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4 &Aanted. &Anted] ANTED a second-hand BOILER, about a 0-horse power.-Apply to Samuel Routledge, ANTED, a SINGLE GENTLEMAN, to BOARD and LODGE, with a respectanle [respectable] family, within five minutes walk of the Post-office.-Apply at the Chronicle office. Ww to PURCHASE, a SPRING CART, in good condition.-Apply to Messrs. Hears aud [and] Fisher, Marble Works, Brook-street, Hud- [HUD- Huddersfield] dersfield. [Huddersfield] N 7 ANTED, an experienced PATTERN CARD MAKER and SETTER. None need appiy [apply] who is not thoroughly familiar with the business.-Apply to A. and S Henry and Co., Huddersfield. July i7th, [it] 1856, GENTLEMAN, experienced in the trade, wishes to meet wits a PARTNER, having from to 3,000 at his command, to establish a house in Liverpool, as Conimission [Commission] Merchants, in the American Cciton [Cotton] Trade. One having a connection among spinners referred.-Apply to gohn [John] Conway, Esq., solicitor, 28, Gable-street, Liver, PER ANNUM AGENTS are 95 WANTED in Huddersteld [Huddersfield] and the importent [important] Villaves [Villages] around, for a LIFE #SSURANCE [ASSURANCE] OFFICE, 'established according to the arrangements of government. -aAdéress [address] to K, B., care of Mrs. Smith, the White Swan, Hadéersfield. [Huddersfield] Apartments. Gentleman can be accommodated wish first- [Fistulas] class APARTMENTS within five miuutes' [minutes] walk of the station. Apply to Mr. Harris, John Williem-street. [William-street] Zo be Let. men A RRR [RE] ne QO LET, HOUSE and SHOP, (late Anzani) in Cross Church-Sireet.-Apply [Church-Street.-Apply] to Mr. James Booth, Market-place. VEO [VETO] be LET, HOUSE and SHOP, situate in the 'thriving village of Netherton, suitable for a grocer and sdraper.- Enquure [draper.- Enquire] of James Blakeley, joiner, &c., etircrton. [attracting] O be LET, at Wells Mills, Northgate, FINISHING MACHINERY, all complete, with 'every accommodation for doing a large business.-Apply - on the Mr, William Brook. July 4th, 1856 XO be LET, KIRKFIELD COTTAGE, Kirk- [Kirkheaton] heaton, [Heaton] with the garden, stable, and other conve- [cone- conveniences] miences [sciences] adjoining; a residence suitable for a medical gentieman, [gentleman] or a small retired family.-For inspection, rental, &c., enquire of Mr. Jesse Brierley or Mr. George S. Dyson. T be LET, that desirable Family Residence, WHEAT HOUSE, Birkby, with large and well [well] stocked Gardens, Outbuildings, &c. The house contains three rooms with kitchen on the ground floor, and five 'bedrooms. Rent under 40 per annum.-Apply to R. Barker, wine merchant, Market-place. T be LET, and may be entered upon imme- [Mme- immediately] diately, [lately] acomfortable [comfortable] FAMILY HOUSE, consisting of four bed-rooms, two sitting-rooms, large kitchen, and good arched keeping and coal cellars, situate at Outcote- [Adjutant] bank, and last in the occupation of Mr. T. T. Clarke.- [Clarke] For further particulars, and to view, apply to Mr, Edwin Walker, next door; or, to Mr. Wm. Learoyd, Leeds-rvad. [Leeds-road] O be LET, PREMISES, consisting of two rooms, 89 by 153 feet each; one room, 33 by 113 feet, with enclosed yard, 36 by 37 feet, with cart shed; also a Jong engine chimney, The walls enclosing the yard are ten feet high. There is a never-failing supply of water on the premises; also Longwood water. The whole is beautifully adapted for juiners, [joiners] mechanics, or for chemical works. Rent very low.- [low] -Enquire of Mr. W. W. Pollitt, heald [head] and reed manufacturer, Dock-street, Huddersfield, O be LET, a spacious WAREHOUSE, suit- [suitable] able for a cloth merchant, or any other business requiring room, with a DWELLING-HOUSE adjoining, which can be made to communicate therewith, situate near the Cow Market, Huddersfield. Also, two good COTTAGES, at Toothill, about three miles from the town, and one mile from a railway station.-Apply at No. 7, Beast Market, Huddersfield. Huddersfield, July 19th, 1856, TO BUILDERS. i be LET, the different WORKS required in the erection of a Lock-up and Superintendent Con- [Constable] stable's House at Holmfirth. The plan and specification may be seen at the Crown Hotel in Holmfirth, from Monday the 28th instant until Friday the 8th of August next, on which day sealed tenders must be sent to Mr. Hartley, bridge surveyor, Pontefract. Pontefract, July 17th, 1856. THE HUDDERSFIELD CHRONICLE, SATURDAY, JULY 19, 1856. Sales bp Auction. Sales by Auction. aahe [ache] TO MANUFACTURERS AND Y Mr. THORNTON, on Tursday, [Tuesday] the 22nd day of J uly, [July] 1856, at the warehc [warehouse] use lately occupied by Mr. Lister Priestley, Pack Horse Yard, Huddersfield, 14 Bags of Woollen Scotch WAS , a quantity of black and mixed WOOLLEN YARN, 'cogether [together] with a quantity of Office FURNITURE and Effe [Offer] cts, [its] For full particulars see post ed bills,-Sale to commence at Two o'clock in the afternc,on. [after,on] Auctioneer's Office, 50, N.ew-street, Huddersfield. TENANT-RIGU' [TENANT-RIG' DWEGLING-HOUSE, [DWELLING-HOUSE] SITUATE AT SPR NG-BANK, [SIR NG-BANK] DALTON, NEAR B.UDDERSFIELD. [B.HUDDERSFIELD] By Mr. THORNTON, on Monday, the 4th of August, 1856, at the kouse [house] of Mr. Vevers, the Queen Hotel, Market- [Market street] street, Huddersfield, in the county of York, at Seven o'clock in the subject conditions of sale as wel [well] be then and there produced, LL that substantial DWELLING-HOUSE, A situate at Spring-bank, Dalton aforesaid, containirg [containing] dining and drawifig-room, [drawing-room] kitchen and pantry on the ground fleor, [floor] four bedrooms and nursery over, back and front stair- [staircases] esses, [eases] and very good keeping and wine cellars, coal places, rnd [end] other outbuildings.and conveniences thereto belonging, now in the occupation of Mr. James Sheard.- [Sheard] Full particu [particular] lars in next week's paper. Auctioneer's Office, 0, New-street, Huddersfield. BREWERY AND DWELLING-HOUSE FOR SALE IN HUDDERSFIELD. TO be SOLD by AUCTION by Mr. THORNTON, at the house of Mr. William Cowell, the Boot and Shoe inn, New-street, Huddersfield, in the county of York, on Thursday, the 8lst [last] of July, 1856, at Six o'clock in tho Evening, swbject [subject] to such conditions of sale as will be then and there produced, in one Lot, LL that compact and well-arranged BREW- [BREWERY] ERY, [VERY] containing all the necessary rooms tor brewing, working, cooling, malt chamber, &c., copper brewing pen, mash tub, uvder [under] beck, four working squares, liquor ané [an] water pipes, gas pipes, cranes and chains, and other appendages for carrying on a successful business. Also, a very excellent DWELLING-HOUSE, with three rooms on the ground floor, five bedrooms, and ample cellar- [cellaring] ing, garden, outbuildings, and conveniences thereto belong- [belonging] ing, the whole of which is now in hand. . The above-described premises are supplied with water from the Huddersfield Water Works the stabling, out- [outbuildings] buildings, and yard are spacious, and enclosed with good substazitial [substantial] walls, with large entrance folding doors. The situation'is good, and the whole arrangement of the pre- [premises] mises is well adapted for doing a nice snug profitable business. . The -Dwelling-house is replete with every necessary fixtures, the whole of which is held as tenant-at-will under Sir John W. Ramsden, Bart. . The man in charge of the premises will show the same ; and further information may be had on application to Mr. Alexander, No. 14, Call-lane, Leeds; to the 50, New-street, Huddersfield. TO BREWERS, PUBLICANS, AND OTHERS. VALUABLE LEASEHOLD TENANT-RIGHT PROPERTY, IN -ST. PETER'S-STREET, HUDDERSFIELD. Tobe [Tone] SOLD by AUCTION by Mr. THORNTON, at the house of Mrs. Hirst, the Vulcan Inn, St. Peter's-street, Huddeisfield, [Huddersfield] in the county of York, on Wednesday, July 