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brother of Wililam [William] Lee, by Mr Boooook, [Book] solicitor, Hall-' , who had prepared the settlement, and by J. B. meden, [men] elerk [clerk] to the pleintifis' [plaintiffs] solleltors, [solicitors] who had served the notices on Mrs Lee and Ollffe, [Oliffe] After a long hearing, Mr Jastice [Justice] Obitty [Obit] found thet [the] the plalotlffe [plaintiff] had established thelr [their] claim to the mechinery [machinery] tn question, which war sald [sale] to bo cf the valuc [value] of 320, and he made an order for possession to be given uy to the plaintiffs within seven deys, [days] and as Mre [Mr] Lee bad concurred in Oliffe's Gef-vce [Ge-vice] to the action, he was compelled to direst was the oe of the ection [action] shoald [should] be paid by all the udgment [judgment] was accordip [according] for the pleintiffe [plaintiff] with ocgts. [acts] ely given TOMKINS o. JONES. Oa Wea rom our own Correspondent.) a Wednesday, in the Court of Appeal, London, com- [composed] poted [noted] of the Master of the Rolls (Lord Esher and cle [ce] Justices Bowen and Fry, the appeal of the plain- [planing] ning [nine] the order of the Lord Ohief [Chief] Justice and Mr us ce Hewkins, [Hawkins] affirming an order for certiorari for Lond. [Land] the trial of the action from the olty [old] of ; on Court to the High Conrt [Court] of Justice, came on or rgumeut. regiment] Mr Yeatman, [Yeoman] instructed by Mr Ohendler, [Handel] qallatcur, [Gallagher] of Lo..don, appeared for the appellants, and Mr - Walton, iustructea [instructed] by Messrs Ramsden, Sykes, and Ramsden, solicizors, [solicitors] Haddersfield, [Huddersfield] for the respondents. From the s a ement [a cement] of Mr Yeatman, [Yeoman] for the appellant, it appeared that the action was brought by the plaintiffs Mr Frederick Tomkins and Oatherine [Catherine] Mary, his wife, in the City of Lonéon [London] County Court, for the purpose of recovering 48 15s, from Frederick Robert Jones, of Hudderefiald, [Huddersfield] two instelments [instalments] of an annuity of 100, which the defendant had agreed to pay Uuder [Under] sn agreement entered into and which was dated 16th My, 1885. He had undertaken to pay this annuity to the plaintiffs on certain leasehold pr in London being assigned to him; and had continued to do so down to acertain [certain] date, when, as alleged, the plaintiffs' title to the preperty [property] seemed to be questioned. One provisi.n [provision.n] in the agreement was to the effect that the aunuicy [annuity] should cease to be paid if there should be any question as to the plaintiffs' title to the property, and in his defence Mr Jones set forth that the plaintiffs had not made ont a good or sufficient title to the property assigued [assigned] to him. It was an understanding that the question of titie [title] would be raised at the tria [trial] that the Divisional Court had affirmed the order for trying the case in the High Oourt, [Court] bunt the plaintiffs denied that any question a all of title or possession of the property be raised. By the new County Oourt [Court] Act, seo- [son] n 56, pasced [passed] last year, a County Oourt [Court] could not deal with a question of title to hereditaments of an annual value exceeding 50 therefore che order for the hearing of the cate [care] had been granted. Bat no question of title to the effest [effect] that she adhered to that will. The Master of the Rolle-That [Roll-That] was a ailly [ally] oath to to Mr E. A. Morton for his gift.' tske. [take] It simply meant that the lady docs not intend to Marsh Sub-committee, at their meeting, decided to plant with trees the new footpath in Blackersroad. [blackest] They ecided-' [decided] That St. John's-road be planted with trees on oth [oh] sides, in continuation of the planting which the alter ber [be] mind at present. Mr Yeatman [Yeoman] gald [glad] thet [the] his clients had done all that d wal [al] neoeszary [necessary] to vest the property in the b The Master of the Rolis-Perhaps [Rolls-Perhaps] he had expected the Fartown Committee have deolded [folded] to carry out near the janction [junction] of the rosd [road] with Blacker-road. At a meoting [meeting] of Mz Yeatman [Yeoman] eald [Dale] that eeemed [seemed] to be one of the reasons the Fartown, Deighton, and Bradley Sub-committee, held on the 5th inst,, plans of the Oowoliffe [Oliffe] Hill road written a ietter [letter] enclosing the lest instalment of provement, improvement] and the improvement in the roadway annulty [annuity] to Mrs Tomkins, io which be regretted the bad at bargain into which he had been drswn [drawn] by 'a devil-dyed Bridge, were submitted by the borough surveyor trickster. The letter contained this observation-'I 24 approved. The sub-committee resolved to carry ont thought that yor [or] would bave [ave] long ago died of the necessary ireo [ire] planting io Blacker-road, St. John's- chronic dlerrieea,' [terrier] and concladed [concluded] by stating that and Delghton-road. [Deighton-road] An spplication [application] from Sir J. W. the writer would not like to be in the posi. [post] Bert., was eabmitsed [amidst] for the stopping up of the tion [ion] of the eforeesld [aforesaid] trickster, who seemed to Dighway [to Highway] called Bradley Mllls [Mills] Old-Jane, In accordance be tn schrenlo screen] state of diabolism.' (Langhter.) [Laughter] He Bee anent mode oo 20 6, 1576, by Mujor [Major] Mr Yeatm [Team] rabem, [ram] and the plans then sabmitted. [submitted] was recolved [resolved] ; an) submitted thet [the] this was bigbly [Bible] improper That an order be ssued issued] In acccrdance [accordance] with the appiica- [applicant- application] tlon, [ton] subject to the rights of the public with reference to District Reglstrar [Registrar] of the High Court, to use towards footpassenger [foot passenger] being preserved, to the setisfaotion [satisfaction] of the lady or genticman, [gentleman] sdvanced [advanced] both of them far in yeara- [years- year] Clerk and borough surveyor.' Ata [At] further meet- [meet especially] especially the old lady who was over 80 years of age, ing held on the 8th fost., [soft] the subject of the Improvement To tell thet [the] isdy [used] be meant of a letter thst [that] he had expected her to dle [de] long ego, wes [West] most and 8t purpose was considered, when Mr Oounolllor [Councillor] Scholes avfeciing, [affecting] aud [and] the person who wrote such 8 letter ought Promised to give the lend co-extensive with his frontage, to reeel c [reel c] no assistance from that court beyond of cost to the apon [upon] the terms now atrict [strict] legal rights If the defendant bed mede [made] a bad lodioated, [looted] viz,, that the batidiag [badinage] lins [lin] be fixed ata Glatance [Glance] bargain ho was bound by tt all the seme; [see] aud [and] ae no cf 5ft. [ft] back from the new improvement line that the auestion [question] of title cunld [could] or woald [would] be raised t the trial, he W'dth [W'death] of the footpath from the improvement Ine In] be 6ft., [ft] submitted thet [the] the trial oaght [ought] to take place io the Oity [Out] that the land be permitted to be leased to that extent, of London Ooanty [Ont] Court, The defence he mast characterise as mostly cousisting [consisting] of abuse; and the second C #' of the owner of the land, or his lessee, The S06 [SIR] lest polo wes [West] tbat [that] as 00 question of title tothe [tithe] Almondbury and Newsome Sub-committee met on property had been raleed [railed] the action should vot [not] be tried the Sth [St] toet., [toe] when the borough surveyor reported apon [upon] at Leeds. Ae be had received mite respect pc. the oe r Ne- [Nether] the oo required for the widentng [widening] of Northgate, Almondbary. [Almondbury] Toe Master of the Rolls-I think the court under At a meoting [meeting] of the Sub commttten [committee] on the zay [say] that I tb inst., the borough reported he receipt of ae ioe oe not at ali like the gentleman who writes the sum of 175 from the Lancashire and Yorkshire Mr J. Waitcn, [Wait] who apreared [appeared] for the respondent, eaid [said] Ballwey [Bailey] Oompany, [Company] being the balance of the amount be would not attempt to justify the language osed [used] by to be accepted in settlement of the claim of the bis client, but at the eame [same] time he ought to explain that Oorporation [Corporation] towards the oost [post] of the retaluing [retaining] walls in Meltham-road, which had been carried to the district account. An application was submitted from Mr Edward S. Shaw, of Woodfield, for permission to lay a line of platntiffe. [plaintiff] pipes across Meltham-road, so as to convey the overflow The Blaster of the Rol's [Roll's] sald [sale] that the court war asked erste [ester] gl Se ole' in Woodficld [Whitfield] Park to the to excuse defendent's [defendant's] offensive Inngaage [Language] on account of 10s ication [action] be granted, subject to the work being done by the workmen of the Corporation, aud [and] to his enteriug [entering] into an agreement to be prepared by the Town The attention of the committee was called to he damage done to the footpath and rosdway [roadway] in Qourt. [Court] It was quite clear that Mea [Me] Tomkins had the ; right of appointm nt [appoint nt] by will as to the property, and borg vy the flow of water thereon from the old lady to die before this which probsbly [probably] icfluenced [influence] the defendant. He had ' language for the defendant, who bappened [happened] to be the Registrar of the County Court of Huddersfield, end aleo [ale] atands [stands] the points you have teken, [taken] Mr Yeatman. [Yeoman] I must when be wrote the letter read to the court he was soffecing [suffering] in bodily health, aud [and] enfferlag [unfeeling] the loss which bad been entailed cpon [upon] him by the agreemect [agreement] with the bis bodily iliness. [illness] Mr Welton sald [sale] that the question of title would be raised by the defendant, and therefore the case cpald [cold] not be properly trisd [tried] in the Clty [City] of London Conaty [County] there waano [wan] resson [reason] why she should not exercise it. The Master of the Rolle [Roll] said the court was with Mr Welles on this point. bees 507 plained of action being tried in Middlesex and not at Leeds kl . Mr Walton ssid [said] he would be willing to have the venue for Ft eee [see] and Delta Set. story met on the llth [loth] inst., and ordered the payment of the 50 agreed upon to be contributed for the ereotion [erection] of the river wall in King's Mill-lane, that work having been Tbe [The] Master of the Rolis [Rolls] eaid [said] that was very likoiy, [like] but Gone te the sslistaction [satisfaction] of bata [bat] oer [per] ties concerned. fixed in Middlesex. Mr Yeatman [Yeoman] said he should prefer Middlesex to Leeds, but he must eay [way] that removing the action into the High Court was only putting his clients to needless expense. the more disagrecabie [disagreeable] a man was the more likely he was to raise pointsof [points of] law ina matter of this kind. would be raised by the and thet [the] belong so the such en ection, [action] It wae [we] a question of Jaw end not ons of diecretion [direction] thet [the] bed been rateed. [rated] From the terms of the be (Lord Esbe [Bes] would not say with