Huddersfield Chronicle (25/Jan/1868) - page 4

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Advertisements and Notices

Wanted, APPRENTICES AND IMPROVERS WANTED, to the DRESS and MANTLE Making, at Mrs. Wilkinson's Prospect Row. N ACHINE JOINE L — WANTED, an experienced JOINER, i who thorouchly understands Mules and Twiners. — Address Box 64, Post Office.

Vy TANTED, a detached HOUSE, within three or four miles of Huddersfield. Rent from £50 to £100, — Address Box 166, Post Office, Huddersfield. _ — y JANTED, respectable WASHING and fine LINEN to GET UP. Country place. References given if required. — Address J. W., Post Office. _ — __ WASTED, last week in March, an unfurnished HOUSE, with four bedrooms. Tup of Trinity Street or Marsh preferred. Address E. W.S., Chronicle Office.

'OUSE WANTED, with sitting-room and kitchen on the ground floor, three bedrooms. Fartown neighbourhood preferred. — Address Z., Ch ronicle Office. oe \ JANTED, a young MAN in a WOOLLEN WAREHOUSE, and to Assist in the Office. Must be a good writer. Wages 22s. per week. — Address H. H. M., Post Oitice.

UN. WANTED, by a young MAN, who has his evenings to dispose W ° of, BOOKS to POST, or any kind of WRITING, or ACCOUNTS to execute. — Address H. O., Post Office.

YOOKS, GENERAL SERVANTS, NURSEMAIDS, &c., WANTED, immediately, at Mrs. J. H. Hayley's Register Office, 18, Bradford Road, Huddersfield. Letters answered.

TANTED, by a respectable young MAN, 16 years of age, a W SITUATION in a MERCHANT'S or MANUFACTURER'S OFFICE. Has had two years' experience. — Address H. B., Chronicle Office.

WANTED. an ORGANIST and PRECENTOR (Male or Female), for the Wesleyan Chapel, East Street, Lindley. Apply to John Haigh, Esq., solicitor, Atbert Buildings, Newstreet, Huddersfield. Good PATTERN CARD MAKER, who has now the management of a large flannel pattern room, SEEKS an ENGAGEMENT, eight years references. — Address John Beckett, 44, Union Street, Greenheys, Manchester.

WANTED. for the Refuge Friendly Society (Limited), COLLECTORS and CANVASSERS for the Districts of Huddersfield, Golcar, Slaituwaite, Berry Brow, and Delph. Terms liberal. — Apply to James Knott, Uppermill, Saddleworth, district agent.

Vv "ANTED, by a young MAN, who is about completing a three years' engagement, a SITUATION as BOOKKEEPER and COLLECTOR, &c. Is a good penman, with a first-rate knowledge of accounts, and will be highly recommended by his present emplovers. — Address T. G. K., Chronicle Office.

HUDDERSFIELD UNION. MATRON'S ASSISTANT WANTED. TOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the GUARDIANS of the Huddersffeld Union will at their Meeting, to be held on Friday, the 7th day of February next, proceed to APPOINT a suitable PERSON to ASSIST the MATRON in the general management of the Kirkheaton Workhouse, which is set apart for children, Salury £16 per annum, with rations and apartment:.

Applications, in the candidates own handwriting, stating age and previous occupation, accompanied by testimonials as to character, to be sent to me on Thursday, the 6th of February.

Personal attendance will be necessary at the Boardroom, at Twelve o'clock, on the day of election.

By Order, JOHN COCKING, Clerk to the Guardians.

%, John Street, Huddersfield, January 23rd, 1868.

Go be Let.

ps5 and MULES TO BE LET, at King's Mills. — Apply to W. C. North.

OOM and POWER TO BE LET, at Mark Bottom's Mill, Paddock. — Apply to Tyne Crosland.

42 00M and POWER — TO BE LET, Twa ROOMS, ten yards by six yards. — Apnly at Redfearn's Mill, Leeds Road. WO small and two large ROOMS, suitable fur Offices, in Joun William Street. — Apply to Geo. Crosland and Sons.

OUSE and SHOP TO BE LET, in Longroyd Lane, near Paddock. — Appy to E. Marsh, accountant, Victoria Lane, Huddersfield.

OOM and POWER TO BE LET, at Seed Hill, suitable for yarn spinners. Immediate possession may be had. — Apply to John Bursess and Son, Seed Hill.

T° BE LET, with immediate possession, Ten-quarter POWER LOOMS (Whiteley's), Rising Boxes and Jacquards, in good condition. — Address J. B. and Co., Chronicle Office.

O BE LET, ROOM and POWER, at Folly Hall Mills, suitable for manufacturers and cloth-tinishers. — Apply to the Exeeutors of the late Mr. Kaye, Quay Street Brewery, Huddersfield.

ARGE and small ROOMS, with Power suitable for any kind oi muchinery; also, BUILDING LAND, on long leases, TO BE LET. — Apply to Mr. Holliday, Water-royd Mills, Turnbridge.

fENO BE LET, a HOUSE in Honoria Street, Fartown, con-

taining front and back sitting-room, three bedrooms, attic, bath-room, and water-closet. — For rent, &c., apply to 2. Milnes, Lion Arzade.

N YTHAM-BKIDGE MILL, late in the occupation of Joseph st Mellor, within five minutes' walk of Thongsbridge Railway Station, TO BE LET. — Apply to Mr. Edmund Eastwood, dyer, Huddersfield.

OUSE TO BE LET, Greenhead Lane, containing dining and drawing-room, kitchen and ont-washhouse, three bedrooms, and twu attics, with large garden. — Apply at 27, George Street.

T° BE LET, a HOUSE, situate at Spring Wood, containing three bedrooms, one large sitting-room, one kitchen, and good cellaring, with garden attached. Rent £14. — Address A. M., Chronicle Office.

O BE LET, Three HOUSES, situate in Northgate, containing cellar kitchen, keeping cellar, water closet, sitting-room, three bedrooms; one house containing five bedrooms. — Apply to G. Schoules, on the premises.

ye BE LET, a number ef CLOTH SHOPS, with north lights, situate in Sergeantson Street, near the new entrance of the Cloth Hall, Huddersfield. — For rent and other particuiars apply to Mr. Littiewood, on the premises.

SMALL FARM AT SHELLEY. \ TINDMILL FARM TO BE LET, near Shelley Church; the land good and buildings excellent. Immediate possession. Apply to Mr. Brook, Hartley, Kirkburton.

YO BE LET, and may be entered on Ist May next, a detached comfortable FAMILY HOUSE, in Belgrave Terrace, containing three rooms and kitchen on the ground ficor, five bedrooms, good cellar and attics, together with coachhouse and stable — Apply to Mr. Roberts, Wheat House. TURNBRIDGE MILLS. Te BE LET, Eight pairs of FULLING STOCKS with driver, two WASHING MACHINES, and one WRINGING MACHINE. Immediate possession may be had. — For particuiars, apply to J. Bairstow, engineer, on the premises; or to Mr. R. Armitage, the ewner.

BRUNSWICK HOUSE, LINDLEY, Te BE LET, on lease, now in the occupation of Abraham Hepworth, Esq., the owner. A quantity of land may be had if required, and immediate possession will be given. — For further particulars, or cards to view, apply to Mr. Wm. Eddison, or Mr. Burman, High Street, Huddersfield.

'RXO BE LET, a small FARM, called the Highwood Farm, in Kirkburton, three quarters of a mile from the London and North-western Station, containing 1la. Or. 22p. The iand to be entered on the 2nd February, and the buildings on Ist May next. — For rent and further particulars apply to James Kenyon, Kirkburton; or to J. W. Kenyon, Shepley.

FR00# and POWER TO BE LET, at Badger Hill Mill, Rastrick; two rooms, 24 yards by 14 yards, and attic, 24 yards by eight yards; also part of low room, 18 yards by seven yards, and large dyelouse, if required. There is every convenience for finishing woollen goods, and a large storage of soft water. — Apply to D. Vickerman, on the premises, re BE LET, and may be entered upon immediateiy, the PUBLIC HOUSE called the "Junction Inn," at Syke Bottom, near New Mill, along with the FARM, containing apwards of 24 acres of arable and pasture Land. It is situate on the Shepley and Lane Head turnpike road side leading to Sheffield and Wakefield, has good farm premises attached. — For rent and other particulars apply to Geo. A. Haigh, Grove House, Honley, near Huddersfield.


