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'AND WEST YORKSHERI [YORKSHIRE] BRE [BE] ADVERTISER. NO 7 a 7 AQ SEE 26, 1850. Price 41d. PARISH CHURCH, HUDDERSFIELD. 7 PIG AND POULTRY EXHIBITION. CABINET-MAKING ESTABLISHMENT, THR [THE] CELEBRATED MANCHESTER MEDICINE FOURT [FOUR] COMMEMORATION ASSOCIATI [ASSOCIATION] tu. SHORE, HUDDERSFIELD. 71 Under the Patronage of the Queen. the REBUILDING and OPENING of te PROVING tho BREED of PIGS BR. J. IREDALE, C M U 2nd celebrity which x ill be celebrated on SUNDAY NEXT, including the T. an LTRY, [TRY] ABINET-Maker, [CABINET-Maker] UPHol- [Uphold- Uphold] 3 ag fe No soning [singing] enti [anti] and on NL stay te Shon, [Son] Homar, [Home] end BARKERS ROYAL INP [IN] , Borrom, Borrow] to take place at N o STEER DE . 238 Cell be Presched [Preached] Morning and Evening by next, November 2nd, In a field opposite the Rass [Ass] ona [on] i Zetuming [Steaming] his best thanks to the Public of Huddorsial [Huddersfield] Moticine, [Medicine] ronowned [renowned] for ie efieacy [efficacy] in proventing [Printing] of LONDON and PARISIAN FASHIONS, in MILLINERY, BONNETS, . d its Vicinity, for the very liberal support he has hitherto ff tenes [tees] r offic [office] RESS [RES] CAPS, MANTLES, &e. pail REV. ROBERT LAMB, Ton. and Y, for the very liberal support he has hither the disorders to which infancy is liable, ent [end] of St. Paul's, Manchester WRIGLEY, Ban received at their hands, begs to inform them, that to his instant relief in convulsions, flatulency, [flatulence] affects 28, NEW-STREET, HDDDERSFIELD. [HUDDERSFIELD] SAMUEL SHAW. In oon [on] by the Vice President JAMES WRIGLEY SPLENDID STOCK OF FURNITURE of th difficult teething, the thrush, rickets, 68 Y Vv. FREEMAN WILSON, Treasurer -Mr. Jon. We he has made very extensive additions, oo hoopiag [hooping] cow pox, or vaccine inocculation, [calculation] and may PLAN AND COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY. REV arate [rate] of Lockwood. Oe Rose and Crown Inn, a L respectfully sts [st] of his Friends and Patrons the b gfe [fe] immediately prea [pre] ay pi conta [cont] WATERS HARDY, Booxsetuer, [Boxes] 17, Market-pLace, [Market-place] HUDDERSFIELD, be 46 thank .. will commence at half-past Ten in the Secretary-Mr. MEtt10 [Met] Lock Will pine pen na anise an inspection of his SERWATIVE [SEDATIVE] of INFANTS MOTHERS conn do vel [veal] those Friends who have so liberally subscribed to his PLAN and COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY of this ce will ate nt y -. N ARMITAGE, Stock will give general satisfaction. T i the Afternoon, and past Six in the Persons wishing to enter their Pigs are requested to --- nae Keeping this valuable Medicine in the NURSERY. Subserioton Subsisting] lant [lane] va Close on bee Instant 'Those Partin. Martin] wishin, [within] g to avail themselves of the yor [or] apply to Mr. Joe Mellor, Rose and Crown Inn, and Mr. FPRACTICAL [PRACTICAL] ILLUSTRATIONS OF THE cottage, the Pro this Modicine [Medicine] en the 'palace or the Subscribers' Prices are requested to send in their Names early. pee be made as usual after each Service ellion [Lion] Armitage, Netherton No entries to tak [take] tay [ta] prietor [proprietor] feels an honest conviction of its ci the incidental expenses of the church, after the 29th day of October ae [C] place EFFECT OF MUTUAL ASSURANCE. powss [poss] to assuage maternal pain for infant suffering-to Subseribers' [Subscribers] Prices, Coloured, ...... 6s. Od. 5 Coloured, ..... 4s. ; defray conve [cone t pain to gladness, suffering i Im [In] on- [Ibberson] ribers' [rivers] Prices, do. ...... s. 6d. itto, [into] ene eo ae Je. 6d. for the first, and 1s. each after A Policy opened with the SCOTTISH WIDOWS' FUND repose. It is fe or actutte [acquitted] All Stock to be on the d by Nine o' LIFE ASS CE SOCIETY in any year from 1815 to cholera, spasms, pain in the bowels, and other OPENING OF THE TEA AND COFFEE EMPORIUM Admission to the Show from Nin [In] ae. clock a.m. 1819 inclusive, had a VEstep [Step] at 1st January, 1846, complaints of the intestines, owing to wind or obstructions , One till Four, 2d. m [in] Nine e, 3d. and from of 84 per cent., and in the event of such Policy emerging in the digestive organs. It is highly recommended by the NEAR THE a It is desirous that all persona will show their after 'ayment [payment] of the present Year's Faculty. WEST RIDING BANK, HUDDERSFIELD, q EXHIBITION in 1851.-Her [W.-Her] Ma- [Market] stock. THERE WOULD BE EAID [AID] TO TUS [US] GATE PY ROBERT DARKER, 4, TEAS AND COFFEES OF EXQUISITE QUALITY, AND ON THE MOST ECONOMICAL TERMS. G jesty's [jest's] Commissioners pang int ABRT-UNION [ART-UNION] OF LONDON. & addition to the onigitial [initial] Ineseance, [Instance] et ge Majesty QUEEN VICTORIA), in bottles at 1s. 13d., HITWORTH [WORTH] and CLARKSON tfull [full] beg to announce to the Families of Huddersfield UT vor [or] Exhibition must be returned by the Local A ek A BONUS OF UPWARDS OF NINETE-NING-PER-cEWT., [NINE-NINE-PER-cent] 9 end 4s, 6d. each. The 4s. 64 bottles contain seven and the Neighbourhood, that they have REMOVED their BUSINESS FROM THE BEAST-MARKET, to jot Pe aes by the dist THE TIME EsTaBLIsHED [Established] 1837, eo a Pp eg Pp and the 2s. 9d. three and a half times, the quantity the more eligible and commodious premises in the MARKET-PLACE (lately occupied by Mr. J. Wright, Glass and therefore x UNTIL WEDNESD [WEDNESDAY] AY . a Or 26 ye hte [the] gs those at 1s. 14d. each. Sold by all the Patent edicine [medicine] China Dealer), and they take this opportunity of returning thanks to these who have patronised them, and of soliciting ie demands, for cing [cong] the last day