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Xo. 12. CHAPEL, GT ATH [AT] BUILDINGS. a SERMONS will be F a (ro-MokRoW), [ro-Morrow] JUNE 23rd, Pe EPWD, [ED] HIGGINSON. of Wakefield. dye 7 . at 10 45 in the Evening at 6 30. gute [gate] TION [ION] in aid of the Chapel funds will be ofeach [of each] BANKING COMPANY. ICE Is HEREBY GIVEN, that the- [then] ene [one] oF allowed by this Bank upon cep [ce] to TWO PER CENT. PER ANNUM. vee [see] orler [order] of the Buard [Board] of Directors, tree D. MARSDEN, tong. JA34. [J] Manager. COLLEGE. HE ANNUAL DISTRI [DISTRICT] BUTION [BUNION] of ypals. [pals] PRIZE BOOKS and CERTIFICATES, oplace [place] in the COLLEGE HALL, on MounDaY [Monday] NEXT, ak sha [Shaw] will he taken at Eleven o'clock a.m., HX CROSSLEY. Esq.. Mayor of Hatirax. [Hatteras] of Writiug, [Writing] Ornamental and Mechanical nits ngs. [ng] 'lege [Lee] will be Re-opened on Monday. the 29th of vinn [Inn] a punctual attendance of the pupils is specially i THOS. PITT, Hon. Sec. jiersfield, [Huddersfield] June 10th, [the] 1850. SSICAL [SCALE] COMMERCIAL ACADEMY, R. BURTON continues to receive a limited wuinierof [whereof] Young Gentlemen to Board and Educate Greck [Greek] and Latin Classics. the various branches of uiutical [nautical] Science, Euglish [English] Literature. and all the ne- [parts] parts of a liberal. intelectual, [intellectual] and systematic. Edu- [Ed- Eden] on the terms - Anum [Annum] under Ten vears [ears] of age 22 Guineas. apils [Pills] above Ten coco eee [see] eee [see] 24 Boarders ee 18 3 No Evtias [Evils] Kee pt Jor [Or] Statconery. [Stationery] German. Music, and Drawing on the approved Masters. jurter's [jute's] Notice is required or payment for a Quarter the removal of a Pupil. ; Duty free. HUDDERSFIELD UNION. PRINTING AND STATIONERY. ME IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the- [the bard] bard of Guardians of the Huddersfidd [Huddersfield] Union will, w beheld on Fripay [Friday] next, the 28th- [the- the] 'We prepared to receive TENDERS for the supply IMG ING] and STATIONERY, from that aay [say] to the we, 155), [W] ders [des] must be delivered at my Office, at or tocuck [tock] on the dav [da] of Mecting. [Meeting] wruus [russ] of the work required to be contracted for, Lal All] on application at my Office. imurdians [Guardians] do not bind themselves to accept the. 4ehiler, [awhile] By order of the Boor 1. C. 8. FLOYD, Clerg [Clerk] to the Union. Huddersfield; ist its] June, shu, [su] A CARD. ) wae [we] a VRIVSTLEY, [PRIESTLEY] AUCTIONEER, APPRAISER, crvfiehl, [careful] tal [ta] AccouNTANT, [Accountant] 123, Upperhead Row, NT for the Patex [Pate] at (oe EXVENTIONS [INVENTIONS] in the United Kingdom and 'ah Countries, [C] HN BRA PANTOS ERVER [EVER] we, 1 and Designs OFFICE, 4, Trafalgar HAM. Patentee of the Improved OPIC [PIC] SPECTACLES and EYE Jointed UL, announces that he. sore RICHARD HESLOP- [Heslop] eke then IX HUDDERSFIELD. beta US PATENT SPECTACLES. tozecther- [together- together] b. nn articles for assisting the Sight. In doing Spectucl [Spectacle] sitive stove] attcution [attention] of those who require the SSEs [SSE] Pe tus [us] improvements in CONCAVE MOLES es i ear Sighted or SHOOTING ; Y Which Near or Fur-Sighted are. readily SUCCESS I eS attended these inventions, has- [has] pateet [patent] article, the public are cautioned Jr Of Spectades [Spectacles] Manufactured by J. is stamped 5 wane 20, 1959 Ip hee, [her] Bristol ADE, [AD] BRIsTOL, [Bristol] ee ON 2 Ox GERY [GREY] ESTA [EST] BLISHMENT, [ESTABLISHMENT] Worgpper [Copper] KING-STREET. that he begs to inform. the Public wah [was] coustantly [constantly] on hand a very Choice and FURNISHING IRONMON- [IRON- retrospection] ; rection [section] 'are quality and design and ilu [il] in the Tre [Te] end to contain some of. the . Ene [One] STAY Tore oS FIRE IRONS. ee GRATES, RANGES,. iar [air] et Cookit [Cook] R ae ee ec Cooking Ranges, Ke. Date TRAYS, TEA 'COFFEE POTS. heron ee covers Coal Vases, Hat and Umbrella ery. very] Door Mats Ke. &e etn [ten] Shower, Hip. Spun ti ham ace me 1 -with every other deseri [desire] ia Paton aids in the Trade. Mthetioy [Mother] oy at WEIGHING MACHINES, petition of for Le ee Bad all. kin UT eats Care any nds [nd] a ents [ants] s Work, executed H ILLUMINATED Me CLOCK His iE HUDDERSFIELD. , Puliie [Pile] a cs LO inform his Friends and . he that he has always on hand f ys on - 505) [W] Ax d Gentlemen's a targe [large] As ite [it] yg SD SILVER WATCH my atin, [tin] ktnauship, township] and atthe [Arthur] low. oa takes Ss twos, &e, i Ue oF a low- [priced] Wate [Water] Me Various pe atches [arches] that are ' aug [ag] ben [be] Periodicals and other Advertisi [Advertising] aes [as] he cn form them that he nly [only] repain [repair] Sith Confidence recomm [re comm] x. from P. atch [arch] . Warkmen, [Workmen] he - wufactories [factories] had considerable experience ity) [it] howeve [however] ; oe rever [ever] compli [comply] i . inthe [another] ele [Lee] test tina [tins] yee [see] can be Le Shorte Short] sr - ORKING WORKING] IN . 3 THE PREMISES. . 'te BRAHAM'S PATENT. SPECTACLES LVER [LIVER] PLATE , or Banquets, Dinner PartiĆ©e, [Parties] &o EGY [EGG] prt. [pr] py ce DROPS ti, CURE wu Mt bo any Por, [Or] STONE and GRAVEL, I THE TOWN KEPT ON i i on the of Jury next, be reduced . kc., will be placed out for inspection by Pen 'immense distan [distant] by persons unacquainted. with Optics ;. - suited for every kind of . Hip, Spunging. [Spinning] and other any situation, or He Nowy [Now] est CASH PRICES; i Xt cf CLOCKS suitable for Offices Is ' fotion [motion] to caution the public against ' keeps only such Engiicte [Engaged] of Foreign Watches has always been has .engaged a first-rate . Geneva, that now any Ld hromele [homeless] AND WEST YORKSHIRE ADVERTISER, SATURDAY, JUNE 22 1850 - GILBERTS NEWLY-INVENTED PATENT SLIPPER BATH. wi URPASSES [PASSES] every other. From its peculiar construction, a much smaller. quantity of water. is required, thus greatly economizing both trouble and time. In using this BATH, the. position is exceedingly comfortable; and the facility of getting in and out very great.. Any one possessing the BATH, will find i i of the greatest economy and luxury ever offered te -the-pubdlic. [the-public] pe 7 PH an article It is highly recommended by the Medical Profession. SOLD BY EBENEZER THORNTON, STOVE, GRATE, AND FENDER WAREHOUSE,. No. 16. New-street, Huddersfield. HATS HATS HATS EAGLETON'S FASHIONABLE HAT DEPOT, No. 20, CROSS-CHURGH-STREE. [CROSS-CHURCH-STREET] DECIDEDLY THE HUDDERSFIELD MART J E. EAGLETON, Harrtes, [Hares] respectfully thanks the. gentry, F response to his earlier announcements, and assures.them it will be.his continued to-expose all fallacies, and supply such Goods only as. will yield.complete satisfaction... J. E. E. has pleasure in calling present attention to his superb-Stoek.of [superb-Stock.of] French HATS, moat certainly un in this locality for price- [price and] and quality. 