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ddersfield [Huddersfield] Chronicle AND WEST YORKSHIRE ADVERTISER. J 4p C LEG 4a e& foe -) if LA MY wh 7 Y J Wiele [While] wif [if] No. 331. SATURDAY, JULY 19, 1856. me Sareea [Arrears] a Price 3d. Unstamped, Stamped Ad. Loduration. [Lo duration] A CARD. C. H. CRUMP, French and Drawing Master, 67, Spring-street, Huddersfield. MISSES ASHWORTH'S SCHOOL, Fitzwilliam-street, Huddersfield, will RE-OPEN on Wednesday, the 30th of July. Re MISSES GRAHAM beg to announce that their SCHOOL will RE-OPEN on Wednesday, the 23rd of July. 9, New North-road. ISS TINDAL begs to announce that her SCHOOL will RE-OPEN, on Wednesday, the 23rd N instant. 15, West-parade, HE MISSES WRIGHT beg to announce that their SCHOOL will RE-OPEN on Tuesday, the 29th instant. 26, Commercial-street, Huddersfield. KING-STREET ACADEMY. R. THOMAS respectfully announces that the DUTIES of his Academy will be RESUMED on Monday, the 21st July. ONSIEUR [MONSIEUR] E. CLAVEQUIN, [CALVIN] Professor of French, begs to announce that he shall RESUME his DUTIES on Monday, the 28th of July. 9, New North-road. TUITION IN MUSIC. R. MELLOR gives LESSONS on the Piano- [Pianoforte] forte, Organ, Thorough Bass, and Singing, and will RESUME his DUTIES on Thursday, the 24th inst. FRENCH AND ITALIAN. ONSIEUR [MONSIEUR] ANTHONY will RE-COM- [COMMENCE] MENCE [MINCE] giving his LESSONS on Monday, the 21st iustant. [instant] Maile. Mail] Anthony will also re-commence on the same day. 35, New North-road, Huddersfield, July 10, 1856. MRS. HORN, TEACHER OF THE ORGAN AND PIANOFORTE. RS. HORN will RESUME the DUTIES of h her PROFESSION on Monday, July 28th, [the] Pianofortes on sale and hire. New North-road, Huddersfield. LOW ASH HALL BOARDING SCHOOL, NEAR SHEFFIELD. CONDUCTED BY MR. LINLEY. HE DUTTES [DUTIES] of this Establishment will RE- [RECOMMENCE] COMMENCE (D.V.) on Wednesday, July 23rd, 1856. TERMS PER ANNUM FOR BOARD AND ENGLISH EDUCATION Pupils under nine years of age.. ............ 17 Guineas. Ditto, from nine and under twelve..........19 4, Ditto, from Twelve and under fourteen...... 20 4, No day pupils received. A prospectus forwarded on application. . References kindly permitted to Mr. Edward Kitson, Mount Pleasant, Huddersfield. QUEEN-STREET SOUTH ACADEMY, HUDDERSFIELD, CONDUCTED BY MR TATTERSFIELD, AND DULY QUALIFIED MASTERS N this Establishment Young Gentlemen are Boarded and thoroughly Instructed in English, Latin, Greck, [Greek] pure and mixed mathematics, and especial attention is paid to moral discipline, and domestic comfort. French, German, Music, Drawing, and Gymnastic Exercises (extras) by approved masters. ; The premises have been built expressly for scholastic purposes, and are replete with every accommodation. 'Terms for board, &., forwarded on application. The Academy will be RE-OPENED on Tuesday, the 2nd of July. YORK HOUSE ACADEMY, WAKEFIELD. MSS [MISS] JAGGER begs to return her sincere thanks to her numerous patrons and friends for the kind manner in which they have supported her for the last nine years, and on retiring can, with great pleasure and confidence, recommend her successors, the Misses Cheese- [Cerberus] broughs, [boroughs] who have had cousiderable [considerable] experience in the tuition of young ladies. Drury-lane, July 3rd, 1856. THE MISSES CHEESEBROUGHS' [CERBERUS] ESTABLISHMENT FOR YOUNG LADIES, YORK HOUSE, WAKEFIELD. rP.HE MISSES CHEESEBROUGH beg respectfully to inform the public that they have succeeded to the above establishment, which has been carried on so success- [successfully] fully by Miss Jagger for the last nine years, and in doing so beg to say that nothing shall be wanting on their part to secure to the young ladies who may be placed under their care, a sound education and a comfortable home. The DUTIES of the SCHOOL will be RESUMED on July 24th, 1856. References-Dr. Ramsbotham, [Ramsbottom] Huddersfield; Rev. G. Smitb, [Smith] Huddersfield Rev. J. Stuchbery, [Strawberry] Hadfeld-road, [Hadfield-road] Wakefield Mr. F. Walsh, 31, North-street, Sheffield. PARK HILL SCHOOL, HALF A MILE FROM WETHERBY. HIS ESTABLISHMENT will be RE-OPFNED [RE-OPENED] on the 24th instant. The Mausion, [Mansion] standing in its own grounds of seventeen acres, was built in 1854 by the Principal. The number of Pupils limited. Inspection of the house and domestic arrangements is respectfully invited. References in Huddersfield, and Prospectuses, with view of the premises, will be forwarded on application to Mr. Yiplady, [Yield] addressed as above. July 2nd, 1856, HOME, BOARDING, AND LADIES' GRAMMAR- [Grammar school] SCHOOL, BATH BUILDINGS, HUDDERSFIELD. N RS. BARROW, feeling deeply impressed with the importance and utility of systematic and effi- [if- efficient] cient [cent] training im [in] education, assures her friends that her arrangement comprises (as far as practicable) the most works pertaining to the building art. Also Drawings of the last three years, your Packing to our stuffing-boxes and approved method of instruction at present in use, witha [with] Vigilant and unremitting attention to the religious and moral advancement of the pupils. TERMsS-Fcr [Terms-For] pupils under ten years of age, Four Guineas per quarter for pupils above ten yearsof [years of] age, Five Pounds per quarter. Italian, Music, Dancing, Drawing, Singing, &c., on moderate terms. This Establishment combines the necessary discipline of tuition with all the comforts of home, The house is enclosed within its own ground, the situation exceedingly healthy, and the public generally, who have favoured him with joints, and find it efficient and economical, and to be much and within five minutes walk of the railway station. Respec- [Respect- Respectable] table references if required. THE DAY SCHOOL. HIS Establishment, among the many in this neighbourhood, stands unrivalled for its first class advantages on exceedingly moderate terms. The the] number -of pupils enables the principal to engage masters of good standing in their respective professions for each accom- [com- accomplishment] 'plishment. [Parliament] The success which has attended the perse- [persevering] vering [bering] efforts of Mrs. Barrow, testifies to the good opinion entertaiued [entertained] of the school, and of its being conducted in a mauner [manner] that promotes the happiness and advancement of its pupils. In the division of labour, Mrs. Barrow is assisted by the following masters -An arithmetical master, music and singing master, dancing master, and drilling master, Terms on application. The Duties of the School will be RESUMED on Monday, the 21st instant. July llth, [loth] 1856. DAY AND BOARDING SCHOOL FOR YOUNG GENTLEMEN, WEST-PARADE, HUDDERSFIELD. AMES HANSON, (late Classical and English Master in the Huddersfield College,) begs to announce that ou Thursday, July 24th, 1856, be will open a School in eligible Rooms, Hartley's Buildings, West-parade, Huddersfield. Mr. Hanson