience, and the encores were well merited, and were responded to by the artistes. Piano duet, "Allegretto Con Gairbo" (Notturno). Mr. J.C. and Master E.P. Beaumont ; song, "Deep in my heart," Mr. A.E. Hall ; piano solo, "Ballad," in A Flat, Chopin, Op. 47, Master E.P. Beaumont. For the song "Carmena," Miss Lily Sanderland was encored, and gave "Zuyder Zee." The violin solo (a) "Larghetto" (b) "Caprice," by Mr. F.W. Sykes, was also encored, and he then played a "Hungarian dance." A piano solo (a) "Ungarisch," (b) "Polka brilliante," by Master E.P. Beaumont, also received an encore, and a "Hungarian melody" was then given by him. In the song "The storm fiend" Mr. A.E. Hall was encored, and sang "Heart of a sailor ;" violin solo, "Sonata in A" (Handel), Mr. F.W. Sykes. The song "Olde and new," by Miss Lily Sunderland, met with an encore, for which she gave "Another day ;" piano duet, "Les Huguenots," Mr. J.C. and Master E.P. Beaumont ; National Anthem. Mr. B.T. Sykes accompanied in a very efficient manner.