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THE HUDDERSFIELD CHRO [CARO] NICLE, [NICE] SATURDAY, JULY 20, 1850. 2 i LONDON AND NORTH wes [West] - PUBLIC. FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. TH WESTERN GN been disordered for nearly twenty years and my oe HE beg to say that they have MANCHESTER, a health is now everything I could wish, and has been so WILKINSON a ve ae 'who style them PTS [PT] FRIDAY Jour [Our] 12 ke ve 2 PATRONAGE. these three months past, &e. ANDREW FRASER, no on and Co Wilkinson and Co. can only be Mariage, [Marriage] Bromley St. Leonard, tendon dep [de] FO. SS AT In canisters weighing eh, at nl Od.; 2Ib. [ob] at consulted daily at 2, Back-green, Huddersfield and, King Cross- [Cross] mee, [me] Claridge, i Tig, [Ti] and aa 23 at 1, Birmingham... ee bo Th s a 3S VT owes FED ges [ge] FREEDOM FROM COUGHS IN TEN MINUTES, ds. Gd. 5 of OD, OF nd bib. 23s. suitably mocked he ee BELAY NOT at Basinghall-street. [Basing hall-street] Solicitors, Champion and Jutsum, [Custom] Chester a 5) 745 9 a5) 7 2 PERFEC [PERFECT] RE OF uality, [quality] 10lb., [lb] 33s.; [S's] an . Suita [Suit] for ou) . Whitechapel- [Whitechapelofficial] official assignee, tmore, [more] Bassing- [Passing- Bassingeeseesecenseeen] cee [see] S211 [S] 9 0 ABD [AND] 4 CC AND di climates. Canisters forwarded by DU BARRY and Co., delays are dangerous. All ies [is] pel-road [Peel-road] Macclesfield ...... ... 7 40 9 3 NSUMPTION, [CONSUMPTION] COUGHS, COLDS, AND ALL DISORDERS OF THE BREATH receipt of Post-office or Bankers' orders. 'The and matans [Matins] sho [so] consult Messrs, hall-street. Steckport [Stockport] ... w 84010 15) ys) ASTHMA AND CO LUNGS, ARE INSURED BY 101b [b] canisters free to any town or railway station Ne at their Medical Estab- [Stables- Stables] Charles Garlick, Charterhouse-squary, [Charterhouse-square] Manchentoe, [Manchester] it sil [ail] cates [ates] Io on 45) 24) 2 2 7 ILKIN [WILKIN] eg g t veo, [Geo] LOCOC [LOCO] K'S PULMONIC Ww A F-E B S .- connected by rail with London, or to any port in tlan [lan] iments, [sentiments] 9 Back GREEN, HUDDERSFIELD, and 1, Kine hoyseman, [houseman] July ab at 11, sand at Basing Hancherter..dp [Manchester..dp 6 90 8 lio [oil] ba Sh R. Avent [Event] or connected with London by steam or sailing CROSS-STREET, where honour 2 and. apecdy [aspect] sane a. use official assignee, Whitmore, Basinghall- [Basing hall- BasinghallAshton] Ashton 8 35 9 5 10 451 3 2 5 ini [in] i imonials [manuals] gent. vessels. may i Attendan [Attendance] ily [il] at the above 50) 2 25) 3 3-) Small Books, containing many hundreds of properly authenticated Testimo [Testimony] may be had TEARS' Agents in London Hedges and Butler, 155, Regent y be relied upon ndance [dance] y street. seat, Cle [Ce] ox, July 25 3 ; CURE OF COUGH, AND COMPLETE RESPORATION [CORPORATION] SURPRISING CURE OF ASTHMA street Fortnum, [Fortnight] Mason, and Co., 182 and 183, Pi illy, Es Sy Co.'s PURIFYING DROPS, an astonish- [astonishes] James Henry 923 at ll, at vi he pad, BrO [Bro . Soli- [Sol- Solid] 8 24 333 OF VOICE. STANDING. Purveyors to her Majesty the Queen; Barclay, 95, Farring- [ferring- Farringdon] of every 2 and symptom of 22 at 12, and August 23 at 11, at Basing a ' 2471 350) [W] Tipton March 20, 1846. y' ring discovery for the cure ry stage ymp [Mp] Rob Charterhouse square official ; 7, Alicia-street, Sculcoats, [Cyclists] Hull, Jan. 9, 1847. Princes-end, pe afflicted with an don-street Edwards, Sutton, Newberry, Sanger, Evans, the disease, price 4s. 6d. per bottle, can only be citors, [cities] Hine and Re 3 3 A452 [A] ne 13 h Sir,-I have for the last ten Jed known remedy, Hannay, and through all respectable tea-dealers, grocers, had of the followin; [following] 'agents ee, Cannan, [Cannon] Birchin-lane. [Birch-lane] hant, [hat] Jul 3 8 ayy [a] May Sir,-Having been cured of a most obstinate hoarseness asthma, during which time I have tried every h booksell [bookseller] hemi [him] 'and of the ig John Jones, B wr, Breconshire, [Berkshire] coal merchant, July 313 [W] 4 af and cough (which for a considerable time totally deprived had the best medical advice possible for me to get. Italian warehouses, ellers, [sellers] druggists, chemists, r. Wilson; bookseller, &c., North Bridge 23. and August pA 'at 11, at Bristol Court. Solicitor, Bigg, [Big] me of the use of my voice) by means of Locock's [Cock's] Pulmonic ont es nt from 40 to 50 on medical advice medicine vendors in town and country. a a uM aris [ares] ist, [its] ke Ba tol [to] 2 ce, Acraman [Crimean] Bristol. 12231 del [de] Wafers, and having spent pounds in seeking relief, but a alone, and all io no avail 1, and J gave up all hopes bd tokey [toke] Testimonials of the highest respéctability [respectable] sent bie [be] on Mr. Hunter, chemist and dru, [Dr] cris [cries] Gaonr Gone] Will ae Landpo Land] Hants, [Hats] J uly [July] sal [sa] tel to no purpose, I scarcely know how to express my gratitude ing the disease removed, un was recommen [recommend] I Caution -The name of Messrs. Du Barrys [Barry] invaluable 'Mx. Lawton, chemist and ist, [its] Bottom 'A 17 st i at Basinghall-street. [Basing hall-street] Sa for the and sudden change they have wrought De Locock's [Cock's] Waters, a purchased eat note food, as also that of the fem, have beet fc closely imitated Wekeialt [Weekly] is m, druggis [druggist] on ey, oot [not] 'lane, Ld, 4 Price, Portsea offi [of] 3 3a i vi mime. I feel the least I do is to assure you i three months since, by w that invalids cannot too care ook [oak] at the exact spelling Mr. ld, bookseller, &c. -chambers. 13505 92 ere age gre [re] a a ta Sh a DE Pa OH emo Sy se, Mon, bu Hor [Or] ald [al] ily [il] Now Berd [Bed] Mr. Nay choy [coy] to and hagas has] olga [ola] nd Wally iminginm, [mining] ie me with a as to the wonderful efficacy [C igned,) [one] ond-street, [and-street] London, in orderto [order to] avoi [avoid] ing impo [imp] upon hemist, [chemist] &c. Westgate. A July 22 and A. 17, at a 58h [H] 4 . (Signed), J. MEMELL. [Meme ll] To Mr. John J. Williams, chemist, Tipton. by Ervalenta, [Event] REAL Revalenta, [Prevalent] or other spurious and injuri- [injury- injuries] kes [keys] Bric oo Me Garforth, bookseller. Court, olicitors, [solicitors] Stubbs and Smallwood, PA ae IMPORTANT TO ALL WHO SING Se een [en] of the name, which have cothing [nothing] Keighley.-Mr. Akeds, [Asked] Stamp Offic. [Office] and James, Birmingham official Valpy, [Val] Bir [Sir] 9 7 . oN ; Ay under a close imitation of e i noth [not] .-Mr. Farrar, air er. ool [oil] for Otley ar ll 26 14 --- CURES OF CONSUMPTION IN (From &. Pearsall, [Pears all] Esq., Majesty's Concerts, and Vicar-Choral recommend them but the reckless audacity of their igno- [ing- consignor] ie', wholessio [wholesale] mingham. [Birmingham] eg Arthur Sleigh, Bedford-street, Knaresbro [Nursery] th 20 2 a a ae December 5, 1840. of Lichfiel [Chiefly] Lichficl [Lichfield] d, July 10, 1845. rant and unscrupulous compounders, [compound] and which, mous [moss] Heywood.-Mr. Alston's boot and shoe establishment. Strand, and Thurloe-square, [Thurlow-square] Brompton, newspaper pro- [Harrogate] Harrogate nN 4 245 4) 28 Gentlemen.-I can myself speak of your Wafers with the ile [le] A lady of distinction havit [habit] inted [United] out to dmirably admirably] adapted for pigs, would play sad havoc with the Colne.-Mr. Hodgson, chemist, &c. rietor, [proprietor] July 24 at2, [at] and Sept. 3 at 11, at Basinghall-street. [Basing hall-street] POD 12 10 232) [W] 533) [W] 5 J) vi mmended [mended] them in many Gentlemen,-. y of distinc [distinct] ving [vine] poin [point] delicate stomach of an invalid or infant. Hough, chemist, &c., Corn Market. BF olor, [ole] oa tnnfields tenfold] official assignee, 12 3013 6 9 2 greatest confidence, having re d they have always me the qualities of Dr. Locock's [Cock's] Wafers, 1 was induced to Doncaster.-Hough, chemist, &c., licitor, [solicitor] Gustard, [Mustard] Lincoln's-inn-fields assignee, Newcastle... 3 cases of pulmonary consum [Consul] tion, [ion] an has and the make trial of a box, and from this trial I am happy to give Leeds.