Huddersfield Daily Chronicle (09/Mar/1892) - Concert and Entertainment at Meltham

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.

Local and District News.

Concert and Entertainment at Meltham.

On Monday evening a concert and entertainment was given in the large room of the Carlile Institute, the promoters being the Misses Kilburn. The room was well filled. The chair was taken by Mr. Jonas B. Hirst. The following programme was gone through, viz. :— Trio, "Spring," by Mrs. Heaton and the Misses Kilburn, and this was followed by a song "Ora pro nobis" by Mr. H. Iredale. Mrs. Haigh then sung "The dear home land," for which she was encored, and gave "The Zuyder Zee" very nicely. Miss Jessie Kilburn gave " The angel's seranade," with violoncello obligato, with good effect. A reading was next given by Miss Kate Kilburn, entitled "The vulgar boy, or misadventures at Margate." A part-song, "Nursery rhymes," was nicely rendered, and pleased the audience well. Mrs. Kenworthy gave "The college belle," which was followed by Mr. J.W. Baxter singing "Madoline" in a very tasteful manner. This was re-demanded, and Mr. Baxter acquiesced by singing "Steer lads for home" in good style. Mrs. Heaton gave a good rendering of "Five o'clock in the morning," for which she was encored, and sang "Home, sweet home" very prettily. A part-song, "I know a maiden," was given with good effect, and this was followed by Mr. H. Iredale singing "The lighthouse keeper." A duet, "A B C," was sung by Mr. and Mrs. Kenworthy, after which a reading was given by the Rev. H. Davis, entitled "Some incidents of a holiday packing." This was most humorous, and caused much laughter. Mr. J.W. Kenworthy sang "The tar's farewell" with good effect. The plantation song, "Click, clack," was excellent, and had to be repeated. The last piece was the "Holmfirth Anthem," or "Pratty flowers," which proved to be the gem of the evening, the audience joining in the chorus most heartily, the solo being nicely sung by Mr. J.W. Baxter. Miss Kilburn accompanied on the pianoforte most efficiently. Mr. J.W. Manchester then rose to propose a vote of thanks to the Misses Kilburn for the excellent entertainment they had provided. This was seconded by Mr. R. Turton, and unanimously carried. The Rev. H. Davis responded on behalf of the Misses Kilburn. A vote of thanks having been accorded to the chairman, this very pleasant evening terminated by the singing of the National Anthem.