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Nderstield [Destined] Chromel [Chrome] AND WEST YORKSHIRE ADVERTISER. 8 SATURDAY, MAY 25,1850. Price 44d. Ceo [Co] ee RY ONS [ON] EA HATS HATS HATS ROCKING HORSE BAZAAR, ce AN NU will be preached D.V -AGLETON'S [EAGLETON'S] EXTENSIVE AND FASHIONABLE HAT WAREHOUSE, 27, CROSS CHURCH-STREET, HUDDERSFIELD, AND SPRING GARDENS, BUXTON. cb AY MAY 26TH, [THE] 1850. No. 20, CROSS-CHURCH-STREET. Sie [Sir] i Ser [Se] 2 a ox sU JJ EAGLETON has great pleasure in informing ptibiic [Patrick] Oe ae RI HURCH. [CHURCH] great pleasure in info the gentry, merchants, and generally, that . Fie Ie M.A., Vicar. e he has received IMMENSE PARCELS of the most beautiful H A TS ever offered pis gue [ge] and' vst [est] ESPE [ESE] SEM [MES] RULER, TOY MERCHANT, AND DEALER IN GENERAL FANCY soning [singing] The al W. M.A., incumbent of solicits an inspection of them, Very unique styles for Children of all ages, entirely new R eee. [see] Eo ihe [the] Inka [Ina] of aes [as] at he eighbourhood, [neighbourhood] th af he ee ee The Rev. W. SE y ent [end] from 7, CRoss [Cross] CHURCH-STREET, whi [who] Pe e George's, Lees 3 enemas singe fn Se Be. Men's ordinary styles from 8s, 6d. to 10s great markets of the world-Paris, London, and Birmingham-with UP om the three pe R s ie. Bs ce Vicar of Kirkburton. oes [ors] ie a aA f. Ch ER, erect, Huda [Had] A SPLENDID STOCK OF SILVER AND SILVER-PLATED GOODS, Yoming.-hev. [Coming.-he] iY SINCLUR, [SINCLAIR] M.A., Incumbent of St. a, Cross Church-street, ersfeld, [afield] Of a most costly character. His ASSORTMENT of GENERAL FANCY ARTICLES is first-rate, and for price can- [cant] iat [at] a 2 not be equalled. The PAPIER [PAPER] MACHIE [MACHINE] DEPARTMENT is superb, and at such prices as cannot fail to give general conga HATS HATS HATS satisiaction. [satisfaction] His ND CABINET THE ANNIVERSARY MEETING BAYLDON'S FASHIONABLE HAT WAREHOUSE, OA ot bo ourpessed [surpassed] for cad Quakty. [Quality] ODS Wr be held in the PHILOSOPHICAL HaLl, [Hall] on MonDaY [Monday] R hi 37, CROSS CHURCH STREET, HUDDERSFIELD. Ladies and Gentlemen's DRESSING CASES, in Rosewood, Mahogany, Russia Duc, [Du] and Moroceo.. [Morocco] Ladies' CARD gresine, [ingress] the 21 th. naa, [ana] by the Bev. [Be] J, Barewart [Bare wart] returns his thanks to his friends and the pabiic [public] for the decided preference given to his Hats, CASES, in Shell, Papier [Paper] Machié, [Machine] and Morocco. The STOCK of JEWELLERY is strongly recommended as being very The Chair will be tet e ut over all others, and begs leave to inform the Public, that he hes just received a new assortment of Infants', Cheap, and of first-rate quality. FRENCH CHINA, and evory [every] kind of BOHEMIAN GLASS, in ancient, modern, prsident, [president] at halfpast [half past] Six Boys', Youths', and Gentleman's HATS, of every description, of the Newest Shapes. a and unique patterns, at remarkably low prices. MECHANICAL FIGURES, Musical Boxes and Time Pieces, Accor- [Accord- Accord] B. particularly wishes to make it known to his friends, that his Fancy Hats, in Black and Drab, is of the Newest dians, [Diana] and Tunbridge Goods of every imaginable class. Newly-invented TOYS in endless variety, and very cheap. Motto -SMALL PROFITS AND QUICK RETURNS, i 'E Butcher.--Appl [Butcher.--Apply] an APPRENTICE to a Butcher. ppy [Pp] IST ITS] OF PRICES Remember the Address -ANZANI, ROCKING HORSE BAZAAR, 27, Cross Church-street. J. Hudson, Butchers, Shambles, Hudderstield. [Huddersfield] as W ANTED. 