Huddersfield Chronicle (19/Sep/1868) - The Election of Councillors Today

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.



Today (Saturday) the election of Councillors will take place to supply the “extraordinary” vacancies in the West Ward, North Ward, Central Ward, South Ward, Marsh Ward, Fartown Ward, Dalton, Bradley, and Deighton Ward, Moldgreen Ward, and Lockwood Ward. In several of the wards, meetings and counter meetings of the candidates’ friends have been held, and partisans have, during the past few days, been energetically prosecuting a canvass, and soliciting the suffrages of the ratepayers. We present our readers with the following list of nominations:—

WEST WARD. — Two Vacancies.

William Henry Aston, South Parade, cloth finisher — Richard Porritt.
John Fligg Brigg, Fenay Lodge, Almonondbury, merchant —Matthew Hale, William Mallinson, and Rev. Rev. S.L. Wells
Richard Mellor, Westfield Lodge, professor of music — Matthew Hale, William Mallinson, and Rev. S.L. Wells.

NORTH WARD. — One Vacancy.

Oates Bairstow, Fitzwilliam Street, merchant — James Longworth.
Richard Porritt, Clare Hill, wool merchant — Henry Marsden Shaw, John Fawcett, Joseph Beaumont, jun., Tom Learoyd, and John Kirk.

CENTRAL WARD. — One Vacancy.

William Fillans, Broad Tenter, King Street, working jeweller, — Jonas Walker.
Benjamin Thornton, Fitzwilliam Street, auctioneer—William Wrigley.

SOUTH WARD. — One Vacancy.

William Marriott, Back Commercial Street, manufacturing chemist — Edward Greenwood.
Richard Morris, South Street, general dealer — George Earnshaw.

MARSH WARD. — One Vacancy.

Ginnethon Dyson, Crosland House, Upper Brow, woollen manufacturer — Hiram Henry Farrand.
William Haigh Dyson, West Street, Paddock, provision merchant — Richard Worth, George Haigh, Joel Crowther, John Thornton, and T.H. Smith.
Benjamin Hanson, Church Street, Paddock, woollen manufacturer — David Sykes, Alfred Sykes, Eli Stott, William Watkinson, and Richard Tolson Broome.

FARTOWN WARD. — One Vacancy.

Joseph Barrowclough, Wiggin House, Sheepridge, draper — Michael Kaye.
Michael Kaye, Honoria Street, gentleman — James Haigh.


Law Hopkinson, Paddock House, Deighton, woollen cord manufacturer — William Henry Johnson.

MOLDGREEN WARD. — One Vacancy.

John Ibrooke Freeman, High Royd House, Dalton, solicitor — William Henry Woodhouse.
Enoch Sykes, 175 Perseverance Street, gentleman — Joshua Whiteley and Bell Armitage.

LOCKWOOD WARD. — One Vacancy.

Richard Roberts, North House, Lockwood, manufacturer — William Kaye, George Harling, John Ashton, Joe Webb Tempest, Benjamin Wood, and George Henry Swift.
John Shaw, Swan Lane, gentleman — Thomas Swinden, Henry Wadsworth Brooke, and Jonas Varley.