Huddersfield Chronicle (22/Jul/1871) - The Convalescent Home at Meltham Mills

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.


On Thursday, the 3rd of the ensuing month, this noble pile of buildings, which has been erected at the sole expense of Charles Brook, jun., Esq., will be opened by the generous donor, and handed over to trustees for the benefit of the inhabitants of this district.

Mr. Brook's liberality and large-heartedness — based upon sound Christian and philanthropic principles — have secured for him the respect and esteem of all classes of the community ; and, when this crowning act of his generosity and sympathy for suffering humanity is consummated, on the 3rd proximo, we are sure he will receive, as he deserves, the hearty good wishes and blessings of men in every rank of life. Mr. Brook has ever shown himself to be imbued with a deep sense of the responsibility which the possession of great wealth entails, and no well-considered object, which aimed at improving the religious, moral, or •educational status of mankind, ever sought his aid in vain.

The gift and endowment of such an Institution is an act altogether outside the round of good works of this nature, and we hope the citizens of Huddersfield, and the villages contiguous, will, on the opening day, show their respect and gratitude to Mr. Brook by attending at Meltham Mills in great force. For our own part, we have arranged to place on record a full account of the day's proceedings ; and, as the act is so exceptionally liberal, and the building is one of such beautiful architectural proportions and of such extent, we have instructed a leading artist in London to prepare


and its surroundings, which we purpose giving to each purchaser of the Daily Chronicle, published on the morning following the opening, and also with the Weekly Edition on Saturday.