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THE HUDDERSIFELD [HUDDERSFIELD] CHRONICLE, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 19, 1850. HUDDERSFIELD CHORAL SOCIETY. ittee [it] of the above Society respect- [respect] ee the Subscribers and Public generally, that their FIFTY-SEVENTH QUARTERLY CONCERT, (and first for the Season), will take place in the PHILOSOPHICAL HALL, HupDERSFIELD, [Huddersfield] on FRIDAY EVENING, November Ist, [Its] 1850. Part First.-BEETHOVEN'S MOUNT OF OLIVES. ParT [Part] SECOND will consist of a Selection from HANDEL, MOZART, PAESIELLO, [PAISLEY] &ec. &c. PRINCIPAL SOLO PERFORMERS. MRS. SUNDERLAND, MRS. PEACE, MISS CASTLE, MISS WHITHAM, Messrs. MILNES, NETHERWOOD, SUTCLIFFE, and HIRST. LEapER-MR. [Leader-MR] HORN. Doors open at Seven o'clock performance to commence at half-past. Ticke [Ticket] ts the Saloon, each i i Four Tickets i Gute [Gate] 'ont, 10s. 6d. will entitle to Two Tickels [Tickets] to ditto; 14s. will entitle to Four Tickets to the Gallery, each Quarter Night 7s. will entitle to Two Tickets to ditto. Non-Subscribers, 2s. each. Children under 14 years, and Schools-Half-price. Tickets to be had of Mr. E. Battye, Secretary; Mr. J. Battye, Commercial-street Mr. Hartley, Wool Pack Inn; and Mrs. Kemp, New-street. Sales bo Auction. WOOLDALE. O be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LAN- [LANCASTER] CASTER, at the house of Mr. J. Dawson, the DUKE OF LEEDS ARMS, NEWMILL, in the Parish of Kirkburton, in the County of York, on WEDNESDAY, the 23rd day of October, 1850, at Seven o'clock in the Evening, (subject to such Conditions as will be then produced, )- All that capital MESSUAGE, [MESSAGE] DWELLING-HOUSE, or TENEMEN [TENEMENTS] tT with the Barn, Cowhouse, [Cow house] and other Out- [Outbuildings] buildings, Yard and Garden, to the same belonging, situate, standing, and being at Wooldale, in the parish of Kirk- [Kirkburton] burton [Burton] aforesaid. Alsu, [Also] all those Two Plots, Pieces, or Parcels of LAND, or GROUND, called the Croft and the Little Croft, lying near to oradjoining [or adjoining] the said MESSUAGE, [MESSAGE] containing altogether, including the site of the said Buildings, Oa. 3r. 30p. [p] (more or less,) and now in the occupation of Mr. Tola [Told] Wood, or his undertenants. [under tenants] The above Property is Copyhold of the Manor of Wake- [Wakefield] field, compounded for and the fines payable in respect pe thereof small and certain. The premises are well supplied with pure water and are in every respect adapted for a Manufacturer. For further particulars application may be made to the Auctioneer, or at the Offices of Mr. C. S. FLOYD, Solicitor, Huddersfield and Holmfirth, Huddersfield 14th October, 1850. VALUABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY, AT LOCKWOOD. Te be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LAN- [LANCASTER] CASTER, at the house of Mrs. Dyson, the SHOULDER of Mutton INN, in Lockwoop, [Lockwood] in the parish of Almond- [Almondbury] bury, in the county of York, on THURSDAY, the 31st [st] day of October, at Six o'clock in the evening, subject to such conditions as will be then produced - All those Four substantially built MESSUAGES [MESSAGES] or DWELLING-HOUSES, with the Gardens in front thereof, and the Wash-houses and other Outbuildings and Appur- [Appear- Appurtenances] tenances [tenancies] to the same belonging, situate at and called Lockwood Terrace, in Lockwood aforesaid, and now in the several occupations of Mr. Roberts, Mr. Dale, Mr. Booth, and Mr. Whormby. [Whom] The above property is held under a lease from the Pro- [Proprietors] prietors [proprietors] of the Lockwood Estates, for the term of 999 years, at an annual ground rent of 10 6s. 6d. and a fine at the expiration of every twenty years of double the ground rent. The property is pleasantly situate about a mile from Huddersfield, fronting the turnpike road leading from Huddersfield to Meltham, and is within an easy distance from the Lockwood Railway Station. The Dwelling-houses are in most excellent repair, and the internal arrangements most convenient, no expense having been spared to render them complete and comfortable. They are in every way adapted for the residences of genteel families, having the advantage also of being near a never-failing supply of pure water from Lockwood Fountain. For further particalars [particulars] apply to the AUCTIONEER; or at the Offices of MR. FLOYD, Solicitor, Huddersfield and Holmfirth. Huddersfield, 17th October, 1850. VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATE, AT SHEPLEY, NEAR HUDDERSFIELD. T be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. B. THORNTON, at the Stac's [Stack's] Heap Inn, in SHEPLEY, near Huddersfield, in the County of York, on Monpay [Monday] next, the 21st of October, 1850, at Six o'clock in the Evening, subject to Conditions to be then produced, and age or more Lots, as may be agreed on at the time of CH An Excellent MESSUAGE [MESSAGE] or FARM-HOUSE, with a Cottage, Barn, Stable, and other Outbuildings, Yard, and Garden, thereto belonging, situate in Shepley aforesaid, and now in the occupation of Mr. Joseph Matthews and his undertenant. [under tenant] Also, several Closes of Arable, Meadow, and Pasture LAND near to the said Messuage, [Message] and there- [therewith] with occupied, called by the Names aud [and] containing the Quantities following (be the same more or less), that is to say- [San] No. on the Township Plan. A. R. P. 171... The Homestead............... 039 172 The House Croft. ............ 2 027 839 The Low North Field ...... 1 224 840 The Low South Field ...... 129 841 The Nook Near Field ...... 136 850 The Meal Hill ............... 3 27 890 The Upper Gate Field...... 1 3 20 891 The Lower Gate Field...... 1 1 35 892 The Bridle Style ............ 13 622 The Allotment ............... 2 016 . Acres............ 