on which suck Incorporated by Royal Charter; 20th Vict., [Vice] 1646, eC EE BE, ce... toon polesale [pole sale] Drug iste [site] in London, York, Live the favour of those whe [the] have not yet given them a trial. ' ber [be] nse [ne] ee sim fies [firs] Sc RAN FORA E CUR BNI [BI] ey yin like manner Policy opened 'in the Year 1830, had a &c.;. also by all the Druggists and Medes vee [see] 'sane cane of Gada [Gad] Sahih [Said] and being OF Cie [Ice] Bans and ae te teen whe [the] necessary formas [forms] of application may be obtained from Every Subscriber of One Guines-for [Guineas-for] 1851, will be entit [entire] VESTED Bonvs [Bonds] at Ist [Its] January, 1846, of upwards of 36 per e United Kingdom. acting to the feat laid dowa [down] -- F their b win te well astinke [Aston] commented i The ne xs, (the Chairman,) or of Messrs. J. Lay- [Lat] to . cent., and in the event of the Member's death after pay- CAUTION.-Observe the names of ATKINSON and P a8 00 ee OF EACLE [EAGLE] (DUSMOSS,, [DISMISS] WHOIS WAS My ory. [or] vod [cod] GREENWOOD, Hon. Secs. I. The choice of one of the two Line Engravings ment [men] of the present Year's Premium, BARKER, on the Government Stamp.-Established in the 'he ine [in] ane [an] on, th SADE at the Sulla na he ee wl toy 7 tae [tea] that satisfacti [satisfaction] Burial of Harold. ; , In conclusion, they again respectfully request the favour of a call, and they doubt not o giving satisfaction - Pickersgill, wwe [we] by F. Bacon, after F. R. addition to the origt [orig] neal Free E, year, 1706. which will lead to fature [nature] business. REFIT VED [BED] SUGARS, COCUAS, [COCOAS] SPICES, dc. ce. The Villa of Lucullus, [Luckless, by J, T, Wi IMP WHITW [WHITE] II. A vol een [en] attor [actor] W. L. Tait, ere A BONDS OF UPWARDS OF FORTY SEVEN PER CENT. TO THE WORKING CLASS. WHOLESALE A N a aa nD EALERS [DEALERS] of Thirty-one Wood Engravings, illus- [Ills] sev [se] opened DEFENDER FIRE AND LIFE , i ith' [it' & 2 li ner [ne] ae poem of the Bonus at lat of if om INSURANCE OFFICE. No. 8, MARKET-PLACE, HUDDERSFIELD. ND DRESS SUBSCRIPTION CONCERTS. ellotted [allotted] at the general meoting [meeting] is April, whit eats and in the event of the Member's death after pay- [pay registered] Registered purewant [pure want] to7 [to] 8 Vie., cap 110. mG WILKINSON has the honour to an- 1, The right to select for hime [home] a valuable work of art, tent of the present Year's Premium, 34, New Brivcesraeer, [Braces] BLackrriars, [Blackfriars] Lonpon. [London] HATS AT EXTRAORDINARY PRICES, Friends and the Publicthat [Public that] he intends 2. Bronze Casts, His REPRESENTATIVES WOULD RECEIVE, EstaBLisHED [Established] 1846. aT AL nonce 3. Statuettes in Porcelain, ade de] expressly for the In addition to the original Assurance, -. G. BAYLDON'S, SUBSCRIPTION CONCERT, in Cast Iron, Society. A BONUS OF UPWARDS OF TWENTY-THREE PER CENT, CAPITAL, ONE MILLION STERLING, 37, CROSS CHURCH STREET, HUDDERSFIELD. . f impressions of a la late, now engraving i . , Course of FOUR, on WEDNESDAY NEXT, October 30, Oe pate, Breve 12 The Capital of the Scottish Widows' Fund Life A RICHARD ATTENBOROUGH ., Chairman THomas [Thomas] 'NREAT [GREAT] REDUCTION IN SUMMER HATS.-The Zephyr Hat, from three-and-a-half to four toe ep OE AR ec or which tne te] suis [sis] ton's celebrated picture apital [capital] of Soctaly Scaly] exceeds Yo Assurance CoTrERELL, [Cockerel] Esq., Dotty Chairman. ounces weight, that has been selling at 9s. is reduced to 8s.; and the Light Zephyr. as 12s. is to i. Oks [Oaks] je bas engayed [engaged] the tollow1 [hollow] gz pe 6. Proof impressions of a plate of Queen Phili [Philip] TWO MILLIONS TWO HUNDRED AND FOUR THOUSAND i Managing Director-J OHN [ON] KE LDAY, [LADY] Esq. the Black and Drab Paramatta, [Pratt] at 5s. 9 2 are reduced to 4s. 6d. Black and Drab S ats, at ds. are soPRANO, [soprano] CONTRALTO, inte [inter 3 for the B of Calais, POUNDS, This Company, in order to extend Life Assurance to that te 4s. 3d.; Boys Satin Velvet Hats, at 4s. 6d., are reduced to 3s. 9d. . Bis. SUNDERLAND, Miss ATKINSON engraved by H. Robinson. from the ;, BOW i which is the Sole Property of the Members of the Society. clase [case] of persons who have hitherto been debarred from par- [path] The above List of Prices will be found such as never have been offered to a British Public. TENOR, we picture by H. [C] Selous, [Sells] mginal [signal] p ticipating [anticipating] in its benefits, have made arrangements for the BOYS' AND MEN'S CAPS AT REDUCED PRICES. yr, LOCKEY, H. ; The pri [pro] oe N.B.-No Member is entitled to participate in the Assurance of Lives by Weekly and Monthly Payments, for Soo-Pianist, [So-Pianist] Mr. J. BURTON, [C] ae salected, [selected] together mr eae [ear] Society's Profits of the Society unless the Policy be of at least five wich [which] Purpose they have had calculated the following of W. Sterndale Bennett, from the Royal Academy member whose subscription is paid on or before Wednesday, standing. a pul [Paul] ESTABLISHED 1772. (pape [paper] of Music, London.) the 30th October inst., to either of the local honorayy [Henry] FOR THE ASSURANCE OF 100, PAYABLE aT DEATH. 1 HOLDSWORTH SONS' GENERAL FURNISHING WAREHOUSES, Pisxo-AccompaANIST, [Six-Accompanist] Mr. J. WOOD. secretaries for EDINBURGH, (Heap Orricr,) [Eric] 5, St. ANDREW SQuARE. [Square] Weekly, Mnthly [Monthly & Weekly Math [Match] y, Weekly Mnthly [Monthly] NEW WELLS, WAKEFIELD. Persons subscribing 1 will be entitled to Two Tickets HUDDERSFIELD......... Mr. G. D. TOMLINSON, Artist. JOHN MACKENZIE, Manager. prem. [pre] prem. [pre] prem. [pre] prem. [pre] prem. [pre] prem. [pre] GOODS DELIVERED Cc ARRI [ARE] A GE FR E E. ; sthe [the] Reserved Seats, toeach [teach] Concert. 