Huddersfield Chronicle (25/Jul/1868) - The Incorporation Movement

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The Incorporation Movement

The Charter of Incorporation for the new borough of Huddersfield contains provision that a complete burgess list shall be made out and issued on the 27th inst. These lists, we understand, are now ready, and will be affixed on the doors of the Commissioners' Offices, Ramsden Street. on Monday next, and will there remain for the space of eight days. It is highly necessary that all ratepayers within the borough should examine such list, and see that his name is not only entered, but that his qualification is correctly stated, otherwise his name will be liable to be struck out. If the name of any ratepayer who is entitled to vote be omitted from the list, he must send notice of such omission, stating particulars, to Mr. Batley, not later than the 6th day of August. All objections, together with the names of the objectors, and particulars of the objections, must also be sent in to Mr. Batley on or before the 6th day of August, otherwise no notice will be taken of them. The revision of the lists will take place on the 18th of August, and the elections on the 4th of September. The 7th of that month is fixed for the election of aldermen, after which the appointment of mayor will take place. In addition to the general burgess lists placed on the doors of the Commissioners' Offices, ward lists will be placed for inspection on the doors of churches, Local Board offices, and other public places.

Huddersfield Chronicle (25/Jul/1868) - The Incorporation Movement


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