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. AND WEST YORKS [YORK] x at HALL, HUDDERSFIELD. FOR 0 wood 3 ee e a gTES gates] FO Bi re cas [as] , peo [pro] open at wie [we] Body poLIDAY [holiday] of the Shop, the oR ee here a is ds gt 45. POT d smokeless. ot a out smell, an o daly [day] Ww Dd eg begs ing, Mr. Evening; OF 1 pups ALWIN [ALLOWING] FIELD will preside at the Grand NIGHT ONLY. EVENING, JULY announce to the gentry his VOCAL ENTER. will give oot [not] ENGLISH CIRCULATION. oopy [copy] will give his admired NON ACTORS, Past and at balf-past [bale-past] Seven. To commence at Eight ADMISSION -- Hall, 2s.; Reserved Seats, 3s. 3 PEERLESS LAMP, (Second Patent), Hall, the Table, and every ht is required. It generates its feet without trouble; is clean, The light is governable by a stop Fret without attention ,, with x PE 00 at the Works, Turnbridge pee Lr inset, Sheffield 28, Oak-street, ala [al] 'nd 128, Holborn-hill, London. s (Vist [Visit] for One alas apply to arog [aro] HOUSESE [HOUSE] -- THont [Thornton] ago escellen [Lascelles] re CELLAR, a Ble [Be] can be het [get] particulars, yor [or] Zz Tip, Complete CHANDLING, [handling] IMPLE- [SIMPLE- Implement] Hand, in excellent t Davis Son, Auctioneers, Halifax. ANDJSHOPS [amidships] TORLET. [TOILET] HOUSES AND ae to d Cro [Co] tel. LET, the Res 'Wine, Spirits, or Porter let with either. apply to Mr. Moore. Condition. For be LET, and that elegant soar Lodge with upwa' [up] ty this is ss qn the ne ant ces [ce] for admired. igen [gen] jges [ages] are 10 The yg YOORE [MOORE] has also. & UNG-HOUSES, [ING-HOUSES] in pape [paper] i, aC jy Brook and Son's. h, 1500. Fy FAUTIFUL [BEAUTIFUL] FAMILY MANSION. BL entered to immediately, 'amily [family] DWELLING-HOUSE, called ar Huddersfield, with the capacious Out- [outcry] acure [cure] Grounds, and well stocked Garden. cards of Six Acres of rich LAND, or all Rent is very reasonable, and good repair. ee Wr, Moone, [Moon] Post-office, Huddersfield. also TO LET, Two newly-built Elocution. GEORGE-STREET, suitable for re pies. at very low rents. WOOLLEN WAREHOUSE, with North Lights, are Ten Pounds per Annum; for the Lower WAREHOUSE, of very large dimensions, Pounds Ten Shillings per Annum; to nominees of Pro- [Pros] in BATIY'S-YARD, [BATTY'S-YARD] on the East side of the WAREHOUSE, in BUXToN-RoaD, [Buxton-Road] next FIVE ROOMS, in NELSON'S-BUILDINGS. ses [se] Ofhees. [Offers] Post-office-buildings, (One Concern. ) FIELD. 1 the Engine, and a goods, and which is Te EST 7 ply of good Water. Jars, four rooms all necessary fi . The present me OT 1 i WOOLLEN MANUF [MANY] ACTURERS, [ACTRESS] &c. ET. and may be entered to immediately, tat epial [opal] SCRIBBLING MILL and OUT- [Outward] ; and also all that newly-erected SHED and (USES, situate and being at CLOSE, near HUD- [Hiding] in the county of York together with an ex- [large] large quantity of various kinds rr and necessary in the manufacture of all at work and in excellent condition, There are also convenient and exten- [extent- extinguished] sattached [attached] to the premises, and a never-failing The person taking the same may also be accommodated Fh an excelent [excellent] DWELLING-HOUSE, comprising two and a kitchen on the ground lodging-rooms and attics, with all necessary and appurtenances, all in complete repair, xtures [fixtures] and well supplied with ter [te] for culinary purposes. uddersfield. [Huddersfield] proprietors are declining busi- [bus- Burgundy] account of other engagements. e Haigh, engineer, at the mill, will show the muses, and further particulars may be had on application Yass, [Says] BEaUMONTS, [Beaumont] tobacco manufacturers, Messrs. BATTYE and CLAY, udders- [udders solicitors] Solicitors, Huddersfield. ESTABLISHMENT, CROSSCHURCH [Cross church] STREET, HUDDERSFIELD, And 16, Comme [Come] reial-st [real-st] reet, [rest] Leeds. ft Proressor [Professor] of Music and '4 AITSIC-SELLER, [ATTIC-SELLER] res Gland an extensive 'LE and Hin [In] from the celebrate pectiully [peculiarly] announces that he assortment of PIANO-FoRTES [PIANO-Foster] E, which he has carefully selected d Manufactories [Manufacturers] of and Sons, CoLLaRD [Collard] and COLLARED, Auuisox, [Aux] LUFF and durabilit [durability] unrivalled for richness of tone, , and OEFTZMANN, [OTTOMAN] elasticity of 4 of structure. New Monet INsTRUMENTS [Instruments] are exhibited for pS tine in Huddersficld, [Huddersfield] and a great Reduction in ' ll most instances a at Inachinery, [Machinery] and 208 of dal [al] abour [about] in their been attained, by the appli- [apply- app lithe] the adoption of a still greater construction. SHOW ROOMS UP STAIRS. ECOND- SECOND- SECONDARY] AK D Sit fan (cue Rosewood Cot we tare Tyrie r ie Upright, by Broadwood a te-Toned CHAMBER Usic [Music] from London 3 gh er Cent disco 'Sed [Se] unt, [nut] Sty Grticle [Article] in the hae [he OR giv, [give] S Lesso [Less] ited [tied] Piano-Fy a the ' idence evidence] ade [de] ' Saturdays wh a oa ae , Ir 3 to the Fu . 's Ute of er, a dllse dells] Gf OF th . ' Chat hat a he bay fat aha ints, inst] st wh i Tex tin 7 te san He lias [has] Gn g Nhs [HS] VING ING] ue a been called y Leen. [Lee] sentlemen, [gentlemen] 4 and 1838 to upwards ir. Thomas Tefused [Refused] all TH Hirst Hirst for an ae ee bia [ba] ast, [at] 'Qn nog [not] reply PIANO-FORTBS. [PIANO-FORTS] ee ewe tre [te] ooooo' [o] cooooFr [Corpora] OnGaN [Organ] for SaLE [Sale] or HIRE twice a-week, on which from for cash, is allowed from the . A quantity on hand at Half-price. ; Murrary [Murray] Baxps [Boxes] Suppuien. [Supine] oy Pace and other makers, from... 1 15 we ae tenor, and bass s. d. 110 310 415 2 6 20 110 sale of the Patent HsaRrMonIvUM. [Harmonium] iS Music Trade at the lowest price. Nene [ENE] STRUCTION [INSTRUCTION] IN MUSIC. ns in the following branches of Organ, Thorough Bass, and of Pupils ;-also at his Establish- [Established] V Miss 5. TELLOR, [MELLOR] on Tuesdays, Wednes- [Wednesday- Wednesday] Wik [Wil] have the ni in addition to their Private gy ed has long been a las a pl Pt (, SA yA tage [age] of practising