12s. [1st. Barnsley............... H. Parkin, Esq. WM. GEORGE, Chief Clerk. At this Establishment parties furnishing have the opportunity of selecting every article of Household Furniture,an rl be entitled to Two Tickets to the Saloon. Beverley oo Mr. W. Brigham. om 20 as a. a5 7 a 2 50 10) 7 advantage not offered to the same extent by any other House out of London. Non-subscribers-Reserved Seats, 8s. 6d; Fa- Bradford 17101112 Mr. C. Stanfield. AGENTS FOR HUDDERSFIELD AND VICINITY. 94.) 1 85 1 2 4 1 Lio) [Oil] 7 5 The Stock comprises- [comprises iv] iv Ticket, admitting Four, 12s. aeons 2a. 5 Gallery. Is. Bridlington ............ M. W. Cooper, Esq, D. MARSDEN C. W. SIKES, 301 1 810 45 1 6 6 5 60 210 11 5 CABINET FURNITURE AND UPHOLSTERY CARPETS AND Hearta [Heart] books of Words, 4d. each, may be of Mr. G. Wil- [Dewsbury] Dewsbury .. C. Oldroyd, Esq. OF THE HUDDERSFIELD Bank. Hens. Masrpsses. [Mattresses] any Parer-HaNcines, [Parer-Chances] oe Gamer, Hout [Gout] Piece; Dobeross [Dobcross] 4, Tweedal [Tweeds] eae [ear] reese ea treats eet [et] mays [may] bya [by] weekly pay- [pay mantle] MaNTLE, [Mantle] TOILETTE, &., GLASSES. DAMASKS AND MOREENS. [MOREEN] ;, 8, Brown, Market- [Market] Her 5 MPODCTOSS [DOCTORS] cece [ce] eee [see] ee um, 7 x oy i 2 nad' [and] and Mr. R. Mellor, Cross Church-strect. [Church-street] Doncaster Mr. T. Brooke, jun. 'HE STANDARD LIFE ASSURANCE CO. family, at his death, the sum of 100, or by larger or ae CLorus, [Chorus] er bl 'ety [et] i h GENERAL BAND BA and Doors open at Seven, performance to commence at half Halifar [Halifax] Walter Heath, Esq. LONDON, EDINBURGH, DUBLIN, payment may socure [secure] proportionate sum. ea er mith [Smith] every possible zeal by tie Propriatira [Appropriate] to maiitain [Martin] thele [these] long-cakabtighsdl [long-jackboots] shareokey [share] st; . Harrogate sat Dr. Kennion. [Kennington] 82, KING WILLIAM 3, GEORGE ST 66, UPPER 3 ACK- [AC] A person may also ya small weekly or monthly payment circumstances of all an) IS Spe [Se] by the prictors [Proctor] to main eur tong hoo [hop teachers can procure Tickets for their Pupils, at Mr. G. P. Des Forges. BT REET. [RET] (Head Office.) 'VILLE ST. secure to himself on attaining the age of 50, 55, 60 or any for supplying Goods of sound materials and workmanship. ine [in] Shilling each to the Saloon, and 2s each to the Mr. R. Gell. other age the poyment [payment] of a stated sum, or in case of his ALL KINDS OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE PURCHASED feserved [reserved] Seats. Children under twelve years of age ad- [admire] Mr. F. T. Collard. DIVISION OF PROFITS, 1850. camer [came] death, t 'nose sum woul [would] be paid to eee [see y- ited [tied] at Half Price. . Mr. Copley. cases of sickness or want of employment the Direc- [Direct- Directors] parties wishing to become Subscribers may enrol their Mr. John Forth. oe LA a for the Fite' [Fire] care eSB, [es] tors will give Credit for the Premiums, which will remain H E F I N E A U T U M N. umes [mes] at Mr. B. Brown's, Market-place Corner, and Mr. Richmond. 2... T. Bradley, Esq. asa charge upon the Poli y [Pole y] for such period as may be . dardy's, [dandy's] Market-place. ..R. Cross, Esq. 15ta [ta] NOVEMBER NEXT, agreed upon at 5 per cent. We seldom have such splendid weather George Lowther, Esq. and as all Policies opened before that date will Participate The duty of every man to make such provision for the To last so many days together. Mr. Wildman. in the Division, the Directors request the attention of par- [par benefit] benefit of his family as his circumstances will permit, is The sun shines forth as in spring, ANNUAL DIVISION OF PROFITS. Mr. Marples. ties purposing to assure, to the advantage of joining the universally acknowledged. To effect this important object And birds seem half inclined to sing. BRITAIN MUTUAL LIFE John Jackson, Esq. Company at this time. to the best advantage and with the least inconvenience, No tempest blows, no dark mist lours, NREAT [GREAT] Bl ici [ii] i No blighting frost pinch up the flowers. ASSURANCE SOCIETY. Thirsk 22. Thomas Swarbreck, Esq. As the Company's Policies are ranked at each Division of there are no means which can be adopted so secure and 80 P P p52. [p] Kine W Wakefield M. E. Naylor, Esq. Profits, acco [ac] to the particular year in which they are beneficial as that of Life Assurance, which is now brought But let us still be on our guard, Ut, WATERLOO-PLACE, AND 2, SING WILLTAMSTREET, [MILLSTREAM] Mr. H. Sotheran. opened; persons who may Assure before 15th November within the means of every working man. The weekly or For still the autumn may be hard. Crrv. [Rev] WIN, F.RBS.. [F.RIBS] FSA H next will also receive Additions, at the following rate, at monthly payments required are so small that every man The wind may shift to east and north, THE GEO. GODWIN, F.R.S., F.S.A. onorary [honorary] future Divisions may afford his sixpence or shilling per week, and thereby And send tremendous volleys forth. LEWIS POCOCK, [COCK] F.S.A. Secretaries, ' y PS The mists may fall, and frosts benumb RICHARD HARTLEY KENNEDY, ESQ.-Depvury [ESQ.-Delivery] Cuarrman, [Juryman] 6 Years in 1855, have the great happy consolation of thinking that he y fab, 444, West Strand, London, Oct. 14, 1850. 