cficct, [fact] but there wes [West] 8 condition precedent contained in it, and somcihing [something] might turn upon that part of the agreement and it wae [we] evident from the statement of defence that the defendant intended to dispute the title to the property. The defendant was an cflicer [closer] of the County Coart [Court] at Huddersfield, and it was just posslble [possible] thet [the] he wight heve [eve] means of inflaencing [influence] the minde [mine] of jurors from Huddersfield impaonelled [impelled] to L-eds; therefore 16 was 4esirable [desirable] that the ection [action] shonld [should] be tried In Middlesex before a judge alone or s jadge [judge] Having heard 206 geen [green] the scandalous letter written by the defendant, while that court conid [contd] not faterfere [interfere] with the order of the Divisione [Division Court as to costs, they felt that there ought to be no costs of the appeal. The appeal was, therefore, Glemissed [glossed] without costs. Lords Justices Boweo [Bower] and Fry concarred. [concurred] It wes [West] agreed that the action be tried tn Middiesex [Middlesex] without delay. W. BLACKBURN AND CO. v. J. LODGE AND SONS. (From our own Correspondent.) On Wednesday the Oourt [Court] of Appeal, London, consist- [consisting] ing of the Master of the Rolls (Lord Eeher), [Her] and Lord Justices Bowen and Fry, disposed of the appeal of the plaintiffs in this ection [action] from a decision of the Lord Chief Jestice [Justice] and Mr Justice Hawkins affirming liberty for delivery of further interrogatories and for farther answer to the fifth interrogatory. The action was by the plaintifia, [plaintiff] who are dyers, g on buet- [but- business] ness at Oleskheaton, [Cleckheaton] against the defendente, [defendant] who are worsted macufactorers. [manufacturers] carrying on business at Bath Mill, Lockwood, Huddersfield, to recover 346, balance of account alleged to be due on goods supplied to the defendants. The defendants counter- [counterclaimed] claimed for undue delay in supplying the yern, [tern] fixing their loss in consequence at 769 The defendants alieged [alleged] thet [the] the goods delivered were not up to quality, and that interrogatories were sought to be put to find out who had manufactured the yarn. Mr B. F. Williams, Q O., and Mr Chitty [City] the appeal, and Mr Cock, QC., and Mr L. Walton represented the respondents, The Master of the Rolls said the jadgment [judgment] of the Divi- [Div- Divisional] sional [national] Court most be upheld. There was nothing unreasonable in tne [te] interrogatories which the defendants desired to have answered. Therefore the appeal must be ismissed [dismissed] with costs. in eee [see] Lords Justices Cotton, Lindley, and Bowen, in Appeal Court II. on Monday. gave an important judgment on question of the validity of the pstents [patents] owned by the Ed'son and the Swan Electric Light Company. The patents in question, the Edieon [Edition] ard [ad] the Obeeseborough, [Gainsborough] were attacked in litigation with Mr William Holland, in which the Anglo-American Brash Corporation intervencd. [intervened] Mr Justice Ksy, [Kay] who tried the case, decided against the Etison [Eton] patent only. The Lorde Justices now reversed the judgment, the effect of their decision being to uphold both the patents of the Edison and Swan Company. TrRosT [Trust] IRRITATION AND Coucm.-Soreness [Com.-Soreness] and dry- [dryness] ness, tickling and irritation, inducing cough and afiect [effect] ing the voice. For these symptoms use Eppe's [Upper's] Glycerine Jujabes. [Jujubes] In contact with the glands at the moment they are excited by the act of sucking, the Glycerine in these agreeable confections beoomes [becomes] ctively actively] healing. Sold only in boxes 73d., tins 1s. 14d, Inbelled [In belled] JAMES Epps [Apps] and Oo., Homesopathic [Homeopathic] Chemists, London.' Dr George Moore, in his work on 'Nose and Throat sys [says 'Tbe [The] Glycerine Jujubes prepared by James Epps [Apps] and Co., are of undoubted service as a curative or palliative agent ;' while Dr Gordon Holmes, Senior Physician to the Municipal Throat and Kar [Char] Infirmary, writes 'After an extended trial, I have found your Glycerine Jajubes [Jujubes] of considerable benefit in almost all forms of throat doliotons [Dalton] in # 7's Cocoa is easy to digest, delicious in Zavour, [Favour] aud [and] fall of health-imperting [health-imparting] propertics. [properties] It is absolutely are . Pare C0008. 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In many cases Hollo- [Hollow- Holloway] way's Olntment [Ointment] and Pilis [Pills] have proved the greatest bless- [blessings] ings in removing rheumatism and rheumatic gout which hss [has] assailed persons and at the prime of life. Key's Oompound [Compound] Essence of Linsced, [Linseed] Aniseed, Senegs, [Senses] sgail, [sail] Tolu, [Told] &s-, with Oblorodyne, [brooding] 1344, &s. -Fon -On] THR [THE] TzEre [There] asp BemaTH.-A [Breath.-A] few he pe the Floriline Florentine sprinkled on a wet gleanses [cleanses] the prevents tartar, stops decay, gives hsrdens [gardens] the pearly and a delighifal [delightful] to the removos [removes] ali unplesaunt [unpleasant] odour feng [eng] from decayed testi [test] or tobacco smoke, Phe [The] composed in part of honey aad [and] oes [ors] delicious to the taste, and the greatest HUDDERSFIELD TOWN - COUNCIL. The monthly meeting of thie [the] Council was held on Wednesday afierncon [afternoon] ia the Oonncii [Once] Chamber i The Mayor (Alderman J Brooke) presided, and there were also present the Depniy- [Depend- Denmark] Mayor (Aldermao [Alderman] W-ight [W-it] Mellor), Aldermen E' Hep. enstall, [stall] J F Brigg, G Sykee, [Sykes] A Baigh, [Haigh] B Hanson, G Brook, O Glencinding, [Glendenning] J Varley, L. Hopkinson, R Girst, [First] H G Doggen, [dogged] and J Oounsillors [Councillors] J A Sykes, T Biond, [Bond] W Jepeon, [Jepson] E H Walker, T Listiewood, [Eastwood] B Stosks, [Stocks] J I Brierley, J Brierly, W Day, J Onliey, [Only] H Lietor, [Litter] J W Denhem, [Denham] H Holisnd, [Holland] P Mas- [MacGregor] gregor, [Gregory] J Addy, W Radcliffe, F Uaivert, [Avert] T Obrispin, [Arising] J Smith, B Weish, [Wish] G W GAellawell, [Hellawell] B Broadbent, J Dreks, [Dress] E 4 Beaumon', [Beaumont] W H Jeeeop, [Keep] E Mollor, [Mellor] J J Brook, W Dyeon, [Dyson] G Garton, J Goodwin, R H J Moorhones, [Moorhen] J Rayner, W Sobcfi ld, [Subj ld] J Scholes, J Tayloz, [Taylor] J L Walker, and A Burley. COMMITTEES' MINUTES. Makkets.-Mecetings [Markets.-Meeting] were held op the 6th snd [and] 13th oste., ste] but the busloees [buffaloes] was almost entirely of a routine of the Town Hall. Sykes proposed, oud Couceillor [Councillor] G. W. HELLAWELL asuonded, [ascended] the adeption [adoption] of tne [te] minares [miners] of this cummities. [committees] Ovnncilior [evincing] Dengam [Denham] asked who the Ovuneiilor [Juvenile] Haigh Mcniioued [mutinied] in the minoies [mines] war Ocuneilior [Cornelia] Wetse-Has [Sets-Has] be been redeced [reduced] to the ranks (Laughter.) , It was exolnined [explained] that to co deserlbe [deserved] an alderman Was o cierigal [Cereal arror, [error] and the minutes were con- [considerate] Disterots,-The [Districts,-The ,-The] Lindley Sub-committee met on the 25th ult., and atter [utter] proceeding to various places in the ward, sgteed [steed] upon a large number of alterations and improvements in various roads. ask for an appointment with the Longwood Local Board, with a view to some joint action being taken for the improvement of the Qaarmby-road, [Quarmby-road] Paddock. A further meeting of this sub-committee was held on the 11th inst., when the Town Olerk [Clerk] read a letter from the solicitors of the owners of the land on which the obelisk at Haigh already existing at Birkby. Cross stands, stating that they were prepared to afford the facilities to the public for inspection, and to allow the Oorporation [Corporation] to carry out the necessary alterations for access thereto. These terms were agreed to, and the borongh [borough] surveyor was instructed to prepare a plan show ing the necessary alterations, in order that the same might be forwarded to the owners of land for their epproval. [approval] The borough surveyor read replies which he could be raised. Mrs Tomkins had assigned her life had received from owners of property in Laund-road, interest in the property in ques ion in London. and made With respect to the land required for an improvement . eda which she set forth that she would nied [need] ono ane [an] was on a; [C] a Morton. offer- [offerer] er te in the property, aud [and] she bad made an affidavit give and req [re] Viz, yards, Dropersy [Dropsy] resolved-' That the thanks of the committee be tendered On the Sth [St] inst. the They also decided to from Halifax O d-road to Jack f Cowcllffe [Cowcliffe] Hill-road, and the acqalsitton [acquisition] of land for nd that the construction of the be at the eer [er] os It was resolved-' That sero [sore] It was resolved-' That the borough surveyor be authorised to carry out such works as now suggested by him, in order to remedy the evil com- [come] The tender of Messrs Ben Graham and Sone, [One] to carry out the work necessary for preventing the flow fo water jo the surface t The Meeter of the Rolls, ts givlog [clog] jadgment, [judgment] said that sub committees vores [sores] Meh 1031 38 5d, looking at thse [the] pleedinge [pleading] in this case, he must come to 2 313 5s 8d, Deighton 532 8s 11d. Bradley 508 10s the conclusion that the question of title to the property 7d, Aimondbary [Almondbury] 709 10s, Newsome 1,029 lis [is] 1d. Lock- [Lock] 52,8 [8 7 3 ld; Gounty [County] Court jurisdiction couid [could] take no cogolsance [cognisance] of sees yr ae 3s 10d, Moldgreen Aiderman [Alderman] VanLey [Valley] moved, and Conacillor [Councillor] Canvertr [Convert] agreement there wes [West] question which might be raised- [resented] the adoption of the minutes of this com- [common] of Somerset-read. Alderman GLENDINNING, [Glen dinning] on behalf a number of pro- [proper] per y owaers [owners] at Liodley, [Lindley] presented a memorial egainet [agent] certain privies ic East-streat, Lindley, being allowed to remain eéanding, [ending] The Town read the memorial, whieh [which] tha [that the privies extended beyond the building line, were in gush poaision [provision] as to sontravene [Neaverson] the prin- [pain- principles] ciples [piles] of sanitation, snd [and] were 8 nuisance. Glendinnicg's [Glendenning's] and 15 other names were attsched [attached] to the memorial. Alderman GLENDINNING [Glen dinning] explained thst [that] this conrse [course] was becanse [because] che momorialieta [immemorial] had failed to obtain what they considered reasonable redregs [redress] a tho bande [band] of the District Sub-committes. [Sub-committed] the it would be establishing a dit- [it- different] ferent [front] order of procedure io differeat [different] parts of the borongh. [borough] short time ago he and his soileagaes, [colleagues] at the instance of the Sanitary Oommi'tes, [Commit'te] bad to torn out and perscade [persuade] property owners tc undo what the Lindley Sub-committee were now allowing. Conreilior [Councillor] Surra rose to point of order. mau [may] Gieodinving [Gardening] hed [he] taken a most