2 respectable well-educated Youth, Styles, 'and at such Prices as never offered to the Public, yaa. [aa] J. Well-made Hats, from 4s. 6d to 5s. 6d. at 6s. and 7s. 6d. beautiful Velvet Fashionable in Sha; [Shaw] id i ' 3 Od. 5 pe, and splendid in AXTED. [ACTED] In and Out-door APPRENTICES Sh SEES to well at 8s. 6d., and 10s. A well assortment of French and Satin Velvet, Naps, in every MARBLE AND STONE CHIMNEY PIECES, MONUMENTS, TOMBS, BATHS, &c. W iste [site] laste [last] hf no haya [hay] pose anasto [inst] be heer [here] vary ofl [of] aad [and] PTLLERS [TELLERS] and CO, wolielt [lilt] an inspection of thes [the] extensive STOCK. of CHIMNEY PIECES, in WANTED, immediately.-Apply at the The above List of Prices will be found such as has never before been. offered' and every description of the best Foreign and British Marblo, [Marble] which for elegance of design and excellence of work- [work and] and places all Competition at an BOY'S AND MENS' [MEN] CAPS AT REDUCED PRICES, , Office, Market-place, Huddersfield. immense distance. manship [man ship] cannot be surpassed. Being the only importers of marble in this part of the country, and having all the advantages of the best. machinery, they are enabled to offer their stock at very low prices. Marble Chimney Pieces TANTED, [ANTED] a few YOUNG MEN, of good on Hane [Han] from 1 to 100 each. Marble Baths, Monuments, Tombs, Washstands, Table Tops, &c., made to any qo er a oar att [at] pattern at similar prices. address, to Sulicit [Solicit] Orders for some New Publications, ESTABLISHED 1772. m [in] SHOW ROOMS AND WORKS, STANLEY-STREET, NEAR THE NEW BAILEY, SALFORD, MANCHESTER. ersonally, [personally] at Mr Hunter's Commercial Eating-house Apply persona field North' HOLDSWORTH SONS' GENERAL FURNI [FURNISH] ve the Station Huddersfield; Mr. North's Tem- [Te- Temp] HA. NISHING [FISHING] WAREH [WARE] Mh is the er No. 9, Haley-hill, Halifax, le NEW WELLS, WAKEFIELD, HOUSES, HOUSES AND SHOPS TO LET. BANK SHARES, yerace [ye race] Hotel, Fetabtic [Diabetic] GOODS DELIVERED CARRIAGE FREE, WO excellent HOUSES AND SHOPS be SOLD by AUCTION, by SPINNERS AN ANCY [ANY] WOOLLEN At this Establishment parties furnishing have the opportunity of selecting every article of i LET, opposite the Rose and Crown Hotel. There Tr. at the GEORGE in T0 iene [one] Tis [Is] Seas advantage not offered to the same extent by any other House oui [our] of London ve of Howmet [Home] Panties, a0 is a large CELLAR, suitable for Wine, Spirits, or Porter Huddersfield, in the county of York, on MonDay, [Monday] the The Stock comprises- [comprises vaults] Vaults, which can be Let with either. 27th May, 1850, at Six o'clock in the Evening, (subject to TANTED, [ANTED] to Conduct the Operations of a and Pp' For further particulars apply to Mr. Moore. such conditions as shall be then and there produced, ) small Woollen Mill, a respectable PERSON, of ex- [expose] Beps, [Bes] MATTRESSES axD [and] B RY. Pare AND. SIXTY SHARES IN THE HALIFAX AND revience, [evidence] who fully understands Spinning and Manufae- [Manufacture- Manufacture] MANTLE, TOILETTE, &c., GLASSES, HUDDERSFIELD UNION BANKING COMPANY, all ts branches. Address to Mr. Moore, Post- [Post passage] CLOTHS, MaTtixes [Estimates] '. oe MOREENS. [MOREEN] O be LET, with Immediate Possession, a AND with testimonials of character and ability. wee tats ENERAL [GENERAL] FURNISHING HARDWARE, &C. T capital HOUSE, with Barn, Coach-house, Harness) FIVE SHARES IN THE HUDDERSFIELD Huddersfield, 23rd May, 1850. The Show Rooms are replete with every possible.varicty [possible.variety] in each respective department, suited to the tastes and yoom, [room] and Stable adjoining, situate at THe [The] WELLS, recently BANKING COMPANY. for supply vig [big] Gonder [Gorden] ae and 19 Sal by the Proprietors to maintain their long-established character occupied by Mr. James North, Corn Miller. The first-mentioned Shares will be sold in convenient TOTWITHSTANDING [NOTWITHSTANDING] the insinuations ALsO, [Also] a commodious WAREHOUSE, and a Two-stalled Lots, to suit purchasers. thrown oat by iuterested [interested] parties to the contrary, Et KINDS OF HOUSEHOLD F iT 3 PURCHASED, DONS. lane apply to Mr. Gothard For further particulars, application may be made at the b. A. COOPER, D ealter, [Walter] No. 7, Beast Market, 'Huddersfield. Offices of Mr. BARKER Ascrres [Acres] the public that he keeps aW orking [working] J EWELLER, [JEWELLER] WwW [WW] A T Cc H E Ss A N D J E W E L L E R Y 9 uddersfield, [Huddersfield] May, 1850. Solicitor Huddersfield upon the Premises. 16, MARKET PLACE, HUDDERSFIELD - Magna est veritas [veritable] et prevalebit. [prevalent] ae i ' RICHARDSON begs ,to acquaint his Friends and the Public, that his Stock is replete with O be LET, ROOM and POWER, at the O eee [see] erie ce ae JOHN 92, KING-STREET. PATENT LEVER AND HORIZONTAL WATCHES wide, 11 feet high the Second Floor the same the Third in the county of York, on WEDNESDAY, the 12th J WOMERSLEY begs to inform the Public, of first-rate quality and workmanship which, from his practical knowledge, he can recommend. 68 feet by Touter [Outer] Stoce [Stock] i ihe [the] Boom the day of June, 1850, at Six Evening; in one or A tat he keeps constant eev [Rev] Chat eos. [es] J. 8 4. Du 7... more Lot or Lots, as may gr upon ai the time of sino [sion GENERAL and FURNISHING IRONMON. [IRON] Gentlemen's Gold Levers 10 10 Levers from 8 10 Of Wie [We] vend Soft Waters Weel [Week] Drying Room S#1e and subject to such conditions as will be then and CELY [RELY] GOODS, of a first-rate quality and design; and Ditto Silver do. 310 0 Ditto do. Horizontal .......... Fe Sweep eas [was] 440 ditto, 'Riso [Rise] an excellent House and Warehouse, Stabling, there produced, sya [say] as d Fulline [Fulling] MILL, situ [sit] inspection, will be found to contain some of the W. R. takes this opportunity of informing the Public, that first-rate workmen, such as he employs, never found &c., adjoining, which may be had with the Mill if required; . M Hat waluatiia [valuation] ag ank' [an] Mi Mill situate Cwapes [Capes Articles in the Trade. any difficulty in repairing Foreign Watches satisfactorily AND TO DENY WHICH (AS A CERTAIN INTERESTED PARTY the whole may be entered to immediately. th Si vine. E ine-H. [in-H] iz Boile [Boiler] WwW [WW] Whe [The i jhe [the] Swck [Sick] comprises STOVE GRATES, RANGES, HAS DONE) 18 AN INSULT AND LIBEL ON THE TRADE; BUT AS THERE ARE NO FRENCH WORKMEN EMPLOYED IN For farther particulars apply on the premises. Shattin [chatting] Gone Geer [Gee] a d the th pai [pair] Bier S eke FENDERS, FIRE IRONS. &c., suited for every kind of TOWN, THE PUBLIC WILL NOT BE DELUDED BY SUCH FALSE REPRESENTATIONS. The above will either be let in one Lot or in Rooms, ing and Going Gear, and the three pairs of Stocks and one Driver therein. Also, the valuable Water Privi- [Privy- Previous] rou [our] and dwelling Improved Cooking Ranges, &e. N.B.-JEWELLERY and PLATE REPAIRED, with despatch and care, by a WORKING JEWELLER KEPT ON leges [Lees] belonging thereto 2 And , TEA TRAYS, TEA COFFEE POTS, THE PREMISES. ctles, [cutlers] Dish Covers, Coal Vases, Hat and Umbrella A large assortment of BRAHAM'S PATENT SPECTACLES always on hand, No AGENCY 18 REQUIRED for this YO be SOLD, a Small STEAM-ENGINE,; of And also, all those Five DWELLING-HOUSES, ad- [Adams] aus. as] Superior Cutlery, Door Mats, &e. &e. Article, as the patent is out long ago.