Huddersfield Chronicle (25/Jan/1868) - page 2

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Woollen, Corn, and Cattle Markets

Huddersfield Cloth Hall

Huddersfield Cloth Hall, Tuesday, January 21st. — Complaints are still rife on every hand regarding the inanimate state of trade; and, as short time ia being adopted in most of the mills, a deplorable amount of distress is prevalent. Every week hopes are freely expressed that, with the ensuing week, a change for the better may dawn upon our industry; but nothing exeept disappointment is experienced inthe majority of instances. Today there have been present some shipping buyers, in addition to various representatives of Scotch, Irish, and country houses, but as usual the market has of late, presented only a dull appearance throughout. Cheap lots have again been most enquired for, and selections from regular market goods of all kinds have been very cautiously made. The warehouse trade of the week has been very quiet, whilst travellers' returns to the houses here engaged in the country trade are just now the reverse of encouraging. There is, indeed, little or no speculation in any department, and the inducement of low prices fails in most eases to effect any very considerable purchases of goods. The low goods trade still continues very depressed, while o revival of the shipping demand seems yet quite in the distance. There is little or nothing doing just now in overcoatings for the country trade, " repeat" orders being this season few and inconsiderable. The yarn trade is devoid of briskness, and spinners do not appear desirous at present of increasing their stocks. Again we have to report an inanimate local wool market,

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