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Advertisements and Notices

Public Notices, PDR

APA RA Aa age A RS. HELLEWELL CARTER'S WaterE sr ABLISHME INDIA RUBBER and GUTTA PERCHA acccript ne yeasts, Leggings, and Knickerbockers Horse Sings aerproof Cart and Waggen Covers, Gas Tubing, Hose Beltane 4 nite Roofing Felt, Air-pump Valves, Washers, mantic al, do &, Gc. Any article made to order for mechanical mestic, surgical, or agricultural purposes, at

4, Buxton Road, Huddersfield, — PARIS EXHIBITION.

'ARI department, group 6, class 61, official catalogue 38. RRIAGES ef every description ALWAYS Works 28 60 act iHOMAs'S, Export Carriage and Wheel shippers , Lea ihe iy n Street, Liverpool. Merchants and Just published, new enlarged Illustrated Catalogue, cona Ens 99 illustrations of carriages including the state carriage ngland, forwarded on receipt of twelve postage stamps.


One pair of spinning mules with four burners, one billy with twe burners, and other machines in proportion, giving more light than the ordinary method of fixing.

Old FITTINGS can be ALTERED or new ones F IXED, by T. K. POTTER, General Gas Fttter, Beast-market, Huddersfield.

eee eae of every


References may be had.


HOMAS VAREY, Grey Horse Hotel, Huddersfield, having been appointed AGENT for the above Association, is able to supply the public with the best Black Tea at 2s. 6d. per lb., and the best Green Tea at 3s. 6d.

J C. STEAD and CO., 96, King Street, are now @ offering the choicest TEAS of this season's import equal to those of any London House, at 2s. 4d., 2s. 8d., 8s. Ss. 4d., and 3s. 8d. per Ib., in four pound, six pound, and eight ponnd parcels. An allowance of 44. per pound on quantities of four pounds and upwards.

COFFEE ROASTED on the premises, by steam power. Epp's prepared COCOA. Dunn and Hewett's Iceland Teyke Brothers' Homepathic Moss COCOA.

COCOA, Genuine COCOA N . Tayler Brothers' Maravilla Do. Cook SEER


of the FINEST for a SOVEREIGN. COCOA and Fresh Roasted COFFEE.

W. HOSKIN, Tea and Coffee Dealer, 94, King Street, Huddersfield.

W HOSKIN'S Grocery and Italian Warehouse, e King Street, Huddersfield.

West India and refined SUGAR.

MUSCATELS, Figs, French Plums, Dates, Grapes, Almonds, Walnuts, Metz Fruits, crystalized Apricots, Mirabelles, Chinois Greengages, Gold Figs, Brochettes, &c. , Kent COB NUTS, fit for storing.

CURRANTS, Sultana and Vaiencia Raisins, pins, Candied Lemon, Citron, &c.

Huntley and Palmer's and ether BISCUITS, in great variety, SPICES, Flavouring Essences, Sances, Pickles, Kc.

SARDINES, Fresh Lobster and Salmon, in tins, and other relishes.

MACCARONI, Vermicelli, Cagliari, Arrewroot, Isinglass, Gelatine. Parmasan Cheese, &c.

PRESERVES, Table Jellies, Fruit Jellies, Bottled F ruit, &c, WAX, Sperm, Paraffin, Marble Sperm, Composite and culoured Candles, Tapers, Night Lights, &c.

Toilet SOAP, Pale and Mottled Soap, Starch, Blue, Balls, &c.

Stilton, Cheshire, and American CHEESE, Butter, Lard, Westphalia Hames, Russian Ox Tongues, &c.

Price List on application to W. Hoskin, wholesale and family Rocee, and Italian warehouseman, 94, King Street, Hudders-

e Normandy Pip-


C aa Reduced in Price.

Cc As S EL LS PU E TEA. } Agents wanted in all places not fully supplied.

AS S EL L'S PURE TEA. 4 No. 1, 2s. 44. per lb. No. 2, 2s. 8d. per Tb.

C AS S EL L'S PURE T A. / No.3, 38.; No. 4, 3s. 6d. ; No. 5, 4s. per Ib.

QUA ssenr's CELEBRATED COFFEE, }; No.1, 1s. per Ib.; No. 3, 1s. 4d. per Ib. ASSELL'S CELEBRATED COFFEE.

No. 4, 1s. 8d. per Ib.; No. 5, 2s. per Ib. COFFEES.

Q(X ASSELL'S CELEBRATED Additional Agents required. Cassern's TEAS AND COFFEES, ' Sold by Agents throughout the Kingdom.


HUDDERSFIELD .......... W. H. Woopcocs, 5, King Street. Barnsley ........... — 4.. Horne and Milnes, Market Place. Bradford ..........-.08.Jd. Pratt, 18, Ivegate. 8 HO EF Ramee. Baan J. Lund, Westgate. + ... Jno. Lee, 2T1, Westgate. Elland ................ — . W. Cantrell, Church Street. Halifax ..........0....... D. Wilson, 55, Northgate. HWW ee eepisy ween ses Jd. D. Fisher, 22, Crown-strect. WRT EBSR Shs amlems sae J. Bottomley, 8, Northgate. Hillhouse ................ J. Wood. Keighley ................ J. Bottemley, Low Street. Leeds 0.0.20. e ee Bexter, 56, Burley Road. S50 wens enwe eee eeecee G. Taylor, 1, Great George Street. Oe Ag See Ay we Hees eee J. Jetferson, Meadow Lane. Se Mi ep wee os amie cb aes Miss Jones, Wodehouse Lane. Ho SRS ANS ES wae oa Ra C. Wildsmith, 94, West Street. Ti, ares rimieie © eens «eine W.F. Tomlinson, 141, Wodehouse Lane Lindley ..............0005 D, Wiaxinsva. Penistone .......00.0000 L. P, White, chemist. Rochdale ............020 E. Seaton, 83, Crescent, Drake Street. Silkstone .....c.0eseceses J. Charlesworth. Wakefield ................ Watson and Kenworthy, Silver Street.

AGENTS WANTED for Cassell's Teas and Coffees in every Place not fully occupied. Apply — <ASSELL, SMITH, and CO., 80, Fenchurch Street, London, E.C.


Mahavira COCOA. — The perfection of prepared Cocoa. J ARAVILLA COCOA. — Sole Proprieters, TAYLOR BROTHERS, London, to whose invention, in 1932, of the soluble principle of preparing Cocoa in a state of purity, and readiness for use, is to be attributed the now general consumption of this delicious beverage. But for that, the reduction of duty on cocoa would have proved a dead letter.

This principle Taylor Brothers were the first to apply to Homeopathic and Dietetic Cocoas, and with such success as to establish their reputation as the first manufacturers in Europe, Such decided success induced other manufacturers to imitate their invention by introducing preparations, which, on comparison, were proved to be ae a sees and devoid of the essential preperties of the origina cle. .

Not content to rest their merit upon so far excelling others in the process of their manufacture, Taylor Brothers have contantly aimed at the highest point of perfection in the quality of the raw Cocoa, as well as in the mode of preparation ; and have, at length, obtained this desideratum in the ' Maravilla Cocoa, upon which they mune Sroueht to bear their most elaborate, vowerful, and unequalled machinery. .

Having secured the exclusive supply of this unrivalled Cscoa, Taylor Brothers have decided to present it to the public ina separate form, under its name " Maravilla (which is its trade mark), fecling convinced that its peculiarly high qualities will be duly appreciated. Thus, with the very highest possible quality of material, and completeness in skill and apparatus, Taylor Brothers have produced what must be admitted, by all who make €ven one trial of it, to be the perfection of prepared The Cocoa (or more correctly, Cacao) of Maravilla, is the true Chocolate Nut, or Theobroma of Linnwus. Cocoa is indigenous to South America (of which Maravilla is a favoured portion) but its fruit varies much in quality, owing to soil, aspect, and mode of cure, all of which are highly favourable in the Maravilla Estate.