11 ,, in 1860, has 'made such a provision for his widow and family as will ed sons wath [with] all het [get] fren [free] may come. 3 16 in 1865 revent [recent] them from being a burthen [Burton] upon others, when ese likely things together, Pa Sa tiie [tie] onthe [other] te and epprove [prove] sod no, ncrouing [scoring] by dre [Dr] tat ech [each] poet. THE eh me, hoa [ho] gard [guard] sal ot wsior. [Sir] aes BONUS ADDITIONS declared in 1835, 1840, and 1845 Obtain before this weather closes, tei [te] for the exclusive benefit of the Policy-holders, under of ast [at are shown in the Com 's Prospectus , 2 FIRE INSURANCES A Witney Over-coat of ther [the] own immediate id ee Pei Kee pany [any] Of every om i pie rn the most moderate rates. With this in store you need not fear Pofits [Profits] are divided annually, and applied in reduction o CASIO Farming Stoc [Stock] at 2s. 6d. per cent. A sudden change the most severe. te Promiume, [Premium] 9 s P A R K i N A N D C 5 rene plowing [lowing] are Specimens extracted from the Table Forms of ep Tables of Rates, and Do, then, as I, myself, have done, athe [the] General Meeting, held on poo ore WINE and SPIRIT MERCHANTS, A Policy for 1,000, opened in 1825, was increased in 1645 to 1,600. ery [very] aan [an] on application away a fo Baad [Band] Bon. [On] you well atm was submitted to the members, where- ) MARK ET-PLA [ET-PLAY] CE; WORKSOP. Do INST ee oot [not] GPF [GP] baw [ba] and chetrest, [chester] the articles they sell. gut it was resolved, unanimously, that an allowance of ICH [INCH] OLD PORT, 32s. per dozen; very good moose Agent Fe aig [ag Donte [Done] se peiena, [pena] fhirty [thirty] per Cent. should be made on the Premiums payable R Full-bodi Full-body] ior [or] Old P hree [free] an So suitable for autumn time. al a hich [which] fiv, [five] Full-bodied, 36s. very superior ort, [or] t to PROGRESS OF THE BUSINESS. AGENTS Nor will you find (go where you please), Folie [File] us on ating [acting] ee ond [and] ee eS OF four years in bottle, 42s. finest Old Port, warranted six During the year 1849, upwards of EicHT [Eight] HUNDRED Holufrth-A. [Holmfirth-A] M'Clellan, [M'Clean] Bookseller. Coats for the cold so cheap as these. pe tary [Tar] payments hac' [ha] been previously made. years in bottle, 48s.; [S's] Ne Plus Ultra Port, warranted seven pensons [persons] jomed [domed] the Company; and during the last six Hoi [Ho] Jaggar, Assistant Overseer. T've prov'd the fact myself, and, therefore, (redit [credit] is allowed for half the Annual Premium for the ears in bottle, 52s, Very good Gold Sherry, from the years alone upwards of THREE THOUSAND E1cHr [Each] HuN- [Hun- Kirkheaton] Kirkheaton-Jno. [Jno] ellor, [Mellor] Assistant Overseer, I trust, without one why or wherefore. bet five years, utt, [ut] 32s. ;, Very fine Old Gol [Gold] ditto, 36s.; [S's] a very superior DRED [RED] PERSONS have become Aasurers. [Assures] Win. Hall, Clark Green. You'll go at once to M. and Son, The following Table exemplifies the effect of the present Old Gold ditto, 42s. Be at Shon [Son] Pale Sherry, 3 first-class The STaNDARD [Standard] LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY was estab- [stables- aztec] ec pee be. Voter. And show your sense by buying one. eduction Wine, 42s, superior Brown Sherry, 44s. Ne Plus Ultra ished [shed] in 1825, and now stands the First Office in Scotland omersal-Benjamin [Gomersal-Benjamin] Ellis, Grocer. Sherry, e i 55 Oy Old Borden in public favour, as shown by the Reports of the year 1849, Mill eee [see] Middlebrook. a Thoildersticld OBSERVE E. MOSES AN D SON, Age al. i Anau Claret-St. Julien, 42s.; [S's] Vin [In] Ordinaire, [Ordinary] or having a larger business in that year than any nts [its] required in all the villages around Huddersfield. hen Amount ae Reduction Premium Claret, in quart and pint Bottles, 30s. Rich Claret, 72s. other institution. The me of the Company is 160,000 for the appointment to be addressed to Mr. RNVON [VON] BUILDINGS BRIDCR. [BRIDGE] QTREET, [STREET] BRADFORD, YORESHIRE [YORKSHIRE] Assured. hitherto paid.' 30 per Cent. now payable. Cham [Chan] e-first-rate, 72s.; [S's] Old Hock, 65e. [e] Sparkling PER ANNUM; and its large and increasing 'unds [funds] have been FE. Cooke, 17, Cross Church street, Huddersfield, 15, THO o1 . -- Hock, 65s. Bucellas, [Umbrellas] 40s.; [S's] Sparkling Moselle, 65s. Rota invested with much care, chiefly on the security of Land or Branch of their London Establishment, 154, 155, 156, 157, and 83, 84, 85, and 86, opposite the Church, Corner of & 8. dd. 8. d. s. d. Tent, 50s.; [S's] Cape Madeira, 21s. Marsala, 26s.; [S's] Vidonia- [Virginia- Confinement] vornment ornament] Securities. Minories and Aldgate, City, London, all communicating and forming one vast Establishment. 2 1,000 2017 6 6 5 3 14 12 8 light dinner Wine, 30s.; [S's] Lisbon-very rich, 30s.; [S's] Carca [Cara] Every information will be supplied at the Company's HEALTH WHERE 'TIS [ITS] SOUGHT Cavtton.-E. [Cotton.-E] MOSES SON, regret having to guard the Public against imposition; having learned that the 1,000 25 13 4; 714 17 9 4 vella, [villa] 40s.; [S's] Sauterne. [Sterne] 65s. Hau [Hay] de Vie vielle [ville] de Cognac, Offices in Edinburgh, London, or Dublin; also at the untradesman-like [tradesmen-like] falsehood ot being connected with them, or It's all the same concern, has been resorted to in many iy 1,000 83 18 4 10 3 6 23 1410 or Pale Brandy, in Capsuled Bottles, as imported, 64s. per Agencies of the Company, which are established throughout OLLOWAY [HOLLOWAY] Ss PILLS instances, and for obvious reasons. They have no connection with aay [say] other House in or out of London, except their i 1,000 48 16 8 1413 34 3 8 dozen; Pale Champagne Brandy, warranted twelve years 4; Kingdom. Branch Establishments, 36, Fargate, [Forget] Sheffield; and 19, Thornton's Buildings, Bradford, Yorkshire; and those who old, 32s. per gallon; very best Old Cognac Brandy, 26s. WILL. THOS. THOMSON, Manager. CURE OF A DISORDERED LIVER AND STOMACH WHEN desire genuine and Cheap Clothing, &c., should call at, or send to, either of their Branches, or to the Minories and A. R. IRVINE, Managing Director. ditto Proof Strength, 28s.; [S's] British Brandy, 1és.; [es] Betts PETER EWART, Resident Secretary. IN A MOST HOPELESS STATE, Aldgate, City, London. j . My Waterloo-place, 10th May, 1850 Patent Brandy, in Capsuled Bottles, as from Distillery, 36s. London, 82, King William Street. Extract of a Letter from Mr. Matthew Harvey, of Chapel Hall, TakE [Take] NoticE.