-Mr. Green, bookseller, Briggate. Groom, Abchurch-lane. ; afforded relief when every thing else i 4. are delighted my testimonial in their favour. I find, by allowing a few Knottingley.-Mr. Greenhow, chemist, Kc. Samuel Wilkes, Birmingham, clock dial maker, July 22, 447 A THIRD CLASS TRAIN leaves Wong patients having been surfeited with ane [an] eg eae [ear] han [an] eo. of the Wafers (taken in the course of the day) to eradually [gradually] Farrer, chemist, &c., Roper-street. and August 19, at 10, at Birmingham Court. Solicitor, and eke erp [per] re at 11 0am. [am] calling to meet with so efficient a remedy, having ee dissolve in the mouth, my voice becomes bright and clear, FEMALE BEAUTY Goole.-Mr. Harnet, [Garnet] chemist, &c. Lowe, Birmingham official assignee, Christie, Birming- [Birmingham- Birmingham] i foe Lene [Lee] oie [one] CLASS able taste. J. Mawson. and the tone full and distinct. Thev [The] are decidedly the most Oe Selby.-Mr. Glew, chemist, &c. ham. Stations. Pem., [Pen] calling at all tie in efficacious of any I have ever used. S. RSALL. [RUSSELL] SCG [SC] Et York.-Mr. Marsh, stationer, &c., Peter-gate. Joshua Woodward, Loxley, pa r manufac- [manufacture- manufacture] 18, Moseley-street, Newoastle-on- [Newcastle-on- Tyne] Tyne, invaluabl [invaluable] in a few hours they remove all Hoarseness, and PRESERVED. Skipton.-Mr. Irving, chemist, Kc. turer, [Turner] July 27 and August 24, at 10, at L urt. [rt] Soli- [Sol- Solicitors] Sundays, TO SINGERS AN ip PUBLIC See nity [city] of the. ore ne Top es nave PEEAHANT [PEASANT] een [en] 7 DR. COCKBURN'S Munn, shen [she] ee citors, [cities] Rayner, Sheffield official assignee, Hope, Leeds. A Train leaves Manchester at 3 10, 2 0, 20, wonderfully increase the power an ORIENTAL BOTANICAL EXTRACT. Bingley.-Mr. Dumn, [Dunn] chemist, &c. Price 1s. 14d., 2s. 9d., and 11s. per Box. Agents -DA SILVA Co., 1, Bride-lane, Fleet-street, London. Sold by all Medicine Vendors. git p BY ROTAL [ROYAL] LETTERS p, - te 16 mp LOCOCK.. [COCK] x4 Pp Ma NO Taste o MED LE WA F ae And are the only remedy recommended to be taken by Ladies. They fortify the constitution at all periods of life, and in all Nervous Affections act like a charm. They remove all OBSTRUCTIONS, HEAVINESS, FATIGUE on SLIHT [SLIGHT] EXERTION, PaLPITATION [Palpitation] of the HEART, Lowness of WEAKNESS, and ALLAY PaIn. [Pain] They create APPETITE, and remove INDIGESTION, HEARTBURN, WIND, HEAD-ACHES, GIDDINESS, &C. In fiysrericat [district] DISEASES a proper perseverance in the use of this Medicine will be found to effect a Cure after all other means have failed. Full Directions are NotE.-Those [Not.-Those] Wafers do not contain any Mineral, and BEWARE OF given with every Box. 4 may be taken either dissolved in water or whole. IMITATIONS. OBSERVE -There are various Counterfeits of this Medicine in the form of MIxTURES, Mixture, PILLS, &c. Purchasers must therefore observe that none are genuine but WAFERS, and that the words- Dr. Locock's [Cock's] WAFERS, are in the Stamp outside each Box. The counterfeit Medicines have words on the Stamp so nearly resembling these as to mislead the unwary. Purchasers must therefore strictly observe the above caution. Price Is. 13d., 2s. 9d., and 11s. per Box. The 2s. 9d. Boxes contain nearly Three of the small size, and the lls. [ll] Boxes Five of those at 2s. 9d. AGENTS FOR HUDDERSFIELD-Mr. JACOB FELL and Mr. ENGLAND, Chemists. HEALTH WHERE TIS [ITS] SOUGHT OLLOWAY'S [HOLLOWAY'S] PILLS. CURE OF A DISORDERED LIVER AND STOMACH WHEN IN A MOST HOPELESS STATE. Extract of a Letter from Mr. Matthew Harvey, of Chapel Hall, Airdrie, Scotland, dated the 15th January, 1850, To Professor HOLLOWAY. Srk,-Your [Sr,-Your] valuable Pills have been the means, with God's blessing, of restoring me to a state of perfect health, and at a time when I thought I was on the brink of the grave. I had consulted several eminent Doctors, who, after doing what they could for me, stated that they considered my case as hopeless. I ought to say that I had been suf- [su- suffering] fering [fearing] from a Liver and Stomach complaint of long stand- [standing] ing, which during the last two years got so much worse, that every one considered my condition as hopeless, I as a last resource got a Box of your Pills, which soon gave re- [relief] lief, and by persevering in their use for some weeks, together with rubbing night and morning your Ointment over my chest and stomach, and right side, i have by their means alone get completely cured, and to the astonishment of myself and everybody who knows me. (Signed) MartrHew [Martyr] Harvey. CURE OF A CASE OF WEAKNESS AND DEBILITY OF FOUR YEARS' STANDING, Extract of a Letter from Mr. William Siith, [Smith] of No. 5, Little Thomas- [Thomas] strea, [streat] Gibson-streeat, [Gibson-street] Lambeth, dated Dec. 12th, 1849. te oe eet. [et] to inform you that for nearly five years I hardly knew what it was to have a day's health, suffering from extreme weakness and debility, with constant nervous headaches, giddiness, and sickness of the stomach, together with a great depression of spirits. I used to think that nothing could benefit me, as I had been to many medical men, some of whom, after doing all that was in their power, informed me that they considered that I had some spinal complaint beyond the reach of cure, together with a very disordered state of the stomach and liver, ing my case 80 complicated that nothing could be done for me. One day, being unusually ill and in a dejected state, Isaw [Is] your Pile advertised, and resolved to give them a trial, more poner [pone] from curiosity than with a hope of being cured, wever [ever] I soon found myself better by taking them, andso [ants] I went on persevering in their use for six months, when I am happy to say they effected a perfect cure. (Signed) WILLIAM SMITH. (frequently called CURE OF ASTHMA OF TWENTY YEARS' STANDING. Extract of a Letter from Mr. J. K. Heydon, 78, King-street, Sydney, dated 10th November, 1849, To Professor HoLLowar'. [Holloway] have the pleasure to inform you that many ex- [extraordinary] traordi [trade] cures of Asthma have been effected here by the means of your Pills. One is that of a Lady residing near the Razorback, who after having for twenty years been unable to make the slightest exertion, suffering very fear- [fearfully] fully from shortness of breath, coughing, and spitting, but is now, to use her own expression, able to run up to the top of that mountain. Another case is that of Mr. Caton, Tailor, Hutchinson's Buildings, Clarence-street, who was so dreadfully bad that he was confined entirely to his bed- [bedroom] room for six months, prior to his commencing with your Pills, and attended regularly by his medical man, who pro- [pronounced] nounced [announced] him to be in a dying state, yet he, likewise, to my knowledge, has been restored to perfect health by the use of your and rubbing your Ointment night and morn- [morning] ing into the chest. (Signed) J. K. Heypon, [Heron] THE EARL OF ALBOROUGH [BOROUGH] CURED OF A LIVER AND STOMACH COMPLAINT, Extract of a from His Lordship, Messina, Leghorn, 21st February, 1845. villa To Professor HOLLOWAY. Siz,-Various [Six,-Various] circumstances my thanking you before this ing me your Pills as prevented the possibility of time for your in d youdid. [you did] I now take this oppor- [upper- opportunity] tunity [unity] of sen F ies [is] an order for the amount, and, at the same time, to that your Pills, have effected a cure of a disorder in my Liver and Stomach, which all the most eminent of the Faculty at home and all over the Continent, had not been able to effect; nay, not even the waters of Carlsbad and Marienbad. [Miranda] I wish to have another Box and a Pot of the Ointment, in case any of my family should ever require either. Your most obliged and obedient servant, (Signed) ALDBOROUGH. Zhese [These] celebrated Pills are wonderfully efficacious in the following Ague Female i- i ama [am] Trregulari. [Irregular] Scrofula, or King's Bilious Complaints Fevers of all kinds Sore Throats Blotches on the Fits Stone and Gravel Skin Gout Secondary Symp- [Stamp- Symbol] Bowel Complaints Head-ache toms Colics Indigestion Tic-Douloureux [Tic-Dolores] Constipation