ansgual [Angola] econrce [concern] ia presentiog [present] a petition of that kind without the enb- [end- committee] being first approached. The Mayor-Buch [Mayor-Such] couree [course] woald [would] have besa [best] more courtcous, [courts] but I think Alderman Glendinning [Glendenning] ie Conncilior [Councillor] Suite oeked [eked] to be allowed to state that the eab-commites [ea-committee] had never stated by Alderman Glendinning. [Glendenning] Ajderman [Alderman] stated that hs had copies of the correspondence which had taken piace [place] on the He was the owner of the adjoinicg [adjoining] land, do vothing [nothing] with it if these privies were allowed to remain. It wes [West] a groat pity they could rot have uniformity of administration with regard to theese [these] There privica [privacy] abatted [batted] on tho footpath of a He propesed [proposed] that the minute referring to them be sent beck to the gab-committee. dermsn [terms] VABLEY [VALLEY] that the dissascion [discussion] was out of order, and that the cab-sommi tee [cab-some tee] were the proper euthority [authority] to con- [con] d bis regret that Alderman ken such sn unasnal [unusual] coures [course] as be meinteined [intermediate] thet [the] eo fer as he and im [in] were concerned they been approached as the amendment, Councitior [Councillor] SurrH [Sure] expresse [expressed] Glendinniog [Glendenning] had ta the his colleagues sitting noar [near] him knew nothing of the question being broa [Bros] sub-eommittee. [sub-committee] The though not have said whet be had if 'be facts of the osse. [issue] . GLenpinnine-lIt [Glendenning-it] is a pity if I am not, Lam the sdjoining [adjoining] property owner. The Mavor-I [Major-I] am not responsible for that. Aidermav [Adam] GLENDINNING-Bat [Glen dinning-Bat] I am. The Mayor proseeded [proceeded] to give the fac's [fact's] of tha [that] case. There were four houses in Hast-street whose privy accommodation was placed apon [upon] another man's land. Those were palled down, four houses were to be ontirely [entirely] ticn [tic] thers [there] was & privies where the Alderman Giendinniag [Containing] wouid [would] he had been acqaaiated [acquainted] and onlega [Legation] these hout [gout] assommoda- [assumed- aspires] apres [ares] to place the sub-committae [sub-committee] bed put et they lio [oil] view, and would not bea reened [reeled] from pre Nor would they iuterfere [interfere] e. He could eee [see] no good in as the sub-committee nuisance Or an with he buildiog [building] Ho referring the matter back, could not take acy [act] other QOoaneilior [Councillor] fois [fis] nos mentioned on the Tne [Te] Mayor railed that ont of order, es the matter Was It sould [should] be broug [brought] the M.yor's [M.or's] The Town expleined [explained] of introducing such a & present it, and move thati [that] or be allowed to lay on the table. Alderman Hirsr-Or [Hirst-Or] be referred to Gommiitee [Committee] dealing with the matter The Tows LENDINNING [Lend inning] 65356 meetisng [meeting] he bsd [bad] consulted the to bring the sabjest [subject] the stage he had aclected. [elected] Surra esid [side] the buildiags [buildings] com abont [about] had been completed some Eventually, the minates [minutes] were oo o meeting of ttee [tree] on the 24th ult.. tw ak Mr T. Littlewood, of William Murphy. on the 30th ult., ted ont that the eubjest [subject] was the disenscion [dissension] was entirely not mentioned on the p the stags when ere received. that the proper method a memorial, was tO ely considered, d that previons [previous] to ihe [the] Town Olerk [Clerk] 96 to a before tbe [the] Council, the Horse Provender Sab- [Bas- Sub] o horses were p , and one from tal Sub-committee met when the following report was pre- [per] Er Ty- [Doubt] doubt- [doubt total] Total. No. in hospital on Satar- [Star- Stars] 9s No. discherzed... [discussed] ed 1 eee [see] go bd ener [ever] mo 8 64. ofall [fall] Ghemi [Gem] tallet [taller] disoovery [discovery] OES [ORS] Sepot, [Depot] 43, Farringdon gad, Londen [London] ol RR THE HUDDERSFIELD CHRUAICLE, [CHRONICLE] SAIURDAY, [SATURDAY] FEBRUAKY [FEBRUARY] 24, 183y [y's] -- 7 The General Committee met specially on the 12th inst, to coneider [consider] the plans, which had been prepared by the borough surveyor, lithographed and supplied to each member of the Qounoll, [Journal] of the wards at the Birkby Hospital, and of the buildings and land at Mill Hill, Dalton, purchased for hospital purposes, and after dle- [de- discussion] cussion [caution] it was resolved-' That the borough sarveyor [surveyor] and medical officer of health be Instructed to consider end report to a future meeting upon the adaptability of the existing buildings at Mill Hill, Delton, [Dalton] for hospital pur- [our- purposes] poses.' At the request of the Local Government Board, the medical officer of bealth [health] was instructed to forward a weekly retaro [retire] of the Infectious diseases reported to bim. [bi] The applications for the situation of sanitery [sanitary] Inspector, 165 ln number, were gone through bya [by] General Oom- [Room- Committee] mittee [matter] at a meeting on the 13th inst., and were reduced to elght. [eight] . Oouasillor [Councillor] Jessop proposed the adoption of the minutes of this committee. Oouncillor [Councillor] Bzaumont [Beaumont] asked, before the motion was seconded-- [seconded] Tho Mayor-The motion must be seconded first. OCounaeilior [Councillor] seconded the motion. Oouncillor [Councillor] Beaumont pointed ont that the Mayor was with presidlag [Priestley] at one of the meetings when he (Oouneiiior [One] Beaumont) was io the chair. The Town OLESE [ELSE] said that be alone was to bisme [bosom] in the matter. Councillor Macasrcor, [Massacre] with respest [respect] to a minute having reference to the hospital question, made some remarks upon the fact of the mesting [meeting] to consider that question being held on an anusnal [unusual] dey and at an anugcal [annual] hour. He candidly thought that i' was an attempt upon the part of these who disbelieved in the Mill Hill site to get in the thin end of the wedge. Their duty to their constituencies, he con- [considered] sidered, [resided] demanded that they shonld [should] bring up an amendment that day by whiob [who] the whole qagation [Legation] of the hospital sites could be diseuesed, [diseases] to ask the Oouncil [Council] to adjadieate [adjudicate] upon the question, and abide by the result. He therefore moved - That this minute be referred back; and, farther, that it be an instruction to the Sanitary Committee to arrange, for the immediate extension of the accommodation Counciilor [Council] Jessor [Jessop] ssid [said] he rose to a polnt [point] of order. (Hear, hear.) There were resolations [resolutions] on the minutes of the which must be rescinded before Coun- [Con- Councillor] Gilior [Gil] conid [contd] bring that qaestion [question] forward. Goanenice [Cornice] MacerEcoR-I [Merrick-I] think I am in perfeet [perfect] order. Tae [Tea] Mavon-I [Mason-I] think it ia perfectly out of order. The Town Oxnerk [Oxen] thought it could only be referred ack. [ac] Counsilior [Councillor] Macarecor [MacGregor] sonssiited [solicited] to the minute being only referred back, but asked the Town Olerk [Clerk] for an explanation for his ruliag. [ruling] Toe Town If it interferes with a previous regolation [regulation] of thie [the] Oouneil, [Until] that regolation [regulation] cannot be rescinded-except by notice daly given. Connasillor [Councillor] MacerEaor [Macro] thought that there were no resolatione [resolution] with whisb [whose] bis amendment clashed. Osuncillor [Councillor] There sre [are] asveral [several] resolutions, Mr Mayor. ' Oounciilor [Councillor] Raynes I will guarantee there is no resolation [resolution] Councillor Macgregor's [MacGregor's] amendment elashes [lashes] with. (Laughter.) Aiderman [Alderman] GLENDINNING [Glen dinning] atked [asked] whsther [whether] there were not certain inetractions [instructions] given to the Oorporation [Corporation] officiels [offices] and others to draw up plens [pens] and do other work, ia order to help the commictee [committee] to arrive at a dscision [decision] upon ihe [the] subject Couvcillor [Councillor] Jessop remerked [remarked] that it was eo. alled [called] was the most appropriate. He assured them hat it was simply ia the progressive order of business haf [had] ths meeting was arranged, and impressed upon bose gontiemen [gentlemen] who thought that thers [there] was some harp practics [practice] thet [the] there had no been the slightest ttempt [attempt] of that kind. splanation, [explanation] considered that it was a mo3t [most] aonenal [alone] imeelf, [himself] did not know of the holding of the meeting at il. He gave notice that be should move that amend. meni [men] at the oext [next] Councsill [Council] meeting. Couroillor [Councillor] Listes [Lister] rose to eecond [second] the motion, and the Council greeted bis astion [action] with secing [seeing] that this had been done some considerable time previonsly. [previously] Counsillor [Councillor] Jgasop [Gossip] expressed his regret that Oounsillor [Councillor] Macgregor [MacGregor] had ecsen [Essence] fit to taka [take] up the position he hed [he] that day, beesanse [beans] he (Counsillor [Councillor] Macgregor) [MacGregor] wag the only medical man they had on the Oounsi [Cousins] and his views upon that particalar [particular] point were entirely opposed to those of their medisal [medical] offiser [office] of health. Tie Mayor thought the subjess [subjects] had better be left where it was, and to this all parties agreed, and the matter dropped. The minutes were then passed. WatcH.-The [Watch.-The] Licence Sub-committes [Sub-committed] met on the 8th Inst., and gave a licence to Mr Henry Olayton, [Clayton] of the Bridge Ion, Lockwood, for additional cellaring on bis licensed premises, On the 11th Inet. [Net] the meeting of the General Oommittee [Committee] was held, when the borough account- [accountant] ant reported that he had patd [pat] 19 0 2d. to the oredit [credit] ot the superannuation fund, which amount he had recelved [received] from the Inland Revenue Department for Income tax, deductions from the interest on lnvestments [investment] in respect of the assessment for the past three years, In reply toa [to] clrcular [circular] from the Secretery [Secretary] of Stata [State] be had sent in a retarn [return] 20 14s. 8d., lo respect of two daye' [day] police pay for the 28th and 29th September, 1888, so as to complete the account due from the Government, previous to the provisions of the Local Government Act, 1888, coming nto to] operation. Pollca-constables [Polka-constables] Salter and Roberts belong sargically [surgical] certified as unfit for police daty, [day] fund. On the motion of the Mayor, seconded by Alderman B. Hans-n, ths minntes [minutes] of this committee were con- [confirmed] firmed. Buerat [Brat] GRouxps [Groups] -The Special Sab-committea [Bas-committee] met on the 3nd [and] inst., and, after fully considerlng [considered] the subject of the charges to be made for grave epaces [paces] in the new extension portion of the cemetery, drew up und [and] agreed upop [upon] agcale. [angle] At a meeting of the General Oommittes [Committees] on the 6th iust., [inst] the registrar reported that the total number of lnterments [interments] up to dete [dee] were 13,013 in the con- [cons] s crated crated] portion and 656 In the anconeccrated, [consecrated] a total of 21,669. From January 3let [let] to Decomber [December] 3let [let] there were 33 burials In the consecrated portion and 36 in the Unconsecrated portion, and the fees for thesams [Thames] came to 62 19s 44 for the consecrated and 49 18 8d for the unconsecrated, a total of 112 18s Od, of which 110 183 94 was pald [pal] to the Oorporation, [Corporation] and 1 198 3a to ministers, Durlog [Drug] the month of Jannary [January] there were two interments from districts beyond the borcagh [borough] which have paid the extra fee of 10s, and seven from diatricts [district] outside the Huddersfield township which have pald [pal] the reduced fee of 2s 64, motion of Alderman HeEprrnstann, [Preston] eeconded [seconded] by Alderman TRAMWAYS.