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- sl ESS [ES] AND WEST YORKSHIRE ADVERTISER. N --- sess [less] - a 0. 305. SATURDAY, J ANUARY [JANUARY] 19, 1856. Price 3d. Unstamped, Stamped 4d. wn Public Notices. Houcation. [Auction] (ZF REAT [REST] FACTS FOR EVERY ONE'S OBSERVATION. Ensurance [Insurance] ffices. offices] Shipping Notices. D AND SUSTERLANDS [SUNDERLAND] TURNPIKE ROAD. HE ANNUAL GEN ERAL [EARL] MEETING of the TRUSTEES of the Wakefield and Austerlands [Islands] sumpike [sum pike] Road, will be held at the Imperial Hotel, in Huddersfield, on Thursday, the Seventh day of Febrtary [February] Rext, [Rest] at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon. R. THOMAS'S ACADEMY, King-street will RE-OPEN on Monday, 21st January. Terms moderate. dE MISSES GRAHAM beg to announce that their SCHOOL will RE-OPEN on Wednesday, There are continual alterations in commerce, great han in trade and business, and so th ill be a sory [story] natural roxas [rocks] oF talent, dicot gpa [pa] intdustry,, [industry] E. and Son have the of all these, and instantly submit them to the public. tisa [tia] fact which i Beane ee submit Pp great w. every one may prove at their Bradford There are numerous improvements in the process of manufacture, many inventions applied for speed and correctness; these are all in full operation at the. magnifieent [magnificent] Tailori [Tailor] tabli [table] d and thee ap in the Che aga [ag] oring [ring] Establishment of E. and Son, EMIGRATION TO AMERICA BY FIRST-CLASS PACKETS. rp arscorrs [scores] Line for NEW YORK, sailing weekly. COPE'S Line for PHI- [His] iS LADELPHIA, [PHILADELPHIA] sailing on the 12th of each gmonth. [month] And first-class ships to other American MPERIAL [IMPERIAL] FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, LONDON. Established, 1803 Paid up and invested capital 1,600,000. FIRE INSURANCE taken at as low arate [rate] as any other By Ord January the 23rd. a S thing offered at the Bradford Branch. established Office. Ports occasionally. y Or EL 9, New North-road. There are claims arising from the various circumstances of the ublic [public] which require immediate attention. COMMON 1s. 6d. per 100 premium, per annum, others For terms of passage, aud [and] other particulars, apply to wR ee LAKE HESP, The forces employed by E. Moses and SON are equal to any demand, and the vast stock, which is constantly according to the Risk. W. TAPSCO'TT, [Taps co'TT] and Co. . H. BATTYE, HE MISSES ATKINSON bes to announce renewed, gives choice to all persons in all circumstances, in every instance the best articles at very economical 'the price of the Fire Shares will shew in what estimation Hall, Old Hall-street, and St. George's Buildings, Huddersfield, 16th J Clerks to the said Trustees, that their SCHOOL will RE-OPEN, January the prices is our great fact regularly proved by purchasers at the Bradford Branch Establishment. the IMPERIAL is held by the Public- 500 shares 50 Regent Road, Liverpool. ersheld, [shield] 16th January, 1856. 28th, [the] 1856. styles ur war be oat waive ie pers per] the e Orercoats [Overcoats] and the newest only paid) selling for 340. a bled Agent in New York, Tapscott, [Discord] and Co., 86, South-street, itzwilliam- [William- Fitzwilliam] ee Bed, ABS ne ot K. MOSES and Son being the largest and most celebrated -B. -All losses from da by Fire prom set Certifies issue HALIFAX AND H ELD [LED] UNION BANKING 5, Fitew [Fit street. Merchant Tailors and Clothiers in the World, confirm the public sentiment long ease expressed, and daily with the 'Assured. SEG [SEE AE Se Pee above in New York ae issued by the HE Directors of she 4 Hudderafiela [Huddersfield] HE MISSES ASHWORTH beg to state that repeated, that E. Moses and Ban's Bradford Branch is nen [ne] house in Yorkshire. GEO. LANCASHIRE CO., ) ailax [Alex] an uddershe [udder she] . aE 1s hereby an invention cordially and respect iven [even] to ev to th t facts. SHAREBROKERS, [Share brokers] ie VENING [EVENING] ELFAST [BELFAST] AND THE 3 2 Union Banking Company, do hereby give Notice te their SCHOOL will RE-OPEN on Thursday, by visiting the Bradford Branch Establishment of E. M and the taost [toast] EERE [WERE] eet [et] Sa ate ee January the 24th. [the] OBES [ONES] and Son, and inspecting the most magnificent Fitzwilliam-street, Huddersfield. Agents fur Huddersfield. and