of the Inflammation Tumours Bowels Jaundice Uleers [Ulcers] Consumption Liver Complaints Venereal Affections bago [ago] onus of all ads psy [pay] eakness, [weakness] from Dysen [Dyson] Rheumatism whatever cause, pale Retention of urine &e 1y &e. id at the Establishment of Professor HotiowaY, [Holloway] 244 (near Temple Bar,) London, and by most all re- [civilised] civilized W. ta at th or) e i i Is, 13d. 2s. Od., 4s. 6d., lis, [is, and 386, cash Bos [Bo Tharete [Three] 2 apne [anne] line ee 3 are atients [patients] in every DU BARRY'S HEALTH-RESTORIN [HEALTH-RESTORING] INVALIDS AND INFANTS. FOP HE REVALENTA [PREVALENT] ARABICA [ARABIC] T discovered, exclusively grown, and imported by Du Barry Co., 127, New Bond-street, Lon sole owners of the Revalenta [Prevalent] estates, and of the patent machine by which alone the curative principles of the plant can be de- [deaths] This light breakfast farina (without of any kind, without inconvenience, and without affec- [affect- affections] tions [tins] of the liver and kidneys, flatulency [flatulence] distension, palpitation of the heart, yous deafness, noises in the head and ears, pains in almost every part of body, chronic inflammation and ulceration sto- [to- eruptions] eruptions on the skin, scrofula, consumption, dropsy, asm, [as] gout, nausea and vomiting during p' coting, [voting] oat sea, low epirts [ports] F and nervous and Y & i muscular energy led.-DU BARR CO., 127, New Co., and has pleasure in recommending their Revalenta [Prevalent] Food,' it has been singularly useful in many obstinate cases of diarrhea, [diarrhoea] as also of the opposite condition of the bowels and their nervous consequences. London, Aug. Ist, [Its] 1849. A FEW CASES. From the Right Hon. the Lord Stuart de Decies. [decides] Dromana, [Roman] Capoquin, [Captain] county Waterford, Feb. 15, 1849. Gentlemen,-I have derived much benefit from the use of the 'Revalenta [Prevalent] Food.' It is only due to the public and to yourselves to state, that you are at liberty to make any use of this commu- [com- communication] nication [nation] which you may think proper.-I remain, gentlemen, your obedient servant, StuaRT [Stuart] DE DEcIEs. [decides] 4, Park-walk, Little Chelsea, London, Oct. 2, 1848. Twenty-seven years' dyspepsia, from which I had suffered great pain and inconvenience, and for which I had consulted the advice of many, has been effectually removed by your excellent Revalenta [Prevalent] Arabica [Arabic] Food in six weeks' time, &c., &c. Parker D. BrncHam, [Branch] Captain Royal Navy. Louisa-terrace, Exmouth, Aug, 17, 1849. Dear Sir,-I will thank you to send me, on receipt of this, two ten-pound canisters of your Revalenta [Prevalent] Arabica [Arabic] Food. I beg to assure you that its beneficial effects have been duly appreciated by, dear sir, most respectfully, THomas [Thomas] Kine, Major-General. Letter from the Venerable Archdeacon of Ross. Aghadown [Again] Glebe, Skibbereen, [Siberian] county Cork, Aug. 22, 1849. Dear Sir,-I cannot speak too favourably of the Revalenta [Prevalent] Arabica. [Arabic] ALEX. Stuart, Archdeacon of Ross. Aghadown Again] Glebe, Skibbereen, [Siberian] county Cork, Aug. 27, 1849. Sirs,-Having had an attack of bad fever about three years ago, I have ever since been suffering from its effects, producing excessive nervousness, pains in my neck and left arm, and gene- [general] ral [al] weakness of constitution, which has prevented me in a great degree from following my usual avocations these sensations, added to restless nights, particularly after previous exercise, often rendered my life very miserable; but I am happy to say, that having been induced to try your farina about two months since, I am now almost a stranger to these symptoms, which I confidently hope will be removed entirely, with the divine bless- [blessing] ing, by the continued use of this food. Ihave [Have] an objection that my name should appear in print, which, however. in this instance, is overcome for the sake of suffering humanity.-I am sirs, your obedient servant, ALexs. [Ales] Stuart, Archdeacon of Ross. King's College, Cambridge, Oct. 15, 1849. I now consider myself a stranger to all complaints, except a hearty old age. I am as well as ever I was, and even quite free m [in] the vexatious and troublesome annoyance of an eruption of the skin, of which I had suftered [suffered] for years, and which my medi- [med- medical] cal attendant had declared incurable at my time of life. About sixty years ago I had a fall from my horse hemiplegia was the consequence my left arm and leg were paralysed, also my left eyelid and the eye was displaced. From 1789 these dilapidations have resisted all remedies, until now, at the age of 85, by two years use of your delicious Breakfast Food, my left arm and leg 2ave [ave] been rendered as useful to me as the right, and the left eye- [eyelid] lid restored to health, the eye so much so that it requires no spectacles, &c. I deem this extraordinary cure of much import- [importance] ance [once] to sufferers at large, and consider it my duty to place the above details at your disposal in any way you think will promote the welfare of others.-Faithfully, WILLIAM Hunt, Barrister-at-Law. Winslow, Bucks, Jan. 22, 1848. I have found it to be a simple though very efficacious and plea- [pleasant] sant [san] food, doing good to my own and others' functional dis- [disorders] orders. Rev. CHARLES KERR, St. Saviour's, Leeds, Dec. 9, 1847, sovseuens [sovereigns] For the last five years I have been in a most deplorable condition of health, having been subject during that period to most severe pains in the back, chest, right and left sides, which produced vomiting almost daily......Next to God, 1 owe you a great debt of gratitude. I have not had any sickness at the stomach since I commenced your Food, &., &c.-I remain, gentlemen, yours very truly, Rev. Tuomas [Thomas] Minster, of Farnley Tyas, Yorkshire. Dewsbury, Yorkshire, 11th Sept., 1849. Gentlemen,-I am using your Food with great success. 'ore I command I could ee take a nel [ne] of disse [diss] description, bub eos [es] sure to Tr great pain r it from indigestion, I suppose, bu thank God Iam [I am] much better. I have recommended your Food to a great many of my fellow sufferers.-ALEx. [sufferers.-Ale] CaLDER, [Calder] Sergeant Royal Sappers and Miners, Ordnance Survey, Dewsbury. 2, Princess-street, Manchester, 3rd month, 19th, [the] 1849. Friend,- [Friend] I think no one who had received or seen s0 much good and comfort result from it as in my mother's case, would be without it in sickness. Thou art at liberty to use this letter as thou thinkest [thinks] best, and I will cheerfully answer any inquiries.-I am, thy friend, Epwarp [Warp] Corsett, [Cost] Sanitary En gineer, [engineer] &c. 3, Sydney-terrace, Reading, Berks, Dec. 8, 1847. Gentlemen,-I am happy to be able to inform you that the per- [person] son for whom the former quantity was p has derived very great benefit from its use; ing symptoms of long standing have been removed, and a feeling of restored health in- [induced] duced. [duce] Having witnessed the beneficial effects in the above- [above mentioned] mentioned case, I can with confidence recommend it, and shall have much pleasure in so doing whenever an opportunity offers. -I am, gentlemen, very truly yours, James SHORLAND, [HOLLAND] late i t. surgeon, 96th . Stainbro', [Stain bro] Barnsley, Aug. 11th, 1849. Gentlemen,-My sister and myself have derived much benefit from your Revalenta [Prevalent] Arabica [Arabic] Food. We both of us have suffered much from nervousness and debility, but are thankful to state 'we are now much stronger ahd [had] calmer than before. Please send another 10lb. [lb] canister,&c.-B. M...... Schoolmaster. Royal Hotel, St. Heliers, Jersey, Nov. 4, 1849. My dear Sir,-It is not to be told all the benefit your Food has been to me; and my son cries for a saucer of it every morn- [morning] ing-he [he] never wanted a doctor since it came into the house. I consider you a blessing to society at .-Most faithfully yours, ALTER KEATING. 