Huddersfield Chronicle (25/Jul/1857) - Public Notices: Proposed Incorporation of Huddersfield

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At a PRELIMINARY MEETING of Gentlemen connected with the town and neighbourhood of Huddersfield, convened by circular, "to consider the propriety of an application being made for a Charter of Incorporation for the Borough of Huddersfield," and held at the George Hotel, this day, July 24, 1857,


It was Resolved—

1st — That in the opinion of this Meeting it is desirable that Huddersfield be incorporated.

Moved by Mr. C.S. Floyd.
Seconded by Mr. Wright Mellor.

2nd — That, as the promised Reform Bill of 1858 may cause some extension or material alteration of the boundaries of the present Borough of Huddersfield, in the opinion of this Meeting it is expedient to await the result of such Bill, in order that a better opportunity may be afforded of defining the limits of the district to which a Charter of Incorporation should be applied.

Moved by Mr. John Freeman.
Seconded by T.P. Crosland, Esq.

3rd — That a Provisional Committee be appointed for promoting the above object; and that such Committee consist of the Constable; Joseph Brook, Esq., Chairman of the Improvement Commissioners; T.P. Crosland, Esq.; and Messrs. Thos. Mallinson, John Freeman, C.S. Floyd, Wm. Keighley, Wright Mellor, William Moore, and Joseph Batley, sen.

Moved by Mr. Thos. Brook.
Seconded by Mr. Wm. Crosland.

4th — That the thanks of the Meeting be given to the Constable, for his services in the Chair.

Moved by T.P. Crosland, Esq.
Seconded by Mr. Thos. Brook.
JOSEPH SHAW, Constable, Chairman.
George Hotel, Huddersfield,
July 24th, 1857.

Huddersfield Chronicle (25/Jul/1857) - Public Notices: Proposed Incorporation of Huddersfield


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