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The Budderstiel [Huddersfield] AND WEST YORKSHIRE ADVERTIS [ADVERTISING] ER. Eee [See] Ant, eos [es] SATURDAY 5 Zoom FIFTH ANNIVERSARY. OCTOBER 19,; 1850. Paice [Price] HET [GET] next, October 20th, [the] TW One EES [SEE] DEWSBURY BANK 2 x SUNDAY nem, [men] hed [he] in Goad FLOCKTON COAL, Ramwar [Ram war] Sranion [Anion] J N MONS P' TREET [STREET] oots, [pots] No. 12, 13, and 14, WINTER FAS [GAS] HATS AT EXTRAORDINARY PRICES Msi [Ms] bY OF y. JAMES SHERMAN pet Old Flockton House Coal 86. 10d. per ton HIO-N [HI-N] 8. a REN surrey Chapel, London. 2 A discount of 10d 1 9g ECENTLY [RECENTLY] returned fro Lond [Land] E G. BAYLI [BAILY] YON'S, io commence at half-past Ten o'clock in the No better coal cat be used. ten money. m [in] Lon Om ener [enter] at DS AY of MANTLES, SHAWLS, FURS, 37, CROSS CHURCH STREET, HUDDERSFIELD. and Six in the Evening. extreme heat and economy under judicingsnr [judiciousness] Mookton [Morton] for 28, NEW-STREET an eee [see] ere IN SUMMER Ane [An] Zephyr Ee el to four zor. [or] 104 2 Collections will be made after each to all places within th management. 7 SAMUEL SHAW. ounces weight, that has been selling at 9s. is reduced to 8s.; and the Light Zephyr, at 12s. is reduced to 10s. 6d. ; ua e bars, 10d. per ton. PLAIN AND the Black anil [ail] Desh [Des] at 5s. 9d., are reduced to 4s. 6d.; Black and Drab Shell Hats, at 5s. 6d., are reduced fit IMP. E . Boys elvet [velvet] Hats, at 4s. 6d., are reduced to 3s. 9d. (NIT AR BUILDINGS. D FENDER Bip [Sip] Cass ATERS [ATES] HARDY, 17, H be sae [sea] vectfull [victual] caer [care] eae [ear] Lao LEN Ee Le ae, BA NGS. [NG] RE AND those Friends wh, 2 A L UDDEBSFIELD, [HUDDERSFIELD] to thank BOYS' AND MEN'S CAPS AT REDUCED PRICES. yoRROW, [morrow] (Sunday), October 20th, [the] Two INSURANCE OFFICE, 1 [C] Town, and to inform thom that it will be Boaly [Bally] fe peo [pro] PLAN Fee DIRECEORY [DIRECTORY] of this RMONS [SERMONS] will be preached by the Rev. NCIS [CIS] Registered pursuant to 7 8 Vic., cap 110. Suber [Sober] Subscription List will Close on the 8lst [last] Instant. Thos Parties wishing to avail themsel [themselves] ES Sef [Se] jverpool, [Liverpool] on behalf of theSUNDAY [Sunday] SCHOOLS 4, New Bripce-sraeer, [Bruce-sere] Buacrnians, [Brennan's] LONDON mibers' [miners] Prices are requested to send in their Names early, . ves [bes] of the HOLD GENERAL FU; sok [so] with the above of i846, [i] N. Subscribers' Prices, Coloured, ...... 6s. Od.; Not G ace. 48. SWORTH [WORTH] SONS' GENERAL FURNISHING WAREHOUSES, po ome [one] cap LISHED [WISHED] Non-Subscribers' Prices, do. ...... s. 6d.; Ditho,.- [Ditto,.- Ditto] - 5a. G NEW WELLS, WAKEFIELD. 23 . ITAL, ONE MILLION STERLING HUDDERSFIELD TE At this Establishment. vin [in] vere ee - M ar ent [end] parties ishing [fishing] have the opportunity of selecti [select] article of Household Furniture,an none, Fea. Chairman THomas [Thomas] COMMITTEE of the TEMPERANCE uch [such] ales ur Iva L. that thei [the] advantage not offered to the same extent by any other House out of London. oo , oTTERELL, [utterly] Esq., Deputy Chairman. SEVENTEEN STHAL [STEAL] Ouncing [Announcing] er tock comprises- [comprises] Director-J oun [on] Esq. Will commence on SuNDAY [Sunday] afternoon, OCTOBER SN ANNUAL PE pce [pace] BERD [BED] Fo ae axp [ap] U The Stock comp clase [case] ep Company, in order to extend Life Assurance to that 5'Teet [5'Tee] Chapel, by the Rev. R. SKINNER. Service to commence nt HaLFaas [Half] UE SERMON, to be preached in Queen- [Queen beds] BEDS, MATTRESSES, AND BLA [BA] Re Ane [An] Hearts Ruves. [Rives] peat EXHIB [EXHIBIT] ticipating [anticipating] in its hitherto been debarred from par- [par meetings] MEETINGS WILL BE HELD IN THE Be MaNTLE, [Mantle] TOILETTE, &., GLASSES. sp Me ho HD. oy rs gm ret, a wh tbe [the] vi Minne td oer [per] SA ee Curt, ation [action] Bown, Ji, or ot ye sent Returns for the Spans lush, Purpose they havo [have] had tho Thomas Boys of Bradirds [Braids] F, iad [aid] ep eae [ear] (Pome [Some] Bary, [Barry] Heo [He] Hats ofl [of] any Whe [The] naan ong [on] chara [char] tion [ion] they will require for the Articles to be gow; [how] Mr. John Ad. i Pale Mr. 5 of York; Mr. W. L 2 and no expense is d e Proprietors to maintain their long-established character' som [some] do. tbe the] BEFORE SATURD [SATURDAY] AY FOR THE ASSURANCE OF 100, PAYABLE aT DEATH. of Baton; aE there TEL Wright r, and Mr, J.C. neon for supplying of sound materials and wor [or] ship. Se October 26th, [the] ing the Latest Day on Brom [From Mnthly [Monthly & Weekly, Mnth' [Month] Ww Will take place in the HALL, on THURSD [THURSDAY] ie som [some] 1 ALL EIRDS [BIRDS] OF HOUSEHOLD FURNERURE [FURNITURE] PURCHASED. eS Agglicatons [Applications] for Space can be entertained by the 2 prem. [pre] prem. [pre] 2 prem. [pre. prem. [pre] weekly and 1 may. be had of Mr. Joseph Brook, and MW Hendy, [Henry] o'dick. 