-The Special Sub-committee met on the 23rd ult., and agreed with the Markets Committee upon the terms on which the latter would let to the Tramways Committees a amall [small] plot of land, adjoining the wholesale market, which was considered very suitable for the storage of coke, end would obviate the objectionable practice of depositing the bags in St, George's-square. The Plant Sub-committee met on the 6th inst., and after procesding [proceeding] to Almondbury and expressing satisfaction with the Hino, [Hon] an application was sabmitted [submitted] from the borough sarveyor [surveyor] of Leeds, asking for the loan of certain tools which he required in the con- [construction] struction [instruction] of a line of tramway in Leeds. It was resolved that the application be acceded to.' A farther meeting was held on the 13th inst., when the borough surveyor reported that Msjor-General [Major-General] Hutchin- [Hutchinson] son, R.E,, inspector of the Board of Trade, had that day inepested [interested] the line Iald [Old] to Almondbury, that he had expressed his satisfaction with the construction of the line, that the certificate of the Board of Trade would be ti re at liberty to make all the arrangements for and to commence the working of the line forthwith. the 15th Inst. Reoeipta [Receipt] for the wants of J 1889. s. d. . 420 13 8 or 14 78 per mile, oe 278 2 3y, 155 es Fartown 157 10 6 ,, 17 2 ss Paddock ............ 131 18 11 ,, 13 77 Moldgreen.......... 14217 54 18 0 [18] ... 24 6 5 1055 9 2 OCorrespond. [Correspond] period last year 26 Increase ..... 16 8 Wages the Month. ages for w& 4. Locomotive power and traffic expenses ........ 20410 2 Repalrs [Repairs] STILL 7 Meintenarce [Maintenance] of ways ... 5 2 7 Plant 5 -- 272 4 Corresponding perlod [period] laut [last] year ... 21816 6 conse [cone] 53 7 10 3 ty of 1 was voted ont of the tramways fun A Toulcher for his praiseworthy conduct in ng child under circumstances reported in the Huddersfield Daily Chronicle. Alderman Hares proposed, and Oonveillor [Councillor] J. Surrz [Suez] seconded, motion for the adoption of the minutes of thie [the] committee, and it was carried. Gas.-At meeting of the Executive on the 17th ult. the tenders of Messrs Abraham Palman [Pullman] and Sons for 'catort [Cato] bolts, and of ofessrs [professors] Wm. Crowther and Sone, [One] Gomeres [Go meres] for apent [spent] oxide of iron were sccepted. [accepted] At or mesting [meeting] of the Accounts Sub-Committee on 5 93rd ult., shey [she] covaldered [faltered] the Mut [Must] of amounts in the the f the Oorporstion [Opposition] on depoalt [dealt] with regard to the bands [C] f pas, and reduced the total amount thereof supply [C] 5 750 end directions were given accordingly from 'amounts of deposits remitted to be returned to the respective parties ovate or tnd [and] at the of inte [inter] owe committee reaommended [recommended] wiz., four percent. It on deposits remelo [Mellor] as ting of the Exeoutive [Executive] Sab-com- [Bas-com- comes] was on the 23rd ae, to close Gasworks-strest [Gasworks-street] on 2 acooant [account] of the preotice [produce] of deposittog [deposit tog] rabbish [rubbish] on the alte [late] The considered that it seemed a several alterations and improvements were suggested. etiempt [attempt] to override previous The com- [clothes] These were confirmed at a meeting of the General Com- [Committee] mittea [mite] bad decided to have reports as to the capa- [cap- committees] mittes [Mitts] on the 24th ult.-At a mesting [meeting] held on the 8th th Bi i inst., the tender of Mr Oharles [Charles] Kershaw, of Brighouse, bilities [abilities] cf both Birkby and the Mill Hiil [Hill] site, and in for the-sapoly [the-supply] of tho requised. [required] 'waa [was] sesepied [despised] i 7 2 his opinion that ought to be carried cat. He thought The Exeontive [Executive] Sub-committee met on the 15th inat., [inst] Oouncillor [Councillor] Macgregor's [MacGregor's] proposed amerdment [amendment] waa [was] when a letter from Mr Joseph Orosland, [Crosland] of Royds Wood, prematore. [premature] When the sub-committes [sub-committed] had desided [decided] ,, read, atating [stating] that he wished to purchase the whole x to the Oonneil [O'Neill] then was the of the two ploces [places] of land anergy [energy] bis shooting Dox [Do] ol an hour. at Wessenden. was resolyed- [resolved- resolved] Tha [That] 8 a on Councillor MacerEcor [Merrick] said that he, and those mem- [men- member] be agreed to on the same terms as previously decided bers [bees] of the Council who agreed with him on this ques- [question] upon. viz.- 100 per acre, subject to the rights of the tion, [ion] cersainly [certainly] thought that it was an attempt to get Oorporation [Corporation] as regards the land which may be required in the thin end of tho wedge. They considered that, for the conduit belng [being] reservéd.' [reserved] 'Theat [That] it be referred to after what had been done last Taesday, [Tuesday] another meet- [meet jug] jug might be oalied [old] ia 9 similar way. the Town Olerk [Clerk] and Mr Crowther to prepare a clause for insertion in the bill now being promoted by the The Mayon [Mayor] regretted that Councillor Macgregor [MacGregor] eee [see] rE te Pre ete [tee] ae should bave [ave] made the remarks apon [upon] the meeting 7, manager's report, submitted at a meeting of the of the committee he had done. Nobody was reepon- [repo- pungently] General Committee, held on the 15th inst, contained the sible for that meeting bat bimeelf, [behalf] aud [and] ho arranged it to the bea of his Hé pat himself in comma the water mainin [main] Belmont-streat 15 yards. Also three- [erection] ication [action] with the chairman of that commitiee, [committee] and inch main at Leymoor Gate. Golcar. 163 yards. The bey thonght [thought] that the time at which the mesting [meeting] was ground onthe [other] west alde [ale] of Blackmoorfoot Reservoir is following -' Daring the past month we have extended during the past fortnight has been unpropitious for out- [outdoor] door work, and not more than half-time has been made by the men. Fortunately the short but sharp shook of earthquake which occurred at Blackmoorfoot abont [about] 10-30 on night knot, pened [opened] Aver enone [one] doing muy [may] - roeptible perceptible] damage. e rainfall for year up to Councillor whilst accepting the Mayor's Bate, as at Blackmoorfoot, has been 6 02 incher, [inches] as compared with 2 37 inches for the same period last hing to call a meeting auder [aide] such cixcumetances. [circumstances] He, year.' of that street. A eunb-committes [ebb-committed] was olnted [contented] at a mecting [meeting] of the General Committee, on the she 30th alft., [flat] to and superintesd [superintend] the erection of the building for the sulphate of ammonia plent. [lent] Tho tenders of Mesirs [Messrs] G. W. Orosland [Crosland] end Oo, for the supply of T. fron, [from] and of Mr G. T. Horpaby [Hereby] for timber, were accepted at a meeting of the committee held on the 6th inst. At the same meeting Mr Jarmain's [Jarman's] report on the illuminating powers of gas, which showed that on the 29th of January the same wae [we] equal to 21 28 candles, was submitted. The managers' report of the illuminating Dower of the gar, showing the average to be equal to 20 37 candles, was read at a meeting of the committes [committed] held cn the 12th nstant. instant] At the same meeting the borough accountant snbmitted [submitted] the balance-sheet of the gas undertaking of the Corporation for the half-year ending 31st December, 1888, which showed a balance of 5,581 lls. [ll] 3d. profit to be carried to the credit of the borough fond. It was resolved-'That the balance- [balance sheet] sheet be approved and adopted, and that the balance be transferred to the borough fund.' Oouncillor [Councillor] J. I. Brierley was placed on the Distribution Sub-committea. [Sub-committee] Oa the motion of Couneilior [Councillor] Sroozs, [Serious] seconded by Connsiilor [Councillor] Day, the minutes of this committes [committed] were confirmed, . OsNTRAL [Central] Wards.-The Baths Sab-committee [Bas-committee] met on the 19 h alt., and agreed to provide a considerable nume [name] ber [be] of various artloles [articles] to Increase the comfort and con- [convenience] venlence [vengeance] of those using the baths, The Model Lodging- [Lodging house] house Sub-committee, at a meeting on the 18th purchased a barmontam [Beaumont] from Mersre [Messrs] J, Wood, Sone, [One] and Medel [Medal] Lodglng-house [Lodging-house] reported that the namber [number] of lodgers tbe [the] corresponding period of Jast [East] year, a decreaue [decrease] of 163. The accounts, amounting to 40 10s 44, wera [were] passed. Haddersfiela [Huddersfield Bana [Bank] of Hope Union for the use of Green- [Green] be made for the use of the park, but that all damage the park was authorised to purchase 800 flower pots and verlous [Velours] quantities of flower seeds, The tender of Messrs Oommittee, [Committee] held on the 14th Inst, The Streets and Stores Sub-committee met on tha [that] same date, and accepted ing of the General Committee on the 14th Inst., Meuers [Meters] Haigh, Westerby, and North, owners of property in Watergste, [Waters] appeared before the committee, and pre- [rand] and that the same be declared a public highway, After hearing their statements, it was resolved that the atreet [street] be accepted for future maintenance as requested by the William-street, which was considered to be dangerous, and that in the work they proposed to discontinue the two taps called Bradley Spouts, if the Corporation con- [consented] sented [scented] thereto, It was resolved-' That permission be given to the company to discontinue the two spouts, subject to their not interfering with the rights of those persone [person] who at present make ass of the water below the road. On the motion of Alderman Briac, [Brick] seconded by Oonnvillor [Councillor] E. H. the minutes of this com- [comm] mi tes [mi te tes] were confirmed. Warrenwornks.-The Planting Sub-committes [Sub-committed] met on the 17th ult., and proceeded to Blackmoorfoot, where being prepared for planting. The weather, however, Comparative ee the reservoira [reservoir] Blackmoorfoot ....... Oft. 7in. [in] below top level Deerhi [Deer hi din. Wessenden Head ...... fal [al] Wessenden Old .......... 