Huddersfield Chronicle (27/Jul/1895) - Holmfirth: Found Dead

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Found Dead.

On Wednesday, at seven o'clock, Alfred Lockwood went as usual to the dwelling of Aner Bailey, aged 83 years, and found him dead, leaned against the bed. The deceased had not been attended recently by a medical man, but last winter he was attended for some time by Dr. Trotter, and was suffering from general weakness. The deceased was well-known for his eccentric habits, and as a man who lost his wife and children in the flood of 1852. This probably accounts for his secluded habits. The deceased lived alone in a room over the old Cartworth Local Boardroom, adjoining the Elephant and Castle Inn, in what was generally known as "Canoe Street," the therefore taking its name from the only residence in it, which was occupied by the deceased. He is supposed to have died fairly well off, though he lived in a parsimonious way.