O BE LET, the very valuable MILL PREMISES called Dover Mills, near Holmfirth, lately eccupied by Mr. J. T.

Taylor, situate about one mile from the railway station. For rent and other information apply to Mr. George Henry Hinchliff, Nabb House, Holmfirth; or to Messrs. GEORGE TINKER and SON, Machinery Valuers, Huddersfield and Holmfirth.

'Sales by Private Couteact, OR Sale. — black and Tan TERRIER DOG, good in all points. — Apply to E. Cade, 22, Cross Churcht.

stree Y PRIVATE TREATY, one 80-Spindled BILLEY, one 60-spindled Billey, three PIECING

MACHINES, and one WILLOW. — Apply to John Brook and Son, Holmfirth.

N SALE, Four 42in. CONDENSERS, with Engines and Apperley's. Feeds complete, with Mules to tollow. — Apply to Messrs. Carters and Lisle, machine makers, Chapel Hill Mills, Huddersfield.

YO BE SOLD, a number of HAND MULE

HEADSTOCKS, by Schofield and Kirk, quite as good as new, having been replaced by self-actors. — Apply to W. Whiteley, Prospect Iron Works, Lockwood.

N SALE, One Second-hand four-wheeled CAB, for one or a pair of horses; also, a two-wheeled Pony BASKET CART. — Apply to Mr. J. Dell, carriage builder, 5, Railway-arch, Fitzwilliam Street.

Hphipping Astice, CANADIAN MAIL STEAMERS (ALLAN LINE), WEEN LIVERPOOL AND CANADA AND THE UNITED BET STATES OF AMERICA, In connection with the Grand Trunk Railway, and (under Con-

tract with ber Majesty's Provincial Government for the Conveyance of the Mails), HE MONTREAL OCEAN STEAMSHIP COMPANY'S first-class powerful Screw Steamers, Austrian, Captain T. Aiton; Nestorian, Captain J. E. Dutton; Peruvian, Captain W. Ballantine; Moravian, Captain R. Brown ; Hibernian, Captain J. Wylie; Nova Scotian, Captain A. D. Aird ; Belgian, Captain J. Graham; North American, Captain W. H. Smith; and Damascus, Captain W. Grange, are intended to sail from LIVERPOOL to PORTLAND, United States, every Thursday, Austeion ssc sic isc saawawssen ces nassworevee January 16 Hibernian 0.2... cee eee eee eee ee eee " 23 Nova Scotian 2. cece eee eee eee 30

Calling at Londonderry (Ireland), on Friday, to embark Passengers and her Majesty's Mails; and from PORTLAND to LIVERPOOL every Saturday, calling at Londonderry to land Mails and Passengers.

Rate of Freight to Portland 50s., to Montreal 60s., per ton measurement, and 5 per cent primage. Coarse and heavy freight subject to agreement.

Cabin Passage-money to Portland Eighteen Guineas and Fifteen Guineas, including Provisions, but not Wines or Liquors, which can be obtained on board.

Steerage Passage at reduced rates to Portland, Boston, or New York, including a plentiful supply of cooked Provisions.

By arrangements made with the Grand Trunk Railway Company of Canada, Bills of Lading and Passage Tickcts are granted in Liverpool for the conveyance of Goods and Passengers at very moderate through rates, to all the principal towns i ada.

Meade taken from the Ocean Steamships to the railway cars free of expense. .

For Freight or Passage apply, in Glasgow, to James and Alex. Allan, 70, Great Clyde Street ; in London, to Montgomerie and Greenhorne, 17, Gracechurch Street ;to WILLIAM SCHOFIELD, Wellington Buildings, Queen Street, Huddersfield ; or to ALLAN

BROTHERS and Cv., Alexandra Buildings, Jawes Street, Liverpool, and 95, Foyle Street, Lundouderry.


h R. EDDISON is again favoured with instructions from Mr. Gilbert, of London, the well-

known connoisseur and collector, to SELIL BY AUCTION, on Monday next, January 27th, 1868, at half-past Two o'clock, in the Assembly Room of the George Hotel, a varied selection of high-class modern PAINTINGS, from the easles of the first masters of the day, embracing the productions of Charles Baxter, S.B.A. Boddington. A. 5S. Egg, R.A. Haynes King. C. Nichols, R.H.A. J. Burrell. Thomas Brooke. W. Callow.

E. J. Cobbett, S.B.A. Shayer.

Geo. Smith. Cc. G. Stanfield. J. F. Herring, Sen. E. J. Niemann. J. B. Payne, S.B.A., and others. The whole of which are now on view, and will be exhibited up to the hour of sale. Catalogues may be had at the room, or at the Auctioneer's Offices, 26, High Street, Huddersfield.


TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Mr. WM. EDDISON, at the Ramsden's Arms Hotel, Huddersfield, on Tuesday, the 28th of January, 1868, at Seven o'clock p.m. prompt, (unless pre-

viously disposed of by private contract, in which case due notice will be given) subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced : —

LEASEHOLD HOUSE, Currier's SHOP, WAREHOUSE (easily convertible into a house), and Vacant LAND, situate at Bay Hall, in the township of Huddersfield, in the county of York, occupied by Mr. William Crowther.

The property is new, has a handsome stone elevation, and is well situated, easy of access, and within ten minutes' walk of the Huddersfield Railway Station. It contains an area of 810 syuare yards or thereabouts, held under Lease from Sir John William Ramsden, Bart., for 99 years from 1866, at an Annual Ground Rent of £3 17s, 8d.

Further information may be obtained on application to the Auctioneer; or to FREDERICK WILLIAM JACOMB, LEARMYD and LEAROYD, Solicitors, Huddersfield.


O BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Mr. WM. EDDISON, at the house of Mrs. Sarah Kaye, the Golden Cock Inn, Farnley Tyas, in the parish of Almondbury, in the county of York, on Wednesday, January 29th, 1868, at Four o'clock in the afternoon precisely, subject to conditions to be then and there produced, the following Falls of TIMBER TREES, Poles, Bark, Topwood, and Underwood, standing and growing in the undermentioned Woods, in Farnley Tyas, viz. : —

Lot 1 — " Carr Wood," near Woodsome Hall.

No. Trees. Poles. 29 Oak Trees. 103 Oak Poles. 55 Ash Trees. 26 Ash Poles.

27 Beech Trees. 1 Syeamore Tree. 9 Elm Trees. 10 Spanish Chesnut Trees. 1 Cherry Tree. 1 Fir Tree. 9 Larch Trees.

100 Elm Poles. 40 Beech Poles. 35 Sycamore Poles. 8 Larch Poles. 25 Cherry Poles. 4 Spanish Chesnut Poles. 6 Fir Poles. 2 Alder Poles, 142 od9 Lot 2 — Hey Wood," in the township of Farnley Tvas. No. Trees. 98 Oak Trees. 5 Ash Trees. 1 Sycamore Tree. 25 Beech Trees.


'485 Oak Poles.

42 Ash Poles.

21 Sycamore Poles.

14 Birch and Alder Poles.

1 Elm Tree. 40 Larch Poles. 21 Elm Poles. 46 Beech Poles. 1 Cherry Pole. 130 670

With the Bark, Topwood, and Underwood in each Lot.

All the Trees and Poles in each Lot sre numbered and marked with the Serieve Iron.

Mr. Gilbert Wilson, of Woodsome, or Mr. John Earnshaw, of Ludhill, will show the Lots, and any further information may be had on application to them, or to the Auctioneer, 26, Highstreet, Huddersfield.


TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs. GEORGE TINKER and SON, at the Victoria Hotel, in Helmfirth, in the county of York, on Thursday, the 30th day of January, 1868, at Five o'clock in the evening, in the following or such other Lots as may be agreed upon at the time of Sale, and subject to such conditions as will be then produced : —

Lot 1. A LL that Close of LAND ealled the West Field, situate near to Cliffe and Winney Bank, in the township of Wooldale, in the parish of Kirkburton and county of York, adjoining land belonging to Woodhead's representatives, and the devisees under the will of the late Mr.

