Huddersfield Chronicle (21/Jan/1854) - Netherton: Female Institute

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Female Institute.

There seems nothing too difficult for the enterprising spirit of the inhabitants of this little village. They have a Mechanics' Institute for the young men, a gas company, a choral society, new brass band, &c.; in addition to these things, they have laboured some years in forming a "Female Educational Institute." The subject has been several times brought before the public, and has been as often put off, to make way for some other project. However, another effort has been made, and bids fair to be crowned with complete success. A meeting on the subject was held in the school-room, on Monday night last, and no fewer than 46 young females had their names enrolled as members. A good beginning this, and we are glad to hear that many ladies in the village have kindly offered their services as teachers.

Huddersfield Chronicle (21/Jan/1854) - Netherton: Female Institute


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