Huddersfield Chronicle (19/Sep/1868) - Election of Auditors and Assessors

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The election of auditors, revising assessors, and assessors for the several wards in the borough took place on Wednesday, and the following parties have been declared respectively elected:—

Auditors of the Borough.

Robert Drake Gooch, accountant, Brunswick Street
Henry Wilde, accountant, Trinity Street

Revising Assessors.

William Mallinson, merchant, New North Road
Thomas Firth, jun., gentleman, Greenhead Lane

Assessors of the Several Wards of the Borough.

West Ward.
James Shaw, yarn spinner, Bath Buildings
John Dodds, merchant, Trinity Street
North Ward.
John Addy Hopkinson, spinner, West Parade
John Jabez Grist, woollen waste dealer, Newhouse
Central Ward.
John William Walker, draper, Edgerton
Jonas Hellawell, surgeon, Buxton Road
East Ward.
Thomas Washington, linen draper, New Street
Henry Revell, tobacco manufacturer, Cross Church Street
South Ward.
William Senior, gentleman, East Parade
John Mallalieu, grocer, The Shore
Marsh Ward.
Frederick Walker, salesman, Burleigh, Edgerton
Alfred Sykes, merchant, Imperial Road, Marsh
Fartown Ward.
Michael Kaye, gentleman, Clara Terrace, Honoria Street
Aston Hiley, woollen salesman, Honoria Street
Dalton, Deighton, and Bradley Ward.
William Henry Johnson, farmer, Deighton
Thomas Peeker Wilkinson, farmer, Fell Grove, Bradley
Moldgreen Ward.
Anthony Knowles Kaye, chemist, Pack Horse, Moldgreen
John Smith, Drysalter, Storth, Moldgreen
Lockwood Ward.
Thomas Haigh, cashier, View Place
George Kirk, machine-maker, Crescent House
Almondbury and Newsome Ward.
Stephen Arlom, farmer, Jack Royd
Thomas Shaw, jun., grocer, Berry Brow
Lindley-cum-Quarmby Ward.
William Sykes, gentleman, Temple Street, Lindley
Firth Ellam, cloth dresser, Croft House, Westgate

Huddersfield Chronicle (19/Sep/1868) - Election of Auditors and Assessors


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