Such is the Maravilla Cocoa of Taylor Brothers, which, while it possesses, in an unrivalled degree, all the essential properties of Homeopathic Cocoa, fur surpasses any other preparation for that purpose, in palatable attractions — fine grateful aroma — exquisitely delicious flavour — smoothness upon the palate — and solubility. Pro the consumer of Cocea in general it will be found most attractive, being so refined by the skilful application of costly and powerful machinery, as to be a light, mild beverage, and agreeable to the mest delicate digestive organs.

Medical men recommend Cocoa to invalids and convalescents, as far preferable te tea or coffee; for while soothing to the nervous system, it is restorative, invigorating and sustaining, refreshing, sanative and _antiseptic — these qualities speak for themselves in Taylor Brothers' " Maravilla" Cocoa, which requires but one comparative trial to establish it as the most desirable beverage tur breakfast, luncheon, or refreshment after 4 late evening.

it is easily served up to table, rad ie vacketi only, }-Ib. and }-Ib. each, by all Grocers, Tea Dealers, &e. ; ee

\ ARAVILLA COCOA. — Unrivalled in Europe for breakfast, + I luncheon, &e.

ARAVI LLA COCOA. — Combines every high quality in an M AKAVILLA COCQA. — Delicious, invigorating, and sustain-

for which see directions on each unequalled degree. ing to all.

Vi ARAVILLA GOCOA — Indispensable to Homopaths. iM AKAVILLA COCOA. — A grateful and soothing refreshment ° afteralateevenipg-

PP Ahsvills cocoa. Unlike Chocolate, is light and easy of digestion, NI ARAVILLA COCOA. — The best beverage for Invalids and Dyspeptics.

M AKAVILLA COCOA — Onc trial will establish its excellence.

M ARAVILLA COCOA, — Sold In packets only, 41b. and 7210. each, by all Grocers and Tea Dealers.

c UTIGN. — See that the words MARAVILLA and TAYLOR BROTHERS are en each packet.

ARAVILLA €COCOA. — Sole Proprietors, TAYLOR BROTHERS, LONDON, the larvest Manufacturers in Europe.

kik JAMES MURRAY'S PURE FLUID & CAMPHOR is extensively preseribed as a reviving tonic and the best restorative for weak uerves, lew fevers, spasms, and disrrkaa. Camplor in this fluid form prevents the dangerCUS precipitates resulting from its ase in the svlid state or in tiuctures: and it is the kest vehicle for administering other tmiedicines, Seld by all Chemists at 1s. and 2s. per bottle.


IPP'S GRAND SQUARE PIANOS are superior to all others at the price, as sold by R. MELLOR.

a .

IPP'S GRAND SQUARE PIANOS in most elegant Walnut case, with four round corners. — Price only 35 guineas, at R. MELLOR'S, Cross Church Street. IANOS and HARMONIUMS for HIRE, at 5s., 7s., 10s., 12s., and lis. per month, with option of purchase, at R. MELLOR'S.

Pees 6-GUINEA HARMONIUM LET ON HIRE for two years, at £1 per quarter, to become the preperty of the hirer; 10-GUINEA HARMONIUM with five steps, LET ON HIRE fer two years, at 80s. per quarter, without any further payment ; larger instruments at increased rates.

\ ELLOR'S New 7-octave 25-GUINEA COTTAGE PIANOS + LET ON HIRE for three years, at £2 5s. Per quarter ; 33-GUINEA COTTAGE PIANOS LET ON HIRE for three years, at 3 guineas per quarter, to become the property of the irer. Eos 50 Guinea Foreign Model full oblique GRAND C COTTAGE PIANO, with Celeste Pedal, in the finest walnut, with truss legs, LET ON HIRE for three years at 18 Guineas per year.

'ASH PRICES. — From extensive READY MONEY Par-

/ chases, and 30 Years' Experience, Mr. Mellor is enabled to offer Pianos and Harmoniums for READY CASH cheaper than any other dealer in Huddersfield.

ICHARD MELLOR, Music Seller, Cross q . Church Street, Huddersfield. _ Established nearly 30 years. OE WOOD'S PIANOFORTE and MUSIC ; OUSE, St. George's Square site Rail Station), Huddersfield, "6 a teepoctts Ge ay WO! as in stock the largest and most varied assort: poe PIANOFORTES and HARMONIUMS in South-west York. re. -

J. WOOD'S PIANOFORTES. by Collard and Collard.

J. WOOD'S PIANOFORTES, by Kirkman and Son.

J. WOOD'S PIANOFORTES, by all the best makers.

J. WOOD'S PIANOFORTES, slightly used, returned from hire, + reduced prices.

WOOD'S HARMONIUMS, by Cristoph i Bauer, Alexandre, &c. phe and Etienne, J. WOOD'S HARMONIUMS for Churches, Chapels, and Schools.

J. WOOD'S List of new Voeal and Instramental MUSIC now issuing.

PIANOFORTES. — An immense assortment of new and secondhand Pisnofortes of every description, in handsome walnut and rosewood cases, at A ; ok Wood's Pianoforte Depet, St, George's Square, Hudders-


NEX PIANOFORTES, in superb Rosewood and Walnut-tree, Full Compass, and all Modern Improvements, from 20 Guineas; second-hand ditto, from' £5 to £20. Warranted, and Carriage Free. All the best New Music Half-

price. JONATHAN MOORE'S Depot, Buxton Road, Huddersfield.

ARMONIUMS, of every size and design, suitable for Churches, Chapels, Schools, or Drawingroom ; the best instruments yet introduced, at greatly reduced prices. MOORE'S MUSIC WAREHOUSE, Buxton Road, Huddersfield.

psyos and HARMONIUMS on easy terms _ of purchase. Special arrangements made with parties wanting te purchase a pianoforte or harmonium by instalments. JONATHAN MOORE'S Depet, Buxton Road, Huddersfield.


pers OFORTES and HARMONIUMS kept expressly FOR HIRE by the Night, Week, or Month, Cheaper than any other house. Opera Glasses for Sale or Hire, by the night or week at MOORE'S Depot, Buxten Road, Huddersfield.

OSEPH THOMPSON, of 6, 8, and 9, Beastmarket, Huddersfield, having greatly enlarged his premises by the addition of NEW SHOW-ROOMS, respectfully invites inspection of his extensive and well-assorted STOCK (new and second-hand) of DRAWING-ROOM FURNITURE, BEDROOM FURNITURE, DINING-ROOM FURNITURE, Hau FURNITURE, Corracs FURNITURE, Feather and Flock Beds, Hair and Spring Mattresses 3 also, new and second-hand Carpets and Oil Cloths. A large assortment ef Gilt Pier Glasses, Teilet Glasses, &c. A large assortment of Iron Bedsteads, of the newest design ; Burglary and Fire-proof Safes, general Furnishing Ironmongery. A great variety of American and English Clocks. All kinds of geods benght and exchanged. NEW FURNITURE ESTABLISH 13, BUXTON ROAD, HUDDERSFIELD. OHN FLYNN, returns his sincere thanks to his friends and the public, forthe sunport he has received during the last 15 years, and takes this opportunity of making known his REMOVAL to large and commodious premises, No. 18, BUXTON ROAD, where will be found an EXTENSIVE STOCK of DRAWING-ROOM FURNITURE, BED-ROOM FURNITURE, DINING-ROOM FURNITURE, OFFICE FURNITURE, COTTAGE FURNITURE, Iron and Brass Bedsteads, Hair, Straw, and Spring Mattresses, Feather and Flock Beds, &c., &c. New and Second-hand Furniture, Bought, Sold, or Exchanged. 13, Buxton Road, Huddersfield.

