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NO. 13. he Hnddersfi [Henderson] AND WEST YORKSHIRE ADVERTISER ee ae SATURDAY, JUNE 29, 1850. IRE YORKSHIRE RAILWAY. ine [in] OF THE HUDDERSFIELD p SHEFFIELD JUNCTION. sali [sale] 38 informed that the Line from sy to PENISTONE for Sheffield, or PUBLIC TRAFFIC on Moxpay [Mix] ei fe on xhich [which] occasion the Company have uy Ist. [Its] Mancbester, [Manchester] Shefficid, [Sheffield] and Lincolnshire, with i 'Railway Companies, an EXCURSION ya TSW [TS] )RTH [RT] and Back, at the following ale Tickets for Admission to the Duke of 7 House and Grownds. [Grounds] Trai [Train] reworth [worth] and Back (by the First ae) Ohlkam Elam] and all Stations to Sowerby ego Chatsworth unt [nut] Back are Buddersticld, [Bedstead] anc [an] Sta 'ions and Penistune [Penistone] Line to and 13s. 6s. 6d. i iil [oil] ave Huddersfeld [Huddersfield] at 8 a.m, for Rosely [Rose] dor [for] Chatsworth), . me also made tor taking Passengers this py sation [station] on the LANCASHIRE AND YORKSHIRE gi on the HUDDERSFIELD AND SHEE- [She each] 'ach. [each] and also to any Station on the Mawn- [Man- Sheffield] SHEFFIELD, AND LINCOLNSHIRE RalLWay, [Railway] for ue There aud [and] Back, by any Ordinary Train that By Order. wei [we] June 2oth, [both] 1890. SHIRE AND YORKSHIRE RAILWAY. ALTERATION OF TRAINS. and after Moxpay [Mix] NEXT, July 1, 1850, the ALTERATIONS in the Trains between and NoRMANTUN [Normanton] and will take place ester at 2.0 [2] and 5.30 p.m. e respectively at 1.45 awd [ad] 5.40 p.m. the Train now Jute and Normanton at 3 4 p.ra. will leave at end the Train from Leeds at 6.20 p.m. will an. FORD. HEDDERSFIELD. [HUDDERSFIELD] AND CLECKHEATON BRANCH. taius [tails] now leaving Bradtord, [Bradford] for Mirfteld, [Mirfield] &e., at (tt) y.m., will leave respectively at 3.30 and rains now leaving Manct [Manta] Trains now leavmg [leaving] Huddersfield at 4.10 and Will leave respectively at 3.55 and 7.0 [7] p.m, By order, ra Station. June 25th, [the] 1850, SHORTLY TO BE PUBLISHED, AITHFUL [FAITHFUL] aud [and] complete TRANSLATION LIFE of LOUIS PHILIPPE. eure. [ere] Which is full of interest and of information, new jie. [Joe] will be presented to the reading world of '4 the course of a few weeks. in a handsome Fuuue. [Fur] provided that a sufficient number of sub- [sub wired] wired to render its publication advisable. po of the volume tu sulscribers [subscribers] will be HALF-a- shes hames [James] reecived [received] by Mr. J. Brook, Bookseller, Bek. [Be] AND COUNTY ARCHERY FETE. Peder [Peter] the Ma nagcment [engagement] of the Leds [Leeds] Archers. MEETING, open to the Archers of York- [Yorks] 'ts, Will take place at the BuraNical [Botanical] GARDENS, HEY. Lear on WEDNESDAY next. the 3rd pen the followin [following] Prizes will be distributed Ne highest irross [ross] Sx ' i iy eee [see] C0) ae 12 6 eMates [mates] gross number of Hits ..... 10 ue second Mvlest [Molest] Secure oo 6 6 number of Hits...... 5 an number of 3.0 [3] 0] WY Test central Hit of the dav... [da] 3.0 [3] i pane 6 of Mics, do. 5 6 resetund [undress] Secure. d olw [old] dud sereatest [greatest] muinber [miner] of Hits do, 210 Wy, zest oat OUvards [Boulevards] 5 nn ver [Rev] of Hits ds, 400 'si wud [Wed] hishest [highest] Seore [Shore] do. 3 Second greatest ummber [number] of Hits. do. 20 Arch i er ty receive more than one Prize. ist [its] done, eons [Sons] te be shot will be twelve dozen, ve Sed [Se] at cighty [city] vards, [cards] and four dozen at sixty Inher [Inter] of atth [that] fe commence at Two o'clock precisely. En- [Ensured] anret [ante] VW... . tc Hlcee [Hales] an close on Monday next. the Ist [Its] July, is tanset [taste] will he ballotted [allotted] for. . EWE ated [acted Gerules [Rules] alypted [adapted] at the national Ca ueant meant] of Chtrance [Entrance] Mr, Joly [Holy] 43 rauce [race] fee nust [must] be remitted to the ' (dhe [he] ee 16, Park Row. Leeds, on or sty ws the 2th [the] of June and it is Wites, [Wires] wil [will] na hm ventlemen [gentlemen] wishing to compete P tat suitach [suitable] Win Lacir [Lace] names as early as possible, be af the ue may be provided. WD th ie ao Li Collation will be pro- [pro] the laittnan [plaiting] cai [can] G1. exclusive of wiuc,) [wick] mit [it] ee tae [tea] a i award the prizes. Any sti [st] will be at hberty [Herbert] to select one Sin the list, which will be paid for by the Gre [Re] . my Sixpence cach [each] Children un- [unset] SEG [SEE] LY price, 6 Pos [Post] Heyy [He] apply te the honorary secretary, iy oS 3. Albion Place, Leeds dune, 1950, RAILWAY. NU ay he MMFR [FROM] HOLIDAYS. Ty wr ' Le Le RSION [RAIN] from HUDDERS- [UDDERS- Udders] i 'i oN und [and] Back. (under the sanction Mr a BitLLINGs, [Buildings] in Closed wen dav [da] nee of seven, nine, eleven, thirteen, days in town. 'tw to lewe [Lee] the Loxpox [Lox pox] snp [sn] Norta- [North- Important] npn, [non] TLUDDERSFIELD, [HUDDERSFIELD] on the SU, ak ihe [the] 13th of duly, and MONDAY, UN Sp tg G clock panctually [actually] returning bu Jul v2) Loxpox, [Lox pox] at Half-past Six, Ou th Mundie [Mind] ee 26th. [the] and 31st [st taking up Pas- [Pas veal] veal the Stations, viz. Sy dyy [day] 0] CRE [RE] ANY RATES OF FARE TO LONDON AND Back, - WN Titi, [Tit] jel) [Joel] Ley, tr 3rd Ist [Its] Class. 1 a a ae a ae a SD cg 9-15 0-115 [0-W] 0-210 [0-W] gt oe G--150-1150-2100 [G--W-W-W] thai [that] 150-1156-2100 [W-W-W] gigs 8 Is -150-1150-2100 [W-W-W] ce 2 B15 [B] O-1 15 O- 210 6 #38 -146--1146-2 [W--W-2] 96 gy on 846-146-1144 [W-W-W] 6-2 96. 2 -146-1146-2 [W-W-2] 96 oti [ot] the Monet ore LS inden [Indian] Train at Stockport. - ne Iwelve [Twelve] Years of A we, Hale-Paice. [Hale-Price] S. (July (July 22na. [2nd] ee Ndaye [Nate] 2. duly ath, [at] ES sus [us] 22nd. 1 daw [saw] 'Saly [Say] 15th, [the] July 26th. [the] SE July 13th. 4 July 26th [the] ls dae [de] yy th, Es Sule [Sale] 3ixt, [sixty] he eae [ear] uly [July] 12th, [the] Z i July to retur; [return] With the Lof [Of] duly x. i A uy and 1st ira from Manchester by ( pm of their Ticket, on eae [ear] of August. vd infurination [information] may be olstained [stained] at Stations Ruilway [Railway] Station, Hudders. [Udders] dN att at] ge 4 Stations ou the Line or of dir. [Dr] HENRY MARCUS, dy a 187 and Cond [Con] . Yep Leigh-strect, [Leigh-street] Liverpool. ae PARIS, in connection with the st Me. OF which Imay [May] be obtained on Suu, [Su] ARCUS, ARGUS] by letter, post-paid, enclosing WEST-RIDING REGISTRATION ASSOCIATION. UDDERSFIELD [HUDDERSFIELD] DISTRICT BRANCH ; ASSOCIATION. Agent, THOS. ROBINSON, Esq., Savincs' [Savings] BANK Mr. Robin on wt Mr. ison [son] will give information to parties applyine [applying] to him, on all matters connected with the aud [and] especially on the following points - 1st,-Whether the names of such parties are already on the register. 2nd,-As to kinds of property which will confer the county franchise, and which, from their great number and com- [complexity] plexity, [laxity] cannot be easily specified in an advertisement. Mr. R. will also give information to parties having pro- [property] perty [petty] in other parts of the riding, and will facilitate their claiming for the same. Forms of claim will also be furnished to parties having a bona fide [side] right so te do, which, when filled up, Mr. R. will take charge of, and see to their being duly served upon the overseers, Immediate application is requested, as the time for making claims commences on the Ist [Its] of July and extends to the 20th of thai [that] month only. Savings' Bank Buildinizs, [Buildings] , Huddersfield, June 21, 1850. HUDDERSFIELD IMPROVEMENT. WW ANTED, a BOOK-KEEPER, well accus- [accuse- accuse] Y toomed mooted] to keeping Books by Double Entry. The Commissioners acting in execution of the Hudders- [Udders- Huddersfield] field Improvement Act, 1848, will shortly proceed to the Election of an ASSISTANT CLERK,-Salary 80 per Annum, -who will be required to keep the several Books of Account upon the principle of Double Entry, and in the form recently laid down for the Commissioners ;-to attend daily in the Office of the Commissioners ;-to keep the Office-hours as fixed by them ;-to receive such Rates and other Payments as may be made at the Office of the said Commissioners ;-to attend to the routine and General Business of the said Office, and to perfurm such [perform such] other Duties as may at any time hereafter be assigned to him by any future Bye-Law or Resolution of the Commissioners. The above Officer will be required te find Security to the amount of 300, Application to be made by letter, on or before Monpay, [Monday] the Ist [Its] day of July next, directed to the undersigned, accompanied by Testimonials as to character and ability. By order. T. W. CLOUGH, Clerk to the said Commissioners. 14, New-strect, [New-street] Htuddersfield, [Huddersfield] June 2ist, [list] 1850.. T be LET. Room and POWER, at a moder- [modern- moderate] ate Rental, at the Pappock [Pap pock] MILLs, [Mills] First Room 63 feet long, 31 feet wide, 11 feet high; the Second Floor the same; the Third 63 feet long, 31 feet wide, 11 feet high; the Top Room the same, but divided by a Tenter Stone with three Tenters. The Engine, quite new, of 16 horse wer, [we] 20 horse Boiler, well supplied with good Soft Water. Wool Drying Room, ditto. Also an excellent House and Warehouse, Stabling, &e., adjvining, [adjoining] which may be had with the ill if required; the whole may be entered to immediately. . For further particulars apply to Miss Armitage, Hanover Strect, [Street] onthe [other] Premises, to Mr. John Armitage. The above will either be let in one Lot or in Rooms. TO. SPINNERS, WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS, Ke. all that capital SCRIBBLING MILL and OUT- [OUTBUILDINGS] BUILDINGS, and also all that newly-erected. SHED and DRYING-HOUSES, situate and being at-CLosz, [at-Close] near HuD- [HUD- Huddersfield] DERSFIELD, [HUDDERSFIELD] in the county of York together with an ex- [excellent] cellent [excellent] Steam Engine, and a large quantity of various kinds of Machinery requisite and necessary in the manufacture of woollen goods, and whith [with] is all at work and in excellent working.condition. There are also convenient and exten- [extent- extensive] sive [side] Reservoirs attached to the premises, and a never-failing supply of good water. The person taking the same may also be accommodated with an DWELLING-HOUSE, comprising two excellent cellars, four rooms and a kitchen on the ground floor, seven lodging-rooms and attics, with all necessary out-buildings and appurtenances, all in complete repair, replete with-all necessary fixtures and well supplied with Longwood water for culinary purposes. . The buildings are all in excellent repair, and are situate within one mile of the market town of Huddersfield. This is an opportunity which very rarely occurs, to any person desirous ot commencing the business of.a woollen manufacturer. The present proprietors are declining busi- [bus- business] ness solely on account of other engagements. Mr. George Haigh, engineer, at the mill, will show the premises, and further particulars may be had on o Messrs. BEAUMONTS, [BEAUMONT] tobacco manufacturers, Hudders- [Udders- Huddersfield] field, or t vere [ever] Messrs. BATTYE and CLAY, Solicitors, Huddersfield. HE YORKSHIRE FIRE AND LIFE IN- [Into] Tv SURANCE [ASSURANCE] COMPANY. Established at York, 1824, and Empowered by Act of Parliament.-Capital 5UU, [U] 0001. TRUSTEES. Lord WENLOCK, Escrick Park, G. L. THomeson, [Thompson] Esq., Sheriff-Hutton Park, 2GBERT [BERT] SWANN, Esq., York. BankEns-Messrs. [Bankers-Messrs] SWANN, CLoccn, [Clock] Co., York. ACTUARY AND SECRETARY-Mr. W. L. Newman, York. The sTEADY [steady] and ENCREASING [INCREASING] support which-this Com- [Company] pany [any] has received during the TWENTY-FIVE years of its extablishment, [establishment] is the best proof of the confidence which the public reposes in its STABILITY and LIBERALITY. The attention of the public is particularly called to the tenns [tennis] of this Company for ' LIFE INSURANCES, And to the distinction which is made between MALE and FEMALE Lives. men The following