neighbourhood, of whom Stock of Dress, Hats, Caps, and Hosiery Goods for Ladies, Gentlemen, aud [and] Children. aut [at] evecy [every] information ary [art] boa the Proprietors that a DIVIDEND of TEN SHILLINGS Prospectuses and every information may behad. [bead] OF IRELAND, via FLEETWOOD. per Share, for the half-year ending 31st [st] December, 1855, ie af Yecember, [December] 1855, - IN CONNECTION WITH THE LANCASHIRE AND YORK- [Yokohama] Halas [Hallas] and Huddendit [Luddenden] on And' ner [ne] the Piet [Poet] r ATI See HUDDERSFIELD, BM [C] ESTERN, [EASTERN] LIFE ASSURANCE and amine Ralbwa [Railway] OD riday, [Friday] rs SSES [SEES] i an E-STREET, BRaDFORD [Bradford] NNUITY [ANNUITY] SOCIETY. Established 1842. Ge oe iday, [day] the Fi HE MISSES JACKSON will RESUME AN ee GW ata [at] ony [on] of January, 1856. the DUTIES of their SCHOOL on Wednesday, the London City Establishment, 154, 155, 156, 157, Minories 83, 84, 85, and 86, Aldgate, opposite the Church-ail Chief office, 3, Parliament-street, London. communicating, London West End Branch, 506, 507, and 508, New Oxford-street; 1, 2 d Hart-street-ali icati [act] Sheffield Branch, 36, Fargate [Forget] Colonial Branch, Melbourne, Australia.' 5, Hart-streot-ali [Hart-street-ali] communicating. CauTion.-E. [Caution.-E] MOSES SUN regret having to guard the Public THe [The] Royal Mail Steamers leave 23rd instant. FLEETWOOD FOR BELFAST Evefy [Every] Evening (Sundays excepted), at or after 7 15 p.m. and return from Belfast Each proprietor, on applying for payment of the dividend must (if required) produce the Certificate of Shares, and no dividend can be paid to any shareholder who has not uThe [the] distinguished features of this society are -The [are -the] nquestionable [questionable] security afforded. 'The [the] moderate rates of Premium charged. The large bonuses of return of profits made to Life Assurers, in addition to other important NHE [HE] MISSES SMITH will RESUME the executed the Deed of Settiement, [Settlement] or Covenant. DUTIES of their SCHOOL on Thursday, January inst j 'tion [ion having lerned [learned] that the Every proving a once ted) at 70 as nts [its] Sth, [St] untradesman-like [tradesmen-like] ialschood [Ascot] of being connected with their Estab [Stables] r Tt'sthe [Tt'the] same has Le advantages all of which are fully detailed in the ARES-HUDDEUELELD [ARES-HUDDERSFIELD] NO PUBLIC DINNER TO CAPTAIN STOCKS, Ist [Its] OR 25, West Parade. to in many instances, and for obvious reasons, they FE ero [er] the game has Leen [Lee] resorted ape eA Piakets, [Packets] beg to'statethey [to'state they] have xo connection with any other House in or oul [our] ROYAL DRAGOONS. of London, except their own Establishments as above. Three-fourths of the profits are divided every five years, fer 14 days. APTAIN [CAPTAIN] STOCKS having accepted an invita- [invite- invitation] tion [ion] signe1 [signed] by Colonel Pollard, Stannary-ball; [Sanitary-ball] J. RB. Ralph, Esq., Savile Lodg [Lodge] Halifax Major Edwards, Pye- [Pianist] nest; Edward Ackroyd, Esq., Denton Park; Samuel Waterhouse, Esq., Hope-hall, Halifax; John Crossley, Esq., Manor Heath, Skircoat [Scott] M. S. Kenny, Esg., [Es] M.D., Halifax and George Haigh, Esq., Bennerside, [Beside] Skircoat, [Scott] toa [to] PUBLIC DINNER, to be given to him on his return from the Crimea, gentlemen desirous of joining in this tribute of respect to their gallant countryman will please to attach their Names to one of the Dinner Lists. The Dinner is to take place on Tuesday, the 22nd instant, at the New Assembly Rooms, H arrison-road, [Harrison-road] Halifax. To enable the eommittee [committee] to make the necessary arrange- [arrangements] ments [rents] and provide proper accommodation for the dinner, it is requested that application for tickets be made not later than Saturday, the 19th instant. Dinuer [Dinner] on the table at Five o'clock precisely. Major Edwards in the Chair. Dinner Lists are lying at the several Banks in Halifax ; at the Library, Harrison-road; and at Messrs. Whitley and Booth's, and Messrs. Leyland aud [and] Son, booksellers, Halifax. Applications fur tickets to be made to Mr. Crowder, the librarian, Harrison-road; Messrs. Whitley and Booth ; Messrs. Leyland and Son; Mr. Cockerham, Upper George Zan [An] or, to JAMES FRANKLIN, Hon. Sec, Balifax, [Halifax] 10th January, 1856. OANS, [ANS] at 5 Per Cent, on Real or Personal Security, in connection with Life Assurance, on application to Mr. Jonathan Shaw, 33, South-street, Hud- [HUD- Huddersfield] dersfield. [Huddersfield] A CARD. AMES JOHNSON, Land Surveyor and Licensed Valuer, Meltham Mills. A CARD. OSEPH [JOSEPH] DIXON, Rent, Debt, and General Commission Agent, 5, White Lion Yard, Cross Church-street, Huddersfield. Terms moderate. N.B.