Huddersfield Chronicle (29/Dec/1855) - Fatal Accident at Dungeon Wood

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Fatal Accident at Dungeon Wood.

On Wednesday night, as a female named Mary Mellor, a resident of Crosland, was returning from Huddersfield to Crosland, by way of Crosland Moor, she wandered a short distance from the footpath she was proceeding on, to the edge of a stone quarry at the corner of Dungeon Wood. She fell into the quarry, and was found dead the following morning. It is somewhat remarkable that the woman was killed near to the spot where an adult male was killed about two years ago, by a stone falling upon him. The occupiers of the quarry ought to guard against accidents of the kind which has befallen Mary Mellor, by erecting proper fences to the quarry, especially as it is so near to the footpath that a person is close to the edge of the quarry without leaving the road more than one or two yards.

Huddersfield Chronicle (29/Dec/1855) - Fatal Accident at Dungeon Wood


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