extracts from the Tables (complete copies of which, with the Rates of the intermediate Ages and for terms of years, may be had on application at the Office -in York, or of any of the Agents) will show the 'Annual Pre- [Premiums] miums [mums] required fur securing 1001. payable an the decease of- [after] tue EXTRACT FROM THE JABLE [ABLE] OF PREMIUMS FUR INSURING ONE HUNDRED POUNDS. [C] T be LET, and may be entered to immediately, PHILOSOPHICAL HALL, H UDDERSFIELD. [HUDDERSFIELD] M MOODY, of the London Concerts, has the honour of announcing to his friahds [frauds] and the public of Huddersfield, that he will appear it-ids P VOCAL AND DRAMATIC ENBE [BEEN] (OF NOTES FOR ENGLISH CIR At the above Hall, on Monxpay [Monday] Ev COLONIAL WOOL SALE. OR SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Hatt [That] of Commence, Threadneedle-street, LONDON, on the 14th, [the] 19th, [the] 24th, [the] 29th June, and on 3rd, 10th, [the] and 11th Batts [Bates] WOOL, comprising Avs- [As- Avis] 1, Powt [Post] Pamir, [Pair] AUSTRALIAN, Van , 2 Vee [See] é MEN'S Lany, [Any] Cape Goop Hore [Horse] WOOL, including N S L; WEDNESDAY the 10th of July. Duzingthe [Dazing] evening Mr. M. w L P; K YM; RL; CY; TA ie ing, Aina [Ana] ee Bie [Be] id Butlo [Butler] Songs; circle; LA im [in] a circle;' DT N; V D B; and other ap- [ape] e his admir [admit] miiations [stations] of #endon [ending] Acto [Act t marks and present. To commence at 8 o'cleg [o'leg] i we Pi raved Tickets,-Reserved Seats, 3s Body Catalogues and further particulars in due time, on 1 and supply such Goods only as will yi 9. E. E. has pleasure in ing pr attention to his superb Stock of French HATS, most certainly unequalled in this locality for price. an ty, fhe he] most fanciful may meet with their wishes in shape and style. His Youth's and Children's HATS are unrivalled suitability and adaptation to age and appearance. To prevent disappointment, Le particular to observe the Address - J.-H. EAGLETON, HATTER, 9 No. 20, Cross Church-street, the Sign of the Large Golden Hat. yf, oN se HATS HATS HATS BAYLDON'S FASHIONABLE HAT WAREHOUSE, . . 37, CROSS CHURCH STREET, HUDDERSFIELD. B. returns his thanks to his friends and the public' for the decided preference given to his Hats, - over all others, and begs leave to 'inform the Public, that he has.just new assortment of Infants', Boys', Youths', and Gentleman's HATS, of every description, of the Newest Shapes. 4 B. particularly wishes to make it known to his friends, that his Fancy Hats, in Black and Drab, is of the Newest Styles, and at such Prices as never offered to the Public, ' LIST OF Well-made Hats, from 4s. 6d to 58. 6d.; at 6s. and 7s. 6d. beautiful Velvet, Fashionable in Shape, and splendid in Colour, warranted to wear well, at 8s. Gd., and 10s. A well assortment of French and Satin Velvet Naps, in every Style and strength, at 12s. the richest, First-class Hats that can be made,complete with every variety of style, and all the-new improvements, perfect in ventilation, having no superior in qualiiy [quality] at any price. The above List of Prices will be nd such as has never before been offered, and places all Competition at an immense distance. ue . BOY'S AND MENS' [MEN] CAPS AT REDUCED PRICES. . ESTABLISHED 1772. HOLDSWORTH -SONS' GENERAL FURNISHING WAREHOUSES, . WELLS, WAKEFIELD. GOODS,DELIVERED CARRIAGE FREE. At this Establishment parties furnidking [Furnishing] have the opportunity of selecting every article of Household Furniture, an .advantage not offered to the same extentsy [extent] any other House out of London. The Stock comprises- [comprisesGLSTERY] (GLSTERY. [CLUSTER] CaRPETs [Carpets] anD [and] Hearts Russ. sts. [st] PapPER-HANGINGS. [Paper-HANGINGS] CABINET FURNITURE AND Beps, [Bes] MATTRESSES, AND MANTLE, TOILETTE, &C., GLA [LA] 1 TDAMASKS [DAMASKS] AND MOREENS. [MOREEN] Passace [Passage] CLotHs, [Cloth] Mattines. [Mattings] GENERAL FURNISHING HaRDWARE, [Hardware] &c. The Show Rooms are replete with'every possible variety in cach [each] respective department, suited to the tastes and circumstances