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THE HUDDERSFIELD CHRONICLE, SATURDAY, JULY 27, 1850. AND GENERAL LIFE es TAL DEPOSIT COMPANY. CAPITAL, 100,009, EN 40,000 SHARES OF 2 103, EACH. PALL Matt, LONDON; AND 2, on eR oRPORATION-STREET, [CORPORATION-STREET] MANCHESTER. 3 Registered pursuant to Act 7 and 8 Victoria, c. 110. (For caabling [calling] al Classes to participate in the advantages of Life Assurance, by granting Policies as low as 5; by accepting in Quarterly, Monthly, or Weekly Payments; by making beaegcial [beneficial] provision where cir- [circumstances] cumstances [cum stances] prevent the Assured from paying all the Premiums and affording other important advantages hitherto by means of Assurance Companies.) Thus, by a Weckly [Weekly] payment cf One Shilling, a person 20 years of age may Assure 149 3s.; if 30 years of age, 118 Is.; and if 40 vears [ears] of age, 89 7s.-to be paid to their families at death. By a Monthly pavtaent [patent] of One Shilling, a person 20 years of age may Assure 24 11s. ff 36 years of age, 27 4s. 6d. ; and if 49 years of are, 2) 13s. 6d.-to be paid to their families in like maimmer. [Mermaid] [Sitting] son 29 By a Quarterly payment pf O08 [O] ae pe of awe years of aze [axe] may we 11 12s, if 30 years of axe, 9 and if 40 vears [ears] of age, 6 195.-to [W.-to] be in like manner paid at deat'. [dear] 3 nico [nic] wil tad i siderati [moderate] DErerrep [Drapery] also will be granted in of the like paymezts. [payment] . Thus, by a Weekly parment [payment] of One shilling, a person sof [of] at 'roan Annuity of 9 13s. 64., to 20 years of ag m3 J ; commence at 5; or to commence at 60 years se Hy until A perscn [person] aged re pavments, [payments] receive 5 2s. 8d. froin [from] GG vears [ears] of age and if 40 or 7 4s. 4d. from 60 2d., Cc 30 years, Imay [May] from 5 or 3 14 a 2 0s. 8. from of), f ivable [able] until death. Two sos ment [men] of a person aged Annuity for Life of 4s 1ls., [ls] to com- [com] 1 or 11 2s. &d., to commence at 60 years of mence [fence] at 51); nee 8 age. A person aged 50, imay, [may] by the kke [key] payments, receive 2 &s 44 from 59, or 46 10s. Ed. from the age of 60 years and if 40 vcars [cars] of age, to commence from 50, or 3 7s. &d., to commence from 60 years of age. Other Advantages are also offered by the DzPosiT [Deposit or ACCUMULATIVE SYSTEM, under which the entire Pre- [Premium] mium [mum] is paid in one sum, the whole of which (after one year) will be retuned, with a stated increase, at fourteen days' notice whenever required, on the Policy being delivered up; or the full amount paid may be borrowed at interest, on security of the Policy alaxe. [Alex] Thus a person age. 29, on payment of 3 9s. 9d., will receive a Policy assuring 10 at Death (cn which Policy no forthir [forth] whitccer [Whitaker] is and after the first year may reczive [receive] back 3 9s. d., or after the sixth yeur [year] 3 15s. 2d., as shown in Table, and surrender the Policy; or may borrow the mil amount of Premium paid, at the usual interest, ow security of the Policy only, repaying the Loan at convenience. A person aged 39, on payment of 4 9s. 10d., or, aged 40, on payment of 4 14s, 81., would each receive a Policy for 10, with the advantage of withdrawing er borrowtug [borrow tug] tn the same manner. This system may thus be said to combine the benefits of Life Assurance wizh [with] the advantaves [advantages] of a Savings' Bank, as it provides a sum of money for the benefit of survivors in the event of Geath; [Death] a Cash Fund, es much at command as if deposited in a Savings' Bank, available for temporary use; dud a continually incrcasing [increasing] Procston [Preston] for Old Age. Premicms [Premiums] to Assure 190 on a Srxcre [Syracuse] LIFe, [Life] WITHOUT PROFITS, Age ital Half-Yeurly [Half-Yearly] Quarterly Single n. Premium. Premium. Premium. .s5. d. 8. d. s. d. 2. d. 20 112 9 016 11 08 7 3417 6 25 116 10 019 9 8 37 11 8 30 21 6 11 5 10 10 40 8 5 35 27 5 1 4 5 012 4 43 12 11 40 215 18 4 014 4 47 6 8 45 3 410 113 5 016 11 51 9 1 50 317 9 201 104 5519 7 55 415 2 2 9 1 4i i1 6017 5 60 518 9 3 1 4 111 2 65 19 9 WITH PRCFITS. [PROFITS] Age. Avunal [Annual] HalfYearly [Half] Quarterly Single Premium. Premium. Premium. 8s. d. . 8s. d. 8. d. 8. d. 20 117 5 019 4 910 3612 4 5 22 1 119 a11 [a] 39 9 3 30 275; 1 [W; 1] 46) 012 5 42 810 39 211i [i] 2 1711 G14 [G] 2 4516 6 40 3210 112 4 016 5 49 13 11 45 314 1 118 2 019 4 54 6 50 4 8il [il] 2 510 1 3 3 8 15 7 55 5.8 9 216 1 8 6 6318 3 60 615 310 115 8 69 5 8 Prospectuses, with Forms of Proposais, [Proposals] &e., and every additional information, may be obtained gratuitously, on application at the chief Oifice, [Office] 2, Waterloo-place, Pall Mall, London 27, Corporation-street, Manchester; or of the the AGENTS - HUDDERSFIELD-BEN. BOWER, 2, Mariet-walk. [Market-walk] Halifax-James Hervey, Accountant. Mirfield- [Fitzwilliam] William Ozmsby. [Ormsby] Holmfirth-Saiauel [Holmfirth-Samuel] Wimpenny. Bradford-Thomas Haig, 33, Kirkgate. Birstal-George [Bristol-George] Broraley, [Bradley] Savings' Bank. Wakefield-Lamb and Heald, 199, Kirkgate. Leeds-Edward Hayes, 7, Park-row. York-Wm. Willoughby, King's Head. Bolton-Richardson and Mursland, [Midland] Solicitors, Feasegate. [Feast] Shefiield-Michael [Sheffield-Michael] Beal, 72, Fargate. [Forget] Ripon-John Fleetham. Oldham-Samuel Oliver, M.A. Applications for the appointment of Agents to be ad- [addressed] dressed to WM. Toos. [Too] Woops, [Woods] Esy., [Es] Resident Director, 2, Waterloo-place, Pall-Mall, London. TIC DOLOREUX [DOLORES] CURED. HIS painful affection of the facial nerve isa spc- [sc- species] cies [ties] of Neuralgia, which comprises similar affections in other parts uf [of] the body. It is characterised by acute pain, attendant with convulsive twitchines [twit chines] of the muscles, and continuing from a few minutes to several hours. All persons afected [affected] with this painful and tormenting malady are recommended to try HICK'S CELEBRATED TIC PILLS, Which have invariably been found to produce aspeedy [speedy] and effectual cure. TESTIMONTALS. [TESTIMONIALS] To Mr. Joli [Joel] Ford, Chesterfidd. [Chesterfield] Sir,-I have recommended Mr. Hick's Pills for the Tick tu all my friends with complete snecess. [senses] I cannot speak of them in too high terms of praisa-Yours, [Paris-Yours] &e., Shrewsbury, Nov. 1846. W. Houxter. [hoaxed] To Myr, [Mr] Hick, Sir.-I have great pleasure in giving my testimony of the ex- [excellent] eellence [excellence] of your Pils for the Tic Dolorenx. [Larynx] TI was frequently afflicted with this unpleasant compliint, [complaint] but have not suflered [suffered] from it since taking a box of your pills. I cannot too strongly recommend them.-Yours, &c., Wakefield, June 12th, 1847. Wa. HEPworru. [Hepworth] . Briggate, Leeds, Jan. 27, 1847. Sir,-I think it due to you and the public to give my testi- [test- testimony] mony [money] in favour of your excellent Pills for the Tic Doloreux. [Dolores] suffered every winter fur many years, but have not had the slightest attack for the last two winters, during which time I have occasionally taken the pills.-Yours obediently, Mr. Hick, Wakefield. CxHas, [Cases] NELSON. Princess Street, New York, Dec. 14, 1846. Sir,-When I left Wakefield I brought with toe six boxes of your Tic Pills, one of my family having suffered very severely from that complaint. I find I have been too liberal in supplying my friends, who have all derived the greatest relief from them. Please let my friend Walker have twelve boxes, and he will for- [forward] ward them to me by next steamer. The Pills have wrought the nat [at] ames eure ere] respectfully, 'o Mr. Hick, Chemist, Hen WATSON. Wakefield, England ee TO BE HAD OF THE FOLLOWING AGENTS' [AGENTS] HUppeERSFIELD-Mr. [Huddersfield-Mr] WILMAN, Mr. SHILLITO. Holifozx-Mr. [Halifax-Mr] A Ramsden. Holuctirth-'Mr. [Holmfirth-'Mr] Lomax. Bradford-Mr. J. Hick. Teckimondvidx-Mr, Booth. Gloyne. Brighowse-Mr. [Brighouse-Mr] Cardwell. Leds-Reinhardt [Leeds-Reinhardt] and Sons, Briggate; Macgowan, [McGowan] Woodhouse Lane; Topham, Wade Lane; Pickles, Kirkgate; where may also be had HICK'S CELEBRATED COUGH LOZENGES I, SAMUEL WARBURTON, of No. 11, St. Mark-strect, [Mark-street] Wood- [Woodhouse] house, near Leeds, in the County of York, gentleman, do solennly [solely] and sincerdy [sincere] declure [declare] that I ain [in] the oner [one] of the duelling-house, No. 13, Trofalgar-street, [Trafalgar-street] in Leeds oforesuid, [aforesaid] That the said duell- [dull- duelling] Org has been tenonted [tenanted] and occupied by the jirins [irons] of Wilkinson OF Wilkinson, Royle and Co., for upwards of twelve years And Ut no person or pervons [persons] of the none of Wilkinson, nor any Jirm [Firm] calling themselees [themselves] and Co., and residing either at Hialifaz, [Halifax] Hudder-feld, [Udder-field] or Bradford, in the said County of York, ever resided at No. 13, Trofoloar-stredt, [Trifle-street] in Leeds eforesaid, [aforesaid] nor ever tenanted the same, or lad iy connection with ihat [that] establish- [established] ea dase. [ease] onda [India] SAMUEL WARBURTON. én, declared, and suliscyibca [Salisbury] én 1 oaks. this 20th day of May, eff the County of 2 ork, [or] GEORGE STAaLLEs [Stalls] Solicitor, Leeds. URE [RE] GUARANTEED.