John Bates, containing 2a,, more or less, late in the occupation of Mr. James Bates, deceased.

Also an allotment of 12p. on the westward end of the saia close of land, and adj-ining Wooldale Cliffe Road.

Lot 2 — All those two Closes of LAND called the Near Upper West Field and Far West Field, situate near to Cliffe and Winney Bank aforesaid, adjoining property belonging to John Turner and others, and the devisees of the late Mr. John Bates, containing together 2a. Sr. 18p., more or less, now or late in the occupation of Lot Fallas and James Bates, deceased.

Lot 3 — All that Allotment of LAND, situate at Cliffe, in Wooldale, aforesaid, containing 33 perches, more or less, bounded eastward by land now belonging to Mr. Alexander Mcclellan, westward by land now belonging to Mr. John Ramsden, northward by Windy Gap Road, and southward by Wooldale Cliffe Road.

Lot 4 — All those Two Closes of LAND, called the Fearnley and the Rough, with the barn, mistal, shed, and other outbuildings thereon erected, situate at Winney Bank, aforesaid, containing 6a. 3r. 18p., and late in the occupation of Mr. James Bates, deceased.

Also, all that Close of LAND, being an allotment, adjoining the said close of land, called the Fearnley, and containing 1r. 19p., more or less, and also late in the occupation of the said Mr. James Bates, deceased.

Lot 5 — Also, those Two DWELLING-HOUSES with the mistal and other outbuildings, situate in Fearnley Lane, and near to Winney Bank, aforesad.

Aiso, the Close of LAND adjoining thereto, called the Little Ing, otherwise Fearnley Ing, and containing, including the site of the said buildings, la. Or. 6p., more or less, and now in the tenures of George Barden and Emanuel Hirst.

Lot 6 — A Close of LAND (and allotment inelude4d) called the Ing, otherwise Fearnley Ing, situate in Fearnley Lane, being the highway leading to Totties from Wooldale, and near te Winneybank and Wooldale aforesaid, and is bounded northward by land belonging to Joseph Preston and Fearnley Lane, southward and westward by Fearnley Lane, and eastward by land now belonging to Joseph Preston, containing 2a. 25p., more or less, and now in the occupation of George Barden.

Lot 7 — A Close of LAND, called New Close, situate at the Dressing Shop, in Wooldale aforesaid, bounded northward by land belonging to the devisees, under the will of Mir. John Bates, and southward by land of the trustees of Fenton, containing Sr. 26p., more or less, and now in the eccupation of John Heeley.

Lot 8 — A Plot of BUILDING LAND, situate at the Dressing Shop aforesaid, having a frontage to the highway leading to Wooldale, and adjoining property belonging to Mr. John Aspinall, containing 179 superticial square yards.


Lot 9 — All those Two Closes of LAND, situate at Hade Edze, in the township of Wooldale, aforesaid, adjoining Dunford road, bounded southward by property of the trustees of the Hade Edge Wesleyan Chapel, westward by Long Ing road, and northward by Greave road, containing 4a. lr. 34p., and now in the occupation of James Sykes.

The whole of the Land is in high state of cultivation, and the Lots present a favourable opportunity for investment.

Lot 9 is supposed to contain valuable Stone and Flag.

Lois 1, 3, 6, and 8 are copyhold of the manor of Wakefield, and compounded for; and Lots 2, 4, and 7 are freehold and copyhold undistinguished, the copyhold part being compounded for; and Lots 5 and 9 are freehold.

Farther particulars may be had on application to the Auctioneers, at their Offices in Huddersfield or Holmfirth; or at the Offices of IVESON and MELLER, Solicitors, Holmfirth, where a plan of the Lots may be seen.


TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs. GEORGE TINKER and SON, on Thursday, the 3Uth day of January, 1858, at the Victoria Hotel, in Holmfirth, in the county of York, at Six o'clock in the evening, in the following or such other Lots as may be agreed upon at the time of Sale, and subject to such conditions as will be then produced : —

Lot 1. LL that DWELLING-HOUSE or TENEMENT, with the Out Buildings, conveniences, and vacant ground, situate at Underbank, in Wooldale, in the parish of Kirkburton, in the county of York, now in the occupation of Abel Cuttell.

Lot 2 — All those Three COTTAGES, occupied as Four Dwellings, with the Out Buildings, gardens, and appurtenances, situate at Underbank aforesaid, and near to Lot 1, and now in the several occupations of Abraham Barrowclough, Amelia Bailey, Joseph Pattye, and James Tinker.

Lot 3 — All those Six COTTAGES or DWELLING-HOUSES, with the conveniences thereto, situate at Thorp Spout, in Holinfirth, in Wooldale aforesaid, now in the several tenures of Michael Lodge, Widow Green, and others.

Lot 4 — All those Two other COTTAGES, with the Joiners Workshop over the same, and conveniences adjoining Lot 3, the Workshop now being in the occupation of Jonathan Shore, and the two Cottages untenanted.

Lot 5 — All those Two DWELLING-HOUSES, with the stable, shed. and other outbuildings, and vacant land thereto, situate at Paris, in Scholes, in the said township of Wooldale, and now in the several tenures of Henry Hollingworth and William Tinker.

Lot 6 — All those Two COTTAGES, with the stable and outbuildings. garden and vacant ground, situate at Cliffe Bottom, in Wooldale aforesaid, some portion of which is in the occupation of Eli Hoyle, and the remainder untenanted.

Lots 1, 2,5, and 6 are freehold of inheritance, and Lots 3 and 4 are copyhold of the manor of Wakefield, and compounded for.

Further particulars may be had on application to the Auctioneers ; or at the Offices of IVESON and MELLER, Solicitors, Holmfirth.


TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, by Messrs. GEORGE TINKER and SON, at the Victoria Hotel, in Holmfirth, in the county of York, on Thursday the 30th day of January, 1868, at Seven o'clock in the evening, subject to such conditions as will be then produced LL that COTTAGE with the Outbuildings, LAND, or ground, and conveniences, situate at Bank End, in the township of Wooldale, in the parish of Kirkburton, and County of York, now in tke occupation of John Turner, The property is copyhold of the Manor of Wakefield, and compounded for. Further particulars may be Auctioneers; or at the Offices of IVESON and MELLER, Solicitors, Holmfirth.


B' MR. BOOTH, on Tuesday next, January 4sth, 1868, at the shop recently in the occupation of Mr. John Challand, Kirkgate, aforesaid, a Bankrupt: — All the Valuable STOCK of CORN and PROVISIONS, a large quantity of fancy Biscuits in Tins and Boxes, black and green Tea; also the SHOP FIXTURES and FITTINGS. Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock.


R. BOOTH respectfully announces that he i will SELL BY AUCTION, on Wednesday next, January 29th, at the house of Mr. John Challand, near the Wells, Northgate, a bankrupt, the whole of the very valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Walnut Drawing Room Suite, rich-toned Harmonium, small Library of Books, and EFFECTS.

Sale at half-past Ten a.m.

had on application to the Also, at Bridge End, Moldgreen, near Huddersfield. the same day at Three o'clock p.m., the following valuable MACHINERY, viz. : — One grinding mill, one oat and bean crusher, linseed cake crusher, strappixg, platform weighing machine.

Auctioneer's Oitives, 8, New Street, Huddersfield, MONTHLY SALES BY AUCTION, Y¥ Mr. SMITH, at the Auction Mart, Battye's-

yard, Market Place, Huddersfield. The second Monthly SALE BY AUCTION wiil be on Wednesday, February 5th, 180s, asabove. Persons having Furniture, Pictures, Pianofortes, Safes, Sewing Machines, Carpets, or anything which they wish to dispose of by auction will please intimate to Mr. Smith, at his Offices, as above, ox or before Friday uext, January 31st.