30th, [the] 1856, at Seven o'clock in the Evening (either in one or more lots as may be agreed upon at the time of sale, and subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced), Lotl. [Lot] A LL that well-aceustomed [well-accustomed] LEASEHOLD PUBLIC-HOUSE, known by the name of the Vulcan Inn, situate in St. Peter's-street, Huddersfield aforesaid, containing two front rooms, bar, bar-parlour, and kitchen, on the ground floor; one very good cellar kitchen replete with fixtures for domestic purposes, but now used as a brewhouse; very good keeping and spirit cellars, large and spacious arch ale cellar under the whole of the back part, three good bedrooms, and large spacious lodge-room over, and garret over the whole; spacious yard bebind [behind] the same, together with a smith's workshop, dry shed, pig- [piggeries] geries, [series] and other outbuildings and appurtenances thereto belonging. Lot 2-All that newly-erected stone-built DWELLING- [Dwelling house] HOUSE adjoining lot 1, adapted for four dwellings, in an unfinished state, which contains two very good cellar kitchens, two rooms on the ground floor, four bedrooms, and two attics, and very good aries underground together with the outbuildings and conveniences thereto belonging. The Public-house is held on a lease for 60 years, under Sir John William Ramsden, Baronet, renewable every 20 years, is nearly new and is a very good substantial building, well plastered and under-drawn, and replete with every necessary fixtures, situate in a very thriving district, where there is a good thoroughfare, and is well-accus- [well-accuse- accustomed] tomed; [toned] there is also room behind for the erection of a brewery and stabling if required, and to a small capitalist this is a rare opportunity which is scarcely ever offered. Parties purchasing will have to pay a valuation not exceeding 70. Lot 2 (Dwelling-house) is in an unfinished state, is let by estimate, and will be finished accordingly; is held as tenant-at-will under Sir Juhn [John] William Ramsden, Baronet, with the promise of a lease. For further particulars apply to Mr. George Hoyle, on the premises, the Owner, who is leaving the town; or to the Auctioneer, 50, New-street, Huddersfield; or to Mr. ROBERT R. TAYLOR, Solicitor, 2, New-street, Huddersfield. rye be LET, and may be entered upon imme- [Mme- immediately] diately, [lately] say one half the WAREHOUSE recently occupied by Messrs. Day an Watkinson, as a cloth ware- [warehouse] house, (with north lights), situate in Hawxby's [Hawks's] Court, New-street. Also, in the same court, a Detached CHAMBER, say 28 feet frontage, by 11 feet deep, now occupied by Mr. Biggar, and may be entered upon the 29th inst. For rent and other particulars, apply to Mrs, Hawsxby, [Haws] Sorrel Bank, Pendleton, Manchester or, to Mr. -Hannah, Hudderstield. [Huddersfield] July, 1856. ELIGIBLE PREMISES FOR A CORN DEALER, PAWNBROKER, OR OTHER BUSINESS. O be LET, in Kirkgate, a good new SHOP, with plate-glass windows, well finished in every respect, having two cellars underneath. Also, two large 'CHAMBERS over the Hope and Anchor Stables, formerly Occupied as a rag and waste warehouse. To any party contemplating entering any of the above businesses, these premises will be found to possess superior advantages.- [advantages] or rent and further particulars apply to Henry Bell, barber, near the premises. TO SCRIBBLING MILLERS. Roo and POWER to LET at the Brick Factory, Fountain-street, Huddersfield. The first and second floors of the above Mill now to let, and may be entered upon immediately length 81 feet by 50 feet wide. The above Rooms are suitable for almost any description of Machinery, as there is ample power on the premises, and a tenant may be accommodated with counting-house, warehousing, &c.-Apply to Messrs. Henry and Edward Wrigley, cotton warp makers, Huddersfield. N.B.-The [N.B.-the] Mill is close to the Railway Station. O be LET, cheap, the HOUSE and SHOP in Ranisden-street, [Residing-street] lately occupied by Messrs. Craw- [Crawshaw] Shaw and Son, curriers [Carriers] and leather sellers. The house contains sitting-room, kitchen, nursery, three bed-rooms, large attic, and good cellaring. There is also a back yard, with extensive premises suitable for warehousing or work- [workshops] shops. Also the PREMISES contiguous to the Philosophical- [Philosophical hall] hall, suitable fur a Bwelling-house, [Dwelling-house] Offices, or Temperance Hotel, lately occupied by Mr. Ebenezer Thornton, The premises contain four bed-rooms, two attics, drawing-100m, [drawing-m] Bitting-room, [Sitting-room] kitchen, with hot water apparatus, wash- [washhouse] house and othe [the conveniences.-Apply to Mr. John Brook, registrar, Buxton-road, PRINT WORKS AND PLANT TO LET. O be LET, commodious PRINT WORKS, with an established connection, on a line of railway 30 miles from Manchester, comprising a 10-horse power high pressure steam engine, with 2U-horse boiler. Also, one two-coloured printing machine, and drying apparatus; warp sprinkling machine, with steam pipes complete ; tables, with rollers tubs, stages, &c., and newly-engraved copper rollers. large guantity [quantity] of blocks, of which patterns are deli- [delivered] vered [vere] to the trade. The colour shop is well fitted up with copper steam pans, and every requisite. The Wash. House contains cisterns, padding machine, fly wynch, [Punch] and hydro-extractor also, a steam cylinder, drying machine, steam box, K&e., &e. A person of active habits and small capital will find this a very favourahic [favourable] opportunity of commencing business.- [business] Por [Or] further particulars address by letter to Box No. 2, Post-office, Halifax, Public Notices. STR [SIR] RAN ENR [EN] EN RNIN [RAIN] IIR [SIR] LRN [LEN] RPS ALS [AS] AAA A HES RY ALDRED, Licensed Auctioneer and Appraiser, Office, No. 7, South-parade, Huddersfield. RE pPHILOsurHicaL [Philosophical] SOcIETY, [Society] nN Public is respectfully requested to take obce [once] that Mr. Ward Ryder is no longer Secretary oe Eat and subscriptions will be ees [see] by hie ccessor, [successor] Mz. W. M, Nelson or Mr. Ashton, the resident eeper. [epee] dibrarian [librarian] aud [and] hall k Annual Sybscription, [Subscription] One Guinea; Half-yearly Subscrip- [Subscribe- Subscribe] BY ORDER. tion, [ion] Half-a-Guinea, D BANKING COMPANY. HUDDERSFIEL [HUDDERSFIELD] HE Board of Directors of the Huddersfield give Notice that the Banking Company, hereby ANNUAL GENEZAL [GENERAL] MEETING of the SHARE HOLDERS of the company will be held at the Court House, Queen-strect, [Queen-street] on Wednesday, the 30th instant, at Twelve o'clock at noon. D. MARSDEN, Manager, July 7th, 1856. HALIFAX AND BUDDERSFIELD [HUDDERSFIELD] UNION BANKING COMPANY, OTICE [NOTICE] IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Twentieth ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Company of Proprietors of the Halifax and Hudders- [Udders- Huddersfield] field Union Bank, will be holden [Holden] on Wednesday, the 23rd day of July instant, at the hour of Eleven o'clock in the SPRING BANK, DALTON, NEAR BRADLEY MILLS, NEAR HUDDERSFIELD.