Huddersfield Chronicle (21/Jul/1888) - Correspondence: Beaumont Park

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Dear Sir,

This park is very much admired by all who come to see it. The trees, the flower beds, the grass, and the walks all receive due attention from Mr. Patterson and his men, except on piece of land, about 50 yards long by 10 yards wide, which is quite neglected. This land is near to the "castle," in the very centre of the park, and its appearance reminds one of an old graveyard that has not been used for an age. All that it produces is weed, with here and there a dirty wood cross, which reminds one very much of old gravestones of that shape.

Surely the borough surveyor — who has done so much to make the park what it is — of the Park's Committee, can alter this state of thing.

16th July, 1888

Huddersfield Chronicle (21/Jul/1888) - Correspondence: Beaumont Park


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