1f 6in, [in] below top level 1888. Blackmoorfook..........00 [Blackmoorfoot..........00] 11ft. [fat] 9in. [in] below top level Deerhill [Deer hill] OLE Wessenden Head ...... fall Weasenden [Wessenden] Old ......... Lit, Oln, [On] below top level 710, a Ie was resolved the agreawent [agreement] with the London and North-Western Rallway [Railway] Oompasy [Compass] for tha [that] water mein [men] easement across the canal bridge, near Mark Bottoms Mill, be approved, and that the amount of the purchase money 32 10s) be paid.' The minutes of this committees wore coufirmed [confirmed] on the motion of Alderman seconded by Alder- [Alderman] mana ORosLAND. [Crosland] Finanos.-At [Finance.-At] a meeting of the committee on the 18th ult., a letter was read from Mr Charles Hirst, on behalf of the Milton Ohurch [Church] Sunday School, applying for the use of the Town Hall, on Sunday, April 7th next, for the purpose of celebrating the anniversary services of the school. It was resolved 'That as the Council have resolved that the Town Hall be not used on Sandays [Sundays] for any perpose, [purpose] the application be declined,' At subse- [subs- subsequent] quent [Queen] meeting on the 15th inst., a letter addressed to the by Mr Oherles [Heels] Hirst, was read, asking the committee to reconsider the subject of allowing the Town Hall to be used on Sundays, The committees decided not to entertain the application. The Town Clerk was iustracted, [instructed] at a meeting of the General Com- [Commit] with the Board, and stating that upon recelving [receiving] an any surcharge which the district auditor might make, he off the amount of the overcharge from the next rate. indemnity. The borongh [borough] accountant submitted an application from the Huddersfield School Board for a loan of 4,000, and the borough accountant reported on the resources of the Consolidated Loans Fand. [And] The loan following terms, viz. 4,000 at 33 per cont, repayable in 50 years, by equal annual instalments of principal and interest, the neocssary [necessary] deed for scouring the same to prepared and completed at the cost of the School Board. A deputation frow [row] the Hadderafield [Huddersfield] School Board, con- [consolation] slatiog [isolation] of Messra [Messrs] Robson and Willans, attenfed [attended] before the eab-committes [ea-committed] at a meeting on the Sth [St] inst. to ask for reduction of the rent of the present Sohool [School] Board sustained by reason of the recent alterations tn the Town Hell. The consideration of the application was allowed to etand [stand] over entil [until] the expiration of the Board's eavltary [adultery] arrangements of the Board's offices, which inconventence [inconvenience] and nuisance caused by the practice of allowing the reception-room and corridor, &c., to be used in the Town Hell, andthe [and the] matter was fully It was resolved That the borough surveyor be instructed additional roome within the Town Hail, or by ralsing [raising] meeting.' this commitee. [committee] question of opening the Town Hall on Sundaye, [Sunday] mittes [Mitts] met on the Slat ult, to consider the sabject [subject] of prowotiog [promotion] a bill in Parllament [Parliament] darlog [darling] the session of 1890, for additional powers in connection with the borongh. [borough] It was resolved-' That In the opinion of this sub-committee, it ie desirable to promote a bill in Parita- [Parity- Parliament] ment [men] for the several powers which may be deemed expe [exe] dient, [diet] and that the several Standing Committees of th Council be requested to atats [states] for the toformation [information] of this committes, [committed] the aeveral [several] matters affecting their respective committees, in respect of which tia desirable to obtain additional or renewed power, and thet [the] tbe [the] oblef [able] officlals [official] of the several departments be fostrnoted [fostered] to report te the several committees accordingly. The committes [committed] then con- [considered] eldered [altered] the subject of making an application for a grant of a separate Court of Quarter Sesefone [Season] for the Borough, and resolved that the-Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Aldermen Brigg, Glendinning, [Glendenning] Varley, and Sykes, and Oounolllor [Councillor] Welsh, be appointed a sub committee to consider and report to this committee upon the advisability or otherwiee [other] of pro- [proceeding] ceeding [feeding] with the application. The Beaumont Park sub- [subcommittee] Committee met on the 8th inet., [net] and instructed the Town Olerk [Clerk] to write to the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Oompany [Company] and Mr H. F. Beaumont as to tho desirability of planting with trees the railway embenk- [embark- embankment] ment [men] abutting on Meltham-road, and the land on each alde [ale] of tha [that] roadway leading from Meltham-road to the perk entrance, and the borough surveyor was instracted [instructed] to prepare plans of the land to accompany the letters. In reply to an application from Messrs Taylor and Little- [Littlewood] wood the committee decided to grant a grataltous [gratuitous] aupply [apply] of gas for the illumination of the clock at Newsome Mills on the same conditions en which a similar supply is granted to the one at Paddock. The minutes of this sommittes [committees] were confirmed on the motion of the Mayor, seconded by Conneillor [Councillor] G, W. Hera' W HLL. [HALL] THE LINDLEY MEMORIAL. Alderman GLENDINNING [Glen dinning] proposed that the Lindley memorial be referred to the Lindley Sub-committee. Oonneillor [O'Neill] had not the slightest objestion [objection] to such course, which was supporied [supported] by the Mayor, and agrecd [agreed] to. THE PARLIAMENTARY REGISTER. Alderman GLENDINNING [Glen dinning] proposed- [proposed] made from all parte [part] of ' e the 10 M.P.'s who vs The micotes [mi cotes] of this committce [committee] were passed, on the Offices, in consequence of the inconventence [inconvenience] they had Stevenson's Sanday C The D,E.5S. went o a thorongh [thorough] policy o teoaccy, [Tracy] with the anderstanding [understanding] that a falr [fair] adjustment bow the pm shell be then made. At the request of the depatation, [deputation] interfered with forwar. [forward] the borough sarveyor [surveyor] wes [West] instructed to fospect [prospect] the Posed the following reao.. [rear] - 395 a ae. is hereby a eee [see] Olerk [Clerk] in reapect [respect] of the expenses incurr [incur] carrying into effect the provisions of the Acta of Parliament for the registration of persons entitled to vote in the election of members to serve in Parliament for the borough of Huddersfield, and that the corporate common seal of the borough be affixed to the certificate in duplicate, now Produced, to the several townships of the borough for payment, io the following respective propor- [proper- proportions] tions [tins] of the sald [sale] sum of 395 Ls. 10d., as the expenses soured in carrying into effect;the provisions of the aaid [said] Cle, [Ce] oo Huddersfield Seeesecenese [Suspense] 7291 names 186 13 Dalton 1422 33 36 8 2 Almondbury 2576 99 66 19 2 -Quarmby oy 39 i Sey-cum-Wuar [Se-cum-War] a Linthwaite a Quarmby 492 ge 12 il ll Longwood DOLL gs 13 1 8 i) 15450 In no sense was this a perquisite for the Town Olozk, [Ilk] bus simply the cost of the register. Oouncillor [Councillor] Scnorizup [Scrip] seconded tas [as] motion, whieh [which] Was ALTERING FOOTPATHS, &c. On the motion of Alderman GLENDINNING, [Glen dinning] seconded by Alderman Duaaan, [Diana] the Council ordered the closing, except for foot passengers, of Bradley Mills Old-road, Within the Fartowo [Fartown] district.-Alderman GLENDINNING [Glen dinning] North, for that building. Tho superiotendent [superintendent] of the that the district had a good quid pro quo for what was given up, and were practically uaavimous [famous] for the month of January was 5,843, against 5,646 for' 9D the matter. The Council ordered, on tae [tea] motion of Alderman seconded by Councillor the clos- [close- close] The Greenhead Park Sub-committes, [Sub-committed] at their meeting ing of a footpath leading trom [from] Luck-lane to Reed- [Reading] on the 14h [14th] Inst., agreed to grant an application from the street, within the Marsh district. On the motion of Alderman seconded by head Park for the annual demonstration, on Whit-Tues- [Durham] ENHAM i . day, on the same terms as lest year, viz., that no charge a aa, te one ie Mucah, [Much] which may bedone [done] be paid for. The superintendent of between Blacker-road and East View. ADVANOES [ADVANCES] OF SALARIES. Alderman Baiaa, [Baa] apon [upon] the recommenda ion [recommend ion] of the D. B, Pebbles and Oo., of Almondbury, for the supply of General Pasposes [Pas poses] Committee, moved seriatim the gas-burners was accepted, at a meetlog [meet log] of the General followiug [following] resolutions, to increase the salaries of the following Pe surveyor's depart- [department] men Hart atcliffe, [article] build Oe tender of Messte [Master] Rogers, Brothers, and Oo., from to 120 ye year Mr Bobet [Bonnet] of Warrlogton, [Walton] for the supply of smithycoke. [smithy coke] Ate meet- draughtsman, from 52 to 65 'per year; Mr J. P. Lee, chief clerk, from 70 to 78 per year. The motions were seconded respectively by sented [scented] a from the whole of the owners asking 282 Oooneillor [O'Neill] E. H. Watkes, [Watches] and Coua- [Coy- Cough] for the acceptance of the atreet [street] for future maintenance, lor or] end all were agreed to. APPOINTMENT OF SaNITARY [Sanitary] INSPEOTOB. [INSPECTOR] Oouncilior [Councillor] Jzssor [Jesus] moved - That Mr James Maguire, of Bolton, sanitary inspector, memorialists, [memorials] and that the necessary notices be issued be and be is hereb [here] appointed Inspector of nuisances with a view to the street belng [being] declared s public high- [Highland] and saoltary [salary] inspector of the bureugh [borough] af Haddersfield, [Huddersfield] way. A letter from the London and North-Western under the Pablic [Public] Health Act, 1875, at the salary of 150 Railway Oompany [Company] was read, stating that they were per annum, uatll [atl] be dies or resigns, or be, after not less intending to rebuild part of the retaining wall on John than three calendar monthe' [month] notice, removed by order of the Counoll [Council] with the assent of the Local Government Board, the duties of the office belng [being] those specified In the published orders of the Local Government Board, and such asthe [asthma] Qouncll [Council] may from time to time presaribs, [prescribed] subject to his providing aecurlty [security] for the sam of 4100. He ssid [said] that the committee were unanimous ia makiog [making] this appointment, after most carefully enqaoiring [enquiring] into no less than 166 applications. Ooaneillor [O'Neill] Beaumont seconded the motion. Alderman Syxxs [Sexes] asked how the proposed salary compared with that given tothe [tithe] Iast [East] holder of the office Oouncillor [Councillor] Braumont-It [Beaumont-It] ia 50 a year leas. Jzssop-We [Jessop-We] gave the late Mr Kirk 200 year, and 8 per angam [annam] for clothing. The Mayor expressed his belief that the committee had appointed the best msn [man] to the post. The motion was unanimously carried, and after pessing [passing] the asua [asa formal resolution, the Oounocil [Council] adjourned, after a sitting las ng a few minutes short See ee GOOD TEMPLARY [TEMPORARY] IN SOUTH-WEST YORKSHIRE. The 17sb [sub] anonal [animal] session of the South-West Riding District Lodge 1.0.G.T. took plaso [pals] om Monday at the New Oongregational [Congregational] Schools, Great Northern-street, Hadderafield. [Huddersfield] The Rev BH. J. Boyd, of Sheffield, D.0.T., presided, and there was e large attendance of representatives and members from all parte [part] of the riding. After the opening ceremonies 17 applicants received the District Lodge degree. The D.O.T. (the Rev H. J. Boyd) presented his balf-yearly [bale-yearly] report, which, ia the Sheffield, Rotherham, Hadderefield, [Huddersfield] Barasley, [Barnsley] and Doncaster districts, ebowed [bowed] a desreass [desires] in the membership, and in Wake- [Wakefield] field a stight [sight] inerease. [increase] Mention was also made of the lose the order had eastained [ea stained] ia the remova [removal by death of Bros. J. Slater, of Rotherham, and the Rev O. Roberts, of Wakefisid; [Wakefield] both having been for a fong [long] period hard workezs [works] in the temperance cause. The Distercr [Destroy] Szorerany [Suzerain] (Mc E, P. Sherwood, Masborongh) [Measuring] reported a totel [total] memberebip [remembered] of 1,840 in the district in 49 adult lodges; and Mrs i Rotherbam, [Rotherham] as euperintenden' [superintendent] of the javenile [juvenile] tempics, [Temps] showed that there were now 755 children in 12 sach [cash] temples thronghont [Thornton] the riding. The treasarer's [treasurer's] account showed a balances in band of 2 133. 