Sule by Auction, CROFT COTTAGE, HOPTON, NEAR WAKEFIELD, Y Mr. WILKINSON, upon the premises in the eccupation of Mr. Silverwood, on Thursday, January 30th, 1868, the Valuable Live and Dead FARMING STOCK, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, cooking apparatus, by Smith and Wellstood, Glasgow: oak joiners' bench, fitted with cramp, &c &c.; stack of well-won hay. Sale to commence at Eleven o'clock.

Also, the FARM TO LET, containing 9} acres of capital grass land, good house and outbuildings, within twenty minutes' walk of Mirfield and Kirkheaton Railway Stations.

Auctioneer's Office, Horbury, near Wakefield.

Sale by Ticket.


T° BE SOLD BY TICKET, at the Red Lion Inn, Lepton, near Huddersfield, on Monday, the 10th day of February, 1868, at Three o'clock in the afternoon precisely, the following WOOD, as now set out in Newhall Wood, Hopton, Mirfield, and marked or numbered with the scrieve iron, viz., 64 Oak and 25 Ash, &c., Numbered TREES; 198 Oak, 26 Ash and Elm, and 249 Birch and other POLES, with the BARK, TOPS, and UNDERWOOD, subject to the usual conditions of Sale, and the payment of a deposit of 10 per cent on the purchase money. Apply to Mr. William Earnshaw, woodman, Lepton, near Huddersfield.


HE Misses METCALFE'S School, for resident and day Pupils, will RE-OPEN Tuesday, January 28th.

HE Misses ASHWORTH'S SCHOOL for Resident and Day PUPILS, Fitzwilliam Street, will RE-OPEN on Monday, January 27th.

HOLLY-GROVE VILLAS, FITZWILLIAM-STREET, The Misses WALLER RECEIVE a limited number of Half-yearly and Weekly BOARDERS, in addition to their Day PUPILS.


S. ROBERT WELSH intends to RE-

COMMENCE the DUTIES of her Schoolon Thursday, January 20th, at Ten o'clock a.m.

Vacancies occur.


THE Misses WOOD beg to inform the parents of their Pupils that they will be obliged to POSTPONE the RE-OPENING of their SCHOOL from Tuesday, the 28th inst., to the 4th of February.


Me. BROOK, Certificated Teacher, receives a limited number of Young PERSONS, of both sexes, for a superior course of PRIVATE TUITION {morning and afternoon).

Terms, &c., on application.


JY{ADEMOISELLE ANTHONY will RE-COMMENCE giving her LESSONS en Monday, the 27th of anuary. 35, New North Road, January 16th, 1868. ISS MIDGLEY, Professor of Music on the Pianoforte, will RESUME the DUTIES of her Profession on Monday, the 27th inst. — Fitawilliam Street. RS. HORN, Teacher of the Pianoforte, begs to inform her PUPILS and friends that her VACATION TERMINATES on Monday, January 27th. Fitzwilliam Street, Huddersfield.

RS. H. L. RAMSDEN, Teacher of the Pianoforte, No. 11, Fitzwilliam Street. The VACATION will TERMINATE on Monday, January 27th, 1868, TUITION IN DRAWING AND PAINTING.

MM: SYKES will RESUME his DUTIES on Wednesday, J anuary 22nd. — f, Chapel Hill, Huddersfield.

M J. LE BLANC begs to announce that his @ ACADEMY for Danse, Exercise, and Deportment, will RE-OPEN on Saturday, the lst of February, at the usual hour, and respectfully requests the punctual attendance of Pupils.

Ladies who wish to form private Classes will please to forward their commands early.

Private Lessons in all the Dances, and Schools attended, wee a reasonable distance of 31, Ramsden Street, Hudders-


HARFEDALE COLLEGE, Boston Spa, Yorkshire, RE-OPENS January 21st. For terms, &c., apply to JOHN WOOD, B.A.

H AST HARDWICK SCHOOL, near Pontefract, has recently been much enlarged, making ample accommodation for 120 boarders. During the past 10} years the number of pupils has steadily increased from 23 to102. The advantages offered are healthy situation, liberal and homely treatment, sound instruction, and moderate terms. RE-OPENS January 28th. Mr. LORD, Principal.

ARROGATE BOARDING SCHOOL, conducted by Mr. BURKE. Home comforts. Reasonable terms. References excellent. DUTIES RESUMED on the 27th inst.

Jusurance Offices, ee te ee THE NEW PROSPECTUS OF THE


which has just been published, contains more information than has ever been given by any Life Assurance Institution. Avoiding the practice of partial publication, by which uninformed persons are Jed to believe that the large Bonuses accruing to units, who out of thousands live to extreme age, are real examples of the general benefits of a particular system, the Scottish Widows' Fund has, in addition to the most detailed information regarding its Valuations, Financial Position, System of Business, and Mortality Results, published the Bonuses added to Policies of all durations from the oldest to the youngest, so that every intending Assurer can judge intelligently for himself whether it is for his own and his family's interest that he should effect a Life Assurance in the Scottish Widows' Fund.

RESOURCES. Funds Invested ............ceceeeeeeeecneee £4,420,000 600,000


Annual Revenue ...........222eee cece eeueee Heap Orrice, 9, St. ANDREW Square, Edinburgh. SAMUEL RALEIGH, Manager. J. J. P. ANDERSON, Secretary.

THE LAST DAY OF GRACE for the reception of Proposals for Assurance to participate in the Profits of the year 1867 IS 3lst JANUARY.

AGENTS IN HUDDERSFIELD. Messrs. D. Marspen, and C. W. Srxes, Huddersfield Bank.

Money, .

ee Le PPS EPPA LL PP ee was TED, £600, on new and first-class Property. Rents £60 per annum. — Apply to Messrs. Jones and Hird. WANTED, to BORROW, by a Money Club, £1,000 or £2,000, in sums of not less than £100. — Apply at Sykes' Temperance Hotel, Cross Church Street.

N ONEY TO LEND- — Several SUMS of MONEY to be LENT on good Morgage Security. — Apply to ae. _aoomas Robinson, solicitor, John William Street, Huddersfield.


£5 and upwards, on porsonal security, manufactured goods, stock-in-trade, furniture, deposit of deeds, or other available security. — Apply at the Office, Bull and Mouth Yard, Huddersfield.

W COMMERCIAL AND BUILDING SOCIETY, Green Dragon Inn, Westgate, Huddersfield. £14,012 10s. subscribed for at the Second Meeting. Third Meeting, January 27th, 1868. Shares will be Sold. UDDERSFIELD EQUITABLE PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY, 19, John William Street, opposite Messrs. Thomson and Dodds. MONEY TO LEND. The above Society is now in a position to advance money on good Mortgage security, and at the most reasonable terms.


Total Receipts in fourteen years.... £696,258 9s. 6d. Withdrawals ...................02. £306. 2s. 10d. Advanced on Mortgage ......... ... £365,866 6s. 6d.

Not one penny of loss has been incurred.

The advantages offered are 1st — Undoubted Security. 2ad — An easy mode of obtaining Advances.

Subscriptions 10s. per month on every £120, and so on in proportion for greater or smaller ameunts. Every information may be obtained of The KIRKBURTON BRANCH holds its BUSINESS

MEETING every four weeks, at the Grammar School.

FRANK CURZON, Resident Secretary.

J. D. TAYLOR, General Secretary. I NITED STATES 5-20 and 10-40 BONDS pay, say 734 and 6%% per cent at present rates, if purchased through BELDING, KEITH, and CO., American Bankers and Merchants, 80, Lombard Street, London, thereby securing 4s. 1d. per dollar for the coupon. Should any wish higher rates of interest, there are railways in the United States which can be bought to pay more. A list of some of the best, amount they cost, and per cent they pay, on application; as also any inform-

ation as to all kinds of American Securities.

EDI. KEITH, and CO., American Bankers and Merchants, 80, Lombard Street, London, issue Bills of Exchange, payable in currency or gold, in any part of the United States; make collections of Drafts or Accounts; purchase American Products, and receive Consignments suitable for American Markets, on Commission.

ITY AND COUNTY INVESTMENT COM. PANY (LIMITED). OrriceE — 10, Old Jewry Charabers. Brancu Orrice — John William Street, Huddersfield. CAPITAL, £50,000.