HOMAS TURNER, Cabinetmaker and Upholsterer, 36, John Dalton Street, Manchester ; Works, Egerion Street, Chester Road.


FAMILIES FURNISHING, and others, will find tlre stock of this Establishment to be the most complete in Manchester.

Separate SHOW -RGOMS, containing DINIXG ROOM FURNITURE in English Oak, Dantzic Oak, and Mahogany.

DRAWING-ROOM FURNITURE in suits; for variety of style, novelty in design, and superior manufacture, unsurpassed.

BED-ROOM FURNITURE. Every requisite for furnishing Bed Rooms, in various woods of the most select designs, CARPETS and CURTAINS, the choicest productions, from the best manufacturers.

THOMAS TURNER, Cabinetmaker, 36, John Daiton Street, Manchester.

MILNES and CO., Carpet Warehousemen, ; 50, Lion Arcade, St. George's Square, Huddersfield, respectfully beg to announce they have received a choice and varied assortment of NEW CARPETS, consisting of Best Brussels, in new colours and patterns; Patent Tapestry, in chaste and good styles; Kidderminster and Scotch, in great variety ; Dutch, Felt, and Wool Druggets ; Hearthrugs of every make and quality ; Floor Qi] Cloth, well seasoned, cut to any dimensions; Indian and Cocoa Matting, all widths; Door Mats of every description and size; Kamptulicon, &c.

ILLIAM ATKINSON and SON, 11 and 15, John William Street, Huddersfield, beg to draw particular attention to their STOCK of Brussels, Tapestry, and Kidderminster CARPETS, DRUGGETS, &e. Also, FLOOR OIL CLOTHS in great variety and well seasoned. N.B. — A lot of remnants of Brussels and Tapestry Carpets, at very low prices. Silk and Wool Damesks, Repps, &c., made up on the premises, in the first style, and at the shortest notice. Feathers, flocks, curled hair, &c., always in stock. . Sole agents for the " Grover and Baker" Sewing Machine.

I PATENT METALLIC AIR-TIGHT COFFINS. WM. ATKINSON and SON, undertakers, agents for Huddersfield district. A stock always OUT AND RHEUMATISM. — The iati ain of gout or rheumatism is quickly relieved aad cured. it a few days by that celebrated Medicine, BLAIR'S Gont and Rheumatic PILLS. They require no restraint of diet or continement during their use, and are certain to prevent the disease attacking any vital part. Sold at Is. 12d. and 2s. 94. per box by all Medicine Vendors.

on hand.

A NEVER-FAILING REMEDY. D®. SCOTT'S BILIOUS AND LIVER PILLS. of Dr. Scott, ithout any mereurial ingredient, fromthe recipe are 'Bromley, Kent. These a will be fousd a sho suffer from bilious and liver complaints, nae ond, spasms, giddiness, dizziness of the eyes, and many other symptoms Ww. For habitual costiveness, as a hich none but a sufferer can describe.

family aperient moedieme, and as i f the blood, they are unrivalled ; mild in their opera-

ceed gratefal to the stomach, they create appetite, promote digestion, and strengthen the whole nervous sy stem.

EXTRAORDINARY CURES OF BILIOUS AND LIVER COMPLAINTS, years Wi ili liver com" Sir, — troubled for many years with a bilious plaint' and. although I tried almost everything L could get, of 'as recommended, I received scarcely the she frown anything Itook. Seeing pe event rene Oe Scott's Bilious and Liver Pills had effec 3 ary i g ; of liver and stomach complaints, cures, in some very bad cases oi a Ca ene I was induced to try them, and I can asse an my pen eae rience they fully merit the highest recommen mt con 08 iv r ys time, by taking them according given them. In_a very short » Oy Calin eo aio "Wee 2 the directions, I was effectually cured, ™y no wee -selt, with bilious headache and dizzine: greater sufferer than my self, wi cada aS. alost of the eves, and by waut of appetite an o Seen aT ine -duced to a skeleton, I also induced te try the pills, and roan with her was equally astonishing. Her appetite recy ered. the dizziness and headache soon disappeared, and er 66 an condition rapidly improved' Il of whom have been benefited given them to many persons, 2 ave pee ble. as I > them. You will be kind enough to ma et s pa ies A thoeit only right that the extraordinary curative 200 sof iy medicine should be as widely known as possi i biwelo-9 thanks, I am, sir, your obedient servant, Tiiomas a oe i field Works, near Newport, Monmouthshire, November 25, EXTRAORDINARY CURE OF PULMONARY CONP TANT ical Chemis iham. Mr. J. H. Mornsby, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Odinam Oe W. Lambert. , Odiham, December 19th, en "Dear Sir, — I take this opportunity to inform you of anoth et surprising cure effected by your excellent medicine, Dr. Scot 8 Bilious and Liver Pills, Mr. James Loader, of this town, was fering from symptoms of pulmonary complaint, shortness of su nth 'difficulty of breathing, voice reduced toa whisper, an entire loss of appetite. He described himself as in a consumption, and had tri your Dr. Scott's B i box, and has pow chur put' still continues the 5G, and as he is very We the pills has largely incre fally, jlious and Liver Pille. He took only a sinele tircly recovered, and is in excellent heal h, occasional use of the pills. His age is 1} known. I am happy to say my sale of used here. — I am, dear sir, yours faithJd. If, HORNSBY."

a only by WM. LAMBERT, Chemist, g Bing » oa ce ing Cross, Lozdon, in boxes 1s, ae table strect, C a aentity in one, 2s. 94; and sold by ail respectable times the qujors throuzhout the United Kingdom. Be medicine ke for "Dr. Scoti's Bilious and ine Pils 6 sae the purticulars — " Dr. Se S atkage, with the mame of Fee ing Williamn Street, Charing Cross, engraved on the Government stamp. Should any ditiensy ee et-buehnent, these pills, send 16 or 36 por tagte stamape tO ete fs Indigestion, sick headache, loss of appetite, drowsiness, Mddiness, :pasms, wd gl] disorders of the stomach and bowels, ere quickly removed by thet well-known remedy FRAMPTON'S "TTL OF HEALTS. 'They unite the recommendation of a id Gperuion Wittitue most successful effect: and where an penieut as required nothing can be better adapted. Svld by xl Medicine Vendors, price 1s. 133d. and 2s. 2d. per box.

and they will be forwarded fee.

ed various remedies before he was recommended Ie ne LIFE-SIZE ENLARGEMENTS Specimens of which may be seen at the Gallery, Personal attendance from Ten till Four " All the Year Round."

Dublic Hotires, NNR NRL LP


oy CBN VINCENT HATCH, Artist and Photographer, begs most respectfully to call the attention of the Muddersfield public to his celebrated ON PAPER AND CANVAS, 25, BUXTON-ROAD, HUDDERSFIELD.

qualities of Congous are not sold or quoted by R. J. : —

No. 3. — Fine Pekoe Flavoured CONGOU, full, No. 4. — A Mixture of fine Teas grown in India and rich character of the high class Assam Teas........

Sole AGENT for Messrs. W. and A. GILBEY, of London, D brands and labels.


jou BERRIE, Enquire for Catalogue at the Agents.

article in the trade cleaned or dyed. Steam Power 60 horses. Works cover 6,000 yards.

selected from the best makers in the kingdom. &ce. CHINA Breakfast, Dessert, and PARIAN STATUETTES, VASES, &c., including some of the OPTICAL APPARATUS, of the best quality, delivery.