together- [together approved] approved by the best masters improving them in keeping HUDDERSFIELD. dh reised [raised] for the benefit of Mr. Leeds, in the county of York, pon [on] professionally, with to inquire into the circum- [circus- circumcised] Castle, fre [re] of Mr. WML. [WM] HIRST, from decuments [documents] and letters in hdsome [handsome] subscription had been amongst his friends and the 1s of 1,200, which was to be 2 ps a letter addressed to him by eet, [et] of School Close, in Leeds, gust, 1839, the subscription Mr. William ist [its] 10 fo een [en] I also find that Mr. Thomas en he cease) UP to the year 1847 to he payment altogether, and explanation or intercourse ve, in consequence explanation and an an ve urged illiam, [William] but to such an Mr. Faulls, [Falls] College; Rev. J. Morgan, dings are all in excellent repair, and are situate Meaby, [Meany] Newhouse; Mr. Chemery, [Cherry] Wentworth-place. emule [mule] of the market town of n18Si [N's] opportunity which very rarely occurs, to any be addressed to the Princi [Prince] s ot commencing the business of a woollen RTE AND MUSIC suited for Writing and of knowledge requisite for a liberal and ' and the strictest attention is paid to the mom [mon] wt mestic [domestic] comfort of the pupils. French, German, approved Masters. may be had on application at the ACADEMY, RAMSDEN-STREET, HUDDERSFIELD UDDERSFIELD [HUDDERSFIELD] COLL H (incorporated with the University of ee , PATRONS. The Most Noble the Marquis of NoRMANBY [Norman] The Right Hon. the Farl [Far] of CaRLisLe. [Carlisle] The Right Hon. the Earl Grey. The Right Hon. Sir C. Woop, [Wool] Bart., M P Sir GrorcE [Grocer] STRICKLAND, MP W. RB. C. STANSFIELD, odes M.P. . E. Entice, Jun., Esq., M.P. R. Coppen, [Copper] Esq M.P. JOHN SUTCLIFFE, 3. neces [NeWS] President. WILLIAM WILLANs, [Willans] . Vice-President. FREDERIC ScHwann, [Swan] Esq. ... T reasurer, [treasurer] THomas [Thomas] Prrt, [Port] Esq. ............ Honorary Secretary. - Rev. J. Minne, LL.D., Prin [Pain] ipal, [pal] MASTERS. Up, School. English, Classical, and Mathe [Mate] Masters. Commercial and Writing Master. Lower School. Mr. G. Measy, [Easy] Trin. [Tin] Coll., Dublin .... Seni [Sent] Mr. J. Bates, B.A. ......... Junior Me. Mr. R. D. Goocn [Goon] ....... Mr. G. D. Tomuinson.... [Tomlinson] Mr. J. HARRY x. Assistant Secretary-Mr. E. The general course of study, in the Upper School, com- [comprises] prises Scripture History and Evidences; the Greek, Latin, ... Mechanical Drawing. .. Ornamental Drawing. Drilli [Drill] ne of the most complete gentlemanly English, and French Languages; Arithmetic, pure and cnbourhood [neighbourhood] of Huddersfield, embracing Commereial [Commercial] Writing the principles of Bock ease and comfort, and only needs to Algebra; Geometry Mechani [Merchant] c eeping [keeping] ; f ics [is] practical Mensuration ; nometry; [monetary] the Elements of Natural and Experimental osophy [philosophy] Ancient and Modern History Geography, Physical, Descriptive, and Commercial Composition, and TERMS. The terms for the general course, in the Upper School, Five prietors, [proprietors] Nine Pounds and Five Pounds per Annum respec- [respect- respectively] tively [lively] to be Fold half-yearly in advance. An entrance fee of Half-a-Guinea is also charged, for the purpose of raising a fund for procuring Philosophical Apparatus and a Library for the use of the Pupils. Students preparing, after matriculation, to graduate in the University of London, Fifteen Pounds per Annum. Extras. -Chemistry, Two Guineas; German, Two Gui- [GI- Guineas] neas [near] Mechanical and Ornamental Drawing, Two Guineas each per Annum. . The discipline of the College is maintained without cor- [corporal] poral [moral] punishment. In addition to the distribution of prize books and certi- [certain- certificates] ficates [certificates] of merit and honour, the following Medals are offered for annual competition - A Gold Medal, of the value of Five Pounds, by the Right Hon. the Earl of Carlisle, for the best English Essay. Silver Medals, to the amount of Four Pounds, for the promotion of Classical Literature, by W. R. C. Stans- [Stand- Stansfield] field, Esq., M.P. Silver Medals, to the amount of Five Pounds, for pro- [proficiency] ficiency [deficiency] in Mathematical and Commercial knowl [know] by John Sutcliffe, Esq., President. A Silver Pen, for the best specimen of Penmanship, by W. Willans, Esq., Vice-President. ' The following Masters receive pupils of the College, as ers, [es] on moderate terms -Dr. Milne, Belorave-terrace; [Believe-terrace] Elmfield-house Mr. Applications for admission of pupils, and nominations, to or the Honorary Secretary. -OPENED on Monpay, [Monday] the THOS. PITT, Hon. Sec. Huddersfield, June 26, 1850. MORISON'S WRITING INKS M OBISon s [Robinson s] OFFICE INK is well adapted for either Quill or Steel Pens, is of great strength, The College will be Twenty-ninth of July. and has been used by Merchants, Bankers, and Profes- [Profess- Professional] sional [national] Gentlemen for near half a century. MORISON'S COPYING INK may be used where two kinds of ink are objectionable, answering all the purposes of an Office Ink, it gives off a perfect copy, both the origi- [origin- original] nal [al] and copy remaini [remain] rmanert [permanent] black. x is a brilliant colour, and well uling [ling] purposes. MORISON'S PERMAN [GERMAN] ENT [EN] BLUE AND BLUE BLACK will be found equal to any in use. To be had of all Booksellers and Stationers. Manufactory, 31, Duke Street, Liverpool. On Sale at Mr. J. Broox's, [Brook's] Stamp Office, Westgate. ANNUAL DIVISION OF PROFITS. BRITAIN MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY. 14, WATERLOO-PLACE, am 52, Kinc [King] WILLIAM-STBEET, [WILLIAM-STREET] ITY. [IT] THE CHISHOLM-CHaiRMan. [CHISHOLM-Chairman] RICHARD HARTLEY KENNEDY, ESQ.-DeErury [ESQ.