'Tick ota One Shilk [Silk] 7 oot [not] Returns may be had on Application to ad sd a. de a one at the close of the Meetings, towards liquidating the hhbay [hobby] Ahalanse [Alliance] owitig [awaiting] te the HE MORAL. SOCTAT, [SCOTT] AND PO 4 pie eq, (Chairman), Josepx [Joseph] 22 9 2 35) 12 41 so FS gings [rings] lauidating [liquidating] thelibary [libra] talento [talent] vig [big] to the Tensor Tt AND POLITICAL CONDITION OF IRELAND. gy, Wid [Id 71 35 1 4 5 2 55 2 3 9 W ITNEY [TINE] Wii roe ans ee WO HUNDRED QUINEBAS. [GUINEAS] 5 J. C. LAYCOCK, 310 145) [W] 1 6 6 5 60 210 11 5 NTE [NET] R- RAPPERS. R. JOHN CASSELL ea JOSEPH SHAW, Hi EXaMPLE [Example A Person, aged 30, may, by a weekl [week] W arm weather is ended 'sn Essa [Seas] Social proposes to oiler the pun of Twn [Town] for the best Cee [See] VOOR, [MOOR] on. Secs. Set of me a monthly payment of 4 Ga. secure te Lis [Is] I ts tokens sel [se] already area ae Ist. [Its] The. Nate, wont and ot Ele [Lee] Me ral [al] Tiel [Till] mand [and] disse [diss] the i idenced [evidence] ah resend ponent [opponent] a ena [en] te tc me i hs of Nat, he onal [only] at ec i Pata [Pat] weve [wee] in he pre Coca 7 onate [nate] sum. o longer their Summer attractions The natural advantages possessed by Irelan [Ireland] ition, [edition] Clima [Claim] il --ORKSHIRE [YORKSHIRE] AUDIT DISTRICT oct [act] himlf [himself] on elsining [single] 0] Yields prot [port] that the sao [so] of Wier [Weir] ee Bese [Bees] extent these have been neglected orimproved. [or improved] ns) Climates and Soll [Sole] and to what ST J age of 50, 55, 60 or an ields [fields] proo [poor e season of Winterds#jear. [Winter#hear] rd. The Means by which ustry [trust] increased ili [ii] ured. [red] B NOTICE OF AUDIT. sate hash ayment [payment] of a stated sum, or in case of his W hat, then, must I do, as the cold is begam [began her Social Position rendered ual'to [al'to] that of Pann [Pan the 22 an irable [admirable] vite [vote] a oe oo by ae qy the Clerks, Treas OTe [OT] Relieving In cases of sickness OF WEE of Oe Ie me. I must. buy a warm coat of E. MosEs [Moss] an Son Xe velopment [development] of the energies of her own People, and how far they gan [an] be promoted by Legislative yee [see] ys, Masters an houses, and other tors will give Credit f a 2 C- N o better than Moss and Son's can be bonght [bought] a CONDITIONS. - het [get] of the Poor Law Unions and Parishes, or Townships 8 on th the Premiums, which will remain T heir cloth is snperb, [superb] and they're fam [am] nght [night] ria [air] The Essay should be written in a concise and compendious style, and should not exceed in quantity 200 pages tee jin [in] the West Yorkshire Audit District. agreoil [agreeable] upon eb 6 pen cont for such period as may be E. Moses and Son, with their wrappers, thas [has] i of Long Primer leaded, in demy [dey] octavo. - oy the that T vie oad [ad] af tha [that] The duty of every man to make such provision for the R eceive [receive] unabated support in their trade, , - OF avd [and] ena [en] ais brag. the Dred [Red] bee tne [te] Beak 1 bie, [be] ill 3 he kt tance, [lance] publish io yt the Goardians [Guardians] of the several Uni ie. on benellt [benefit] of his family as his circumstances will permit, is W hen once you make 'parchase [purchase] of Wrappérs [Wrappers] like these fe the Essay in suecessive [successive] numbers of fhat [that] Paper ote [ot] will afterwards, debbie [Deb] belt the te Volunt [Voluntary] pgs [pigs] and at the Gaia boreunder [bore under] to AUDIT to the best 'and with tk ils [is] object A pu r re mate id er havagot, [Gotha] ign [in] a mottos nd be must be sent in nt later than May 1, 1854. [W. Bach y mtst [most] have some of th the Unions, e inconvenience, urchase [purchase] I've made, and the coat I have'got, ature [nature] or motto, i ini [in] 'real nz ie A000U8 [A] ora of the several pariehes [parishes] oa of une [one] there are no means which can be adopted so and so P rotects [protect] me, and decks me, and, 'knows what. coasful [careful] Competitor not to be openbd [opened] until che ive [vie] i eae [ear] rh arose. tht [the] ta ee ent [end] eM esses [eases] sin the West Yorkshire Audit District, for beneficial as that of Life Assurance, which is now brought P eople [people] well may declare, while affording their aid, JOHN CassELL, [Cassell] 80, Fenchurch-street, London or oniler [only] cover So the address, eS M J B. 29, Dame w theo [the] ea i to the recspta [receipt] and ef the mittim, [mitt] the Means of every working man. he weekly or Farrand Oo Lent is nena Del im [in] the of formation, eomprsing [comprising] gentlemen of inuenco, [continue] character th hial [Hill] funds, for th i nents [rents] are so small that every man oam [am] Yo ugh, and you'll still have to sa A Committee of Adjudicators is in th i isi [is] i as 30th 850. or the Balt [Bat] year hays aford [ford] his and happy week and thereby S uch [such] Wrappers as these are the best of the day. knowledge of the subject. [C] coune [cone] of Smuiation, [Station] comprising gentlemen of infuses, mand [and] BRADFORD .. .