Huddersfield Chronicle (25/Jul/1857) - Proposed Charter of Incorporation for Huddersfield

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Proposed Charter of Incorporation for Huddersfield.

By an advertisement which appears in another part of this sheet, it will be seen that a preliminary meeting of gentlemen connected with the town and neighbourhood of Huddersfield, convened by circular, issued by the Constable to men of all shades of opinion, and sent out at the desire of a number of gentlemen, to consider the propriety of an application being made for a Charter of Incorporation for the borough of Huddersfield, was held yesterday (Friday) afternoon, and that resolutions approving of the general object were passed, but further action deferred until the result of the Reform Bill of 1858 is ascertained, as it is highly probable such bill may propose an extension or material alteration of the present parliamentary borough of Huddersfield. As the meeting was purely of a preliminary nature, convened, not to take action in the matter, but to converse freely on the subject in a neighbourly manner, it was determined that reporters should not be present; and, consequently, we are unable to give a report of the conversations which ensued, but which we can state were of a very friendly and unanimous character, as to the desirability of the step proposed to enable the district included under the term Huddersfield to take its proper stand amongst its neighbouring towns, and, in fact, amid the boroughs of England — a stand and position which it was contended the district had never yet been able to occupy, for want of a proper head and local representative. Of course, before any other steps in furtherance of the object can be taken, the party promoting the movement must come before the public, and lay the pros. and cons. of the subject, which it will now be their duty to ascertain and collect, before their fellow-townsmen, and receive their sanction or otherwise, before the application for a Charter of Incorporation can be made. The steps already taken, however, opens out the subject so far as we are concerned; and we shall now feel it to be a duty to discuss this question of Incorporation, setting forth its advantages and disadvantages fairly before the public. As it has been determined to defer further action in the matter for a considerable period, and that, too, for good reasons, we shall have ample opportunity of considering the question in all its bearings, and of inviting the expression of opinion on the subject.

Huddersfield Chronicle (25/Jul/1857) - Proposed Charter of Incorporation for Huddersfield


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