Messrs. SIMEON and LEWIN MOSELY and SONS are in perfect in its Absolute Freedom from Pain, a specialite pertaining teeth until they become firm and useful in mastication, Lancet.

patients visiting in London will meet with every attention free of Teeth from 5s.

and General Grocers' Outfitters, Leeds Road, Bradford, re Which are sold in every variety of size, pattern, style, Confectioners, Butchers, &c.


as 2 pewerful tonic and gentle now No. 1. — Excellent CONGOU, strong, rough, and pungent, a very economical Tea for general family use. 2 2..6 0.. 11 No. 2. — Superior CONGOU, special attention is drawn to this Tea for quality brisk, and lasting, even in second and third water, and must secure a large demand when more fully known .ceeecccenccceneeeeces No. 5. — This is also a Mixture of the finest Teas grown in India and China. It is unrivalled in quality, possessing every character needed by the most fastidious, and is offered to the-connoisseur of this delicious beverage as the finest Tea procurable. . ee'eeebee se nteccccence ene e eee ne ees Observe, Teas can be had in leaded bags, or tin canisters, containing 3 lbs., at an allowance of 2d. bags, or tin canisters, containing 6 Ibs., at an allowance of 4d. per Ib.

of WINES and SPIRITS is kept on hand, and any quantity, frem a single bottle up in London, and as a security that the different qualities are imported and bottled by W.

The Stock of GLASS includes teh eae Decanters, Claret Jugs, Goblets, Wines, and Tumblers, ea Services, of the newest and most elegant patterns, quality, including Dinner Services and Toilet Sets of the most recent design Egyptian, and Etruscan Vases and Bohemian Glass, in great variety. remainder ef the old Stock will be disposed of at a considerable reductien. supplied on the most moderate terms. Every instrument carefully tested before



that they are APPOINTED AGENTS for W. and T. AVERY'S celebrated PATENT AGATE WEIGHING SCALES, WEIGHING MACHINES, &c., and finish, suitable for Grocers, Tea Dealers, Provision Dealers, Chemists, H. G., Son, and Co. can strongly recommend these Scales to every class of Shopkeeper for simplicity, and cheapness. They are used by most bankers for weighing gold, and are scarcely ever out of repair. Also dealers in every description of plain and ornamental Tea Show Canisters, Russian Bowls, Patent Coffee Mills, Loaf-sugar Choppers, Soap Cutters, every article required in a Grocers' outfit supplied at makers' prices. WAREHOUSE and SHOW ROOMS, LEEDS-ROAD, TEA WAREHOUSE, 1, MARKET-PLACE, HUDDERSFIELD.

JROBERT JACKSON submits to the inhabitants of Huddersfield and the surrounding districts the following descriptions of TEAS and LIST OF PRICES. He recommends as 2 or small quantities, should be purchased, and tested, by comparison, in good system that sample ounces of Tea, the same manner as any other merchandise.

1 Ib.

Low 3 tbs. 6 Ibs.

and price. It is strong, ° 26..7 6..18

210..8 0..15

eeeeeee POOH eee mee ween eee eeeeeres fragrant, ripe, and strong. It is equal to Teas sold at much higher prices, and will be fully appreciated by the connoisseur as high class Tea.... China. It is of extremely fine quality, all the delicacy of flavour possessed by the finest Souchong, u combining with the deep full colour, and

3 2..9 @..17

3 6..10 0..19 per lb.; and also in leaded ublin, and Edinburgh, Wine Importers and Distillers. A stock wards, can be obtained at the same price as and A. Gilbey, all bottles will bear their ROBERT JACKSON, 1, Market Place, Huddersfield.


13, Oldham Street, Manchester, and 7, Princess Street, Cavendish Square, London, begs to inform the Ladies of Huddersfield and neighbourhood that he has APPOINTED MR. G. G. BOOTHROYD, DRAPER, &c., 27, NEW-STREET, HIS SOLE AGENT, who will receive all goods at the same prices exactly as if sent direct.

Ladies' and Gentlemen's Dress, in every variety, cleaned or dyed; Feathers and Furs cleaned, altered, and redressed; Furniture, including Lace and Muslin Curtains, Damasks, Moreens, Fringes, Carpets, Rugs, Chintz, Curtains, and Covers, and every IRON BEDSTEAD AND WASHING, WRINGING, AND MANGLING MACHINE WAREHOUSE, 1, QUEEN-STREET, HUDDERSFIELD. HOMAS CHRISPIN, Ironmonger, has the largest Stock in Yorkshire of IRON BEDSTEADS, CHILDREN'S COTS, Straw, Flock, Hair, and Spriag MATTRESSES MACHINES, which are offered at the lowest remunerating price. _ T. C, has always on hand a large assortment of Fenders, Fireirons, Coal Vases, Cooking Ranges, Shop Stores, &c.


o) OSEPH WOOD (late of Birkby), Successor to William Hoyle, res the Public, that he has received LARGE ADDITIONS to his STOC

j also, of Washing, Wringing, and Mangling pectfully informs his Friends and of the Choicest and Newest Designs, personally Lustres, Ornamental Vases, EARTHENWAEE of the first finest productions of Minton, Copeland, and others. Assyrian Matchings carefully and promptly attendedto. The TEETH.

possession of her Majeaty's Royal Letters Patert, No. 559, for e.

improved construction of Artificial Teeth, on an entirely new and never-failing princip The fear of pain and dread of operation, inherent to all, deter very many to whom Artificial Teeth are of vital importance from availing themselves of the services of a Dentist. In a practice founded in 1820, and now part kingdom, an experience unequalled has been obtained, enabling us to offer even the most sensitive sufferer a system of Dentistry extending over greater of the only to OUR PRACTICE, and for which HER MAJESTY HAS GRANTED HER ROYAL LETTERS PATENT, This system embraces the non-interference with all Stumps, however decayed, the supporting instead of extraction of loose L s i and the utter absence of all and every painful operation, so that the most nervous person can be supplied without fear of Pain or Inconvenience. For the efficacy, utility, and success of this system vide Personal attendance of one of the Messrs. Mosely and Sons daily, at 3, East Parade, Leeds. London Establishmerts — 30, Berners Street, Oxford Street, and

448, Strand, opposite Charing Cross Railway Station, where charge. Sets from 5 to 30 Guineas. ALL CONSULTATIONS and EVERY INFORMATION FREE, ENRY GLOVER, SON, and CO., Steam Printers, Paper Merchants, Paper Bag Manufacturers, y announce to the Public and Shopkeepers generally utility, accuracy, economy, Coffee Boxes, Treacle Cisterns, Show Vases, Currant Dressers, Tron and Brass Weights (all sizes), and



GAMUEL HOLDSWORTH and SONS, having greatly enlarged their SHOW-ROOMSE, which now comprise an area of more than 20,000 square feet, respectfully invite inspection of their extensive and well-assorted STOCK of LIBRARY FUKNITURE, HALL FURNITURE, OFFICE FURNITURE, COTTAGE FURNITURE, Carpets, Rugs, Oil Cloth, Kamptulicon, Damasks, Chintzes, &c.,&c. General Furnishing Ironmongery, Sheffield Table Cutlery Especial attention given to the Mounting of Ladies Needlework. All Goods delivered Carriage Free. Terms — Nett Cash.

THE BEST REMEDY FOR INDIGESTION. None S CAMOMILE PILLS are confidently recommended as a simple but certain for Indigestion, which is the cause of nearly all the diseases to which we are subject, being a medicine so uniformly grateful and beneficial, that itis with justice called the " Natural Strengthener of the Human Stomach."