- [GUARANTEED] WILKINSON ROYLE, and Co. may be consulted at their resi. [rest] dence, [dene] 13, TRAFALGAR-STREET, LEEDS (Surgery, 57, Nile- [Street] street), from nine in the Morning till Ten at Night, and on Sundays till Two. They are, in consequence of increased practice, reluctantly, for the present, obliged to discontinue their usual visits to Bradford, Halifax, and Huddersfield. che however, to state, that communications ad. to them at Leeds, will be attended to, and to intimate that they have entered into arrangements with Dr. ROYLE, M.R.C.S., who has had vast opportunities of studying Dis- [Diseases] eases, &c. &e., having long confined his attention thereto am one of the principal Hospitals in the kingdom. He has obtained first-rate Testimonials of his skill in their treat- [treatment] ment. [men] A very extensive private practice has proved his success. ters, [tees] containing 1, will be attended to, and Advice and Medicines will be forwarded. Parties who cannot personally apply, might successfully use W. R. and Co,'s PURIFYING DROPS and PURI- [PURE- PURIFYING] FYING [DYING] PILLS.-A TREATISE, of 24 pages, embellished with engravings, is sent with them, WILKINSON, ROYLE, and Co. have published their Afe- [Age- Medical] dical [medical] Adviser. As a proof of its utility, a large edition has Pega [Page] rapidly sold. Price o ie Purifying Drops, 4s. 6d. three i ong [on] Us. j, six in one, 1 1s, oa te ba Tle, [Te] Js. per box. Considerable saving is effected by tg the larger sized bottles and boxes; to be had in DER. [RED] residence; or of the following agents - HUDDERSFIELD wr, BROOK, Printer, 26, Buxton-road. 6 Mr, 2373 Mars pine. bookseller; and Barnsley-Mr. fag Caurtio [Caution] Unpri [Umpire] ipled [plied] havi [have] . Fiestas to Wilkinson, Royle, and Core that have not ay caution the i none are D6 Government stamp 4 of Henry Royle on they can only be obtained ot pate which is felony; and from any of their accredited ee in Leeds, or 4 FEMALE Pa een [en] BEAUTY PRESERVED. DR. COCKBURN'S ORIENTAL BOTANICAL EXTRACT. Under theimmediate [the immediate] patronage of her most gracious Maj esty [est] the Queen, her Majesty the Queen of the Belgians, tk pressof [press of] Russia, her Royal Highness the Duchess of Ben her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge, and lead ing Members of the Aristocracy both of the English and Continental Courts of Europe. ; R. G H. J. COCKBURN again, with the return of Suramer, [Steamer] takes the pleasure or informing the Ladies of HUDDERSFIELD and adjoining localites, [localities] that his GRIENTAL [ORIENTAL] BOTANICAL EXTRACT will be found an invaluable remedy, and the only one that will be proved efficacious after all other means have been tried, without the least good arising from them, for effcciually [effectually] removing all Blotches, Freckles, Pimples, Tan Spots, and other Cutaneous Eruptions, and quickly restoring the complexion to its original bloom of health. The application of the Oriental Botanical Extract is of a most agreeable and soothing nature, and aiter [after] once or twice usin, [using] a p.casing and surprising change will be ceived, [received] and in a few days the complexion will assume a delightful roseate and yvuthfil [youthful] appearance, and at once prove to the patients its wouderful [wonderful] aad [and] lasting efficacy. lores [ores] C2 The preparation will be found highly beneficial in pre- [preserving] serving the complexion from the disagrecaLle [disagreeable] appearance it oftcn [often] presents irom [from] exposure to the sea air, and, atthe [Arthur] same time, frequent recourse to bathing. In those cases the Oriental Botanical Extract is also especially recommended to be used immediately after by all persons who are in any wey [we] troubled with cutaneous eruptions, and who resort to salt water remedies. Dr. CocKBURN [Cocking] can, with the greatest satisfaction add, and also prove by thousands of testimonials received by him, during the last ten years, from all parts of the king- [kingdom] dom, [don] that the surprising and healthy qualities of the Oricntal [Oriental] Botanical Extract know no equal, and have never been known to fail, but after various other quack remedies for the complexion had been resorted to, ruinous both to health and pocket, without deriving any benefit, but in many cases doing the patient great injury, the Oriental Botanical Extract in a complete and perma- [Perea- permanent] nent [sent] cure. . Dr. CocKBURN [Cocking] begs to place before his fair readers generally the following testimonials, selected out of some thousands received from all parts of the globe, proving the wonderful and surprising efficacy of his Oriental Botanical Extract but it is quite impossible, in the short space of an ordinary advertisement, to give more than a very brief sample. TESTIMONIALS RECENTLY RECEIVED. Copy of a Letter received from Lally B-, Park-lene, [Park-Lee] London, April 10. Park-lane, London, April 10 h, 1850. Lady B forwards her conpliments [compliment] to Dr. Cockburn, and has much pleasure in thankinz [thanks] him for the great service she de- [derived] rived 'ruin the application of his delightful and excellent prepara- [prepared- preparation] tion [ion] for the complexion; ia fact, she cannot express herself in terms sufficient for benefits experienced. Lady B-- will feel ebliced [obliged] if Dr Cockburn, at the earlicst [earliest] convenience, will forward her half'a dozen 4s. 6d. bottles, being about to leave town, aud [and] not wishing to be without so valnabie [valance] a fricnd. [friend] A post-office order is herewith enclosed for the amount. Testimonial received April 11th, 1850. Cavendish House, near Windsor, April 10th, [the] 1850. Miss Beauichamp's [Beauchamp's] respects to Dr. Gecrge [George] H. J. Cockburn, and is now enabled to forward him, with a great deal of pleasure, this letter, from the goo-l she has recently derived from using his truly Botanical Extract for the skin, together with his ex- [excellent] cellent [excellent] advice, Which she cannot thank him swfficiently [sufficiently] for, but which shall not be forgotten to be recommended by her wherever it is required. Miss Beauchamp will thank Mr. G. H. J. Cock- [Cockburn] burn to acknowledge the receipt of the cheque zow [now] sent. Extract of a Letter received Mareh [Mare] 1850. Bristol, March 16th, [the] 1850. Mr. Cockburn,-Sir,-Having been recommended to make a trial of your Botanical Extract, I purchased of my townsman, Mr. Ferris, chemist, Union-street, a small bottle, to remove a great many eruptious [eruptions] and freckles on my skin, and which I ean ouly [only] say, With thanks to you and pleasure to myself, excceded [exceeded] my most sanguine expectations; tor I had, before making use of your excellent Extract, resorted to several thines [thine] I saw adver- [aver- advertised] tised, [tied] but without making any improrment [improvement] in me. I shall not, Sir, fecl [fell] any hesitation to auswer [answer] any reference you may think fit to make to me; and allow me to thank you ence [once] more for the great benefit I have received from the use of your valuable pre- [preparation] paration.-I [reparation.-I .-I] remain, Sir, your obsdieut [obedient] and obliged servant, Tuomas [Thomas] H. CLEMENTS. Extract of a Letter received Janvary [January] ith, [it] 1850. St. Albans, January 3, 1850 Miss Wiltshire begs Mr. G. H. J. Cockburn to accept her best thanks for the surprising efficacy she has derived from using his Botaiical [Botanical] Preparation; aud [and] she can only say, that wherever the opportunity occurs of recommending it, she shall do so, knowing with the greatest conSdence [consequence] that it is quite harmless and most beneficial. Extract of a Letter received Feb. 21, 1850. Cumberland Terrace, Regent's Park, London, Feb. 21, 1850. To G. H. J. Cockburn, Esq.