14 3 & this ee Shepley on the Hudders- [Udders- Huddersfield] eld [ed] an enistone [Penistone] way, and is within a convenient distance from both those Towns The Buildings are in good Repair, well supplied with Fixtures, Water, and other Conveniences anit [anti] the Land is in excellent Condition. N.B. The Tenant (Mr. J oseph [Joseph] Matthews, Shepley, butcher, ) will shew the Premises; and further Particulars ney [ne] be obtained on application at the Offices of B. CHADWICK, Solicitor, ewsbury, [Dewsbury] where a Plan of the Estate may be seen. Dewsbury, 2nd Oct., 1850. CUMBERWORTH AND SCHOLES, IN THE WEST-RIDING OF YORKSHIRE. T be SOLD by AUCTION by Mr. G. T. LISTER, of Bradford, at the Wurre [Were] Hart INN in HotMFirTH, [Holmfirth] on WEDNESDAY the 23rd day of October, 1850, at Four o'clock in the Afternoon, by direction of the Devisees in Trust of the late Miss Elizabeth Keene, de- [deceased] ceased, in ne following oF such other Lots as may be agreed on at the time o le, and subj i- tions [tins] as will be then produced. to such Condi [Condition] Lot 1. A FREEHOLD ESTATE, situate at BrrK- [Break- Workhouse] HOUSE, in the Township of CUMBERWORTH in the Parish of Kirkburton, comprising a Farm-house and Out- [Outbuildings] buildings, and upwards of 36 Acres of Land, in the occupa- [occupy- occupation] tion [ion] of Mr. Abraham Wood, an old yearly Tenant. Lot 2. A COPYHOLD ESTATE of the Manor of Wake- [Wakefield] field, comprising Buildings, and nearly Three Acres of Land, situate at SANDYGATF, [SYNDICATE] in the Hamlet of SCHOLES in the said Parish of Kirkburton, in the Occupation of Mrs. Mary Moorhouse and Mr. George Bower, old yearly ae ME an ee ads dan T an abundant supply of wate, [water] and is adapted for the purposes of a well Lor [Or] 2 is very eligible for Building Sites. The Tenants will show the Premises, and for further par- [particulars] ticulars [particulars] application may be made to the Auctioneer, or to epley, [pele] near Hudders- [Udders- Shudder] Mr. JosEepH [Joseph] Fiera, [Fire] of Carr hill, Sh ag Mr. Benyamin [Benjamin] Conveyancer, Bradford or - Richarp [Richard] Suita, [Suit] Solicitor, 298, Holborn, London. ar PAD PROPERTY, 'K FOOT AND BIRKBY, NEAR HUDDERSFIELD.' O be SOLD by AUCTION. b Mr. GEOR T TINKER, at 'the house of Mr- [Marina] Jona [Joan] ie ie ALBION HOTEL, in HUDDERSFIELD, on WEDNESDAY next ee ued [used] oe of Dotober, [Tiber] 1850, at Six o'clock in the vening, [evening] subjec' [subject] such conditions as will be th there produced. on and Lot 1.-All those Three DWELLING HOUSES or TENEMENTS, now occupied as Two Dwellings, with the Outbuildings, Yard, Garden, Vacant Land or Ground, Outbuildings and Conveniences to the same respectively be onging, [longing] situate at Paddock Foot, in the township and parish of Huddersfield, bounded north eastwardly [eastward] by pro- [property] erty [et] of Mr. David Newhouse, north westwardly by the hway, [way] on and south eastwardly [eastward] A ie river we, and uninclosed [enclosed] ground, and property of Mrs. Nanny oer [per] and as a tte [te] same are now in the several occupations undertenants. [under tenants] Sms [Ms Sowell, [Swell] te aatges [stages] os Lot 2.-All that DWELLING HOUSE, or TENEMENT, with the Yard or vacant ground, Outbuildings, and Conve- [Cone- Conveniences] niences [sciences] thereto belo [below situate at Birkby, in the parish of Huddersfield, bounded eastwardly, [eastward] westwardly, and southwardly by the garden and premises of Mr. Robert aa and northwardly [northward] by an occupation road, and now oe in the occupation of Mrs. Ruth Aram, her assigns or bot lots are situate within a - town of Huddersfield, is Gi comprises an area of about 1,000 square yards and for the erection of 2 mill, or other uiring [firing] steam power, being contiguous to smal [small] sad canal. Lot 2 is pleasantly situated A or further information application may be made to the ia Mr. CROWTHER, Land t, uddersfield [Huddersfield] or Messrs. Bringer and COLLINS in tors, 37, King William es street, London Bridge, London ap KIDD, Sclicitor, [Solicitor] Holmfirth, where plans of the lota. [lot] aay [say] mile of the improvin [improving] and are well supplied wi ra LIVERPOOL WOOL SALES. T be SOLD by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Brokers' Office, 25, TEMPLE-STREET, LIVERPOOL, on WEDNESDAY next, 23rd October, 1850, at two o'clock 50 Bags Spanish frontier............... . 300 Bags LIAN [LOAN] 100 Bags Barbary 100 Bags ee WOOL. 10 meg) nat Ln ohair [hair] (just 200 Shects [Chests] fine Picklock [Pick lock] and Head Skin 900 Bales. Apply to PP'Y WM. GREAME [GREASE] and CO. Wool Brokers. Wepnespay [Wednesday] next, the 23rd instant, at two ON at the Brokers' Sale Room, 10, Jo bales East India, B. Ayres, E. Rios, Brook-washed Odessa, Smyrna, Barbary, Oporto, Devonshire, and other wools. ts PP GARTSIDE and CO. Wool Brokers, Liverpool. EDUCATIONAL CONFERENCE. CONVERSION of the 'LANCASHIRE PUBLIC SCHOOL ASSOCIATION, for the Establishment of a System of Secular Education, to be maintained by Local Rates and under the management of Local Authorities, elected by the Ratepayers, into a NATIONAL ASSO- [ASS- ASSOCIATION] CIATION [CATION] . HE CONFERENCE for the consideration of the above proposition, will be held in the MzcHANICcs' [Mechanics] INSTITUTION, MANCHESTER, on WEDNESDAY, October 30th, [the] at Eleven a.m. Persons who approve of the principles of the Association are requested to obtain the appointment of Delegates from their respective localities, or to attend in their indi- [India- individual] vidual [individual] capacities to assist in the deliberations of the Conference. . An Aggregate PUBLIC MEETING will be held in the Town Hall, on the evening of the 31st [st] instant.-By order, ROBERT WILSON SMILES, Secretary. 8, Cross-street, Manchester, Oct. 17th, [the] 1850. NOTICE. MEETENG [MEETING] will take place on SaturpDay [Saturday] Nicut [Cut] next, the 26th of October, at Seven o'clock in the Evening, at the house of Mr. B. ScHOLEFIELD, [Scholefield] GOLDEN FLEECE INN. PARKGATE, near HUDDERSFIELD. Also (on the same Evening, and at the same hour), at the house of Mr. MuRGaTROYD, [Murgatroyd] the Cross Pipzs, [Pipes] near Cum- [Cumberworth] BERWORTH. [WORTH] The object of the Meetings is to enrol the names of members to an intended NEW LODGE of MODERN DRUIDS, to be established at each of the above places, as a Sick aad [and] Burial Society. Many persons have already entered their names for the above object at each of the places mentioned above. Other rsons [Sons] desirous of becoming members are requested to attend at the house of Mr. B. Scholefield, the Golden Fleece Inn, Parkgate; and also at the house of Mr. Mur- [Mr- Murgatroyd] gatroyd, [gated] Cross Pipes, on Saturday, the 26th instant. HUDDERSFIELD AND NEW HEY DISTRICT TURNPIKE ROAD. To Mr. Cookson Stephenson Floyd, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Road. Sir, the undersigned, being two of the Trus- [Truss- Trustees] tees named and appointed, in and by virtue of an Act of Parliament in the sixth year of the Reign of his late Majesty King George the Fourth, intituled, [entitled] An Act for Repairing and Maintaining the Road from Huddersfield, in the West Riding of the County of York, to New Hey, in the Parish of Rochdale, in the County of Lancaster, with a branch to Toottill [Total] Lane, in the said Riding, and for making New Road from Buckstones to the Highway leading from Ripponden to Stainland, at or near to Barkisland [Bark island] School, and being Trustees of the Huddersfield and New Hey District Turnpike Road des- [described] cribed [cried] in the said Act, do hereby authorise and request you to call a SPECIAL MEETING of the Trustees of the said Huddersfield and New Hey District Turnpike Road, to