proposes to receive a limited number of young Gentlemen, whom he will carefully instruct in the usual branches of an enlarged literary and commercial education. The admission of pupils will be strictly limited to a number that Mr. H. can himself superintend they will consequently he wholly under his personal instruction and care. Qn this plan one kind of teaching and a system- [systematic] atic [tic] course of instruction will be effectively secured for each pupil; and he will constantly be under a uniform and consistent mode of management and discipline. The methods of teaching and treatment may also be thus adapted to the peculiar intellectual and moral constitution of the pupil The course of instruction will comprise-The [comprise-the] Classical and the Modern Languages; English Language and Literature, including Grammar and Composition Scrip- [Scripture] ture [true] History, Arithmetic, Book-keeping, and other Com- [Commercial] mercial [commercial] subjects; Mathematics, Geosraphy, [Geography] History, Drawing and the Elemencs [Elements] of Science. The accurate teaching of every subject, and the thorough mastery by the pupil of whatever he studies, will consti- [consist- constitute] tute primary features in Mr. Hanson's plan of tuition ; and all pursuits and exercises will be rendered directly subservient to the promotion of the higher ends of educa- [Edgar- education] tion-the [ion-the -the] legitimate development and discipline ot the various powers of the mind. The moral culture of the pupils will be sedulously attended to. One object specially contemplated in estab- [stables- establishing] lishing [fishing] the School, is to offer the advantages of a sound and liberal education, free from those moral evils which are found to be almost inseparable from large numbers- [numbers] to supply additional means of training where the pupils will not be exposed to the influence of the unhealthy moral atmosphere and the lax discipline which characterise most darge [large] public establishments. TERMS. Per annum, Pupils above ten years of agé.......--- [age.......--- age] 8 6&3 Pupils under ten 6 6s. French, German, and Drawing, will be extras. These subjects will be taught by competent Masters. Mr. Hanson will receive into his house a few young gentlemen as rogular [regular] or weekly Boarders, to the formation of whose character every attention will be given. Terms moderate. Residence- [Residence] W ood-Thorpe, [od-Thorpe] Spring-Wood. Huddersfield, June, 1856, Lducation [Education] July 24th. Fitzwilliam-street, Huddersfield. 'T MISSES ATKINSON beg to announce that their SCHOOL will RE-OPEN on Thursday, PECULATIONS From the arrangements which are making, every sense attractive. Wednesday, the 30th of July. 31, Fitzwilliam-street. HE MISSES WOOD beg to announce that the DUTIES of their SCHOOL will commence on enterprise. MORAVIAN ESTABLISHMENT FOR THE EDUCATION OF YOUNG LABIES, [LADIES] GOMERSALL, NEAR LEEDS,-FOUNDED IN 1793. will be RE-OPENED on Thursday, July 24th. Leeds. Roads. WAKEFIELD AND AUSTERLANDS [ISLANDS] TURNPIKE the Wakefield and Austerlands [Islands] Turnpike Road will be held, by adjournment, at the George Hotel, in Hud- [HUD- Huddersfield] dersfield, [Huddersfield] on Thursday, the 24th day of July instant, at Twelve o'clock at noon. , By order, EDWARD LAK [LA] HESP, T. H. BATTYE, Clerks to the said Trustees, Huddersfield, 2nd July, 1856. BIRSTAL [BRISTOL] AND TURNPIKE OAD. [AD] OTICE [NOTICE] IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a SPECIAL MEETING of the TRUSTEES of the above road will be held at the George Hotel, in Hudders- [Udders- Huddersfield] Thursday, the 24th day of July next, at half-past Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of taking into consideration the propriety of lessening and reducing all or any of the tolls now taken and collected at the different toll-gates'and chains upon the said road, granted by an act passed in the 9th year of the reign of King George the Fourth, intituled [entitled] An act for amending, diverting, and improving the present road, and making and main- [maintaining] taining [training] certain new roads between the towns of Birstal [Bristol] and Huddersfield, in the West Riding of the county ot York and another act, passed in the 6th year of the reign of King William the Fourth, intituled [entitled] An act to amend an act, passed in the 9th year of the reign of King George the Fourth, for diverting, improving, and maintaining the roads between the towns of Birstal [Bristol] and Huddersfield, in the West Riding of the county of York; and for the urther [further] pnrpose [purpose] of making any order or orders for reducing and lessening such tolls to such extent, and in such proportion and manner as shall be decided upon by such meeting.-By order. . J. C. FENTON, Clerk to the said Trustees. Huddersfield, 20th June, 1856. Notices. M & SHEPHERD, Cuiroronisr, [Coroners] 38, King-Street. C NICS [NICE] and PARTIES supplied with large or small BANDS, by Henry Hartley, Wool-pack Inn, Buxton-road. Vy soos [Sons] CARDS, Wedding Stationery, and Visiting Cards, in the first style of fashion ; Card Plate, and 50 best Enamelled Cards, 4s. 6d., at Palmer's, 25, New-street, Huddersfield. HOMAS [THOMAS] M'INTYRE, [M'INTRO] Military and Genera Tailor, Leeds, will visit Huddersfield the first Wed- [Wednesday] nesday [Wednesday] in every month. Any message or letter in the interim, addressed to the Queen Hotel, will be attended to. ALE. Thiscelebrated [This celebrated] beverage may be had in perfection at R. Barker's wine and spirit stores, Market-place. Imperial measure-Pints 5s. 6d. per dozen, half-pints 3s, ROBBERY AND FIRE. A Large assortment of MILNERS' [MINERS] FIRE and THIEF PROOF SAFES, all fitted up with their unpickable [unpick able] and Patent Gunpowder Proof Locks, have just been received by their Agents, GEO. LANCASHIRE and Co., at their Dep6t, [Depot] No. 8, New-street, Huddersfield. HE Superior Qualities of Bottled LONDON PORTER, and BURTON BITTER ALE, in FINE CONDITION, fit for immediate use, to be had of JAMES T. WIGNEY, [WINE] WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, GREENWOOD'S-YARD, NEW-STREET, HUDDERSFIELD. Wines and Spirits of the very choicest qualities only. CLEARING SALE- [Sale great] GREAT BARGAINS, ISS RATCLIFFE, in returning her grateful thanks to the Ladies of Huddersfield and its vicinity for their kind and liberal patronage, begs to announce that in consequence of a large accumulation of stock, for which her premises do not afford sufficient accommodation, and with a view to having an entirely fresh stock in theantumn, [Thornton] she intends, during the month of July, to CLEAR OUT at considerably REDUCED PRICES. She intends giving the public an apportunity [opportunity] seldom to be met with, of making purchases at prices which can not fail to meet their approval.