-TO FARMERS, CAR- [CARRIERS] RIERS, [RIVERS] BROKERS, AND OTHERS. Draught, Harness and Hackney Horses, Fat Cow, Gig, Caris, [Cars] Lurries, [Curries] sets of Harness, Shaft and Trace Gears, Saddles and Bridles, Ploughs, Harrows, Winnowing Machine, Hay Chopper, Weighing Machines and Weights, 2,000 Sacks, Growing Crops, Hay Stack, &e. B. THORNTON respectfully announces that he has received instructions from the Trustees (under a deed of assignment, executed by Messrs. B. and J. Sheard, corn millers, Huddersfield,) to SELL by AUCTION, on Wed- [Wednesday] nesday, [Wednesday] July 30th, [the] 1856, at the Farm Spring Bank, Dalton, near Huddersfield, LL the Live and Dead FARMING STOCK, and OTHER EFFECTS, GROWING CROPS, &c., comprising-one grey draught horse, 16 hands high, aged; one grey dranght [draught] mare, 16 hands high, aged; one grey hackney mare, 15 hands high, aged; one grey filly, two years old, (by Brown Orville) one fat cow, one very good double gig, four spring carts, with narrow wheels and patent arms; two broad-wheeled carts, with patent arms; three waggons, with six-inch wheels, and patent arms one double set of harness, eight sets of shaft and trace gears, several saddles, double and single reined bridles, sundry riding and other whips, waggon and cart covers, plongh [plough] and swingle trees, gripping plouzh [plough] and swingle tree, two drag harrows, winnowing machine, turnip cutter, hay cutter, two iron pans to boil turnips, hay and manure forks, hay rakes, shovels, wood pails, cow seals, and other farm- [farming] ing implements three small weighing machines, and 12 ewt. [et] of iron weights, three sack carts, two sieves, three large corn bins, three wood desks, desk stools, proof- [proofing] ing staff, models aud [and] wheels, one large stove, suitable for a public room one large marble slab, suitable for fish or poultry dealers; one wood counting-house, about 2,000 empty sacks in good condition, and eight packs of meal, together with a quantity of other articles and effects not particularised also all the growing crops, hay stack, &c , consisting of about fourteen acres of wheat, about four acres of oats, about four acres of swede turnips, one acre of lentils and oats, and one stack of good hay, an excellent narrow boat, nearly new, suitable for the Wakefield, Hud- [HUD- Huddersfield] dersfield, [Huddersfield] and Mauchester [Manchester] trade. Sale to commence with the Farming Implements and Effects at half-past Ten o'clock in the forenoon, the Horses at One o'elock [o'lock] p.m., the Narrow Boat, Hay Stack and Growing Cropsat [Crop sat] Two p.m. Auctioneer's offices, 50, New street, Huddersfield. FREEHOLD PROPERTY, DALE GREEN AND GRANGE MOOR, IN BRIESTWISTLE, [BIRTWISTLE] IN THE PARISH OF THORNHGILL. [THORNHILL] To be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LANCASTER, at the house of Mr. Riley, the Kaye's Arms Inn, at Grange Ash, in the township of Whitley Upper, in the county of York, on Monday, the 28ih [i] day of July, 1856, at the hour of Four o'clock in the afternoon, in the following or such otber [other] Lots as the vendors may determine upon, and subject to such conditions as will be then produced. Lot 1. LL those Ten COTTAGES or DWELL- [DWELLING] ING-HOUSES, [HOUSES] with the Barn, Cowhouse, [Cow house] and Buildings, Garden and Appurtenances thereto belong- [belonging] ing and adjoining, situate, adjoining to the Briestwistle [Birtwistle] Road, at Dale Green, in the township of Whitley Lower, in the parish of Thornhill, the site whereof contains Qa, Ir, lp., and the same are now in the tenures or occupa- [occupy- occupations] tions [tins] of James Booth, William Pickles, Abel Fisher, Hannah Scott, and others. And also all that Close of LAND, lying in front of the said cottages or dwelling- [dwelling houses] houses, containing 2a. Or. 2p, more or less, and now in the occupation of James Booth. N.B.-This close of land is expected to contain the several Beds of Coal which are at present in work adjoining thereto, and commonly called by the names of the Old Hard Bed, the Green Lane Bed, the Yard Bed, and the Blocking Bed. Lot 2-All that Close of LAND, lying on Grange Moor, in the township of Whitley Lower, aojoining [adjoining] on the east to the highway leading to Briestwistle, [Birtwistle] and commonly called the Top of the Koad [Road] Close, containing 3a. Or. 26p. [p] more or less, and now in the occupation of Mrs. Roberts. Lot 3-All that Close of LAND, lying on Grange Moor aforesaid, adjoining on the west to the highway leading to Briestwistle, [Birtwistle] and on the north to the highway leading to Denby, and commonly called the Dumb Steeple Close, containing 3a. 2r. 2p. more or less, and now in the occu- [occur- occupation] pation [nation] of Mrs. Roberts. Lot 4-All that Close of LAND lying on Grange Moor aforesaid, adjoining on the north to the Park Road, and on the west to property of Sir George Armitage, known as the Tile and commonly called the Beeston Quarry Field, containing 1a. 1r. 7p. more or less, and now in phe [the] of Richard Westerby. ot im [in] DWELLIN [DWELLING] G-HOUSE, with the Barn, Cowhouse, [Cow house] and other Outbuildings, Garden and Appurtenanees [Appurtenances] thereto belonging. And also all that Close of LAND thereto adjoining, containing, with the site of the said buildings, la, Gr. 38p. [p] more or less, situate on Grange Moor afore- [aforesaid] said, bounded on the east by the Whitley Road, and now the cecupation [occupation] of Charles Dale. he above Morning, at the Ranking House, in George-street, Halifax, Pursuant to the 15th and 6Uth [6th] articles in the deed of The respective tenants will Settlement. farther parti [part] Seow [See] the property, for particulars applicat [application] T Dated the Ist [Its] day of July, 1856, Ibberson, Crow Trees, Rowley, near Lepton to. the By Order, JAMES BOWMAN Managing Director. base Huddersfield Hort [Short] apprise their Subscribers, been enabled, through cultural Society beg to that the Committee have ) the kindness of Captai [Captain] Ss ENGAGE the Splendid BAND of the FIRST WES [WE] RIFLES, for the SHOW in August next, whe [the] Subserj [Subj] -ubli [public] Heh te. Subscribay [Subscribe] and Publig [Public] generally may expect a July 16th, 1856, investment state of cultivation and well watere [water] Auctioneer, at his offices, ( pany, [any] by small capitalists. The land is in a geod [Geo] d. ; Mr. DRANSFLELD, [DRANSFIELD] Penistone, 4th July, 1856. Sclicitor, [Solicitor] Penistone, X EO. LANCASHIRE and Co., RK Hudderetield, [Huddersfield] continue to BUY oO Sharebrokers, [Share brokers] Agents to the Imperial Fire and Life Insurance Com- [Office] Office, 8, New-street, there p Lot 1. DWELLING-HOUSES and a capacious WAREHOUSE, situate at Nab Hill, in Dalton aforesaid, with the appur- [appear- appurtenances] tenances [tenancies] thereto belonging, and the vacant Ground in front thereof, as the same are now in the several tenures or occupations of George Berry, John Berry, and James Berry, 'or their undertenants. [under tenants] grocer, as tenant. Two COTTAGES, respecti [respect] of Old Delph aforesaid, opposite the Pack Horse Inn, and now or late in the respective occupations of David Hudson, Rowley, near Lepton; to the Edward Shrigley, and James Dyson, as tenants thereof in Barnsley or, at the offices of together with two cellars undern [under] ; and SELL in the M FUNDS, RAILWAYS, BANKS, and all other Stocks, c i in Saddleworth aforesaid, and every information given respecting the same. ical [cal] drawine-rooms, [drawing-rooms] attics, with stab awn, gardens, shrubbery, ABLE FREEHOLDS AT NAB HILL IN VALU [VALUE] DALT [DEALT] 'ON. To be SOLD by AUCTION, by MR. EDDISON, at the house of Mr. John Gomersall, the Black Horse Inn, in Dalton, on Monday, the 2lst [last] of July, 1856, at Six in the evening precisely, in the following or such other lots as may be determined upon at the time of sale, and subject to such conditions as will be then and roduced [reduced] . LL that substantial BUILDING, three stories high, comprising three convenient Lot 2-All those two well-built DWELLING-HOUSES, (adjoining the last lot,) with the gardens, outbuildings, conveniences, and appurtenances occupied therewith, situate at Nab Hill, in Dalton aforesaid, now in the several occupations of George Stead and James Mitchell, other buildin [building] or their undertenants. [under tenants] The above affords a favourable opportunity for the safe mvestment [investment] of a small capital. The buildings are well tenanted, well roaded, [road] replete with fixtures, and in good repair. Lot 1 is well adapted for a small manufacturing concern, having been erected by the owner expressly for such