be held at your Office in Albion- [Administered] street, in Huddersfield, aforesaid, on MonDay [Monday] the 4th day of NOVEMBER NEXT, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, to take into consideration an intended Application to Parlia- [Parliament- Parliament] ment [men] during the next Session, for an He to renew, and if deemed n to extend and enlarge the term and owers [owners] of the said Act, so far as the same relates to the uddersfied [Huddersfield] and New Hey District Turnpike Road, and to make such Order or Orders relative thereto, as the said Trustees may then deem necessary. a the 15th day of October, in the year of our Lord, FREDK. ROBT. JONES, JNO. LANCASTER. In pursuance of the above uisition, [position] I do hereby give Notice that a meeting of the Trustees of the said Hud- [HUD- Huddersfield] and New Hey District Turnpike Road, will be held at the time and place and for the purposes therein mentioned. Cc. S. FLOYD, Clerk to the said Trustees. Holmfirth, 16th October, 1850. DAGUERREOTYPE OR PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITURE. PORTRAITS by this most inimitable process, with all the most recent Improvements, are TAKE DAILY, and in all weathers, at COOKE S, Braprorp- [Drapery- Prepared] ROAD END, near HILLHOUSE. Portraits for Lockets, Brooches, Bracelets, &c., &c. Portraits in Oil, or by the Daguerreotype, and choice Engravings or Paintings faithfully copied. Prices, from 10s. 6d. Specimens may be seen at Mr. Brown's, Bookseller, Market-place Corner. TEETH, TEETH.-ESTABLISHED 1836. FREDERICK ESKELL, [SKILL] Sureron [Surer on] DENTIST, of 32, COOPER-STREET, MANCHESTER, has arrived in HUDDERSFIELD, in consequence of the numerous applications for his professional aid. Hemay [Hem] be consulted EVERY THURSDA [THURSDAY] Yat [At] Mr. GzorcEe [Grocer] Broox's, [Brook's] West from ten till five. Attendance daily at their establishment, 32, Cooper-street, nearly opposite the Mechanics' Institution, Manchester. Filling decayed teeth with Eskell's [Skill's] celebrated White Terra Paste, which never changes colour, and makes a decayed tooth into a solid substance, useful for mastication and articulation, preventing toothache, and lasting many years, Loss oF TEETH.-Mr. Eskell [Skill] continues to supply the loss of teeth, without springs or wires, upon his new system of self-adhesion, and without extracting any teeth or stumps, or giving any pain whatever. At the following 8 8. d. A single artificial from 010 A complete from 5 5 A complete set of natural teeth, on fine gold plate 15 An entire set of natural or terro-metallic [terri-metallic] teeth, aighly [highly] finished in the first style, with fine gold sockets, usually charged 40 guin [gin] 20 Loose teeth fastened, whether arising from old age, the use of calomel, [Colonel] or neglect. Mr. F, A. Eskell's [Skill's] method combines all the modern im- [in- improvements] provements [movements] of Paris and Berlin. Legal Notices. IN THE AFFAIRS OF TITUS SCHOLEFIELD AND CO OTICE [NOTICE] IS HEREBY GIVEN that the As- [Assignee] ignees [assignees] acting under a Deed of Assignment, bearin [bearing] date 25th April, 1848, of the Effects of DAVID SCHOLE- [SCHOLEFIELD] FIELD and TITUS SCHOLEFIELD, both late of Pad- [Paddock] dock, near Huddersfield, Dyers and Copartners, [Co partners] under the firm of Titus Scholefield and Company, intend to meet at the Offices of Mr. BARKER, of HUDDFRSFIELD, [HUDDERSFIELD] Soli- [Sol- Solicitor] citor, [city] on the 25th day of October instant, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, in order to examine the accounts and claims of the creditors, and declare a First and Final Dividend of the said Effects and all such creditors as shall not satisfy the assignees of the amount of their several demands and execute the Deed of Assignment on or before the last above mentioned day, will be excluded the benefit of the Assignment. Dated this Eleventh day of October, 1850. By order, W. BARKER, Solicitor to the said Assignees. IN THE COURT OF BANKRUPTCY FOR THE LEEDS DISTRICT. N the matter of NOAH GEORGE BOND, of Huddersfield, in the county of York, and Stationer Dealer, and Chapman, a Bankrupt. Petition dated 24th April, 1850.- [W] Before Mr. Commissioner Ayrton. The Court has appointed TUESDAY, the FIFTH DAY OF NOVEMBER NEXT, to AUDIT the ASSIGNEE'S AC- [ACCOUNTS] COUNTS; and TuEspay, [Tuesday] the TWELFTH DAY OF NOVEMBER NEXT, for PROOF of DEBTS and to declare a FIRST DIVIDEND. The meetings will be held at Twelve o'clock at noon of each day, at the Court of Bankruptcy for the Leeds Dis- [District] trict, [strict] Commercial Buildings, Official Assignee,-H. P. HOPE, Leeds. Solicitors to Assignees, --W. and T. W. CLOUGH, Huddersfield. Agent,-CHAS. B. COURTENAY, Leeds. Huddersfield, 17th October, 1850. Duty Free. N the Matter of the Petition of Taomas [Thomas] RHopzs, [Ropes] of Holmfirth, in the county of York, Machine Maker, JOSEPH VABLEY, [VALLEY] of Holmfirth, aforesaid, Machine Maker, and JOHN Knicut, [Knight] of Honley, in the parish of Almond- [Almondbury] bury, Machine Maker, which said Thomas Rhodes, Joseph Varley, and John Knight were, up to the month of July, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Pity, Co- [Partners] artners [partners] in Trade, carrying on business at Holm aforesaid as Machine ers [es] Notice is hereby given, that the County Court of York- [Yorkshire] shire, at Holmfirth, acting in the matter of this petition, will proceed to make a final order thereon, at the said Court, on the Fourth day ot November next, at Ten o'clock in the forenoon precisely, unless cause be then and there shown to the contrary. F. R. JONES, Jun. (Duty Free. i ie the Matter of the Petition of James Kaye, of Scissett, in the parishes of High Hoyland and Emley, or one of them in the county of York. Notice is hereby given, that the County Court of York- [Yorkshire] shire, at Holm acting in the matter of this Petition, will proceed to make a final order thereon, at the said Court, on the Fourth day of November next, at Ten o'clock in the forenoon precisely, unless cause be then and there mtrary, [arbitrary] shown to the co F. R. JONES, Jun. Go be Het. [Get] O be LET, Good FURNISHED FRONT SITTING and BED-ROOMS, at CLaRE-HILL; [Clare-HILL] Terms Moderate. Apply to Mr. Harpy, Bookseller, 17, Market-place. O be LET, with immediate posseasio [possession all that capital FARM, and extensive Premises wn by the name of GRANGE ASH, adjoining thé [the] turnpike road half-way between Wakefield and Huddersfield, 63 miles from each place. The farm comprises about 150 acres ot excellent meadow, ture, [true] and arable land. For further apply to Mr. Joun [John] Witson, [Wilson] Denby Grange, near efield. [field] VICTORIA FACTORY, HONLEY. T be LET, with immediate on, either from ycar [year] to year or for a term of