Huddersfield Chronicle (27/Jun/1874) - Holmfirth: Wooldale Local Board

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Wooldale Local Board.

The usual fortnightly meeting was held on Thursday night last, present : Messrs. W. Moorhouse (chairman), E. Moorhouse, J.M. Lockwood, W. Broadhead, Joseph Hinchliffe, Eli Hinchiffe, J. Donkersley, G. Hinchliffe, and B. Stanley. £50 was received by the treasurer from the collector on account of highway-rate. The payments were — day labour, £5 15s. ; contract labour, £1 13a. 6d. ; contracts, £29 ; materials, 19s. 6d. ; team work, £2 3s. 4d. A notice was read from the clerk to the trustees of the Greenfield and Shepley Lane Head turnpike road, stating that they intended, after two months, to sell the tollhouse and premises at the Lane End belonging to the trustees. The committee appointed to see about the water supply at Totties, reported that the quantity of water did not seem deficient, and that an increased supply could not easily be obtained in the district of the Board ; but the public well was defective. The matter was then adjourned to the next meeting. Notice was directed to be given to Bethel Holroyd that children had fallen into the public quarry at Hey, belonging to the Board, owing to his his not making a wall between his land and the quarry, and that he must at once build a wall between.

Huddersfield Chronicle (27/Jun/1874) - Holmfirth: Wooldale Local Board


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