Huddersfield Chronicle (31/Dec/1853) - Sales By Auction: Shoe Broad Mill

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Sales By Auction

SALE by AUCTION, by Mr. TINKER, at Shoe Broad Mill, Meltham, on Thursday, the 5th day of January, 1854, the STOCK-IN-TRADE, WORK-TOOLS, DYEHOUSE FITTINGS, FARMING-STOCK, &c., of Mr. Isaac Dearnally, comprising upwards of 2,000lbs. of Mungo, 600lbs. of Weft and Warp Cops, 120lbs. of white Listing, 50lbs. of white Yarn Cops, Cotton and Woollen material. Seven broad Looms, and one narrow, geared with three shuttle rising boxes and all other requisites ; three Witches and gearing. A two couple and one couple Dye Pans, Stone, Wash Cistern, and other dyehouse fittings, (nearly new). Bay Horse, four years old, 14 hands high, Hay, Straw, Manure, Farming Tools, and a large number of articles, for full particulars of which see posting bills.

Sale to commence at Twelve o'clock.
Holmfirth, December 30th, 1853.

Huddersfield Chronicle (31/Dec/1853) - Sales By Auction: Shoe Broad Mill


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