years, Four lofty, well-lighted, and substantially-built ROOMS, each forty- [fortune] nine feet long and thirty-six feet three inches wide, and an Attic of the same size, being part of the Victoria Factory at Honley. Also, Two ROOMS and an Attic, each ninety- [nineteen] one feet long and forty-one feet three inches wide, com- [comprised] prised in the building to the north-west of and adjoining upon the Victoria Factory. Also, the STEAM-EN GINE, [FINE] of t ten horses power, and the Boiler, with the Engine and Boiler-houses, Outbuildings, Croft, Reservoir, and Appur- [Appear- Appurtenances] tenances [tenancies] and all the Shafting, MillGearing, [Mill gearing] and Fixtures in and about the said Premises. For further particulars, apply to Mr. GEORGE TINKER, of Holmfirth, General Agent and to Messrs. BROOK, FREEMAN, and BATLEY, Solicitors, Huddersfield. October 10th, [the] 1850. N SALE, one of MANLOVE [Man love] and ALI- [ALSO] O LIOTT'S [LOT'S] HYDRO-EXTRACTORS or DRYING MACHINE, in excellent working order, nearly as good as new.-Apply to Mr. HarDy, [Hardy] Bookseller, Market-place, Hudderstela. [Huddersfield] DRYING MACHINE. CABINET-MAKING ESTABLISHMENT, SHORE, HUDDERSFIELD. J. IREDALE, Casprvet-Maker, [disproved-Maker] UPHoL- [Uphold- Upholsterer] STERER, [STEER] &c., SHORE, os In returning his best thanks to the Public of Huddersfie [Huddersfield] and its Vicinity, for the very liberal support he has hitherto received at their hands, begs to inform them, that to his SPLENDID STOCK OF FURNITURE he has made very extensive additions. J. I. respectfully requests of his Friends and Patrons the favour of a call, when he is.confident an inspection of his Stock will give general satisfaction. GYMNASIUM, RAMSDEN-STREET. DANCING. R. LE BLANC feels pleasure in announcing M that he has secured the professional assistance of M. L. Grant, of London, for this department, who will teach all the Dances, as danced at Buckingham Palace, Almacks, [Alpacas] &c., including La Polka, Mazurka, Schot- School- Scottish] tiche, [tithe, Cellarius, Cellars, Valse, Vale] 4 Deux [Dix] Temps, &c., more especially The Minuet de la et Gavot, [Got, as danced at her Majesty's Ball. The J UVENILE [JUVENILE] CLASS will assemble at. Ten o'clock, a.m., and at Half-past Two, p.m., on Saturdays. The PRIVATE and ADULT CLASS as per arrangement. Parties requiring Tuition, will p to forward their Cards to Mr. LE Ramsden-street. The FENCING, GYMNASTIC, and CALISTHENIC CLASSES as usual. Families attended. CROWN HOTEL, NEAR THE TOWN HALL, HOLMFIRTH. AMES W. MACDONALD begs to return his thanks to the Inhabitants of Holmfirth, and the Public generally, for the very liberal support be has en- [enjoyed] joyed since he opened the above Hotel, and takes this opportunity of assuring them that the house has been most beautifully fitted up, re-painted, &c., and will be found by Commercial Gentlemen especially, to-combine the and comfort of home with a close proximity to the way, being within about three minutes' walk of the station. J BW. M. has selected a first-rate stock of Wines, Spirits, Ales, &c., and hopes, by the strictest attention to the requirements and comfort of his friends, to obtain a con- [continuance] tinuance [Finance] of their patronage and support. In addition to the usual apartments of the Hotel there is a LARGE AND COMMODIOUS ROOM, suitable for Estate and general Auction Sales. WELL-AIRED BEDS. GOOD STABLING AND COACH HOUSE ATTACHED. An elegant One or Two-Horse CaB [Can] ready at the shortest notice. J. W. M. has pleasure in announcing that a GLEE CLUB, of superior talent, will be commenced at his house on THURSDAY EVENING NEXT, the 24th instant, when he will be glad to see as many of his friends as can make it conveient [convenient] to attend. N.B.-For the convenience of Private Families, J. W. M. has also ensured a constant supply of ALE and PORTER, in small casks, from the Lockwood Brewery, .at the follow- [following] ing prices - ALE, 6 gallons and upwards, Is. 1s. 2d. and 1s, 6d. per yal. [al] itto, [into] PorrTER, [Porter] 1s, 2d. and Is. 6d. per gal. HE RAILWAY ASSURANCE COMPANY, FOR GRANTING ASSURANCES, UPON PAYMENT OF A SINGLE PREMIUM, AGAINST LOSS OF LIFE OR OTHER PERSONAL INJURY ARISING FROM RAILWAY ACCIDENTS. OFFICES-No. 5, ST. JAMESS-STREET, [JAMES-STREET] LONDON. TRUSTEES. THE Ricut [Cut] HONOURABLE EaRL [Earl] FITZWwILLiaM. [Fitzwilliam] THE HONOURABLE H. G. SPENCER. BENJAMIN B. CaBBELL, [Cable] Esq, M.P. CHARLES HOPKINSON, Esa. [Sea] BANKERS. Messrs. CHARLES HopkINsON [Hopkinson] and Co., Regent-street. SECRETARY. W. W. Wittiams, [Williams] Esq. The Directors are now granting Assurances upon the following terms, namely- [namely for] For every Policy of 2,000 Ditto ditto 1,000... 2 2s, And for Policies of lesser amount than 1,000, at the rate of 5s. per cent. upon the sum assured. Further information may be had on application to the Agent for Huddersfield and its vicinity. FRED. TURNER-AGENT. IMPERIAL FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, ESTABLISHED, 1803. SUBSCRIBED AND INVESTED CAPITAL, ONEMILLION [One million] SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS. HE Rates in this Company have been framed on the Lowest Scale consistently with security to the Assured, and so as to enable the Company to meet all their Losses promptly. Any Instructions for Policies with which the Company may be favoured will be punctually attended to by GEO. LAN CASHIRE [LANCASHIRE] and Co., Share Brokers, Agents for Huddersfield. ROYAL BANK BUILDINGS, LIVERPOOL, OCTOBER, 1850. In September, 1840-We [W-We] opened a department for the supply of Families mth [mt] Tea and Coffee-upon principle, calculated to afford the greatest advantage in Price-with every security as to Quai [Quay] WHEN QUALIT [QUALITY] is thus made the primary considera- [consider- consideration] tion-and [ion-and -and] Price is fixed upon strictly economical principles-we were confident that our interest- [interest] as involved in the question of Profit-would be fully secured by an increasing demand, which has been, and must be, the t of such a system- [system] so obviously based. THE CONSTANT care and exact judgment exercised in our method of selection and classification of quali- [quality- qualities] ties-have [have] been appreciated and proved by the continually increasing extent of the Faminy [Family] TRADE-in connection with our Establishment. WE CANNOT refrain from directing the attention of Family Purchasers to the present anomalous state of the-TEA MarkKET--viz., [Market--viz] THE First Cost of good and choice kinds is, at present, -unusually reasonable; at the same time, there is an increasing demand for the commonest Buiack [Back] Tea. This indicates that-CHEAPNESS -being more led by many dealers than-- [than] QUALITY- Di ppointment [appointment] is the n co uences [ounces] to FA IES, [IS] whose supplies are derived from parties not ing the requisite advantages in SELECTION and PURCHASE. ROBr. [Rob] ROBERTS COMPy. [Copy] Entrance up the to the BANK. NOTE,-LIVERPOOL, with its Docks, stands eminently advantageous for the Importing of Tea. Its superior Shipping Trade, having Docks covert upwards of 250 Statute Acres-with more than 20 miles of Quay space, an amount of accommodation to be found in no other Port of the World. The Low Rates of Shipping Charges and the t facilit [facility] Ha Despatch ne to the Port of verpool [Liverpool] near e whole of the rt Trade to-China, pe NEw [New] Macisrratres.