purpose. The several tenants will show the premises, and further rticulars [particulars] and information may be had on application to fr. Joseph Milner, of Huddersfield, -gentleman; Mr. Beaumont Taylor, Spring-street, Huddersfield, manufac- [manufacture- manufacturer] turer; [Turner] Mr. Eddison, the auctioneer, or to MR. THOMAS KOBINSON, [ROBINSON] Solicitor, John- [Williamson] William-street, [street] Huddersfield, 4th July, 1856. SALE OF VALUABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY, AT NEWTOWN, HUDDERSFIELD. To be SOLD by AUCTION, by MR. EDDISON, at the house of Mr. George Shaw, the Ramsden's Arms Inn, Cross Chureh-street, [Church-street] Huddersfield, in the county of York, on Wednesday, July 23rd, 1856, at six o'clock in the evening, subject to such conditions of sale as will be then and there produced, and in the following or such other lot or may be determined on at the time of sale. Lot1 [Lot] A LL that well-accustomed SHOP and BEER-HOUSE, consisting of three MESSUAGES [MESSAGES] or DWELLING-HOUSES, situate in Newtown, in Huddersfield, numbered 17 and 19, front- [fronting] ing the public street there, and No, 8, situate in the yard behind the same, together with the areas in front half the passage leading into the yard, and one room over the same and such part of the yard as is in front of No. 8, reaching to the centre of the same, with. the outbuildings and con- [conveniences] veniences [conveniences] appertaining thereto, and now in the occupation of William Hepworth, and the Cellar underneath the Beer- [Beer house] house, in the occupation of William Oakley. Lot 2-All those two MES8UAGES [MESSAGE] or DWELLING- [Dwelling houses] HOUSES, Nos., 13 and 15, situate and fronting to the street, in Newtown aforesaid, now in the occupation of Thomas Leonard, and Mrs. Lombardini, and adjoining to lot one, together with one room over the passage and facing into the yard; and also all those four COTTAGES or DWELLING-HOUSES, situate on the south side of the yard, bebind [behind] and adjoining No. 13, and numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4, in the eccupation [occupation] of John Iredale, Mrs. Brownrigg, Job Birkhead, and one unoccupied, together with one half the yard fronting the said last mentioned cottages, and one half the passage leading into the said yard and conve- [cone- conveniences] niences [sciences] thereto. Lot 3-All those three COTTAGES or DWELLING- [Dwelling houses] HOUSES, situate on the north side of the yard, numbered 5, 6, and 7, and now in the occupation of Mary Gothard, the yard facing the same, together with the appurtenances belonging thereto. The above property is held under a Lease for 500 years, under the late Mr. Rushforth, dated the Ist [Its] day of May, 1825, but now under the Honourable Mrs. Ramsden, at a ground rent of 8 a year which will be apportioned at the time of sale. Lot 4--Twenty-iive [4--Twenty-five] SHARES IN THE WEST RIDING UNION BANKING COMPANY. The Tenants will show the premises, and any further particulars may be obtained on application to the Auc- [Au- Auctioneer] tioneer; [pioneer] or at the offices of Mr. Clough, solicitor, New- [Sureties] or Mr. Hellawell, solicitor, King-street, Hudders- [Udders- Huddersfield] field. 20, MANCHESTER-ROAD, HUDDERSFIELD. TO FURNITURE BROKERS, PARTIES FURNISHING, AND R. EDDISON has received instructions from Mr. Marshall, who is declining the furniture busi- [bus- business] ness, to SELL by AUCTION, upon the premises, No, 20, Manchester-road aforesaid, on Monday, the 28th day of July, 1856, the following HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, comprising four mahogany sofas, in hair seating; two mahogany couches, in hair seating; four easy chairs, in mahogany two rosewood loo tables; two mahogany loo tables; three mahogany chiffoniers; two easy chairs, in birch; one mahogany Tudor bedstead one painted Tudor bedstead twelve painted French bedsteads; nine hard and straw mattresses; six painted washstands; seven painted dressing tables; five mahogany dressing glasses ; one walnut ladies' work stand one papier [paper] mache [make] ladies' work stand two square mahogany stands; three ladies' work boxes; six sets of cane-seated bedroom cbairs [chairs] one painted kitchen table, with three drawers; one round painted table; twelve birch kitchen chairs, French polished; together with a quantity of other effects not particularised. Sale to commence at one o'clock. Auctioneer's office, 26, High-street. BRADFORD, house of Mr. John Lupton, the Bowling Green Hotel, ing, (unless previously disposed of by Private Contract, the time of sale, IN ECCLESHILL. MESSUAGES [MESSAGES] or DWELLING-HOUSES, on the front and back parts thereof, now in the respective occupations of Mr Clarke, Mr. Matthew Nixon, Mr. Jas. detached Stable thereto belonging and adjoining. Lot 2-All that Plot of LAND or GROUND situate immediately adjoining to Lot 1, and containing by ad- [ad measurement] measurement nearly half-an-acre. The ground in this lot building useful and superior residences thereon. Each of the above lots contains a valuable and never- [prevailing] failing supply of good water. AT DUDLEY HILL, MESSUAGES [MESSAGES] or HOUSES, situate at Dudley Hill, Goose Hill, near Bradford, with the Gardens, Yards, and conveniences thereto belonging, two of which are now in the respective occupations of Mr, Smith, manu- [manufacturer] facturer, [factory] and Mr. Middlebrook, and the other is at present unoccupied. These premisesare [premises are] all neatly palisaded off from the road, on the front side, with iron palisading, and being distant from Bradford about a mile and a half, and near to the intended Dudley Hill Station of the contemplated railway, from Bradford to are well adapted tor the residences of tradesmen wishing to reside out of, and near to the town of Bradforde [Bradford] All the Property is Freehold, and well worth the atien- [patient- attention] tion [ion] of capitalists and any person desirous of investing money to advantage, and to pay good interest, will find the present an opportunity seldom to be met with, The respective Tenants of Lots 1 and 3 will ghew [few] the premises; and further particulars may be obéefmed [informed] on application to Mr. William Stead, of Calverley Moor, near Leeds, (the owner); Mr. Eddison, tbe [the] auctioneer or at my Offices, where a Plan of Lot 2 may be seen one week previous to the day of sale. EDWARD A, BARRATT, Soliciter, [Solicitor] Bradford, Bradford, July 12th, 1856. PEREMPTORY SALE, WITHOUT RESERVE. MANSIONS, FARMS, HOUSES, AND OTHER VALUABLE PROPERTY IN SADDLEWORTH. TO be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. HENRY BLACK- [BLACKBURN] BURN, (by order of the Trustees of the Will of the late Ralph Lawton, Esq., deceased,) at the Swan Inn, in Old Delph, in Saddleworth, in the county of York, on Wed- [Wednesday] nesiiay [noisy] and Thursday, the 6th and 7th days of August, 1856, at Three o'clock in the afternoon of each day, sub- [subject] ject [jet] to such terms and conditions as will be then and there produced, and in the fullowing [following] or such other lots as may be then determined on - Lot Lp wo FREEHOLD COTTAGES, situate at top of Shore or Hill End, near Old Delph, in Saddleworth aforesaid, and now or late in the oceu. [ice] pation [nation] of Ambrose Schofield and Jesse Moores, as tenants thereof. Lot 2-Three LEASEHOLD COTTAGES, situate at Hill End, near Old Delph aforesaid, fronting the highway there, and now or late in the occupation of Eneas [Ens] Bottom- [Bottomley] ley, William Gartside, and Dan Shaw. These premises are held for the remainder uf [of] a term of 972 years, and are subject to a small ground rent of 6s. per annum. Lot 3-A FREEHOLD HOUSE and SHOP, three stories in heigkt, [height] besides cellaring, situate near the Bridge, in Old Delph aforesaid, late in the occupation of James Buckley, t. Lot 4-Two FREEHOLD