Huddersfield Chronicle (29/Jul/1893) - Sudden Death of the Rev B. J. Holmes, M.A.

The Rev. Baptist James Holmes, M.A. of New Mill died suddenly and was found sat in his chair in the church vestry by his wife. He had been suffering from heart disease and was being attended to by Dr. Charles Trotter of Holmfirth.

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.


The Church has lost a full-souled man,
A prince amongst his kind;
His life ebbed forth at duty’s post,
Where oft his teeming mind
Has prompted words of holy truth,
Of warning, and of cheer—
Has mellowed e’en the joyful heart,
As well as stemmed the tear.
A manly and a stalwart man,
His apt, his flowing speech,
Warmed by a heart aglow with zeal,
It never failed to reach
The hearts, the souls of those who sat
Within his beloved fane;
He scattered broadcast Gospel seed,
Nor was his labour vain.
His “Talks to Men” will live as long
As memory remains;
His eloquence gave life to thoughts.
His voice with music’s strains
Could warn with clarion piercing tones.
Or whisper words of love,
Make man forget his present woes
In thoughts of God above.
Pronounced in faith, firm as a rock,
He never shrank from fight,
Not only did he guard his fort
And keep his armour bright,
But gladly would attack his foes.
On their own battle-ground,
The live-coals of his eloquence.
Illumined thoughts profound.
Not only did his prose gleam forth
In scintillating rays,
But his sweet muse imbued his soul
With wonder, love, and praise;
The language of his poesy
Was ever high and pure,
It limned forth truths of priceless worth,
Which ever must endure.
He died as he had ivied, his soul,
Within his sanctuary,
On wings of light soared to its rest,
It had not time to tarry
To bid adieu to loved-one’s ears,
Or tell of coming bliss;
As she will miss him so we too.
His loving words shall miss.