-At [Mistress.-At] the Leeds Sessions, on Wed nesday [Wednesday] last, the under-mentioned gentlemen took the oaths and qualified as county magistrates, in the follow- [following] ing order -George Sandars, [Sanders] Esq., M.P., Alverthorpe Hall, Wakefield W. H. Leatham, Esq., of Heath, Wake- [Wakefield] field John Barff, Esq., of Cliffe House, Wakefield and John C. D. Charlesworth, Esq., of Woolgreaves Hall, Wakefield. The whole of the above gentlemen are Con. in politics, and have been in preference to appointing borough justices-a propo- [prop- proposition] sition [sit ion] recently made to, and rejected by, the Home placed on the roll the stock atest [test] Entelligence. [Intelligence] BY ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH. Lonpon, [London] Fripay [Friday] Nieut. [Lieut] - NEWMARKET RACES-Ocroser [RACES-Across] 18. Pilgrim beat Brunette. Hanvicap, [Handicap] 1 Dead heat for second between Longenius [Ingenious] and Swede. PRENDERGAST STAKES. 1 Christine ............... 2 SWEEPSTAKES, 1 Virago Filly............. 2 Post STaKEs, [Stakes] Ariosto walked over. Clelia [Celia] and Bordeaux received forfeit in their matches. LONDON PRODUCE MARKET, YrEstErpay. [Paymaster] Sucar.- [Sugar.- Sugar] West India closed quietly, but former rates well supported. Sales 447, and for the week 2,559 casks. In the refined market more done by gome [home] and fair to good hard lumps at 51s. 6d. to 53s. 6d. per cwt. East India public sales large, but went at full rates. 6,422 bags Bengal at 40s. to 43s. 6d.; yellow, 37s. to 43s. 6d. ; rather grain 488. 6d. to 45s.6d. [S's.6d] 6,975 bags Madras white at sale, ABs. [As] 6d. to 46s. 6d.; yellow, 33s. 6d. to 40s. 6d.; brown, 30s. to 32s. .- COFFEE native Ceylon cheaper, and 800 bags sold privately at 57s, to 57s. 6d. Of Plantation 88 and at auction offered, but small part ony [on] sold at easier rates; middling and good at 64s. to 70s. 6d. other sorts, 56s. to 63s. per cwt.-TEa [cwt.-Tea More demand. At public sale of 4,500 bags offered, about 1,000 sold. Common Congou, [Congo] 1s. 03d. to 1s. 0fd.-PEPPER [fd.-PEPPER] market firm, but not much demand.-SALTPETRE At auction 1,300 bags Canevita [Cane vita] taken in at 27s. to 28s. per cwt.-CoTron [cwt.-Cotton Market quiet but lower rates not taken. Only 860 bags Surats [Surat] sold for the week.-IRown [week.-Iron little doing at 42s. to 42s. 6d. for mixed numbers, Spelter at 16 10s. to 16 15s., but few buyers. In Try no change.-TaLLow [change.-Allow Market quiet, at 38s. 6d. to 38s. 9d. for fine new Y. C. on the spot, and old 38s. per cwt. Lonpon [London] Corn MaRKET, [Market] Oct. 18.-There was not much wheat fresh up from the neighbouring counties or coast- [coast wise] wise, both English and Foreign were, consequently, held with firmness, and the currency of Monday was supported. Fine qualities of English barley commanded fully previous rates, but the liberal arrivals of Foreign checked business. Peas and beans moved off without change in value. Malt, firm, at fully former terms. The supply ot Foreign oats large, amounting to 17,200 qrs. [Mrs] since Weatay [Wheat Trade dull, but tolerably steady, at late rates. White wheat, 45s. to 49s. red, to 44s. Arrivals-English wheat, 2,230; barley, 1,490 oats, 1,540; malt, 6,060; flour, 2,580; Irish ate, poe 17,200; barley, 1,520; oats, LIVERPOOL CoRN [Corn] MaRKET, [Market] Oct. 18.-The market to-day opened firm, with an advance of ls. per quarter on the rates of last Tuesday, the business being but small. Flour of rather more easy sale, at late prices. No change in the price of beans, peas, oats, or oatmeal. Indian corn com- [commands] mands [sands] very full prices, and is, in some cases, a shade dearer than on Tuesday. LIVERPOOL Corton REPORT, Oct. 18.-Sales to-day, 6,000 bales; 1,500 bales on speculation and export. Sales of the week-30,280 [week-30,W] bales, including 3,950 bales on specu- [spec- speculation] lation. [nation] 4,400 for export, at last Friday's quotations, SMITHFIELD CATTLE Oct. 18.-Beasts, 1,058; cows, 98; sheep, 5,490; calves, 366; pigs, 490. Beef, 2s. 2d. to 3s. 6d.; mutton, 8s. 2d. to 4s. veal, 2s. 4d. to 3s. 6d. pork, 3s. 4d. to 4s. Holland-Beasts, 483 sheep, and Lincoln- [Lincoln] 950 calves, 214. Leicester, Northampton, shire-Beasts, 350. Large supply of beasts, and a dull trade, at reduced prices. The number of sheep small, but ts, more than tpi [ti] to the demand. Calves sold slowly at 2d. per stone reduction. INDIA AND CHINA. The oriental steamer arrived at Suez on the 6th instant, with dates as follow -Bombay, Sept 17; Calcutta, Sept. 7; Singapore, Sept. 2; and Hong Kong, August 24. There is no political news of importance. Tadia [Tad] was profound tranquil. The Calcutta Railway had been commenced. Sir Charles Napier would quit Simla on the 5th of November, and the Governor. Genarel [General] was expected to arrive there at the end of September, and proposed afterwards to visit the Punjaub. [Punjab] It was reported that Sir Henry Laurence had fallen into the hands of the Sikhs in Cashmere, and was detained by them as a prisoner. A mutiny is reported among the Nizam's [Name's] troops. The cholera still prevailed in Scinde, [Rescind] Mooltan, [Milton] and some other portions of India. Pirates still infested the Indian and Chinese seas; and Sir James Brooke sailed for Siam on the 8rd [ord] of August. The Dutch expedition against Borneo is represented to have been on the whole unsuccessful. At Bombay trade was looking up, and there is described as a good opening in the import market. Cotton went at favourable rates, and grey stuffs of middling quality were sought after. At Calcutta mule twist commande [command] high prices, and much business was done in red yarns. Metals were slack and prices were tending downwards. The ex- [export] port trade was firm. The old stocxs [stocks] of indigo were sold, and sugar taken at moderate prices. Saltpetre was in constant demand, as also rice. The price of raw silk was looking up, and opium was brisk. The money market was easy, and prices looking up. Rates of exchange for paper at six months (sight) 204 to 25. Freights were rising. ene PRICE OF SHARES. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18. Railway shares continue well supported, and a saree [sere] amount of business has been transacted during the week. The settlement of the 16th inst. has gone off favourably in London, and prices on that day were materially in favour of the seller. The market is not quite so buoyant, stock being freely supplied. Consols [Console] this evening at 7 to 973 for money, and for account at 97 d to 973. London and North Western very firm; as also rm Counties and Dovers. [Dover] Midlands, Sheffield and Manchester, East Lancashire, and Lancashire and York- [Yorkshire] shire, easier. , FRED. TURNER. Set peg 4 Bas an 2 8 ga 2 PRICE oo oe NAME OF RAILWAY. Per Suane [Sane] a 338 8 s Oct. 18th. [the] Bo 3 g Ps ASm [As] 8 vl stck [stock 50 Aberdeen 9 ... OF 3 3 20 Nott. East Junction 63 ... 64d '1 8 (100 [W] 100 Bristol [W Bristol] and 68 ... 69 stck [stock] 50 Caledonian 84... SZ Do. Pref fixed 7 per cent. for five years, from 2lst [last] Aug. 1848, and 6 per cent. 10 10 afterwards in perpetuity ...J 5 ... 54 '0 [2 O 20 Eastern Counties .................. 63... 68 9 2 6 25 7 (ass cerns [corns] 94... OF 3 9 64 Do. pref. Quarters(min. 6pct) [pact) 7 ... 7. 00 7 5 3 Do Pref Fifths 6pet) [pet] 3... i 10 10 25 25 Great Northern .............0....... 14 144 5 O 125) [W] 123 [W] Do. Halves A Deferred......... 43... 48 5 6 124) [W] 124 Do. B. Guaranteed 6 per ent. [end] 9 6 104) [W] 124) [W] 123 [W] 5 per cent. Pref. Scrip ......... 11Z [Z] 12 '2 100 W] 100 W] Great Western.......... 71 72 '1 O stckj100 stock] cashire [Lancashire] and Yorkshire ...... 49 50 20 11d Ditto Fifths 7 ... Tad 1 0 50 50 Ditto Huddersfield Shef [She] 24 ... 25 'O 1 24) 20 11g [G] Ditto West Riding Union 7 ... 63d '0 [6 stck stock] 10 Ditto Preferred 6 per cent 124 ... 12 50 50 Leeds and Thirsk .................. 10... 10 Do. Pref. Qrs. [Mrs] 7 per cent. for 3 yrs and 6 per cent. after- [after] 124 [W 9 wards in perpetuity ...gpm [pm] '1 10 [C] stck 100 stock W] London, Brighton, Sth [St] Coast 84 ... 85 '2 10 stck 100 stock W] London and North Western ... 117 [W] '0 [4 94 25 17 New 4 Shares 24...23pm [] 100 100 W] Manchester, Shef. [She] Lincolnsh. [Lincolnshire. 18 -18 xn Do. Pref. Guar. [Guard] 74 per cent. for 6 years from Ist [Its] July, 10 10 1849, 6 percent. afterw [after] 82 ...84xn [sn] 50 50 Ditto Grimsby ............... 9 ...9ixn [Nix] '0 [16 stck 100 [stock W] 34... 44 '0 [15 50 35 Halves, int. till Jan. 1852.. 214 ... 21d stck [stock 25 North British Tk... Tk '0 [1 5 stck stock 5 Do. 5per [per] cent. Guaranteed 4g... 5 20 174 North [W North] Staffordshire ............... 10... 92d 20 17 North Western 12g [G] ...12 15 15 Do. Pref. (issued 4 dis.) ...... 11g... [G] 114 50 50 Oxford, Worcester, Wolver. [Wolves. 12 ... 13 '0 [6 9 25 184 Shef. [W She] R. B. W. H. GooleN [Golden] div 184 ... 183 '0 [9 50 50 South Eastern Dover ......... 20 ... 214 6 3 64 25 York, Newcastle, Berwick...) 174 .. 18 4 94 25 9 Do. Pref. G. N. E. purchase 44... 4d 2 6 stck stock 50 York and North Midland ...... 24... 244 6 O 25 10 Do. Pref. 2 .. 13d ' Less Income Tax. CLOSING PRICE OF CONSOLS [CONSOLE] IN LONDON THIS EVENING For Money, 974 97g [G] For Account. 978, 973. BANKS. Div. per annum. 1 0 100 [W 10 Huddersfield ing Co. ...... 163... 174 015 0 25) 10 Halifax Hiddersficld [Huddersfield] Union 10 ... 105 om 6 0 100) [W] 5 West Riding Union Banking Go 4g... 43 012 0 25 4.4.0 Yorkshire Banking Company...) 44 ...5 The Share Market has during the week maintained its firmness, and on Wednesday a further improvement took place, with every appearance of prices going still higher at the close of the day. On Thurs ay a reaction took place, and a not inconsiderable fall in some stocks was apparent, Parties are realising to some extent, and we should say there is more disposition on the part of bona Jide [Side] holders to sell rather than buy. stock is in demand, viz., Huddersfield, Halifax and Huddersfield, and West Riding Union Bank shares. Water Works and Gas shares are inquired for. In fact, good local investments are eagerly sought after. WM. MOORE A Post-office, Huddersfield, CO October 18th, [the] 1850. EXHIBITION oF 1851.-The [W.-The] first contributi [contribute] from the continent to the great exhibition has in London. It consists of a consignment of 89 packages by the Neptune steamer from St. Petersbu [Petersburg] addressed to Gabriel Kamensky, [Minsk] Esq., the agent of the Eussian [Russian] govern- [government] ment. [men] It has been r that the goods shall for the be deposited in the bonded warehouses of the St. Company for security, until the building in E yde [de] Par ready to receive them. This consignment ly, Be by at least another of equal im- [in- exceeding] exceedin [exceeding] everybody but those who have been of traffic on the opening of the Great N. orthern, [other] and a fur- [fire] er abstraction of traffic by the North Staffordshire, Shrewsbury, and ham, and Shrewsbury and Chester lines. The traffic has not nearly reached its mazi- [mani- maximum] mum, and a year or two of commerci [commercial] activity will soon prove that fact. The general belief, founded on the cheer- [cheer the] the reserves in hand, is that q touch 125 before the close of this year. We think it likely, and even then the stock will be a most advantageous investment.-Ratlway [investment.-Railway] THE CHRONICLE, SATURDAY, OCT. 19, 1850. THE EDUCATION MEETING. WE presume that no one will now dare to say that has not spoken out on the question of Education and we presume, further, that there can now be no mistake as to the opinion of this district in favour of a Secular system of National Education, supported by local rates, and under the management and controul [control] of freely-elected local authorities. The meeting of Wednesday,-a full report of which is inserted elsewhere,-was descisive [decisive] on these points. Publicly convened by well-known friend' to a system of Secular Education; its object broadly stated; the attendance of all parties who differ as to the means by which the rising genera- [generations] tions [tins] are to be educated, publicly and pressingly in- [invited] vited [voted] in the last number of the Chronicle; no one can allege that full opportunity has not been given for the full and fair discussion of the points of dif- [if- difference] ference [France and the fact, that the overwhelming de- [decision] cision [vision] of Wednesday was given after all the objec- [object- objectors] tors to a National system of Secular Education who presented themselves had been fully and fairly heard, and as fully and fairly replied to, en- [enhances] hances [chances] the value of that decision in an important degree. Weare sorry, however, that we cannot compli- [comply- compliment] ment [men] the opposition as having been either straight- [straightforward] forward or sincere. We mean that the