103d. An estimate was also submitted showing a probable deficit of 18 in the next half- [half year] year's working expenses. To meet this in some degree the Sheffield executive had themselves sab- [bas- subscribed] scribed a sum of 10 and it wes [West] hoped that more would be raised from other parts of the district. The execative [executive] have held five meatings [meetings] and five apsoial [April] sessions daring the half-year, at Oonioborough, [inborn] Shet- [She- Sheffield] field, Donesater, [Doncaster] ond [and] Xue [Cue] SUPERINTENDENT (Mr W. Granville, Shefficld), [Sheffield] in his half-yearty [half-hearty] report men- [mentioned] tioned [toned] that io Barnsley eiz [viz] ont of the nine members of the Sshool [School] Board are teetotallers, while in Sneffield [Sheffield] 13 out of the 15 members ure [re] vledged [pledged] to the introdue- [introduce- introduction] tion [ion] of temperance reading-book, and of scientific temperance teaching iato [into] the Board achools, [schools] and three of the leading societies have formed o stand. ing committee to keep the matter in hand. Early in Decamber [December] efforts were made to make the question of temperance prominent one in the slestion [selection] of county cooncillors, [Councillor] but notwithstandiog [notwithstanding] those in many oaces [races] the elections were fought merely on party lisea. [realise] We canno [Canon afford te forget that the Ooancils [Councils] will receive revenues from icences licences] to lessen the amount required from the rates, and this will tend to strengthen the position of the liquor traffic. The following resolutions were adopted - That this District Lodge deeply deplores that Parlia- [Parliament- Parliament] were allowed to retire upon balf-pay [bale-pay] weekly from the mittee [matter] held on the 18th inst., to obtain information from ment [men] has included the transfer of drink licence fees to the other towns with regard to the opening of the Town Hall County Councils, and it will strenuously oppose any on Sundays. A letter was read at 2 meeting on the 3lst [last] attempt to transfer the licensing power to any authority alt, from the clerk to the Mirfield Local Board, with having a direct pecuntary [country] interest in the granting of reference to the matter of the rate overcharge in dispute lHcences [licences] for the sale of intoxicating liquors. That the continued public illuatrations [illustrations] of the multi- [multi indemnity] indemnity by the Corporation to the Local Board, from tude [tue] and of ahs [has] ommercial, [commercial] social, moral, and religlous-Iinvariably [religious-Invariably] and inevitably fi would advise the Board to instruct their collector to write from the oe intoxicating peeve in one great public nuisance and national curse; and this Dis- [Dis the] The Town Clerk was instructed to give the necessary trict [strict] Lodge demands that, whatever the licensing authorl. [author] tles [ales] may be, the people shall be entrasted [entrusted] with the control of it by a direct veto, and that the exercise of the be sbrolately [absolutely] unfettered, so that in no t t t ti was granted out of the Consolidated Loans Fund on the aoatrarg [outrage] to the willof [will] hone se Ey liquors be Heonsed [Honest] e therein. appeala [appeal] had been st in support of Mr eto [to] (Scotland) Bill The report went on to MeLagan's [Melange's] Liqaor [Liquor] Traffi [Traffic] and Mr Stevenson's Sand ig Bill. The D.E.8. proposed whieh [which] was carried - That the thanks of lowing resolution, Lodge he tendered to (rod ip favour of Mr on December 14th last. 19 Vast importance of of the membership, itty [atty] politics, as auch, [such] grange work, aud [and] pro- [pro that] That this District Lodge recommends all ty sub-lodges were stated by the doeputstion [deputation] to be electoral superintendents to earnestly ald [al] in the and to report thereon to the sub-committee. Mr formation of direct voto [vote] associations wherever practicable, Alderman Brigg brought before the sub-committes [sub-committed] co-operating as far as possible with the and ata meeting on the 15th fost [soft] the subject of the great agente [agent] of the United Kingdom Alllance. [Alliance] With regard to the Sanday Closing Bill, which came op ia the Hones of Commons for its second readin [reading] in connection with balls and other public on December 14th, and was defeatad [defeated] by 167 to 160- [felonious] felonies it ey ee or paired in . vour [our] of the bill [bill] oland, [land] Rotherham ; to consider the subject of making provision for Hon. B Ooleridge, [Coleridge] Sheffield; Mr O G Milnes. the present balldiog [Balliol] of the Municipal Offices another Gaskell, Morley; Mr O S Kenny, Barnsley; Sir T storey, and to submit his report thereon to e fatare [future Mappin, Hallamshire [Hampshire Right Hon A J Mundelle, [Mendel] Sheffield; Mr Mark Qidroyd, [Dried] Dewsbury; Mr W Aldermen proposed, and Oounoillor [Councillor] Sammers, Summers] Hadderefield; [Huddersfield] Hon H W Fiizwilliam, [William] forwarded in dae [de] course; and in the meantime the Oor- [Or- OorSonorigLp] SonorigLp [snugly] seconded the adoption of the minates [minutes] of Doncaster; and Mr H J Wilson, Bolmfirth. [Holmfirth] Four mombere [member] were absent on that oesasion [session] aud [and] did Councillor J. J. Broox [Brook] gave notices, with reference 20 pair, namely -Me H F Beaomont, [Beaumont] Colne Valley; It was decided to commence the working of the line on to the above miontes, [minutes] tha [that he should, at the next Sir E. Green, Wakefield; Mr B. Pickaré, [Pickard] Normanton; meeting of the Ooaneil, [O'Neill] bring the whole and Oolonel [Colonel] Howard-Vincent, Sheffield Tne [Te] follow- [following] iog [ing] M.P.'s voted againet [against] the bill -Mr EK Ashmead [Ashamed] Pusrosss.-The [Purses.-The] Parliamentary Sub-Qom- [Bartlett] Bartlett and Me O BS Wortley. The report of the Diatrict [District] Electoral Saperintendent, [Superintendent] along with the various resolotions [resolution] contained in it, wae [we] ananimously [unanimously] carried. The election of cfficers [officers] for the district was then made, with the following resulta -District [results -District] chief tempisr, [Tempest] Bev [Be] W J Bo;d, Sheffield; district saperin- [spring- superintendent] tendent [tendency] of javanile [juvenile] temples, Mrs Hampshire, Rother- [Rotherham] ham district elec oral [elect oral] superintendent, Mr W Greville, [Grenville] Sheffield; district counselior, [counsel] Mr J Hampshire, Rotherham; district viee-templar, [view-temple] Mra [Mr] Walker, Don- [Doncaster] caster; dietrict [district] Mr E P Sherwood, Masbro'; [Maestro] Giatrict [Strict] treasurer, Mra [Mr] Doncaster, Sheffield; district district marshal, Mr W H Gall, Sheffield. Some additions and amendments were the bye-lawsa, [bye-laws] and Worksop was choser [chose] as the' place of meeting. The officers were duly iastalle [stall] Es Shimmell, [Shell] D.C. of South D odge. [edge] . A MazeiaGs [Marriages] Ovstom.-In [Overtime.-In] Japan, the bride ' raiment pays a visit of ceremony to her frier [fire] panied [pained] by a young maid who carries press which serve as emblews [emblems] of health, wealth, and The absolately [absolutely] pare tea, imported by Messrs and Co,, is strong, rich, and delicious, List this locallty -Wheatley [local -Wheatley] and Son, chemiste [chemist] Buxton-road; Fell, King-street; Needham chemlsts; [chemists] Sykes, Moldgreen also sold by the Co-operative Society; by Needham and Oo., Bridge and by Silverwood. of Schoh [School] w Harsh purgative edi [ed] ifast [fast] giving way to 4 gentle action and ea effeota [effect] of Oarter's [Carter's] Little Li Pilla. [Pills] Try them. tes [te] Ce OEE [ORE] FOB i your b or w. or off, use Mexican Hair Henower, [Hanover, for 16 will nositively [positively] restore, tn gracy [gray] TS sie [Sir] eS colour ving [vine] disagreeable smell most Restorers. It makes mingly [mainly] bean an well as promoting the growth of the hair on bald spots, That the Council do hereby certify that the aum [sum] of Carter's Col Ol. Price ls, of all dealers, Whole 33. and straw dealer, living at Paddock. the room. Dyson wae [we] appointed trustee, dead. sactions. [actions] chaplain, the Rev W J Oookeley, [Oakley] West Melton; County Court. mother, and the deb ts for SATUBDAY. [SATURDAY] Before His Honour Judge MeIntyre. [McIntyre] OF SOLICITORS QUASHED. only a small attendance in court. detendants, [defendants] Alter Mr Melloz [Mellor] bad opened the case, to appeal on my an appeal be wanted he need not have troubled bin. this had now bsen [been] paid. tna [ta Ds Btocs-In-trade [Bots-In-trade] waa [was] Plaintiff-Aboat [Plaintiff-About] 20, His Honour-Wohy [Honour-Who] did you say nil, then trae. [trade] seemed a profitable trade. Mr Dyson for the beuefit [benefit] of the creditors. the pound He did. but I do not know who qrote [wrote] it. then. Plaintifi-No, [Plaintiff-No] gir. [Sir] Mr Learoyd-I am coming to that. creditor. dons, it was negligence. ropt. [port] ' of assignment, The whole of it ia fact. trade, Mr Mellor He had friends. legal gsnowledge [knowledge] thongb' [thong] a jt where the glands are not decayed. Price Se. 6d.-For an oil to make the hair soft, glossy, and uxuriant, [luxuriant] Jask [Ask] for dG te AN AOTION [ACTION] AGAINST 4 HUDDERSFIELD FIRM WatsH [Wash] anD [and] This was a case in whioh [which] Hiram Whitwham, late of Bradford-road, Huddersfield, hay and straw dealer, but a0w [air] a carrier, residing in Market-street, Paddock, Ra . sought to recover 291 lis. [is] 104., damages sustained nog [not] scogpt [Scotts] the compoaltion [composition] offsreg [average] client will OD account Of the alleged and professional assigned over to the trastae, [trustee] Mm, y ,, cetate [state] haa [has] been incapacity of Messrs Welsh and W. Skea, solicitors, debtor is carrying om busines [business] yy the of Qacen-atreet, [Queen-street] Huddersfield, in whose hands he had the trustee.