COTTAGES, situate near the Bridge, in Old Delph aforesaid, now or late in the occupation of William Ward and Radcliffe Lawton, as All that recently erected MESSUAGE [MESSAGE] or tenants. Lot 5-Two FREEHOLD Plots of LAND, witha [with] large and commodious Barn and other buildings thereon situate, adjoining each other in Old Delph aforesaid, road leading down to Shore Mill Garden. comprise respectively by estimation, the one barn and buildings stard, [stand] 230 square yards, and the other 493 square yards or thereabouts, and are now Property presents favourable opportunities for in the occupation of David Hudson, as tenant. fronting the These plots on which the respectively Lot 6-A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE [MESSAGE] and SHOP ana vely [very] situate in the centre part i eath [earth] the same premises, ne of them in the occupation of Henry Blackburn, and the other unoccupied, and aiso [also] a Garden and waste Land at the back. Lot 7 - ANSION, [MANSION] eal [Earl] that Capital FREEHOLD Stone built called Grove House, situate near New Delph i late the residence of Ralph deceased, comprising library, dining and five bedrooms on the first floor, besides e, cowhouse, [cow house] barn, and other outbuildings, and six several Closes of Meadow awton, [Aston] Esq., and Alexaader [Alexander] Buck, and one unoccupied, with one half VALUABLE FREEHOLD MESSUAGES [MESSAGES] OR DWELL.- [DWELL] ING-HOUSES, AND BUILDING GROUND, AT ECCLESHILL, AND DUDLEY HILL, BOTH NEAR To be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. EDDISON, at the Bradford, on Thursday, the 3lst [last] day of July, 1856, between the hours of Six and Seven o'clock in the even- [even of] of which due notice will be given), subject to such con- [conditions] ditions, [editions] as will be then and there produced, and in the following, or such other lots, as may be agreed upon at Lot 1. LL those Five valuable FREEHOLD called or known by the name of Stead's Place, situate at Fagley [Bagley] Lane End, near Scar Hill Bar, Eccleshill, near Bradford (out of the borough), together with the Gardens Taylor, Mr. James Hill, and Mr. Murray. And also the may be laid out very advantageously, for the purpose of Lot 3-All those Three commodious and well-built Sales by Auction. Sales bp Auction. ee, Pulte [Plate] Nott Land appertaining thereto, comprising alto- [alto and] and ory [or] estimation, including the sites of buildings, Or. 32p. [p] or thereabouts. These premises are all situate on the easterly side of the turnpike read leading from New Delph to Huddersfield, and are within a quarter of a mile from the Delph Railway Station. The mansion house is modern built, and stands on a commanding eminence, having an extensive and beautiful prospect, and immediate jon can be given of the whole premises. . The following are the references to the several closes in this lot on the Saddleworth parish plan, with the measure- [measurements] ments [rents] as lately revised, namely - A. RB. P, 279a [a 1 215 [C] 1 139 1 034 12125 efi [if] 012 3 27 J 120 9 32 Lot 8-Four COTTAGES, Stable, and situate at Midgreave, [Redgrave] near Grove-house aforesaid, and a large plot of vacant Land appertaining thereto, and respectively now or-late in the occupations of Widow Buckley, Abraham Settle, and others, as tenants. The site of these premises comprises 1,119 square yards, or thereabouts, and is held for the remainder of a term of 1,000 years, subject to a ground rent of 17 5s. per um. Lot 9-Two Plots of FREEHOLD LAND, unbuilt upon, respectively situate at Midgreave, [Redgrave] near Grove-house afore- [aforesaid] said, adjoining the turnpike-road leading from New Delph to Huddersfield, one of them comprising 587 square yards, or thereabouts, being situate on the easterly side of that road, and the other of them comprising 367 square yards, or thereabouts, being situate on the westerly side of the same road, and both now in hand. Lot 10-A large Tract of FREEHOLD LAND, situate at Harrop Edge, near Grove-house aforesaid, in three enclosures, and comprising Meadow and Pasture Land, and about 13 acres of Plantation, and containing altogether, by estimation, 53a, [a] Or. 27p., [p] or thereabouts, all now in hand. The following are the references to these several closes on the aforesaid parish plan, with the measurements as lately revised, namely B01 [B] 22 310 17 116 245 a b 53 27 Lot 11-A FREEHOLD FARM, situate at Cobbler's- hill, near Old Delph aforesaid, consisting of Farm-house, Barn, Shippon, [Shipping] and several Closes of Meadow and Pasture Land, containing altogether, by estimation, 6a. 2r. 14p., [p] statute measure, or thereabouts, and now in the occupation of Joseph Mills, as tenant thereof. The following are the references to these several closes on the aforesaid parish plan, with the measurements as lately revised, namely -- A. RP, 287 2 1 34 2 2 20 7 Lot 12-A small Plot of FREEHOLD LAND, called Hall Garden, situate at Grange, near Old Delph aforesaid, adjvining [adjoining] the old highway leading from Heights to Mill- [Mill croft] croft, and late in the occupation of Henry Schofield, as tenant. Lot 13-Sixteen FREEHOLD COTTAGES, situate at Roughtown, [Wrought] in Saddleworth aforesaid, and near to Mossley, with gardens in front of the same. All these cottages are tenanted, and eight of them have been recently built, and this lot forms a compact and desirable property. Lot 14-Six LEASEHOLD COTTAGES, with the fold, yard, croft, and appurtenances thereto belonging, situate at Lydgate, in Saddleworth aforesaid, fronting the turn- [turnpike] pike road leading to Mossley, and now or late in the respective occupations of James Mellor, John Lees, and others as tenants. These premises are held for the remainder of the term of 999 years, and are subject to the ground rent of 1 12s. 6d. per annum for the remainder of of that term, and to a further yearly rent of 4s. for the yearly tenancy of certain privileges now enjoyed there- [there] ith. [it] wit Lot 15-A LEASEHOLD FARM and two COTTAGES, situate at and called Moscow, on High Moor, near Doctor- [Doctor lane] lane and New Houses, in Saddleworth aforesaid, consisting of a Farmhouse, Barn, Shippon, [Shipping] and other outbuildings, two Cottages, and several Closes of Meadow and Pasture Land, containing altogether by estimation 5a. 3r. 8p. statute measure or and now or late in the occupation of John Lockwood us tenant. These premises are held for the remainder of the term of 999 years, subject to the small ground rent of 1ls. [ls] per annum. The following are the references to and the measure- [measurements] ments [rents] of these several closes, according to the aforesaid parish plan, namely - 179 Pauo [Pay] Heep wre [re] co ve 5 3 8 Lot 16-A LIFE LEASEHOLD ESTATE, situate at Badger Edge, on High Moor, in Saddleworth aforesaid, comprising several Closes of Land, containing altogether by estimation 28a. [a] 3r. 5p. statute measure or thereabouts, and an undivided third part of a close now or lately called the Great Dole, containing by estimation 40 acres statute measure or thereabouts.