Huddersfield Chronicle (25/Sep/1880) - Wanted: 10,000 Persons

After the sod cutting ceremony, which took place on 29 May 1880, that area of the park was then used for other events. The following rather ingenious "wanted" advertisement appeared in the Chronicle...

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors.

WANTED, 10,000 PERSONS in Beaumont Park, Lockwood, on Sunday morning, 26th September, 1880, to hear selections from Handel's "Messiah." Performance to commence at 7-15 a.m. In case of unfavourable weather the performance will (by permission of the committee) be given in the Lockwood Mechanics' Hall. Collection in aid of infirmary funds.

Huddersfield Chronicle (25/Sep/1880) - Wanted: 10,000 Persons


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