-Dreary] CHAIRMAN, This Society is established on the tried and approved principle of Mutual Assurance. The Funds are accumu- [acme- accumulated] lated [late] for the exclusive benefit of the Policy-holders, under their own immediate superintendence and control. The Profits are divided annually, and applied in reduction of the future Premiums. . At the Annual General Meeting, held on the 9th instant, an elaborate and highly satisfactory report of the state of the society's affairs was submitted to the members, where- [where] n it was resolved, unanimously, that an allowance of Thirty r Cent. should be made on the Premiums payable on all Policies on the participating scale, on which five or more yearly payments had been previously made. Credit is allowed for half the Annual um for the a MORISON'S RED first five years. The following Table exemplifies the effect of the present reduction - Reduction Annual wen Amount Proniam [Prism] of Premium Assured. Assured. 'hitherto paid. 30 per Cent. now payable. 8s. d. 8. d. 8.- d. 20 1,000 2017 6 6 5 3 14 12 3 30 1,000 25 13 4 714 90 17 9 4 40 1,000 33 18 4 10 3 6 23 1410 50 1,000 48 16 8 1413 90 34 3 8 A. R. IRVINE, Managing Director. 14, Waterloo-place, 10th May, 1850. ' MEDICAL REFEREE FOR HUDDERSFIELD DISTRICT. Messrs. ROBINSON and SON, High-street. AGENT. Mr. JOHN BROOK, Registrar, Buxton-road. And for INDIA AND LONDON LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY, for Assurance of InvaLip [Invalid] and Healthy Lives. MEDICAL REFEREE. WILLIAM JAMES CLARKE, Esq., Kirkgate.. AGENTS. 4 DANIEL CROSLAND BATTYE, Esq., Solicitor; and Mr. JOHN BROOK, Buxton-road. TIC DOLOREUX [DOLORES] CURED. eae [ear] painful affection of the facial nerve is a spe- [se- species] cies [ties] of Neuralgia, which similar affections in other parts of the body. It is characterised by acute pain, attendant with convulsive twitchings [teachings] of the muscles, and continuing from a few minutes to several hours. All persons affected with this painful and tormenting malady are recommended to try HICK'S CELEBRATED TIC PILLS,- [PILLS] . Which have invariably been found to produce a speedy and cure. effectual US. aa To Mr. John Ford, . Sir,-I have recommended Mr. Hick's Pilis [Pills] for the Tick to all my friends with complete cannot speak of them in high terms of praise.-Yours, e.; N on. 8, rate ue, ik W. H. Hunter. '0 [Mr, Hick, . ir.- ve great pleasure in giving my testimony of the ex- [excellence] of your Pills for the Tic Doloreux. [Dolores] I was frequently afflicted with this unpleasant complaint, but have not suffered from it since taking a box of your pills. I cannot too strongly recom [com d them.-Yours, &c., June 12th, 1847. Wa. Briggate, Leeds, Jan. 21, 1847. ir-I think it due to you and the public to give my - ment [men] ewat [eat] of your excellent Pills for the Tic Doloreux. [Dolores] I for the last two i ilis.-Yours [Ills.-Yours] obediently, the pills. Cuas. [Cas] NELSON. Princess Street, New York, Dec. 14, 1846. . Sir,-When I left Wakefield I brought slightest attack have occasionally taken Mr. Hick, Wakefield. te 5 age i ffered [offered] very severely é and f m [in] having sulle [sullen] 'cis [is] in who ub Wom [Whom] tht [the] 1 ind have ben to na 2 Pat as kaby [Kay] live but to yu em for his exclusive benefit. my friends, Ww 9 have se Ive boxes, and he will for- [for] 1 at Press, them through the medium Eee [See] next t 'The Pills have wrought the us ig that has tmay [may] be justly informed who most astonishing cures.-Yours y; te Hing really inter the benefit of their fo Mr. Hick, Chemist, Henry W. Watson. king' DoW [Do] seventy fe for the benefit of Mr. Wakeficld, [Wakefield] England om Miserable existence nice ane [an] uno [no] af TO BE HAD OF THE FOLLOWING AGENTS [AGENTS] SE or re oe a te. WLMAN, [WOMAN] Ms, Sn e Sa 3 Lomax. 'tion [ion] tS been the ye to which Mr, Halifar [Halifax] TMs; [Ms] A Booth, . I at No baru [bar] be readily furnished Deasbury-Mr.Gloyne. [Dewsbury-Mr.Gloyne] Brighowse-Mr. [Brighouse-Mr] Cardwell. Me NMED, [NAMED] Your men' Debtors' Ward, York pa and Sons, Briggate; wan, Woodhouse Shy your most obedient Jane; Topham, Wade Lane; Pickles, Kirkgate; where THOS. W. LONSDALE. may also be had . HICK'S CELEBRATED COUGH LOZENGES the different branches morals and do- [disc] usic, [music] and Gymnastic Exercises, by xr, 2 but have not had the suffered every winter for during which time I with me six boxes of inspection of the Public. SATURDAY, JULY -20, 1850 [W - HOLMES 'BROTHERS; ME, TATTERSFIELD'S ACADEMY, for al pry sia [si] up NEW BTREET, [STREET] RE-O ers [es] and Day-Pupils, will be the present opportunity of announcing 'that 5 recht [reach] Tho course of oe 1880, Tote SPONGE, ROMAN HIP, a SLIPPER Bera [Bear] eS of fe HATS HATS E. EAGLETON thanks J. .the public at large, for the preference iven. [even] to-hi fully announces he has received at his Extensive Emporium of eo and t- BAYLDON'S FASHIONABLE HAT WAREHOUSE ; 37, CROSS CHURCH STREET, HUDDERSFIELD. ne B, returns his thanks to his friends and the public for the decided preference given to his Hats over all others, and begs leave to inform the Public, that he has just received new assortment of Infants' Boys Youths and are of every a mes eWwest [West] Shapes.- [Shapes] , . B. particularly wis e it known to his friends, that his Fancy i is Styles, and at such Prices as never offered to the Public. a tel Hale, Black Desh, [Des] nt te Newest H LIST OF PRICES -. ell-made Hats, from 4s. 6d to 5s. 6d. at 6s. and 7s. 6d. beautiful Velvet, Fashionable i id i Colour, warranted to wear well, 'at 8s. 6d., and 10s. A well assortment of 'Froach [Roach] and Sete [Set] Vole Nope' in one ry and strength, 12s. i She Mishoo [Mi shoo] First-clams Hats that can-be made,complete with every variety of style, and provements, [movements] in ven [en] n, iperior [superior] i ii Dy price. The above List of Prives [Prices] will be found such has nev [ne] ore boon Price immense distance. BOY'S AND MENS' [MEN] CAPS REDUCED PRICES. -T WATCHES EWELLERY, [JEWELLERY] 16, MARKET PLACE, HUDDERSFIELD. . RICHARDSON begs to acquaint his Friends and the Public, that his kk i i h W LADIES' AND. GENTLEMEN'S GOLD AND SILVER Stock is replete wit PATENT LEVER AND HORIZONTAL WATCHES of first-rate quality and workmanship which, from his practical knowledge, he can recommend. &e &s da Gentlemen's Gold Levers 10 10 0- Badies' [Ladies] Gold Levers from 8 10 Ditto Silver GOs, [God] 310 Ditto do. Horizontal 4 40 W. R. takes this opportunity of informing the Public, first-rate workmen, such as he employs, never found any difficulty in repairing Foreign Watches satisfactorily TO DENY WHICH (As A CERTAIN INTERESTED PARTY HAS DONE) IS AN INSULT AND LIBEL ON THE TRADE; BUT 4 8 THERE ARE NO FRENCH WORKMEN EMPLOYED IN THIS TOWN, THE PUBLIC WILL NOT BE DELUDED BY SUCH FALSE 7 and PLATE REPAIRED, with despatch and care, by a WORKING JEWELLER KEPT ON HE PREMISES. A large assortment of BRAHAM'S PATENT SPECT [SECT] Article, as the patent is out long ago.