-This [Notice.-This] Establishment is Closed from sunset Friday till sunset Saturday, when business is resumed eee [see] r dozen. Very superior Old Pale Jamaica Rum, 18s. - Airdrie, Scotland, dated the 15th Janvary, [January] 1850. till twelve o'clock. MEDICAL. REFEREE FOR HUDDERSFIELD DISTRICT. t J amaica [Jamaica] Rum, 10 cent. over proof, 17s. very fine AGENTS. To Professor Mess. ROBINSON and SON, High-street. Old ditto, proof, 16s. Hollands Geneva, 30s.; [S's] very best MICKLETHWAITE, ChronicleOffice. [Chronicle office] Str,-Your [St,-Your] valuable Pills have been the means, with DELIVERED CARRIAGE FREE TO ALL PARTS OF ENGLAND. ; London Gin, of the highest Legal Strength, 13s. superior Barnsley ....... 00 Joun [John] Kay, Bookseller and Stationer, God's blessing, of restoring me to a state of perfect health, HOLESALE [WHOLESALE] PRICES Me AGENT. London Gin, 12s. good Common Gin, 9s. to lls. [ll] Finest agent to the Sheffield Fire Office. and at a time when I thought I was on the brink of the TEAS AT W . JOHN BROOK, Registrar, Buxton-road. ighland [Highland] Whisky, 10 per cent. over proof, 21s. finest Bradford.....,......CHARLES T. TURNER, Woolstapler. [Wool stapler] ve. I had consulted several eminent Doctors, who, after TEA WAREHOUSE, 2, BUCKLERSBURY, [Bucklers bury] CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. aa Highland Whisky, proof, 18s. Dew off Ben Nevis Whisky, Dewsbury......... D. Harwoop, [Harwood] Chemist. joing [joint] what they could for me, stated that they considered 1830. Its SU And for INDIA AND LONDON LIFE ASSURANCE in Capsuled Bottles, as from Distellery,, [Distillery] 42s, per dozen. Halifazx ........... [Halifax] my case as hopeless. I ought to say that I had been suf- [su- sunfish] HIS ESTABLISHMENT was commenced in the year 1830. Its CCESSFUL [SUCCESSFUL] PROGRESS COMPANY. Kes [Keys] el d Healthy Liv [Li] French Cherry Brandy, 3s. per Pint Bottle; Creme de Wa. Dawson, Victoria Library. fering [fearing] from a Liver and Stomach complaint of long stand- [stand during] during TWENTY YEARS has gratified our anticipations. The Patronage of the Public has elevated its position dor [for] Assurance of INVALID an y dives. Noyeau, [Noyes] 4s. 6d. 5.3 Hoes eg 2s. 3d. i Led JoHN [John] Booth Preston, Solicitor, 54, ing, which during pe Heat two years got 0] much worse, to one of the LarGEsT [Largest] in the TRADE. MEDICAL REFEREE. Aniseed Cordial, 2s. 3d.; Gingerette, [Interesting] 2s. 3d.; Peppermin [Peppermint] Albion-street. that every one considered my condition as hopeless, I as ee NG Publi [Public] TRADE TERMS. WILLIAM JAM ES CLARKE, Esq., Kirkgate. Cordial, 2s. 3d. Very best Dantzic [Dynastic] Black Beer, 6s. Gd. per Rochdale ........... SmiTH, [Smith] Draper, 59, Yorkshire-street. a last resource got a Box of your Pills, which soon gave re- [run] un dovtaking [devoting] apn [an] te hea [he] gard [guard] stil [still] is, fo Supply the oe oe SV ELE [LEE] Great Be nes [ne] oak on gallon. London Stout, in Nine Gallon Casks. Very Seiby [Selby] .......... ...T, M. WEDDALL, Solicitor. lief, and by persevering in their use for some weeks, wholesale appliances. In conformity with these ideas, our Locality was chosen in a bye thoroughfare, where Space and DANIEL CROSLAN [CROSLAND] Bare ici [ii] superior XXX London Stout, particularly seoommended [seconded] for Waksjicid [Whiskies] M. B. Hick, Chemist. together with rubbing night and morning your Ointment A are sufficient to carry on trade to ANY EXTENT, but without those merciless and enormous expenses he. Sonn [Son] OSLAND [CROSLAND] BATTYE, Esq., Solicitor; and Invalids.-Bottled in Pints, at 4s.; ditto Quarts, at 8s. over my chest, and stomach, and right side, I have by their inseparably attached to Retail Shops in prominent situations, whereby an Extravagant Profit is rendered necessary. USN BROOK, Buxton-road. Stone and Glass Bottles at ving [vine] oe THE TEA MARKET. means alone got completely cured, and to the astonishment Hence it will be seen that we are in a Position to supply the Public on the Best and Most EconomicaL [Economical] TERMS-in fact, ee punctually attended to, and delivered to all parts Carriage HE TEA MARKET 1, RANELAGH [RALEIGH] of myself and everybody who knows me. to supply at First Hand, by which all intermediate Profits are saved. JOHN CASSELL' Free. 3 (Signed) MaTrHEew [Matthew] Harvsy, [Harvest] . . . ' L'S COFFEE BETTER Srrret, [Street] LIVERPOOL, was opened on the 7th day of The immense variety of 'I'zas [I'as] now imported into this country, demands the most scrutin [scrutiny] caution. In this we THAN EVER. JUNE, 1845, for the EES [SEE] of of supplying FAMILIES with MNESS [NESS] AND DEBILITY OF ave Considerable Advantages, as from the extent of our Trade we are enabled to employ a Qualified and Experienced Ts Coffee is selected from the very Choicest WIFT'S [WIT'S] SPECIFIC FOR THE GOUT, TRAS [TRAYS] AND COFF [OFF] of superior qualities, at Moderate FOUR YEARS STANDING, Person, whose sole duty is that of carefully Selecting, Tastixg, [Tasting] and appropriating Teas for consumption. Growths, and is of a teint [tent] estl [est] RHEUMATIC, TIC-DOLOREUX, [TIC-DOLORES] &c. Prices, upon the system of PROMPT