Advances made upon personal and real security, payable over a term of years.

Deposits of 1s. and upwards received, and interest allowed at five per cent; if deposited for more than twelve months, six per cent interest allowed.

Applications for shares or advances to be made at the local offices, John William Street, Huddersfield, where deposits will also be received on Tuesdays from Three p-m. to Eight p.m., every evening from Five p.m. to Eight p.m.


— _


aero Sterling guaranteed by Government are annually vided in mon otments in various sums Wi £25,000 sterling.» Tewases ba For Prospectus Frederick Sintz, in te No. 8, Three be immediately

(which will be sent gratis), apply to Mr. n 'rankfort-on-the-Maine ; or letters addressed King-court, Lombard Street, Londoa, E.C. will forwarded.

Legal sloiices.

OR RRR LR A AN NE A AN Ll pm peo

7 OTICE. — All Parties having CLAIMS against the late firm of THORNTON, CRESSWELL, and CO., will plense forward particulars of the same at once, and call for settlement not later than the 30th inst.

HE CREDITORS of WILLIAM JOWETT, Clothes Dealer, 85, King Street, Huddersfield, are REQUESTED to MEET at Culley's Temperamee Hotel, Westate, Huddersfield, on Tuesday, the 28th January, from Three to Four o'clock p.m.

PH(ENIX IRON WORKS, MILNSBRIDGE. N° ICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Engine-boiler, Shafting, Machinery, Working Tools, and all other IMPLEMENTS and UTENSILS of TRADE in and about the premises called "The Pheenix Iron Works," situate at Milnsbridge, near Huddersfield, now in the occupation of Messrs. Hirst, Briggs, and Heaton, as ironfounders, millwrights, and mechanies, are the sole PROPERTY of HENRY HAIGH and RICHARD HEATON, both of Milnsbridge aforesaid, Dyers ; the said Messrs. Hirst, Briggs, and Heaton, having no interest whatever therein, except as tenants thereof. Dated this 20th day of January, 1868, JONAS CRAVEN, Attorney and Agent for the said Henry Haigh and Richard eaton.


W olice IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Fixtures, and EFFECTS in and about the George Hotel, situate at the top of the Oceunpation Road, Lindley, near Huddersfield, in the occupation of Thomas Haigh, are the sole PROPERTY of SAMUEL STOCKS, of Spring Mill, near Huddersfield, Common Brewer; the said Thomas Haigh having no interest whatever therein, except as tenant thereof. 6 Dated this Ist day of January, 1868. JONAS CRAVEN, Attorney and Agent for Samuel Stocks.

UBLIC APOLOGY. — I, the undersigned TOM HOLROYD, of Fartown, Farmer, beg to express my regret for having made use of statements reflecting upon the character of MARY BURTON; and I hereby admit that there has been no gruund for such statements, and I believe the said Mary Burton to be 2 strictly upright, modest, and honourable person. Dated this 23rd January, 1868, TOM HOLROYD.

Witness — Sasr Learoyp, Solicitor, Huddersfield.

Norce IS HEREBY GIVEN, that by an INDENTURE, bearing date the 16th day of January, 1868, and made between JOSHUA HANSON, of No. 1, Soutiparade, in Huddersfield, in the county of York, Yurn Spinner, of the one part, and THOMAS WADE, of Market Street, in Huddersfield aforesaid, Mungo Merchant, of the other part, all the HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Plate, Linen, China, and ail other Goods, Chattels, and EFFECTS, in or about or belonging to the Dwellmg-honse, being No. 1, in South Parade, in Huddersfield aforesaid, a sehedule of which form part of the said Indenture, were ASSIGNED unto the said Thomas Wade, by way of Mortgage, for securing the payment of the sum of £123 2s. 104., lent and advanced by him to the said Joshua Hanson, together with interest on the said sum. And Notice is Hereby Further Given, that the said Furniture and Chattels are in the possession of the said Joshua Hanson, in pursuance of the terms of the said Indenture.

Dated this 24th day of January, 1868. CHAS. MILLS, Solicitor Huddersfield.


In the Matier of a DEED of ASSIGNMENT, for benefit of Creditors, executed by EDWIN KILNER, of Bradford Road, Huddersfield, in the County of York, draper, and dated the 13th day of December. 1867.

N OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a MEETING of CREDITORS will be held on Wednesday, the 29th day of January, 1568, at Three o'clock in the afternoon, at the Offices of the undersigned Thomas Drake, No. 2, Kirkgate, Huddersfield, in the County of York, for the purpose of AUDITING the ACCOUNTS of the Trustee, and deelaring a first and final DIVIDEND.

All persons claiming to be Creditors of the said Edwin Kilner, who do not on or before such 29th day of January next, send in their claims and make proof of their debts, wiil be excluded from the benefit of the said dividend.

Dated this 17th day of January, 1568.

THOS. DRAKE, No. 2, Kirkgate, Huddersfield, Solicitor to the Estate. In the Matter of the Charity called "Thomas Armytage's Charity," or " The Huddersfield Dole," in the parish of Huad-

dersfield, in the county of York.

B' direction of the BOARD of CHARITY

COMMISSIONERS for England and Wales, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that (with the authority of the said Boad) a piece of LAND belonging to the above-mentioned Charity, situate on the west side of the Huddersfield and Birstall Turnpike Road, in the township and parish of Huddersfield, and containing 7a. Or. 2tp., or thereabouts, is PROPOSED TO BESOLD by the Trustees thereof BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, for the sum of £2,508, the purchaser also paying all the expenses attending the said sale, unless sume sufficient objection thereto, whether having reference to the sufficiency of the purchase mouey or to any other reasons, shall be made known to the said Commissioners within 21 days from the first publication of this notice.

Any person prepared to notify such objection should forthwith transmit the same to the said Commissioners in writing, addressed to their secretary, No. 8, York Street, St. James'ssquare, London.

Dated the 23rd day of January, 1868.

HENRY M. VANE, Secretary. Curnpike Ronds.

WAKEFIELD AND AUSTERLANDS TURNPIKE-ROAD. TOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the General ANNUAL and adjourned MEETING of the TRUSTEES of the above Road, will be held at the house of Mr. Richard Nutter, the George Hotel, in Huddersfield, on Monday, the 27th day of January, 1868, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon precisely. E. L. HESP, T. H. BATTYE, Clerks to the Trustees, Huddersfield, Sth January, 1868, BIRSTAL AND HUDDERSFIELD TURNPIKE-ROAD.

OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the i TRUSTEES of the above Road will MEET at the Offices of Messrs. Hesp, Fenton, and Owen, in Huddersfield, on Tuesday, the llth day of February next, at half-past Twelve o'clock at noon, to CONSIDER the propriety of taking down and DISCONTINUING the Huddersfield TOLL GATE and CHAIN, and of removing the Oak Lane Toll Gate to a point of the side of the said Turnpike Road, 880 yards to the south west of the existing Oak Lane toll gate, and of removing the Oak Lane chain to a point on the side of the said Turnpike Road 931 yards south west of the existing Oak Lane chain. Dated this 23rd day of January, 1863.

EDGAR FENTON, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Turnpike Road.

Ye NA Re Hublications. JUST PUBLISHED, PRICE ONE PENNY, _ — Corossley's HOUSEHOLD ALMANAOCK, Huddersfield. J . CROSSLEY and CO., 6, Market Place, and all booksellers.

NOW READY, PRICE ONE PENNY, SPEECH, delivered at the Annual Soiree of the Huddersfield Mechanics' Institute, on the 31st ult., on the INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION OF ENGLISH AND FOREIGN WORKMEN. BY


Published by GEO. HARPER, Chronicle Office, Cross Churchstreet, and may be had at the Office, and at the booksellers.

Boos and PAMPHLETS PUBLISHED at the Chronicle Steam Printing Works by GEO. HARPER. I AM A CHURCHMAN, By the late CANON STOWELL, M.A. Price One Penny, or bs. Gd. per 100, May be had at the Chronicle Office, Cross Church Street, and of the Booksellers.