-Fiat Justitia. [Justice] about 4-horse power, with Condenser, and capable of JOWNS [TOWNS] the same, in the occupations of Mr. Rawelitie, [Relate] Latest Improved Shower, Hip, Spunging, [Spinning] and other being worked by either high or low pressure; built by Surgeon, George Creasy, [Crease] and others; together with the PATHS. at very reduced prices-with every other descrip- [Scrip- describe] 7 Ludlam and Son, and is in good working order,-Apply to Barn, Stable, Mistal, [Mistral] and other Out-buildings and Con- [Cont] tu of Binningham [Birmingham] and Sheffield Goods in the Trade. NO, 104, TOP OF KING STREE [STREET] T, HUDDERSFIELD Mr, WATERS Harpy, Huddersfield, veniences [conveniences] thereunto belonging. Also, the Pree [Pre] Ghee ade. [de] And also, all that Close of LAND, on which the said the huproved [proved] Patent WEIGHING MACHINES, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Mill stands, called the Upper Spink's Mires Close, with destrintion [destruction] of adapted for any situation, or CARPET, RUG, DRUGGET, AND GENERAL DRAPERY WAREHOUSE. T be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, the Mill-Dam therein, containing, with the site of the said vin. [in] and all kinds of Geniehts [Gents] W HENSHALL. i hanks one 6-horse High-pressure STEAM ENGINE, with Mill, 1a. ir. 12P., [P] and occupied by Mr. Rawcliffe. te the Mane f Smith s Work, executed D. and S. NS wage in et gt to the Gentry, Clergy. and Inhabitants of Hud- [HUD- Metallic] Metalic [Metal] Piston; one.' with Fan; one Fearnought [Fear nought] The several Tenants will shew the Premises and fiirther [further] 5 care aud [and] punctuality. dersfield [Huddersfield] and its vicinity, for the many favours bestowed upon them since ning [nine] the above Establishment, yt tee ula [la be had 'A of Mr. J . beg to inform them, that Mr. 8. H. has just returned from London, Manchester, and other Markets, where he has of Hicks Patent Wool-moating Machines; and one partic [particular] Rik [Rich] of ore oY cna, [can] THE ILLU [ILL] MINA made extensive. Purchases of Goods suitable for the approaching Season, consisting of a large ent [end] of Plain and pair of Scouring all mee sis ob Wann' [Wan] near Hu ae sfi [si] 5, TED CLOCK, FANCY SILKS, SATINS, SATINETTES, [INTESTINES] ALPACAS, LUSTRES, BALZERINES, [BLESSINGS] PID [PAID] ee peep secs, FENTON AND JONES, HESLOP lore ta. eet [et] ELD [LED] And a great variety of Novelties for Dresses. Long and Square SHAWLS, in Paisley, Barege, [Barge] ke Meskat [Musket] place, Yudd [Yard] ere Mr. HIGHAM. ; thera [there] ee to inform his Friends and Plain and Fancy Cravats, Ke., &c., &, pS et Solicitor. Brighouse. of oh be has always on hand a Large As- [As also] ALSO, A WELL SELECTED STOCK OF MELTHAM OLD MILL Huddersfield, 24th May, 1850. oe ane [an] entlemen's [gentlemen's] Ar r y NEN, [MEN] Lv SHEETINGS. [MEETINGS] T - eee [see] AND SILVER WATCHES PRINTS, DE LAINES, [LINES] TABLE LINO ten OS, TROKS, [TRICKS] O be LET, or SOLD by PRIVATE CON- [SCHOLES] SCHOLES, IN WOOLDALE. m0 a Lave nat the lowest CASH PRICES; yy. p, S. H. wish particularly to draw attention to their STOCK OF TAPESTRY, Brussels', 4-4ths [4-this] Kidderminster, TRACT, all that Leasehold MILL, called MeLTHax [Meltham] FREEHOLD BUILDINGS. aries, [arise] Drayane [Drying] Hes, Dravang [Driving] Rooms. &e, sent of CLOCKS suitable for Offices, 2-4ths, [2-this] and 5-8ths [5-this] Stair Carpets, Rugs, Printed and Plaid Druggets, [Druggist] &c., in great variety, being the largest and best OLD MILL, situate at Meltham, in the parishof [parish of] Almondbury, T be SOLD by AUCTIQN, [AUCTION] by Mr. K. HL takes this . k in the West Riding, and which they are now offering at such Prices as cannot fail to give every satisfac- [satisfaction- satisfacYorkshire] Yorkshire, with the Dyehouse, Stove, Warehouse, about 6 Jlliam [Claim] Dvysor [Davis] the very in mee to caution the public against election & ee acres of Land, large Dwellin; [Dwelling] -house, Out-buildings, 