4 and Children's HATS are unrivalled for suitability and adaptation to.age and appearance.. To prevent disappointment, be particular to observe the Address - SE J. EL EAGLETON, HATTER, a Bo..20, Cross Church-street, the Sign of the Large Golden Hat.. HATS HATS HATS BAYLDON'S FASHIONABLE. HAT WAREHOUSE; 37, CROSS CHURCH STREET, HUDDERSFIELD. G B. returns his thanks to his.friends and the public for the decided preference given to his Hats, over all others, and begs leave to inform the Public, that he has just received a new assortment of Infants', Boys', Youths', and Gentleman's HATS, of every description, of the Newest Shapes. G. B. particularly wishes to make it known to his friends, that his Fancy Hats, in Black and. Drab,.is of the Newest. Styles, and at such Prices as never offered to the Public. . EIST [EST] OF PRICES - Well-made Hats, from 4s. 6d to 5s. 6d.; at 6s. and 7s. 6d. beautiful Velvet, Fashionable in Shape, and splendid in Colour, warranted to wear well, at 8s. 6d., and 10s. A well assortment of French and Satin Velvet Naps, in every Style and strength, at 12s. the richest, First-class Hats that can be made,complete with every variety of style, and all the new improvements, perfect in ventilation, having no superior in qualiiy [quality] at any price. The above List of Prices will be found has never before been offered, and places all Competition at an. ce. BOY'S AND MENS' [MEN] CARS AT REDUCED PRICES. ESTABLISHED 1772.. Q HOLDSWORTH SONS' GENERAL FURNISHING WAREHOUSES, NEW WELLS, WAKEFIELD GOODS DELIVERED CARRIAGE FREE. At this Establishment parties furnishing have the opportunity of selecting every article of Household Furniture, an advantage not offered to the same extent by any other House out of London... The Stock. comprises-- [comprises] CABINET FURNITURE AND--UPHOLSTERY.. CaRPrETs [Carpets] AND' Beps, [Bes] MATTRESSES, AND BLANKETS. PaPER-HANGINGS. [Paper-HANGINGS] MANTLE, TOILETTE, KC., GLASSES. DaMASKS [Damasks] AND MOREENS. [MOREEN] PassaGe [Passage] CLOTHS, MaTTINGS. [Mattings] GENERAL FURNISHING HaRDWaRE, [Hardware] &c . The Show Rooms are replete with every possible variety in each respective department, suited to the tastes and circumstances of all purchasers, and no expense is spared by the Proprietors to maintain their long-established character for supplying Goods of sound materials and workmanship. ALL KINDS OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE PURCHASED; a Coals TUESDAYS ONLY, FROM 11.UNTIL 5 O'CLOCK, No, 8, KIRKGATE, HUDDERSEIELD. [HUDDERSFIELD] R. L. E. FRANKS, pectacte [protect] Maker, Lecturer on the Eye, &., feels pleasure in stating that he has 8STs. sets] engaged Apartments at Assort Co.'s, TOBACCONISTS, NEAR THE OLD CHURCH, OPPOSITE THE Pack Horse INN, HUDDERSFIELD, where he will attend professionally on TUESDAYS ONLY, with a. selection of his well-known - DBD [DID] ' SPECTACLES. AN DB EX E-GLASSES.. . Mr. F. adjusts Speetacles [Spectacles] to defective Sight, on principles i an oxtensive [extensive] practice, so as to give the greatest assistance scientific means can preserving Eyesight to the latest period of life; axd [and] as a proof of ability, Mr. F. r fully requests attention to the following copy of Testimonial from.the Faculty of Hud- [HUD- Huddersfield] dersfield [Huddersfield] and neighbourhood - Mr. Franks, the Optician, having delivered Public Lectures in this town on the Anatomy and Physiology, of the Human Eye, combined with the abuse of Spectacles, we, the undersigned Surgeons, are of. opinion that. he has decoted [devoted] much time and.attention to study the subject, therefore have much pleasure in Mr. Franks as an Optician to those who mayirequire [require] the assistance of Spectacles. - 1 Re Cameron M.D....... Huddersfield John Dyson...........- [Dyson] ; J.P. Bradshaw ......... Surgeon...... Huddersfield J. E. Fosbrooke......Surgeon......Milnes [Brooke......Surgeon......Milnes] Bridge. Wni. [Win] Greenwood ....... Surgeon...... Huddersfield John Machill..........Surgeon......Lindley. [Marshall..........Surgeon......Lindley] G. Robinson Sons....Surgeons..... Huddersfield. Charles Sykes Golecar. [Golcar] Samuel Booth ............ Surgeen ....-Huddersfield [Surgeon ....-Huddersfield J. Roberts ............. Golear. [Golcar] - J. ee Surgeon-..... Huddersfield. J, Roberts .... ws Slaithwaite Jonas Hellawell ......... Surgeon...... huddersfield [Huddersfield John Roberts Su Linthwaite J. M.D....... Mold Green Edward Trotter ...... Newmill. J. Surfeon...... [Surgeon] Almondbury T, Martin .............. 8 Holmfirth. . W. Goodall............... Surgeen...... [Surgeon] Lockw [Lock] Benjamin Becley.....Surgeon....,, [Buckley.....Surgeon] Holmfirth. ' Richard Allatt............ Surgeon......Paddock. Charles Trotter....... Surgeon...,.. Holmfirth. Edward Lees.........2.. Surgeon...... Honley. T. H. Martin ........, Surgeon...... Holmfirth. Parties submitting their Spectacles to Mr. Franks' examination, will meet with a candid opinion and he will not fis [is] omn [on] without rst [rest] proving their superiority. Any article purchased'and not approved will be exchanged. N.B.-NO HAWKERS EMPLOYED. gar GBSERVE-ABRBOTT [OBSERVE-ABBOTT] COOLS TEMPERANCE HOTE&,. [HOTEL] KIRKGATE, ON TUESDAYS ONLY, P A L E T T SB P. P urchase [purchase] at Moses Warehouse, and you'll buy a P- rime Summer-Wrappers for a price not high. P eople [people] of taste, fur such superior dress, Press daily-to the Mart of M. and 8. A. & trial of the garments I have madg,. [made] A nd glad am I that thus I lent my aid; s what I purchased proved that M. and Sox, [So] A re not in point of dress, to be-out-done. L. i L ook [oak] at the.garments with a quizzihg [quizzing] eye- [eye] 1 L et.not.a thing be pass'd unnoticed by- L eave nought without inspection, you'll find. L ike [like] I have done, all suited to your mind, E. . F..M. and Sox [So] may well secure such aid, 3 E. xcelling, [selling] as they do, in point of trade; . a E-ach [E-each] summer garment tells us that they claim . . E. xtensive [extensive] patronage-extensive fame. T. - T-o quality and price may date T heir Bradford Drese-Mart-in [Dress-Mart-in] ite [it] presp'rous [press'sour] state, T is a superior system that has won J he triumphs realized [realised] by M. and Son. oO. [C] ff, then, to Mosks' [Moss] Mart, and thero, [there] like me, ' btain [brain] such dress as yon would wish to see. . Q n with your hat, and buy of Mi and'8, Q ver [Rev] and under-coats with other dress. T. T he Mart of Moses is the only Mart T hat's stock'd with summer dress, so good, '80 T ake [T ale] it for granted, that, where'er. you go, 2 T. he Bradford Dress Mart has the.finest show. F 8, uch [such] are the facts which none can negative, uch [such] is the bit of advice give, 8 ay, then, since all I've thug.advanced is true, uch [such] first-rate Tailors shal [shall] be sought by you, An Immense Variety of SUMMER. PALETOTS,. [Pale tots] from.8s. BS ERV [REV] E I-E. MQOQ SES [MOSQUE SEA] AN D 56 8 N, TAILORS, CLOTHIERS, HATTERS;, AND GENERAL OUTFITTERS 19, THoRNTON's [Thornton's] BUILDINGS, BRIDGE-STREET, BRADFORD, YORKSHIRE. Branch of their Londan. [London] Establishment 154, 155, 156, 157, and 83, 84, 85, and 86, opposite the-Church, corner of Minories and, ALDGaTE, [Aldgate] CiTy,.LONDON,.all [City,.LONDON,.all] and forming one vast Establisiynent.. [Establishment] Cavutiox.-E. [Cautious.-E] MOSES-& SON regret having to guard the Public against imposition, having learned [] falsehoed [falsehood] of being connected with them, or It's all the same concern, has been [] instances, and for obvious reasons. They have no connection with.any other House in or.out of London, except their Branch Establis [Establish] 36, Fargate, [Forget] Shefield [Sheffield] and 19, Thornton's Buildings, B Yorkshire; and those who mon, [on] ing Ten 4 desire genuine and Cheap Clothing, &c., should call at, or send to, either of their Branches, or to the Minories and Lincolnshire. d Agent, Sloreton, [Moreton] hear a xe Nomce.