of all purchasers, and ne-expense is spared by the Proprietors to maintain their long-established character for supplying Goods of sound materialg [material] and workmanship. ALL KIN DB OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE PURCHASED, WATCHES-AND.JEWELLERY, 16, PLACE, HUDDERSFIELD. RICHARDSON begs to acquaint his Friends and the Public, that his Stock is replete with LADIESZ LADIES] AND GENTLEMEN'S GOLD AND SILVER PATENT LEWER [LOWER] AND HORIZONTAL WATCHES of first-rate quality and workjaanship- [workmanship- workjaanshipwhich] which, from' his practical knowledge, joe [Joe] can. tégommend. [recommend] ee Be - -- BE 8 a &s a Gentlemen's Go d Levers from........... 1010 Ladies' Gold Levers from 8 10 Ditto Silver 310 0 Ditto do. Horizontal 4 W. R. takes this opportunity of informing the Public, that first-rate workmen, such as he employs, never found any difficulty in repairing Foreign Watches satisfactorily anbD [and] TO DENY WHICH (AS A CERTAIN INTERESTED PARTY HAS DONE) IS AN INSULT AND LIBEL ON THE TRADE; BUT AS THERE ARE NO FRENCH WORKMEN EMPLUYED [EMPLOYED] IN THIS TOWN, THE PUBLIC WILL NOT BE DELUDED BY SUCH FALSE REPRESENTATIONS. N.B.-JEWELLERY and PLATE REPAIRED, with despatch and care, by a WorKING [Working] JEWELLER KEPT ON THE PREMISES. . A large assortmert [assortment] of BRAHAM'S PATENT SPECTACLES always on hand. No AGENCY IS REQUIRED for this Article, as the patent is out long ago.- [ago] Fiat Justitia. [Justice] T H E Ww ia Y T O Pp L E A S E Moses and Son have ris'n [is'n] in trade, Economy is Moses' law, And not by slow degrees And that's the way to please. And if you ask me why, I say Since Moses' launched in Bradford's town They go the way to please. They've had a favouring breeze ; Go where you will, you'll neyer [never] meet Because the Yorkshire people tind [tins] With Tailors such as thege [these] ;, They go the way to please. In quality and style they show Goods they exchange or cash return, They go the way to-please. If tit the buyer sees ; Exactly do their garments fit, And, in their prices, plainly mark'd, And yet they fit with ease They go the way to please. And here do Messrs. Moses go No opportunity they lose The very way to please. But cach [each] occasion scize [size] ; By them Monopoly is robbed That all may say that M. and Son, Of his enormous fees Go just the way to please. Oo BS E RV E --E. M OS ES A N D Ss O N, TAILORS, CLOTHIERS, HATTERS, AND GENERAL OUTFITTERS, 19, THORNTON's BUILDINGS, BRIDGE-STREET, BRADFORD, YORKSHIRE. Branch of their London Establishment 154, 155, 106, 157, and 83, 84, 85, and 86, opposite the Church, corner of MINORLES [MINORIES] aunt ALDuaTE, [Aldgate] Crry, [Carry] Loxvos, [looses] all communicating and forming one vast Establishment. CatTIon.-E, [Caution.-E] MOSES .& SON egret having to guard the Public against imposition, having learned that the untradesman- [tradesmen- unsportsmanlike] like falsechoud [falsehood] of being nnected [connected] with them, fr It's all the samme [same] conecrn, [concern, has been resorted to in many instances, and for obvious reasons. They-have no connection 'with any other House in or out of London, except their Branch 36, Fargate, [Forget] and 19, Thornton's Buildings, Bradford, Yorkshire and those who desire genuine and Cheap Clothing, &c., should call at, or send to, either of their Branches, or to the Minorics [Minories] and Aldgate, City, London. ' Norice.-This [Notice.-This] Establishment is Closed from sunset Friday, till sunset Saturday, when business is resumed till twelve o'clock. . TA MALE. A FESLALE. [FESTAL] A MALE. A FEMALE, mee [me] . Age next 2 PAge [Page] next . TUESDAYS ONLY, FROM 41 UNTIL 5 O'CLOCK, No. 8, KIRKGATE, HUDDERSFIELD. Birthdsy, [Birthday] Whole Life Premiumal [Premium] pirthday. [birthday] Whole Life Premiums al, . R. L. E. FRANKS, S le Maker, Lecturer on the Eye, &c., feels pleasure in stating that he has 10 é 1764 1 [é W 1] 5 4. 