16-horse the ee LON, at the House oe countyof [county of] Sark of in the vations [nations] Pen 2 Watches that are puffed RUGS MADE TO ORDER ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. Steam Engine, 20-horse Boiler, Water Wheel (5 feet broad a0; Various Periodicals and other Advertising me 5 ' Vv 7 a on THURSDAY, May 30th, [the] 1850, at Six o'clock in the even- [even] a8 a ng me- LS COMPLETEL [COMPLETE] RNISHED, [FURNISHED] AND EVERY ARTICLE OF FAMILY MOURNING ALWAYS and 49 feet diameter), and threo [three] Billys, [Bills] with Engines and . woe hall juced [Jude] hes d 2 an them that he keeps only such FUNERA [FUNERAL] ea VFO [OF] BED, ON HAND. j Carders, one Teazer, [Tears] eight pair of Stocks, one Washing He, a eee [see] 38.6 be produced at the 'Ui confidence recommend. an ;Machine, and other Apparatus. t es ly-bui [ly-bi] s DWELLING- [Dangerfield] to Enel [ENE] of F vrein [rein] Watches has always been i The above Premises are Leasehold for a Term, of which Honea [Hone] Remy ee 58 Wet H gem Pans et he, has engaged a first-rate oO T H E T A I L OQ R Bi I RD two and a half years are unexpired, at a moderate annual Kitchen, two Sitting Ro oms, four Bed Rooms, the BO bes had considerable experience --- 3 rent. i i age witch of Geneva, that now any Thou, little bird, whose busy Lill if thon [tho] had'st sense (which thon [tho] hast not,) Also, to he LET or absolutely SOLD, one Billy, one and Dressing Room, with volar [solar] one oe te front 18030 proper 1 complicated and difficult, can be Displays to us such wond'rous [wood'rous] skill, Thou'd'st see at Moses' vast affair Scribbler, one Carder, one Teazer, [Tears] one Fearnought, [Fear nought] and Also ll that Newl [New] ze i Ww REHOUSE. lat ly oze [one] ur Tepair [Repair] in the shortest tirge [tire] possible, Thou'rt just the very bird to be Buch [Such] dresses aa would make stare. two pair Mul [Mu] ith [it] Steam-pipes in the said Mill Also, all that Newly-built WA (lately oeeu- [oe] 2 pair whwes, [wheels] wl 'pipes In the sal wl. d by Mr, Hinchcliff djoini [join] he h d buil [built] THE ax; 'A theme for Moses' and for me, The Bradford Mart of Moses' shows The whol [who] in the occupation of Messra, [Messrs] Join Morton pied by Mr, Hinchcliffe,) adjoining the house, and built i NE OSLY [ONLY] Ep Tx When first I read of thee at school, Unequall'd [Equally'd] specimens in clothes. [C] SG Be aan [an] Soares 10 correspond therewith, being of the same appearance ex- [seller] IN THE TOWN KEPT ON Sewing thy leaves, as if by rule, The needle here is used with and Brothers, Scribbling and Fulling Millers. ternally, [externally] and capable, at a small expenge, [expense] of being finishe t [finish t] SAE AGENT pop re PREMISES, i lowed sly nook to lurk, Surpassing that of thy small bal, [ba] Also, to be SOLD, two Carts and two Horses and 2. 4 awellino-house. [Wellington-house] oy PATENT SPECTACLES. That I might watch thee at thy work. And hence the Yorkshire folks bestow Harness. The 1 oth [oh] f both Buildings is sixty-five feet nine ., SILVER PLA [PLAY] ne would imagine from thy art, Their favours on the famed Depot. The Mill has been recently rebuilt, is in good condition, sy OF Or is. sixty hve [he] TE One would imagine from thy art, oe pe e een [en] recently Sood [Good] inches, and the breadth twenty-two feet, exclusive of the Crushed fur Banquets 1; That thou had'st perched near Moses' Mart, Moses Son are favoured here, rofitably [profitable] occupied, within a short distance from Hudders- [Udders- Huddersfield] ager y Dinner Parties, &c. 