-An early call is solicited. Lion Arcade, 28th June, 1856. TO CONTRACTORS, BUILDERS, AND OTHERS, LANS, [LAND] Specifications, and Estimates made, Tracings taken, Working Drawings prepared, Works Measured and Valued, Quantities taken out, and other Machinery executed with despatch, and on moderate terms, by a 25 years' experienced person in public and private works, New Erections and Repairs of Old ones superin- [superior- superintended] tended. Temporary assistance to Architects and Builders. Letters addressed to Alpha, Chronicle Office, Hud- [HUD- Huddersfield] dersfield, [Huddersfield] will meet with prompt attention. HALL, Dispensing Chemist, in returning thanks to the inhabitants of Huddersfield their kind support during his three years in business, begs to acquaint the public that, besides Patent Medicines kept ready to hand at his medical establishment, he makes up Medicines recommended by the faculty, adapted to the removal and cure of most diseases incident to mankind and cattle, and trusts, with strict attention to business, to merit a continuance of future favours. Observe-T. Hall's Vermin and Insect Destroyer, pre- [prepared] pared and sold by him in packets at 4d. and 2d. each, N.B.-Physicians' prescriptions accurately dispensed. 33, Castlegate, Huddersfield, July 17th, 1856. WEST RIDING OF YORKSHIRE. OTICE [NOTICE] IS HEREBY GIVEN, that a Meeting of the Justices of the Peace for the West Riding of the county of York, will be held at the Court House, in Wakefield, in the said Riding, on Friday, the Ist [Its] day of August next, at Twelve o'clock at noon, for the purpose of taking into consideration the Act of the present Session of Parliament, intituled [entitled] An Act to render more effectual the Police in Counties and Boroughs in England and Wales, and to consider the best means of carrying the same into effect in the said West Riding. Cc. H. ELSLEY, [ELSE] Clerk of the Peace's Office, Clerk of the Peace. Wakefield, 16th July, 1856. ONDON [LONDON] and NORTH-WESTERN RAILWAY.-SEA-BATHING.-Return Tickets to Harrogate, Scarborough, Whitby, Filey, and Bridlinzton. [Bridlington] The public is respectfully informed that Excursion Tickets are now issued from the following Stations to Harrogate, Scarborough, &c., available to Return for Twenty-eight days from the date of issue TO SCARBOROUGH, WHITBY, FILEY, OR TO HARROGATE. BRIDLINGTON. Ist [Its] class. 2ndclass, [Nicolas] Istclass. [Assist] 2nd class. Stations. s. d. s. 4d. 8s d. s, d. Huddersfield 9 .. 6 6 1... 21 6 2... 15 6 Manchester. 14 ...10 6 .. 26 ... 20 Oldham ...... 14 ...10 6 26 20 Children under twelve years of age half fare. Full particulars as to conditions of issue, &c., may be obtained from the Station Agents, and at the Superin- [Superior- Superintendent] tendent's [tendency's] Offices, Manchester or Liverpool.-By order, Manchester, July Ist, [Its] 1856, THE CORN EXCHANGE, MARKET-STREET, HUDDERSFIELD. SHEARD and CO. beg to say they are pre- [pre] J. pared to supply consumers and dealers in Grain, Flour, Meal, Beans, Oats, Barley, and all kinds of Corn (and Agricultural Farm Seeds at the proper season), of the best quality, and at the lowest remunerating prices, on nett cash terms. J.S. and Co. also beg to intimate that on the close of the forthcoming harvest they will be willing to CONTRACT either to BUY or to SELL any kind of GRAIN, for monthly or quarterly accounts, subject to such arrange- [arrangements] ments [rents] as may be most to the mutual interest of parties wishing to contract, at fixed prices to be agreed upon, and according to sample. . . Afcer [After] a long experience in the open credit system, the conductors of the above Exchange is convinced that quicker returns for both buyer and seller is absvlutely [absolutely] necessary, to serve the public well and at the lowest possible cost ; and also give a real and proper advantage to all good customers therefure [therefore] cash terms shall command the best attention of the public's obedient servants, J. SHEARD and CO. JAMES SHEARD, Conductor, A large WAREHOUSE, over the above Exchange, to LET, and Office on ground floor if required, Market-street, July 18th, 1856. HE Friends of this Institution, and the Public generally, are respectfully informed that the SCHOOL to be made to the Hev. [He] James Lang, director or, Miss governess, Gomersal, near ROAD. HE next MEETING of the TRUSTEES of and and easy fitting article of attire, The largest stock E. London City Establishment, 154, communicatin [communication] London West End Sheffield Branch, 36, Fargate; [Forget] C, MOS ES Caution.-E. MOSES SON Se Lot ed connected many. instances, an obvious. of London, except their own E ishments [ailments] as N.B. -Should any article purchased at their or the money will be returned without any demur. regret havi [have] ',' A new Book entitled the Court of Fashion, ment, [men] may be had on application, or NOTICE.-E, MOSES and SON'S Establishments when business is resumed till Twelve o'clock. NOTICE DDY [DAY] and BARRACLOUGH, Drapers, John Public generally, that they Market-place,) THIS DAY (Saturday), are BOrrLED [Bottled] PORTER (London or Dublin) in fine condition, imperial measure-pints 4s. per dozen, half-pints 2s. 3d.-Richard Barker, wine and spirit mer- [Mr- merchant] chant, Market-place. No. 9, BRIDGE-END CORN WAREHOUSE. T GILL, Organist, begs respectfully to e announce to the inhabitants of Huddersfield and its vicinity, that he has OPENED a ROOM over the above premises for the purpose of GIVING LESSONS on the PIANOFORTE, VIOLIN, &c., on a new principle, by which both old and young may learn with ease. A room for daily practice.-Terms on application at the above address, TRADESMAN S COMMERCIAL LOAN SOCIETY. O FFices-HIGH-STREET, [O Offices-HIGH-STREET] HUDDERSFIELD. pas Society grants LOANS from 20 to 200 upon the personal security of two or more respectable householders the loans to be repaid by weekly instalments, ranging from twenty weeks, twenty-five weeks, thirty weeks, forty weeks, to fifty weeks. Forms of application for loans may be obtained at the Chief or are transmitted to any part of Yorkshire, on receipt of six pos [post] stam [steam] A. LISTER, Secretary. GEORGE HOTEL, ST. GEORGE'S SQUARE, HUDDERSFIELD. HOMAS [THOMAS] JENNINGS WIGNEY, [WINE] WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, Families supplied with WINES anit [anti] SPIRITS of the Choicest A BOTTLED BITTER ALES AND PORTER IN FINE CONDITION. BITTER ALE IN CASKS OF 12 GALLONS EACH. IMPORTER OF CLARETS, HOCKS, CHAMPAGNES, &c. Office-East Entrance of the George Hotel, John William-street. CANCER HOSPITAL, LONDON AND WEST MPTON [MORTON] rae claims of the poor afflicted with cancer, especially females, are more urgent than for any other class of sufferers. This Charity has received under its care 1,500 patients, and now averages constantly under treatment upwards of 400 cases. The remedies and dietary are of the most expensive character. 