-Sir,-I have much pleasure in forwarding you this testimonial respecting the wonderful efficacy of your Oriental Botanical Extract for the Complexion. I was, Sir, previous to using it, troubled with a great many spots and eruptions on my skin; but I am pleased to say that after a few appiications [application] of your Extract according to your directions, that every unpleasant 2ppearance [appearance] forsook my skin azd [and] in a very short space of time a perfect cure wasmade. [was made] I shall not feel any objection, if you think proper tomake [to make] this public, and I have the honour to be, Sir, yours most C. A. Srvmour. [Seymour] Copy of a Letter received March 18th, [the] 1859. Duke-street, Liverpool, March 1S, 1850. Dear Sir,-I should feel ungrateful after the service I have re- [received] ezived [dived] by the use of your Oriental Extract, did I uot [not] thank you for the sume. [sum] I have to inform you that seeing it advertised in several Liverpvo [Liverpool newspapers, I was persuaded by a friend to try it, although at that time I ult assured it would only be a wasie [was] of money and trouble, having had recourse to so many things hefore, [before] without doing me the Icast [Cast] goo, but at last I determined to give it a trial, and accordingly obtained a 2s. 9d. bottle from Messrs. Eyre and Co., Stzel-street, [Steel-street] as one cf your agents in this town, and I can only say with much pleasure that after a few ap- [application] Piications [Cations] I perceived a pleasing chunge, [change] and in a short time a perfect cure was the result; for which I beg you to accept my best thanks.-I am, dear Sir, yours obliged, M. Extract of a Letter March 11, 1850. Union-street, Bristol, March 10, 1850. Mr. G. H. J. Cockburn, 27, Aldgate, London.-Sir,-I take with great p'easure [p'measure] an opportunity of forwarding a Testimonizl [Testimonial] respeciing [respecting] the great benefit L have received from the use of your invaluable Oriental Botanical Extract, and I shall not think it but my duty to recommend it for use to all my frionds [friends] and others, who are troubled with any unpleasant eruptions on their skin, for I can say this, after trying every other preparation, and deriving no use from them, I was induced by a lady to make a trial of your wonderful Extract, and I cannot express my feelings in adimiratien [admiration] sufficient for the good results that ensued for pre- [previous] vious [pious] to making use of it was ashamed to go out into any society -my compicxion [complexion] being quite discoloured, by eruptions and spyts; [spots] but after only using it twice, I even then perceived a great altera- [alter- alteration] tion [ion] for the beticr, [diabetic] and in a short time so improved that all my acquuitance [acquaintance] were surprised; and more, your Extract, to use, instead of being a trouble, is quite pleasant, and also an addition to the toilet. Hoping you will pardon this intrusion and freedom, I am, Sir, yours, respectfully, MaRIaANNE [Marine] Durant. The Oriental Botanical Extract is prepared according to the age of the patient. Dr Cockburn, therefore, requests parties will obtain it according to the following instruc- [instruct- instructions] tions [tins -No. 1, for the use of persons from 12 to 18 years of age; No. 2, for all persons from 30 to 50. Dr. Cockbnrn [Cockburn] can be consulted by letter, on all diseases ot the skin, or patients remitting him his usual fee, by post- [post office] office order or otherwise. Prepared only, and sold wholesale and retail, by the sole proprietor, Dr. G. H.J. Cockburn, 27, Aldgate, London, in bottles, at 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d. each, with full directions for use also by the following wholesale London chemists - Messrs. Barclay and Sons, 95, Farringdon-street; Messrs. Edwards and Co., St. Paul's Churchyard; Mr. J. Sanger, 150, Oxford-street Mr. Thomas Prout, 222, Strand Messrs. Sutton and Co., Bow Church-yard; Messrs, Hannay and Co., 63, Oxford-street; Messrs. Butler and Co., 4, Cheapside. Messrs, J. and R, Raimes, [Raines] Edinburgh; Mr. D, Campbell; Glasgow; Messrs. Pring and Co., Dublin. Agent for HUDDERSFIELD. Mr. Hunter, chemist, Dewsbury. Messrs. Bolton, Blanshard, and Co., wholesale and retail agents, York. Messrs. Reinhardt and Sons, chemists, wholesale and retail agents, Leeds. Mr. Hough, chemist, Doncaster. Mr. Priestley, chemist, Pontefract. Mr. Hall, chemist, Barnsley. Mr. Sewell, chemist, Sheffield. Mr. Wright, chemist, Chesterfield. Mr. Blackburn, chemist, Bradford. Mr. Wilkinson, chemist, Halifax. Mr. Butterworth, chemist, Todmorden. Mr. J. M. Clitton, [Clifton] chemist, Delph. Mr. Hick, chemist, Wakefield. . And all other respectable chemists in the United Kingdom. CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. Mesesre. [Messrs] WILKINSON and Co., Surgeons, beg to say that they have no connection with any person or persons in Leccls, [Eccles] who style them selves Wilkinson and Co.- Messrs. Wilkinson and Co. can only be consulted daily at 2, Back-green, Huddersfield King Cross- [Cross street] street, Halifac. [Halifax] DELAY NOT OR delays are dangerous. All parties suffering from cases of a private nature should consult Messrs. WILKINSON Co., SURGEONS, at their Medical Estab- [Stables- Establishments] lishments, [establishments] 2, BACK GREEN, HUDDERSFIELD, and 1, KING CROSS-STREET, HaLirax, [Halifax] where honour and a speedy cure may be relied upon. Attendance daily at the above Establishments. Wirxixson [Wisconsin] Co.'s PURIFYING DROPS, an astonish- [astonishing] ing discovery for the cure of every stage and symptom of the venereal disease, price 4s. 6d. per bottle, can only be had of the following agents - Halifax.-Mr. Wilson, bookseller, &c., North Bridge. Huddersfield.-Mr. Dewhirst, druggist, &c., King-street. Dewsbury.-Mr. Hunter, chemist and ist. [its] Wakefield.- [Wakefield] Mr. Lawton, chemist and druggist, Bottom - of Kir [Kirk] . Barnsley.-Mr. Waterfield, bookseller, &e. chemist, &c., Leeds-road; and Bradford.-Mr. Tetley, Mr. Sutcliff, chemist, &c., Westgate. Hebden Bridge.-Mr. Garforth, bookseller. Keighley.-Mr. Akeds, [Asked] Stamp Office. - Todmorden.-Mr. Farrar, hair dresser. Rechdale.-Howarth, [Rochdale.-Howarth] &e., wholesale druggist. Heywood.-Mr. Alston's boot and shoe establishment. Colne.-Mr. Hodgson, chemist, &c. Doncaster.-Hough, chemist, &c., Corn Market. Leeds.-Mr, Green, bookseller, Briggate. Knottingley.-Mr. Greenhow, chemist, &c. Pontefract.-Mr, Farrer, chemist, &c., Roper-street, Goole.-Mr. Harnet, [Garnet] chemist, &e. Selby.-Mr. Glew, chemist, &c. York.-Mr. Marsh, stationer, &c., Peter-gate. Skipton.-Mr., Irving, chemist, &c. Burnley.-Mr. Munn, chemist, &c. Bingley.-Mr. Dunn, chemist, &c. Mark those Numbers, Names, and Streets, Or serious disappointments you will meet. . All Letters punctually attended to, and Medicines sent to any part of the Kingdom, Mr. W. P. ENGLAND, chemist, Wholesale and Retail RRY'S [TRY'S] HEALTH-RESTORING FOOD FOR DU BARRY INVALIDS AND INFANTS. HE REVALENTA [PREVALENT] ARABICA, [ARABIC] discovered, exclusively grown, and imported by Du Barry Co., 127, New Bond-street, London, sole owners of the Revalenta [Prevalent] estates, and of the patent machine by which alone the curative principles of the plant can be de- [developed] veloped. [envelope] This light delicious breakfast farina (without J medicine of any kind, without inconvenience, and without expense, as it saves 50 times its cost in other more expen- [expense- expensive] sive [side] remedies) speedily and permanently removes dyspep- [dyspepsia- dyspepsia] sia, [si] (indigestion), constipation, acidity, cramps, spasms, fits, heartburn, diarrhoea, nervousness, biliousness, affec- [affect- affections] tions [tins] of the liver and kidneys, flatulency [flatulence] distension, palpitation ef the heart, nervous headache, deafness, noises in the head and ears, pains in almost every part of the body, chronic inflammation and ulceration of the sto- [to- stomach] mach, eruptions on the skin, scrofula, consumption, dropsy, rheumatism, gout, nausea and vomiting during pregnancy, after eating, or at sea, low spirits, spleen, general debility, paralysis, cough, asthma, inquietude, sleeplessness, invo- [into- involuntary] luntary [voluntary] blushing, tremors, dislike to society, unfitness for study, delusions, loss of memory, vertigo, blood to the head, exhaustion, melancholy, groundless fear, indecision, wretchedness, thoughts of self-destruction, &e. The best foud [found] for infants and invalids generally, as it is the only food which never turns acid on the weakest stomach, but im- [in- imparts] parts a healthy relish for lunch and dinner, and restores uz faculty of digestion and nervous and muscular energy sue most enfeebled.