46 311.6 [W.6] 3 3 2 eugaged [engaged] Apartments at ABBoTT [About] Co.'s, TOBACCONISTS, NEAR THE OLD CHURCH, OPPOSITE THE Pack 135,198,170 50 41 9) 313 3 Horse INN, HUDDERSFIELD, he' will' attend professionally on TUESDAYS ONLY, with a selection of his w 11 3411 810 a3 ai 6 'a well-known ee , Boi [Bo] o 166 0 sue SPECTACLES AND EYE-GLASSES. e- 3 116 2 a 8 Mr. F. adjusts Spectacles to dgfective [effective] Sight, on principles acquired in an extensive practice, so as to rive the ' 3 4 3S 12. '10 4) 9 7 6 greatest assistance scientific can accomplish, in preserving Eyesight to the latest period of life; and as a 36.42 213 0 26 4 3 6116 CW] 2 11 2 6 Brody [Body] of wbility, [debility] Mr. F. resp fequests [requests] attention to tae [tea] following copy of Testimonial from the Faculty of 40 219 9 210 7 13 1 9 derstield [detailed] and neighbourhood qo 43 13 5 3 217 2 so AS 12-30 -- 4 - 2 'My. Franks, the Opticia [Optician] ving [vine] delivered Public Lectures in this tmon [ton] on the Anatomy and .' EXamvL .-A [Example .-A] Gentleman whose age docs. exceed of the Human Eye, ith [it] the abuse of Spectacles, we, the undersigned Surgeons, ane [an] of Gpinion [Opinion] that 30, may insure 1,000 [1,W payable on his deceasc, [deceased] OF an ane [an] he has decoted.much. [devoted.much] time Wiiention [Intention] ty study the subject, therefore have much pleasure in nual [annual] payment of 22. 10s.; [1st] and a Lady of the Sanne [Sane] Mr. Franks as an Optician tethose [those] who may require the assistance of Spectacles. can secure the same sum, for an annual payment Cameron. Hudderstiold. [Huddersfield] John Dyson ............ Surgeon......Honley. 191. 17s. 6d. J. T. Bradshaw Huddersfield. J. E. Fosbrooke......Surgeon......Milnes [Brooke......Surgeon......Milnes] Bridge. Win. Greenwood ....... Surgijon...... [Surgeon] Huddersfield. John Machill.......... [Marshall] Surgeon...... Lindley. FIRE INSURANCES G. Robinson Huddersfield. Charles Sykes ......... Surgeon......Golear. [Surgeon......Golcar] Are also cffected [effected] by this Company, on the most moderate Samuel Booth .......... .Surfgeon..-... [Surgeon] Huddersfield. J. Roberts ............. Surgeon...... Golear. [Golcar] terms. J. -..,--Hudderstield. [Huddersfield] J. Roberts ............. Surgeon......Slaithwaite. FARMING STOCK Jonas Hellawell .........Sumggon.. [Surgeon.. .--Hudderstield. [Huddersfield] John Roborts [Roberts] ... ..... Surgeon......Linthwaite, INSURED WITHOUT TUE AVERAGE CLAUSE. J. Mold Green. Edward Trotter ....... Surgeon...... Newmilll. [Mill] J. Bennett..........0 [Bennett] PON... [ON] Almondbury. T, Martin .............. Surgeon...... Holmfirth ASEA'T S. [SEA'T S] Lockwood. Benjamin Bedley.....Surzeon...... [Medley.....Surgeon] Holmfirth HUDDERSFIELD...... R. T. ROBLNSON, [ROBINSON] Solicitor, Market. Richard Allatt........... urgeon...... [surgeon] Paddock Charles Trotter, ...... Sureeon...... [Surgeon] Holmfirth lace. Edward lurgeon...... [surgeon] Honley. T. Martin 2.0.0... Surgeon...... Holmfirth. Fee EN Rs R, Scholes, Stet Fas h ins Eh to Mr. F One ALIFAX [HALIFAX] 2 shatles [Charles] Claye, [Clay] Cheapside. Parties submitting theirsSpeetages [Therapeutics] to Mr. Franks' examination, will mect [met] with a candid opt i . Houmrirery [Humphrey] ......... Martin Kidd, Soliciter. [Solicitor] recommend 'his own withoug [without] fitt [fit] gFyving [giving] their superiority. Any article purchased and not onl [on] ee nat [at] RocaDALE [Rochdale] F. Dearden, Sekcitor. [Solicitor] 2 Se Se te N.B -NO HAWKERS anged. [aged] SADDLEWORTH ......James Platt, ton, Upper Mill. 3 ae RS EMPLOYED, TODMORDEN ......... A. G. Eastsrood, [Eastwood] Solicitor. Price 41d. TO CLOTH FINIS AND DEALERS. A Large Quantity of PEARL MOSS on SALE, in very prime condition.