€HURCH AND CHAPEL, By a Clergyman. Price One Penny, or 6s. 6d. had at the Chronicle Office, Booksellers.

per 100. May be Cross Church Street, and of the A SELECTION FROM THE WRITINGS OF THE LATE

JAMES PLATT, ESQ. Of Prospecton, Saddleworth. Crown Syvo., Cloth, with copperPlate likeness, price 3s. May be had at the Chronicle Office, Cross Church Street; Mr. John Schofield, draper, &c., Uppermill, Saddleworth; and W. H. Woodcock, Westgate.

THE STUDENT'S GUIDE TO PRACTICAL ARITHMETIC, Adapted to the present advanced state of trade, for the use of Schools and Private Tuition. By JOIN DEARDEN, Southstreet, Huddersfield. May be had from the Author, at hig Academy, South Street; or of Mr. B. Brown, bookseller.


Tue Guide contains, in addition to 37 pages of Railway information, a concise Post-office Guide to all Parts of the Kingdom, including hours of Posting for Despatch — Regulations of the Village Post-vffices and Pillar-boxes — Box and Town Deliveries — Money-order and Savings' Bank Office — Foreign Postage — Pattern Post, and a variety of other useful information on Postal matters — List ef Carriers by road, rail, and water — Railway Fares to most of the important Towns — Cab Fares in and around Huddersfield — Omnibus Regulations, Published on the 1st of every Month, by GEORGE HARPER, Chronicle Office, Cross Church Street, and may be had at the kstall, Railway Station, and of all Booksellers. PRICE ONE PENNY.

Publis Notices, PR I

I ey A OST, between Golcar and Huddersfield, a RAILWAY CONTRACT TICKET, of no use except to the holder. Any one forwarding the same to Ramsden Hall County Court, Huddersfield, will be rewarded. , ARGENT'S PATENT AMERICAN BURRING MACHINE, made by Mather and Platt, Salford Iron Works, Manchester, will open and burr from 1,5 3 Tbs. of wool per day. Price £10). ae to S00

B' ORDER of the Adjutant General, I give NOTICE to all parties Recruiting, and to those with whom Recruiting parties are or may be billeted in Huddersfield that by an order of H.R.H. the Commander-in-chief, bearing date, Nov. 6th, 1867, I was APPOINTED INSPECTOR of RECRUITS for her Majesty's Army in the town and neizhbourhood of HUDDERSFIELD, and that all Reeruiting parties Stationed at Huddersfield are te bring before me all such arias may be oe within the precincts under my uperin ence, an my office for this in ion is at No. 20, Ramsden Street, Huddersfield. Spection is at JOHN BENSON PRITCHETT, M.R.C.S., L.A.C I _ 20, Ramsden Street, Huddersfield, January 21st, 1863," UME. MALLINSON and Whithawm's, John William Street A

GOOD VALUE GIVEN. Jamee S DELL, Coach e for one day or more at Builder, &e. (late and Co.), 5, Railway-arch, First-clas SEWING MACHINE and Foreman to Samuel Sparke OPERATOR can be had on Hir Fitzwilliam Street, Huddersfield.

MITH and JACKSON, Manufacturers of all kinds of Fire and Common Bricks. — W. Beda orks Fartown, near R. LEE (late Bentley), corner of St. Peter'sx) street, Northgate, Grocer and Tea Dealer. _N.B. — On hand finest English, French, and Russian FLOUR. V HOLESALE . Pack Horso-yara, Huddersfield. Our extensive and well-selected STUCK of CIGARS largest in this county, to which we desire to call of botel propristors yi the trade generally, BO, ELLIOTT end CO., Cigar and Tobueco Merchants.

Is the the attention CIGAR WAREHOUSE, __ gable Botices, HUDDERSFIELD PAKISH CHURCH. . O' Sunday, 26th January, Two SERMONS

will be preached, and Collections mage (morning and evening) in the abeve Church, in aid of the fands required for the Lighting, Warming, and Insurance of the Church, and the expenses incidental! to the performance of Divine Service. Service will commence in the morning at half-past Ten, and in the evening at half-past Six. HENRY BARKER, R. ¥. DENTON, i Churchwardens.

A SPLEY LECTURE-ROOM will be RE-OPENED for DIVINE SERVICE, on Sunday Evening, February 2nd, 1963, at hali-past Six o'clock. The Rev. W. B. CALVERT, M.A., Vicar of Huddersfield, will PREACH on the occasion. No collection. All the seats are free.


£ s d Amonnt of subscriptions previously advertised...... 295 5 Collected in shillings, by Mr. Henry Moseley, solicitor 5 UO 500 5 U

Collected at 29 churches, in pursuance of the Bishop's WORE. oc icce sce rence iems css vaviemes ceeenermenens 144 7 4 £444 12 4

J. €. LAYCOCK. Huddersfield, 2st January, '1868. _

HUDDERSFIELD CHURCH INSTITUTE, LECTURE on the [RISH CHURGS will be given in the Wellington Hall, Queen Street, on Monday next, the 27th of January, 1863, by JOHN EDWARD DIBB, Esq., of Wakefield. a The Chair will be taken at half-past Seven pm. Admission free.

The First of the MONTHLY DISCUSSION MEETINGS in connection with the CHURCH INSTITUTE will be held in the Reading Room of the Institute on Tuesday, the 28th inst., and will commenee at half-past-Seven p.m. The subject will be ' The Trish, Church." . .

Only members and associates of the Institute will take part in the discussion, but each member or associate will be at liberty to bring a friend with him.

By order of the Council, G. G. LAWRENCE, M.A., ) FREDK. GREENWOOD, j Hon. Sees. QUEEN-STREET SUNDAY SCHOOL. ye Fifth LECTURE on Monday, January 27th, by the Rev. M. MILLER, subject :- — ' The true law of progress, or the greatness of little things."

Chair to be taken at half-past Seven o'clock, by SAMUEL SHARPE, Esq., LL.B.

Admission — Front Seats, 6d.; Back Seats, 3d.


of the Huddersfield Chamber of Commerce will be held in the Reading Room, on the 29th day of January inst., at Three o'clock in the afternoon, to receive the report of the Council, and on other General Business.

CHAS. MILLS, Secretary. Huddersfield, 24th Jannary, 1868. — Jp Pee eaarreLL LITERARY AND SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY. PREsIDENT — Rev. J. M'CANN, LL.D.

Ordinary MEETING on Monday evening next, at Eight o'clock. PAPER by JOHN HIRST, Jun., Esq., of Dobcross, "On the Agents concerned in making the present aspect of the eountry about Huddersfield."

EDWARD BROOKE, Jun., Hon. Sec. WEST RIDING UNION BANKING COMPANY. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the 25th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the PROPRIETORS of this Company will be holden at the George Hotel, in Huddersfield, in the county of York, on Thursday, the 13th day of February next,at Twelve o'clock at noon precisely, for the purposes of receiving the report of the Direetors, Senior and Samuel Wood Huiigh, Esqs., the two Directors retiring by rotation, whom the Board recommend to be reelected. By Order of the Bourd of Directors, JNO. G, BERRY, Manager. Bank Office, Huddersfield, 21st January, 1868.


Wednesday and Thursday, January 29th and 30th, only appearance this season, and for two nights only.

rFE'WO HOURS GENUINE FUN with that celebrated and humorous artiste author, and composer, Mr. ARTHUR LLOYD, who received a special command from the Prince of Wales to sing his original songs, " Not for Joseph," " Dada," &c., assisted by Miss Minnie Lloyd, Mr. Louis Lindsay, Mr. Harry King, Miss Katty King, and Mr. W. B. Alexander. The wonderful ventriloquial comedian from the Royal Polytechnic, London. Front seats, 2s. ; second, 14.; back, 6d. Tickets at Mr. Jewitt's, Market Place. we at half-past Seven. Commence at Eight. H15.

Carriages at ARRY CLIFTON, The most popular Author and COMIC VOCALIST ot and of Electing Two Directors in the places of Benjamin the day. Theatre Royal, Pebruary 6th.

Tickets at Mr. Wood's Music Warehouse. See programme.