-These premises are held tor the remainder of the life of a gentleman now aged 62 years, under a lease dated the 29th day of January, 1799, granted by the then Earl of Stamford and Warrington to the per- [persons] sons therein named, and are now subject to the yearly rent of 9 17s. 9d., and to the covenants and conditions in that lease contained. Lot 17-Two LEASEHOLD COTTAGES, situate at Thurston Clough, near Old Delph aforesaid, and fronting the old turnpike-road there, now premises are held for the remainder of a term of 918 ycars, [years] and are subject to a small ground rent of 8s. per annum. Lot 18-An allotment of FREEHOLD COMMON LAND on the Saddleworth Moors, situate near Thurstones, [Stones] and marked lot 55 6 on the plan to the Saddleworth Enclosure Award, and measuring la. 3lp. [lp] statute measure or there- [thereabouts] abouts. [about] Lot 19-Four Closes of FREEHOLD LAND, comprising Meadow and Pasture, situate at Stones, near New Delph aforesaid, and fronting the Austerlands [Islands] turnpike-road there, containing by estimation 4a. Or. 25p. [p] statute mea- [measure] sure or thereabouts, and all now in hand. The following are the references to these several closes on the aforesaid parish plan, with the measurements as lately revised, namely - Lot 20-Five FREEHOLD COTTAGES, situate at New Bailey, near New Delph aforesaid, and a Close of excellent Meadow Land adjoining thereto, and fronting the turn- [turnpike] pike-road [road] there, containing by estimation la. Ir. 8p., sta- [statute] tute measure, or thereabouts. The cottages are in the respective occupations of Jonathan Abbott, John Brown, and others, and the land is in hand. Lot 2i-Four Closes of FREEHOLD LAND, comprising Meadow and Pasture, situate at Woodhouse or Knott Hill, near Old Delph aforesaid, with a Garden situate in the corner of one of the same closes also a shippon [shipping] and other erections thereon, and containing altogether by estimation 3a. Or. 37p., [p] statute measure, or thereabouts. One of the said closes lies next adjoining the turnpike road to Grains, and the remainder, with the garden, lies along the highway to Stones Wood, and they are now in the respective occu- [occur- occupations] pations [nations] of William Lawton and others, as tenants thereof. The following are the references to these several closes on the aforesaid parish plan, with the measurements as lately revised, namely - R. P. 92a [a] 021 (9 040 130 lo 2 0 [2] 327 1019 3 037 Lot 22-Five FREEHOLD COTTAGES, situate in Old Delph aforesaid, fronting the road to Stones Wood, and now in the respective occupations of Thomas Wood, Richard Farrer, and others, as tenants thereof. Also Three several Ground Rents of 10s. 6d., 3s. 6d., and 12s. per annum. The two first-mentioned rents of 10s. 6d. and 3s. 6d. issue out of land and buildings situate near to the said five cottages, and respectively belonging to Miles Schofield and the executors of Joshua Radcliffe; and the last-mentioned rent of 12s. issues out of land and buildings situate in Old Delph aforesaid, on the road to Linfitts, [Linfit] and now in the occupation of Abraham Rhodes. Lot 23-A FREEHOLD FARM, situate at Higher Delph Greaves, near Old Delph aforesaid, comprising a Farm house, a new Barn and Shippon, [Shipping] and other outbuild- [out build- outbuildings] ings, and several Closes of Meadow and Pasture Land, con- [containing] taining [training] altogether by estimation 16a. [a] Ir. Op. statute measure, or thereabouts, and are all now in the occupation of James Gartside, jointly with the next lot, except the farm house, which is in the occupation of John Buckley, as tenant. The following are the references to the several closes in this lot on the aforesaid parish plan, with the measure- [measurements] ments [rents] as lately revised, namely - A. R. P, 55 f 5 230 Part of g9 1120 itto [into] Ditto it 4 123 1219 J 3 028 16 10 Lot 24-A FREEHOLD FARM, situat [situate] Greaves, near Old Delph aforesaid, comprising a Farm house, Barn, Shippon, [Shipping] and other outbuildings; an old Cot- [Cottage] tage. [age] and several Closes of Meadow and Pasture Land, con- [containing] taining [training] altogether by estimation 17a. [a] Or. 29p., [p] statute measure, or thereabouts, and now in the occupation of James Garside jointly with the last lot as aforesaid. The following are the references to the several closes in this lot on the aforesaid parish plan, with the measurements as lately revised, namely - e at Lower Delph A. RP. 55 p 6 O13 [O] 3 U 9 2 336 T 2 3 36 2 3il [il] FE 2113 17 029 Lot 25 A FREEHOLD FARM, situate at Delph and Delph-lane, near Old Delph aforesaid, comprising a Farm ouse, [use] Barn, and other outbuildinys, [outbuildings] and several Closes of Meadow and Pasture Land, containing altogether by estima- [estimate- estimation] tion, [ion] 15a. [a] Ir, 24p. [p] statute measure or thereabouts, and now a the occupation of Abrabam [Abraham] Gartside, as tenant. ogether [together] with a newly erected stable and pig cote, situate eee [see] Pigresald, [Gerald] to the said farm, on the de of the turnpike 1 i occupation of William Mise, anit [anti] late. in the The following are the references to the several closes in this lot on the aforesaid parish plan, with the measurements as lately revised, namely - A. RP. 8 01 xy O a 15 1 24 Lot 26-A FREEHOLD FARM, situate near Old Delph and Hull Mill, in Saddleworth aforesaid, comprising a Farm house, now in the occupation of Mrs. Hulley, as ant ; and several Closes of Land, now in the occupation ofDavid [David] Hudson, as tenant, with a barn erected thereon, and com- [comprising] prising by estimation, 12a, [a] Ir. 16p., [p] statute measure or thereabouts. Also, two cottages adjoining the said farm- [farmhouse] house, and now in the occupation of Mr. Robert Hastings, as tenant. And also a fee farm or ground rent of 10s. per annum, payabie [payable] by the proprietors of Hull Mill, for the privilege of a tail goit. . The following are the references to the several closes in this lot on theaforesaid [the aforesaid] parish plan, with the measurements as lately revised, namely ; A. R P, 55 D 2 327 4116 1 0214 1 020 3; 3 116 12 4 16 Lot 27-Eight FREEHOLD COTTAGES, situate at Woodhouse Knowl, near Old Delph aforesaid, and now or late in the respective occupations of Joseph Millrench, [French] Joseph Hall, and James Kershaw, and others, as tenants. Lot 28 .A LEASEHOLD HOUSE and SHOP, newly- [newly built] built, and three stories in height, besfles [baffles] cellars, situate at Road End, in Jld [Old] Delph aforesaid, at the junction of the main street with the turnpike-road leading to Grains, and lately occupied as the Delph Mechanics' Institute. These premises are held for of a term of 999 years, and are subject to a small apportioned ground rent of Is. per annum. ; Lot 29-A LEASEHOLD HOUSE and SHOP, with back kitchen thereto and chamber over, situate at Road End aforesaid, opposite to the last lot, and now in the occupation of William Lawton, green-grocer, as tenant. These premises are held for the remainder of a term of 999 years, and are subject to apportioned ground rent of 11d. per annum. Lot 30-A LEASEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSB, [DWELLING-HOUSE] situate near Road End aforesaid, and fronting the main street there, late in the occupation of Leach Platt. These premises are held for the remainder of a term of 999 years, and are subject to a small apportioned rent of ls. 1d. per annum, Lot 31-AlIl [31-All] that well-secured Yearly FEE FARM or GROUND RENT of 6 10s., issuing and payable out of or in respect of certain erections and buildings situate in Old Delph aforesaid, the property of the trustees of the Delph Methodist Chapel, and now used by them for the purposes of a school. Lot 32-Twenty SHARES in the Delph Gas Company. ORDER OF SALE. The first 16 lots will be offered for sale on Wednesday, the 6th day of August, and the remaining lots on the day next following (Thursday); but if the whole of the lots thus respectively selected for each days sale cannot conve- [cone- conveniently] niently [neatly] be all offered on the days so respectively for them, then the lots respectively remaining unsold on each day will be all offered on the Friday following, and in that case the sale will be held on such last-mentioned day at the same place, and commence at the same time as un the previous days. The respective tenants will show the premises; and for further particulars application may be made to the Auc- [Au- Auctioneer] tioneer, [pioneer] at Old Delph, who will also point out the various lots to Messrs. Rowley and Son, solicitors, Manchester to Mr. J. E. Roberts, solicitor, Delph or to Messrs. BROWN and LITLER, [LITTLE] Solicitors, Oldham, Where plans of the lands may be seen. ON ACCOUNT OF WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. Q' Weduesday, [Wednesday] the 30th instant, at One o'clock, at the public Sale Room, Exchange Buildings, Liverpool, about 500 Packages of very valuable damaged MANUFACTURED GOODS, consisting of woollens, linens, carpeting, blankets, linen thread, printed and plain calicoes, stuff goods, &c., being part of the cargo saved from the wreck of the ship Isaac Webb, bound hence to New York, lying at the sheds for wrecked goods, west side of Waterloo Dock.