opposers were not honest to their own declared convictions; that they did not venture to grapple with the plain simple PRINCIPLE asserted in the motion to which they moved their amendment; and that, above all, they studiously refrained from asserting their own principles in their own motion. In other words, they did not venture to meet the question of a National system of Secular Education on its merits; they did not boldly face the principle, and de- [denounce] nounce [ounce] it; they did not as boldly enunciate, by motion, their own principle of leave things as they are, in opposition to the principle they dis- [disagreed] agreed with; but that they sought by a manceuvre [manure] to divert the meeting from its object-to purchase a petty triumph at the expense of all principle and fairness-to render the friends of Education in Huddersfield a nonentity (as far as active exertion in surmounting the difficulties which surround the question is involved), and a laughing-stock to all other places, These allegations, we admit, are strong-are severe. Strong and severe as we feel them to be- [bee] we feel also compelled by a love of truth and prin- [pain- principle] ciple [Copley] to make them; and having made them, we feel also compelled to sustain them. To that task we, therefore, now address ourselves. Be it remembered then, that the meeting of Wednesday was called for a specific object-speci- [object-specie- specifically] fically [finally] defined. It was to consider the propriety of appointing a deputation to attend the Educa- [Edgar- Educational] tional [national] Conference to be held in Manchester on the 30th instant, with a view of maturing a scheme for securing a National system of Secular Education, supported by local rates, and under the control of local authorities elected by the ratepayers. Re- [Respecting] specting [inspecting] the object thus stated there was not- [not there] there could not be-the possibility of mistake. That object, in plain words, was to ask the inhabitants of Huddersfield and its vicinity, if they were in favour of a National System of Secular Education ; and, if so, would they take their share in devising and maturing a plan by which Free Schools for Secular Education could be secured for every locality. The first step, therefore, in this process of test- [testing] ing publie [public] opinion, was clearly the enunciation of the broad principle of Secular Education, provided by rate, and managed by freely elected local autho- [author- authorities] rities. [cities] If the public of Huddersfield were in favour of this principle, there was every reason why they should take steps to carry that principle into prac- [pray- practice] tice [ice] and perhaps no better course could be adopted than a Conference of Deputies from the different parts of the kingdom to devise a scheme compre- [compare- comprehensive] hensive [hence] enough to include all localities, but modified and adaptable to suit the different circumstances of different localities. If, however, the public of Huddersfield were in favour of the opposing prin- [pain- principle] ciple [Copley] if they held with a section of the Dissenters, that the voluntary, unassisted, and unsystematic efforts of the benevolent were sufficient for the Education of the people; if they held that Educa- [Edgar- Education] tion [ion] was beyond the province of Government, no matter how devised or how based-whether on the right divine to act despotically, or on the prin- [pain- principle] ciple [Copley] of delegated power, and responsible to the people, the source of all power or if they held with a section of the Church, and also of the Dis- [Dissenting] senting [sending] bodies, that the schoolmaster must also be a teacher and inculeator [incubator] of distinctive creeds and contradictory religious dogmas; if they felt that Bishops, and Deans, and Canons, and Vicars, and Rectors, and Incumbents, and Curates, and Minis- [Ministers] ters, [tees] and Missionaries, of all denominations, were unequal to the task of teaching religion, even when aided by parental precept and parental example- [example and] and even when the intellectual soil had been broken up and cultivated ready for the reception of reli- [deli- religious] gious [pious] seed we say, had the public of Huddersfield held with either of the parties who maintain pro- [propositions] positions thus plainly put, it is clear that they could not take any part in the approaching Educa- [Edgar- Educational] tional [national] Conference, its object being the establishment of a principle totally opposed to either the reliance upon individual charity and systematic voluntary effort, or to the necessary inculcation of the doctrine of the mysterious Trinity-in-unity by the party who teaches the simple Rule of Three. It was therefore necessary that the opinion of the meeting on these points should be first tested. To this end Mr. Joseph and Mr. January Seare [Share] PHILLIPs [Phillips] moved and seconded the following propo- [prop- proposition] sition [sit ion] -- wuts [wits] Cabot working population' all fe the establishment of free public schools for secular instruction supported by local rates, and under local control, Now this is plain sailing. The involved are fully and fairly, and boldly enunciated. There is no beating about the bush. There is nothing insidious nothing tricky -nothing underhand. And in the speeches by which that motion was introduced, the principles asserted therein, were contrasted with the voluntary principle, and also with the practice which renders the school the arena for conflicting creeds and disputed religious dogmas. The insufficiency of the one, and the un- [undesirability] desirability and injurious consequences of the other, were freely and well pointed out. There was not the possibility of mistaking the end and aim of the motion, as a test of the opinion of the meeting on these debated points. Well and how was this clear enunciation of principle met by the opposition Did they at once, boldly and unequivocally, ft their principles in direct contradiction Did they assert, by motion, that education is an individual and noé [not] a social duty and that voluntary spasmodic effort is suffi- [suffer- sufficient] cient [cent] to the education of those who cannot educate themselves Did they contend for the necessity of making the schoolmaster a sectarian teacher of sectarian creeds and sectarian differences Let us see. The first party who questioned the roceedings, [proceedings] was the Rev. Mr. Hanson, the baptist minister, from Milnsbridge. At first he did not appear as an opponent. He was even in favour of Secular Education and to evince his love for it he had even gone without a coat to buy a child a gram- [grammar] mar. But, well as he liked Secular Education, he liked religious education