ME JONES'S MUSICAL PART Wy February 6th, at the Theatre Royal. Tickets at Mr. Wood's Musie Warehouse.

66 peels YOUR OWN CANOE," "<A MOTTO FOR EVERY MAN," &ec., &e., at the Theatre Royal, February 6th.

Tickets and Plan at Mr. Wood's Music Warehouse. Hakey CLIFTON AND PARTY, Theatre Royal, Thursday, February 6th.

Tickets at Mr. Wood's Music Warehouse.


GRAND FASHIONABLE NIGHT, Wednesday, January 29th, for the BENEWIT of LITTLE BELL, funny Clown, when everything will be entirely new. Concluding with a Laughable Extravaganza, the "Rigs of Mr. Briggs," as played at Astley's Royal Amphitheatre, London, for upwards of 300 nights.

PINDERS' Ciirctus.

GRAND DAY PERFORMANCE this day at Two o'clock.

The great WALLETT will appear, being positively his last appearance but one.

Monday, January 27th, and during the week, the great JAPANESE WONDERS. The Brothers and Madame NEMO. The Japanese Butterfly Trick every evening.

This evening (Saturday) positively the last night of WALLET.

CONGREGATIONAL SCHOOLROOM, HILLHOUSE, ] ISS MIDGLEY will give a GRAND CONCERT in the above room on Thursday evening, January 3Uth, 1368, when the following artistes will appear : — MISS HELENA WALKER, MISS CROSLAND, MR. JOEL MELLOR, MR. VARLEY. Solo Pianiste — MISS MIDGLEY.

Grand pianoforte fron Srehibads Ramsden's, Leeds. Accompanist- — Mr. H. HARTLEY, un.

Admission — Reserved Seats, Zs.: Front ditto, ls.; Back ditto, 6d.

Tickets at Messrs. Battye and Longley's, Queen-stract; Miss Midgley's, Fitzwilliam Street, Hnddersfield; and at Mr. H. Hartley's, Eleanor Street, Hillhouse.

Doors open at half-past Seven, concert to commence at Eight.


He Friends of the late Superintendent intend to MEET, at the house of Mr. John Watson, the Queen's Head Inn, in King Street, Huddersfield, at Nine o'clock p-m., to take into consideration what will be a fitting Testimonial to be presented to him for his past services as Superintendent of Police for the Borough of Huddersfield.

January 24th, 186s, NOTICE.

A' a MEETING held at the Packhorse, Huddersfield, this day, relative to the LOSSES by the late FIRE, at the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Company's Station, Huddersfield, it was resolved to adjourn the meeting to Tuesday, the 4th February next, at Five p.m. in order that all parties, who wish to join in proceeding against the Compazy, may have an opportunity of attending and arranging what course to take.

(Signed) J. SHEARD, Chairman.

January 2ith, 1368. IN THE PRESS, AND WILL SHORTLY BE READY FOR DELIVERY, HE HUDDERSFIELD DIRECTORY AND YEAR BOOK FOR 136s, It will contain, in addition to the Directory of Huddersfield, much locat and county information: also a Directory ce the following places, viz.:- — .

ALMONDBURY. Lindiey-cum-qvarmey, ARMITAGE-BRIDGE. LINTHUWAITE. Bay Hart. Lockwoop, Berry-srow. Loxgcwoop. BIRKBY. MARSDEN. BRADLEY. Marsa. COWCLIFFE. Mextriam. CRosLAND Moor. MELTHAM MILLS. Daxton. Melnsbeidce. DEIGHTON. Molpgreen. Epczerron. NETHERTON. Farttown. NETHERTHON(G. FULSTONE. NEWMILL. Gotcar. Newsome, Hillievse. PADDOCK.

Hotsmrintu, inclndingCartSheepripar.

Wworrt, Upprrrnione, SLAITHWAITE-CUW-LENGARDS Wootpate, e&e. South Crosuanp, — Howry. THONGSBRIDGE, KIRKBURTON. Woopuorss. KIRKHEATON.

Price to subscribers, 3s. td.; to non-subscribers, 5s, GEORGE HARPER, Printer and Publi Steam Printing Works, prale, Union Street, Dewsbury.

t 'hronicle Cross Church Street, Huddersfield, and

The Chronicle


The Recent Fenian Arrests


The intelligence concerning the Fenian conspirators has again become of considerable bnhamens From Ireland we learn that Lennon, arrested last week, has been identified as one of the two leaders of the insurgents who last ¥

the police bazracks at Stepaside and and took captive the handful of tioned there. Lennon appears, eee ae @ man of the most desperate character, 1 other scoundrels implicated in the skulked out of the coun been identified by Sergeant Kenny who shot him with & revolver, in Octoboe ee Wellington Quay, Dublin > and he has also been Fecognised as the person who murdered Constable Kenna on the same night. If thesa facts can be proved, of whieh there would appear to be little doubt, Lennon's crimes Temove him out of th range of our fellow feeling and common undan. Standing, and the country may be congratulated on the unearthing of such 9 villain.

other arrest in Glasgow will probably excite eves greater satisfaction than has been created by the apprehension of Lesyow. Every newspaper reader is aware that the actual perpetrator cA the Clerkenwell massacre — the "gentlemanlike" man who drew near to the barrel of gunpowder after it had been dragged to the spot by Desmonp and his cemrades, and who set fire to the fuse by which it was exploded — made his escape at the time, and has, until the last day or two, eluded the vigilance of the police. The raiscreant, however, cam no longer exult in the perplexities of the officers of justice, if what is said regarding him be true. The story of his arrest has a characteristie smack of Hibernian Manners and customs. The "gentlemanlike" mar, who calls himself Barratt, and another Irish " patriot, named O'nztt, were on Tuesday night week, at a Jate hour, enjoying the innocent recreation of tiring pistols on Glasgow Green, when two policemen suddenly came upon them, and too% them in eustudy to the station. The constables do not appear to have attached much interest to the arrest in the first imstance — for, finding nothing upon them when searched at the station, they actually set them at liberty, after obtaining from them the address of the place they were staying at. On returning to the Green, the officers found near the spot where the two men had beer met with and apprehended, a six-chambered revolver, partly loaded and partly discharged. Upon this they went and again arrested the two men. From other matters of suspicion which arose, they got what is equivalent to an English remand for eight days, in order that enquiries regarding the prisoners might be instituted. The London police were communicated with, and further enquiry was made regarding the two men. It then turned out, — if we may believe the state ments made, — that Barratt had long been suspected of complicity in the Clerkenwell atroeity — that it was known the design and mode of proceeding to blow down the prison wall had been concocted in Glasgow — that Barzrarr was known to have disappeared from Glasgow a few days before the explosion — that he was also known te have been consorting with some of the other prisoners before and on the day of the infamous deed — and that he must have got away from. London to Glasgow, secretly, at some subsequent period. On being brought upat Bow Street on Monday the case as affecting the two new prisoners took a singular turn. One witness distinctly identified Barratt as the man who lighted the fuse, while another witness poimted ont O'nvit as the man who fired the barrel, and could 'almost positively swear" that Barratt was present with a box of lncifers. Indeed the tangle of evidence in this point has become woefully perplexing, and has been thus described : —

" Repeatedly the evening papers have electrified the public and increased their sales announcing the 'identification of the man who fired the barrel,' and on each occasion they acted in good faith. Eight prisoners are now in custody — O'keefe, William Desmond, Timothy Desmond, Nicholas English, Jeremiah Allen, Ann Justice, Michael Barrett, and James O Neil — and of these three have been distinetly sworn to as the man who fired the barrel, and a fourth has been less positively identitied. Early in the course of the enquiry O'keefe was spoken to by one of the injured as being like the man, and, last Monday, 1 person named Wells also spoke of him as being, to the best of his belief, one of two men whom he saw leaning over the barrel just before the explosion. The boy Abbott was positive when confronted with William Desmond that he was the man. On Monday the hoy Wheeler is equally sure about Davrrett, while the witness Young swears distinctly that the man who fired the barrel is O'neil. Between Desmond, Barrett, and O'neil there is some small resemblence ; but not at all such as to confuse their identity. The ' wanted' individual is described as having had light coloured whiskers, a brown fashionable overcoat, and a tall hat ; to be of medium height, slim figure, fair complexion, and rather gentlemanly appearance. Desmond has fair whiskers ; but cannot be said to answer to the deseription accurately otherwise. Barrett has light brown beard and moustache. His whiskers may have been cut, is of medium height, and fair complexion, O'neil's whiskers are distinctly reddish. The boy Abbott was beside Young at the time of the explosion, and, though he Brick.