-Fiat Justitia. [Justice] THE coat CALLED NEPAULESE NAPLES] aan [an] Of all the coats I ever bought, 2. always on hand. No AGENCY IS REQUIRED for this When from the road the dust is blown I know of none to please Like sands beside the seas, Like that which Messrs. M. and Son You'll be protected if you wear Have christened Nepaulese. [Naples. The coat called Nepaulese. [Naples] It fits exactly on the form, The opportunity to Yet fits with perfect ease, You al at i Should seize, And glad I am, I chanced to buy Knowing how cheaply Mosss [Moss] sell The coat called Nepaulese. [Naples. The coat called, N epaulese. [apples. ' 'When Phebus [Phebe] shoots his hottest rays And there is scarce a breeze, No other style of coat I find To match the Nepaulese. [Naples] OBS ERV [REV] E E. TAILORS, CLOTHIERS, HATTERS 19, THORNTON BUILDINGS, BRIDGE Branch of their London Establishment, 154, 155, 156, 15 Minories and Aldgate, City, London, all comm For of all coats I ever saw, I know of none to please Like that which Messrs. M. and Son Have christened Nepaulese. [Naples] S E.S AN D SON, END GENERAL OUTFITTERS, , BRADFORD, YORKSHIRE. 'and 83, 84, 85, and 86, opposite the Church, Corner of i forming one Cavtiox.-E. MOSES SON, regret having to against diraposition [disposition] having learned untradesman-like [tradesmen-like] falsehood ot being connected with them, or all the same ediiern [eden has been resorted to in many instances, and for obvious reasons. They have no -any-other House in or. Branch Establishments, 36, Fargate, [Forget] Sheffield; and 19, Thornton's dings, desire genuine and Cheap Clothing, &c., should call at, or send to, either of Aldgate, City, London. fo ug TAKE Establishment is Closed from tiJl [till] twelve o'clock. WANTED, a Respectable YOUTH, from 15 to 16 years nf age as an Assistant Bookkeeper.-Apply by letter. Bradford, Yorkshire; and those who their Branches, or to the Minories and Friday till sunset Saturday, when business is DELIVERED CARRIAGE FREE ALL PARTS OF ENGLAND. TEAS AT WHOLESALE PRICES. TEA WAREHOUSE, 2, BUCKLERSBURY,, [Bucklers bury] CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. during TWENTY YEARS has gratified our anticipations. The Patronage of the Public has elevated tts [its] position to one of the LaRcEst [Largest] in the TRADE. ot Our main object has been, and still js, to supply the Public on TRADE TERMS. Great and ing 'as'such an undertaking appears to be, it is obvious that to do BUSINESS ona [on] WHOLESALE SCALE, it is necessary to have wholesale appliances. In conformity with these ideas, our Lecality [Locality] was chosen in a bye thoroughfare, where Sones [Sons] and Accommodation are sufficient to carry on trade to ANY EXTENT, but without those merciless and enormous expenses inseparably attached to Retail Shops in prominent whereby an Extravagant -Profit is rendered necessary. Hence it will be seen that we are in a Position to supply the Public on the Best and Most EconomicaL [Economical] TERMS-in fact, to supply at F wrst [West] Hand, by which all intermediate Profits are saved.' 4 a The imiierse [immense] variety of 'T'kas [T'as] now imported into'this country, demands the most scrutinizing caution. In.this we have Considerable Advantages, as from the-extent of our. we are enabled to employ a Qualified and Experienced Person, whose sole duty is that of carefully Selecting, Tastéay, [Taste] and appropriating eas was] for consumption; . The following are our present quotations [quotations] 2. me . BLACK TEAS. Pa a re REEN GREEN] TEAS. 8d. Common Tea 2-8. kon [on] ae 2 (The duty on all heing [being] 2a. 24d. renders comment 'Common Green ww. 38 on the quality of this. tea Hyson [Dyson] 3 4 Sound Co u Tea 3 Xt (Thi [The] so eee [see] (A good useful tea for economical and largecon- [large con- Legion] 2 J) '. will withthe [with the] 66.. biackt.) [back] a sumers. [Summers] ot . os Youhg [Young] Hyson [Dyson] 8 8 , Strong Congou [Congo] Téa [Tea] 3 4 Z. (We recommend this with the 3s, 4d, black.) oo (A tea very much.approved of.) oo el Pe Cg sg Fine Souchong wea. [we] 3, PBuper [Upper] Young Hyson [Dyson] ile [le] '40 (Pekoe flavour. Strongly recornmended ), [recommended] .# ine .# in] Hysom [Hansom] Fite [Fire] Pokoe [Poke] Souchong............. , O18, [O] Sn (This tea is more in repute any other; it is -2Gunpowder [gunpowder] Tea Was san -. 44 a very superior tea. Wo fest Vouns [Venus] eo, og ee ewe Finest Pekoe Souchong wo pie finest Young Hysom [Hansom] ye se 5 (This is a high class tea.) Any USO Finest Lapsang [lapsing] Souchong ..........--..- - 5 i Fine Shot Gunpowder 6 This is rare tea, very scarce, of an extraordi- [extraordinary- extraordinary] irae [ire] . nary flavour.) The finest Gunpowder imported 7 The Coffee very uncertain-prices Fine Ceylon Coffee ave Fine Plantation (recommended) -.. Finest Java Coffee (superior coffee) ............ nest. Cuba Coffee (strongly recommended) ... Finest Mocha Coffee Much ce in Parlidfaent about [Parliament about] CHICORY, we aré [are] induced to. keep the best. imported, at 8d. per Ib, on sale for those who prefer its admyjxture, [admixture] ge . 