- [trustee] WELSH AND piased [passed] his affaira. [affairs] Tha [That] ease was originally enterad [entered] ts w 1 in the Divisional Court of the Queen's Bench, but in coasequence [consequence] the 2 sabseqauestly [subsequently] sent down to the County Court Judge, followa [follows] - bis Honour Jadge [Judge] Nelutyre [Nature] fixing Satarday [Saturday] for the h trial. The cage was beard bafcce [backs] a jary, [jury] and there Wa8 [Was] hear from you in reply to our letier [letter] ould [old] be glad to as to whether your cilent [client] will sign th, 4 Mr O. Mellor, barriater, [barrister] Leeds, appeared on bebalf [behalf] ment [men] herelo,-WLSH [hereto,-WELSH] AND Stxzs, [Sexes] ced [ce] of asalgn- [assign- assignee] of the plaintiff (insiracted [instructed] by Mr T. Drake, solicitor, Hadderafield), [Huddersfield] and Mr 8. Learoyd represented the think I shall be jastified [justified] in carrying I do not ther. [the] I shows that the dian a far- [far plaintiff] waa [was] thea called, and in examination said thing up to a pariionlar [parishioner] momen [moment .) overy- [everything] that prior to the 11th of March, 1887, he wasa [was] hay could. At the samé [same] time I thing j, ;, He got into fortane [fortune] that these letters Were ao; 9, 5 bi difficulties and, in consequence, went to Megars [Mears] Welsh affidavit. We had no notiee [not] of them, I n tae [tea] and Sykes' office, and consalted [consulted] them with reference have come into court had I known, ould [old] mot to the matter. It waa [was] desided [decided] to bold a priva e [private e] ing of his creditors on the 23rd of March. An execution was put into his place of basinees [business] on the 16th April, 1887, but up to that date crodastion [gradation] of the above correspondences, same ,, , be had been working at a profit, earning about 3 4 great gurprice [price] to the soark. [spark] week. In sonsequence [consequence] of the bailiffe [bailiff] going to his premises, plaintiff went to the defendants' office and told Me Welsh what bad taken place. Hoe afterwards, in company with Mr Sykes, went to the office of Mr J. F. Dyson. Mr Sykes told Me Dsaon [Dyson] that the bailiffs had taken possession of the goods, and the first words Mr Dyson said were, Didn't [Did't] you give notise [notice] to defend that action Mr Sykes replied, No; we forgot it. Mr Dyson then agaid, [again] Well we are done. Mr Sykes and Mr Dyson after- [afterwards] wards went into an inner office, leaving the plaintiff where the clerks were. When they returned, Mr Sykes said, We will soon gst [est] you your things back sgain, [again] and we will make the other man smart. Afterwards there was an interpleader action tried before Jadge [Judge] Snagge, [Snake] the resuit [result] of which was adverse to the plaintiff, and after the trial he went to the defendants. Plaintiff said, You have no authority His Hononr-How [Honour-How] didi [did] you know there was to be Plaintiff replied that he waa [was] ia court, and heard the leave to appeal asked for. Oontinaing [Containing] his examina- [examine- examination] tion, [ion] plaintiff said Mr Welsh told him, in answer to what be bad said, that be bad nothing io do with the appeal jn any shape or form, and that if that was all afterwards plaintiff was sent for to the defendants' office, and when he got Mr Welsh said they were going to have a trialin [trial] London. Plaintiff replied that that had sothing [nothing] to do with him, ond [and] then told him that bia [ba] goods were going to be sold, and asked if Mr Welsh was nod going to lend him soms [Sons] money to boy the thinge [thing] in. Me Welsh replied, 'It. you will be quiet ws will make the man smart. estimated the valas [alas] of the gcoda [God] seized aa follows - Hay 30, lurry [larry] 20, seb of gears 4 103, snopes [Stopes] 102, and horse 30. The horae [horse] waa [was] returned, aa it belonged to his brother. Siuse [Sues] that time he bad not been able to carry on any business at all. His mother and brother had advanced the greatsr [great] part of the composition, whish [which] amounied [amount] to 74. The whole of Crosa-examined [Cross-examined] by Mr Lesroyd, [Learoyd] plaintiff aaid [said] that the hay from Horberry [Berry] amounted to 30 0s 24, and that he owed the money. The statement of affairs sub- [submitted] mitted [fitted] to his creditora [creditors] was prepared by Mr Dyson upon hig [hi] instructions, He waa [was] owing 446 when he called his together. He told his creditors that 98 123 63 waa [was] the whole of the money be had; 79 1s represented due to him, whieh [which] Ielt [Ult] only 18 123 6d. He represented that hia [his] honeehold [household] furnitars [furniture] was worth 9 93 61, that hia [his] trade fittings and fixtures were worth 22 123. 79 1a, therefore, added to 22 12s and 9 93 64, made 111 2363. He had some preferential creditors to the extent of 2 10s, which brought the total assets down to 98 128 63.. He represented 0] bia [ba] His Honcar-How [Honorary-How] mach was your hay worth Oross-exemination [Cross-examination] continued Plaintiff admitted that his representation ag to bis stock-in-trade was not Mr Lesrvyd [Served] thea went on to show the diffcrence [difference] between the man's statement of affairs made to a meeting of bis oreditors, [creditors] and his statement when be was suing for damages. Piainiiff [Plaintiff] bad said bis hay was worth 30, lurry [larry] 30, gears 4 102, ropes 102, horse 30, household farniture [furniture] 9 93 61, and book debts 79 le. Witbout [Without] reckoning the horse the asseta [assets] now were 143 103 63, when the execution was iacned [acted] to fortoight [fortnight] after the aesignment [assignment] they were only 98 128. Mr Learoyd remarked that the plaintiff was rapidly getting on in the world, and aske [ask plainsiff [plaintiff] why he did not make assignments regularly, as it Plaintiff was then farther cross-examined. admitted he had practically no defence to the claim of Horberry, [Berry] and also that Mr Welsh said that steps must be taken to protect the asasta [assist] from being seizsd [seized] by the sding [sing] creditor. That was the reason the assignment waa [was] executed, which waa [was] held in trust by Mr Lesroyd-Did [Learoyd-Did] Mer [Mr] Welsh eay [way] he would com- [communicate] manicate [manic ate] with Horbsrry's [Horbury's] solicitors, and try to make him some into the arrangement gnd [and] take 43. 63. in Mr Learoyd-And aa a fast did he do it, and did Horberry [Berry] sign it. No, that's what he did not do. Mr Learoyd-Bat as a matter of fact, he did sign it. Take the assigument [assignment] (produced), and tell me if Horberry [Berry] bas signed it. Isaee [Issue] the name of Horberry, [Berry] His Honour-Do you mean to assy [says] it isa forgery Mr Mellor-What is the date of the siguatara [signature] Plaintiff said in farther crose-examination [rose-examination] shat [that] Mr Welsh ute nie [nine] teat ue signed the deed o assign- [assignment] ment [men] of the whole of bis estate he would compel neuralgia, irritability, sleep spleen Horberry [Berry] to sign it or take nothing. He saidit [said] would che, 'nervne [Nerve] 3 give bim [bi] sufficient ground to protect bis estate from Mr Learoyd This case went before the Jadge, [Judge] and was it not proved thet [the] Mr Welsh waa [was] right, aed [ad] that it aa et the broperty [property] oo Yes. r or contended that Mesars [Messrs] Welsh and Sykes ourishing [nourishing] sustaining esting [eating] cught [cut] to have seen Horberry [Berry] and shown him the when no other food will stay on the ite [it] statement of affairs, and, inasmuch as this was not 50 times ite [it] cost im [in] other remedies, We quote a few credit, and I am going to prove that 20 worth of 'hese [these] goods dold [old] was properly acquired after the deed Hie Honcur [Honour He had not a straw of stock-in- T borrowed money. Every other creditor has consen [consent] ment [men] come to at the m [in] ted to fall in with the arrange d wo trust your will do the same. On hearing from J you that yoar [year] olfent [Fenton] is agreeable we will forward the g hin [in] ot Galnsborough, [Gainsborough] March 1887. Qcr [Cry] client, af 6, declines to accept th r client, teak your client [C] Composition offered, as he ia gi AND on badness a8 Huddersfield, April lst, [last] 1897, F Dyxoo, [Dixon] and the Me Learoyd-To this lesser 4, 53 Wrote again as Huddersfield, April 7th, 1887, We of the Ist [Its] April, Mr Mellor-Alter that correspong [Congress] al gentlemen & mis- [is- miser] Mr Learoyd remarked, 88 to the Ox the of she lewers [Lewes] referred to by Mr Melio;, [Mel] ioe he notice game day a defaalt [default] summons, issued ont of the tha [that] foarth [forth] eolicitors [solicitors] to whom the plsingg [pleasing] Gainsborough County Court, against him, at the euit [suit] Tuey [They] had satisfied three of them, ang ieee th of Richard Horberry, [Berry] jua., [ju] was served upon him. Hej [He] hey had dona enonga. [engage] They were ought took that sammons [Simmons] wita [with] him to the meeting of jagt [jag] that, having shown the letters 'o ;;,, creditors. His mother, who was bis largest creditor, they really fels [self] they bad exhausted quiver. i went with him to the meeting, bat she did not go into Learoyd farther stated that the defend... haa [has] Mr Mr Welsh and Mr Sykes were present at an unpaid bill of the defendants to the oz, Be the mesting. [meeting] Mr Welsh asked him why he had cailed [called] his creditors together, and plaintiff replied because he ig withdrawn from you by the disinugy [disingenuous] had received several lotters [letters] from croditors [creditors] threatening counsel doing what he thinks rigni, [rigging] ang i, him, and also a defanls [deafness] summons from Horberry. [Berry] He thing be conld [cold] do-withdrawing from , then produced the summons, handed it to Mr Welsh, ia clear that Mesars [Messrs] Welsh ang Soka [Soda] and that gentleman said 'I shall compel this person moat pradentiy [prudent] and properly to their aiten;, [eaten] fo accept the composition, or he will get nothing. not a tittle of evidence to go against thom [tho] tor bei [be] Prior to this, Me Welsh had eaid [said] that he shonld [should] defend negligent im [in] any degree whatever. They Advi [Advise] the action. The meeting of creditors lasied [ladies] some time, properiy, [property] they acted properly, and it is eniitely [entirely] the aud [and] altimately [ultimately] a deed of asaignment [assignment] was drawn ap fanlt [fault] of tha [that] plaintiff bimeelf, [behalf] not of his 9 upon the plaintiff's business, and Mr J. Freeman) the learned counsel (because they mut [must] aq; me A composition of instructions), if he did nos tha [that] whieh [which] 4s. 64. ia the pound was accepted, mother he ongbt, [ingot] for if he had done s0 this action ao, and brothera [Brothers] becoming guarantors under the have been brought. Now, that the learned og When everythiog [everything] had been