'g-tel Ba ter, [te] London, Nov. 22, 1849. eae [ear] hank Messrs, Du Barry and Co. tosend [to send] him an canister of their Revalenta [Prevalent] Arabica, [Arabic] it agreeing so well with his infant. (This infant was six days' old when it com- [commenced] menced [mended] living on the Food). Devon Cottage, Bromley, Middlesex, March 31, 1849. Gentlemen,-The lady for whom I ordered your food is six months advanced in pregnancy, and was suffering severely from indigestion and constipation, throwing up her meals shortly after eating them, having a great deal of heartburn, and being constantly obliged to resort to physic or the enema, and some- [sometimes] times to both. Iam [I am] happy to inform you that your Food pro. duced [duce] immediate relief She has never sick since, had but iittle [little] heartburn, and the functions are more regular, &c, THOos. [This] WOODHOUSE. Pool Anthony, Tiverton, Nov. 8, 1848. All that I had suffered from for twenty-five years, and which no medicine could remove or relieve, seems to vanish under the ihfluence [influence] of Revalenta. [Prevalent] I enjoy sound and refreshing sleep, which, until now, I could not procure. Nervousness is passing away rapidly, and I am much more calm and collected in every- [everything] thing I do, and it has quite sweetened my poor temper. It now affords me pleasure to do for others what, before, I did not dare to do for nervous irritation, &c. W. R. REEVEs. [Reeves] ' Southwick Park, Fareham, Hants, [Hats] Oct. 31, 1848. Gentlemen,-I sincerely thank you for your kind atten- [attend- attention] tion. [ion] When I taking the Revalenta' [Prevalent] I was in as deplorable a condition as can well be i D I was confined to bed, and so weak that I could neither stand nor walk, suffering severely from flatulency, [flatulence] constipation, and indigestion, and being compelled to have recourse to aperients [parents] every second or third day and upon one occa- [occur- occasion] sion I swallowed no less than seven doses within twenty- [twenty] eight hours, under medical advice. There was a giddiness in my and a singing in my right ear, that when I turned my head on the illo [ill] w, it resembled the sound pro- [produced] duced [duce] by the slight touch on a musical glass. I had a pain and 2 sort ae See rom the cheat, a sore throat and a slight cough; pain around my loins was so grea' [great] that I tot coment [moment] tbe [the] péeidion [petition] Sor [Sir] ten minutes all night long. The principal seat of the pain seemed to be just below the ribs on my left sidc, [side] and about three from the back bong 1 ing the Bevalenta, Benevolent] morning and evening, boiled in water an salt, i a rinight [right] my appetite was greatly im- [in- improved] roved, and flatulency [flatulence] and constipation eo far vanished that T have not tasted a pall or of any kind since. I am much stronger, can walk r, and less like a drunken man, &. &. JOHN V Land Steward. ' Athol-street, Perth, May 2, 1848. ' Some time has now elapsed since the Tay who had been an, invalid for thirteen yous of i ith [it] co an o ) for whom I procured your Food ar vg using it daily as directed, an am py to say has fer most i &e. Cag [Ca] POH [HOP] ' Haddington, East Lothian, March 3, 1849. Dear Sir,-Your excellent Arabica [Arabic] Food has com- [completely] pletely [lately] restored my stomach, nerves, and liver, which had Under the immediate patro [patron] of her most gracious Majesty the Queen, her Majesty the Queen of the Belgians, the Em- [Empress of] pressof [press of] Russia, her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent, , AD her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambri [Cambridge] I ing Members of the Aristocracy both of the lish [Lush] and Continental Courts of Europe. . pD' G. H. J. COCKBURN again, with the return of Summer, takes the pleasure of informing the Ladies of HUDDERSFIELD and adjoining lccalites, [localities] that his. ORIENTAL BOTANICAL EXTRACT will be found an invaluable remedy, and the only one that will be proved efficacious after all other means' have been tried, without the least good arising from them, for effectually removing all Blotches, Freckles, Pimples, Tan Spots, and other Cutaneous Eruptions, and quickly restoring the complexion to its original bioom [broom] of health, The application of the Oriental Botanical Extract is of a most agreeable and soothing nature, and r once or twice using, a pleasing and ceived, [received] and in a few days the complexion will assume a delightful roseate and youthful appearance, and at once prove to the patients its wonderful and lasting efficacy. The preparation will be found highly beneficial in pre- [preserving] serving the complexion from the disagreeable appearance it often presents trom [from] exposure to the sea air, and, atthe [Arthur] same time, frequent recourse to bathing. In those cases the Oriental Botanical Extract is also especially recommended to be used immediately after by all persons who are in any way troubled with cutaneous eruptions, and who resort to salt water remedies. Dr. COCKBURN can, with the greatest satisfaction add, and also prove by thousands of testimonials received by him, during the last ten years, from all parts of the king- [kingdom] dom, [don] that the surprising and healthy qualities of the Oriental Botanical Extract know no equal, and have never been known to fail, but after various other quack remedies for the complexion had been resorted to, ruinous both to health and pocket, without deriving any benefit, but in many cases doing the patient great injury, the Oriental Botanical Extract triumphed in a complete and perma- [Perea- permanent] nent [sent] cure. ' Dr. CocKBURN [Cocking] begs to place before his fair readers thousands received from all parts of the globe, proving the wonderful and surprising efficacy of his Oriental Botanical Extract but it is quite impossible, in the short space of an ordinary advertisement, to give more than a very brief sample. TESTIMONIALS RECENTLY RECEIVED. Copy of a Later received from Lady B-, Park-lane, London, April 10. Park-lane, London, April 10th, [the] 1850. Lady B-- forwards her compliments to Dr. Cockburn, and has much pleasure in thanking him for the great service she de- [derived] rived from the application of his delightful and excellent prepara- [prepared- preparation] tion [ion] for the complexion; in fact, she cannot express herself in terms sufficient for benefits experienced. Lady B-- will feel obliged if Dr Cockburn, at the earliest convenience, will forward her half a dozen 4s. 6d. bottles, being about to leave town, and not wishing to be without so valuable afriend. [friend] A post-office order is herewith enclosed for the amount. Testimonial received April 11th, 1850. ; Cavendish House, near Windsor, April 10th, [the] 1850. Miss Beauchamp's respects to Dr. George H. J. Cockburn, and is now enabled to forward him, with a great deal of pleasure, this letter, from the good she has recently derived from using his truly wonderful Botanical Extract for the skin, together with his ex- [excellent] cellent [excellent] advice, which she cannot him sufficiently for, but which shall not be forgotten to be recommended by her wherever it is required. Miss Beauchamp will thank Mr. G. H. J. Cock- [Cockburn] burn to acknowledge the receipt of the cheque now sent. Extract of a Letter received March Vith, [With] 1850. Bristol, March 16th, [the] 1850. Mr. Cockburn,-Sir,-Having been recommended to make a' trial of your Botanical Extract, I purchased of my townsman, Mr. Ferris, chemist, Union-street, a small bottle, to remove a great many eruptions and freckles on my skin, and which I can only say, with thanks to you and pleasure to myself, exceeded. my most sanguine expectations; for I had, before making use of your excellent Extract, resorted to several things I saw adver- [aver- advertised] tised, [tied] but without making any improvment [improvement] in me. I shall not, Sir, feel any hesitation to answer any reference you may think fit to make to me; and allow me to thank you once more for the great benefit I have received from the use of your valuable pre- [preparation] paration.-I [reparation.-I .