- [Dock] Apply to Messrs. Baring Brothers and Co., merchants or to PERKCIVAL, [PERCIVAL] CAMPBELL, AND CO. Brokers to the Underwri-ers' [Under-es] Association, Liverpool. To be followed by other Sales of Wrecked Goods, from same ship. Sales by Wribate [Write] Contract. T be SOLD by PRIVATE CONTRACT, three COTTAGES, newly erected, situate at Rash- [Rashcliffe] cliffe. Tke [Te] purchaser can have a Lease for 990 years,- [years] Apply to Mr. James W. Sykes, joiner, Rashcliffe. N SALE, by PRIVATE CONTRACT, the property of a Gentleman leaving the neighbourhood, one very neat and roomy Clarence CARRIAGE, and one set of HARNESS, also one very neat CABINET PIANO- [PIANOFORTE] FORTE, in mahogany case (by Broadwood and Sons).- [Sons] For further particulars, apply to Mr. Benjamin Thornton, auctioneer, 50, New-street, Hudderstield. [Huddersfield] Lcqal [Local] Notice. IN THE AFFAIRS OF CHARLES HOPE REID ANDERSON, OTICE [NOTICE] IS HEREBY GIVEN, that ANNE ANDERSON, Widow, and Administratrix of the Goods and Chattels of Charles Hope Reid Anderson, of Huddersfield, in the county of York, cloth merchant, deceased, who traded in the name of Charles Anderson, hath, by Indenture dated the Seventh day of July instant, ASSIGNED all the personal Estate and Effects of the said deceased unto certain Trustees therein named, in Trust for the equal benefit of themselves, and such other of the Creditors of the said deceased as shall execute the said indenture before the Seventh day of October now next, which indenture now lies at the office of Mr. Hesp, solicitor, Huddersfield, for inspection and execution of the Creditors of the said Charles Hope Reid Anderson, deceased, Dated the Eighth day of July, 1856. By order, E. L, HESP, Solicitor for the above Trustees, OTICE [NOTICE] IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the PARTNERSHIP heretofore subsisting between us the undersigned Benjamin Earnshaw, ot Paddock, in the parish of Huddersfield, in the county of York and Joseph Cliffe, of Hillhouse-lane, in Huddersfield aforesaid, car- [carrying] rying [ring] on business together at Folly-hall, in the parish of Almondbury, in the said county, as Machine and Tool Makers, under the style or firm of Earnshaw and Cliffe, has been this day DISSOLVED by mutual consent and that each of us will in future carry on his business on his own account. Dated this 14th day of July, 1856. BENJAMIN EARNSHAW, JOSEPH CLIFFE. Witness-Thos. Robirson, [Robinson] attorney-at-law. IN RE EARNSHAW AND CLIFFE. N OTICE [NOTICE] IS HEREBY GIVEN, that all Debts due and owing to Benjamin Earnshaw and Joseph Cliffe, lately carrying on business together at F olly-hall, [ally-hall] in the parish of Almondbury, in the county of York, under the style or firm of Earnshaw and Cliffe, must be paid to the said Benjamin Earnshaw and all persons having claims against the said Earnshaw and Cliffe are requested to send the same in to the said Benjamin Earn- [Earnshaw] shaw, [Shaw] at the works at Folly-hall, who is now carrying on the business there. Dated the 16th day of July, 1856, By order, THOS. ROBINSON, Solicitor, John Willian-street, Hudderstield. [Huddersfield] IN THE COURT OF BANKRUPTCY FOR THE LEEDS N the Matter of HENRY LEADBEATER, of Huddersfield, in the county of York, Woollen Cloth Merchant, carrying on business under the style or firm of ' William Leadbeater and Son, at Huddersficld [Huddersfield] aforesaid, a Bankrupt.-Petition dated 30th J une, [one] 1856. (Befure [Before] Mr. Commissioner WEST.) Meeting for Proot [Root] of Debts and Choice of Assignees on Friday the 25th day of July, 1856, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, at the Commercial Buildings, Leeds. Meeting for Proof of Debts and Final Examination of the Bankrupt, on Friday, the 22nd day of August, 1856, at o'clock in the forenoon, at the Commercial Buildings eeds, [Leeds] GEORGE YOUNG, Official Assignee. JACOMB and SON, Huddersfield, Sulicitors. [Solicitors] CARISS and CUDWORTH, Leeds, Agents, N OTICE [NOTICE] IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the PARTNERSHIP heretofore subsisting and carried on between us at Huddersfield, in the county of York, in the business of Merchants and Manufacturers, under the style or firm of Lockwood and Keighley, was DIS- [DISSOLVED] SOLVED on the Ist [Its] day of July, 1855; and that the said business has since been and will in future be carried on by the undersigned William Keighley, on his own account, under the style or firm of 'Lockwood and Keighley as heretofore; and that all Debts now owing to or from the said late partnership will be received and paid by the said William Keighley. As witness our hands this 10th day of J uly, [July] 1856. JOSHUA LOCKWOOD. WILLIAM KEIGHLEY. Wublic [Public] Notices. nn ee a SLSIRS [SIRS] RIS [SIR] ARES PPR INARA [ARA] OS IRIN [IRON] IS IRIN [IRON] RS RRP Qt BSCRIPTIONS [SUBSCRIPTIONS] TO THE FRENCH INUNDATIONS, s 4d.) John BrookeandSons [Brooklands] 50 C H. Jones ........ 3 ' Jonas Brook and Bros 30 Thomas Lockwood .. 5 5 9 Chas. Brook and Sons 25 G Huth [Hut] and Fischer.... 5 5 9 John Haigh and Co.. 25 0 John Sutcliffe, Esq,.. 5 9 W. Willansand [Willans] Co... 20 J. G. Laycock, Esq.. 5 9g G Mailinson [Mallinson] and Son 20 9 Edward 5 J. Beaumont, Dalton 20 9 0 T. Firth, jun., Esq... 5 9 Visct, [Visit] Goderich, M.P, 10 10 0. Frederick Learoyd .. 5 9 9 Thomas Firth, Esq... 19 William Greenwood., 2 2 .R, Jones, sen.,Esq. 10 0 Benjamin Lockwood 22 9 J.andT. [J.and] Wrizley.. [Wrigley] 10 0) Frederick Greenwood 1 Joseph Hiyst......., [Hirst] 10 0) Rev J. K. Montgomery 10 Brook, Freeman, and Batley .,..... -- 10 Subscriptions will be received by any of the C ittec [attic] the Treasurer, or the Hvunorary [Honorary] Suaratney, [Saran] FUEDERICK [FREDERICK] GREENWOOD, on. See, HUDDERSFIELD MECHANICS' HE KIRKLEES GALA is hela [held] The Trains leave Huddersfield at a quarter to Three. and return from Bradley at Nine o'clock. 7 FRANK CURZON, Secretary --- H LE and BRYER [BRIER] beg reseectfully [respectfully] to inform the Solicitors, Bankers, Merchants and Tradesmen of Huddersfield, that they have commenced the Business of LAW STATIONERS and ACCOUNTANTS and they hope, by strict attention to business, and punetu.. [tune] ality [laity] to all favours entrusted to them, to merit a share of professional support. H. and B, have made arrangements with an Agent to execute commissions to any part of London at moderate charges, and they particularly recommend this medium to solicitors. Engrossing and Copying of all descriptions Deatly [Neatly] and' expeditiously execut [execute] Tradesmen's books balanced and regularly posted. Rents and Debts Collected at a reasone [reason] able charge. An assortment of Law Forms always on hand, Berry's-yard, New-street, Huddersfield, July, 1856, rc, OTICE [NOTICE] IS HEREBY GIVEN, that all the Household Furniture and other Effects, Goods, ang Chattels in, upon, and about the dwelling-house and pre. mises of Thomas Binns, beer-seller, Castlegate, Hudders. [Udders] field, in the county of York, and heretofore his property, have been sold, assigned, and transferred to James East- [Eastwood] wood, brewer, Huddersfield aforesaid. By Order, WALTER BRADLEY, Auctioneer and Appraiser. MILNSBRIDGE NEW NATIONAL SCHOOLS. HE OPENING of these Schools will take place on Tuesday the 29th of July, 1856. The chair will be taken at half-past Six in the evening, The following, amongst other clergymen, are expected to address the meeting - THE REV. HUGH STOWELL, M.A., Incumbent of Christ Church, Salford, Honorary Canon of Chester, &c. ; The Rev. LEWIS JONES, Vicar of Almondbury; The Rev. S. HOLMES, M.A., Vicar of Huddersfield 7 The Rev. JOHN HAIGH, M.A., Incumbent of St. Paul's, Huddersfield. The services of Mrs. SUNDERLAND are ongaged [engaged] for the occasion. Mr. WOOD will preside at the pianoforte.