'And watched th' ability, display'd Far more than any, far or near, F id ry Pp d may b cored j diately, [lately] being di projection for enlarging the kitchen. There is a pump in By skilful artistes in the trade. And thus have Moses' won their fame es Marke [Mark] au may ce the de thofc [thou] a fth [th] ere 1S- [the] the kitchen affording a constant supply of water. ESTABLISHED 1844. Ah, little bird, 1 tell thee what- [what] As thou hast merited thy name, POSed [Posed] OF I CONSEQUENCE OF ENS Or ONS [ON] OF the partners, These premises are well built, and well finished, and ROEBUCK BI --- Further particulars may be obtained on application to suitable f ufict [fact] h Je is princinally [principal] a ooo [too] 3ROTHERS [BROTHERS] 19 Cptamed. [Captured] 1 suitable for a manufacturer, whose work is principally done CABINET MAK [MAKE] ERS, [ER] UPEGLATERKE [SPECULATE] 2S, OBS ERV [REV] E I-E.. MOS ES AN D S O N, Mr.John Morton, of Salending [Salendine] Nook; Mr. John Morton, at one of the neighbouring mills, of Quarmby or For further particulars application may be made to the JEALERS [DEALERS] TN TAILORS, CLOTHIERS, HATTERS, AND GENERAL OUTFIFTERS, [OUTFITTERS] Mr. WILLIAM HAIGH, Auctionser; [Auctioneer] of at the Offices of 1 Rey oP PLATE GLASS, 19, BUILDINGS, BRIDGE-STREET, BRADFORD, Solicitor, Huddersfield. Mr, BARKER, EG to WO HUDDERSFIELD, i Establishment 154, 155, 156, 157, and 83, 84, 85, and 86, opposite the Church, corner of f 7 . icitor, [actor] Huddersfield. B hess [less] that their facilities for Busi- [Bus- Branch] Branch of er cel [ce] ALDGATE, CITY, LONDON, all communicating and forming one vast Establishment, TO May 14th, [the] 1850. HLDED [HALTED] Wrst [West] to crsure [sure] punctuality and satisfaction. oa S SON regret having to guard the Public against imposition, having learned that the PRINTERS, BOOKSELLERS, STATIONERS. . SLANSES [SLANDERS] me, CORN rs and CHIMNEY wo ae ded [de] of being connected with them, or Its all the concern, has mesorted [resorted] to in many wee 2 AND OTHERS. 77 VALUABLE BUILDING SITES, ond [and] varug [vary] 4 2 an endless variety of Designs, jnct [Janet] . They have no connection with any other House in or out of ondon, [London] except their IN MIRFIELD. SSSI [SS] EMR [MR] Peach 36, Fargate, [Forget] Shoffield [Sheffield] and 19, Thornton's Buildings, Bradford, Yorkghire [Yorkshire] and those who J i '0 [be Disposep [Dispose] oF, by PRIVATE CONTRACT, O be SOLD fl AUCTION, by Mr. PEARSON fr ae OF CABINET GOODS, desire genuine and Cheap Clothing, &c., should call at, or send to, either of their Branches, orto [root] the Minories and 7 Be possession, ar exeg [exe] Bye) ESS [ES] TT at he BLack [Black] POLL Inn in in the cot anty [any] Yuuing, [Young] and Bed Rooms, constantly Aldgate, City, London. Soon fo thie [the] vere beet diction th the been ef of Work, on Mox t, the 27th day of May, at Si KO gate, City, sunset Friday, till sunset Saturday, what business ia resumed Agent, in the very best situation in the town of Hudders- [Udders- Huddersfield] of York, on Monday next, the 27th day of May, at Six Cte [Ce] g ILY IL] ERED [RED] PL ATE GLASS 1 2 sui [su] Ti is from an - field, in the county of York, where a first-rate business (for Seyen) [Seven] o'clock in the Evening, punctually, the ful- [full- fuller] Lrg, [Leg] MOS quality and dear. aa till twelve o'clock. may be done in the retail trade. There is a respectable lowing Lots of Site 2 ale Clearness supplied to any di- [dis] arr --- --- ree [ere] a 7 ea News Room attached to the Premises-as also a Library of FREEHOLD BUILDING GROUND - about 600 volumes and the Stock of the Library) Lot 1.-All that Plot of GROUND, situate near the consists of about 860 new Books, useful Stationery, and Bank, in Mirfield aforesaid, and on the southern side of Fancy Goods, with a good select Stock of Music.