-I] remain, Sir, your obedient and obliged servant, THomas [Thomas] H. CLEMENTS. Extract of a Letter received January 7th, 1850. St. Albaps, [Albans] January 1850 Miss Wiltshire begs Mr. G. H. J. Cockburn to accept her best thanks for the surprising efficacy she has derived from using his Botanical Preparation; and she can only say, that wherever the opportunity occurs of recommending it, she shall do so, knowing pile He confidence that it is quite harmless and most Extract of a Letter received Feb. 21, 1850. . Cumberland Terrace, Regent's Park, London, Feb. 21, 1850. To G. H. J. Cockburn, Esq.-Sir,-I have much pleasure in forwarding you this testimonial respecting the wonderful efficacy of your Oriental Botanical Extract for the Complexion. I was, Sir, previous to using it, troubled with a great many spots and eruptions on my skin but I am pleased to say that after a few applications of your Extract according to your directions, that every unpleasant appearance fursook [Furs] my skin and in a very short space of time a perfect cure was made. I shall not feel any objection, if you think proper to make this public, and I have the honour to be, Sir, yours most faithfully, C. A, SEYMOUR. Copy of a Letter received March 19th, [the] 1850. Duke-street, Liverpool, March 18, 1850. Dear Sir,-I should feel ungrateful after the service I have re- [received] ceived [received] by the use of your Oriental Extract, did I not thank you for the same. I have to inform you that seeing it adve [ave] in several Liverpool newspapers, I was persuaded by a friend to try. of money and trouble, having had recourse to so many things before, without doing me the least but at last I determined to give it a trial, and accordingly obtained a 2s. 9d. bottle from Messrs. and Co., Steel-street, as one of your agents in this wan an can only say iin [in] munch pleasure tas [as] ater [after] wi ap- [application] ications [stations] I perceived a pleasing change, an sho [so ea rfect [perfect] cure was the result; for which I beg Best thanks.-I am, dear Sir, yours obliged, ' Extract of a Letter received March 11, 1850. Union-street, Bristol, March 10, 1850. Mr. G. H. J. Cockburn, 27, Aldgate, London.-Sir,-I take with great pleasure an opportunity of forwarding a Testimonial respecting the great benefit I have received from the use of your invaluable Oriental Botanical Extract, and I shall not think it but my duty to recommend it for use to all my friends and ome [one] bg are troubled. any unp [up a eruptions on skin, for I can say this, r trying every 0 ar preperation, [preparation] deriving no use from them, I was induced by a lady to make a trial of your wonderful Extract, and I cannot express my feelings in admiration sufficient for the good results that ensued for pre- [previous] vious [pious] to making use of it I was ashamed to go out into any society 'ou to accept m y M. Parken. [Parker] but after only using it twice, I even then perceived a t tion [ion] for the Be ber, [be] and an short time so that all my acquaintance were surprised and more, your Extract, to use, instead of being a trouble, is quite pleasant, and also an addition to the toi [to] Hoping you will pardon this intrusion and freedom, I am, Sir, yours, Y MaRiANNE [Marine] Durant. The Oriental Botanical Extract is prepared according to the age of the patient. Dr Cockburn, therefore, req [re] parties will obtain it according to the instruc- [instruct- instructions] tions [tins] -No. 1, for the use of persons from 12 to 18 years of age; No. 2, for all persons from 30 to 50. Dr. Cockbnrn [Cockburn] can be consulted by letter, on all diseases ot the skin, or patients remitting him his usual fee, by post- [post office] office order or otherwise. Prepared only, and sold wholesale and retail, by the sole proprietor, rr. G. HJ. Cockburn, 27, London, in bottles, at 2s. 9d. and 4s, 6d. each, with directions for use also by the following wholesale London chemists - Messrs. Barclay and Sons, 95, Farringdon-street; Messrs. Edwards and St. Paul's Churchyard; Mr. J. Sanger, 150, Oxford-street Mr. Thomas Prout, 222, Strand Messrs. Sutton and Co., Bow Church-yard; Messrs, Hannay and Co., 63, Oxford-street; Messrs. Butler and Co., 4, Cheapside. Messrs. J. and R, Raimes, [Raines] Edinburgh; Mr. D. Campbell; Glasgow; Messrs. Pring and Co., Dublin. Mr. W. P. ENGLAND, chemist, Wholesale and Retail Agent for HUDDERSFIELD. Mr. Hunter, chemist, . Messrs. Holton, Blanshard, and Co., wholesale and retail agents, Yo Reinhardt and Sons, chemists, wholesale and retail Ae, Leods. [Leeds] Mr. Froug [Frog , chemist, Doncaster. Mr. Priestley, chemist, Pontefract. Mr. Hall, chemist, Barnsley. Mr. Sewell, chemist, Sheffield. Mr. Wright, chemist, Chesterfield. Mr. Blackburn, chemist, Bradford. Mr. Wilkinson, chemist, Halifax. Mr. Butterworth, chemist, Todmorden. Mr. J. M. Clitton, [Clifton] chemist, Delph. Mr. Hick, chemist, Wakefield. . And all other respectable chemists in the United Kingdom. Exection.-The [Execution.-The] promotion of Sir J. Jervis leaves Chester without a representative. It is stated that Sir E. Walker; Mr. Edwin James, Q.C., or Mr. Jobn [John] Jervis, son of the new Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, will be the candidate in the liberal interest. A protace produce] tionist [station] opposition is spoken of in the person of Mr, Egerton a of considerable property residing in the neigh- [neighbourhood] bourhood [boyhood] but defeat is almost SERIOUS ACCIDENT TO THE DUKE OF HaMILTON.-It [Hamilton.-It] is with regret that we state that a casualty of a rather serious character happened yesterday to the above noblee [noble] man. His Grace went out riding in Hamilton his horse stumbled and fell, bringing its noble rider te the ground. Medical advice was instantly summoned to the palace, when his Grace's arm was Glasgow Daily Mail. surprising change will be per- [per] . generally the 'following testimonials, selected out of some - came back as wise as they went. it, although at that time I felt assured it would only be a waste . -my complexion being quite discoloured, by eruptions and when found to be broken.-. Mark those Numbers, Names, and Streets, Or serious disappointments you will meet. All Letters punctually attended to, and Medicines sent to any part of the Kingdom. TON, of No. 11, St. Mark-street, Wood- [Wood] 4 SAMUEL Wane oa of York, gentleman, do solemnly and. sincerely declare that I am the owner of the dwelling-house, No, 13, Trafalgar-street, in Leeds aforesaid, That the said dwell- [dwelling] éng-house [ing-house -house] has been tenanted and occupied by the firms of Wilkinson and Co., or Wilkinson, Royle and Co., for upwards of twelve years 'And that no person or persons of the name of Wilkinson, nor any firm calling themselves Wilkinson and Co., and residing either at 'Halifax, Huddersfield, or Bradford, in the said County of York, ever resided at No. 13, Leeds aforesaid, co rhad [had] any connection wi fee ome [one] ene [C] YSAMUSL [SAMUEL] WARBURTON. Taken, declared, and ae Leeds, in the County of York, i. 4 ay, before ete [tee] BR a GEORGE Brakes, Solicitor, Leeds. URE [RE] GUARANTEED.- [GUARANTEED] WILKINSON, ROYLE, and Co. may be consulted at their resi- [rest- residence] dence, [dene] 13, TRAFALGAR-STREET, LEEDS (Surge 57, Nile- [Street] street), from nine in the Morning till Ten at Night, and on Sundays till Two. They are, in consequence of increased practice, reluctantly, for the presents obliged to discontinue their usual visits to Bradford, Halifax, and Huddersfield. They beg, however, to state, that communications addressed to them at Leeds, will be attended to, and to intimate that they have entered into arrangements with Dr. ROYLE, MLCS. [MICS] who has had vast opportunities of studying Dis- [Diseases] eases, &c. &c., having long confined his attention thereto in ene of the principal Hospitals in the kingdom. He has obtained first-rate Testimonials of his skill in their treat- [treatment] ment. [men] A very extensive private practice has proved his success. Letters, containing 1, will be attended to, and Advice and Medicines will be forwarded. Parties who cannot personally apply, might successfull [successful] use W. R. and Co.'s PURIFYI [PURIFY] DROPS and PURI- [PURE- PURIFYING] FYING [DYING] PILLS.