better, And he could not but ask, if it was intended that all gion [Gin] should be excluded Sonn [Son] ag ; if all Scripture was to from if the name of God wag Rens, [Ren] of the class-books if, in short, rai wholly and entirely 'in these schoo [school , When informed that it was ondy [only] in [C] distinctive cREEDs [creed] and dj fended, Lene Lee] was intended to find a common tar the children of all sects ang the child could meet, and procure that culture so necessary and so extracts from the Scriptures, torical [trial] narratives of the Old and The the inimitable teachings of peace jn. tN will in the parables of J ESUS-an [JESUS-an u Wek [We] of the heaven-sanctioned morali [moral] neo [no] would be as freely used in the Nay the as they are in the National Seho [Shoe] -when informed of these thi [the] questionings, the Rev. Mr. HAssoy [Has] such an education was not a seenlar [enlarge] Ren Yar [Year] term Secular, as applied to it, én.' Aa that it was, to all fintents [contents] and Mee education and yet, strange to say. nore... [more] his previous declaration that ha '3, ; education better than asecular [secular] dislike the projected scheme no better eh... found out that it was a4 religions ve rs trality [reality] he had professed when he ities... [ties] be purely secular-when (as he ang the name of God was to be excluded class-books-became warmed into tems, [terms] ie he discovered that the education Teg [Te] religious in its character '-when vinced [evinced] that the education proposed bye and his own ideas of what ecneation [connection] on were nearly identical. As long ag - Hanson was under the impression har ie tion [ion] in the proposed National Sch, negation of all religion, he was conten [content 7 content to be as neutral on the motion meeting as he supposed the New Sehovis [behoves] be on religion but when he was nije... [nine] point when he discovered thar [that] h posed came almost as near his OWN what education should be as possible. ie ALS [AS] Wy, Containing ; Hen Oey [OE] Se, LS t The il a - eS Derr) [Deer] Casey, ORS be , LT HS Tes [Te] i [C] 26h [H] merged into active Opposition and he seconded an amendment to get rid ut i motion-the object of that motion eine [wine] -h.. lishment [enlistment] of schools for the seeuriny [serine] i, to every child, which Mr. Hassow [Has] so agree with - That amendment was moveij [move] after he had urged objections -, ... portions of the Plan of the Lane... School Association; and, after hu nod speech) faintly enunciated h. Erne [Ere] Government has no business vm int Education of the people. What tha; [that] was we shall presently see. We must that, as yet, no plan of National Seeuiay [See] Bin has been formed that all parties at the diously [doubly] avoided identifying themselr-s [themselves-s] ach [each] -, tailsof [tails of] the Lancashire Public Sehool [School] dewuap [deep] the plain reason, that what might be deem sn devisors to be applicable to the Cour [Our] caster alone would be inapplicable and way. to the country at large, with its liversinea [livers] tions [tins] and differing cireumstanees [circumstances ani [an] -hac [ha] ject [jet] of the meeting was to consider the appointing a deputation to the ference [France] to devise and form a plan or whem [when] nationally what the Laneashire [Lancashire] Pubic sy scheme professess [Professor] to do seetivnally-appiy [certainly-apply] PRINCIPLE enunciated in the motivn [motion] nov [not] Messrs. BaTuey [Batley] and Well, then, what was the amendment wv Messrs. BoorHroyp [Boothroyd] and Haxsoy [Hansom Wr - ought to have been, if the parties been sincere and faithful to their prowamen [prow amen] victions-a [evictions-a] negation of the principle assert 2 motion, and an assertion of the opposing om Let the reader judge, for here the unenumn [inhuman] is, verbatim et literatim, [literature] from the Mos mover - That prior to the passing of 'hw rr meeting deems it expedient that ic show sur [Sir] 2 sion of the specific Plan of Educative viten [invite] ported by the rates. We assure our distant readers thar [that] te om Huddersfield, in meeting assembled, were wma [ma] asked to stultify themselves, by passing he going amendment, as it was ar called, upon the motion as moved by Ve J. The public of Hudderstield-amet [Huddersfield-met] or the ur determining whether they would be var. putation, [petition] to the formation of a Plan 'or 'ui Education,-were asked to resolve 7 resolve that they would have the ent [end] plan of Education before them, passing of the resolution making the lemanu [Emanuel - that the Chairman would have been Suly [Duly] in refusing to put such an 0m We mean such an outrage on the and on common sense. n mark, 2 amendment was one of which the mover ' ashamed when they saw it in print. ve and while we hold, asabeve, [above] that the have been justitied [justified] in refusing ) amendment, as irrelevant aud [and] apps motion asserting a broad prmeipie. [Premier] only before the meeting, we also uns us] [C] prudently in putting the famous prepysi [preside] vote, And whether the movers of hub are ashamed of it or not, when they 3 we think that the public generally will agree with us that voluntary 2 ' even its advocates deficient buth [but] 2 quality. We submit that in this detail ot Ye 2 we have made good our allegameum [alleged] ' character and quality of the opposers were not faithful to their that they refrained from submitting ples [poles] to the test in plain naked they sought by a self-stultitying [self-studying] mani 2 votes sufficient to give the 2 go-by Thanks, however, to the discermm [discern] spirit of the assembly, this cessful. [useful] The overwhelming for the original motion showed 4f appeals to passion, and prejudice, are passed that the necessity r sang thorough intellectual but the children of all classes and all felt; and that efforts to provide a . in a manner accordant with true ie 7 national characteristics, will mee [me ww pathy [path] and support. Huddersfield. pall isi [is] question, has spoken -has ism, while it has done much, 224 se in all honour-is still not equal that the children of the poor ae to the chance-charity of the tion [ion] and still less to those whe [the] a the price of their bounty; that one wit desist from loading the infantue [infant] ve ai understandable mysteries as the 08 0 which the other branches ane [an] will be undertaken that there oe on which all sects and all para [C] ee form the God-like work of oe of drawing out the i mind and that interest, duty, and 8S a ppy Pp] thee us asa people to seek and SUMMARY. The deep and wi felt in the fate of Sir Jobn [John] lost who have been for so many iss and ice of the arctic oe wa present time in ap oe Pieces of rope, the DV Mr Since eu oF [C] DDL [DD] nL re e yp pera [per] PvEr [Over] a ait [at] anon Sd ye a a el