-The the Dewsbury and Elland Road; bounded on the Printing Department is replete with every requisite for east and south by the estate of B. Wilson, Eg, having a carrying on an extensive business; and up to the present Frontage of 33 feet to the Tumpike [Tum pike] Road; an containing time there has been.a Monthly. Advertiser published on the altogether, by admeasurement, [ad measurement] 566 square yards, more or RS am. LE) y. premises, which realizes [realise] a handsome profit,-There is six less, ' & a a Z and a-half of an unexpired lease of the House and Lot 2.-Another Plot of GROUND, on the western side i ms . ee te men neaiads [needs] and the Shop and of vi 1; having a Frontage of 33 feet to the Turnpike Se a 1er [er] are as handsomely and conveniently Road ine [in] easure [measure] 55 bp G EOR( [OR] sE L ANCASHI [LANCASHIRE] TUESDAYS ONLY, FROM 11 UNTIL 5 O'CLOCK, No. 8, KIRKGATE, HUDDEBSFIELD.. [HUDDERSFIELD] fitted uP as could be desired-and considering the situation, square yar [year] more oF ee ny ment, [men] O94 [O] ap, Cor v7 SHIRE CO., R, FRANKS, Spectacle Maker, Lecturer on the Eye, &c., feels pleasure in stating that he has and other matters connected therewith, it may safely be Lot 3.-Another plot of GROUND, on the western side NT BOOK MANUFA [MANU] CTURERS, [CURES] M engaged Apartments at Messrs. ABBOTT Co.'s, TOBACCONISTS, NEAR THE OLD CHURCHJOPPOSITE [churchgoers] THE Pacx [Pace] said that, this ig an opportunity which rarely presents of Lot, 2; having a Frontage of 33 feet to the Turnpike fui [fi] gate and W re ACh [Each] Stzpse [Steps] TED DAMASKS, TABERETTES, [TABLETS] Leg, ud UPHOLSTERY in all its depart- [depart ant] ant ERs [Es] lvls [levels] of DANTZIC [DYNASTIC] and LINCOLNSHIRE Gly [Fly] 4. Pen perfectly sweet aud [and] satisfactory. Gr Desig, [Design] PICTURE FRAMES, For nade [made] by the Gutta Percha Company. CR LOORS [LOOSE] we OF THE IMPERIAL WUTE [WHITE] RY, Canvas, ay ERSFIELD [AFIELD] will attend professionally on TUESDAYS ONLY, with a selection of his itself. ks Road; and containing al admeasurem [measures] 5 i, NEW.g Wantuouse, [Wants] Boar wdtknown [detaining De wih [with] Meme ve For further particulars, apply to wie [we] ate ent, [end] 529 fee. 'STREET, HUDDERSFIELD, SPECTACLES AND EYE-GLASSKSS. [EYE-GLASSES] Messrs, W. i. ae CLOUGH, ald [al] phot [hot] 4--Another Pit of GROUND, an the western side AL OUNT [OUT] p F . er ired [red] i tamive [tame] on to give the . of Lot 3; having a Frontage of t to the Tumpike [Tum pike] 2 4 BOOKS ts F. adjusts Spectacles to Sight, on principles acquired in an extensive practigg, [practice] so as to gi ike [like] i 3 onsisting [consisting] of Ledgers, Day, swktunee [stone] means can accomplish, in preserving Eyesight, to the latest peel of life; and as a Road and containing alvogether, [together] by admeasurement, [ad measurement] 522 square yards, more or less. fo Faculty of Hud. [HUD] To yore RAILWAY CONTRACTORS, MERCHANT S, Lot 5.-Another Plot of GROUND, on the northern sido [side] ve. r, Invoice, and Memorandum Boo greatest ass following copy of 'Testimoni [Testimony] pi Stiption, [Station] ; aS oof [of] of ability, Mr. F. respectfully requests attention to the lolowing [following] copy timonial. [testimonial] from F, 'lis, [is] ite [it] pattern made to order. Bred Sa and-neighbourhood - or 8vo., [vi] Medium, Foolsca [Scaffold 5 BREWERS, FARMERS, AND CARRIERS of the said Turnpike Road, opposite to Lot 4, and situaz [situate] sa Ar. Franks, the Optician, having delivered Public Lectures in this town on the Anatomy grad Physiology z 2 between the New and the Old Turnpik [Turnpike] ran pune [pine] or Coloured Blotting Papers. of the Human Eye, combined with the abuse of Spectacles, we, the undersigned Surgeons, are f opinion that R. ha O. pa W N begs to Mone [Money] that