Remedy " Norton's Pills" act crient; are mild in their operation, safe under any circumstances, and thousands of persons can ar testimony to the benefits to be derived from their use, as they have been a never-failing Family Friend for upwards of 30 years. Sold in bottles at 1s. 1:d., 2s. 9d., and lls. each, in every town in the kingdem.

CAUTION. — Be sure to ask for NORTON'S PILLS, and do not be persuaded to purchase an imitation.


MACHINE, with Patent Lifting and Conveying Apparatus and Variable Sinking Rake, is by far the best and cheapest yet produced. — For prices, testimonials, &c,, apply te Wm. M'naught, Sons, and Co. (Limited), Rochdale.

GRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS and MACHINERY of every description, by all the principal makers, at manufacturers' prices. .

Patent Iron Ploughs, Harrows, Chain Ditto, Drills, Field Rollers, Chaff Cutters, Cern Crushers, Oil Cake Mills, Turnip Cutters and Pulpers, Cattle and Pig Troughs, Field Gates and Fencing, Galvanized Wire Netting, Patent Roofing Felt, Dry Hair Beiler Felt, &c., &c.

Carriage Free to most railway stations.

Price lists and every information on application to WILLIAM GOLDEN, Ironmonger and Mill Furnisher, 7, Cross Churchstreet, Huddersfield.

Reeves SUTCLIFFE, City Scale Beam and Weighing Machine Manufacturer, Coffee Mills, Tea Canisters, Coftee Bexes, and Grocers' General Furnishing Establishment, 57, Thomas Street (three doors from Oak Street), Manchester.

Je W. TEMPEST, Public Accountant and J Arbitrator, 37, New Street.

ILLIAM BEAUMONT TAYLOR, Public Accountant and Arbitrator, Nelsen's Buildings, New Street, Huddersfield. _ ILLIAM SCHOFIELD, Accountant, Estate and Commission Agent, Wellington Buildings, Queen Street, Huddersfield. Iusurance and Emigration Agent.

ENRY WILDE, Public Accountant, Arbi-

trator, and Estate and Insurance Agent, &c., 4, New-

street, Huddersfield. Liverpool and London, and Globe, and Accidental Death Insurance Offices.

ACCOUNTANT'S OFFICE, NEW BUILDINGS, PACKHORSEYARD, HUDDERSFIELD. Boeeks posted up, and Balance-sheets prepared for Manufacturers, Merchants, and Traders. Executors and Administrators may save time, trouble, and expense, by attending to the instructions which can be had at this Office. Rents and Accounts collected, and the Monies when received paid over without a day's delay. RICHARD T. M'GRATH, General Accountant. June 29th, 1867. '

IEBIG'S EXTRACT OF MEAT, manufactured on the establishments of R. Tooth, Esq., Sydney; Paris Exhibition, Hors Concours. The chymical analysis of Dr. Miller proves that this extract is unsurpassed in composition. For beef tea, soups, and gravies, one ounce of extract is equal to two pounds of best gravy beef, 2 0z., 2s.;40z., 3s. 9d.; d1b., 7s. 6d.; 1 Ib., 14s.

LIEBIG'S EXTRACT OF MEAT LOZENGES (Patent), in boxes, 1s., 2s. 6d., and 4s. 6d., palatable and convenient.

Sold in Huddersfield by R. Jackson, tea merchant, No. 1, Market-place ; Fryer and King. W. P. England and Co., and R. Cuthbert, chemists.

Wholesale, in London, of Allen and Hanburys, John,bell and Co., Crosse and Blackwell, E. Lazenby and Sons, John Burgess and Son, and the principal wholesale houses. Sole consignees, W. J. Coleman and Co., 13, St. Mary-at-hill, London, E.C.


THROAT, difficulty of breathing, and all similar affections of the respiratory organs. Sold by chemists and medicine vendors throughout the world. In bottles only, price 1s. 134d., 2s. 3d., and lls. each. Established nearly half a century.

SATISFACTORY LETTER. "+5, Wood Street, Millbank, Westminster, October 5th, 1867.

Sir, — _Some months back I had an attack of Bronchitis, which left at times a tickling in the throat, with other unpleasant feelings. I was advised totry the Balsam of Aniseed; I did so, and have found very great relief; it is most comforting in allaying the irritation, and giving strength to the voice. You are at liberty to make use of this as you think proper, and I earnestly hope that others may benefit by it 2s I have done. — With many thanks from your obedient servant, .

"SamMvuEL Dear, Dean's Verger, Westminster Abbey."

"To Mr. Powell."

Ask for Powell's Balsam of Anisccd.


The best remedy for bile, wind, indigestion, costiveness, piles, headache, sickness, giddiness, fluttering of the heart, nervousness, loss of appetite, flatulence, heartburn, &c.

Their ingredients are really excellent, and are sworn on oath not to contain the smallest particle of any preparation of Antimony or Mercury; they act very gently on the bowels, and do not require any change of diet on the part of the patient, or produce the slightest risk of taking cold. If the public, only knew how mercury destroys the delicate coats of the stomach, weakens the digestion, affects the nerves, and positively shortens life, they would take no other aperient than DR. KING'S DANDELION AND QUININE LIVER PILLS, Which liberate bile, disperse wind, and strengthen the whole frame. They purify the biood, restore the tone of the stomach, destroy worms, and remove all complaints brought on by irregu. larity of the bowels, thus being tu both sexes a restorative and preservative of heulth, cleansing the blood and fluids from every impurity.

Prapered only by JAMES RORKE, 47, Mortimer Street, Caret dish Square, London, W., in boxes, at 1s.1}d , 2s. 94., 4s. 6d., Les lls. each, free by post for stamps, and from following aS : Engianp and Co,and Fryer, Huddersfield; Heston Sater Teeds; Rimmington, Bradford; Whittaker, Sbeltield; Dyer, URN'S CHAMBER of COMMERCE HOTEL and DINING-ROOMS, situate at the corner of Westgate and Jehn William Street, near the Market Place, Huddersfield, are replete with every convenience for the middle and upper classes.

Hot Dinners from Twelve to Three.

N.B. — The Refreshment Bar, in connection with the above hotel, is now Open, where the public may be accommodated with Wines, Spirits, Ales and Porter, Tea, Coffee, Sandwiches, and Soups, &c., &c., at very moderate charges.

EW MARKET DINING-ROOMS, Near the Shambles, Huddersfield. PUBLIC NOTICE. — These Rooms are now replete with every eomfort and convenience, warmed by steam, and well ventilated. Dinners daily from Twelve o'clock to Three. Ox Tail and other Soups at Eleven. For the comfort of the public generally during the Winter months, the Proprietor has resolved to supply HOT JOINTS every Saturday evening from Seven to Ten o'clock, together with other first-class Refreshments. Charges moderate, and served without delay. . G. SIMS, Proprietor.

G. S. calls especial attention to his superior PORK PIES, fresh every Saturday.

OOT AND SHOE MANUFACTORY, Newstreet, corner of King Street, Huddersfield.

[Aces WINTER BOOTS, at Joseph Varley and Sons LAPIS' BALMORAL BOOTS, at Joseph Varley and Sons.

TAPE' POLISH and See BOOTS, at Joseph Varley and Sons.

Lar DORBLE-GOLED BOOTS, at Joseph Varley and ons.

2" XID BOOTS, from 5s. 6d., at Joseph Varley and Sons.

pp ELASTIC BOOR. from 4s., at Joseph Varley and ms. p Are AND GENTLEMEN'S DRESS BOOTS, at Joseph Varley and Sons.

KYE®Y description ef ladies' and gentlemen's sewn, rivetted, and screw BOOTS and SHOES ulways on hand at Joseph Varley and Sens.