-- -- Monday, 18th Nov., at 9 o'clock a.m. has made such a provision for his ido [do] ng Chat Be OBSERVE E MOSES ND Ss INTERESTED IN IBNLEY [ONLY] Tuesday, 29th Oct., t P or widow and family as. will N TO A Friday, 15th Nov., Heath may deprive thong upon others, when TAILORS, CLOTHIERS, HATTERS, AND GENERAL OUTFITTERS, HE OF i ene WELFARE OF TBELAND. [BLAND] ALIFAX [HALIFAX] Hondsy, [Hands] gad Dees 2 FIRE De SUpport, [Support] 19, THORNTON BUILDINGS, BRIDGE-STREET, BRADFORD, YORKSHIRE. T Communications of a SPECLAL [SPECIAL] COMMISSIONER. na i vested a wi Minion having wT 2 2t 29 8U. B i Who ee on 2 i i vin, [in] its pce [pace] ANOS, [ANS] mt Teh [The] tae [tea] ot 4, LE, 18 5, ond, [and] nd th Cac [Ca] Cora ose [one] arti [art] ofthe [of the] Coin of tn Frpi h [Fri h] Se Frain eS of re, Wenig [Wang] ofthe [of the] wu. -Friday, Ist [Its] Nov., 9 Farming Stock at 2s, 6d. per cent. Cavution.-E. [Caution.-E] MOSES SON, ragre [rare] t having to guard the Public against imposition Tearned [Earned] that the the Investment of Capital. Investigation i hy oh Propricter [Proprietor] of the 8 ANDARD [ANTED] OF FR EDOM a ' Mm Prospectuses, Forms of Proposal, Tables of Rates, and toe BrerLeY...Monday, [Barley...Monday] 25th Nov., ,, 7 every other information may be had on application to pareLEY [apparel] BRIDGE.Wednesday, 16th Oct., ,, Thursday, 24th Oct., untradesman-like [tradesmen-like] falsehood ot being connected with them, or It's all the sam in man 1 k same concern, has been resorted instances, and for obvious reasons. They have no connection with any other House in or out of London, oxept [except] theo [the] the hope that the Resources of Ireland may be adequately Developed. and its Prosperity greatly Promoted. Branch Establishments, 36, Fargate, [Forget] Sheffield; and 19, Thornton's The STANDARD OF FREEDOM is one of the la -sized Pa) all t rgest [rest] pers [per] allowed by law. It has been pronounced b competent judges to be one of the best Newspapers of the day. It is a faithful Chroneler [Chronicle] of leading Breaks throu; [thou] mont [most] SETTLE EDWARD COOKE radford, Yorkshire; and th 22nd Oct., Law Stati [State] Cross d uine [one] and Cheap Clothing, &c. i i 'to the Minories and sta ti i mie [me] Now, Kit te Bald 2, Crm [Cm] aration, [ration] Aiea [Air] lis [is] Un ne Set Sout [Out] lay of sendy [send] hr Wt Brae, or the Mino [Minor] and Somat, [Smart] mmol, [mil] sal oly, [old] a Bd fer ar 8 por [or] ares riday, [Friday] ov., OTICE,-Thi [NOTICE,-The] bli [bi] . é a -. 3 fe 5 r m [in] 8th Novis [Novi] AGENTS til tec [te] eae [ear] lishment [enlistment] is Closed from sunset Friday till Saturday, when business is resumed #dvatce. [advance] , i OFFICE, 335, STRAND, LONDON, AND 59, DAME-STREET, DUBLIN. Holmftrth-A. [Holmfirth-A] M'Clellan, [M'Clean] Bookseller. Honley-Geo. Jaggar, Assistant Overseer. Kirkheaton-Jno. Mellor, Assistant Overseer. Batley-Wwm. [Batley-Wm] Hall, Clark Green. Cleckheaton-Jno. Siddal, Printer. Gomersal-Benjamin Ellis, Grocer. Auditor of tee uo Yorkshire Audit District. --- Gulifax, [Halifax] 28th September, 1850. p THE CHEAPEST HISTORY OF ENGLAND EVER ISSUED FROM THE PRESS. The Fifth and Sixth Volumes of JOHN CASSELL'S LIBRARY will be ready by the lst [last] of October, being the First Two Volumes of a DELIVERED CARRIAGE FREE TO ALL PARTS OF ENGLAND. TEAS AT WHOLESALE PRICES. TEA WAREHOUSE, 2, BUCKLERSBURY, [Bucklers bury] CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. HEATRE, [THEATRE] HUDDERSFIELD, will open for the Seasonon [Season] FRIDAY, NOVEMBER Ist, [Its] 1850. Lessee ni sole Manager, Mill bridge-Jno. Middlebrook. lus [ls] ESTABLISHMENT was commenced in th 1830. Its SUCC [SUCH] NEW AND POPULAR HISTORY OF ENGLAND Mr. S. WILD, ents [ants] required in all the villages during TWENTY Stee [See] We Prrne [Prone] ESSFUL [USEFUL] PROGRESS . ho had the honour of appearing before her Majesty Queen Apelor' [Apple] for the appoin [upon] nee Senne [Sense] tb one of the oe Pee gratified our anticipations. The Patronage of the Public has elevated its position By Dr. ROBERT FERGUSON, of Ryde. It will be completed in four monthly volumes, each containing 144 rice SIXPENCE, or in two double volum [volume] price Is. 4d. each. It will be seen, therefore, that this History of Englan [England] containing five hundred and seventy-six pages, will be obtainable for 2s., or for 2s. 8d. neatly bound in cloth. At the same time it will form one of the most able and interesting works ever issued from the press; the ob;ect [ob;act] of Dr. Ferguson in this History being not merely to Victoria, the late Queen Dowager, Prince Albert, and the Roval [Royal] Children, on the 29th of April, 1847, at Drury Lane Theatre, London. E. Cooke, 17, .. e, 17, Cross Church street, Huddersfield. Our main object has been, and still is, to supply the Public on TRADE TERMS. Great and ing as such an undertaking appears to be, it is obvious that to do BUSINESS ona [on] WHOLESALE SCALE, it is necessary to have Names of ladies and gentlemen forming the Co im [in] HE INDUSTRIAL AND GENERAL LIFE appliances. In conformity with these ideas, our Locality was in, thorough, ey i S. WILD, [C] Mr. He wath, [with] aie [are] ASSURANCE AND DEPOSIT COMPANY. attached eee [see] fe any on trade to ANY EXTENT, Shut 'a swe [we] Cnt [Cent] Sith thei [the] eee [see] in arte [rate] on ds Paper aa a en ee One Ce am , Mr. John Halloway, [Holloway] Mr. Greenhalch, [Greenwich] -- parably [parable] Retail Shops in prominent situations, whereby an Extra nt Profit is rendered necessary. ae oe Mr. Perris, Mrs. S. WILD CAPITAL, 100,000, IN 40,000 SHARES OF 2 