'To enable the Com- [Committee] mittee [matter] to continue the relief sought for, PECUNIARY AID from the benevolent is earnestly solicited. An annual subscription of one guinea constitutes a gover- [over- governor] nor, and a donation of 10 guineas and upwards a governor for life. TREASURER, William Loxham [Lox] Farrer, Esq., 66, Lincoln's-inn-fields, BANKERS, Messrs. Coutts and Co., 59, Strand. Secretary's Office, 167, Piccadilly (opposite to Bond- [Bond street] street), where subscriptions are regeived [received] and all information relative to the charity may be obtained. By order. W. J. COCKERILL, Secretary. IMPORTANT TO ENGINEERS, MILLOWNERS, [MILLINERS] &c. ORTH [NORTH] WOOLWICH ELASTIC STEAM PACKING (Canvas and India Rubber), at Is. 43d, er pound, (Rings 3d. per lb. extra,) as supplied to her Majesty's Dockyards. Orders received by H. L. RaMSDEN, [Ramsden] New-street, Hud- [HUD- Huddersfield] dersfield [Huddersfield] R. Horsfall, Bradford-road, Dewsbury. CauTion.-None [Caution.-None] genuine unless stamped-Size S, W. Silver and Co.'s Works, North Woolwich. TESTIMONIALS. Commercial Mills, Cornbrook, [Cranbrook] Manchester, Oct. 6th, 1854. Messrs, S. W. Silver and Co., 3 and 4, Bishopsgate-street, London. Gentlemen ,- We have been using almost exclusively, for steam and water-joints, previous to which time we tried all the sorts which came under our notice, but yours we con- [consider] sider [side] decidedly the best and most economical.-We are, yours respectiully, [respectfully] JOSHUA SCHOFIELD and Sons, King and Queen Iron Works, Rotherhithe, London, 11th November, 1854. Gentlemen,-We have tried your Patent Packing for some time in our steam engines, and also in steam-pipe superior to the ordinary hemp packing. It is especially serviceable in the slide ours truly, HowagD [Howard] RAVENHILL and Co. Messrs. S. W. Silver and Co., 3 and 4, Bishopsgate-street, London. Works, Deptford, 29th Jan., 1856. I have pleasure in stating that the Packing of Messrs, S. W. Silver and Co., has been in use in the various parts of the engines on board the steam-ships of the company, and given every satisfaction. J. BEARDMORE, Engineer, General Steam Navigation Company. JOHN CASSELL'S COFFEES. rae unparalled [unparalleled] demand for JOHN CASSELL'S COFFEES for a series of many years fully demon- [demonstrates] strates [states] their real excellence. So extensive and wide spread is their celebrity, that the remark has become familiar as 'household words, If you want really good Coffee, you should use John Cassell's. Notices. From the company which will be collected, the concert will every one will indulge in the most fashionable display. , From the connection which E. Moses and Son have, and the demands which are made on them for Dress, suitable for the concert, it may be very justly expected that the i orders for attire, Hosiery, Ties, Gloves, &c., &c., for which their ssess [possess] an amplitude which no other means or resources can From the fact of E. Mosxs [Moss] and Son having furnished their Bradfurd [Bradford] Bran. fashionable and elegant materials for Dress, and a selection of Faney Ves [Bes] excellence, it is highly desirable that the earliest orders s NOVELTIES SOLELY PROCURABLE AT The Oniversal [Universal] Walking Coat, a garment for excursions, 19 and 20, BRIDGE-STREET, BRaDFOR [Bradford] 155, 156, 157, Minories 83, 84, 85, and 86, Aldgate, opposite the Church-all Branch, 506, 507, and 508, New Oxford-street 1, 2, and 3, Hart-street-ali communicating. ving [vine] to guard the Publi [Public agains [against] with their Establishment, or they beg to state they Establishment not give satisfaction, it will be John Cassell's Coffees are made up in Canisters of One Pound and Half-pound, and in air-tight Packages of Four Ounces and Two Ounces. John Cassell's Coffee, No. 1, (Pink Wrapper) 1s. Od. per Ib. John Cassell's Coffee, No. 2, (Blue Wrapper) 1s. 2d. ,, John Cassell's Coffee, No. 3, (Lilac Wrapper) 1s, 4d. ,, John Cassell's Coffee, No. 4,(Yellow Wrapper) Is. 8d. ,, Sold by Agents in most towns. Appointments still made. For terms of Agency apply to John Cassell, 80, Fen- [Fenchurch] church-street, [street] London. Agent for HUDDERSFIELD WooDcocK [Woodcock] AND Co., King- [King street] street. Hillhouse J. Wood. Slaithwaite D. Carter, Junction house. Halifax D. Wilson, Post Office, North- [Northbridge] bridge. Bradford J. Pratt, 18, Ivegate. [Negative] Wakefield Watson and Cv., Silver-street. Penistone L. White, Chemist, &c. Barnsley J. Wall, Druggist. Leeds J. Iieaton [Eaton] and Son, 7, Briggate. Dewsbury J. R. Robinson, Westgate. LEEDS, MONDAYS, TUESDAYS, AND WEDNESDAYS, 4, EAST PARADE. BY HER MAJESTY'S ROYAL LETTERS PATENT. R. MOSELY (of the firm of Mr. S. Mosely, Surzeon [Surgeon] Dentist, by appointment to H. M the King of Hanover,) 15, Whitetriar-gate, [Tetra-gate] Hull, (from 61, Grosvenor- [Grosvenorstreet] street, London), in expressing his appreciation of the con- [confidence] fidence [confidence] placed in his professional ability by the principal resident families of the county for the last twenty years of his attendance, has the honor to announce his arrangments [arrangements] for attendance at Leeds, Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wed- [Wednesdays] nesdays, [Wednesday] throughout the year,-Residence, 4, East Parade. Mr. MOSELY invites attention to bis newly invented and patented system of supplying the loss of teeth an in- [invaluable] valuable invention, consisting in the adaptation with the most absolute perfection and success, ofhis [of his] Terreous [Terrors] Arti- [Art- Artificial] ficial Teeth, [official Teeth, Teeth] without springs, fastenings, or wires, and for which her Masesty [Majesty] HaS [Has] GRANTED HIM HER Roya [Royal] Lerrers [Letters] Parent. The.advantages [the.advantages] attained by Mr. Mosely's method are the perfect tit and secure fastening of the artificial teeth, without the aid of any wire or springs so that instead of loosening and decaying the natural teeth, (the inevi-able [vine-able] result of clasps and wires), perfect support is afforded and the natural teeth are materially strengthened by the deficiency being thus supplied. By this system of fixing his artificial teeth, Mr. Mosely evables [enables] his patients to articulate with the same freedom and effect as with the na- [natural] tural [trial] teeth, the artificial ones being so securely and perma- [Perea- permanently] nently [neatly] fixed in the mouth as to render them quite undis. [Indies] tinguishable [punishable] trom [from] the original, and avoiding the extractior [extract] of stumps or other painful operations. Decayed and tender teeth permanently restored to use, preventing the necessity of anes, [ans] East Parad [Parade] At home, 4, e, Leeds, M 8, Tuesda [Tuesday] and Wednesdaya, [Wednesday] onday [Monday] ON THE CONCERT. and the talent to be employed, the concert is likely to be in From the taste of the Yorkshire people for musical perfermances, [performance] the