6 conduct 'our 'business, we respectfully. solicit the attention of Having briefly alluded to the on which duct 6 i Hotel Schools, and ali [al] Large Establishments; who. will Gerive' [River] considerable advantages from these arrange- [arrangements] ments. [rents] i ge sad on 3, Bo me 'Wote -'TEAS [Note -'TEAS] ARE DELIVERED CARRIAGE FREE T0 AN Partor [Part] ENGLAND, 'when thé [the] quantity ordered exceeds Six. Pounds; but the Carriage of Coffee is not Paid, unless .accg [ac] by Tea. Loe He een [en] eee [see] Returning our best thanks for past favours, we refer tg bur system of business as 4 satisfactory inducement for your further patronage and recommendation. me re us eS a i MANSELL, HORNE, 'AND CO. we SE sis 5 ay f a5 ans 2, Bucklersbury, [Bucklers bury] Cheapside. (ap ONE AGENT IN EVERY Town ED sAPEROVAL [approval] OF REFERENCES. hp he a Pal pur [our] ae ree [ere] He TUESDAYS ONLY, FROM.11 UNTIL 5 OGLOCK, [O'CLOCK] No, 8, KIRKGATE, HUDDERSFIELD, . R L. E. FRANES, [FRAMES] Spectacle Maker, Lecturer on the Eye, &c., feels pleasure in stating that he has engaged Apartments at Messrs.. ABBoTT [About] Co.'s, TOBACCONISTS, NEAR OLD CHURCH, OPPOSITE-THE Pack Horsk [Horse] INN, HUDDERSFIELD, where he will attend profgesionally [professional] on TUESDAYS ONLY, with a selection of his well-known a set eon [on] Cotes 2 3 Be SPECTACLES AWD [AD] EYE-GLASSES. Mr. F. adjusts Spectacles to defective Sight, on prindiples [principles] acquired in an extensive practice, so as to give the greatest assistance scientific means can accomplish, in préserving [preserving] Eyesight to the of life; and asa roof of ability, Mr. F. respectfully requests attention tote following copy of Testimonial from the Faculty of Hud- [HUD- Huddersfield] and neighbourhood sae [sea] . ee (a OBSERVE-ABBOIT [OBSERVE-ABOUT] 00.3 HOTEL, KIRKGATE, ON TUESDAYS ONLY. BATHS, &., to whic [which] they invite the THE HUDDERSFIELD MART - 4 as has never before been offered, and all Competition at an. 'with Stone of the best quality. - 'EN AND NEAR WOOLDALE AND HOLMFIRTH. out of London, 'except their in the 1 possession of the said. Tola [Told] Wood, or his under- [understand] tenan [tenant] yas [as] ESTABLISHMENT was commenced in the year 1830. Its SUCCESSFUL PROGRESS j called the Bentony [Benton] Hill, and an Allotment awarded by the 'Commissioners under the Graveship [Grave ship] of Holme Inclosure [Enclosure] ee. - Lot 7.-All that other Plot- [Plot of] of BUFLDING [BUILDING] GROUND, Square yards. - 2 rahe [rae] Bentony [Benton] Hill, containing by admeasurementt; [measurement] including state of cultivation; and wéll [well] caltulated'for [calculated'for] villa sites. whole of thé [the] Property is in the Hands of respectable Mr. Franks, the Optician, having delivered Publhe [Public] Lectures in this town on the Anatomy and Physvology [Physiology] of the Human Eye, combined with the abuse of Spec ue es, we, the undersigned Surgeons, are of opinion that- [that] he has devoted much time and attention to study theambject, [subject] therefore have much recommending Mr. Franks as an Optician to those who may ighe [age] assistunce [assistance] of Spectacles. 8 ' R. Cameron M.D.......Hudde [M.D.......Hyde] Johri [Jr] Dyson........ ...Surgeon.... .Honley. J. T. Bradshaw ......... Surgeon...... J. E. .Fosbrooke......Surgeon,.....Milnes [Brooke......Surgeon,.....Milnes] Bridge Wm. Greenwood .... ..Surgeon.. ... Huddersfield. John Machill.......... [Marshall] Surgeon......Lindley. G. Robinson Sons....Surgeons..... Huddersfie ij [Huddersfield ij] Charles Sykeg.. ...... [Sykes] Surgeon......Golcar. Samuel Booth ............ Surgeon...... J. Roberts .'.........-- Surgeon..... Golear. [Surgeon..... Golcar] 6 J. Surgeon...... J, Roberts [C] Surgeon...... Slaithwaite. . ' Jonas Hellawell ......... John Roberts .........Surgeon....,.Linthwaite. 6 J. Edward Trotter'......Surgeon......Newmill. 7 J. Surgeon...... [a4 SD Martin Surgeon.. ., Holmfirth. ' [C] W. Goodall............... Surgeon...... Benjamin Beeley ...Surgeon......Holmfirth. Richard Allatt............ Surgeon......Paddock. Charles Trotter....... Surgeon..... Holmfirth. Wdward [Edward] Lees...........--- [Lees] Surgeon...... Honley T. A. Martin ......... Surgeon...... Holmfirth Parties submitting their S es to Mr. Franks' g mination, g nomination] will meet with a candid opinion and he will not . recommend his own without first proving their superio [superior] 2 article purchased and not approved will be exchanged. N.B.-NO E RS EMPLOYED .. BSTABLISHED [ESTABLISHED] 1772. - ow Rooms are replete with every. possible variety 4 each are oe ae . HOLDSWORTH &. SONS' GENERAL. FURNISHING WAREHOUSES, BW WELLS; WAKEFIELD. ae - 60DS D'S] DELIVERED CARRIAGE te ee ' At this Establishment parties furnishing have the ity [it] of selecting every afticle [article] of Household Furnituge; [Furniture] 'amb [am] advantage not offered to ihe [the] same-oxtont [same-extent] by any other House out of London. rae eek ew oS Stock comprisés- [comprises- comprises] Cc FURNITURE AND .UPHOLSTERY. CaRPETS [Carpets] AND HEARTH Rucs. [Russ] 7 Bree, [C] STRESS, AND BLANKETS. ParEn-HANGINGS. [Parent-HANGINGS] SO ELE [LEE] NTLE, [GENTLE] TOILETTE, &cC., GLagsES. [Glasses] AMASKS [DAMASKS] AND . - -Passace [Passage] GLogas, [Clogs] MaTrincs. [Matrons] GENERAL. FURNISHING HaRDWARE, [Hardware] &. -.' 1,080 Toris's [Tories's] d has a few Berths still July, an Passage in the Steerage . Apply to Mr. James M. 9; Tower Chambers, Liverpool; or to ee- 4, BG, LISTER, Hhddorsfed. [Huddersfield] Bate of VALUABLE- [Valuable freehold] FREEHOLD PROPERTY, . AT SKELMANTHORP. [SKELMANTHORPE] O be,SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LAN- [LANCASTER] CASTER, at the house 'of-'Mrs Gawthorp, the GLoBE [Globe] INN, in SKELMANTHORP, [SKELMANTHORPE] in the county of York, on MONDAY NEXT, the 22nd day of July, 1850, at Six o'clock in the Evening, subject to conditions to be ther [the] produced, and in the following or such other Lots as may be agreed on at the time of sale - - Lot 1.-FOUR COTTAGES or DWELLING-HGUSES, [DWELLING-HOUSES] with the Outbuildings and Conveniences, situate in Skel- [Skill- Skelmanthorpe] manthorp [month] aforesaid, called the NEw [New] GREEN, and numbered r respectively 121, 122, 123, and 124; now in the occupations. of Joseph aigh, [high] Sarah Lodge, Ann Townsend, and James nA on. These Dwelling-Houses are modern Stone Buildings, in excellent repair, and well supplied with fixtures and other conveniences. Lot 2.