10s. EAcH, [Each] Hence it will be seen that we are in a Position to supply the Public on the BEst [Best] and Most Econo [Economy] RMS-in [MS-in] 4 ull [ll] persons desirous of being supplied with copies 'from the First Edition of 20,000, should give their orders imme- [Mme- memory] Mr. T. Wild, Mrs. James Halloway, [Holloway] 2 Wate [Water] Pa to supply at First Hand, by which all intermediate Profits are saved. uacal. [actual] TE in fact, diately [lately] to the nearest Bookseller. - Mr. Williams, Mrs. Perris, 3 27 Be nee, Part, Math [Match] LONDON AND The immense variety of 'l'zas [l'as] now imported into this country, demands the-most scrutinizing caution. In this w SAILINGS OVER THE GLOBE; Mr, Tate, Mrs. T. Wild, a MANCHESTER. have Advantages, as from the extent of our Trade we are enabled to employ a fied [field] and Experie [Experience] d OR, RESS [RES] MARI Mr. Woodford, Mrs. Bateson, ed . Person, whose sole duty is that of carefully Selecting Tasti [Taste] and appro [approve] riating [rating] Teas fo ti RCE [RE y THE PROG [PRO] OF TIME DISCOVERY. Me. James Hallowsy [Hallows] Mrs. Will Registered pursuant to Act 7 and 8 Victoria, c. 110. gs ppropriawng [preparing] r consumption. (Upwards of 20,000 copies of this work have already been sold. Waies [Wise] Min wid [id] y The following are our present quotations First Second Volumes ASSELL [CASSELL] ren and Mr Robertson, Miss Louisa Wild, (For enabling all Classes to participate in the advantages BLACK TEAS. s. d 4 TEAS. a Progren [Progress] of Navigation of Portuguese V a a avn [an] and Mr. Hewitt, Miss Bateson, of Life Assurance, by granting Policies as low as 5; by Common Tea cc 28 Eastern Enterprises of the lish, [Lush] and first Cireumnavigation [circumnavigation] of the Glob -the Four Voy [Oy] ages of Columbus Sse [Se] Mics Williams, accepting Premiums in Quarterly, Monthly, or Weekly (The duty wali [ali] on being 2s. 24d. renders comment Common Green set 80 rtez and [rates and] the Conquest of Mexico- [Mexican] and the Discovery of Peru-Voyages and Discoveries of Commodore Mr. Pickering Master T. Wild, Payments; by making beneficial provision where cir- [cir bound] Bound Ten. tea unnecessary.) go Young Hyson [Dyson] woe 8 4 Ross, and J mu Pri [Pro] So mash ani [an] pare arent [rent] eh le. loth Parry, November Ist, [Its] 1850, the performance win cumstances [cum stances] prevent the Assured from resino [resign] uw a gut ted Tor aid latge [large] con will mix ith [it] the 96, black.) PEGG each volume; ar the twa, [tea] bound in ane, [an] im [in] sloth 1s. 4d. 00 wil Premiums; and atiording [according] other impo [imp] vantages sumers.) [Summers] Fine Young Hysea [House] 225 [W] ras [as] hitherto unattainable by means of Assurance Companies.) Strong Congou [Congo] 3.4 Bye OR conn FOOTPRINTS OF TRAVELLERS TH panies. [Panis] e recommend this. yo E SBA KING'S VOW. gu Ti, by a Weekly payment of One Shing, [Sing] pemon [lemon] (4 co 357 uch [such] spprored [prospered] ot) super You Begin et a rh ren of fhe [he] Sv de lo Norway, Svaden, [Saved] ond [and] oF A) ee eon [on] Fine Souchong Tea Tn NG Sia [Si] sg UTE OM sam se SS gi of a6 65 TaD [Ta] be pul [Paul] teen a Swe [We] mide [mid Rae RSE [RE] ee eT tb aa Fe ne 's i fox 'the Hills)......... Mr. S. WILD Oy penn [penny] of One Shilling, a person 20 years (This tea is more in repute than any other; it is Gunpowder Tea 44 on. Ae as 'Travels in the New Continent of America Franklin 5s Journey toward th lar [la] hilo. [Hill] King).......... r. JAMES oe 1 of age may Assure 34 11s. if 30 years of age, 27 7s. 6d.; Fin cat Pe bg eee [see] 4 The finest 5 Volume eo the ie in ee cok [Co] ae at Clarke to explore the Missouri ice Six cach [each] Finest Pekoe Souchong aN Citta [City] tN Rote families it ike [like] manner. Pn (This is a high class tea.) (This is fit forgny [forgery] use.) JOHN CASSELL'S LIBRARY will be completed ip Twenty Sixpe [Six] i psang [sang] Souchong oe completed in Twenty-four Monthly Volumes at Si boi [bo] Ea Mis. [Is] 8 Wu. you ay f OF ne Shiites. sp 2 (This is rare tea, very scarce, of an extraordi- [extraordinary- extraordinary] Fine Shot Gunpowder cee [see] 6 0 Double BL are neatly bound in cloth, Is. 4d. each. This Library will Ori [Or] 'nal [al] Wor [Or] sof [of] te ote [ot] steven [seven] iia, [ia] Cire [Cure] aa BATESON. 9 4s; and if 40 years of age, 6 19s.-to [1st.-to] be in like nary flavour.) The finest Gunpowder imported 7 i ae Eg oars hy, and General Science. The HISTORY of ENGLAND will be followed by a New or Characters by the Company. manner paid at death. COFFEES. Monthly Volumes, each containing iat [at] she People, oy oe. a Loy eee [see] Foot completed ron [on] irt [it] sii [si] ce Mige [Mine] Wino, DEFERRED AXXUrtES [excites] alo [al] wil be granted in consideration The Goflts [Gifts] Markel [Market] i very unertin--prios [uncertain--pros] changing daly. [day] We quote he present piow [pow pow] two pages, neatly bound in cloth, price Bs nee Containing Four Hundred and Thirty- [throttled] Old Arm Chair) 00777 it; a of the like nis [is] i CODE 1 - -- T HALC [HALL] payments. Fine Plantation ed) conclude with FAMILY JARS Thus, by a Weekly payment of One Shilling, a ern [er] Finest Java Cotte [Cote] i i ALMANACKS [ALMANAC] FOR 1851. Dah. [Had] i Mr. RoneeTsox [Robertson] years age may any of 9 ae ., to Catioe [Cation] (strongly recommended) 1 6 Bi poe SEER . ommence [commence] at 50; or 2d., to commence a ears inest [inst] Moc [Mo] HIS neh [ne] mig [mi] a Trish Gi --- Mrs S. Winn. of ually [ally] undl [until] death. A parson aged Our-Coffee is by the latest in 4 Sage ences [Essence] 1 8 THE FINANCIAL REFORM ALMANACK [ALMANAC] AND FREEHOLDERS' MANUAL FOR 1851, only. Good fires kept in the Theatre. Pre 30 years, or 13 oy et hoe OO news of e wr Much discussion having recently taken place in Parliament about CHICORY, we are induced to k This Almanac ia the ee eee [see] ation, [action] uate [ate] vet in any part of the house; officers in yoni [yon] of age 2.08. 