concert is sure to be a profitable be a splendid sight, and an occasion on which y will have again the honour of attending all Preparations are on a very magnificent scale, possibly equal. ch wa a repety [pretty] of the nest tings of unparalleled beauty an hould [should] be given for dress for ths concerk, [concert] 7 E. MOSES AND SON. Promenades or business, an elegant, gentlemanly in fashionable and serviceable materials, at very moderate a . The Sardinian Bordered Trousers, an artistic desizn, [design] a graceful 'it. why be without braces, accommodated to the season, and very reasonable in of Juvenile Dress in the world, at the Bradfo [Bradford] and comfortable fit, may be worn with or rice, Branch Bstablishment, [Establishment] SON, AND olonial [Colonial] Branch, Melbourne, Australia. t imposition; having lexrned [learned] that the It's the same concern, has Leen [Lee] resorted é other Houre [House] in or out exchanged (if uesired,) [desired] be tes [te] ae ae Every article is marked in plain figures at the lowest price, from which no abatement can be made. containinz [containing] full Lists of Prices and directions for Self-Measure- [Measure] t free to any part of the Kingdom. Closed from sunset every Friday till sunset on Saturday, OF REMOVAL. William-street, beg to inform their Friends and the will OPEN their new and commodious PREMISES, (next door but one nearer the when the favour of a call will be esteemed. UR FRENCH ALLIES. Strengthen the Alliance by helping to promote an increase in the imports of Freuch [French] Wines. To connoisseurs of Claret, R. Barker recommends a good sound wine at 42s. per dozen, a wine of daily increasing consumption. Chateau Leoville, [Seville] Margaux or Lafitte, at moderate prices, -R. Barker, wine and spirit merchant, Market-place. rae MELBOURNE HOTEL, 81, King-street, Huddersfield, by J. REWITT. [HEWITT] Dinners at One o'clock, and Refreshments at any hour of the day. Good Beds. Board and Lodgings for single Gentlemen, and good Accommodation for Commercial Men. Choice Ales, bottled and draught; London and Dublin Porter, bottled and draught; Ginger Beer, Cordials, Cigars, & N.B.-Good Stabling. PIANOFORTES. CHAPMAN has received a large Stock of F., New and Second-hand PIANOFORTES, in walnut, rosewood, and mahogany cases, which he is now offering at 20 per cent below any other dealer in the town. Mark the address-J, Chapman, 39, Upperhead-row, Huddersfield. DECLINING THE DRAPERY BUSINESS. SECOND AND FINAL REDUCTION, C. MARSH, Linen Draper, Silk Mercer, e &c., respectfully announces to his friends and the public that in order to effect an immediate clearance of the whole of his Stock, he has AGAIN REDUCED the PRICES much BELOW the ORIGINAL COST The stock comprises Paisley, barage, [barge] and sylphide [sulphate] scarf shawls, silks, black and coloured barages, [barges] inuslin [muslin] dresses parasols, ealicoes, [Calicoes] linen and cotton sheetinys, [sheets] Ke. FURS in sable, mink, kolinsky, [Collins] ermine, minever, [never] and chinchilla; also Cuffs to match. The whole of the furs are little more than half the original cost. 5, New-street, opposite the Post-office, Huddersfield. I G A R Ss. MANUFACTURED BY MACHINERY. TWENTY PER CENT LESS THAN THE PRICES USUALLY CHARGED. JAMES STEEL and Co., Patentees, 78, Duke-street, Liverpool. J.8.and Co. beg to call the attention of the Trade and Dealers in general to their improved system of MANUFACTURING CIGARS BY MACHINERY, by the aid of which they are enabled to offer con- [considerable] siderable [considerable] advantages. S. and Co. having the Patent for the Kingdom, and the only House in the Trade possessing the right to work them, can supply Goods of thesame [the same] quality as other Houses at a considerable reduction in prices. Importers of Foreign Cigars. Terms, Cash, T WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS IRVING'S PATENT ELEMINE [ELEMENT] Is the best composition ever invented for working with Oil in the processes of Scribbling and Carding Wool, &c. It does rot in the least injure the Cards, will keep any length of time, makes only about half the usual waste or fudd, [fund] and spins with much less breakage than by using oil alone. It is now used by most first-class Manufacturers and Yarn Spinners, to whom the Makers can furnish references. Price One Penny per pound.-All orders addressed to James Tolson and Sons, Dalton, Huddersfield, will be promptly attended to. FIRST CLASS PIANOS. R. MELLOR is again in London, selecting PIANOFORTES from the most approved makers, and on his return will have for SALE or HIRE the largest, best, and cheapest Stock of Instruments in this country. SECOND CLASS PIANOS. ADDINGTON'S PIANOS-Mr. MELLOR has received some elegant-looking Instruments by this maker, which he can offer at very low vices. Cottage PIANOS of full Compass, with Metallic Plate, &e., in Rosewood, 25 Guineas, Large size Cottage PIANOS, in the most elegant walnut cases, with wave mouldings, three compartment door, carved brackets, Fret's work pannels, [panels] ivory fronted keys, &c., &c., price 30 Guineas. Sold by R. MELLOR, Music Seller, Huddersfield. ICCO'S [ECO'S] CONCERT at Huddersfield. -The [the] PIANOFORTE used at this Concert, and so much admired for its full rich tone and flute-like treble notes, was one of Broadwood's new patent seven octave Bichorda [Richard] Grand Pianos, and is now on SALE, at Mr. MELLOR's Music Warehouse, Cross Church-street. ARON LIEBIG'S [Lie big'S] spinion [opinion] on Allsopp's Pale Ale. agreeableand [agreeable and] efficient tonic, a general beve- [bee- beverage] rage both for the invalid and the robust. -T'his world- [world famed] famed Bitter Beer in hottles [bottles] of imperial measure-Pints 4s. 6d. per dozen, half-pints, 2s. 6d.; also in casks of 18 gallons.-R, Barker, wine and spirit merchant, Market- [Marketplace] place. N 7 HITE'S [HIRE'S] MOC-MAIN [MIC-MAIN] patent iever [ever] TRUSS, requiring no steel spring roundthe [round the] body, is recom- [com- recommended] mended for the following peculiarities and advantages lst, [last] facility of application; 2nd, perfect freedom from liability to chafe or excoriate 3rd, it may be worn with equal comfort in any position of the body by night or day ; it admits of every kind ofexercise [of exercise] without the slightest in- [inconvenience] to the wearer and is perfectly concealed from observation. do not hesitate to give to this invention our unqua- [unique- unequalled] lifd [life] approbation, and we strenuously advise the use of it to all those who stand in need of that protection which they cannot so fully, nor with the same comfort, obtain RUPTURES, have the highest satisfaction in thus recommending. [recommending] Church and State Gazette. Recommended by the following eminent Surgeons - m. Fergusson, Esq., F.R.S., Professor of Surgery in King's College, Surgeon to the King's College Hospital, &e, C. G. Guthrie, Esq., Surgeon