-DU BARRY CO., 127, New Bond-streer, [Bond-street] London. Agent for HUDDERSFIELD, Mr. W. P. ENGLAND, Chemist, Market-place. Hairax,-Mr, [Hair,-Mr] P. KH, Wilkinson and My. J. H. Kershaw. Analysis by the celebrated Professor of Chemistry ord Analytical Chenist, [Chemist] Andrew Ure, [Re] 7.D., FLRS., [FIRS] &c., &e. -- London, 24, Blcomsbury-square, [Bloomsbury-square] June 8, 1849. Thereby certify, that having examined 'Du Barry's Revalenta [Prevalent] Arabica,' [Arabic] I find it to be a pure vegetable Farina, perizctly [perfectly] wholes some, easily digestible, likcly [likely] to premote [promote] a healthy action of the stomach and bowels, and thereby to counteract dyspepsia, con- [constipation] Stipativn, [Stating] and their nervous consequences. ANDREW Ure, [Re] M.D., F R.S., ., Analytical Chemist. Dr. Harvey presents his compliments to Messrs. Du Barry and Co., and has p easure [p measure] in recommending their Revalenta [Prevalent] Food,' it has been singularly wsefil [useful] in many obstinate cases of diarrhea, [diarrhoea] as also of the opposite condition of the boweis [bowels] and their nervous consequences, Loudon, Aug. Ist, [Its] 1849. A FEW CASES. From the Right Hon. the Lord Stuart de Decies. [decides] Dromana, [Roman] Capoqvin, county Waterford, Feb. 15, 1819. Gentlemen,-I have derived much benefit from the use of the 'Revalenta [Prevalent] Food.' It is only due to the public and to yourselves to static, that you are at liberty to make any use of this commu- [com- communication] nication [nation] which you may think proper-I remain, gentlemen, your obedient servant, Srvuart [Stuart] DE DECIEs. [decides] 4, Park-walk, Little Chelsea, London, Oct. 2, 1848. Twenty-seven years' dyspepsia, from which I had suffercd [suffered] great pein [pen] and inconvenience, and for which I had consulted the advice of many, has been effectually removed by your excellent Revalenia [revealing] Arabica [Arabic] Food in six weeks' time, &e., &e. Parker D. Bincuam, [Bunkum] Captain Royal Navy. Louisa-terrace, Exmouth, Aug, 17, 1849. Dear Sir,-I will thank you to send me, on receipe [receipt] of this, two ten-pound canisters of your Revalenta [Prevalent] Arabica [Arabic] Food. I beg to assure you that its beneficial effects have been duly appreciated by, dear sir, most Tnomas [Thomas] Krxc, [Crux] Major-General. Létier [Letter] from the Venerable Archdeacon of Ross. Aghalown [Again] Glebe, Skibbereen, [Siberian] county Cork, Aug. 22, 1849. Dear Sir,-I cannot speak tco [to] favourably of the Revalenta [Prevalent] Arabica. [Arabic] ALEX. Stuart, Archdeacon of Ross. Aghadown [Again] Glebe, Skibbcreen, [Screen] county Cork, Aus. [As] 27, 1849. Sirvs,-Uaving [Sirs,-Having] had an attack of bad fever about three years ago, I have ever since been suffering from its effects, producing excessive nervousness,.pains in my neck and left arm, and gene- [general] ral [al] weakness of constitution, which has-prevented me in a great degree from following my usual avocations these sensations, added to restless nights, particularly after previous exercise, often rendered my life very miserable; but Iam [I am] happy that having been induced to try your farina about two months since, 1am [am] now almost a stranger to these symptoms, which I confidently hope will be removed entirely, with the divine bless- [blessing] ing, by the continued use of this food. I have an objection that my name should appear in print, which, however. in this instance, is overcome for the sake of suffering humanity.-I am sirs, your obedient servant, AvExs. [Aves] ETUART, [STUART] Archdeacon of Ross. King's College, Cambridge, Oct. 15, 1849. I now consider myself a stranger to all complaints, except a hearty old age. Iam [I am] as well as ever I was, and even quite frec [free] from the vexatious and troublesome annoyance of an eruption of tae [tea] skin, of which I had suftered [suffered] for years, and which my medi- [med- medical] cal attendant had declared incurable at my time of life. About sixty years ago I had a fall from my horse hemiplegia was the consequence my left arm and leg were 'alysed, [analysed] also my left eyelid and the eye was displaced. From 1789 these dilapidations have resisted all until now, at the age of 85, by tivo [tv] years' use of your delicious Breakfast Food, my left arm and leg have been rendered as useful to me as the right, and the left eye- [eyelid] lid restored to health, the eye so much so that it requires no spectacles, &c. I dcem [deem] this extraordinary cure of much import- [importance] ance [once] to sufferers at large, and consider it my duty to place the above details at your disposal in any way you think will promote the welfare of others.-Faithfully, Wittiam [William] Hunt, Barrister-at-Law. Winslow, Bucks, Jan. 22, 1848. T have found it to be a simple though very efficacious and plea- [pleasant] sant food, doing good to my own and others' functional dis- [disorders] orders, Rev. Kerr, St. Saviour's, Leeds, Dec. 9, 1847, For the last five years I have been in a most deplorable condition of health, having been subject during that period to most severe pains in the back, chest, right and left sides, which produced vomiting almost daily...... Next to God, I owe you a great debt of gratitude. I have not had any sickness at the stomach since I commenced your Food, &c., &c.-I yemain, [remain] genilemen, [gentlemen] yours very truly, Rev. Tuomas [Thomas] of Farnley Tyas, Yorkshire. Dewsbury, Yorkshire, 11th Sept., 1849. Gentlemen,-I am using your Food with great success. Before I commenced I could not take a meal of any description, bat was sure to suffer great pain after it from indigestion, I suppose, but thank God I am much better. I have recommended your Kocd [Dock] to a great many of my fellow sufierers.-ALEx. [sufferers.-Ale] CALDER, Sergeant Royal Sappers and Miners, Ordnance Survey, Dewsbury. 2, Princess-street, Manchester, 8rd [ord] month, 19th, [the] 1849. Respected Friend,- [Friend] I think no one who had received or seen somuch [much] good and comfort result from it as in my mother's case, would be without it in sickness. Thou art at liberty to use this letter as thou thinkest [thinks] best, and I will cheerfully answer any inquiries.-I am, thy friend, Epwarp [Warp] Corsert, [Cost] Sanitary En gineor, [origin] &. 38, Sydney-terrace, Reading, Berks, Dec. 3, 1847. Gentlemen,-i am happy to be able to inform you that the per- [person] son for whom the former quantity was procured, has derived very great benefit from its use; distressing symptoms of long standing have been removed, and a feeling of restored health in- [induced] duced. [duce] Having witnessed the bencficial [beneficial] effects in the above- [above mentioned] mentioned case, I can with confidence recommend it, and shall have much pleasure in so doing whenever an opportunity offers. -I am, gentlemen, very truly yours, JAMES SHORLAND, [HOLLAND] late surgeon, 93th Regiment. Stainbro', [Stain bro] Barnsley, Aug. 11th, 1849. Gentlemen,-My sister and myself have decived [decided] much benefit from your Revalenta [Prevalent] Arabica [Arabic] Food. We both cf us have suffered much from nervousness and debility, but are thankful to state we are now much stronger ahd [had] calmer than before. Please send anotker [another] 10Ib. [ob] canister, &c.-B. M......Schooimaster. [M......Schoolmaster] Reyal [Royal] Hotel, St. Heliers, Jersey, Nov. 4, 1849. My dear Sir,-It is not to be told all the benefit your Food has been to me; and my litt.e [list.e] son cries for a saucer of it every morn- [morning] ing-he [he] never wanted a doctor since it came into the house. I consider you a blessing to society at large.-Most faithfully yours, Kratine. [Creating] 21, Queen's-terrace, Bayswater, London, Nov. 22, 1849. Mr. Damnizr [Dominoes] will thank Messrs. Du Barry and Co. tosend [to send] him another canister of their Revalenta [Prevalent] Arabica, [Arabic] it agreeing so well with his infant. (This infant was six days' old when it com- [commenced] menced [mended] living on the Food). Devon Cottage, Bromley, Middlesex, March 31, 1849. Gentlemen,-The lady for whom I ordered your food is six mouths advanced in pregnancy, and was suffering severely from indigestion and constipation, throwing up her meals shorily [shortly] after eating them, having a great deal of heartburn, and being constantly obliged to resort to physic or the enema, and some- [sometimes] tlmes [times] to both. Iam [I am] happy to inform you that your Food pro- [produced] duved [dived] immediate relief She has never been sick since, had but iittle [little] heartburn, and the functions are more regular, &, THos. [This] WOODHUUSE. [WOODHOUSE] Pool Anthony, Tiverton, Nov. 8, 1848. All that I had suffered from for twenty-five years, and which no medicine couid [could] remove or relieve, seems to vanish under the ihfluence [influence] of Revalenta. [Prevalent] I exjoy [enjoy] sound and refreshing sleep, which, until now, I could not procure. Nervousness is passing away rapidly, and I am much more calm and collected in every- [everything] thing I do, and it has quite sweetened my poor temper. It now affords me pleasure todo [too] for others what, before, I did not dare to do for nervous irritation, &c. W. R. REEVEs, [Reeves] Southwick Park, Fareham, Hants, [Hats] Oct. 31, 1848. Gentlemen,-I sincerely thank you for your kind atten- [attend- attention] tion, [ion] When I began taking the Revalenta' [Prevalent] I was in as deplorable a condition as can well be imagined. I was confined to bed, and so weak that