he Frontage of 40 feet to the former, aa 2 feet 6 2 Sin Fier [Fire] glared ot Casing, used by Merchants, &c. he has devoted much time and attention to study the subject; therefore have much pleasure imppecommending [impending] 4 Gonoured [Honoured] wit P instructions from Messrs. G. MIL- the latter road; and containing altogether 245 Bquare [Square] ard [ad] Cards, Engine Jeet. [Meet] Mr. Franks as an Optician to those who may require the of Spectacles. g 4 AUCTION, oh ts 'Stabl [Stable] ue by yards, more or less, ats of al tt R. Cameron M,D.......Huddersfield. John lek [le] aca [ca] the Huddersfield and Holiaficth [Halifax] Turnpike road, near Hal. Plot of GROUND, on the eastern side Cap, Pe Various witha [with] ee Cn en Sohn [Son] Machill [Marshall] dersfield, [Huddersfield] on TUESDAY, the 28th day of May, 1850, at 11 a F ot 6 to tee, to the fruit 7 Wm. Greenwood ....... Messe [Mess] Ree [Ere] seen 2 2 7 2 ad, i . x Printed, end be Papers, forGrocers, [for grocers] &c.. s6 G. Sons....Surgeons.,,.. Huddersfield. i Charles Sykes .... a o'clock recisely, [precisely] 55 young, healthy, strong, active, and gontainin [containing] altogether 211 sor [Sir] onan [anon] pana [pan] Sieg [Sig] Tissus, [Tissues] and Car pee te order. 4 é Samuel Booth ss urgeon [surgeon] one 90 ode éc Hoberts [Roberts] reer [refer] 4 D RA U G H T H oO R Ss E Ss f These ots [its] offer superior advantages to porte [port] wishing lor [or] Gs Sealing Wy. tapers. J. Ds 200 [W ie 1 troneess [trons] or i ve af at Quill aling [ling] W ax, and Wafers. J pats Huddersfield. John Roberts Ht chiefly bays, blacks, and browns, together with 30 to 40 mr homesteads in the most pleasant part of (ype [pe] COS; Lead Jonas Hellawell ....,....Surgeon. Edward Trot Surgeo [Surgeon] RE owmill [ow mill] ts of S oe eld, [ed] being adjacent to the Turnpike Road, and within ti, MS, and Bed ' J. Mold Green. cee [see] ware 250 sets of Shaft and Sling GEARS also six 6-inch wheeled a few minutes' walk of the Mirfield Railway Station tal) Cards, lap nk India Rubber. J. Bennett........... T. Martin............-- [Martin] ic Carts, one wheeled Cart, one 6-inch wheeled. Tim- [Timothy] 'There is an abund [and é , bal [ba] Memora, [Memory] ae and small W. Goodall Surgeon Lockwood Benjamin Beeley.,.,.Surgeon,... ABO ber [be] C. 6, and one 6-inch wheeled Stone Drug, all of Further tee Water easily attainable. ad oy, 2ndum [nd] - Goodall ..... peseseees [possesses] NUPQCON...... [NUPTIAL] ee x Fug, all ma 3 icati [act] to Yard Tickets oe Richard Allatt,.,......... Surgeon...... Paddock. Chazies [Chases] Droste [Dorset] Seen ee oe whi [who] have potent anne hace [have] adaatelict [delicate] Mr, ABRAHAM Lit Mirfiel [Mirfield] ea of the Rs 4, the Edward Lees.,..,.------ [Lees] Surgeon......Honley. Tr, H, Martin ......... me we ve tn a i and Trastees [Trustees] of Mr. Peter Webster, deceased of Mr, G, , 2, 7 7 i nis [is] oe a 73. ONn- [On] . y. the Barris [Harris] Ge FIRE axp [ap] LiFe [Life] OFFICE and Parties submitting their S les [le] to Mr, Franks will micet [mice] with ie op pnd [and] he wilt not diton, [ditto] and are ld solely in consequence of Messrs, GoM. [Go] and Surveyor, Hopton; or a i for y ILNER. [MILNER] Pa ASSOCIATION, recommend his own, without first proving nl no HAW aR 2 EP LOVED. 10 Op 2D exchanged. and Co,'s contract pn the Huddersfi [Huddersfield] [] d Sheffield Rail. BOTA [BOAT] Dewsbury SApROON'S [Apron'S] PATENT N.B.- ve i. way being completed. ES Ys SAFES FIRE-PROOF 7 rae 5 Where a Plan of the Property ma ES and BOXES, ge OLSERVE-ABBOTT [OBSERVE-ABBOTT] (0,8 TEMPERANCE HOTLL, [HOTEL] KIRKGATE, ON SQMBSDAYS [SOMEBODY'S] ONLY, Masbro, [Maestro] May 13, 1850, Dewsbury, 10th May, 1850, [W, EDK ED] RM - ce moe [me] . Ch a