to the Royal Westmin- [Western- Westminster] ster [ste] Opthalmic [Athletic] Hospital; W. Bowman, Esq., F.R.S., Assistant,Surgeon to King's College Hospital T, Calla- [Callaway] way, Esq Senior Assistant-Surgeon to Guy's Hospital ; T. Blizard [Lizard] Curling, Esq., F.R.S., Surgeon to the Iondon [London] Llospital [Hospital] W. J. Fisher, Esq., Surgeon-in-Chief vo the Metropolitan Police Force; Aston Key, Esq., Surgeon to Prince Albert Robert Liston, Esq., F.R.S.; James Luke, Esq.. Surgeon to the London Truss Society Erasmus Wilson, Esq., F.R.S.; W. Coulson, Esq., Sargeon [Surgeon] to Magdalen Hospital; and many others. A descriptive circular may be bad by post, and the Truss (which cannot fail to fit) can be forwarded by post, by send- [sending] ing the circumference of the body two inehes [inches] below the pips to the Manufacturer, Mr. WHITE, 228, Piccadilly, Price of a Single Truss, 16s., 21s., 26s. 6d., and 31s. 6d.; postage, ls. Price of a Double Truss, dls. [ls] 6d., 42s., and o2s. [ons] 6d. postage, 1s. 8d. . Post-office Orders to be made payable to John White, Post-office, Piccadiliy. [Piccadilly] LASTIC [LAST] STOCKINGS, KNEE CAPS, &.- The mater-jal [mater-al] of which these are made is reeommended [recommended] by the Facu)ty [Fact)ty] as being peculiarly elastio [also] and compressi- [compress- compressible] ble, [be] and tbe [the] best invention for giving efficient and per- [permanent] manent [mane] support in all cases of weakness and swelling of the legs, varicose veins, sprains, &e. It is porous, light ir, texture, and inexpensive, and is drawa [draw] on like 0] stocking. Price, from 7s. 6d. to 16s, each, Por, [Or] 6d. . may be seen in the Crystal Palace. BMANUFACTOR [MANUFACTURER] 228, PICCADILLY, LONDON, rom any other apparatus or truss as from that which we Shipping Notices. EMIGRATION TO ae BY FIRSTCLASS [FISTULAS] PACK i, APSCOTT'S [SCOTT'S] Line for NEW YORK sailing weekly. COPE'S Line for PHI- [PHILADELPHIA] LADELPHIA, [PHILADELPHIA] on the 12th of each gmonth. [month] And first-class ships to other American Ports oceasionalty. [occasionally] 7 For terms of passage, aud [and] other particulars, apply to P W. TAPSCOTT, [DISCORD] and os Old Hall, Old Hall-ssreet, [Hall-street] and St. George's Buildings, Regent Road, Liverpool. Agent in New York, Tapscott, [Discord] and Co., 86, South-street. Money Orders and Pazsage [Passage] Certificates issued by the above, either in New York or Liverpool. STEAM TO ITALY AND SICILY, ON FHE [HE] Isr, [Sir] llru, [lr] AND 12TH [THE] OF EACH MONTR. [MONTH] AMD HE Anglo Italian Steam-ship Company's Screw Steam-ship eee [see] 1,000 tons, Sneceeds [Succeeds] is re Arno, and wi es ed for See Genoa, Leghorn,. and Naples calling at Gibralter, [Gibraltar] on the 2lst [last] July.-For freight or passage, apply to LAMONT, McLARTY, [McLeod] and Co., 21, Water-street, Liverpool. CARRYING A MAIL. EAGLE LINE OF PACKEUS [PACKETS] FOR AUSTRALIA. PASSAGE 14 AND UPWARDS, vo the consignment of Bright Brothers N and Co. For Melbourne, forwarding Passengers to Sydney, Hobart Town, &c., the clipper-ship. EAGLE, 2,000 tons, Captain Murphy, well known as one of the fastest vessels afloat, guaranteed to sail on the 24th July. Cabin vassengers [passengers] embark on the 23rd July, other classes on the bond. na ly to Gibbs, Bright, and Co., Liverpool ;. or to ILLIAM [WILLIAM] MOORE and SON, Huddersfield. The METEOR, and the Liverpool and Australian Navigation Company's Steam-ships RoyaL [Royal] CHaRTER [Carter] and GREAT BRITAIN,' will follow. STEAM TO NEW YORK. Glasgow and New York Steam-ship Company's powerful and fast-sailing steam-ships EDIN- [EDWIN- Dine] en BURGH, 2,200 tons, 450 horse-power, Se W. Cumming, commander; NEW- [YORK] YORK, 2,050 tons, 400 horse-power, R. Craig, commander; GLASGOW, 1,962 tons, 400 horse-power, J. Duncan, commander; are intended to sail from GLASGOW to EDINBURGH...... Tuesday, Luyust [List] 5, 1856. Wines or liquors, which will be supplied on board at good quality, properly cooked. Carries a surgeon. Freight to New York, (including carriage from Liver- [Liverpool] pool to Glasgow, and all trans-shipping charges there), 4 per ton measurement, and five per cent primage. [prime] goods per agreement. 20, Dixon-street, Glasgow, or to LANGTRYS [LAUNDRESS] and Co., 20, Water-street, Liverpool. Ensurance [Insurance] Pffic s, Pacific s] DRE [DE] PAD LA OD LID LALA. [GALA] ae COMPANY. Established in 1838, OFFICES. Glasgow............ 40, St. Vincent-place. Edinburgh......... 21, St. Andrew-square. 12, King William-street, City. The Directors request attention to the important advan- [advance- advantages] tages [ages] offered by this company to the public. I. ORDINARY ASSURANCE WITH PROFITS. The Profits of the company are divided annually, the assured participate therein from entry. bonus additions. This system is peculiarly favourable for all who desire a constantly increasing assurance. II. BONUS ASSURANCE AT THE SMALLEST OUTLAY. By annually applying the cash value of the bonus in reduction of next year's premium, the cost of the assurance is greatly reduc&d. [reduce&d] This reduction of outlay is immediate and constantly increasing, whilst the amount assured remains unchanged. A premium of 20 ona [on] policy opened at age 23 will next year be reduced to 15 17s. 6d. It will continue dimiuvishing [division] annually, till at age 65 it is reduced to 10 7s. 6d., and thereafter the reduction continues to increase. Ill. SEVEN YEARS' HALF CREDIT ASSURANCE. Under this system assurauces [assurance] can be effected at an outlay duriug [during] the first seven years of little more than half of the ordinary premium, and at a modarate [moderate] rate thereafter. IV. FOREIGN TRAVEL AND RESIDENCE. Peculiar facilities are given by the company under this head. There is no restriction on parties assured under whole life policies as regards foreign travel by sea, and they are allowed to reside in many foreign countries, with- [without] out payment of extra premium. VY. POLICIES INDISPUTABLE., The company's policies, after satisfactory evidence of age as been produced, are indisputable on any ground what- [water] ver, [Rev] at the expiry of five years from their date. op Copies of the company's pamphlets explaining and illus- [illustrating] trating [rating] the above advantages, with forms of proposal, &c., may be obtained at the company's ollices, [olives] or from any of the agents. By Order of the Directors, ROBERT BALFOOR, [BALFOUR] Secy. at Edinburgh. AGENTS. HUDDERSFIELD...Messrs. THOMSON and Dopps [Hopps] COMPANY. Established 1825. Constituted by Acts of Parliament. GOVERNOR, His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry. DEPUTY-GOVERNOR, ' The Right Honourable the Earl of Elgin and Kincardine, i LONDON CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD, The Right Honourable the Earl of Aberdeen, ORDINARY DIRECTORS, Thomas H. Brooking, Esq., 14, New Broad-street. John Griffith Frith, Esq., Austin Friars, Alexander Gillespie, Esq., 3, Billiter-court. [Bitter-court] Alexander Macgregor, [MacGregor] Esq., Upper Wimpole-street. John Scott, Esq., 4, Hyde-park-street, Sir Anthony Oliphant, C.B. Francis Le Breton, Esq., 3, Crosby-square. Manager ................. ... Will. Thos. Thomson, F.R.S.E, Resident Secretary ...... H. Jones Williams. Inspector of Agencies.... William Bentham Edinburgh. .3, George street. London...... 