8d. from 50 ar 7 ea. from 60 imported, at '84. per ib, on sale for those who prefer its admixture. induced to keep the best original articles nack, [back] taunt, Ld oe. ae pertaining to Al mal [al] acks, [cask] wa conti [cont] variety of or y J T y 2 es ' i Ba Be Eatery, 3 Peano age uni en con aged Hote [Hotel] Hanke [Hank] Sass a al Lene [Lee] Meehan oh ach [each] aa le he attention of the ade [de] ad indurtry [industry] of the country the progres [progress] made it thy goat work of Financial arm, Qo. Tn a ' , y f as a CJ re wher [her] 8. Witp [With] will not be answerable for any 20 may receive an Annuity for Life of 45 lls., [ll] to com- [comes] nature of the Forty-shilli [Forty-shilling] Franchise; the state of the omnes, [ones] and the progress made by ov ry Society ia the Kings den tained [gained] a Debts contracted unless on the production mence [fence] at 50; or 11 2s. fa. t commence 2 60 years of Fon [On] bee of Catfoe [Cat foe] Cae [Car] Dad ANY Part OF when the quantity ordered exceeds Six dom, up to the date of publication, will be shown. It will be complied from documents to the and. age. A person i may, by the like payments, 3 bui [bi] ess [es] accompanied by Tea. Editor, and will form the only complete guide to Freehold Land Societies which i receive 2 8s 4d from 50, or 6 10s. 8d. from the age of fete aed [ad] i thanks for past favours, we refer to our system of business as a satisfactory inducement for your mAh [ma] ALMANACK [ALMANAC] for 1850 reached a sale of 35,000. The circulation for 1851 we epee ee tone D 'APNESS [PANES] AND SINGING IN THE EARS EFFEC- [EFFECT- EFFECTUALLY] TUALLY [TALLY] CURED. New and Painless Method the Hearing Coren in perfectly Restored, in the most inveterate Which ha ose [one] cases of forty or fifty years standing, been pronounced incurable by our most etn [ten] we long ent [end] medical men, enabling the sufferer almost instan- [instant- instantly] eusly [easily] to hear ' Dr. PRA [PAR] ween 2 Whisper. a Te Consulting Surgeon to the North London Whose whole lif [if] ases [ass] of the Ear and Nervous Complaints, itressin [dressing] [C] has been devoted to the study of these br hig [hi] ney [ne] is enabled to guarantee a sure cure Nervous even in the most inveterate case of tafuess. [Tues] A few weeks will suffice to effect a be r, tiling diet from all patients at a distance a letter de- [tested] Std the my, symptoms, upon the receipt of which he will aus as] of cure per return of post. Address Chass [Chas] meee [mere] Francis, 40, LIVERPOOL-STREET, KINnG's- [King's] TEAPNESg [Deepens] AND SINGING IN THE EAR LLY [LL] CURED WITHOUT PAIN OR ee OPERATION. Rea plication of this wonderfully discovered 88 for forty into the Ears of those afflicted with Deaf- [Deaf] Uk at length years enables them to heara [hear] watch f, Cy taking DR. JAMES VERBRUGAN, [VERBENA] ke to offer then to the Institution for Cure of Deafness, rath [rat] valuable discovery to the public from ee, vnee [nee] than gain, and will forward it, Carriage Part, packed in a small Case with full Direc- [Direct- Direct] of Five Shillings in Postage Stamps, or b to Dr. JamEs [James] VERBRUGAN, [VERBENA] 6, Thisig [This] not gs, Strand, London. itt [it] artic [attic] a of the usual quack advertisements, but a the sti [st] an epared [pared] by one who has devoted his whole in hic [hi] 2-01 Diseases of the Ear, and who daily ap- [Payne] une [one] te practice and all the Ear Infirmaries met astound of eminent Physicians, who have been 1s, even ed at its wonderful effect, being perfectly wh. [C] an infant, or the most delicate constitu- [constitution- constitution] ty BEAU Cure guaranteed by the use of Dr. age EDY, [ED] ONT'S NEW and EFFICACIOUS te May be in which patients of either sex and of eve of distrege [distress relieved and permanently cured of all nite [note] 'Symptoms which betoken a disordered state an omy [my] and which, alas too frequently re- [rep] p Mature ed insanity. Thousands have gone down to alt, mig [mi] Taving [Saving] idiots, who, by this invaluable al, of been restored to perfect health of body rho suffer peed new remedy is recommended to uj Plbitatig [palpitating] debility, and lowness of spirits, [C] Men the heart in a small or r degree ; Se Case Y asserted to be a perfect cure for the most a Dr. the least. inconvenience or confine- [confined] ty; Dracti [Tract] umont, [amount] having long used it in his ) at some of the first Metical [Medical] Ines . st signal success, begs to offer it to Ones Sif [If] and in order to place it within the reach of it posta. [post] ot Will send it free to all parts on receipt hile [hole] Strand 'In addressed to him at 6, Beaufort- [Beaufortadverticg] adverticg [Advertising] ndon.