(PSERVE the Address — JOSEPH VARLEY field.

and SONS, New Street, corner of King Street, Hudders-

WHEN YOU ASK FOR LENFIELD STARCH, SEE THAT YOU GET IT, As snlerion kinds are often substituted for the sake of extra profits.


Beechams PILLS are admitted by thon-

sands to be worth above a Guinea a Box for bilious and aervous disorders, such as wind and pain at the stomach, sick neadache, giddiness, fulness and swelling after meals, dizziness and drowsiness, cold chills, flushings of heat, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, costiveness, scurvy, blotches on the skin, disturbed sleep, frightful dreams, and ail nervous and trembling senaeiiene, &ec.,&c. The first dose will give relief in twenty minutes.

This is no fiction. for they have done it in thousands of cases. The proprietor of these Pills having obtained (at great expense) 2 Patent for them, he challenges the whole world to produce a medicine equal to them, for removing the above-named complaints, and restoring the patients to sound and lasting health. Every sufferer is earnestly invited to try one box of these Pills, and they will be acknowledged to be worth 2 Guinea a Box.

For females of all ages these Pills are invaluable, as a few doses of them carry off all gross humours, open all obstructions, and bring about all that is required. No female should be without them. There is no medicine to be found to equal Beecham's Pills for removing any obstruction or irregularity of the system. If taken according to the directions given with each box, they will s00n restore females of all ages to sound and robust health.


As a remedy for coughs in general, asthma, difficulty in breathing, shortness in breath, tightness and oppression of the chest, wheezing, &c., these Pills stand unrivalled; and anyone labouring under any of the above complaints need only try one box, to prove that they are the best ever offered to the public, for asthmatic and consumptive coughs, hoarseness, and oppression of the chest. They speedily remove that sense of oppression and difficulty of breathing, which nightly deprives the patient of rest. They give almost instant relief and comfort to those afflicted with the above distressing and, when neglected, dangerous complaints. Let any person troubled with any of the above complaints give Beecham's Cough Pills a trial. The imost violent cough will in a short time be removed.

Caution — The public are requested to notice that the words " Beecham's Pills, St. Helens," are on the Government stamp affixed to each box of the pills; if not on they are a forgery.

Prepared only and sold wholesale and retail by the proprietor, T. BEECHAM, Chemist, St. Helen's, in boxes at 1s. 144d. and 2s.9d.each. Sent post-free for 15 or 36 stamps. Sold by every druggist in every town in the Kingdom. Ful! directions given with each box. Wholesale Agents — all the wholesale drug houses. : :

From a perusal of a mass of genuine testimonials from all parts of the kingdom and persons ir every sphere of life, we are bound ty arrive at the conclusion that Beecham's Pills are one of the best of patent medicines, and unequalled for their curative properties. None can compete with them for thoroughly eradicating most of the complaints to which flesh is heir, and for correcting the system end pnrifying the blood they bear off Halifas ; Laweor, Holmfirth; and a1) draggists.

tbe palm.

Public Notices, ORIN RL LLL AAA LAPP APR ALO PAP AARP A APLAR" PPPS PLD ALLSOP Pion rag My MASTERS, Surgeon Dentist, 29, New North Road, Huddersfield. Hours of attendance — From Ten till Eight daily. Teeth Extracted for the Poor every Wednesday morning before Ten o'clock.

A LFRED SMITH, Kirkgate, Huddersfield, invites an inspection of his CLOCKS, WATCHES, Guards, Alberts, Necklets, Rings, Dressing Cases, Work Boxes, Desks, Electro-plated and Fancy Goods.


Bt Brazilian Pebble SPECTACLES, guaranteed to preserve the eyesight, 6s. 6d. per pair.

Pe®iscoric SPECTACLES, 3s. 6d. per pair.

(oNcAvE and Convex SPECTACLES, from 1s. 6d. per pair.

Gor»: Silver, and Steel SPECTACLES, to suit all sights.

Jeweller, GEORGE RUSSELL, Watchmaker, King Street, &c., Corner of Cross Church Street and Huddersfield.


\ J ILLIAM KAYE, Manager to Mr. John Fell, y Coal Merchant, begs to inform his friends and customers residing on New NorthWwe and neighbourhood, that he has REMOVED to No. 27, PORTLAND-STREET (late Dyke End Lane), three doors from Mr. James Taylor's, grocer, ec. Orders for COALS will have his best and immediate attention.

presse GARNER, Sculpter, Trinity Street, Huddersfield, and Oxford Street, Manchester. Monuments, Tablets, Head-stenes, and Tombs, in marble, granite, and stone.

op os S. TOLSON and CO., Importers of FOREIGN WINES and SPIRITS, Ale and Porter Brewers.

J. S. T. and Co. beg to call the attention of the public to their stock of well matured Wines and Spirits. Salt and Co.'s East India P.

ALE ALE in 12 gallons and upwards, _ 41, King Street, Huddersfield.


88, John William Street, Huddersfield.

M. SMITH, Importer and Dealer in Wines and Spirits, Folly Hall, Huddersfield. Late Geo. Smith and Son. Established 1833.


IRST'S WINE and SPIRIT WAREHOUSE, 59, King Street. A choice Selection of Ports, Sherries, Champoqscs, Hock and Moselle, Claret, Burgundy, and

&c. Foreign and British Spirits, Bottled Ales and Stent.

The Trade and Private Families supplied.

EFRESHMENT ROOMS, Ordin Day. Se oaba toad at Ten a.m An Ordinary every Day. Soups reney ot ORE. Proprietor.

INAHAN'S LL WHISKY. DUBLIN EXHIBITION, 1865. wet celebrated Old Irish Whisky gained the Dublin Prize s It is pure, mild, mellow, delicious, and more wholesome than the finest Cognac brandy. Wholesale at 8, Great Windmillstreet, Lendon, W. CAUTION.

In purchasin, g from the Agents, gbserve the red seal, pink label,and cork branded "" KID AHAN'S L.L. WHISKY." Agent at Huddersfield — T. JACKSON, Westgate.

HOMAS JACKSON, Westgate, corner of Railway Street, Huddersfield, wholesale and retail WINE and SPIRIT MERCHANT, Importer and Bonder, dealer ia BASS'S and ALLSOPP'S ALES, and GUINNESS' Extra Dublia STOUT, &c., in Cask and Bottle.

Agent for Joshua Tetley and Son, Brewers, Leeds.

N.B. — Spirits Sold at the full strength.

Single Bottles ef Wines and Spirits at Wholesale Prices.

Carriage paid. Price lists on application.

All goods purchased from the above Heuse may be depended upon as being of the very best description, and consistent with quality, at the lowest possible prices.


oy Onas WRIGHT, Wine and Spirit Merchant. A Single Bottle of WINE or SPIRITS at Wholesale Prices.

PARTRIDGE, Wholesale and Retail e@ WINE, SPIRIT, Bottled ALE, and PORTE Beene fltion Hotel, Buxton Road, Huddersfield. Families supp.


COMPANY, Dublin, have appointed Messrs. LISTER

and GREENWOOD, AGENTS for the Sale of their Stout in Huddersfield and District.

Prices free, on board or.ex store, to be had on application to Messrs. Lister and Greenwood, Wine and Spirit Merchants, Offices and Siores, Cloth Hall Street, Huddersfield.


ESTABLISHED 1858, For the purpose of supplying the Nobility, Gentry, and Private Families with PURE WINES and SPIRITS of the highest character, at a Saving of at least 30 per cent from ordinary current rates.

Sole AGENT For HUDDERSFIFLD — JOHN OLDROWD, Family Grocer, 26, New Street.