-Tis [Nome.-Is] Establishment is Closed from sunset Friday, till suiset [suites] Saturday, when is resumed; twelve o'clock, ; and. public at large, for their hearty ) . ualled [called] The most fanciful may meet with their wishes in shape and style. apne [anne] nee WATCH ES AN LADI [LAID] 8. da. ;Gentlemen's Gold Levers 1010 Ditto Silver do. 31 - THE PREMISES.. A) Article, as the patent is out long ago.- [ago] Fiat Justitia. [Justice] D 16, MARKET PLACE, HUDDERSFIELD. W RICHARDSON begs to acquaint his Friends and. the- [the public] Public, that his Stock is replete with Es' AND GENTLEMEN'S GOLD AND. SILVER PATENT LEVER AND HORIZONTAL WATCHES of first-rate quality and workmanship which, from his practical knowledge, he can recommend. PRIcE [Price] Aid. XY, .8. a Ladies' Gold Levers from 8 10 6 Ditto do. Horizontal eee [see] 4 4 90 W. R. takes this opportunity of informing the Public, that first-rate workmen, such as he employs, never found any difficulty in repairmg [repair mg] Forcign [Foreign] Watches satisfactorily AND TO DENY WHICH (AS A CERTAIN INTERESTED PARTY HAS DONE) IS AN INSULT AND LIBEL ON THE TRADE; BUT TOWN, THE PUBLIC WILL NOT BE DELUDED BY SUCH FALSE REPRESENTATIONS. - N.B.-JEWELLERY and PLATE REPAIRED, with despatch and care, by a WORKING JEWELLER KEPT ON AS THERE ARE NO FRENCH WORKMEN EMPLOYED IN THIS arge [are] assortment of BRAH AM'S [BRA AM'S] PATENT SPECTACLES always on hand. No AGENCY IS REQUIRED for this TWO FREEHOLD FARMS, mad b 2 7 . ' CA R, at the house of Mr. J. W. Macdonald,,. the Crown Hore., [Horse] in HOLM IRTH, [HOLM FIRTH] in the County of York, on MonDAY, [Monday] the 8th day of July, 1850, at Six o'clock in the evening precisely, subject to such conditions as shall be then produced Lot 1.-All that FREEHOLD FARM, consisting of the or Dwelling-House, Farm Buildings, and Closes of Land, situate at Upper Knowl, in Austonley, in. the- [the parish] 'Parish of Almondbury, and County of York, as the same are now. in the occupation of Mr. John Hirst. The said' Buildings and Land, containing respectively the following quantities, and being numbered in the Plan.of the 'Town- [Township] ship as under, namely - No. House, Barn, Mistal, [Mistral] Yard; and'Out- [Out] 0-24 625. Nether Close .. 382 5 626. Rye-Close 0. 4 30 627... Heathy Close 3 2 29 628. Beaumont Croft 1 2 33 629. Stone Pit 22.0... 1 3-30 630. Croft 2 0- i G1, Allotment 0 1 388- [W] G2, 3619 20 3 38 - Lot 2.-All that other FREEHOLD FARM, consisting of the M or Dwelling -House, Farm Buildings, and Closes of Land, situate at. Upper Knowl aforesaid, and now in the. occupation of Mrs. flannah [flan nah] Bradbury. The said Buildings and Closes of Land, containing respectively the quantities, and being numbered in the said plan as under, namely - A. No. House; Barn, Mistal, [Mistral] Yard, and Out- [Outbuildings] 24 632. Well Intake 2 22 633. Middle Intake 22 634. New Meadow 2 30 635. Little Ing 1 37 - 640. Great Ing .......... 115 [C] G41. [G] Intake oo... 1 37 63. Allotment 3.25 16. 3.12 a The above eligible Property is situated in the centre of the celebrated and populous. manufacturing district of Holmfirth, from which it is distant two miles,. and eight from the Huddersfield market ;-the Shepley, Lane Head, 'and.Greentield [and.Greenfield] Turnpike Road forms the northera [Northern] boun- [bound- boundary] dary day] of ttie [tie] Estate, and the Railway to Holinfirth, [Holmfirth] on the eve of being opened,. will give a communication with the best ma kct [ma act] ij the county in half-an-hour. The Estate is year; and eve afforded by mi facility for manufacturing purposes is and other premiscs [premises] in the immediate and further particulars may be obtained on application to dersfield; [Huddersfield] to Mr. Uriah Tinker, Bent House, Meltham; -and. to ' Messrs.. BROOK and FREEMAN, i Solicitors, Huddersfield. Huddersfield; June 20th; [the] 1850.