Huddersfield Chronicle (21/Jan/1899) - Concert at Meltham

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.


Concert at Meltham.

On Monday evening, a concert was held at the Carlile Institute, Meltham and despite the inclemency of the weather the large hall of the institution was filled. The concert was promoted by Mr. B. Redfearn's party and the ├ćolian Quartet Party, consisting of Mr. Sydney T. Spivey (alto), Mr. T. Butterfield (first tenor), Mr. B. Hirst (second tenor), and Mr. A. Quarmby (bass), were engaged ; and Miss A.T. Berry (soprano) delighted the company with her songs. Mr. Herbert Stather proved a most capable accompanist. The programme was as follows :— Glee, "The carnovale," by the quartet party ; song, "The toilers," Mr. Butterfield ; glee, "Gently sighs" quartet party ; song, "The flight of ages," Miss A.T. Berry ; glee, "A catastrophe," quartet party ; song, "Tell her I love her so," Mr. Spivey ; glee, "Of a' the airts," quartet party ; song, "Admiral I am," Mr. Quarmby ; glee, "Old King Cole," quartet party ; song, "Once again," Mr. Butterfield ; glee, "Sweet doth blush," quartet party ; song, "The island of dreams," Miss A.T. Berry ; duet, "Excelsior," Messrs. Butterfield and Quarmby; song, "Whisper and I shall hear," Mr. Spivey ; glee, "When the hours of day," quartet party. The singing of the quartet party was much enjoyed, and encores were frequent. Miss Berry's rendering of "The flight of ages" was rapturously encored, and she responded with "Oro pro nobis." Her voice is of excellent quality, and she sings with dramatic feeling. Mr. Spivey received an encore on each occasion, and it was largely through his instrumentality that the concert proved so enjoyable. The National Anthem concluded one of the most successful concerts held in the Institute this season.