asserted that he recognised Desmond, Young, whose evidence from the first has been of the clearest and most coherent kind, said Destnond, though like to, wae not the man who fired the barrel, nor his accomplice who threw to him the matches,"

It is to be hopect that the difficulties surrounding the affair on this point will disappear when the whole of the witnesses have had an opportunity of seeing the whole of the prisoners. We are told that —

"Abbott will be tested again before next sitting of the Court. The policeman who was looking on at a short distance, and who was blown down by the explosion, will also have a chance of recognising the two prisoners from Glasgow ; and should Young be supported by these witnesses, their evidence, joined to that of the informers, will make the charge against Barrett and O'neil more conclusive. The case against the other prisoners now stands.

thus — English and Timothy Desmond are identified as having brought the barrel down the street towards the prison on a barrow, Allen and the woman Justice accompanying them at some short distance. O'keefe was undoubtedly seen in an adjacent street about the time of the explosion, and there is a probability that his identity and that of O'neil may be confused."

Probably there may be discovered some mode of satisfactorily reconciling these diserepancies. From the bearing of the prisoners themselves, noless than from the positive testimony that has been recorded, most people will conclude that they certainly knew something of the Clerkenwell occurrence, and had something actively to do with it. In view of that conviction, the surprise will be deepened at the infatuation on their part which led to the almost accidental arrest of Barratt and O'nem, on Glasgow Green.

It is singular that the apprehensions in Ireland and Scotland should have been supplemented by the seizure of a Fenian leader in London. On Saturday evening a man named Chancy whom the police have been tracking for some time past, was brought to bay in Tottenham-court Road. The villain, — first throwing the policeman who accosted him down on his back in the street, tled into Bedford Square, — and finding he was pursued, pulled out a revolver, and fired thrice at the constables, who, notwithstanding the long odds against them, courageously kept up the chase, knocked the prisoner down, wrenched from him the deadly weapon, and gave him a taste of the butt End on the head. Fortunately nune of the three shots took effect, though the eseape of the constables was most narrow indeed — the accidental retention of the bullet in the barrel of the pistol by a pin which had got out of place having in all probability saved the life of one of the officers when the weapon was fired within a few inches of his head, and when his whiskers were singed and his hair filled with powder. Thiz arrest is said to nearly close the list of Fenian leaders in this country " wanted" by the officers of justice ; and without leaders or funds, the file : at the conspirators are comparatively We have not, however, completed the catalogue of recent captures, Friday evening, when the mail steamer from America reached Queenstown, the notorious Gzorce Francis Tain stepped out of the vessel, and was forthwith pounced upon by whe Police. re antecedents of Mr. G. F. Tass not unknown to many English readers. A few years agu he xisited this count of advocating and introducing on tead, from the = to the Park So constructed by him the West End of the Metropolis — but, a the pontine opposition of somo of the inhabitants, it ad to be taken upand abandoned. The projector revenged, himself on one of his best-known opponents by bringing against him a charge; but the malignity of the prosecutcr was too obvious fon it to succeed ; and Mr. G. FTrain had to quit the country after a short sojcurn in a debtors' prison © was next heard of in -\ustralia, where he soon e insolvent fora large sum. Returning to his native soil with a. burning hatred towar:)s England and all her institutions, he allied himself to the Fenian Brotherhood, and hag for some time been ning' the ai in their behale, ealogising their patriotisza and his own great: t soul, and besecching his hearers to assist in 'nthe approaching downfall of the accursed British Empire." Little more than a fertnight ago, on the philippie agaimst Eny-

fad, for the pexpose of imareaning their funds. TRAEN seems te. have slavishly adopted e style of Mr. Dickens's well-known durrensos Accoading to the Fustun Pitot, which eroded the oration at considerable length, Mr. — — the duty of the United States was . iota There are thousands in Ereland ready 2 psht wor their native land," said he. In order © help them, America must show her sense of she he The time for talk has passed, there must ' ho more long-winded diplomatic notes, no. more pishy-washy paragraphs in the President's Message, ut a short despatch like this — ' Pay the Alabama claims, or fight.' " Reminding his hearers that Meany, "noble W ARREN," and other Americsns Were m gaol in Ireland, or in convict prisons, De contended that another despatch should follow the foregoing courteous demand, to this effect :- — " Lj. berate Meany, Warren, and the other American citizens, or war to the knife." Waxing warmer Barto Rowggsupsetins the "Seamer the Fonian question en Ce action. Let us settle t us have a sentinel over the rotten monarchies of Europe. We want a station at the door of Europe. Six millions of sh Americans demand it. "Let us offer to buy trelany for a ataboms claims." The orator took vdmiratl " audience upon this impudently admirable proposal, and declared it to be carried unanimously. Therefore he made what the Boston Pilot calls "a terrible attack on England," where OTA, merger was declared tobe culminating. "The , ran hung at Manchester were next euloe ed — their blood being termed the seed of nationity. The orator then spoke of the Clerkenwell massacre, observing — " What if twenty innocent people died! We have killed a million for the negro. Ireland has men enough left. Let them die man by man, so that Ireland is free." The Stumper" concluded by asserting that "he was the starter of the revolution that is sweeping off the Monarchy." ° uch is the man who impudenily demands to be admitted into Ireland, that he may there pursue the policy he openly advecates abroad. It is not at all surprising that the authorities were not disposed to accede to this modest request. He was, accordingly, laid by the heels for a time, and only released on a promise from himself, backed up by assurances from the American Minister, that he will refrain from all connection with Fenians or Fenianism while on British territory ; tn other words, he has been put "on good behavieur," with the knowledge that his actions will be narrowly watched, and that, if caught tripping, he will soon again see the inside of a prison cell. The pretence that he comes over the Atlantic as the peaceful correspondent of a New York paper can deceive nobody. There can be no question that Train has been sent here by the Yankee Fenians, partly for the purpose of encouraging their friends, who are sufficiently depressed; but mainly, if possible, to create difficulties between Lord SranLEY and Mr. Szwaxrp as to the rights and status of American citizens resident in Ireland. The trick is too transparent, however, to serve the turn intended. The Fenians, in sending a man like Train for such a purpose, have only added a fresh illustration of their own ignorance and folly, The fellow is so prodigious and confirmed a charlatan, however, that one is prompted to regret that he should have been indulged with the celebrity that attaches to Government regard and lodgement. Plain enough it is that on the score of nationality he can have no claim for consideration; for no American Jurist will contend that the immunities of citizenship, stretched to their utmost limit, will cover conduct and speech like his. At the same time it is worthy of observation that the justification of his seizure rests on a wholly different basis from that which sustains the apprehension and punishment of the ordinary run of American Fenians. With a short-sighted disregard of all logic, which is certainly characteristic, the latter claim in the same breath to be Yankees and to be Fenians. The one claim is clearly incompatible with the other. Every one of them who joins the Fenian Brotherhood surrenders — taking him on his own principles — all claim to the privileges of American citizenship. it is exactly over again the case of the man who could not eat his cake, and have his cake. Even while they pertinaciously assert their claim to recognition as foreigners, they at the same time show that their allegiance to the nationality they claim is dubious er absurd. Trary, however, is clear of this dilemma. Of course, it is to be expected there will be some noise regarding his arrest and detention. Indeed, it is stated that he has already commenced proceedings against the English Government, or made a claim, laying his damages at the mudest sum of £100,000. In this claim he is too modest. Surely he might have made it a million — for he will have as much chance of getting the one as the other. We have confidence that the result will be a proof, alike to real and pseudo foreigner, that our law is strong enough to reach them when they break it, and tou strong for them to defy it.

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