- [W] MIRFIELD, HOPTON, LIVERSEDGE, AND BRIGHOUSE SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATES AND ADVOWSON, [ADVISING] IN LOTS. T be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. JOHN LANCASTER (subject to conditions to be produced ,a each sale), ' The ADVOWSON [ADVISING] of the PARISH CHURCH of MIRFIELD, consisting of Glebe Land in Mirfield and Cartworth, and certain small payments in lieu of Vicarial [Vicarage] Tithes. Also, several DWELLING-HOUSES, Closes of LAND, and plots of eligible BUILDING, GROUND in Mirfield, Liversedge, and Byighouse, [Brighouse] and the Wood called Whitley Wood, in Hopton The Property at MIRFIELD consists of about 180 Acres, divided in 65 Lots, presenting most desirable sites for resi- [rest- residences] dences [fences] purposes. . Woop [Wool] contains 52a [a] 2t.1p., or thereabouts, and will be offered in one Lot.. The Estates at Mirfieldiand [Mirfield] Hopton will be offered for sale, at the BLack [Black] Bui, [Bi] MIRFIELD, on WEDNESDAY, the 26th June instant, at Two o'clock in the afternoon. The LIVERSEDGE consists of Dwelling Houses, Closes of and plots of Building Ground, containing 'about 40 acres, divided into Twelve Lots. The Property at BRIGHOUSE consists of the Black Swan 'Inn, with Outbuildings, and several Closes of Land, and -plots of Building Ground, containing abowi 13 [about 13] agres, [ages] di- [divided] vided sided into Fifteen Lots, suitable for mill'sites and' other The Sale of the Liversedge and' Brighouse Estates will Ptake [Take] place at the Biack, [Back] Swan INN, BRIGHOUSE, on THURSDAY, the 27th June-instant,. at. Three o' lock in. the afternoon, i. Descriptive particulars, with Plans,, showing the Estates 'as divided into iets [its] for. Sale, may be had fourteen days prior to the Sale, of Mr. Lancaster, Huddersfield, the Auc- [Au- Auctioneer] -tioneer; [pioneer] at the Black Bull Inn, Mirfield the Black Swan, 'Inn, Brizhouse; [Brighouse] of Mr. Henry Holt, Land Agent, Wake 'field; or of Messrs, SCHOLEY and MARSDEN, Solicitors, by whom all necessary information will be given. . 'Wakefield, 5th June, 1850,, ; SUPERIOR YOUNG FRESH HORSES, . GEARING, CARTS, &., TM C A RR has received instructions. from. Messrs. Jones and Williams;.Contractors, to SELL 'by AUCTION, the whole of their valuable STUD. of ORSES, [ROSES] on the 27th day of June, 1850, in the New Inn Yarn, consisting of TWENY.- [TWENTY.- TWENTY] HORSES-oolours [HORSES-colours brown, bay, black, and 'grey most of' them young, fresh, short-legg [short-leg] ed, useful Horses they have been purchased' regardless, of expense, jand [and] are all good workers. Gearing for 'Thitty [That] Horses, in good condition; and consists of Lead and Shaft Gear- [Gearing] ing. Four very good Carts; -One. broad-wheeled Cart, patent arms e common ditto; One narrow-wheeled, potent arms; and One common, ditto; also a very neat arket [market] Cart, The above are all thie [the genuine property of Messrs. Jones. and Willi [Will] contractors, whe [the] have finished their con- tract, and will beSold [will sold] without reserve.., . The whole.of the Stock may be-seen at'aiy [at'any] time.before, the Sale, at the Stables, mear. [meat] and fur- [Fisher] Shor, [Shoe] iculars [particulars] wad at Mr. Office, 'Tyrrel-strge [Tyre-stage] t,, radtord. [radford] - ag Sale to One o' the afternoon. . Taw) [Ta] abundantly suppticd [supported] with pure water at all seasons of the A Plan of the Estate may be seen at the place of Sale, - the Auctioneer; to Mr. Crowther, Land Surveyor, Hud [HUD ; Parties desineus, [designs] of supplyi [supply] ' -ap ly at the.Greand [the.Grand] on the Saturday FO LETTER-PRESS PRINTERS AND OTHERS... - Pie ODL [OLD] known that he has received Instructions from the Assignees of N. G. Bonp, [Bone] Advertiser Office, Market-place, Huddersfield (a Bankrupt), to SELL by AUCTION, on the 8th of July, 1850, and following days, the whole of the PRINTING MATERIALS, STOCK-IN-TRADE, Day Books. Ledgers, Fancy Stationery, HOUSEHOLD FUR- [FURNITURE] NITURE, [NATURE] and EFFECTS, particulars of which will b more fully week's papers. ' Acuctioneer's. [Auctioneer's] Office; 33, New-street, Huddersfield. . VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, AT MILNSBRIDGE. re be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LAN- [LANCASTER] CASTER, at the house of Mr. John Armitage, the WarREN [Warren] Howse INN, Milnsbridge, in the County of York, on Monpay, [Monday] the Ist [Its] day of July, 1850, at Six o'clock in the evening, subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced, All. that. moisty [most] or equal undivided half part or share (the whole into two equal parts or shares being divided. or considered as divided) of and in all that MESSUAGE [MESSAGE] or DWELLING-HOUSE, now used asan [asa] INN or PUBLIC- [Public house] HOUSE, known by the name of the- [Armitage] -Armitage Arms, situate at Milnsbridge, in. Linthwaite; in the Parish of. Almondbury, in the County of York, together with the Barn, Stable, and [] the same belonging, and now in the-cecupation [the-occupation] of Thomas Saville. Also of and in all those Five COTTAGES or DWELLING- [Dwelling houses] HOUSES, situate at Milnsbridge aforesaid, now in the several occupations of John. Collier, Henry Beaumont, Jonn Thorpe, Solomon Collier, and William Kaye, thei [the] assigns or undertenants. [under tenants] . And also of and in ail those Four CLOSES or PAR- [PARCELS] CELS [CELLS] of LAND, situate at Milnsbridge aforesaid, called or commonly known by the several names of the Little Croft,.the Bridge Croft,.the -Stone-Yard, and the Elm Ing, containing together, with the site of the buildings, 5a. Gr. 17p. [p] (more or less), and now in the occupation of Joseph Armitage, Esq., and Thomas Saville, their assigns or undertenants. [under tenants] The above Premises are Freehold of inheritance. The Buildings are in good repair and well tenanted. The Land 'is in a high state of cultivation, and well watered; and being situate adjoining the highway leading from Hudders- [Udders- Huddersfield] field to Golear, [Golcar] is available as eligible Building Ground. Further particulars may be had, on application to Mr. LANCASTER, the Auctioneer; Mr. HALL, of Milnsbridge, (and at his Offices, in King-street, Huddersfield); or at the Offices of Mr. C. S. FLOYD; Solicitor; Huddersfield and Holmfirth. Huddersfield, 12th June, .1850.. HUDDERSFIELD AND PENISTONE. IMPORTANT AND EXTENSIVE SALE OF nAILWAY [railway] PLAN T, INCLUDING STEAM ENGINEs, [Engines] EARTH WAGGONS, IKON. [ION] RAILS, BAR, ROD, AND SCRAP inon, [Inn] CRANES, ; TIMBER, &c., ON THE 1 HUDDERSFIELD AND SHEFFIELD RAILWAY. ' O be SOLD by AUCTION, by G.O0 BROWN who is honoured with instructions from Messrs. G. MILLER and Co., to offer for wnreserved [reserved] competition, on TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, and THURSDAY next, the 25th, [the] 26th,-and [the,-and] 27th days of Juaze, [Gaze] the whole of their extensive. and various STOCK. OF RAILWAY PLANT;. Which will.include one-12-horse power high pressure. Steam