done plaintiff hag withdrawn from the case, it is my dary [day] 40 dirogg [drag] sontioued [continued] his bueiness, [business] and some of bis old creditors that vordiot [verdict] and jadgment [judgment] ehould [should] be entered to, 1, trusted him again. He kept an account of his tran- [descendants] defendants with costa. ad gone. 10 Write at 'eat of 31, the Culp [Cup] ae, 5 Hie Hononr, [Honour] in addreesing [addressing] the jary, [jury] g., The case, which was suddenly cat ehort [short] py in, - THE WEST RIDING COUNTY CouUnci,, [Council] Monday, at five o'slock [o'stock] p.m., the latest pring at which nominations conld [cold] be haaded [headed] in 02 og candidates for seats on the Wess [West] Riding Qo Couneil, [Council] for the divisions of Honley and Siaithygite [Slaithwaite] the vacancies having been caused in conseq [consequent] of Colonel Brooke and Me J. B. Robiagon [Robinson] being siggteg [sighted] aldermen. The nominations were as follows - HONLEY. JAMES, engineer. Meltham, nominated py J. W. Denham and Jonas Brook Hirst; by Joahes [James] James Robinson and Thomes [Thomas] Smailes and by Rober; [Robert] Skilbeck and James Albert Wrigley. SLAITHWAITE. OROWTHER, [OTHER] JOSEPH, manufacturer, Marsden, nomi. nated [Anted] by William Varley and George Heary [Hear] Walker - by Walter William Dawson and Arthur Lockwood by alker [Walker] Dyson and Alfred Hanson by John Bower Robinson and James Bottomley. Ma Ext, manufacturer, Linthwaite, nominated by Thomas Mallinson and George Oock [Cook] by Henry Whiteley and Joseph Shaw; by Joseph Collins ang Daniel Hall; by Samuel Sugden and William Sugden. The latest period at whish [which] objeaiona [objectionable] could bg made to the nominations of the caadidates [candidates] for the repregeniation [representation] of tho Honley and Slaithwaite Divi- [Div- Divisions] sions [Sons] on the Weat [West] Riding County Couasil [Council] was five o'clook [o'Cook] on Tusaday. [Saturday] At that time no objections werg [were] made. Mr James Kilburn will, therefore, bave [ave] a walk over in the Honley Division, and Moesara [Measure] Jozeph [Joseph] Orowther [Other] and Eli Mallinson will contes [contest the Slaith. [Snaith] waite Division. The slestion [selection] is fixed to take place on Mondsy, [Monday] the 25 b inat. [inst] SLAITHWAITE DIVISION. On Tuesday evening a meeting of the of Marsden was held in the Mechanics' Hall, and addr [add] by Mr Joseph Crowther as candidate for tbe [the] Slaithwai [Slaithwaite] Division of the West Riding County Connoil. [Council] Mr E. 0. Taylor presided. After Mr Crowther's address, in which he gave a brief outline of the works of County Councils, and expressed his belief that the eff-ct would ba to reduce local taxation, a resolution was moved, seconded, and adopted in favour of the return of Mr Crowther 22 County Oounoillor [Councillor] for the division. nn COMMERCIAL FAILURES. JOSEPH WRIGLEY, COaL [Coal] MERCHANT, MARSDEN. At the Huddersfield Ooansy [Loans] Court om Tuesday morning a petition was filed on bahalf [half] of Joseph Wrigley, coal merchant, of Maraden, [Marsden] by Megara [Meagre] Welsh and W. Sykes, his solicitors, asking that a receiving order ehould [should] be made, vesting his eztate [estate] in the Official Recciver. [Receive] A' a subsequent period of the same day the debtor was adjudicated a bankrupt cn the application of the Official Receiver. --- ----- - Cun [Can] th Ee ne Thousan [Thousand] ree. [ere] A large box, contai; [contain] upwards of 1,000 Patterns of the sew figsing [fixing] Weaving of the lovely Darlington Dress Fabrics, fresh from the looms at loom prices, will be sent post free on approval to any sddressjin [addressing] town All new goods mada [made] of pure wool, and in the latest fashion. Any length cut, no matter haw ehort; [short] and all parcels delivered carriage paid to any railway station in Great Britain or Ireland. The Darlington cross-warp Sergea [Serge] and Gold Medal Merinoes [Marines] and Oashmeres, [Cashmeres] as worn by the Prince and Princess of Wales, are always in fashion. Ladies have only to see the patterns of these exquisite speciel- [special- specialities] ties to be convinced of their splendid valne. [Vale] All goods warranted equal to sample, and any article not approved will be changed within seven days. A sixpenny telegram 'Sucsessors, [Successor] Darlington,' will bring the box of patterne [pattern] by next post. All orders are execented [executed] the same day as received. Henry Pease and Uo.'s Successors, e 'Gens ene [one] Mills, Darlington, le ustrate [estate] d catalogue of 60 - ---- As a SATISFYING, comforting, invigorating beverage, it is impossible to find an to equal Cadbury's Cocoa, which is absolutely pure. If you had taken two of Carter's Little Liver Pills before retiring you would not have had that coated tongue or bad taste in the mouth this morning, Keep a pe) vie you for oe use. s Compound.-Asthma nd Bronchitis ara i - diately [lately] relieved by it, Of all Chemists. At Worcestershire Assizes, on Wednesday, David Shaw, formerly a public sccountant, [accountant] pleaded gallty [guilty] to a charge of appropriating to his own use money he had received as trustee in bankruptcy cases, Ho was sen- [sentenced] tenced [fenced] to six months' imprisonment. PsRFSCT [Prefect] restored vitnous [witness] me-s eina [me-s ina] or ex The atomach, [stomach] blood, braio, [brain] norves, [nerves] liver. lunes, [lines] heath and akin restored by Ey REVALENTA [PREVALENT] Agastoa [Toast] Boop, [Boon] and Tomto [Motto] Digzerrys [Degrees] Bisourrs, [Burrs] which cures effectually dyspepsia, indigestion, constipation. acidity, eough, [enough] asthma, bronchitis, consumpticn. [consumption] phlegm, disrrhcea, [desires] dysentery, liver complaints, fatulency, [flatulence] distene [distance] h solds, [sold] rheumatism, gout, of the glands, Impurity and poverty of tho od, 0) blood, hysteria, Ipitation, [Imitation] heartburu, [heartburn] headashe, [headache] nervy debility ames and vomiting after eating, sven idea ys or 3 ainking [sinking] fits, exhanstion [exhibition] breath. orty [forty] one years in variab [variable] I 8 success of the 100,000 cures -Core No, 49,433, of 50 years, Mr Learoyd (interrapting [interesting Will your Honcur [Honour] take indesoribable [indescribable] agony from dyspepsia, nervousn [nervous es, asthma, that down that the negligence is constituted by not commanicating [communication] with Horbcrry's [Horbury's] solicitors or Horberry [Berry] after the meoting [meeting] Mr Mellor I have not yet dome. And in the event of Horberry [Berry] or bia [ba] solicitors refusing to join in the deed, plaintiff onght [ought] to have been made a bank- [bank] ough, ought] constipation, flatulenoy, [flatulence] spasms, and Ee ae JoLLY. [Jolly] OnraNo [Anon] and strength. His Houonr [Honour] If the learned Jadge [Judge] here had decided my medical adviser. and friends,-Epwanp [friends,-Epiphany] Woon, [Soon] Wes [West] in accordance with the decision of the Divisional Bank. Bolton. 14th June. 1883, Qare [Are] No 9.418,-Con- [Concert] Conrt, [Court] what damage would thia [this] msn [man] have eustained. [sustained] sumotion.-'Da [motion.-'Da] Barrya [Barry] Food has, tarougn [tron] a kind Mr Mellor The damage would be the Ioas [Ions] of Providence, been the means of preserving to me the Bie [Be] of a dear wits. who wag fast sinking Into tae [tea] crave in the last atazes [estates] of consumption, no delne. [dene] expected fo live from one minute te another.-Rev. 5. Nz. 46.80L-The [46.LEE-The] Marchi [March] joness [Jones] de Erehan, [Arena] of seven yaar' [year] iiver [over] complaint, sigeplessnesa. [sleeplessness] and she. mont intense nervous debility and melancholy endering [rendering] her unié [uni] for intercourse, So E His Honour-Your case is thie, [the] then that the 29.319 -Liver complaint and from w defendants ought to have seem Horberry [Berry] and pressed bad fearfully for anh [an] the nese [nee] him to agree to the composition of 43. 6d. in the medical treatment. have vielded [yielded] te Du Barry's exoellsnt. [excellent] ponnd. [pound] If he refused, then they ought to have made food. -W. Epi. [Pi] Major, &.M.3.. Unattached. Oure [Our] No. the plaintiff a bankrupt. His Honour further remarked 70.018.-Siater [70.018.-Sister] S. Lambert. of diabetes. from which she that a lawyer was to possess competent Wea dying Oure [Our] ' be bad to advise accord- [accordingly] ingly. [ingle] Thee oz hich which] they Many SOHERBOR, [SHERBORNE] 48,820,- Du Barry's Food as cured my wile of 20 yeara, [years] most fearful suffering from nerveus [nervous] aad [and] biiioas [boas] attacks palpitation of the heart, and an extraordina y [extraordinary y] swelling al ked led] over, sleepicwsness, [sleeplessness] and asthma, Medi [Med ald [al] never ag availed her. -ATaNasio [Athanasian] La Bangzsa, [Banks] 3 Bleily. [Lily. No, 72,048,- [048] 'Du Barry's Food hs cured mg Mf y-r of Trapanit [Transit] of 36 years' asthma, which obliged me te ge up four or five times every to relieve my m [in] apr nt suifoentlon, [sufficiently] itr, [it] P. Born 1 France. Ouze [Use] Os Fours fearfu [fearful] Avignon, April 18th, 1376, Du ry's Food verfectly [perfectly] cared me of 20 dy opal, op.r agion [again] ability, which preven'ed [prevent'ed] my es ng or Rou [Our casing even the alicntead [elected] effort, am now at of affalre, [failure] and also copy of resolutions which be m.. hoasand [thousand] cures, moluding [moulding] those of the late Empero [Emperor] sed [se] at the meeting held yesterday Ona [On] hundred afternoo [after] sald [sale] be glad te bear if your client ts willing to fall Nicoolas [Nicholas] of Rassiv, [Massive] Dr. Livinustone [Livingstone] ang Mr, W. . th the reat [rest] of the creditors.-WLsH [creditors.-Welsh] and Sykgzs. [Sykes] Stanley, the African the latcer [later] saving 220 Gainsborough, 26th March, 1887, Mr Horberry [Berry] is of his men from inanitien, [inanities] Lord Ssaart [Sat] de Deoles, [Dealers] of Drs. [Dr] arse very mach dissatiefied, [satisfied] after the debtor's repeated to remit bim, [bi] that be should bave [ave] allowed bim [bi] to enter his case into the Oounty [County] Court, when it appears Ban he must have known that he wes [West] Inevitably insolvent at 2tb.. [tab] a the time be was trading with him. . We should be glad to know who Mary Whitwham ls, and what the amount Is owlng [owing] to her for. If the assets wiil [will] realise 4s. 6d. in the pound, why sbould [should] our elient [client] be asked te wait until the 30th Jane, as he knows nothing about the proposed eureties.-OLDMAN [sureties.-OLDMAN] AND Ivagos.' [Images] ' Huddersfield, March 28th, 1887. The atatement [statement] o' affelrs [affrays] was made by Messrs Beaumont, Dyson, and Co., accountants of this tows, and they are of opinion that if the estate had to be realised 19 would fetch nothing near 4 64. in the peund. [pound] Mary Whitwham es the debter's [deter's] Ure, [Re] Wurser. [Wiser] Elmslie, [Elms lie] Shortiond, [Shorthand] Reuta, [Reuter] ete. [tee] Da Barry's Revalenta [Prevalent] Arabien [Arabian] Booa [Boon] seila3 [seal] Pusked [Pushed] for all tee in tins ci Sib, st Llp, [Ll] 3 Sa.5 ids.; 12ib,, [Bib] 32m; [I'm] 24ib,, [Bib] 60s. costing at . Dore, Bayiey, [Bailey] Changesate [Change sate] Hans; Stadler [Sadler] Mead ont