I could neither stand nor walk, suffering severely from flatulency, [flatulence] constipation, and indigestion, and being compelled to have recourse to aperients [parents] every second or third day and upon one occa- [occur- occasion] sion I swallowed no less than seven doses within twenty- [twenty] eight hours, under medical advice. There was a giddiness in my head and a singing in my right ear, that when I turned my head on the pillow, it resembled the sound pro- [produced] duced [duce] by the slight touch on a musical glass. I had a pain and asort [sort] ot fulness [Furness] across the chest, a sore throat and a slight cough; but the pain around my loins was so- [spread] preat [great] that I could not remain in the same position for tetrmimates [estimates] all night long. The principal seat of the pain seemed to be just below the ribs on my left side, and about three inches from the back bone. I commenced taking the 'Revalenta,' [Prevalent] morning and evening, boiled in water and salt, and in less than a fortnight my appetite was greatly im- [in- improved] proved, and flatulency [flatulence] and constipation so far vanished that I have not tasted a pill or drug of any kind since. I am much stronger, can walk steadier, and less like a drunken man, &e. &e. JOHN VASS, [BASS] Land Steward. ' Athol-street, Perth, May 2, 1848. Some time has now elapsed since the lady (who had been an invalid for thirteen years from wand of digestion, accompanied with cough and general prostration of strength) for whom I procured your Arabiac [Arabic] Food has been using it daily as directed, and I am happy to By ong [on] it has produced a most salu [sale] change in her system, &c. P eee [see] JAMES POTTER. ' Haddington, East Lothian, March 3, 1849. Dear Sir,-Your excellent Arabica [Arabic] Food has com- [completely] letely [lately] restored my stomach, nerves, and liver, which had been disordered for nearly twenty years past, and my health is now everything I could wish, and has been so these three months past, &c. FRASER,' In canisters weighing llb. [ll] at 2s. 9d.; 2Ib. [ob] at 4s, 6d.; of 5ib. [ob] at 1ls.; [ls] 12Ib. [ob] at 22s. super-refined quality, 10lb., [lb] and 5Ib. [ob] 22s.; [S's] suitably packed for all climates. Canisters forwarded by DU BARRY and Co., on receipt of Post-office or Bankers' orders. and 10Ib. [ob] canisters carriage-free to any town or railway station connected by rail with London, or to any port in Scotland or Ireland connected with London by steam or sailing vessels. . Agents in London Hedges and Butler, 155, Regent- [Regent street] street Fortnum, [Fortnight] Mason, and Co., 182 and 183, Piccadilly, Purveyors to her Majesty the Queen; Barclay, 95, Farring- [ferring- Farringdon] don-street [street] Edwards, Sutton, Newberry, Sanger, Evans, Hannay, and through all respectable tea-dealers, grocers, Italian warehouses, booksellers, druggists, chemists, and medicine vendors in town and country. Testimonials of the highest respectability sent gratis. Caution -The name of Messrs. Du Barrys [Barry] invaluable food, as also that of the firm, have been so closely imitated that invalids cannot too carefully look at the eras of both, and also Messrs. Du Barry's address, 127, New Bond-street, London, in order to avoid being Imposed upon by Ervalenta, [Event] REAL Revalenta, [Prevalent] or other spurious and injuri-. [injury] under a close' imitation of the name, which have nothing rant and unscrupulous-eompounders, [unscrupulous-compounds] and which, though, admirably adapted for pigs, woul [would] rey [re] sad-havoc with' 16 delicate stomach of an invalid or infan [Indian] . ous [us] compounds of peas, beans, lentils, Indian and oat meal, . to recommend them but the reckless audacity of their igno- [ing- ing] , CURES FOR THE UNCURED H OLLOWAY'S [HOLLOWAY'S] OINTMENT. 3, AN EXTRAORDINARY CURE OF SCROFULA, OR KINGS EVIL. Extract of a Letter from Mr. J. H. Alliday, [Holiday] 209, High-street, Chelten- [Cheltenham- Cheltenham] ham, dated the 22nd of January, 1859. To Professor HOLLOWAY. eldest son, when about three years of age, was 'afflicted with a Glandular Swelling in the neck, which after a short time broke out into an Ulcer. An eminent medical man pronounced it as a very bad case of Scrofula, and prescribed for a considerable time without effect. The dis- [disease] ease then for four years went on gradually increasing in virulence, when, besides the ulcer in the neck, another formed below the left knee, and a third under the eye, besides seven others on the left arm, witha [with] tumcur [Tumours] between the eyes, which was expected to break. During the whule [while] of the time my suffering boy had received the constant advice of the most celebrated medical Gentlemen at Chel- [Che- Cheltenham] tenham, [Denham] besides being for several months at the General Hospital, where one of the Surgeons said that he would amputate the left arm, but that the blood was so impure, that if that limb were taken off it would be then impossible to subdue the disease. In this desperate state I determined to give your Pills and Oimiment [Ointment] a trial, aud, [and] after two months perseverance in their use, the tumour gradually began to disappear, and the discharge from all the ulcers perceptibly decreased, and at the expiration of eight months they were perfectly healed, and the boy thoreughly [thoroughly] restored to the blessings of health, to the astonishment cof [of] a large cirele [circle] of acquaintances, who could testify to the truth of this miraculous case. Three years have now elapsed without any recurrence of the malady, and the boy is now as healthy as heart can wish. Under these cireum- [cream- creams] I consider taat [that] I should be truly ungrateful were I not to make you acquainted with this wonderful cure, effected by your medicines after every cther [other] means had failed. (Sizned) [Signed] J. H. ALLIDAY, [HOLIDAY] CURE OF ACUTE RHEUMATISM OF FOUR YEARS STANDING, Extract of a Tettzr [Tetra] from Biv. [Iv] Juin [Jun] Pitt, Dudley, 19th Jan., 1850. To Professor HOLLOWAY. Sir,-It is with the greatest pleasure that I write to thank you for the benefit I have received from your Pills and Oiniment, [Ointment] which have completely cured me of the Rheumatism, under which 1 sufiered [suffered] for this last four years -at times I was so bad as hardiy [Hardy] to be able to walk. I had tried every kind of medicine that was recommended without receiving any benefit. I at last thought I would give your medicines a trial, and purchased from Mr. Hollin- [Alchemist] chemist, of this town, two Boxes oi Pills, and two of Cint- [Cent- Ointment] ment, [men] and in three weeks, through them and the blessing of God, I was restored to health and strength, and am now as well able to walk as ever I was in my lite. Iam [I am] well known in this parish, having been sixty-five years in it, with an exception of ten years I served in the 24th Regi- [Reg- Reg] ment [men] of Foot. (Signed) JOHN Pirr, [Parr] CURE OF A BAD LEG OF MORE THAN SIXTY YEARS STANDING. Mr. Barker, of No. 5, Graham's-place, Drypool, near Huil, [Hull] had ulcers on his leg from the age of eighteen until upwards of e'ghty, [e'ty] and although for many years he had sought the first advice in the country, nothing was found to cure them. He very often suffered most excruciating pain for long periods tozether, [together] which incapacitated him from attending to his business. He had given up all hopes of getting a cure, when at last he was persuaded to try Hol- [Ho- Holloway] loway's [lower's] Pills and Ointment, which he did, and however wonderful it may appear, the leg was thoroughly healed by their means, and by continuing to use the Pills alone after his leg was well, he has become in health so hale and hearty as now to be more active than most men of fiity. [fifty] N b.-The truth of this extraordinary statement can be vouched for by Mr. J. C. Reinhardt, 22, Market-place, Bull. February 20th, [the] 1850. CURE OF A DESPERATE CASE OF RINGWORM OF SIX YEARS STANDING. Lime, 13th of November, 1849. One of the most eminent Surgeons in Lima (the capital of Peru) had a child covered with Ringworm for more than six years; in vain he exhausted all his art in his endeavours to effect a cure. Not succeeding, he consulted among his brethren, the most celebrated medical practitioners of the city, but nothing was found to do the child service. When he was persuaded by Mr. Joseph P. Hague, the English chemist and druggist, residing at No. 74, Calle [Call] de Palacio, [Palace] to try Holloway's Pills and Ointment, which was done, and after using six large Pots of the Ointment, with a propor- [proper- proportion] tion [ion] of the Pills, the child was radically cured, to the sur- [Sir- surprise] prise of the whole medical profession. The name of the parent, from motives of delicacy, is withheld. The Pills should be used conjeintly [conjointly] with the Ointment in most of the following cases - Bad Legs Cancers Sealds [Seals] Bad Breasts Contracted and Sore Nipples Burns Siiff-joints [Stiff-joints] Sore-throats Bunions Elephantiasis Skin Diseases BiteofMoschetoes Fistulas Seur [Sure] and Sand-Flies Gout Sore-heads Coco Bay Glandulhy [Glandular] Swell- [Swell tumours] Tumours Chiego-foot [Chi ego-foot] ings Ulcers Chilblains Lumbago Wounds Chapped Hands Piles Yaws Corns (soft) Rheumatism Sold by the Proprietor, 244, Strand, near Temple-bar, London, and byall [ball] respectable vendors of Patent Medicines throughout the civilized world, in Pots and Boxes, at Is. 2s. 9d., 4s. Gd., lls., [ll] 22s., and 33s. each. There is a very considerable saving in taking the larger sizes. N.B.