82, King William-street. The New Business transacted by this Company during 1855 exceeded that of any Assurance Institution in the United Kingdom, the Sums proposed for Assurance during he year 716,383 7 11 And the Assurances aceepted [accepted] 609,323 7 11 A Bonus was declared on Ist [Its] May, 1856, varying from 27 18s. to 18s. per cent on the sums assured, 'This was the fifth declaration of profits. EXAMPLES OF BONUS. ct Sum in Bo Total Sum in Polley icy. Additi [Addition] i Date of Policy poliey. [policy] to i835. [i] mon Bouus [Boys] -Addition, 15th Nov. 1825, 1000 1152 2152 1830, 1000 867 1367 1835; 1000 582 1582 1840; 1000 347 9 1347 9 1845, 1000 174 1174 10 1850 1000 64 1064 The income of the Company is about a Quarter of a Million. NON-FORFEITURE OF POLICIES, Important resolutions have been adopted as to the non- [non forfeiture] forfeiture of policies within 13 months from the date of payment of the premium under certain eonditions, [conditions] SELECT ASSURANCE COVERING FOREIGN RESIDENCE WITHOUT EXTRA PREMIUM. Policies of five years' duration are admissible to this class, at the discretion of the SURRENDER VALUES, A liberal surrender value is allowed after payment of one annual premium for policies on the with profit seale, sand after three premiums on the without profit scale, ' Persons proposing to Hifect [Effect] Assurances are invited to examiue [examine] these important and peculiar conditions by appli- [apply- application] cation to the Office, where the fullest information may be obtained, H. JONES WILLIAM London, 82, King William-street, 8, Res. Socy. [Soc] Copies of the report of the i May, 1856, are now ce, proceedings at the meeting of ready, and can be had at the AGENTS. HUDDERSFIELD-JouN [HUDDERSFIELD-John] Hatcu, [Hat] Sharebroker. [Share broker] Bradford-John Turner, Brook-street. Dewsbury-Dunn Harwood, sharebroker. [share broker] Halitax [Halifax] -W. Parkinson. Coarse pany [any] are, None but engaged goods will be unmistakeable evideuce [evidence] is thus given periodically of taken. Bills of lading to be bad at S. R. Gresson's, [Congress's] 58 ea and 60, South Castle-street.- [street] Apply to Mathew Langlands, [England] Dec. 26, 1855. Bradford ..Mr. R. B. Young, 8, St. Jude's-square Beverley ............ Mr. Joseph Hind, Register Office a Barnsley............ Mr. Zacchous [Bacchus] Crowther, Regent-street Dewsbury ......... Mr. Thomas Hemingway, Chickenley Doncaster ......... Mr. Joseph Marsden, Market-place Halifax ............ Mr. John 'Tetley, 3, Haigh's-yard, Woolshops [Wool shops] P. --Mr. Walter Reed, solicitor, Parliament- [Parliament street] street h Malton ....Mr. R. Hind, Messrs. Russell's brewery Rochdale ......... Mr. Zachary Mellor, solicitor Darlington......... Mr. O. B. Wooler, solicitor York ,..............Messrs. H. Bellerby and Son, Stonegate HE STANDARD LIFE ASSURANCE ct cr name (Robert Wotherspoon), [Withers] genuine. lk Engurance [Entrance] Office, AN RD NNER [NEAR] NIN [INN] OR nr Pas ete [tee] sth [st] Cr gions [ions] MPROVED [PROVED] DEPOSIT AND DIScOUNM [Discount] BANK.-THE LIFE ASSURANCE TRZASURY. [TREASURY] Five or six per sent, as per arrangement, on deposits. A Free Life Policz [Police] given, in addition to three per cent, on drawing accounts. Bills discounted, annuities granted. A liberal commission to agents. Right Hon. the Earl of Devon, Prospectuses, forms of application for shares, &c-, may 'be had at 6, West, ay G. H. LAW, Goneral [General] Manager. OYAL [ROYAL] INSURANCE COMPANY. Capital 2,000,000 in 100,000 Shares of 20 each. TRASTERS.- [TRUSTEES.- TRUSTEES] Join Shaw Leigh, Esq., and John Mayloy, [Mayoral] Esq. DIRECTORS, ETC IN LIVERPOOL, Charies [Charles] Taylor, Esq., chairman. J. Bramley-Moore, Esq., M.P., and Ralply [Reply] Brocklabank, [Brooklyn] Esq., deputy-shairmen, [deputy-chairman] FIRE BRANOH [BRANCH] Annual Premiums 130,000, exceeding almost every of c in the United Kingdom. Losses promptly and liberal paid. Security of a large capital actually paid up , LIFE BRANCH Stamps on Policies nut charged. Forfeiture cannot take place from unintentional mistake. fees paid. Moderate premiums. Large bonus declared - 1895, amounting to 2 per cent per annum. on the sum assured, being, on ages from 20 to 40, 80 per cent on thee premium. Periods of division every five-years. of Policy; EXAMPLES -- Date of Policy.) Age. Sam Assured Premium Bonus' 5s. di 1845 29 1,000 24218 4.) 180 1846 24 1,000 194 5 160 3 2,000 48015 0 320 1817 19 300 46 4 42 1348 22 100 14 8 2) 10 1850 27 500 5618 40 This Company added about 90,000 to its permanent capital, for the increased protection of its insurers This. step distinctly shows that the Company has always acted om the principle enunciated by one of thie [the] directors at the last annual meeting of the proprietors-' that. the interests of the assured have a paramount claim on the directors-a. claim superior even to that of the shareholders themselves. 'From that moment, as might be expected; the Com- [Come] NEW YORK, (unless prevented by any unforseen [unforeseen] circum. [circus] P22Y [P] attained the highest consideration throughout the stance) country, and has retained it ever since, 'The [the] result im [in] GLASGOW......... Tuesday, July 22, 1856. shown in the unexampled fact that its Fire Revenue alone ose [one] in about tive [tie] years from little more than 30,000 to- [to cabin] Cabin Passage, 15 guineas, including provisions, but not about 130,000. further cause of this rapid growth lies somewhat moderate rates. A limited number of steerage passengers more below the surface, but is yet of importance. From will be taken at eight guineas, supplied with provisious [provisions] of above we learn that no fire office possessing half the a Registrar-General, ove [over] revenue annually deposits its accounts with the- [there] The the] resources and balance-sheets of this great Come-- [Come] on the contrary, annually registered, andi [and] pacity [city] to meet its engagement. -Morning. Herald, Indeed, the benus [bens] of the 'Royal' may be pronounced to be larger than any yet declared by the mass of the Fnglish [English] offices. Here is an office, which yields a fairly earned aud [and] wholesome reversionary [reversions] bonus of 80 per cent in. its Life Branch, and, in regard to Fire operations, can make this very enviable boast, that it has exceeded the ITY [IT] OF GLASGOW LIFE Fire business of all but two of the London Fire Offices, viz., the receipt of nearly 130,000 