-A TREATISE, of 24 pages, embellished with engravings, is sent with them. WILKINSON, ROYLE, and Co. have published their Me- [Medical] dical [medical] Adviser. Asa proof of its utility, a large edition has been rapidly sold. Price of the Purifying Drops, 4s. 6d. per bottle; three in one, 1ls.; [ls] six in one, 1 1s.; Pills, 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., 11s., and 1 1s. per box. Considerable saving is effected by urchasing [purchasing] the larger sized bottles and boxes; to be had in at their residence; or of the following agents - HUDDERSFIELD-Mr. BROOK, Printer, 26, Buxton-road. Halifax-Mr. Hartley, bookseller; and Barnsley-Mr. Pybus, Market-place. Caution. Unprincipied [Unprincipled] oo having copied the labels, bills, &c., relative to Wilkinson, Royle, and Co.'s valuable Medicines, they caution the public that none are muine [mine] that have not the signature of Henry Royle on the government stamp, to imitate which is felony; and they can only be obtained at their residence, in Leeds, or from any of their accredited Agents. PEews [Pees] IN CHURCHES.-At the archidiaconal visitation at Hertford, lately, the archdeacon said it could not be too extensively known that if there was a vacant seat ina church, and any parishioner was unaccommodated, [accommodation] he might complain to the churchwardens, who could not refuse to place him in it. Except in the case of a faculty, which was extremely rare, no man could claim a pew as his own. He might have paid for its erection, but that gave him no right over any more seats in it than his family actually 'occupied. It must be considered a shameful selfishness for two persons to occupy the room calculated for nine, whilst any of the parishioners were unaccommodated [accommodation] with seats. 'Where it was necessary, the churchwardens should divide the large pews, or re-arrrange [re-arrange] them. Tae [Tea] New Licut.-The [Lieut.-The] scientific world'is much excited 'by the supposed discovery of Mr. Payne, by which he decom [com] water in a mechanical manner, producing light and heat by the evolvement of hydrogen and oxygen. A number of gentlemen proceeded the other day to his resi- [rest- residence] dence [dene] in Worcester, to examine his apparatus, pitionly [potion] to paying him an immense sum of money for his patent right. They did not happen to be very scientific men, and i They found a cistern of water, a gasometer Boating in it, and, in his room, a small cylinder from which-issued a jet of inflammable gas. No further explanation was made of the mode of producing it, as the payment of a large sum of money was required the secret could be explained.--Letter from New ork. [or] The meeting of the three choirs of Worcester, Hereford, and Giocester [Gloucester] will be held this year at the last-named city, and the managing committee have fixed the festival to be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the 17th, [the] 18th, [the] 19th, [the] and 20th of September. The engage- [engagements] ments [rents] in the choral department are nearly completed. They include Madame Sontag, Madame Castellan, [Castle] Mi Dolby, Miss M. Williams, Mr. Sims Reeves, Mr. H. Phil- [Phillip] li Lockey, &c. The band will be selected from the Phi onic [Tonic] Society and Royal Italian Opera, and Mr. H. Blagrove [Blag rove] will lead. Lady Cas h has become a Roman Catholic. ladyshi [ladyship] Her ip was as remarkable for her piety as Lady Powers- [Powers court] court; she is daughter to Lord Rodin, and wife to the eldest son of the Marquis of Londonde [London] Her conversion is at present causing some sensation, as it is rumoured Lord Castlereagh is about following her example.-Galway Vin- [In- Vindicator] dicator. [doctor] 'THeraPevtics.-the [therapeutic.-the] history of medicine is by no means fiat- [flattering] tering [tearing] to science. It is questionable whether more is known of disease, their causes and their cure, at this moment, than at the time ot Galen; it is certain that diseases are quite as numerous, and in the aggregate as fatal. Every age has produced some new system of artificial therapeutics which the next age has banished; each has boasted in its turn of cures, and they, in their turn, have been condemned as failures. Medicines themselves are the subjects of fashion. Is it not a positive proof that medicine is unsettled; in fact, that it has no established principles, that it is little more than conjectural 'At this moment, says Mr. Pinny, the opinions on the subject of treatment are almost ag numerous as the practitioners themselves. Witness the mass of contradiction on the treatment of even one di namely, consumption, Stroll attributes its frequency to the in- [introduction] troduction [production] of bark. Morton considers bark an effectual cure. 'Ried [Red] ascribes the frequency of the disease to the use of mercury. Brillonet [Brilliant] asserts that it is curable by mercury only. Ruse says that consumption is an inflammatory disease-should be treated by bleeding, purging, cooling medicines, and starvation. Salva- [Salve- Salvation] dori [Dore] says it is a disease of debility, and should be treated by tonics, stimulating remedies, and a generous diet. Galen recom- [com- recommended] mended vinegar as the best preventative of consumption. Des- [Disgust] gault and others assert that is often brought on by taking vinegar to prevent obesity. does recommended fox- [foxglove] love as a specific. Dr. Parr found foxglove more injurious in his 'practice than beneficial. Such are the contradictory state- [statements] -ments [rents] of medical men And yet there can be but one true theory of disease. Of the fallibility and inefficiency of medicine, none have been more conscious than medical men, many of whom have been honest enough to avow their conviction, and now re- [recommend] commend MESSRS. DU BARRY'S REVALENTA [PREVALENT] ARABICA [ARABIC] FOOD, & farina which careful analysis has shown to be derived from the a ofan [fan] African plant, to or poney [Pontey] It appears to properties of a highly curative an icately [delicately] kind and testimonials, from of un- [unquestionable] ility, [ability] have attested that it supersedes medicine of every description in the effectual and Permanent removal of indigestion ), constipation, and diarrhea, [diarrhoea] nervousness, biliousness, liver complaints, flatulency, [flatulence] distension, Palpitation of the heart, nervous head ache, deafness, noises in pains in almost every part of the body, chronic inflammation, and ulceration of the stomach, on the skin, incipient consumption, dropsy, rheumatism, gout, heartburn, nausea and sickness during pregnancy, after or at sea, low spirits, cramps, spleen, general dibility, [debility] asthma, 'ough, [ought] lushing, [rushing] tremors, dislike to society, sleeplessness, involuntary gs aoe [are] fa er for study, loss of memory, delusions, vertigo, to the head, exhaustion, mel- [melancholy] ancholy, [melancholy] groundless fear, indecision, wretchedness, thoughts of self-destruction, and many other complaints. It is, moreover, admitted by those who have used it to be the best food for in- [infants] fants [ants] and invalids generally, as it never turns acid on the weakest but imparts a healthy relish for lunch and dinner, and restores the faculty of digestion and nervous and m [in] energy to the most enfeebl [enfeebled It has the highest approbation of Lord Stuart de Decies; [decides] the Venerable Archdeacon Alexander Stuart, of Ross-a cure of three years' nervousness; Major- [MajorThomas] Thomas King, of Exmouth; Captain Parker D. Bi R.N., of No. 4, Park walk, Little Chelsea, London, who was cured a ia in six weeks' time; tain [train] a wards, R.N, William Hunt Ba cure of functional disorders; from sud [sid] sioknom [economy] during te tee ion and sickness during pregnancy; the ve Thomas Mine, of St. Raviorir's, [Reverie's] cure ere you nervousness, with spasms ani [an] ily [il] vomitings [vomiting x lor, [or] Coroner of Bolton; Captain All ing the cure of epileptiz [epilepsy] Doctors Ure [Re] and