-That [don.-That] this is not one of the usual 7,009 oth, [oh] ments [rents] the following will prove, being selected fe rs now in the possession of Dr. B. - Ne Glasgow, August by eee [see] oe Sratitude [Gratitude] and joy to the HVoug [Hough] 8ystem [system] which has com ly restored tent medical me a new after the i from nervous and made creature, men had failed to afford me the least relief. THomas [Thomas] Barkers. Brighton, September 8th, 1850. rete, [rate] toinform [to inform] you that your invaluable remed [remedy] had red my health, al I am now 70 years ty Years, qecred [secured] complete ion of nervous energy aused used] by a long residence in Africa. JonN [John] SMITHWSCE. [SMITHS] 60 years; and if 40 years of age, 19s., to commence from 50, or 3 7s. 8d., to commence from 60 years of age. Other Advantages are also offered by the DEPosIt Deposit or ACCUMULATIVE SYSTEM, under which the entire Pre- [Premium] mium [mum] is paid in one sum, the whole of which (after one year) will be returned, with a stated increase, at fourteen days' notice whenever required, on the Policy being delivered up; or the full amount paid may be borrowed at interest, on security of the Policy alone. Thus a person aged 20, on payment of 3 9s. 9d., will receive a Policy assuring 10 at Death (on which Policy no further payment whatever is required), and after the first year may receive back 3 9s. 9d., or after the sixth ear 3 15s. 2d., as shown in Table, and surrender the olicy [policy] or may borrow the full amount of Premium paid, at the usual interest, on security of the Policy only, repaying the Loan at convenience. of Zhen. [Then] 0d A A person aged on ent [end] 0 OF, 40, cn payment of 4 14s. 8d. would each receive a Policy for 10, with the advantage of withdrawing or borrowing in the same manner. This system may thus be said to combine the benefits of Life Assurance with the advantages of a Savings' Bank, as it provides a sum of money for the benefit of survivors in the event of death; a Cash Fund, as much at commatid [committed] as if deposited in a Savings' Bank, available for temporary use; and a continually increasing Provsion [Provision] for Old Age. Premiums To AssuRE [Assured] 100 on a SINGLE LIFE. WITHOUT PROFITS. Age. Anuual [Annual] Half-Yearly Quarterly Single Premium. Premium. Premium. Premium. .8. d. 8. d. &. 8. d. 8. ad. 20 112 9 16 11 087 3417 6 25 11610 019 09 8 37 11 8 30 21 6 115 10 10 40 8 5 35 27 5 14541012 4 43 12 11 40 215 18 4 014 4 47 6 8 45 3 410 113 5 16 11 51 9 1 50 317 9 201 104 5519 7 55 415 2 29 1411 6017 5 60 518 9 38 1 4 111 2 6519 9 WITH PROFITS. Age. Annual Half-Yearly Quarterly Bingle Premium. Premium. Premium Premium. .8.d. .8d .8 a 8. d 20 117 5 019 4 910 8612 4 25 22 1 119 011 39 9 3 30 2765 146 012 5 42 810 35 214 2 17211 014 2 4516 6 40 3 210 112 4 016 5 49 13 11 45 314 1 118 2 019 4 54 6 50 4 811 2 510 1 3 3 8 15 7 55 8 9 216 1 8 6 6318 3 60 615 8 310 115 8 69 5 8 Prospectuses, with Forms of Proposals, &c., and every additional information, may be obtained gratuitously, on application at the chief Office, 2, Waterloo-place, Pall Mall, London; 27, Corporation-street, Manchester; or of the the fcllowing [following] AGENTS HuDDERSFIELD-BEN. [Huddersfield-BEN] BOWER, 2, Market-walk. Halifax-James Hervey, Accountant. Mirfield-William Ormsby. Holmfirth-Samuel Wimpenny. Bradford-Thomas Haig, 33, Ki te. Birstal-George [Bristol-George] Bromley, Savings' Bank. Wakeficld-Tamb [Wakefield-Tam] and Heald, 199, Kirkgate. Marsden Hebden Bridge-Robert Howard, Surgeon. Applications for the intment [Ointment] of ts to be ad- [addressed] dressed to Wm. THOS. Woops, [Woods] Esq., lent Director, 2, Waterloo-place, Pall-Mall, London. 2, Bucklersbury, [Bucklers bury] Cheapside. JOHN CASSELL'S COFFEE BETTER THAN EVER. HIS Coffee is selected from the very Choicest Growths, and is ofsuperb [of superb] quality. A trial is earnestly requested of all who appreciate a rich, fragrant, and deli- [delicious] cious [sous] beverage. JOHN CASSELL has attained a position, as the supplier of Coffee to the people of the United Kingdom, to which no other person can lay claim. For this he is indebted to his uniform practice of sending out the finest and richest flavoured Coffees the markets of the world have supplied, and which the largeness of his purchases has enabled him to seeure. [secure] His Establishment is the first in the Empire. Indeed, its large and powerful steam engine, its beautiful and perfect machinery, the size of its Roasting Department, and the immense number of persons employed in packing and preparing the Coffees forsale, [formal] entitle it to rank amongst the most extensive and complete Coffee marts in the world. As regards the Importing Department, JoHN [John] CASSELL commands the Finest Growths that are shipped to this country. In fact, for supplying the People of the United Kingdom with an article that enters so largely into the consumption of