-An excellent MESSUAGE [MESSAGE] or DWELLING- [Dwelling house] HOUSE, three Stories high, with the Bar, Stable, Mistal, [Mistral] and other Outbuildings, and the Yard, Garden, and Croft or Close of LAND, adjoining thereto, situate in Skelman- [Coleman- Skelmanthorpe] thorp [thorpe] aforesaid; now in the occupation of Mr. Benjamin Haigh. . Lot 3.-A Close of excellent GRASS LAND, called the Peas FIELD, situate on the western side of New-lane, in Skelmanthorp [Skelmanthorpe] aforesaid and now in the occupation of Mr. Benjamin Haigh; containing 2a. lr. 36P., [P] more-or less. quiring [curing] Land for convenience, and Lot 3 presents an ex- [excellent] cellent [excellent] site for building a good House.- [House] The Land abounds The Tenants will show the Lots; and further particulars may be obtained on application at the offices of B. CHADWICK, Solicitor, Dewsbury. Dewsbury, Ist [Its] July, 1850. ss VALUABLE ESTATES T 'be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LAN- [LANCASTER] CASTER, at the house of Mr. M'Donald, the CRown [Crown] HOTEL, in HOLMFIRTH, in the County of York, on WeED- [Wee- Wednesday] NEsDAY, [Wednesday] the 24th day of July, 1850, at Six o'clock in the evening, in the following or such other Lots as shall be agreed on at the time of sale,-and subject to such ton- [conditions] ditions [editions] as will be then produced -. MESSUAGE, [MESSAGE] DWELLING. 'E,. with the Barn, Cowhouse, [Cow house] and standi [stand] 1d being at Wooldale, in the Kirkburton, in' the said county. Also all those Two blots, Pieces, or Parcels of LAND or GROUND, called the Croft and Little Croft, lying or adjoining the said Messuage, [Message] containing altogether (including the site of the said Buildings) 3r. ap more or less), and now in the pos- [post- possession] session of Mr. Tola [Told] or his under-tenants. ' Lot 2,-All that Close of LAND, called or known by the name of Fearnley Ing, adjoining to the public highway, called Fearnley Lane, in Wooldale aforesaid, containing by admeasurement [ad measurement] la. 3r. 33p. [p] (more or less), and now also. . Lot 3.-All those Two Closes of LAND, called the Far Ridings and Near Ridirigs; [Ridings] and all that Plantation, or Piece, or Parcel of Woody GROUND, with the Timber and other Trees growing thereon, adjoining to Lot 2, con- [containing] taining [training] altogether by admeasurement [ad measurement] 3a. lr. 9p., more or less, and now in the possession of Mr. Benjamin Bates, or his under-tenants. Lot 4.-All that Plot of BUILDING GROUND, as the same is now marked or staked out, being part of a Close, Act, terminating in a point eastward, bounded westward by other part of. the said Close, northward by the Green- [Greenfield] field and Shepley Lane Head Turnpike Road, and south- [southward] ward by Woaldale [Wooldale] Town End Road, and containing by admeasurement [ad measurement] 438 superficial square yards. , Lot 5.-All that other Plot of BUILDING GROUND, south-west of and adjoining Lot 4, containing by.admea- [by.Adam- ad measurement] surement [measurement] 214 superficial square yards. Lot 6.-All that other Plot of BUILDING west of Lot square GROUND, 4, containing by. admeasurement [ad measurement] 396 superficial west of Lot 6, containing square yards. Le oe Lot 8.-Ail that other Plot of BUILDING GROUND, west of Lot 7, containing by tidmeasurenient [measurement] 340 superficial ; by admeasurement'396 [ad measurement'W] superficial a oka oak] t Lot 9.-All that MESSUAGE [MESSAGE] or.DWELLING-HODSE, [or.DWELLING-HOUSE] now occupied as three Dwellings, with the Gardens and Appurtenances thereto belonging, situate, standing, and being at Town End, in' Wooldale aforesaid,. Also all those Two Closes of LAND, adjoining or near thereto, contain- [containing] ing by admeasurement, [ad measurement] including of the Buildings, 2a. 2r. 4p., more,or less,-and now in the possession of John Mellor and his under-tenants. Lot 10.-All that BARN; COWHO) [COO] BUILDINGS and FOLD, .er YARD thereto belonging, situate. and being at Towm [Town] in Wooldale 'aforesaid. Also 'all that Close of LAND, -cfiléd [field] the Ing, 'adjoining to' the said Barn, and the yemainder [remainder] of the said Close, cailéd [called] the site of the Buildings, 2a. Or. or less, and now in, the pdssession [possession] of. the said yah [hay] Mellor or;.his under-. tenants, TN es RS Lob 11,-Alll [11,-All] that Close of LAND; called the Birk Royd, situate and -being in'-Wooldale aforesaid, adjaining' [adjoining] the ublic [public] highway, leading from. Wooldale 'to the. Sycamore- [Sycamore] fon, [on] containing by admeasurement [ad measurement] -ta. 3r., more or' less, and now in the possession of the said John Mellor or his under-tenants. Lot 12.-All that other Close of LAND, called Moor Croft, situate and beinig [being] near Red Row, in Wooldale afore- [fore- aforesaid] said,- [said] containmg [contain mg] by admeasurement [ad measurement] la. lr. 12p. [p] (more or less), and now in the possession of Mr. Edward Trotter or his under-tenants, et Lot 13.-A1l [13.-All] those Two substantially built MESSUAGES [MESSAGES] or DWELLING-HOUSES ar TENEMENTS, with the Parcel of Ground, Outbyiidings, [Outbuildings] -and-Appurtenances to the same belonging, situate, standing, and being in' Holmfirth, in the Parish of Kirkburton aforesaid, now in the several ssessions [sessions] 'of Mr. James Dransfield and Mr. Richard ardy [Hardy] or their under-tenants. oe Lot 14.-All that WHITE RENT, of 6s. 8d.-per annum, charged-upon and out of the EsfAte, [Estate] situate at,' and called Ing Head, i of Mr. John Mortor. [Morton] a) ae Ye Wace [Ace] te... F fee PEWS IN HOLMFIRTH CHURCH... . .. Lot 15.-Ali those TWO SITTINGS in. Pew No. 9,- in e ve & 6 oe see ie eee [see] 2 wat [at] The whole of the aboya [about] Property in sn; mmanor [manor] of Wakefield, compounded. able in respect, thereof small ax Lot8-contains [Lot-contains] a Plentifal [Plentiful] and and. presents is hold, of the. or, an e - and ies [is] Pe I and constaktt [constant] sipply [supply] of water, 'an.excellent site.