Harvey 3 Janos Shorland, [Holland] Esq. ey-terrace, Reading, 'ment-a [men-a] cure of dropsy James Porter, Bea, erth [earth] gen debility; J. Smyth, -a cure cough, with - Lower Poy [Oy] streets Dublin Cornelius M.D,, perfect cure of thirty years' indescribable i which had resisted be of 13 Ab C.8., Dublin-a all other remedies ; agony from aneurism, [mannerism] and twenty thousand other well-known individuals, who have sent the discoverers and inporters, [Importers] Du Barry and Co,, 127, New Bond-street, London, testimonials of the extrordinary [extraordinary] manner in which their health has been restored by this useful and diet, after all other remedies had ean i i i ts, and testimo- [testimony- testimorespectability] respectability, is, we find, sent name of Messrs. Du Barry's invaluable food, as that of their firm, have been so closely imitated, that inva- [vain- invariably] carefully look at the exact spelling of both, and Barry's address, 127, New Bond-street, London, to avoid being upon by Ervalenta, Event, Real Revalenta, [Prevalent, or er spurious compeunds, [compound] of lentila, [lentils] Indian and cat under a close imitation of the-name, which have nothing to recommend them but the reckless epee of their ignorant and unscrupulous com- [compound] pounders, [pounder] and which, though admirably for pigs, would Play ead [ad] havoc with the delicate stomach of an invalid or infant. E cE g I DIVIDENDS. August 2, J. Chappel, Hunslet, Yorkshire, earthenware manufacturer---August 2, Chappel and J. Chappel, Hunslet, Yorkshire, earthenware manufacturers-August 2, G. Sheppard, Thornton-le-Clay, Yorkshire, corn dealer. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED. J. B. Rondeau [Ronda] and J. Wild, Thornton, Yorkshire, dra- [Dr- drapers] pers. [per] -- BANKROPTS.-TueEspay, [BANKRUPTS.-Tuesday] July 16. William Minter Wood, Dover, hosier, to surrender July 25, at half-past twelve o'clock, August 29, at half-past eleven, at the Bankrupts' Court solicitors, Messrs. Reed, Langford, and Marsden, Friday-street, Cheapside official assignee, Mr. Cannan, [Cannon] Birchin-lane, [Birch-lane] Cornhill. enry [Henry] Hart Davis, Battersea, builder, July 22, at half- [half past] past one o'clock, August 30, at eleven, at the Bankrupts' Court solicitor, Mr. Hewitt, Nicholas-lane officialfssig- [officials- officialfssignee] nee, Mr. Cannan, [Cannon] Birchin-lane, [Birch-lane] Cornhill. William Dayment, [Payment] Christian-street, St. George's East, tailor, July 25, at twelve o'clock, August 29, at eleven, at the Bankrupts' Court solicitor, Mr. Dolby, Monument- [Monument chambers] chambers, Fish-street-hill official assignee, Mr. Whitmore. George Knight, Worthing, Sussex, July 27, at half-past twelve o'clock, August 31, at half-past eleven, at the Bank- [Bankrupts] rupts' [ruts] Court solicitors, Messrs. Rhodes, Lane, and Rhodes, Chancery-lane Messrs. Butt and Worsley, Ryde, Isle of Wight; official assignee, Mr. Pennell, Guildhall-chambers, inghall-street. [Angola-street] John Vandersluyse [Vandals] Scantlebury, [Canterbury] Conduit-street East, Paddington, carpenter, July 27, August 31, at eleven o'clock, at the Bankrupts' Court solicitor, Mr. Vaughan, Lincoln's-inn-fields official assignee, Mr. Pennell, Guild- [Guildhall] hall-chambers, [chambers] Basinghall-street. [Basing hall-street] Thomas Dalton and Thomas Edwards, Birmingham, ironfounders, [iron founders] July 24, August 21, at twelve o'clock, at the Birmingham District Court of Bankruptcy solicitors, Messrs. Tyndall and Son, Birmingham official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Birmingham. Samuel Wilkes, Birmingham, clock dial maker, July 22, August 19, at ten o'clock, at the Birmingham District Court of ptcy [Patchy solicitor, Mr. Lowe, Birmingham ; official assignee, Mr. Christie, Birmingham. John Welch, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, [Ashby-de-la-Touch] Leicestershire, draper, August 2 at ten o'clock, 30, at 12, at the Birmingham District Court ot Bankruptcy, at Nottingham solicitors, Messrs. Parker, Rooke, Parker, and Whitehouse, Bedford- [Bradford] row Mr. Dewes, [Ewes] Ashby-de-la-Zouch; [Ashby-de-la-Touch] and Mr. Hodgson, Birmingham official assignee, Mr. Bittleton, [Bolton] Notting- [Nottingham] ham. George Colston Baylis, Cardiff, Glamorganshire, dealer in flour, July 30, August 27, at eleven at the Bristol District Court of Bankruptcy solicitor, Mr. Bird, Cardiff official assignee, Mr. Hutton, Bristol. Thomas Williams, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, auctioneer, July 29, August 26, at eleven o'clock, at the Bristol District Court of Bankruptcy solicitor, Mr. Abbot, Bristol; official assignee, Mr. Miller, Bristol. Samuel Nicholson, York, trader, July 29, Aug. 16, at eleven o'clock, at the Leeds District Court of solicitors, Mr. Paterson, Liverpool; and Mr. Bulmer, Leeds official assignee, Mr. Hope, Leeds. Francis Blanchard and William Passmore, late of Leeds, tailors, Aug. 2and30, [and] at eleveno'clock, [eleven'clock] at the Leeds District Court of Bankruptcy solicitor, Mr. Upton, Leeds; official assignee, Mr. Young, Leeds. John Scorah, late of Snaith, Yorkshire, seed merchant, Aug. 2 and 30, at eleven at the Leeds District Court of Bankruptcy solicitor, Mr. Blackburn, Leeds; official assignee, Mr. Young, Leeds. John Sharrock, [Shamrock] Toxteth-park, Lancashire, licensed vic- [vice- victualler] tualler, [victualler] July 29, Aug. 19, at eleven o'clock, at the Liver- [Liver] 1 District Court of Bankruptcy solicitors, Messrs. regory, [Gregory] Faulkner, Gregory, and Skirrow, Bedford-row; ont Mr. Roby, Liverpod [Liver pod] official assignee, Mr. Morgan, ve Edward Robson Arthur, North Shields, ship owner, July 24, at eleven o'clock, Aug. 28, at twelve, at the Newcastle- [Newcastle] upon-Tyne [Tyne] District Court of Bankruptcy solicitors, Messrs. aples, [Ales] Maples, and Pearse, Frederick-place, Old Jewry ; and Messrs. Leitch [Leith] and Kewney, [Kenny] North Shields official as- [assignee] signee, [signed] Mr. Wakley, [Walker] Newcastle-upon-Tyne. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. J. Keighley and Sons, Halifax, cardmakers; [damages] as far as re- [Keighley] - Keighley.-Mellor, Cunningham, and Powell, iverpool, [Liverpool] cotton-brokers; as far as J. Mellor.- [Mellor] Atkinson and Hibbert, Chorley and Manchester, gingham- [gingham manufacturers] manufacturers.-W. [W] Joynson [Johnson] and R. Gibson, Manchester, attorneys.-J. Brennan and J. Craven, Manchester, 'waste- [waste dealers] dealers.-J. [J] G. Wheldale, [Wholesale] Kingston-upon-Hull, painters. . CERTIFICATE. Aug. 8, J. Denton, Halifax, silk spinner. UNPARALLED [UNPARALLELED] DEATH aT a CRICKET MatcH.-On [March.-On] Tues- [Tuesday] day week a single wicket match at cricket took place on Clapham Common, near London. In the course of the game a young man, one of the competitors, threw the ball with great force at the wicket, knocking off one of the stumps, and, ae stumbled while running, he unfor- [unfair- unfortunately] tunately [fortunately] fell upon the point of the stump when it was nearly perpendicular. ie entered two inches above the and came out four ha at the back. He was subsequently placed under medical care, but erysipelas set in last week and terminated fatally. A BONNET MAKER StaRVED [Starved] To DEATH.-On Saturday, an inquest was held at the Duke of Gloucester public house, Union-row, New Kent-road, on the body of a poor bonnet maker, named Susan Ansell, aged 59 years, who, it was alleged, had died from starvation. The evidence adduced went to prove that the deceased had suffered great de- [deprivation] privation from her incapability of earning a sufficiency to ta proper quantity of food for her support. She m [in] known to go without victuals for days together, and then would some ofthe [of the] neighbours. She had been advised to apply to Newington workhouse for relief, but informed the witness that she would rather die in a ditch. An order was obtained for the assistance ot the parish eon, [on] who came and prescribed for the deceased, whom he described as dying from disease of the heart and lungs, no doubt brought on by the want of proper nourishing food. She died on the morning of Th y from exhaustation. [exhaustion] The jury returned the following verdict Died from disease of the heart and lungs, accelerated by the want of proper food. REPRESENTATION OF TaAMWORTH.