-Apply to W. P. ENGLAND, Market Place, Huddersfield. NOTICE. TO THE LOVERS OF CRICKET. E Committee of the Rorvan [Roman] Usion [Union] beg to announce to the Gentry of HUDDERSFIELD and its neig [neigh] bourhood, [boyhood] that they can Accommodate them with BATS, avcks [backs] 6 we WICKETS, saa [sa] FIED, [FIELD] pen . PP. bi ying [ting] to yt be la of Me J Bonk booker, sd at 5 srs [sr] g Co. Broker, Terms, by Joel Pole, Chas 3 58, Coleman-street, London. HATS HATS HATS NEW IRONMONGERY ESTABLISHMENT, HAT DEPOT, WOMERSLEY begs to inform the Pablie [Pale] Ne CROSS-CH URCH-STREB [CHURCH-STRESS] ,. a oJ. he k constantly. on hand a v Choice DECIDERLE [DECIDE] UDDERSFIRLD [HUDDERSFIELD] Mapp, [Map] Gun ote [ot] PENERAL [GENERAL] ond [and] FORNISHING [FURNISHING] I E. EAGLETON, Harrer, [Harper] ee rev ntry. [try] at larve, [lave] for their hearty FER Y GUUDS, [GUARDS] ofa [of] quality and design; an J. response to his earlier annwen [Owen] ag pe expose all which, on inspection, will be found to contain some of the Cheapest Articles in the Trade The Stock comprisss [comprises] STOVE GRATES, RANGES. FENDERS, FIRE IRONS, &c., suited for every kind of room and dwelling; Improved Cooking Ranges. &e. Best Japanned TEA TRAYS, TEA COFFEE POTs, [Post] Urns, Kettles, Dish Covers, Coal Vases, Hat and Umbrella Stands, Superior Cutlery, Door Mats, &e. &c. The Latest Improved Shower; Hip, Spanging, [spanning] and other BATHS, at very reduced prices-with every other deserip- [desire- description] tion [ion] of Birmingham and Sheffield Goods in the Trade. Also, the Improved Patent WEIGHING MACHINES, of a very superior quality, adapted for any situation, cr 'any description of goods. -Hanging, and all kinds of Smith's Work, executed with the greatest care and punctuality. SALE. POSTPONED. OTICE [NOTICE] IS HEREBY GIVEN, that. the Sale - by -Auction. of .the Two FREEHOLD FARMS, situate at Upper KNowL, [Know] in Austonley, near Holmfirth, advertised in last week's Chronicle for MonDAyY, [Monday] the 8th ane [an] at the Crown HoLmrixts, [Holmfirth] is POST- [Post] i . BROOK and FREEMAN. Huddersfield, 27th June, 1850. VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, AT MILNSBRIDGE. be SOLD by AUCTION,.by Mr. LAN- [LANCASTER] CASTER, at the house of Mr. John Armitage, the. WARREN Hovse [House] Inn, Milnsbridge, in the County of York, on Monpay, [Monday] the Ist [Its] day of July, 1850, at Six o'clock in the evening, subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced, . All that. moiety or equal undivided half part or share (the whole into two equal parts or shares being divided, or F considered as divided) of and in all that MESSUAGE [MESSAGE] or DWELLING-HOUSE, now used as an INN or PUBLIC- [Public house] HOUSE, known by the name. of the Armitage Anus. situate at Milnsbridge, in. Linthwaite, in the Parish of Almondbury, in the County of York, together with the Barn, Stable, and Mistal [Mistral] to the same belonging, and now in the occupation of Thomas Saville. Also of and in all those Five COTTAGES or DWELLING- [Dwelling houses] HOUSES, situate at Milnsbridge aforesaid, now in the several occupations of John Collier, Henry Beauwaon [Beaumont] John Thorpe, Solomon Collier, and William Kaye, their assigns or undertenants. [under tenants] And also of and in all those Four CLOSES or PAR- [PARCELS] CELS [CELLS] of LAND, situate at Milusbridge [Milnsbridge] aforesaid, called or commonly known by the several names of the Little Croft, the Bridge Croft, the Stone Yard, and the Elm Inc, containing together, with the site of the buildings, fu. Gr. 17p. [p] (more or less), and now in the occupation of. Juseph [Joseph] Armitage, Esq., and Thomas Saville, their assigns or. undertenants. [under tenants] The above Premises are Freehold of inheritance. 'The Buildings are in good repair and well tenanted. The Land is in a high state of cultivation, and well watered and being situate adjoining the highway leading from Hudders- [Udders- Huddersfield] field to Golear, [Golcar] is available as eligible Building Ground. Further particulars may be had, on application to Mr. LaNcasTER, [Lancaster] the Auctioneer; Mr. HaLt, [Hat] of Milnsbridve, [Milnsbridge] (and at his Offices, in King-street, Huddersfield) ar at the Offices of Mr. C. 8. FLOYD, Solicitor, Huddersfield and Holmfirth. Huddersfield, 12th June, 1850. TO PRINTERS, STATIONERS, AND OTHERS. BANKRUPT'S STOCK, Late the Property of N. G. Bosp, [Bose] Printer, Bookseller, and