-Directions for the guidance of Patients are affixed to each Pot or Box. THERAPEUTICS.-The history of medicine is by no means flat- [flattering] tering [tearing] to science. Ii is questionable whether more is known of disease, causes and their cure, at this moment, than at the time ot Galen; it is certain that diseases are quite as numerous, and in the aggregate as fatal. Every age has produced some new system of artificial therapeutics which the next age has banished; each has boasted in its turn of cures, and they, in their turn, have been condemned as failures. Medicines themselves are the subjects of fashion. Isit [Sit] not a positive proof that medicine is yet unsettled; in fact, that it has no established principles, that it is littie [little] more than conjectural this moment, says Mr. Pinny, the opinions on the subject of treatment are almost as numerous as the practitioners themselves. Witness the mass of contradiction on the treatment of even onc [on] discasce, [disease] namely, consumption, Stroll attributes its frequency io the in- [introduction] troduction [production] of bark. Morton considers bark an effectual cure. Ried [Red] ascribes the frequency of the disease to the use of mercury. Brillonet [Brilliant] asserts that it is curable by mercury only, Ruse says consumption is an inflammatory disease-should be treated by bleeding, purging, cooling and starvation. Salva- [Salve- Salvation] dori [Dore] says it is a disease of debility, and should be treated by tonics, stimulating remedies, and a generous diet. Galen recom- [com- recommended] mended vinegar as the best preventative of consumption. Des- [Assault] sault [salt] and others assert that consumption is often brought on by taking vinegar to prevent obesity. Beddoes recommended tox- [to- doxology] love as a specific. Dr Parr found foxglove more injurious in is practice than beneficial. Such are the contradictory state- [statements] ments [rents] of And yet there can be but one true theory of disease. Of the fallibility and inefficiency of medicine, noue [now] have been more couscious [conscious] than medical men, many of whom have been honest enough to avow their conviction, and now re- [recommend] commend MESSRS. DU BARRY'S REVALENTA [PREVALENT] ARABICA [ARABIC] FOOD, a farina which careful analysis has skown [skin] to be derived from the root of an African plant, somewhat similar to our honeysuckle. It appears to possess properties of a highly curative and delicately nutritive kind. and numerous testimonials, from parities of un- [unquestionable] questionabl [question] respectability, have attested that it supersedes medicine of every description in the effectual aud [and] permanent removal of indigestion (dyspepsia), constipation, and diarrha [diarrhoea] al palpitation of the heart, nervous head ache, deafness, noises in the head and ears, pains in almost every part of the body, chronic inflammation, and ulceration of the stomach, erysipelas, eruptions on the skin, incipient consumption, dropsy, rheumatism, gout, heartburn, nausea and sickness during pre mancy, [pre many] after eating, or at sea, low spirits, spasms, cramps, spleen, general dibility, [debility] paralysis, asthma, cough, inquietude, sleeplessness, involuntary jlushing, [blushing] tremors, dislike to society, unfitness for study, loss of memory, delusions, vertigo, blood to the head, exhaustion, mel- [melancholy] ancholy, [melancholy] groundless fear, indecision, wretchedness, thoughts of self-destruction, and many other complaints. It is, moreover, admitted by those who have used it to be the best food for in- [infants] fants [ants] and invalids generally, as it never turns acid on the weakest stomach, but imparts a healthy relish for hunch and dinner, and restores the faculty of digestion and nervous and muscular energy to the most enfeebled. It has the highest approbation of Lord Stuart de Decies; [decides] the Venerable Archdeacon Alexander Stuart, of Ross-a cure of three years' nervousness; Major- [Major general] General Tuomas [Thomas] King, of Exmouth; Captain Parker D. Bingham, R.N., of No. 4, Park walk, Little Chelsea, London, who was cured of twenty-seven years' dyspepsia in six weeks' time; Captain Andrews, R.N.; Captain Edwards, R.N,; William Hunt, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, King's College, Cambridge, who, after suffering sixty years from partial paralysis, has regained the use of his limbs in a very short time upon this excellent food; the Rev. Charles Kerr, of Winslow, Bucks-a cure of functional disorders; Mr. Thomas Woodhouse, Bromley-recording the cure of a lady from constipation and sickness during pregnancy; the Rev. Thomas Minster, of St. Saviour's, Leeds-a cure of five years' nervousness, with spasms and daily vomitings [vomiting Mr. Taylor, Coroner of Bolton Captain Allen-recording the cure of epileptic fits; Doctors Ure [Re] and Harvey; James Shorland, [Holland] Esq., No. 3, Sydney-terrace, Reading, Berks, late surgeon in the 98th Regi- [Reg- Regiment] ment-a [men-a] cure of dropsy James Porter, Esq., Athol-street, Perth -a cure of 13 years' cough, with general debility; J. Smyth, Esq., Lower Abbey-street, Dublin Cornelius O'Sullivan, M.D,, F.R.C.8., Dublin-a perfect cure of thirty years' indescribable agony from aneurisin, [Anderson] which had resisted all other remedies; and twenty thousand other well-known individuals, who have sent the discoverers and inporters, [Importers] Dn Barry and Co,, 127, New Bond-street, London, testimonials of the extrordinary [extraordinary] manner in which their health has been restored by this useful and economical diet, after all other remedies had been tried in vain for many years, and all hopes of recovery abandoned. A full report of inportant [important] cures of the above complaints, and testimo- [testimony- testimonials] nials [nails] from parties of the highest respectability, is, we find, sent gratis by Du Barry and Co. Caution.-The name of Messrs. Du Barry's invaluable food, as also that of their firm, have been so closely imitated, that inva- [vain- invalids] lids cannot too carefully look at the exact spelling of both, and also Messrs. Du Barry's address, 127, New Bond-street, London, in order to avoid being imposed upon by Ervalenta, Event, 'Real Arabian Revalenta, [Prevalent, or other spurious compounds, of peas, beans, lentils, Indian and oat meal, under a close imitation of the name, which have nothing to recommend them but the reckiess [reckless] audacity of their ignorant and unscrupulous com- [compound] pounders, [pounder] and which, though admirably adapted for pigs, would play sad havee [have] with the delicate stomach of an invalid or infant. A Harp Case.-At the Bradford Borough Court, on Friday last, Holmes Smith was brought up under the fol- [following] lowing circumstances -It appears that the defendant was apprenticed to Messrs. Margerison and Sutclifte [Sutcliffe] as a wool- [wool sorter] sorter. A shot time he became a member of the 2nd West York Yeomanry Cavalry, ard [ad] on Wednesday, there being a field-day cf the regiment at Halifax, he asked the consent of his masters to be absent f-om his work on that day, at the same time expressing his willingness to have a reduction made in his wages. His masters, however, refused to allow him to go, and he having gone without their consent a warrant was taken out for his apprehension for having violated his indentures. When brought hefore [before] the bench Mr. Margerison, one of the pa tners [pa tens] in the firm ressed [dressed] strongly upon their worships for a committal to akefield, [Wakefield] and this young man was committed accordingly to the House of Correction for the space of fourteen days. THE New Lord CHANcELLOR.-Sir [Chancellor.