-for a Dyehouse or other Manufacturing 'The Plantation in this Lot is in &-modst [most] thriving 2 7 All the other Land is'of qhAlity, [quality] and in a high. e tenants; - . Plans of the Estate, as-above.diyided [as-above.divided] into Lots, will be lodged at-the place of Sale, on and after.the 10th instant ; and also with Mr Littlewood, of Damhouse, [Farmhouse] near Holm- [Holmfirth] firth, Surveyor, of -whem [when] further particulars may be had ; as well as of Mr.-LANCASTER, the Auctioneer; and at the Offices (where also Plans.of the Estate may be seen) of Mr. C. S. FLOYD, Solicitor, Huddersfield and Holmfirth. Huddersfield, 4th July, 1850. Now lying at Liverpoot [Liverpool] will sdil [sail] positively on, the 30th . , ill disengaged. Rate Garden to the same, belong Parish cluding [including] SB, and .OUT ; ip Wooldale aforesaid, the property- ashion, [Ashton] strch [Starch] The respective department, suited te the tastes, ands [and] 1h . ASSORTMENT. OF FRENCH SILK HATS of all purchasers, and no expense is spared by the Proprietors to maintain their long-established character al ae and Children of all ages, as, hie is eonvineed [convened] from observation; cannot-be equalled in this lovality, [locality] and- Goods of sound materials and workmanship. ne renders all competition superfluous.-The shapes are éntirely [entirely] new. ao pee. ' ALL KINDS- [Kinds of] OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURB [FURNITURE] PURCHASED. To prevent disappointment remember the address, ey ee ets [es] -- an Caen [Can] No. 20, CROSS CHURCH-STREEY, [CHURCH-STREET] (Three Doors from King-strest,) [King-street] EAGLETON'S FASHIONABLE HAT MART. is WINE PLEASANT FREEHOLD RESIDENCE AND 2s 8 deter ition [edition] of SAM MORE snk [sn] ts x Bt ace ay M ae ee en inform the a by Mr. EAN determination 0 W. -STRERT, [STREET] 'HUDDERSF [HUDDERSFIELD] o -OHT [OT] ufacturers [manufacturers] y,- that his PATENT- [PATENT] O be SOLD by AU if 3 - th, DDERSFIELD, [HUDDERSFIELD] to Fy oe aha a 7 e remaining part of his Stock of TUSCAN, LUT [LIT] CBIR, [CIR] and STRAW. Bec ee ee ee now, be. seen at a on the se tie Ramee [Ranee] Mr- [Daniel] Daniel - AT A ao x ee Mills, . THURSDAY, July the 25th, [the] 1850, at Six o'clock in the even- [even two] TWO-AND-A-HALF [AND-A-HALF] PER C& COST tele [tee] This Machine does away entirely with Bily-Piecers- [Bill-Piecers- Piecing] ing (subject to such conditions as will be then and there . Country Dealers, Milliners, and Shopkeepers will So makes a more even thread-the Siubber. [Sober] an'do more work wee By Likewise the remaining part of the Lance Stock of Hi fo a considerable saving is effected.-'. ...- .- Modern and Capital MESSUAGE [MESSAGE] or DWEL- [DEL- Dwellers] These also will be found worthy the notice of Wholesale Buy ave requested to examine it LING-HO p called te Ste ame [me] On and after Sarurpay, [Saturday] July 20th, [the] 1850, the , Huddersfield, 11th July, 1850. 5 ee are g Coach-house, Barn, Mitel, [Mite] es - 8. S. particularly requests that his Friends will give ae eS Yorks, aa the now in the & SHAW 28 mane PORT. PHILIP AND, f of dohn [don] Clay; Bsq.,.qnd [BS.,.and] were lately occupied by fl - STREST, [STREET] OD oe f Biebike, [Bible] Esq. asad [sad] lm a THE PELTOMA [PELTS Tho atmvo [atm] Bropert [Bro pert] ty. is Frochold, [Freehold] in, a pleasant and ka Ee Wy 3 ae t a9. a - enien' [Union] distance HATS Tsomas [Thomas] Commander 1 need tiem [time] Town of Huddersfield and, being on an emirience, [eminence] commands a fine ' furnished with fixtures, and comprises Three Sitting Rooms, Two Kitchéns, [Kitchen] Five Bed 'Rooms, Cellar, and Attics. A portion df the purchase money may remain on security of the premises.. The tenant will allow the house to be in- [inspected] pected, and [expected, and and] further particulars may be obtained of the uetioncer; [Auctioneers] or of [C] cos sev [se] 5 My. WILLIAM HAIGH, Solicitor, Huddersfeld..- [Huddersfield..- Huddersfield] on # ' VALUABLE ae 4. oe ;. SITUATE IN-- HIPPERHOLME-CUM-BRIGHOUSE. [HIPPODROME-CM-BRIGHOUSE] BRIGHOUSE, AND S& OAT, In-the County of York, embracing the Slead [Lead] House Estate, 'Slead [Lead] Syke Mill, and Village of Slead [Lead] Syke, in Hipper- [Hyperion] holne [Holme] Brighouse, Dwelling-Houses and Closes of Land in 'Mirfield, Dwelling-Houses 'in the Town of 7 Tote SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. CASTER (by order of the. Trustees of the will of late John Holland, Esq., deceased), at the Roya. [Royal] Homer, in BRIGHOUSE, on FRIDAY, .the 16th day of August next, at Two o'clock in the afternoon, in conditions, The capital MANSION, called Slead [Lead] residence of the said John Holland, deceased Gardens, Pleasure Grounds, Plantations, attached, and upwards of Forty Acres of valuable and productive ME asers. [asters] Also, the substantial and extensive stone-built called Slead [Lead] Syke Mills, with the large and- [and commodious] commodious Steam and Gas Pipes, and other Fixtures, rvoir, [reservoir] and all other requisite Conveniences and Appurtenances -ad- [adjoining] joining and belonging to the said Mill. Lots), comprising Eighteen excellent Cottages, Sho [So] oe productive Orchard, and Smiths' Shop, adjoining . the Brighouse and Denholme-gate Turnpike-road. om the cashire [Lancashire] and Yorkshire Railway, and the same distance from the Lightcliffe Station of the West Riding Union Rai The Premises are roaded, [road] contain-a valuable f now of being worked, and present most desirable investments. All that. capital MESSUAGE, [MESSAGE] situate at Lee the occupation of -Mr. Samuel 'with the. Garden; Barn, Stable, sand other thereto belo [below] and about Four Acres of excellent - others. . EN BRIGHOGSE. [BRIGHOUSE] All those Three capital and substantial MESSUAGES [MESSAGES] or DWELLING-HOUSES, situate in the best and most important part of the Town of Brighouse, being imme- [Mme- immediately] diately [lately] fronting the George Hotel, and the from Elland to Wakefield. and from Huddersfield to Brad- [Bradford] ' ford, and cgmprising [comprising] an area of 372 superficial square yards, and now in the occupation of Mr. Newstead and others. ' AT SALTERHEBBLE, [saleable] IN SKIRCOAT. [SCOTT] Nineteen COTTAGES (in suitable Lots), now producing a. rental of upwards of a tion [ion] of Williatg [Willing] Fletcher and others. . Plans and payticulara [particulars] may be had .at the White Swan Inn, in Halifax, the Sun and George Inns, in Bradford, the George Inn, in. Huddersfield, the Royal Hotel, in Brig- [Brighouse] house and further information. obtained ey Halifax, 8th July, 1850. BOOKS... 