CASH PAYMENT Bxtract [Extract] 9 a Letter from Mr. William Smith, of No. 5, Little Thomas- [Stations] ; tations [stations] tisted [twisted] of all who a,, superb quality. end. d rd tual [tal] remedies ever FOR GOODS, -a system by which the Public are pro- [protect] atieet, [aided] Gibson-street, Lambeth, dated Dec. 12th, 1849. The following are our present quotations - bs [C] appreciate a rich, fragrant, and de' One of tise [ties] most apoody, [apt] safe, apa [ap] ho en tacted, [acted] and tha [that] Nealer [Dealer] legitimately romunerated. [remunerated] To on te away, b BLACK TEAS. s. d. GREEN TEAS, s. de JOHN Cy ge offered to the public for jatica, [Sciatica] Nerv [Nerve] We h h satisfaction in referring to the discern- [discern] SiR,- [Sir,- Sir] to inform you that for nearly five years I Qo Tea 2 8 figs SELL has attained a position, as the sup iter [iver] Tse [Te] Delorcts, [Selects] faite [faith] és ate, Lhe [He] Nervous ment. [men] of 'the Public by the demand for hartlly [heartily] knew what it was to have a day's health, suffering (The duty on all being 2s. 23d. renders comment Common Green 3 Ether pee; people of the United Kingdom, aon [on] ch Head Ache, ae Saba [Saab] rfectly [perfectly] onr [one] TEAS and COFFEES,-especially since our last from extreme weakness and debility, with constant nervous on the quality of this tea unnecessary.) Yo Hyson [Dyson] 34 SS pra [par] toe Pele. Kor [Or] this be ie iadott [audit] b C] This specific is composed of ingredien [ingredient] take re both, Reduction mm the Price of Coffee, which is roasted on the headaches, giddiness, and sickness of the stomach, together Sound Congou [Congo] 3 (This will mix with the 3s. black.) Lined Cuons dhe [he] mane, ia the and simple in their operations, that it may be taken by. Improved Principle, preserving its Strength and Richness With a great depression of spirits. I used to think that (A good useful tea for economical and large con . ch the ae of hi ert [et] wer [we] tae [tea] on bh him sexes at any period of life, without the least inconvenience of nothing could benefit me, as I had been to many medical sumers.) [Summers] Fine Young 3 - His Establishme [Establish me] t first in the Empire, interruption to the duties of business. Families are now supplied, through the medium of our Men, some of whom, after doing all that was in their power, Strong Congou [Congo] 3 4 (We recommend this with the 3s. 4d. black.) ils [is] large and fal [al] 'stentn [stent] agin [again] its bea' Pfu [Pu] This remedy needs no other recommendation than the appointed Agents, in various parts of the United Kingdom, informed me that they considered thac [that] I had some spinal (A tea very much approved of.) 8 Y H eet [et] the i ae faa [aa] De a t, undeniable fact that in every case where it has been fairly 4 the annexed List of Prices, direct from complaint beyond the reach of cure, together with a very Fine Souchong Tea 3 8 ELYSOM [EPSOM] 40 le ture [true] ee e size of its Roasting Department, tried it has given speedy relief, and never failed in entirely MILTON AND DAVIE disordered state of the stomach and liver, making my case (Pekoe flavour. Strongly recommended.) Fine Hyson [Dyson] 40 Wearing the Coffer foe eee [see] ep im [in] pac [cap] removing, in a very short time, all pain, swelling, and every S, so complicated that nothing could be done forme. [form] One Fine Pekoe 40 TS 1, US extensive std come st te. amongst other mal [al] tom. e following testimonials will corroborate TEA MARE ET yy PR HA NELAGH [NEAL] STREET, day, being iH and Le a dejected state, Isaw [Is] your ('This tea is more in repute than any other; it is Gunpowder Tea 44 1 the m ts i vertised, [advertised] and resolved to give them a trial, more ior [or] tea. ye Department, JOHN CassELL [Cassell] the above statemen [statement] BLACK TEAS. s. d- pethaps [perhaps] from curiosity than with a hope of being cured, Pekoo [Pekoe] 4 4 The finest Young Hyson [Dyson] 5 ety. [et] ly fact ies [is] Growths that are shipped to this FACTS ARE STUBBORN THINGS. Strong Black-leaf Congou [Congo] 4 I soon found myself better by taking them, and so (This is a high class tea.) is fit for any use.) tim with ar or supplying the People of the United Lockwood, Dec. 11th, 1848. Choice Souchong, strong and full-flavoured ...... 4 4 I went on persevering in their use for six months, when I Finest Lapsang [lapsing] Souchong 5 0 Fine Shot Gunpowder 6 of gece [gee] that enters so largely intothe [into the 47) gig -Sir,-I feel it a duty I owe to you and the Choice Pekoe-flavoured 8 am happy to say they effected a perfect cure. (This is rare tea, very scarce, of an extraordi- [extraordinary- extraordinary] fH vst [est] bas So op lost every household, and the use of blic, [public] to acknowledge the benefit I have derived Best Black Tea, Mab [Man] 5 ae (Signed) WuturaM [Tram] Ssira. [Sara] nary flavour.) The finest Gunpowder imported 7 Bate in the formaiaon [formation] of pale nf vom [com] is wm afl [all] your three days of acute pain Fine H Peake EAS. [WAS] 4d a (frequently called EpwarRb.) [Upwards] Kin eae [ear] can compete ws from that monarch o caer [care] the gout, about six doses Fine Youne [Young] Heson [Heron] Beene [Been] 5 CURE OF ASTHMA OF TWENTY YHARG' [CHARGE] STANDING. Tho Coffee Market is very uncertain-prices changing daily. We quote the present prices s. d. te of gow [how] What has raised him to his present position, Testored [Restored] me to my usual health. FEAN. [DEAN] Choicest Ouchain [Chain] 5 8 Extract jof [of] a Letter from Mr. J. K. Heydon, 78, King-stret, [King-street] Fine Ceylon Coffee 1 [C] Of the mos pre pes [peas] (Signed) JAMES q l . tly [ty] ig that