per year in fire premiums aione-some [one-some] of which ancient offices have been in existence- [existence for] for a century departments. Indeed, the Life department may be said to present results equally Now. 28, 1835. Equally successful and singular in. both. as worthy of mention. -Morning AGENTS REQUIRED, The magnitude of the Company's business since the declaration of the above large bonus, which has exceeded expectation, enables it to offer to its representatives and unusual opportunities of success. It is therefore, prepared. Hence the ty ae policies are regularly increased, year by year, by large 4 appoint applicants of influence and respectability as gents at places where it is at present unrepresented. PERCY M. DOVE, Actuary and Manager. AGENTS. HUDDERSFIELD-Mr. G. H. Brook, George-street.. Armley-Mr. Robert Hoyle, Mistress-lane. Bradfurd-Mr. [Bradford-Mr] J. Garbutt, 8, Little Horton-lane. Do. -Mr. J, BR, Silcock, Bradford Banking Co. Dewsbury-Mr. G. Catlow, auctioneer. Elland-Mr. W. Margetson. [Markets] Halifax-Mr. John Gelson, [Nelson] Delph-street. Harrogate-Mr. John Wilson,. 10, West-park, Hull-Mr. G. W. Stourton, Hizh-street, [High-street] Do.-Mr. Astley, High-street. Honley-Mr. W. Wilkinson, draper, Heekmondwike-Mr. [Heckmondwike-Mr] W. Sykes. Hoyland-Mr. Wm. W. Bamlord. [Lombard] Kirkburton-Mr. A. Hargreaves. Leeds-Mr. Joseph Dickenson, 17, Albion-street.. Do. -Mr. John Maude, Greek-street, Do. -Mr. Wade, 8, Park-row. Marsden-Mr, Hesslegrave, surgeon. Rochdale-Mr. Matthew Weston, Yorksbire-street. [Yorkshire-street] Shefficld-Messrs. [Sheffield-Messrs] T. Branson and Son, solicitors, St. James's-row. Saddleworth-Mr. J. W. Roberts, Upper-house, Dob- [Dobcross] cross, near Manchester. Scarborough-Mr. W. Robson, chemist, Carr.street, Wakefield-Mr. J. Ellerton, Corn Exchange Buildings. York-Messrs. W. and J. EH. Simpson, North-street. LENFIELD [GLENFIELD] PATENT STARUH, [STARCH] used in her Majesty's Laundry, awarded honourable mention ab the Great Exhibition, aad. [and] also the Prize Medal, awarded. by the Executive Committee of the Exhibition held at New York in 1853. The Manufacturer has much pleasure in directing the tteution [attention] of the Public to the following Testimonial - SECOND TESTIMONIAL FROM HER MAJESTY'S LAUN [LAN] DRESS. Royal Laundry, Richmond, Surrey,24th July, 1854; ' [C] Mr. WoOTHERSPOON, [Withers] Manufacturer of the Glenfiela [Greenfield] atent [tent] Starch.-Sir,- [Sir] Since had the pleasure, in 1851; of iving [Irving] you a testimonial, for your Glentield [Glenfield] Patent Starch, aving [having] had continued and uninterrupted opportunities of testing it, am glad that I am able, still, to bear my testix [tests] mony [money] to its excellent properties of elasticity, strength, purity of colour, durability, und [and] economy, which is attain- [attainable] able by no other starch, experience of the Glenfield Patent Starch, during which time I bave [ave] tried many others, such as Rice, Wheaten, Potatoes, &c., &ce., but have found none of them equal to the Glenfield, for the beautiful gloss and finish it gives to Laces, Linens, &c.,. as well as the stiffness which it retains even in damp weather. I have now had several years Since its first introduction in. the ueen's [Queen's] Laundry it has been exclusively used, and I deem t my duty to you, as well as the public, thus.publicly to xpress [press] my opinion of its unrivalled qualities, and need nly [only] add, that for every purpose for whi h-starch [who h-starch] is used he Glenfield Patent Starch stands unequalled, aud [and] I have he more confidence in saying so, having tried so very many starches during my great experience as the Queen's. Launs [Lawns] dress.-I am, yours respectfully,-Many Waicu, [Wait] Laun- [LAN- Laund] d ress [rest] to her Majesty. Please notice, that on each package is the Manufacturer's. without whieh [which] none is Robert Wotherspoon [Withers] and Co., 40, Duslop-street, [Dunlop-street] Glasgow; Wotherspoon, [Withers] Mackay, and o., [Co] 66, Queen-street, Cheapside, London; and sold by all. Grocers, Druggists, &c., in town and couutry, [country] R. DE JONGH'S [JOHN'S] LIGHT-BROWN. COD LIVER OIL, Preseribed [Prescribed] with complete confidence.and the greatest success by the Faculty for its purity, efficacy, and marked; superiority over all other kinds im [in] the treatment of CONSUMPTION, BRONCHITIS, ASTaMa, [Asthma] Gout, Ragu [Rag] MATISM, [MATS] DISEASE OF THE SKIN, Rickets, WASTING, DEBILITY, and all SchorULOwS [Schools] AFPECTION. [AFFECTIONS] t is entirely free from nanseous [nauseous] flavour, and being in- [invariably] variably and carefully submitted to chemical apalysis- [analysis- applicant] and only supplied in seales [sales] bottles ta preclude admixture vr adulteration-this Oik possesses a guarantee of genuineness and purity offered by no other Gad Liver. Vil, [Vi] -- SELECT MEDICAL OPINIONS, GBA [BA] AVIBLE, [ABLE] Esq., F.R.S., author of The the] pas of Germany, The the] Spas of Envland, [England, '6 Desth, [Death] &ec., &e.' &e,. Suddem [Sudden] Dr. Granvilie [Granville] bas used Dr. de Jongh's [John's] Ti Cod Liver Oil extensively in his piaction [pi action] ant oe not only efficacious but oniform [uniform] in its He bee lieves [lives] it to be preferable in many respects te oils sold with out the guarantee. af such an authorisy [authority] as De Jongh. [John] Dr. Granville has. found that this particular kind produces the desired etfect [effect] in a shorter time than others, and that i does not cause the nausea and indigestion too often conse [cone] quent [Queen] on the administration of the pale Newfoundland oils. ee bene [been] avers Much more palatable. Dr. Gran- [Granville] ville s patients have themselves expressed a preference for Dr, De Jongh's [John's] Light Brown Oil. P ARTHUR H. HASSALL, Esq., M.D., chief analyst of the Sanitary Commission of physician to the Royal Free Hospital, Author of and its Adulterations, &e., &c., &c. . Bhave Have] more than once, at different times subjected your light brown oil to chemical analysis-and this un known to yourself-and I have always found it ne be figs feom [from] all impurity, and rich in the of bi So great is my confidence in the article, ek Saas [Seas] pave scribe it in preference to any other, in oe to [C] sure of obtaining the remedy in its purest an st Beunett-street, [Bennett-street] St. James's-street, Dec. 1, 1854, M.R. .P., F.L.S., the Lancet, Food Sold only in bottles, capsuled, and labelled with Dr. DE stamp and signature, WITHOUT WHICH NONE ARB [AB] GENUINE, by ANSAR, [ANS] HARFORD, and CQ., 77, Strand, London, Dr. DE JonGH's [John's] sole Consignees and by many respectable chemists throughout the United Kingdom. Halt-pints (10 ounces), 2s. Gd.; Pints (20 ounces), 4s, Idig [Dig] Quarts (40 ounces), 9s, MzasuRg. [Measuring] WHOLESALE AND RETAIL AGENT AT HUDDERSFIELD Wakefield-M, B. Hick, Mr. W. P. ENGLAND, Chemist, Market Place