27h [H] 2 Vr. wee lee tt O be SOLD tion, [ion] by DAVIS and SON, a their NEw [New] Rooms; - Esp, Hattrax; [Hatter] on Monbay,-TuxspDsy;and [Monday,-Texts;and] WD- [WEDNESDAY] NESDAY, [WEDNESDAY] July 22nd, 23pd, [23rd] and--24th, [and--the] 2 2 SO Halifax Doe te De , The works comprehend the following subjects -Bio-- [Bio] y, Memoirs, History; Topography, Natural ence [once] and the Arts, 'Theolony [Theology ee Mental and Moral Philosophy, Novels, Tales and Naré [Are] and Periodical Publications. Sale to commence each day at the after- [after] . noon, -and in the evéning. [evening] es, price 3d., may be had on 'application. te Tuomas [Thomas] Davis and Son, at their Rooms, Hall End, Hali- [Hail- Hail] aia [ais] Der ea a es wiv [iv] te . ' TOWN-HALL, HOLMFIRTH D y AUCTION, by Mr. JOHN - (Saturday) July 20th, [the] and fol-. lowing days,.in.the ahove [have] Hall, i is , An. extensive Consignment of. 000 Fashionable, Pinin,.aad [Pinion,.and] Fancy STRAW assortment of Gentlemen's HA'TS, ce f first-rate make and finish; together with BI EA ape tet te Saat [Sat] The Public is also respectfully invited to the Sale of a first-rate Class of PAPER HANGINGS fee Dining, and Breakfast' Rooms; also, a.good assortment of Hall and Passage Papers. 'The principal part of the above goods will, be sel [se] chasers. - . - Sale. to forenoon. ue Auctioneer's Office, Spring-street,, Huddersfield. . COPYHOLD ESTATE. . YO 'be SOLD by AUCTION, by Order of the 2 2, un er, ower [wore] 'of 2, by Mr. GEORGE INKER, at the housg [house] of Mr. Roebuck, the sign of the Ew Ivn,-at [In,-at] HINCHLIFFE MILL, in the'parish of Almand- [Almond- Almond] be pn ths County of York; on Wednesday, the 3ist [list] day ,commence at Eleven, o'clock in. the -- the South-Gallery. [C] 2.4 wR Ge te uly, [July, 1850; at 6 o'clock in the evening, in one or more 5 [] may be upon at the timé [time] of Sale, ani [an] Lot 16.-All those TWO SITTINGS, in-Pew' No. 38, 4 ek ch oon [on] oe Chen d subject. under the South Gallery, 7 4 2 All that Copyhold or Customary plot, piece, or pareel [parcel] of fot for] 17 -Alr [17 -Ale] those 'TWO SITTINGS, in Paw 'No; 39, LAND or GROUND. formerly part of a certain' Close, under the South Gallery, 8 OS ON LS al pre y' of JOHN BRAY, deceased, called or -comzhonly [commonly] by the name of the New Break, situate, lying and being at Hinchliffe Mill, in Cartworth, which said piece or parcel of Ground, contains 754 superficial square yards, (be the same-more or less,) and is bounded on the east and. south by land, late the Inheritance of the said John Bray, dototsed [detested] west by the highway leading from' Hinchli [Hinchliff] 'Mili [Mile] to Dob and'north by other of the said 'Clése, [Close] Heretofore sold to Joshua Battye, a or late io ing to him. ag Twelve And also all those BUILDINGS ooonpiod [unpaid] OF -several COTTAGES, DWELLING-HOUS. [DWELLING-HOUSE] erected.upon the said plot, piece, or end, Isabella Hinchliffe, Jane Watson, J 'Jonathan Hewend, [Wend] George Stanley, and oth [oh] The above Pro is C ae Mu of Wak [Wake] is ss opyhold, copyhold] of Inheritance of payable in respect thereof, small and or further particulars ieati [eat] Ss Auctioneer or, to pplication application] may be madg [made] Wievin-House [Viewing-House] is clewantly [gallantly] finished, in good repair, well FREEHOLD ESTATES, 5 MIRFIELD; Brighouse; Cottages at Salterhebble, [saleable] in Skircoat, [Scott] near - Halifax. - a vo ted Lots, and House, late the , replete with fixtures, in excellent repair and condition, and ready for immediate occupation, with the Vimery, [Very] Conservatory,. - Coach-house, ' Stables, Barn, Mistal, [Mistral] and all other requisite Conveniences - W PASTURE and ARABLE LAND. adjoining, proposed to be divided into Lots to suit pur- [our- plots] Lots 2 and 3 are well adapted for a person in trade re- [reach] ch WAREHOUSES, Five DWELLING HOUSES, GAS- [GASWORKS] - WORKS, and other Buildings, Steam Shafting, -- Also, the VILLAGE of SLEAD [LEAD] SYKE (in convenient ' . The above Property is situate in the Township of Hip- [Diploma] olme-cum-Brighouse, [Holme-cum-Brighouse] centrak [central] between the towns of -' Filia, [Filial] Bradford, and Huddersfield, about One Mile ' Brighouse Station, on the main line of the Lan- [An- Lane] ape ae lentifully [plentiful] supplied with water, well- [welled] bed of stone, now in the course Green, in. i AND. Aino. [Ion] COTTAGES, in the ocgupation [occupation] of Mr. Samuel.Hallas and. . r annum, and in the occupa- [occupy- application] plication - to Mr. Samuel Washington, of Lightecli [Little] gent 5.08 4 at the Offices of poe a Fiat and KENNY, Solicitors in-Halifaz. [Solicitors in-Halifax. - AUCTION; without reserva- [reserve- receipts] . Uupwards [Upwards] of 2,500'Volumes [2,W'Volumes] of Valuable- [Valuable books] BOOKS,-in- [another] the whole ofthe [of the] New Susscrierion [Discretion] 'LIBRARY, phe [the] abural [burial] History, roan i ratives, [natives] Voyages and Travels, Politics, MisceHaneous [Miscellaneous] Works, fax, pn-wilk [pn-will] be forwarded by post' on reecipt [receipt] of four x Boys' CLOTH CARS, .. ther [the] with Genilemen's [Gentlemen's] in lots to suit pue- [pure- pure] 'MENTS, [MEETS] with the Outhouses and all other Buildings of Land, as the same are now in the several possessions of John Town. for, and the SHE ERSFIELD [AFIELD] her Lie oe