extensive Coffee-dealers in the world, h July 15, 1850 The Finest Gunpowder 6 8 Sydney, dated 10th November, 1849, Fine Plantation (recommended) ees [see] 1 2 Pe, and melt he has invariably sold an article, rich, Lane Dye ee tat 2 'fe FEES. To Professor HoLLoway. [Holloway] Finest Java Coffee (superior coffee) 14 i tivhl [devil] y saticn [satin] which has proved acceptable Sir,-I feel it my duty to inform you Sn Good Costa 10 S1z,-I [Size,-I] have the pleasure to inform you that many ex- [ex finest] Finest Cuba Coffee (strongly recommended) 16 rang ASSET ve to the public taste. But though has effectually c me in three days of rheumatic, 4 for Fine East India-picked quality 14 traordinary [ordinary] cures of Asthma have been effected here by the Finest Mocha Coffee 1 8 en in this Particolas [Particulars] line of I pe Fed ait [at] henda [hand] ae et tient [tent] in the Hud [HUD] dersfi [deaf] elg [el Choice Mocha ar amalca [Amelia] oor [or] ES Moin [Moon] 1 8 means ot your ea One is that of a Lady residing near Our Coffee is roasted by the latest improved patent machinery, NO at cuted, [cured] he is determin [determined] for the future, whic [which] ve Y The Teas and Coffees are Pac [Cap] y Machinery, in the who after having for twenty years been i i i i te seine fs than universal ap robation. [probation] If this Infirmary for seven JAMES ASPINALL. Packages of 2o0z., [oz] lb., up to weight. unable to make the slightest exertion, suffering very fear- [trumpet] os Bd. per paving Seoant [Sent] iy tak [take] whe. [the] et tite CHICORY, we are induced to keep the best ock [ok] of f uire [ire] it for he is now entering (Signe [Signed] 1850 SOLE AGENT FOR fully from shortness of breath, coughing, and spitting, but Having briefly alluded to the principle on which we conduct our business, we respectfully solicit the attention of Sup lg wand bas made arrangements for a Lockwood, 'i GEORGE HALL Drocarsr. [Drags] to use her own expression, able tu run up to the top Hotel Keepers, Schools, and all Eur e Establishments, who will derive considerable advanta [advantage] my of ae a quality, as cannot fail to fue [fe] Sir,-For several weeks I have ba oe martyr 7 to HUDDERSFIELD TEW, Per of that mountain. Another case is that of Mr. Caton, 'Pers, [Per] 9 ges [ge] from these arrange- [arranged] te. W 3 Ve had no Case AGMGASION [EXCURSION] er. T.2 '7 92 ie . CorreEs [Cores] sill Pe oan [on] te possess all the the Oey; [OE] of the surprising effects of Boston E. HARWOOD, Druggist. bal [ba] that epee oe Note.-TEas [Note.-Teas] Fae [Far] Dasavanan [Tasmanian] Gunes [Guns] Pex [Ex] TO ANY PaRT [Part] Cor when the quantity ordered exceeds Six Reh [Her] riche [rich for making a cup of really good Coffee- [Coffee your] your pills upon one of my neighbours, I determined upon Bransby a ROE, ow room for six months, piior [poor] to his commencing with your Pounds but the C ae Oe is he'd oe we refer to our systen, [system] eb oes [ors] bf ig. Cos, Ss and mellowness with strength. them, and am glad to say that, by the use of one erly [early] rent...0 [rent] OHN [ON] a oS ler. [Lee] Pills, and attended regularly by his medical man, who pro- [pro] i patrowage [patronage] and es Bon [On] Past a satisfactory inducement for your Ney [Ne] es ay, se 3 ttn [ten] well oe [C] Bevertey [Beverage] KEM [KEMP] If BETS nes [ne] 1 . furth [Firth] dit [it] Otnce [Once] ty UP, in sealed air-tight Packages, box, Tam quite wel... [well] CROW. Bridgnorth H. LONG, Confectioner. has been, rooted to tere [tree] ay MANSELL, HORNE, AND CO. me and, to prevent imposition every Pack- [Bradford] Bradford, June, 1850. Cha ee pees and gees ee Telex. of Jour [Our] Bits, and rubbing your Ointment night and mom- [mon- mimi] 2, Bucklersbury, [Bucklers bury] Cheapside. 8 eats the signature of JOHN C ELL, Language cannot express ine [in] aaa, [aa] Sel [Se] Gr Doty [Dot] een [en] .. Confectioner, 'D8 into the chest. (Signed) J. K. Heypon. [Heron] G7 ONE AGENT IN EVERY TOWN APPOINTED UPON APPROVAL OF REFERENCES. at whiny CBE [BE] can enuine. [engine] The following are the the relief obtainec [obtained] CROFT, ... Chemist. a iy cael [cal] ean be obtained much severe pain in the small of the back, generally called or PEON REINHARDT, Chemist, OE OR. OF CURED OF.4, AND TT &,BROOKES, DEWSBURY BANK or TEETH, TEETH-ESTABLISHED 1836, dent aps [as] SELL'S COFFEE, No 1, an excel- [excel lumbago] lumbago one box has effectually 'SAMUEL THOMAS Halifax UW. DYER, Chemist. . e OLD FLOCKTON COAL, Rattway [Railway] Sration [Station] R ERICK ESKEL [ASKED] HN Cas Py Is. 4d. 5 Hanley A. ALLEN, Confectioner. 2#ract [2#act] of Hehe, [He] Dom, Eee [See] Villa Messina, Coat SHoots, [Shoot] HUDDERSFIELD, No. 12, 13, and 14. M D PREDE [PRIDE] COOPER-STREET, M L, Surezon [Surgeon] fi y A SSELL'S [SELL'S] COFFEE, No. 2, cannot Hundreds more, if required, will bear testimony to its HENRY 8. DUGGAN, Chemist. Hose im [in] 1845. Best Old Flockton House Coal......... 88. 10d. per ton, arrived in HUDDERSFIELD, in cones ee has 'tion [ion] of 4, Seat Satisfaction, being a combin- [combine- combinsurprising] surprising efficacy. EDWARD GREAVES, ..............5 Druggist. 8 Ve. ted th ibility [ability] of Dewsbury Bank ditto..................... 7s. 6d. ,, for hin [in] profieadonad [provident] as ence [once] of the 'Sing 1 Choicest growths of Jamaica, pos- [post- Polish] his specific is prepared only by JOSEPH SWIFT, 12, 7adiow..............- [ado..............