Stationer, Advertiser Office, Marker-PLace, [Marker-Place] Hep- [Huddersfield] DERSFIELD. [HUDDERSFIELD] T be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. THORN- [THORNTON] . TON, under the Authority of the Assignees, on the Premises as above, on Monbay, [Monday] the Sth [St] of July, an 1 three following days. The First Day's Sale will consist of the BOOKS. in great Variety, and every description of Binding; arid a LIBRARY of upwards of Four Hundred Volunes. [Volumes] On TuEsDAY, [Tuesday] the Public is invited to compete for the ex- [extensive] tensive Stock of STATIONERY, of all kinds, Incladir [Include] Writing Papers, Fancy ditto, and Eavelopes [Envelopes] Ledgers, Day Books, Manifold Writers, Portfolios, School Slates, Ink asd [as] Ink Stands; Pattern Card Headings, Delivery Books, Qri 's [RI 's] and Sealing Wax of variouskinds, [various kinds] Drawing Pencils, Windyr [Windy] and Newton's Coiours, [Colours] in tubes, Direction arid-other Cu, Copying Books and Papers, a large varicty [variety] 'of Musi, Music] Engravings, &e. &e. ro, On the 10th, [the] the Trade is respecthlly [respectfully] ir, vited [voted] to attend the Sale of PRINTING PAPERS. of every size and description, also 'the PRINTING and athe [the] PRESSES, consisting of Jiciter-press, [Jupiter-press] Copper-plate, Lith.- [With.- With] graphic, Standing, Cutiing, [Cutting] Embdssing [Embossing] and Flat esses [eases] and Paging Machine, together with all the ext.1- sive [side] PRINTING MATERIALS, consistino [consisting] of variows [various] 13 sortments [ornaments] of Founts of Book and Jubbing [Rubbing] Letter, Cylinder Ink Table, Wood ditto, Roller Mould, Printing Ink, kuye [Kaye] Imposing Tabic, [Tic] with three Drawers Metal Furnitire. [Furniture] Zinc Trough and Sink, Glazed Boards also, a Lithographic Roller, and several Stones also a Plan and Directory f Huddersfield (nearly finished); together with a quantity f Milled Board and Binding Tools; also, a Ruling Maehinc. [Machine] nearly new. On THURSDAY, the 11th, will be Sold, the New HOUS.- [HOUSE.- HOUSE] HOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS, consisting of liste [list] Mahogany Telescope Dinmg [Ding] Smaller ditto,. Mea [Me] - gany [any] Hair Seated Chairs, Bedroom ditto, Haia. [Hair] Mahogany Sofa, Mahogany Spring-seated Easy- [Each] Cha, Mahogany Four pest Bedstead, French and Tent ite, [it] Dressing Tables, Drawers, Looking Glasses, Bed Line 1, &c., &c.; Kitchen Tables, Dresser, Cupbeard, [Cupboard] with Kitchen and Culinary Utensils, &c. . Sale to commence, each Day, at Eleven o'Clock. FREEHOLD PROPERTY FOR SALE, - AT QUEBEC, IN GOLUAR. [GOLCAR] YO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. W. BRA b- . LEY, on WEpNEsDAY, [Wednesday] July 10, 1850, at Six in the evening, at the house of. Mr. James Hall, Rase [Raise] a t Crown Inn, (in one lot), subject to such co. - eae [ear] on sr Sige [Side] and there produced tat Stone-built FREEHOLD MESSUAGE [MESSAGE] or DWELLLIN [DWELLING] G-HOUSE, situate at Quebec, i lene [Lee] afor [for] isaid, [said] in the County of York, with the 'Iwo [Two] adjoining the same; also Barn and Mistal, [Mistral] Piggeries and Outbuildings, and Four Aeres [Acres] of Good LAND, in a siglo [solo] of cultivation. . Tho above Property is of freehold tenure, is. pleasant v situate near the Ohl [Oil] Tumpike-road [Tum pike-road] from to -Manchester, and commanding an extensive. view of a rie't [tie't] and fertile country, well supplied with a never-failing of pure water, and affords an excellent opportunity te seas ies [is] desirous af erecting a Mil, or any coher [cher] Previa [Prev] peewee ELD [LED] Manufacturing 'purposes, being enclosed by a goo sgok [Gook] Nia [Ina] DE wall fence. a oe TO For further-partioulars, [further-particulars] apply to the Auctionees, [Auctioneers] A AY. - TER [TEE] BRADLEY,' at his Office, 13, Cross 5 Huddorstield. [Huddersfield] . oe CESDAYS [TUESDAYS] ONLY. Ga. OBSERVE-ABBOTT &0.'S TEMPERANCE HOTEL, KIRKGA [KIRKGATE] TE, OY T é a rie [tie] dune 25, 1850, Yadav [Yards] aSMAN [Osman]