122, ROYAL VICTORIA SHERRY, (The standard of excellence) 27s. per dozen. SPLENDID OLD PORT, 37s. per dozen (eleven years in the wood.) e Per Per Bottle. Dozen. 0. SHERRY. s. d. 8s. d.

Prussian Sherry ........s-eeecceeecees eee) 1 3 15 1 [aaks FIO cecescenesesscqancccerenss 18 20 2 Superior ditto cece nee e neon nes 20 24 9 4 Royal Victoria ......2.0..ccceeeeeeecceeees 2 3 27 7 Fine Pale 2. eee eee eee eee eee 29 33 «0 9 [Very Old... 2.22.2. cece cece eee eee seeeeeeee 8 86 13'Fime Golden 2. ccc ccc eee ween ee 8 6 2


s Gls POE. cainaisec:cnisiain 6 oe wasieeeenemmas-< 138 15 1 |Old Port (5 years old)... 2.2... cece seco eee 2 24 2 |Ditto (7 years old).......02005 eceesssee] 2 8 27 6 8 'Superior (9 years old)...........-..2-2e eee 26; 30 4 'Splendid Old ..... 20... cece e ee eee 31 87 5. Olea Crusted: wo. cccrnresesaeves vensiscscenes 36, 420


Vin Ordimaire 2. cece eee cece neces 10:;'2R0

Med@e 02.2 ccc cceccscnnceaceeceses 1 6 18 6

Bordeaux ...cccccceeccce cece ee enceeceees 18 20

St. Julian 2... eee eee eee eee ence eee 20 24


Fine Sparkling .......... 000 scesesercceees 25 29 08

Epermay .. — . — -eeecerececcecccueees oases 2 7 31

Verzenay.......sceeeer ese ccecsenceecee eooet 23 YD 33 (0

Chansarel's (First quality) ..............539 45

BEAUJOLAIS (the finest imported)........ 18 20

SPIRITS. (Of the finest quality only.) Cognac Brandy (5 years old) 40 48 Ditto (10 years old) .............. 46 54 Ditto (15 years wld) 5 4 6

Colonial Brandy .......0..ccesecccecencccs 22 26

Old ditto ditto 6... eee cece cece cence ee 3 386

Schiedam Hollands..............0eeceeeeee 2 4 23

Ditto ditto (De Ktiyper's) ...........2.....38 8 86

London Gin cee eee cee eee eens 2 24

Finest ditto 2.0... ccc cece eee ccc weeenn eee 2 5 29

Old Jamaica Rum ............0.02eee eee 21 25

Ditto — eennncneccccccncccececs 2 7 31

Old Scotch Whisky...........-..2.....24.. 21 25

Pimedt Giwtlo a2 nccaccraceuess seaesesecccses 211 35

Frisk: WHISKY. . «..<asccsecsesessceasecceeans 21 25

Finest ditto 2... 2..sccccesnssccaccccccsess 211 35 8

The Wines and Spirits will all bear the Trade Mark and Patent Capsule of the "European and Colonial Wine Company," and can be ebtained of their Agents at the same price and quality as sent direct from the Company's Stores.



Barnsley ........ Braine and Co., Grocers, Shambles-strect. Batley .......... W. Parrington, Chemist, Commercial Street. Birstall.......... J. Tetley, Chemist, High Street.

Bradford ........ R. Morrell and Co., Grocers, Westgate. Castleford ...... A. Cheeseborough, Grocer, Bridge Street. Darlington ...... N. Bragg, Grocer, 21, High Row.

Dewsbury ...... J. R. Robinson, Chemist, 597, Westgate.

Filey ............ William Storey, Post Office.

Halifax.......... W. Hartley and Co., Grocers, Victoria Street Holmfirth ..... W. Knowles, Chemist, Upper Bridge. Keighley ........ Roper and Sons, Grocers, High Street. Leyburn ........ Richard Dobson, Grocer.

Selby............ Francis Taylor, Chemist.

Sheffield ........ J.J. G. Tuckwood, Grocer, 96, Sheffield Moor. Stokesley........ R. Calvert, Chemist, Market Place.

Whitby .......... Edward Carney, Grocer, Baxter Gate.

York ............ W. Crosby, Grocer, 69, Skeldergate.

Books of Prices, containing upwards of 200 descriptions of Wines and Spirits, forwarded free, on applieation to the Company's Agents as above, and by whom the Wines and Spirits are supplied irom a single bottle and upwards.

TIPPING and CO., Managers.

AMiy MEDICAL ADVISER, by JOHN SKELTON, Sen., Physician, Surgeon, &e. Price 2s. 6d. A Catalogue of Herbs and Preparations, with prices attached, may be had, gratis, on application to T. N. Swift, chemist, 39, Cross Church Street, agent for Dr. Skelton.


The public are particulariy requested to ebserve that every cork is branded " RK. Ellis and Son, Ruthin," without which none is genuine. — May be obtained from all respectable Chemists, Confectioners, and Hotel Keepers; and wholesale only, from R. ELLIS and SON, Ruthin, North Wales.

KAYE'S WORSDELL'S PILLS. Kaxes WORSDELL'S PILLS have become : so celebrated, because they go at once to the root of disease, purify the vital fluid, and enable all the organs of the human system to perform their functions in a healthy and vigorous manner. They are curefully compounded on sound principles, and, being entirely free from mercurial, antimonial, and other mineral or dangerous substances, may be safely taken by persons of the most delicate coxstitution. Sold by all Chemists and other Deelers in Patent Medicines at Is. 1ad., Us. 9d.,and 4s. Gd. Wholesale Depet, 22, Bread Street, London.

Bublic otic, PON a mabe Xr ame se HUDDERSFIELD, 1868. IMPORTANT SALE PRIOR TO STOCK-TAKING, OOTSEY WARD, in announcing the ANNUAL CLEARING SALE of his rich and vainable STOCK of Linen Drapery, Silks, Shawls, Furs, Jackets, Blankets, Quilts, &e., begs to inform the public that the greater portion of the above has been bought during the most depressed state of the various markets, at a very great discount from the lists and prices enrrent. The full benefit and advantages accruing therefrom will DURING THE SALE, be given to the purchaser, and the whole Stock is now re-marked, and will be DISPOSED OF at prices unheard of for many years past.

SILK DRESSES. — Sale of Stock. — Useful fancy colored Silk Dresses, 25s. 1034d. the Dress, are w speci ion. Black, te tid. » are worth special attention SILK DRESSES. — Sale of Stock. — Rich coloured Silk Dresses at 27s. 6d., 32s. 6d., 358., 373. 6d., 42s., 478. 6d., 52s. Gd., and 63s. the full dress of 14, 15, and 16 yards, are worth the notice of intending purchasers, as many of these being odd dresses, the ether colors of the same pattern being cold out, are marked at an extremely low price, in order to clear out the pattern. ROOTSEY WARD.

SILK DRESSES. — Sale of Stock. — Extra rich colonred Silk and Satin Dresses, both in plain colors and patterns of neat and ney Seatgne. sine oo brocaded Gro Grains, costly e, exquisite Mo ntiques are all incl i f at greatly reduced prices. 7 ctuded in the Sale ROOTSEY WARD.

REMNANTS. — Sale of Stock. — Remnants of Silks of vari lengths, colours and qualities marked quite regi of cont. ROOTSEY WARD.