-An efficient choir will also take part in the proceedings. Tickets -Reserved seats, 2s.; Front seats, Is.; Back. seats, 6d.; may be obtained of Mr. Brook, bookseller,. Westgate; and of Mr. Brewer, national schoolmaster, Milnsbridge. -- Some Useful and Ornamental Work, remainin [remaining] hands of the committee, will be Sold at Reduced the Infant School. o'clock, THE CHRONICLE, SATURDAY, JULY 19, 1856. ------ . WITHDRAWAL OF THE DIVORCE AND MATRIMONIAL CAUSES BILL. WE are sorry to see that on Thursday bight government withdrew this bill from the considera- [consider- consideration] tion [ion] of the Commons; and that there is now no chance whatever of it being passed this session. The bill, it will be remembered, originated in the Lords, having been introduced by the Lord CHan- [Can- Chancellor] CELLOR, [MELLOR] and most materially amended in its pro- [progress] gress [grass] through that house at the instance, and in consequence of the fervid appeals of Lords Lynp- [Lyne- Lyndhurst] HuRsT [Hurst] and BroveHam [Brougham] for something like a measure of justice to married women. Through the exer- [exe- exertions] tions [tins] of these two noble lords the measure did assume such a shape in this respect, as made it highly desirable that the bill should pass. And we cannot but think, that had government fairly set themselves to the task, its enactment, short as the session is, might have been procured, Tt would have been a measure to distinguish this otherwise most abortive session and to fall, as it has, without even the appearance of effort to save it from slaughter, is galling indeed. Ministers evidently prefer their own ease to the attempt to procure justice for women. Gallantry alone ought to have prompted Cupm-Patmerston [Cup-Palmerston] to 2 far different course of conduct. He should at least have shown himself ready to do battle for the sex ; and not have yielded a measure designed for their partial emancipation from glaring injustice, with- [without] out even the appearance of a struggle. SS THE TWO HOUSES, AND THE PRINCIPLE OF TREATING. A practice of treating the members of the two Houses of Parliament at the expense of the country, upon occasions of state ceremonial, has lately arisen, which we are glad to see has been severely animad- [animal- animadverted] verted [averted] upon in the House of Commons for if it be necessary for the preservation of the purity of public authorities, that every local act conferring local power should contain, as it does, an express provision prohibiting the expenditure of the publi [public] rates for the gratification of the personal wants or whims of members of the different bodies of loeal [local] authority if it is still to be held that the giving of a breakfast to voters at an election by the friends of a candidate, shall invalidate and set aside that election, as in several memorable instances hag been the case; if these principles of non-treating are to be continued and insisted upon, as against local authorities and electors, there is every reason why the principle should be still more rigidly enforced as it regards parliament itself. When the Great Naval Review took place at Spithead [Spread] at the beginning of May last, government undertook to provide the members of both houses with means of transit to and from the place of attraction, and to provision and feed them on the Journey. And so again on Wednesday, this week, on the occasion of a Military Review by the Queen, at Aldershott, [Aldershot] government made arrangements to send, at the public expense, each member of the legislature to the distant scene, providing him with railway and omnibus transit, and a feed in the camp. All know the miserable failure which the first undertaking proved; how the two Houses, which were to have occupied the post of honour during the great naval ceremonial, failed to reach the spot how the trains stuck on the line, and' how the fires were allowed to go out on board the war steamers, to the great chagrin, annoyance, and delay of Peers and Commoners how' venerable Judges had to work at the capstan, to get the anchor weighed, and how at the end of a long and weary day at sea, or rather after two o'clock in the morning, Peers, Peeresses, Bishops, and Judges had fairly to scramble for a seat in the only train left for them, and gladly avail themselves of even third-class accommodation. All know of the famous management of the Admiralty on this oceasion, [occasion] which made a Balaclava of South- [Southampton] ampton, [Hampton] and gave the two Houses a vivid con- [conception] ception [option] of that description of confusion worse confounded which had jeopardised the very existence of our army in the Crimea, All know of this, and of the complaints sent forth regarding the meagre provision made for the feed on board for the magnates of the land; how, while the Clerks of the Adiniralty [Admiralty] were revelling in champagne and ample provision of the most delicate and costly solids, Peers and Commons were taught a practical lesson in the science of cheese- [cheeseparing] paring economy, and could only Btarve [Brave] ona [on] miserable stint of ordinary eatables, washed down with common sherry. All these things are well known, and also the indignant upbraidings [upbraiding] which afterwards fell on the heads of the administration from those who had these grievous mis [is] haps and all also know how the public laughed and enjoyed the joke, that this sample of manage- [management] ment [men had been thus directly brought home to the knowledge of the legislative bodies. So complete was the failure on that oceasion, [occasion] and so deep the indignation of those who had been subject to the scurry treatment, that such a mode of providing treats out of the public funds was, by many. looked upon as being at an end. In this conclusion. however, these parties were too hasty for as before stated, this week has seen another attempt of the same nature, to provide a trip and a feed at the public expense for those who prohibit treating tor others, Standing in his place at the table of the House of Commons on Monday hight [high] last, the after stating that her Majesty was about to review some 14,000 troops at Aldershott, [Aldershot] and that prob- [probably] ably many members of both houses would like to be present on that occasion, made the deeply important announcement that, , Tickets for the special trains wil be delixered [delivered] at the War epartment [department] to members of both Houses of Parliament, on Tuesday, the 15th instant, between twelve and six p.m. And this information he followed up with the still more significant and important item of infor- [inform- information] mation [nation] - Luncheon will he prepared for members of both Houses, at 230, at Aldershott. [Aldershot] Well might Mr. Disraztt, [Disaster] on the following night, when the Premier moved the adjournment of the house over Wednesday, to allow members the opportunity to enjoy this treat, remark - I certainly thought last night it was not at all dignified for the first minister of the Crown to be informing the house how they were to repair to this entertainment, and what arrangements had been made for the commissariat and other matters of that sort, It is not at alla [all] desiratle [desirable] thing that the minister should give holidays to the mem- [men- men] - in the 2 l o rices in The Sale will commence at Three ers [es] of parliament, and, without any sanction whatever,