- ado] W. TAYLOR, Confectioner. iB, V arious [various] circu [circus on preventer' the possibility of sine 10d for read VERY THURSD [THURSDAY] Hemaybe [He maybe] Moy CA strength, and flavour .. Is, 8d. Westgate, 1 Huddersfield and sold in boxes at 1s. 13d. and 7 J. C. BROWNE, Druggist. y thanking you before this time for your politeness in No co al not ho oat than the Olt [Lot] Fl kton [ton] f am ened [end] zy ten till PAY as Mr. GEoreE [George] Broox's, [Brook's] Onucigg [Once] COFFEE, No. 3, To every 4s, 9d. each, and may be had of the following agents [agents] HOOPER, ............. Druggist. celebrated Pills are wonderfully efficacious in the following oe Ockton [Cotton] for WEST am nee tt Coffee this will prove a treat, zs. 9 eae ear] y ist, [its] 6, Silver-street Mr Martel. Drayion [Drying] .. ADAMS and POWELL,..............- [POWELL] Drapers. ox roading [reading] te and ander [under] management. Attendance daily at their establishment, 32, Coo r-street, Yeh [Hey] J finest mountain growths of Eaten chee [cheer] Wilkinson chemist, Maryport S. and M. Wait, ............ Tea Dealers. Ague Passe Irregulari- [Irregular- IrregulariScrofate] Scrofate, [Scrofula] or King's P. [C] bars, 10d. per ton. nearly opposite the Mechanics' Institution, Manchester, 4ica [mica] and Turk 28,04. Parker, chemist, Crown-street; Mr. co ves [bes] mist, Asthma es iling [ling] decayed teeth with Old-market and Messrs. Hartley and Son, stationers. OEE [PEE] 'Snowe [Snow] ie per. Bilious Complaints Fevers of all kinds Sore Throats EIGHT HUNDRED POUNDS A YEAR FOR 2s. 6d. Terra J never chan gee celebrated vite [vote] by Brighouse-Mr. Atkinson, hemists [chemists Mrs. Oldham..............WM. CLEGG, Tea Dealer. Blotches on the Fits Stone and Gravel eer [er] Hundred Pounds a Year Profit can be decayed tooth into a solid substance, useful for masticatio [Asthmatic] . AGENTS FOR Leeds-Messrs. Reinhardt and. mare a Mr M EDWARD DAVIES, ........-. Confectioner. Skin . Gout Secon [Second] Symp- [Stamp- Sympathised] realised by Two extraordinary Arts, only requiring and articulation, preventing toothache, and lasti [last] H WNJOR, [NOR] Manchester-road. Mann, stationer; Mr. Heaton, stationer and Mr. Moxon, THOMAS HEAPS, Druggist. Bowel Complaints Head-ache toms a few Shillings capital, and which can be learned in an years. ing many tu, WILET [WILE] Age and Co., 30, Kingst. [Kings] chemist. JAMES BOOTH, Chemist. Colics ndigestion [digestion] Tic-Douloureux [Tic-Dolores] hour. The Advertiser teaches both sexes, by printed Loss or TEETH.-Mr. Eskell [Skill] cont kis [is] Josenh Joseph] Woe BOOTH, 111, Northgate. Dewsbury-Mr. Hunter, chemist. GERARD RAWS, [RAW] Tea Dealer. Constipationofthe [Constipation] Inflammation [C] Tumours directions, an Art which will yield, with astonishing facility, of tooth without springs or wine nn' Supply the 4 Wat [At] 004 [W Cleckheaton-Mr. Woodcock, chemist. RALPH LNID P, [LID P] Printer. Bowels Jaundice Ulcers certainty, and respectability, 600 a year profit; also of self-adhesion and win ut ee upon his new system Lad try David Posey Pontefract-Mr. Priestley, chemist. JOHN HODGSON, Tea Dealer. Consumption Liver Complaints Venereal Affections teaches another Art, which will yield with equal ease, stumos [most] or sine extracting any teeth or 6 avid Bury. -Mr. Wall, chemist. Debility Lumbago Worms of all kinds i otabili [table] ps, or giving any pain whatever. At th, ; gh, 23 hemiats [heats] ... JOHN SHAW, ........ ..Tea Dealer. certainty, and respectability, a year profit. The ines follo [folly] nt tet Woodhouse-lane. Sheffield-Mr. Machon and Mr. Sewell, . Rr. WHITBY Druggist. Dropsy Piles Weakness, from consumption of the articles to which these Arts are appli- [apply- apply] A single artificial tooth. G Te, Cook-lane. Chesterfield-Mr. Wright, chemist. Isaac GREENBURY, .... ..Drugpist. [Druggist] Dysentry [Dysentery Rheumatism whatever cause, cable is enormous and universal. Both can be carriedon [carried 4 complete Proce [Price] Bradford- [Bradford] Mr. Blackburn, chemist. JOHN HUNTINGTON, ............... Draper. Retention &c., ke. in a single room by one party. The returns are immediate 4 complete set ofnatural [of natural] fe Trash' 2; Todmorden-Mr. Butterworth, chemist. W. B. WALES, Tobacconist. atthe [Arthur] Establishment of Professor 244, and the profits.immense. Sho [So] keepers or Tradeamen [Tradesmen] can, An entire set of Up 47 and 48, Vicar-lane. Delph-Mr. Clifton, chemist. Masow. [Mason] Druggist. Strand, Temple Bar,) London, and by most all re- [re without] without trouble or expense, add these Arts to any business Bor [Or] or terro- [terri- terri] hi Sharp, near the Toll Bar. York Messrs. Bolton Blanshard and Co., wholesale ortingion......... [opinion] eg spectable [respectable] and Dealers in Medicines throughout while those wanting employment may with ease realise the sighly [highly] finished in the first taco Booth patent medicine vendors. Applications Sor [Sir] the iy ate eres [ere] Silo part. in each the civilied [civilised] at the following rices-Is. 14d., above income. Both Arts will be sent. for Thirty-one 8 4 sockets, usually charged 7. Walker, ten aC NE ee sr cho [Co] United Kingdom, will have attention sara [Sarah] by ting cach [each] Box. 'There's Postage Stamps, and, in addition, a third valuable Art Loose teoth [teeth] fastened, - INTED [UNITED] IN EACH TOWN UNLE [ONLY N.B ie r the guidance of Pati [Pat] i i eet [et] 4 Jon 2S, for this valuable Agency to be made N.B.-J. 8, has just received a fresh supply of COD- ONE AGENT ONLY IS APPO [APP] WN UNLES [UNLESS] Bn guidance tients [tents] inevery [in every Remit to Henry EDwaRpes, [Edwards] 9, Dean-street, Red Lion- Mr. F. A. Eskell's [Skill's] meth sl CASSELL, 80, Fenchurch street, London. LIVER OIL direct fom [from] the makers. - MADE AGREEABLE TO EACH PARTY, Dinor [Minor] ler [Lee] are affixed to each Box. square, London. od provements [movements] of Paris and