WARD BROTHERS' BALLAARAT STAYS, — Sale of Stock. — The Ladies' favourite Ballaarat Stays will be Sold during this Sale at 2s. 743d. ber pair. Other makes of Stays will be marked at clearing-out prices, _ The system carried out by Rootsey Ward, of marking all goods in plain figures, will enable purchasers to see the actual Reduetions made from the original price (the Sale Price will be in Red Ink). ROOTSEY WARD, John William Street, Huddersfield, HESS and STANSFIELD desire to remind their friends and the public generally that (in order to maduce tok) mock ae eee ee Goods, previous to i e ann NG SALE will COMMENG

this day (Saturday). =

2 and 3, New Street, 10th January, 1868, SALE OF DRAPERY, &c., FOR ONE MONTH.

GREGORY begs to inform his friends @ «nd the public generally that he has determined to OFFER his STOCK for SALE at greatly REDUCED PRICES, As it is not his intention to limit the sale te any special department or class of goods, purchasers may have their varied wants supplied without any reserve.

Every article will be offered at a great reduction in price, and prompt payment expected. An early call will be found advantageous. 20, New Street Huddersfield.


7 BOOTHROYD begs to inform the _, imhabitants of Holmfirth and neighbourhood, that he hag decided to OFFER the remaining portion of his WINTER STOCK at a considerable REDUCTION. The Stock consists of winceys, skirtings, furs, shawls, fancy dresses, Freneh merinos, jackets, blankets, sheets, counterpanes, &c.

As the Sale is limited to 14 days, an early call will oblige. Sale to commence this day, January 18th, 1868.

Victoria House, Holmfirth.



HOMAS KAYE thanks his friends and the public generally for their kind support and patronage during the last five years, and begsto inform them that previous to Stock-taking, he intends having his first CLEARING SALE, commencing on Saturday (this day), January 18th, for Fourteen v8.

To effect a speedy clearance to make room for Spring and Summer Goods, the whole of the Stock has been considerably REDUCED in PRICE, from which no abatement will be made. King Street, Huddersfield.


ARMITAGE has just received a large

@ STOCK of UNDER-LINEN suitable for the SEASON at greatly reduced prices. Babies' Long Robes, Cloaks, Coats and Capes, Hoods, Bonnets, and Hats, in great variety. New Algerian Sets and Clasps, Jet, Gilt, and Enameled Combs, Clasps, Brooches and Ear-rings, at the Baby-linen, Ladies' Under-clothing, and Fancy Repository, 23, New Street, Huddersfield. CHRISTMAS FESTIVITIES, Jp ALL sson and WHITHAM, John Willian-strect, and 2, Wesgate.

R= description of SEWING MACHINES, can be had at Mallinson and Whitham's.

eee Pes and CHILDREN'S White hid, and Marseilles BOOTS, at Mallinson and Whitham's.


and CHILDREN'S Coloured BOOTS, at Mallinson and Whitham's.

TAPES WINTER Boots, at Mallinson and Whitham's.

Pos BALMORAL BOOTS, at Mallinson and Whitham's.

Polish, Swiss, and Alpine BOOTS, at Mallinson and Whitham's.

Fes PPPHOMAS PRESTO, Merchant Tailor, Draper, Habit Maker, and professed Trousers Cutter, from Regentstreet, London, begs to inform the inhabitants of Huddersfield and vicinity that he hag RECEIVED his Paris and London FASHIONS. Gentlemen requiring « suit of clothes, by leaving their measure one day can have them the next, perfect fit and style guaranteed. Trousers and vests made in six hours. Military Uniforms, Liveries, and Meurning Orders executed with despatch.

Westgate, Huddersfield, April 4th, 1867.

e WINTER CLOTHING. O VERCOATS, in Tweeds, Meltons, &c., 20s. to 25s, OSEPH HIRST, Merchant Tailor and Woollen Draper, No. 1, High Street and Buxton Road.

(preacoazs, in Indigo Blue and Colonred Elysian Cloths, 25s. to 35s.

(preecoars, in the New Brown and Clive Meltons and Beavers, 303. to 40s.

QVERCOATS, in Blue Reefers, Sacks, &e.

OSEPH HIRST'S BESPOKE DEPARTMENT is now replete with a large assortment of West of England and Yorkshire Beavers, Meltcns, and Finished CLOTHS fer the winterseason. Style and fit guaranteed, with prices extremely moderate.

No.1, High Street and Buxton Road.


R. SHAW, Tailor, Woollen Draper, and

@ practical Trousers-cutter, interior of the Arende, Huddersfield. W. R. S. in returning his most sincere thanks for the patronage bestowed upon him, begs to inform his friends and the public that he has just returned from London, where he has purchased a large and varied selection of the most fashionable and seasonable GOODS from the first-class houses in the Westend, and respectfully solicits the favour of an inspection of the same, which for cheapness and durability cannot fail to give entire satisfaction. W. R. S. feels confident from his long' practical experience, in various West End establishments and the provinces, that those who favour him with a trial will find that they can have a garment, which for style and fit cannot be surpassed by any house in the country; but skould any garment fail to give perfect satisfaction he will be happy to alter it, or (if frem W. R. S.'s material) make another.

W. R, SHAW, Interior of Areade, Huddersfield.


AIRCUTTING by STEAM POWER, easy and perfect, newly introduced by Professor VICTOR LINOF, Coiffeur, Perfuerm, and celebrated Wig Manufacturer, de Pari V. L. recommends the use of his Vegetable Lotion and Nutritive Cream which makes the hair grow rapidly. Victor Linof has received several excellent testimonials of it, and orders from persons residing in Egypt, Ramsgate, &c., Ke.

Ask for Vietor Linof's Lotion and Cream.

WIG MAKERS! WIG MAKERS!! @AVILE and BARLOW beg to call the attention of the public to their invisible SCALPS, WIGS, FRONTS, HAIR DYES. &e.

GAMES FOR THE SEASON: The Wedding, Moorish Fort, Parlour Croquet, Table Croquet, Bagatelle, German Billiards, Squails, Schimmell, Parachute Tops, the Bride, Quartetts, Snap, Happy Family, Loto, Illustrated Proverbs, and all the new es.

SAVILE and BARLOW'S Hair Cutting and Shampooing Saloons, Lion Arcade (Inside).

Catalogues free.

PUBLIC NOTICE. OSTING and HANDBILLS (to any size), Circulars, Bill Heads, Business Cards, Catalogues, Club Rules, Pamphlets, and every description of JOBBING and BOOK PRINTING neatly executed on the shortest notice, and on the most reasonable terms, at JAMES HARTLEY'S, Post Office Buildings, New Street, Huddersfield.

CHRONICLE STEAM PRINTING WORKS. CROSS CHERCH-STREET AND KIRKGATE. ( OE HARPER, by the aid of powerful Machinery and a large staff of Workmen, possesses unequalled facilities for executing PAMPHLETS, REPORTS, CIRCULARS, PRICE LISTS, CATALOGUES, POSTING BILLS, LABELS, AND EVERY KIND OF LETTER-PRESS PRINTING, In the best style and with the greatest expedition and punetu-



Orrice ror OrpERS — Cross Chureh Street. Worxs — Kirkeate. USE ONLY THE


The Queen's Laundress uses no other. INNEFORD'S FLUID MAGNESIA.

For thirty years the medical profession have approved of thi pure solution as the best remedy for avidity on the staenboh heartburn, headache, gout, and indigestion, and as a rnild aperient for delicate constitutions, especially adapted for ladies children, and infants. When combined with the , ACISULATED LEMON SYRUP, It forms a most Agreeable effervescing draught, m whieh its aperient and cooling qualities are much increased. Th warm seasons and warm climates this simple preparation, when taken REGULARLY, has been found highly beneficial, DINNEFORD and CO., Chemists, &e., 172, New Bond London. Sold by ail respectable eb world.

CAUTION. — See that " Dinueford & Co,"


j -Ftrect, emists throughout the

"On eeeb bu tle red label over the cexk. os aend

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