-Sir] Thomas Wilde's father attorney in the city. The future chancellor was placed in St. Paul's School. He here formed an acquaintance which ripened into a lasting friendship with Frederick Pollock, now Lord Chief Baron. From this school young Wilde was removed to his father's office, Upon his admission as an attorney, business rapidly flowed in upon him. In a few years, with self-reliance almost unexampiled, [unexampled] he relinquished a practice producing several thousands year, and.was called to the bar. He chose the Western Creuit. [Credit] His further history it is not necessary to trace, nervousness, biliousness, liver complaints, flatulency, [flatulence] distension, FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. - -P- - BANKRUPTS.-Frimay, [BANKRUPTS.-From] JULY 19. Thomas Dyson, Hardinge-terrace, [Harding-terrace] Albert-street, New- [Newington] ington, [Kington] railway contractor, to surrender Aug. 2, Sept. 6, at half-past one o'clock, at the Bankrupts' Court solicitors, Messrs. Rixon [Ripon] and Son, King William-street; official assig- [assign- assignee] nee, Mr. Whitmore. ; Gilbert Finlay Girdwood, [Gird wood] Maida-hill, [Maid-hill] chemist, July 26, at twelve o'clock, August 29, at half-past twelve, at the Bankrupt's Court solicitors, Messrs. Lawrance and Plews, Old Jewry; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Basinghall- [Basing hall- Basinghalltreet] treet. [street] Gee. Shepheard, [Shepherd] Mondbury, [Almondbury] linendraper, [linen draper] July 30, Aug. 27, at 11 o'clock, at the Exeter District Court of Bankruptcy solicitors, Mr. Savery, Modbury; and Messrs. Bishop and Pitts, Exeter; official assignee, Mr. Hirtzel, [Hotel] Exeter. 'Timothy Bourne Bourne, Liverpool, cotton broker, J uly [July] 26, Aug. 29, at eleven o'eluck, [o'luck] at the Liverpool District Comt [Cot] of Bankruptcy solicitor, Mr. Norris, Liverpool; official assignee, Mr. Bird, Liverpool. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED. T. Sharp and Co., Manchester, ivon-merchants.-Sharp, [ion-merchants.-Sharp] Brothers, and Co., Manchester, engineers.-E. Robinson and C'o., Skipton, Yorkshire, grocers.-Dunstan, Barra- [Barraclough] elongh, [along] and Co., Barnsley, Yorkshire, ironfownders; [ironmongers] as far as regards J. W. and T. Bramley, and Co., Leeds, woollen-cloth manufacturers.-S. and W. B. Wood, Macclesfield, silk manufacturers.-W. Brindle and L. Clayton, Marsden Foundry, near Colne, boilermakers. es BANKRUPTS.-TUvESDAY, [BANKRUPTS.-Tuesday] JULY 23. Robert Day Bust, Reading, auctioneer, to surrender July 99, ab twelve o'clock, August 30, at one, at the Bankrupts' Court solicitor, Mr. Ke.ghley, [Ke.le] Basinghall-street [Basing hall-street] official assienee, [assignee] Mr. Whitmore. Edward Foster, Chesterton, Cambridyveshire, [Cambridgeshire] agricultural machinist, August 2, at half-past eleven o'clock, August 30, at one, at the Bankrupts' Conrt [Court solicitors, Messrs. J. and C. Cole, Adelphi-terrace, [Delphi-terrace] Strand and Messrs. Foster, Cambridge official assience, [assistance] Mr. Canaan, Birchin-lane. [Birch-lane] William Haslam, Hertford, chyniist, [chemist] July 30, August 31, at twelve o'clock, at the Bankrupts' Court, solicitors, Messrs. Thompson and Debenham, Salter's-hall, St. Swithin's-lane; and Messrs. Longmore and Sworder, [Orders] Hert- [Her- Hertford] ford official assignee, Mr, Pennel, [Penne] Guildhall Chambers, Basinehall-street. [Basing-street] Wiltiam [William] Ward Evans, Ludlow, Shropshire, butcher, Angust [August] 2, September 4, at twelve o'clock, at the Birming- [Birmingham- Birmingham] ham District Court of Bankruptcy solicitors, Mr. Clark, Ludlow and Messrs. Wright, Birmingham official assig- [assign- assigned] nes, [ne] Mr. Christie, Birminzham [Birmingham] Edward and William Round, Tipton, Staffordshire, timber merchants, August 10, at ten o'clock, September 17, at eleven, at the Birmingham District Court of Bankruptey [Bankruptcy] solicitors, Messrs. Coldicott [Conductor] and Canning, Dudley; and Mr. Reece, Birmingham official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Bir- [Sir- Birmingham] mingham. [Birmingham] Ralph Hammond, Macclesfield, iankeeper, [innkeeper] August 9and [and] 23, at twelve o'clock, at the Manchester District Court of Bankruptcy solicitors, Messrs. Parrott, Colville, and May, Macclesfield official assienee, [assignee] Mr. Hobson, Manchester. John Hayward, Oswestry, Shropshire, scrivener, Auenst [Inst] 10, September 17, at ten o'clock, at the Birmingham Dis- [District] trict [strict] Court of Bankrupicy [Bankruptcy solicitors, Mr. Davies, Oswesiry [Desirous] ; and Messrs. Mottcram, [Monogram] Knight, and Emmett, Birmingham ; official assignee, Mr. Valpy, [Val] Birmingham. Ralph Nuttall, Macclesfield, silk manuficturer, [manufacturer] August 8 and 29, at twelve o'clock, at the Manchester District Court of solicitors, Mr. Bennett, Manchester; and Mr. Parrott, Macclesfield official assignee, Mr. Hob- [Hobson] son, Manchester. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. J. and J. J. Doyle, Manchester, boot manufacturers.- [manufacturers] R. Craven and Co., Whitby, Yorkshire, confectioners as far as regards J. Forster. -------- . Two CHILDREN TO HAVE BEEN POISONED BY THEIR PaRENTS.-On [Parents.-On] Saturday, at Northampton, two per- [persons] sons, named William Pell, a labourer, and Sarah, his wife, were brought up for examination on a charze [charge] of having poisoned their two children, aged two and four years, with arsenic. It appears that about a fortnight ago the young- [youngest] est child died, and was buried on Saturday the 13th. The other child was taken ill, and although two medical gen- [gentlemen] tlemen [gentlemen] attended, it died the following day. The symp- [stamp- symptoms] toms having attracted the suspicions of the medical men, the body was examined, and the result was a discovery of a quantity of arsenic in the stomach. The other child was then exhumed by the direction of the coroner, and on ex- [examination] amination [examination] the body was found to contain arsenic also. Other circumstances of suspicion against the prisoners afterwards transpired, and they were both apprehended. After the proceedings, which were conducted in private, had terminated, the prisoners were remanded. PRESENT APPEARANCE OF THE FENS.-Those who have not travelled over the Fen country of late years (say from Deeping to Spalding, Spalding to Wisbeach, [Beach] thence to Cam- [Cambridge] bridge) would be astonished at its appearance. Never be- [before] fore did this surface bear such an abundance of sustenance for man as at this time. The wheats [wheat] are for the most part beyond all precedent. It is clear that the husbandman during the past year has worked with energy and hope, for scarcely an ill-managed farm, ora slovenly nook, can be observed. An evident improvement has taken place, also, in the breed of stock, which the land feeds to enormous In the cottages, farm houses, and buildings, a decided im- [in- improvement] provement [improvement] has taken place. As is well known, the wide expanse of fen encircled by the high counties, at some remote period was a bay of the sea; there are numerous marine deposits, and trom [from] the sooty [soot] soil sigantic [gigantic] oak trees are turned up, which speak of ancient forests the growth of centuries. The bones of animals now extinct are frequently found also vessels and weapons of an ancient race of men. There are likewise the remains of old monasteries and abbeys, and in present beauty are many village spires, with their manifold traditions.-Leicester Mercury. FRIGHTFUL STeaM-Boat [Steam-Boat] EXPLosion [Explosion] a BRISTOL.-On Monday evening last the Red Rover, a small steamer which has recently been employed in conveying passengers to and fro between Stone-bridge, Bristol and the Holwells, [Howells] was lying off Rawling's wharf, waiting to take up a number of passengers who had juss [just] arrived from Portishead ia the Portishead packet. There were about 50 passengers on board, and several others were in the act of proceeding towards the Red Rover, when a terrific exnlosion [explosion] was heard, accompanied by fearful shricks. [shrieks] An immense cloud of steam hung over the ill-fated vessel tor a few moments, and when it cleared away a dreadful scene was presented to view. The ill-fated passengers had been scattered in every direction, and a large number were observed struc- [struck- struggling] gling [ling] in the water. Several wherries instantly rowed to the spot and succeeded in picking up many of them. Fiie [Fire] were also immediately procured, and the wounded persons as fast as possible conveyed to the Bristol Infirmary. Six bodies were taken out quite dead. In addition to the per- [persons] sons conveyed to the infirmary, several respectable gentle- [gentlemen] men, who were much hurt, were conveyed to their private residences, preferring the services of their ordinary medical attendants. Some of these are also since dead tivo [tv] more have died at the infirmary, and some serious operations have had to be undergone. Among those severely injured were the captain and engineer and the stoker of the Red Rover. So loud was the explosion that it was not only heard at all parts of the basin, but at the dock master's house, and at a distance of more than a mile. The owner, Mr. Anderson, and his wife were on board at the time. Mrs, Anderson was in the cabin, and Mr. Anderson was standing at the entrance of the cabin stairs. He was knocked into the water, but retained sufficient presence of mind to pull Mrs. Anderson afterwards through the cabin pindow, [window] and she escaped with the exception of an injury to er side. ACCIDENT To A STEAMER ON Lomonp.