almost every household, and the use of which has so greatly aided in the formation of habits of Temperance, no Establishment can compete with that of JOHN CasSELL, [Cassell] If it is asked, what has raised him to his present position, as one of the most extensive Coffee-dealers in the world, the reply is, that he has invariably sold an article, rich, strong, and mellow-flavoured, which has proved table and highly satisfactory to the public taste. But though Joun [John] CASSELL's success in this particular line of business has been unprecedented, he is determined, for the future, to aim at nothing less than universal approbation. If this is to be acquired, he will acquire it for he is now entering upon a Stock of Coffees, and has made arrangements fc a continued supply of such a quality, as cannot fail to secure their continued use wherever they are introduced. In fine, JOHN CASSELL's COFFEES will be found to all the qualities requisite for making a cup of really good Coffee- [Coffee namely] namely, richness and mellowness combined with strength. These Coffees are made up in sealed air-tight Packages, from one ounce to eight ounces; also, in half and one pound Canisters and, to preyent [present] imposition, every Pack- [Package] age or Canister bears thesignature [the signature] of JOHN CASSELL, without which none can be genuine. The following are the prices at which they can be obtained -- JOHN CASSELL'S COFFEE, No. 1, an excel- [excellent] lent JOHN CASSELL'S COFFEE, No. 2, cannot fail to give great satisfaction, being a combin- [combine- combination] ation [action] of the choicest growths of Jamaica, pos- [post- posing] ing ri 8 h, and flavour ......... richness, JOHN CASSELL'S COFFEE, No. 3. To every connoisseur in Coffee this will prove a treat, combining the finest mountain growths of both Jamaica and Turkey Is. 4d. Is. 8d. AGENTS FOR HUDDERSFIELD-J. SENIOR, Manchester-road. 3 W. H. WOODCOCK, and Co., 30, King-st. Hillhouse-Joseph Wood. Kirkburton--William Midgley. Almondbury-David Bury. Leeds-T. Robinson, 23, Woodhouse-lane. Keighley-Thomas Clark, Cook-lane. Burnley-T. G Chemist. Bradford-John Pratt, 33, Ivegate. [Negative] yy W. Trackray, [Track] 47 and 48, Vicar-lane, Lockwood-Henry Sharp, near the Toll Bar. Horbury-William Brook, grocer. Wilsden-Jacob Scott, r. Otley-T. Walker, tea dealer, &c. to be made G ONE AGENT IN EVERY TOWN APPOINTED UPON APP MANSE a pvaL [oval] onr [one] TEAS and COF [OF] your. appointed HA PEN CL for this valuable Agency All a direct to JOHN CASSELL, 80, Fenchurch. London. LL, HORNE, AND CO. OF REFERENCES, THE TEA MARKET. ut TEA MARKET, 1, RanELAGH [Raleigh] STREET, POOL, was opened on the 7th day of JUNE, 1845, for the pu of supplying FAMILIES with TEAS AND of superior at Moderate Prices, pppoe [poor] thes) [the] m [in] of PRO CASH PAYMENT FOR ODS,--a system by which the Public are pro- [protected] tected, [tested] and the er legitimately remunerated. We have much satisfaction in referring to the discern- [discernment] ment [men] of the Public--shown by the increased demand for FEES, --especi [especial] since our last Reduction in the Price of Coffee, which roasted on the Improved preserving its Strength and Richness Families are now supplied, through the medium of our in various parts of the United Kin at the ee of Prices' direct from a edom, [demo] TON AND DAVIES, TEA M ET, RANELAGH [RALEIGH] STREET, LIVERPOOL. 6 Black af epee TEAS. s. d. rong [ring] 40 Choice Souchong, strong and full-flavoured ...... 44 Chokes A 4 8 Best ea, peculiarly high flavoured......... 5 he Hunt GREEN TEAS. ine [in] Hyson [Dyson] Twanka [Tank 40 Fine Young yen. 5 Choicest Oughain [Again . 5 8 The Finest Gunpowder 6 8 Good Cos Ripa... [Ripe] a 1 ine [in] Indp. [Ind] CM QUALEY [EQUALLY] 14 Choice 1 8 The Teas anil [ail] Coffees are Packed by Machin i Packages of 20 Ib., up to Sibs. [Sib] weight. ae SOLE AGENT FOR HUDDERSFIELD).,.GEORGE Admaston [Admitting] ..... 3.-RICHARD Tea Dealer. Boston HARWOOD, Druggist. Bransby ....... i. JOBN [JOHN] ROE, Postmaster. Burton-on-Tren...JOHN [Burton-on-Ten...JOHN] SIMPSON, Tea Dealer. Beverley .......de0- [de- Charles] CHARLES My Stationer, B .-H. LONG, eee [see] Confectioner. 'ea Dealer. Chapel-le-Dale ,..JOHN T Cockermouth... BaiLey [Bailey] and Son, ...Stationers, BBRENTNALL, [BRINDLE] Confectioner. Chemist. rer [er] See ble [be] party, in each in will have attention. NTED [NOTED] IN EACH TOWN UNLESS TO EACH PARTY, Advertisements for this Almanack [Almanac] cannot be received later than October 12th. Will be ready also at the same time, price Threepence, printed on sixty-four pages, crown octavo, THE PROTESTANT DISSENTERS' ALMANACK, [ALMANAC] F This Almanack [Almanac] is devoted to the elucidation and advocacy of the great of Freedom. In addition to the information common to Almanacks, [Almanac] it contains a mass of Statistics of the various Religious Denomi- [Midden- Denominations] nations and Societies of the kingdom; Lists of Chapels occupied by Independents and Baptists in the Metropolis, with the names 3 Of the Ministers, oy ag of service. Series of Original Papers upon the principal topics in connection wi ious [sous] Freedom. [C] previ [Pref] i i is Almana [Almanac] tained [gained] popularity to which very few similar can lay claim. a oe en ck at ' All advertisements for The Protestant Dissenters' Almanack [Almanac] should be received not later than October 12th. Will be ready by November 1, price Fourpence, This Almanack [Almanac] will be one of th d oy pit b one of the most comprehensive and complete ever published in connection with the subject of Emigration. It will abound with practical hints for Emigrants of panes posal [Postal] taken to insure its entire accuracy. P F oes [ors] Every ble [be] care has Advertisements for this Almanack [Almanac] must be sent by October 12th. Also, will be ready by the middle of October, price One Penny, with Engravings, neatly printed on thirty-two pages, crown 8vo, [vi] THE TEMPERANCE ALMANACK [ALMANAC] FOR 1851, Besides the usual Calendar and Almanack [Almanac] matter, this will contain valuable information as inci ince] sce [se] to the principle and practice of eer [er] ron [on] oe from Intoxicating Liquors, the progress of the Temperance Movement, and other articles Now ready, THE PEOPLE'S ALMANACK [ALMANAC] FOR 1851. Printed on thirty-six crown octavo, price One Penn This Almanack [Almanac] contains a mass of matter of deep interest to the People of wh . R pts [its] fil [fi] Statitios, [Station] te. te. A ibe [be] a alert bs le of England List of Fairs, choice Family -B.-An Edition will be published expressly for Scotland, which be ord i i i do.; Galle, [Gale] G w; Love, do; &e. pressly [press] can be ordered of Menzies, Edinburgh Robinson, WORKIN [WORKING] THE MOST REMARKABLE PUBLICATION OF THE DAY. (THE Oo G MAN'S FRIEND and FAMILY INSTRUCTOR is published W tains [trains] thirty ges, [ge] HATO; [HAT] rice cae [car] Fenny. pe cekly, [weekly] and con two Volumes il, an price ls. 6d. each, containing each THIRTEEN WEEKLY NUMBERS, neatly bound in cl are Now Reapy. [Ready] This work abounds in valuable and interesting informati [information] dis admirabl [Admiral] og ae in cloth, prize book, for or educational institutions. me ony [on] anes [ans] bly [by] adapted, as a gift or ONTHLY [ONLY] Parts are regularly published, price Sixpence, containing Four Weekly N i mentary [monetary] Number for the Month, which is uniform in size and price with the Weekly Numbon [Number] wae [we] ee ; to communications from Working Men. As an encouragement to literary exertion on the part of the workin [working] valuable bucks are awarded to those whose compositions are considered worthy ot insertion. Seven numbers have now been published, and have elicited the highest encomiums from all quarters, including several Members of Parliament. THE OPERATIVE CLASSES THEIR TRIALS, SUFFERINGS, AND VIRTUES. A new and highly interesting feature has recently been introduced into The Worki [Work] Fri ad ee Dees ote [ot] One Headred [Headed] Pounds, in Premiums of Ten aoe [are] ten 'pithy vith [with] vate [ate] had ustrative [illustrative] of the Trials, Sufferings, and Patient Endurance of the Industrial In connection e First of the Series, Ox the Condition of the Omnibus Driv [Drive] d Cond [Con] the Metropolis, writte [write] Miss Meteyard [Mete yard] tter [tater] known to the li Si cag [ca] i of 5 he ae m [in] by Working fan's issued August 3rd ant 10th as Silverpen, [Silver pen] was published in Numbers 92 and 33 of i . e Second, containing a Narrative exhibiting the privations and sufferings consequent upon the in connection with the Tailoring Trade, with i i i weeks ending September 14, and 28. Nunke [Nine] The Third, on the Factory System, Colliers and Miners-The Stockingers [Stockings] Spitalfields Weavers-Agricultural Sweating System, rs 37, 38, and for the will appear in October. The remainder of the Series- [Series journeymen] Journeymen Bakers- [Bakers of] of Leicester and Notts-Needlewomen-Sale [Notes-Needlewomen-Sale] Furniture and Cabi [Cabin] Labourers-Drapers' Assistants, &c., will follow in due écuxne. [oxen] Cabinet Making- [Making] - PRIZE ESSAY. ust [st] published, price 1s. 6d., in a stiff wrapper; or bound in cloth, 2s., (THE WORKING CLASSES of GREAT BRITAIN theirfPresent [present] Condition, and theYMeans [they means] of their Improvement and Elevation. . PRIZE ESSAY. To which is added an Appendix. By the Rev. Samurt [Smart] G. Green, A.B., of Taunton. A Prize of Pounds was offered by Mr. John Cassell for the best Essa [Seas th j being the Rev. T. jpencer, [Spencer] A.M.; Edward Miall, [Mill] -; and Edward Swain yy ne ae me subject, the adjudicators the above gentleman, his Essay being sellected [selected] from almost fifty others. toa, [to] a as ously [isl] awarded to OOKS [BOOKS] for the YOUNG. Price 64.-The HISTORY of PAPER-MAKIN ftp B all Booksellers. G, TYPES, PRINTING, JOHN CassELL, [Cassell] 335, Strand; and (THE FREEHOLDER for OCTOBER will contain, in addition to a DERS [DER] . 2 large amount of important connection with the Freehold Land Wi PLaN [Plan (MART a the FREEHOLD Fsrare [Fare] at New MAtpEn, [Mat pen] both in the Pia [Pi] a the OLD Estate at the of the National Freehold Land Society. Stamped 4d,, unst [inst] 94. purchased for distal we -- The Freeholder can be obtained through any Bookseller in Town or Country, Office, 35, Strand,