Engine; with two boilers one 4-wheeled Locomotive Steam Ditto, by Hawthorn; four travelling Jib. Cranes, four Crabs, (Shives',) [Shires] with carriages for gantrey [gentry] ;.three doubie [double] purchase Crabs; one Ditto to lift 8 tons, two single purcha e [purchase e] Crabs, four double purchase Quarry Cranes, ten sets of Smith's Toels, [Smith's Toes] fifteen Anvils, Bellows, Vice, &., 150 Earth. Waggons, six large Stone Trucks for Railway, three small Ditto, 250 tons of temporary Iren [Iron] Rails, 32 to 35 lb. per yard three pair of Shear Legs, quantity of 3-inch Planks, 300 23-inch Battens, 50 tons of Scrap Iron, a quantity f Bolts and Nuts various lengths, Chains of different sizes including 300 yards of Block and 250 yards of Buckling Chain, 15 tons of Bar and Rod Iron, Iron Rods 7-Strs [7-Stars] round, three Mortar Mills, 4 feet diameter, with Iron Pars and Gear complete; a large quantity of Timber, suitable for builders; Centre Backs, 2 ard [ad 3 sheave Iron Blocks, eight pair of Snatch. Ditto,, Pullies [Pulleys] from 10 to 16-inch diameter, 30 tons of Serap Metal, [Sera Metal] a number of Wheels arid Axles Waggons, Grindstones, 70 Iron Mauls, 0] or ling Hammers, 130 Crowbars various sizes, 120 Earth. Picks, 10 ewt.,of [et.,of] Nails, and. 20,000 Bricks, three Rug-Mills, a large. quantity of permanent and tempora y [temporal y] Sleepers, and every other description of Contractor's material. Also the STABLES, Carpenter's and Smit's. [Smith's] SHOPS and The Sale will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday at the Paddock Viaduct, on the Huddersfield. and Sheffield Rail- [Railway] Way (near Huddersfield,) and on Thursday near the Penistore [Penistone] Viaduct, on the above Railway. Similar descriptions of Material will be sold on each day's sale, excepting the Engines, which will be sold at the Paddock Viaduct, on Tuesday, the 25th inst.. The sale will commence each day precisely at 10 0'clock, GRAND GALAS AND FETE R. BYWATER respectfully annownces to [announces to] the Gentry and Public of Huddersfield and its vicinity, that he purposes giving Two GRAND GALAS, at the CRICKET GROUND, Halifax-road, an the Evenings of Mon- [Monday] (DAY and TUESDAY NEXT, June.24h [June.H] and 25th, [the] 1850, far. which occasion he has secured the services of Mr. MooRg's [Moor's] celebrated QUADRILLE BAND, which will perform.a variety of waltzes, pelkas, [pleas] &c. . Mr. B. has also great pleasure in announcing that he has engagement with those distinguished Artists, THE MISSES AND MR. YOUNG, The unrivalled Rope Dancers, Rope. Walkers, Trompd- [Tromp- TrompdJienists] Jienists, [Pianists] &c., from the Royal Gardens, Vauxhall, and Gardens; London, who, in the course of ea7h [each] Evening, will go through their Surprising Feats. ; After which Mr, will exhibit a most sup2rb [superb] display of FIREWORKS, Consisting of Rare and Curious Devices; which will be eg rere [ere] ian [in] Rockets, Mines, Coloured Lights, &c. n conclusion, Miss R, Youne [Young] wi i - trepid [repaid] and Astonishing. WH in her In. ASCENT AND. DESCENT Of the inclined Rope from the.Ground, taan, [than] oF NEARLY Forty Fret completely enveloped in.a magni- [mani- magnificent] ficent. [cent] display of Fireworks, and Coloured Fires, &c., fornaing [forming] a beillian [brilliance] t coup d'cil [d'col] of splendour. to commence .at Half-past. Seven - Dancing cisol [sol] at Half-past Nine. Admittance 3d.-Children under tea years of. Refradmepia,. [Referred] revious. [previous] vin [in] Grove, Sheffie [Sheffield] ot 42 - of orery [ore] description, by G. F. By ewig [wig] Ns 7 747 XS ts . fey soe [se] 277 Ses [Se] id Vel [Veal] SAAN [SWAN] ate e 2a. RSE [RE] HPD [HAD] MOM [MON] MONTE