Huddersfield Chronicle (24/Jan/1857) - Holmfirth Choral Society

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Holmfirth Choral Society.

The members of this society, all of whom have handsomely offered their services gratuitously for the occasion, intend to give a grand miscellaneous concert in the Town Hall, on Friday, the 6th of March next, for the benefit of Mr. Joe Perkin, the conductor, whose ill-health for some time past has, we regret to say, materially affected his circumstances. All lovers of music in the neighbourhood will thus have an opportunity of testifying their sympathy for this talented musician in a practical shape, and there is no doubt the result will be very gratifying. Mr. Perkin formerly ranked high as a tenor singer, until his voice gave way by declining health. He was also considered eminent as a violinist, and more recently he has been known in the musical world as an author, having composed several excellent songs and glees which have, on several occasions, been sung with applause. His efforts in the science of music are almost exclusively directed to organising and conducting the orchestra of this society, which bids fair under his auspices, and those of Mr. Etchells, the leader, and several others, to be second to none in the provinces. It already numbers upwards of 70 performers, and many accessions are promised.