-On [Lemon.-On] Fri day afternoon, the Pilot steamer, belonging to the Messrs. Burns, of Liverpool and Glasgow, ran on a sunk rock near the islands opposite Luss, on Loch Lomond. The rocks stove in the iron plates of her bottom. The passengers were terribly frightened, but Capt. Lang assuring them there was no danger, turned her towards the shore. The Waterwitch [Water witch] steamer passed happily, just then, and a ssisted [assisted] to haul her in. Asthe [Asthma] water was fast coming into the Pilot, however, it was thought prudent for her passengers to leave her, and to go on board the Waterwitch. [Water witch] They did so without difii- [diff- difficulty] culty, [guilty] and left the Pilot slowly sinking in deep water. They were all brought safe toshore [to shore] at Balloch but most of them although they had come up by the excursion train to see the beautiful scenery, returned to Glasgow. There were about 150 passengers. CONTEST WITH MONKEYS.-It would a that M'Bride, manager of the Bridge-of Weir Casworks, [Gasworks] a pair of monkeys for his amusement. The animals are usually kept in a large iron cage, but in the absence of Mr. the other day, for a few minutes, they succeeded in effecting their liberation, and seemed to feel a pleasure at the time in working all the mischief that was possible. The desk of the office was overturned, and the papers it contained torn and scattered about. They also opened the crane of a gas-tar cistern, and flooded the floor with the nauseous contents. On the manager, on his return, finding matters in this plight, he unceremoniously commenced to inflict corporeal punishment on the first of the monkeys he came in sight of, when the other, which had been hiding, immediately made a rush to the assistance of his com- [companion] panion. [anion] The brutes cut the leg of Mr. M'Bride throuch [through] his trousers, and one of them, leaping on his back, cut him pretty severely on the face also. By this time, one stick had been broken over the back of the animal; and Mr. M'Bride having placed his back to the wall for protection, and armed himself with another bludgeon, he ultimately recaptured his assailants, but not till the lez [le] of one of them had been broken in the contest.-Ren jrewshire [contest.-Ren Ayrshire] Reforner, [Reformer] TIME TABLES. HUDDERSFIELD TO BRADFORD. Par. Par. (20h [H] 2 C173 [C] Go SOL StI [St] Stree [Street] 6 0 8 15,10 13(12 101 143 [W] 3.5 5 40) 30 Leeds ...... ss. a 9 0 10 55 1 25) 3.25 5 0 6 20) 20 Huddersfld [Huddersfield 6 29 8 3 9 25 11 52 1 30 3 53 5 5 7 31 9 lo Mirfield ... 6 37 8 13) 9 40;12 5) 1 48 4 6, 5 271 7 10 9 48 Heemndke [Hammond ... 8 21) 9 4812 14) 1 55 4 14) 5 35 7 18 9 56 Liversedge 8 25)... 1217)... [W] 4 13) 5.39 2. 10 Cleckheatn [Cleckheaton] 30 9 56 12 22) 2 3) 4 931 5 44 5 Low Moor 8 37 10 3 12 29 2 11 4 99) 5 51 7 3310 11 Bradford ... 8 13 12 40) 2 21) 4 37 6 1) 7 43 10 99 BRADFORD TO HUDDERSFIELD, Par. 2 CL Sen Si oer [per] Bradford... 6 10 ... 9 on 30 1 8 3 30 4 50 3a Bab [Ba] w Moor.. 615 [W] ... 9 7 11 37 1 16) 3 38 4 57) 6 431 58 Cleckheatn [Cleckheaton] 6 23) ... 9 14 11 46) 1 24) 3 4015 91 6 6 Liversedge 6 26 .. ... 11 50) ... 1350 [W] ... 6531 9 9 Hekmdwk [Hemmed] 6 29)... 9 20 11 53 1 30 3 531 5 7 6 58 913 Mirfield ... 6 37 8 13 9 2712 0 1 381 4 0 514 [W] 7 6 9 20 Huddersfld [Huddersfield 6 58 8 20 9 43.12 8 1 56 4 14 5 35 7 15 9 55 Manchester) 9 15 ... 11 5) 1 45 8 50 6 15 7 10 9 35 11 10 Leeds ...... 7 45 10 5,1 0; 210) [W] 4 40 5 55; 7 40 10 30 HUDDERSFIELD, NORMANTON, SHEFFIELD. Huddersfield 6 29, 9 25, 11 52, 3 55, 7 3.-Normanton 7 7. 1 12 30, 435, 7 40.-Sheffield 9 5, 08, HUDDERSFIELD TO PONTEFRACT AND GOOLE. , Huddersfield 8 3, 9 20, 1 80, 5 5, 6 50.-Wakefield 9 15, 11 45, 2 he oe, 40.-Pontefract 739, 1215, 554. 8 -Goole 20 30, Crewe.......- [Crewe] Stockport Liverpool Manchester Ashton Stalybridge Mossley Greenfield Loniew [Line] Hudder [Udder] thaurwell [Howell] Wortley Pool for Or TO 19 Stations. 9 32,3 de 11 5. Harrogate Knaresbro' [Nursery] Morley... Batley ...... Dewsbury Xirtield [Tiled] ton Mirsden [Marsden] ... M Scockport [Stockport] . Ashton Droy sden [Dry sen] Clayton Br Park Liverpool Crewe ..... AE Ci scer [see] 9 32a.m.; [a.m] 12 30 p.m., dersfield [Huddersfield] ham. Macclesfield Sad(eworth.,..... [Sad(with] Marsden..... Morley... Leeds tuediate [mediate] Stutior [Station] NORSFIELD [MANSFIELD] fur 335, 10 5, 10 17, Mirflell [Mirfield] ty 205 Sz, be oe. Batley 10 21, 411, Mewes [Ewes] 1051, 21, ib uy, Sculdleworth [Saddleworth] Stalybridge Miles Platting ... Manchester ... ar. celesiield [celestial] Birmingham London A TUE FIELD and calling at allt [all] 129, 7 1-4, Heaton Lo Ig ar. ...dp. ey ar I ivpps [Phipps] LEED A Train Icaves [Caves] Wan 8 65, Stabyh [Stable] .dep. [de. . 951, -L Bra Hes PDD [ODD] AAD [AND] Any Pas idve [ide] .. ar. and an 7) 99) 4 213, 7 56, Slaithw. [Slaithwaite] Saddleweorth [Saddleworth] 7 42, ley 7 57, 2.57, 8 39, 9 25, 3 35, 9 45, Ashton s 8 55, Clayten [Clayton] Bridge s 2 Platting 8 30, 3 30, 19, Liverpool ar at 10 29, 6. Greenfield 8 36, 2 Marsden 9 17,5 7.0 [7] 2 rt ty ad Wes [West] 6 Bw y 1 TB vgs [vs] 30) , 7 40 9 Ww S40 [S] 1015 1 oes [ors] 9 OL 15 oo 8 45. an o 9 51945, 911 ws 592 VIB [VI] LW oe OLE TL Beth x 5 fe T DAT Li 2 9 SL Lb sez [se] 9 Ss il Lk ba Lb I. it Ss Holo [Hole] bs bo lao [la] i to 2 ly ST le as hy 4T te tap 3 iy ju i 4 Ih wins 4 i 1 , LEEDS, he ty ae ' ' ' ' ' 4 ' Nib ets [es] A Train leaves Leeds at 6 0, bon. [on] 4 Churwell [Howell] 6 14, 1 i4. 6 57, Mae Dewsbury 4 Cie [Ice] tag Liverpool .. Manchester Middleton . Oldham dp Rochdale... Waisden.... [Warden] Todmorden Burnley ar Do dp Mythorard. [Method] Luddenden Sowerby By Neurth [North] Dean Brighouse Cooper Brg [Beg] arrival...) departure Batley ...... Leeds Horbury cI Normantn. [Normanton] Leeds tiun [tin] Harrogate Searbro' [Scarbro] ... Hull ......... Bridlingtn, [Bridlington] Newcastle. ' Edinburgh 6 35, 9 7, Blue Pits...) 2 Littleboro'. [Little] Heb. 3 H lifas [H lives] dp 5 35 1 Wakefield.. 7 LANCASHIRE . MANCHES [MANCHESTER] AAR [ARA] AAAS [AAA] Par , 6 25) 65 BL 6 32 sb 8s ec Si Se Se Si Di Se Oo He 15 2 9 50 12 Elland 9 Por. [Or] AND YURR [BURR] LEED, 15 32. 1 A Train leaves it 7 30, Middleton 8 ly, lu 50, 730, Elne [Else] Pics 8 so 5 33, 8 7, Littleborough s 47, 3 Todmorden, 6, 11 12, 5 38, 504, 04 ap 80, lu 30, 7 45, Hebden royd [road] 9 20, 6 14, 59, Bridge 9 52, LL 20, 6 2 6 48, 9 20, Cooper Briv [Brie] field ar 1017, 12 4, 72 Mirfield ar 10 3, 12 0. 4 2.9 10 17, 949, Morley 19 27, 9 58. 10 37, 109, Leeds W. Rei [Re] iv es. 125, 7 6, 9 41, Horbury lu 24. 7 7 25, 105, ti th, 4 lane, 10, 8 0, York 7 30, Hull Edinburgh Newcastle Bric Uing [ING] tn. Hull... Scarbro' .... Harrogate . York......... Leeds Hun Normanton Wakefield... Horbury ... Thornhill .. Leeds ...dp Wortiey [Wortley] .... Churwell... [Howell] Huddersid. [Shudder] arrival... departure Cooper Bag, Brighouse Elland ...... North Dean Halifax dp Sowerby Ba Luddenden Mytholurd [Method] Par. 6 ll 5 53 3 20 30 40 30 ee Heb. Bridge Todmorden Buruley [Burley] ar do. dp; Walsden [Wilson] ... Littleboro' [Little] Rochdale... Blue Pits. Middleton . Oldham ar Manchester ar 9 45, 9 5 dp 7 45, jae [Jane] eae [ear] 10-35, Blue Pits 5 Liverpool lv 2 PHHARD [HARD] GRAIL LEEDS, PPL [PP] III Par 15 1s 22) 20) oe vt 33 46 ji A Train leaves Normanton at i Horbury 6 51. Leeds Dsdbry [Destroy] ley 6 30, Churwe [Church] See D, 4 Ex. 24 amt 6 le so we fa 7 2 -- ki cr 9 9 y Oke [One] ot Av) Lb 4v . jli [li] ' 9 Oo 1 lu 37 Ly iv Il Su lk oy 2 205 A Train leaves Normanton in the Wakefield 6 10, Horbury 62). FO , Huddersfield 6 52, Cooper Britue [Brute] 7 0, and North Dean 7 7. . A Train leaves Leeds in the well 7 25, Morley, 731, Batley [C] ' 7 57, Huddersfield 11 fiep, [fie] 'ver- [Rev- conserve] honse [house] 3 11, Elland 20, Nr. Dean Sowerby Bg. 8 33, Luridenden [Luddenden] Fe Bridge 8 49, Todmorden 9 Buri- [Burn] tlebro' [Talbot] 9 29, Rochdale 3 . Oldham 10 15, and Manchester 1 A Train leaves Leeds at 10 40, Thornhill 11 30, Mirfield 11 11 28, Cooper Bridge 1140, Dean, Halifax, dep. [de] 12 25, Todmorden iz Rochdale 1 0, Blue Pits 5. is 130, Manchester arrival 1 30. L shy Bis 1 48, Sewerly [Sewer] Pes [Peas] 40, Burnley. rt J 5 ) bo 11635, Morley 73, 910, He 56, Weddle chester ar 9 25, Lb EDs, [Es] LONDON AND NORTH MANCHESTER, A TOL [TO] ee ce Ch eo 8 Shey [She]