Huddersfield Chronicle (29/Dec/1900) - Local Obituary for 1900

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.


Once more, at the close of the year, we publish our local obituary, which has now come to be looked upon as a reminder of those who have passed from our midst during the preceding 12 months. This year the list contains 54 names, or four less than last year, but including a number of well-known people, though there are some who will be unknown to the younger generation. All, however, included in the list — and this is its valuable point — have done more or less conspicuous service in their day and generation, and thus earned the right to inclusion in the list. The average age is 67, against 65 last year, and nine in the following list had attained the age of 80 years and upwards, both the average and this number of aged people showing that upon the whole both the district and the generation are not unfavourable to longevity. The list, which is always read with melancholy interest by our readers, is as follows :—

December 30 Aaron Peace formerly fancy manufacturer 90
January 3 John Avison provision dealer 77
10 Charles Kaye (ex-councillor) retired waggon builder 82
12 Joe Moorhouse designer, &c 60
16 George Jarmain borough analyst 73
17 William Henry Beswick temperance hotel beeper 53
February 4 Joseph Barrowclough retired draper 73
6 Edward A. Leathern formerly M.P. for Huddersfield 71
6 Benjamin Eastwood attendant at Exchange Newsroom 69
9 John Thomas retired corn dealer 72
10 John Dawson manufacturing chemist 57
11 John Waller Rayner wool buyer 43
13 Jabez W. Porritt retired woolstapler 72
March 3 Joe Robert Johnson sculptor 58
11 John Henry Wilkinson formerly yarn spinner 69
21 William Hampson stone merchant 65
30 Joshua Day, J.P. woollen manufacturer 77
April 11 Sydney N. Matthewman chemical agent 66
May 3 Firth Jagger ex-police-inspector 52
22 Robert Henry Johnson formerly woollen merchant 64
June 2 Thomas A. Kaye (Conacher and Co.) organ builder 34
6 Thomas TowIson formerly furniture dealer 79
14 Joe Marshall (councillor) gentleman 60
July 20 William Bennett retired saddler 88
24 William Lawton yarn spinner 68
August 9 William Hall Harral outfitter 47
12 William Lunn formerly grocer 90
19 Samuel Mitchell retired grocer 85
21 Henry Kilner secretary of building society 60
September 1 Robert Shields brush manufacturer 57
2 George Mallinson formerly woolstapler 74
3 William C. Marshall (councillor) gentleman 55
7 Thomas Etchells retired designer 77
14 William Preston printer 60
17 Allen Haigh (Garrett and Haigh) hatter 56
22 Joe Arthur Robinson retired solicitor 47
25 Joseph E. Armitage retired veterinary surgeon 87
27 Joseph Rayner yarn spinner 64
27 William Armitage grocer and provision dealer 58
29 Joseph Sowden general carrier 74
October 4 George Stimson drill instructor to the volunteers 42
8 Thomas Wade waste dealer 86
10 Joseph Hammond manufacturer’s agent 65
17 George Hirst formerly actuary to the Barings bank 86
27 Rev. J. W. Town retired vicar of Lindley 74
31 Rev. Richard Collins vicar of Kirkburton 72
November 11 Edward Eastwood formerly dyer 78
13 Samuel Crowley formerly shuttle maker 60
18 Joe Wm. Calverley dealer in woollens 43
20 Jonathan Wild retired journalist 66
29 William W. Nicholls (Priestley and Co.) formerly cotton spinner 77
December 1 Henry Bramble formerly reporter for the “Huddersfield Chronicle" 74
13 Alexander Booth retired shipping merchant 86
- 24 Thomas Mallinson North woollen warehouseman 36