-At [Tamworth.-At] a meeting of elec- [elect- electors] tors, on Saturday evening, it was decided to the seat vacant by the untimely death of the late Sir R. Peel, to his eldest son, the present Sir Robert, the meeti [time] pledging itself, in case the hon. baronet consents to be put in nomi- [nomination] nation, to return him without any personal canvass, or the necessity of even an attendance at the hustings. The invi- [invite- invitation] tation [station] has been accepted by the new baronet, and the elec- [elect- election] tion [ion] was fixed to take place yesterday (Friday) but no op- [opposition] position was anticipated. STRIKE OF GUN-LOCK FILERS.-At Darlaston six hundred gun-lock filers have struck, and that just at the time when a government contract for 50,000 locks has been taken. It is said that the contractors wish to reduce wages in order to supply the locks to govornment [Government] at a low price, and yet retain for themselves the ordinary prods. e filers were lowered 10 per cent. last September and the present en- [endeavour] deavour [endeavour] is to tax their wages to the still greater amount of 25 per cent. additional. SHIPMENT OF CoTTON [Cotton] aT GRIMsBY.-The [Grimsby.-The] headi [head] article may appear somewhat ominous; and certain it is, that on Wednesday morning last a train arrived at Grimsb [Grimsby] Dock from Manchester, coring cargo of raw and twisted cotton for shipment to etersburg. [Petersburg] As this is the we have had of the Kind mines the was opened, it created a li rise. e train brought up alongside the old dock, vessel was in readines [readiness] of this pats a ess [es] to receive the cargo, and in a few hours it was on its way to the port above Mercury. TIME TABLES. HUDDERSFIELD TO BRADFORD. Par. Par. 2 CL) SCL [CL] 5 Gly [Fly] S OL Manchester ... 6 8 15 10 1312 10 5,5 40 7 a 9 0 10 53 1 25 3 25 5 0 6 201 8 20 Huddersfld [Huddersfield 6 29 8 3 9 25 11 52 1 301 3 5515 5 7 3 9 10 irfield [Mirfield] ... 6 37) 8 13 9 40 12 5) 1 481 4 6 5 27 7 10 9 48 Hecmndke [Hammond ... 8 21) 9 48 12 14 1 55 4 14 5 35 7 18 9 56 8 25) ... 12 17) ... 418 539 [W W] ... lo Cleckheatn [Cleckheaton] 8 30 9 22 2 3 4 23 5 44 7 a7ll0 [all] 5 Low Moor 8 37 10 3 12 29) 2 11 4 29 5 511 7 33 20 11 Bradford ... 8 45 16 13 12 40) 2 21 4 37 6 1 7 48 0 [48 20 BRADFORD TO HUDDERSFIELD, 'Par. 2CL) [CL] FAL) [AL] FE) SANS 6 10)... 9 11 30 1 8 3 30 4 50 sal [sa] aco [Co] Low Moor.. 6 15 ... 9 7 11 37 1 16 3 38 457 [W] 6 431 8 58 Cl 6 23 ... 9 14 11 46) 1 241 8 40 5 21 6 Silo 6 Li 6 26 ... .. 21 50 ... 350 [W] ... 65519 9 Hckmdwk [Hadwick] 6 9 20 11 53 1 30 3 53 5 7 6 581 9 13 id ... 6 87 8 13 9 27 12 0 138 [0 W] 4 0 514 [W] 7 61 9 20 Huddersfld [Huddersfield 6 58) 8 20) 9 48,12 8 1 56) 414 [W] 5 35 7 15 9 55. ... 11 5 1 45 8 50 6 15 7 10 9 35111 10 Leeds ...... 7 45 10 5 1 0 2 10) 4 40 5 55 7 40110 30 HUDDERSFIELD, NORMANTON, SHEFFIELD. Huddersfield 6 29, 9 25, 11 52, 8 55, 7 3.-Normanton 7 7,10 8, 12 30, 4 35, 7 40.-Sheffield 9 5, 12 30, 2.40, 6 15, 9 40. HUDDERSFIELD TO PONTEFRACT AND GOOLE, Huddersfield 8 8, 9 20, 1 30, 5 5, 6 50.-Wakefield 9 15, 11 45, 2 a5 a 40.-Pontefract 939, 1215, 5 54, 88-Goole 10 30, 8 55, Stalybridge 8 40, 230, 9 0, Mossiev [Massive] Greenfield 8 56, 2 46, 9 16. Marsden 9 17, 3 7,9 37, Slaithwaite 9 9 32, 3 22, 9 51, Longwood 9 39, 3 20. 3 35, 10 5, Bradley 951, 341, 10 11, Heat, 10 17, Mirfield 10 2, 3 52, 10 22, Dewsbury 0 Batley 10 21, 411, 1041, Morley 10 25, 4 J6 a 421, 1051, Wortley 10 37, 427,14) [W,14] 5- ST, TL oe She Sig yma [ma] 933, Hy LEEDS, HUDDERSFIELD, Ex 2a 2 3SH1E [SHE] 6 Sas [As] 8 3 36 arroga [arrogant] on ws we 926 Knaresbro' [Nursery] ... ae we D 26 Pool for Otley ... Par. Par. Ex. Newcastle... dep.) [de] ... ... a Thirsk ............ wef [few] oe te ig te tee ey 9 51 9 45 ws. 10 51 LO 57 IL 5 . Lys [Ls] 2) y 9 50 11 Is) 3 25 10 O LL eS 345 ae MB) gy 4 ses [se] 11 3y 42 10 12 11 Se (Hl dep. [de] D Wortley ............ Churwell [Howell] Morley Batley ....... Dews' eaton [Eaton] Lodge ... Bradley ............ Huddersfield 45 Sl 56 2 10 l4 23 28 ot , AAS [AS] ba 59 10 3012 14 10 45)12 25 20)... 123 a3 la go OSS 35 11 5 30 11 30 1 2 wee i SESBRSASac' ayton [Aston] Bridge . Miles Platting . Manchester ... ar. 7 15 hy ly Cr by in BW et ' ' gee ) Tos O1L [OIL] iv) bt he Co be Oe FIELD and MARSDEN at 8 30 a.m., arrivine [arriving] at 9 32a.m.; [a.m] and another from Leeps [Lees] for 12 30 p.m., arriving in HUDDERSFIELD at JU) pw, cy calling at all the intermediate Stations. Sundays A Train leaves Leeds at 6 0, 1 0, 6 45, Wortley 52 Churwell [Howell] 6 14, 1 14, 6 57, Morley 6 20 2, 7 5, Re 1 29, 714, Dewsbury 6 33, 1 33, T ls. Heaton Lodge 6 48, 1 48, 7 33, Bradley 6 i. 4, dersfield [Huddersfield] 7 2, 22, 745, Longwood 7 5. 2 213, 756, Slaithwaite 7 21, 2 21, 4, Mars Saddleworth 7 42, 242, 8 25, Greentic [Green tic] ley 7 57, 257, 8 39, Stalybridge 3 5,35, CRP [CROP] 9 25, 3 35, 9 45, Ashton 10, 3 10, 3 50, 8 55, Clayton Bridge 8 20, 3 20, 9 0, Park 325.425, Platting 8 30, 3 30, 9 10, Manchester ar 43, 5 3, Liverpool far at 10 20, 6 55 LANCASHIRE AND YORKSHIRE MANCHESTER, LEEDS, HUDDERSFIELD. Par, Par. Ex. Mi Ex 2 U2 OSS Liverpool.. ... ... 91SIL [SOL] yoo. [too] Lu Manchester S 6 0 8 15 10 1512 Wi 2 Middleton 6 21) 8 wi 2 Oldham dp -35 6 0 8 wed Blue Pits...) o 6 33) 8 3 i 3 6 41) 8 37,10 50 12 35 2 2 4 2 651) [W] ... 10 57)... 252 Walsden.... [Wilson] 3 7 4). ain [in] w oS Todmorden 7 9) 8 5411 9 12 33 3 ly ey ee 9 30 11 40) 1 25) 3 40 Do ... 8 30 9 45,12 29 22 Heb. Bridge .. S224 [S] 5 Mythomrd. [Method. 2 7 25) 2.) Sante [Sane] Luddenden 3 7 29) ... juz [jun] 28) 0. 3 Ul Ge SowerbyBg [Sowerby 6 0 7 33) 9 13 11 33). ow kD North Dean 6 7 7 45 9 40) 1 1s ey Halifax dp 5 55 7 35 9 11 28 1 T 337 20 Elland ...... 611) [W] 7 50)... F338 [F] Brighouse 6 19) 7 58 op Li 4 52 Coo; Brg [Beg 6 25) 8 6 ... exe tly [ty] iy Huddersfd. [Huddersfield] -- - 6 58) 20) 9 43 12 8 1 Se) 4 31 rit [it] 6 20' 3 9 20 11 52 1 30, 4 10 6 32 13) 9 35 12 Oo 138 5548 Dewsbury 8 25) 9 45 12 5) 1 Sv) t He DS Batley ...... eo 82) 2 lay eo Morley...... 36) 1. 11218 ee Churwell [Howell] we S LL 45352 Wortley we S47 [S Lod. [Lord] 2 wos [wis] ee 8 535,10 5 12 40) 2 1) 5 9 5 Thornhill .. 6 40) 8 26) 94512 Bow. 40 Horbury ... 6 50 8 35) 9 59 12 12 . Wakefield.. 7 5) 8 45 9 20) 1 357 451 3 4 Normantn. [Normanton. 7 12 8 5510 8 12 30) 2 5.5 uw iW Leeds Hun 740) [W] 2 Of Tork [York] ee 8 5011 20 1 50) 2 50) Tay sell ... 11 50 -- 3 Searbro' ... 11 [Scarbro' ... 11] is 2 730) [W] Hull ......... 9 50 12 15 2 45) 5 50) Bridlingtn. [Bridlington. ... aes [as] sen ime [me] Newcastle.. 1 0 3 0) 6 Edinburgh 7 0 9 15 ;9 Ol Sundays. A Train leaves Manchester in the morning at 3 7 30, Middleton 8 19, 10 32, 5 16, 7 49,0ldbam (ip) 5 0, 7 30, Blue Pits 8 32, 1042, 5 25, 50, Rovidue [Provide ' 5 33, 8 7, Littleborough 8 47, 5 40, 15, Walsden [Wilson] Todmorden, 9 6, 11 12, 5 58, 34, Burnley ar ap 8 30, 10 30, 7 45, Hebden Bridge 9 15, 5 Li). royd [road] 9 20, 6 14, 8 50, Ludden [Sudden] Foot 9 26, 61 7 oy Bridge 9 32, 11 29, 6 27, 9 0, North Dean Halifax 6 35, 9 7, Elland 9 44, 11 40, 6 39, 912, Brighowe [Brighouse] 6 48, 9 20, Cooper Bridge 104, 11 55, 6 54 2 field ar 10 17, 12 14, 7 22, 9 49, dp 9 52. Mirfield ar 10 3, 12 0, 6 59, i 1017, 9.49, Morley 10 27, 10 37, 10 9, Leeds W. 12 5, 7 6, 941, Horbury 1 7 25, 10 5, Normanton 10 lane, 10, 8 0, York 7 30, Sra [Sea] nest a 5 OTT it gees t 3 eo wHoo [who] 5 2 5 nN ; , [C] Coo, . -, oe SSESBRR' [TRESSES] oe, ' oO. ee gt 233 Bis 8 3 & & , PRARD [PARED] be aoe [are] - oe b . eae [ear] th ows [ow] BF et tet et dt bet et SECBRG [SERGE] A' s mo a Morley, 731, Batley 7 41, Dew , Huddersfield 8 11 (dep. [de] trom [from] 7 at ee honse [house] 8 11, Elland 8 20, Nr. Dean 3 25, Luddenden P-. 39, 3 Thornhill 11 30, Mirfield 21 35, 11 23, Cooper Bridge 1140, Bri [Bro] 5 ES ee) Hi dep. [de] 11 48, Sowerby Bes 5. (tlh [th] no 2 Racal [Rascal] PS Se eal [Earl] ge