-Agent for Huddersfield and Brighouse for the British Protector Life Assurance Company. ee es BOOKS, CIPHERINGS, [SUFFERINGS] COPY BOOKS, and every description of School Stationery supplied on the best terms by J. CROSSLEY and Co., Buxtou-road, [Buxton-road] Huddersfield. EDGERS, DA Y-BOOKS, CASH-BOOKS, and every description of COMMERCIAL STATIONERY, the best and cheapest, may be had of J. CROSSLEY and CO., Stationers, Printers, and Bookbinders, Buxton-road, Hud- [HUD- Huddersfield] -dersfield. [Huddersfield] COMMERCIAL LOAN SOCIETY. OFFIicEs-Hunslet-road, [Offices-Hunslet-road] Leeds. OFrFicE-High-street, [Office-High-street] Huddersfield, This Society grants LOANS from 20 to 200, upon the personal security of two or more respectable householders. The Loans to be re-paid by Weekly Instalments, ranging from 20 weeks, 25 weeks, 30 weeks, 40 weeks to 50 weeks. Attendance at Huddersfield every Tuesday. Forms of applications for Loans may be obtained at the Chief Offices, or are transmitted to any part of Yorkshire on receipt of six postage stamps. THOMAS A. LISTER, Secretary. SMOKY CHIMNEYS. 'Ts best remedy for smoky chimneys is GLEDHILL'S PATENT WIND GUARD, and VENTILATOR, which is a certain cure for down blasts in chimneys, and entirely prevents smoke descending any adjoining draughts that are supplied with this wind guard, thereby causing a good ventilation in sleeping and other rooms, which is a great desideratum, being so constructed as to prevent the possibility of failure or getting out repair. It has besides a very neut appearance, contrastin [contrast] most favourably with the extraordinary forms which are seen at present upon chimneys. Made to order to fit present chimney pots without extra charge. Registered and manufactured solely by Gideon Gledhill, Lindley, EAVERS, [EAVES] Pilots, Witneys, [Witness] and Mohairs for Overcoats, Tweeds, &c. for ladies mantles, ot the Cloth Mart, 34, New-street. JOHN HAIGH Co., Proprietors. TRE [RE] Superior Qualities of Bottled LONDON PORTER, and BURTON BITTER ALE, in FINE CONDITION, fit for immediate use, to be had of JAMES T. WIGNEY, [WINE] WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, GREEN WOOD'S-YARD, NEW-S8TREET, [NEW-STREET] HUDDERSFIELD. Wines and Spirits of the very choicest qualities only. THOMAS DENHAM'S EXTENSIVB [EXTENSIVE] AND SELECT STOCK OF FAMILY MOURNING Can be confidently recommended. BONNETS AND MANTLES Always on hand or made to order of the BEST PATENT CRAPES, &c., On the shortest notice, FUNERALS COMPLETELY FURNISHED. John William street, OSEPH [JOSEPH] WILD, Stationer, Account Book Maker, Engraver, Lithographer, Printer and Book- [Bookbinder] 'binder, corner of John William-street, Huddersfield. EMETERY [CEMETERY] MOURNING ENVELOPES, FUNERAL CARDS, and MOURNING STA- [STATIONERY] TIONERY, [STATIONERY] sold by Joseph Wild, John William-street. RTISTS' [ARTISTS] MATERIALS-Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, Water Colours, Crayon and Drawing Papers, Canvasses, &c., supplied by Joseph Wild, Print- [Print seller] seller, John William-street. A LL the NEW BOOKS of interest may be had as published of Joseph Wild, bookseller, John William-street, YON'S INK (Writing and Copying Combined) specially adapted for the Banker, Merchant, and Manufacturer.-Joseph Wild, sole Agent for Huddersfield. EDG [EDGE] ERS, [ER] JOURNALS, CASH-BOOKS, IN- [INVOICE] VOICE BOOKS, COPYING BOOKS, COPYING PRESSES, LETTER PAPERS, NOTE PAPERS, ENVE- [EVEN- ENVELOPES] LOPES, SOLICITORS' PAPERS, and every description of 'Counting-bouse [Counting-Bourse] STATIONERY.-Joseph Wild, manu- [manufacturing] facturing [manufacturing] stationer, John Wiliam-street, Hudderstield, [Huddersfield] GEORGE HOTEL, ST. GEORGE'S SQUARE, HUDDERSFIELD, S JENNINGS WIGNEY [WINE] WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT. . GENUINE PALE AND LIGHT DINNER WINES. CHOICE OLD PORTS AND SHERRIES. BOTTLED ALES AND PORTER. AGENT FOR MASBACH [MOUSTACHE] BROTHERS' RHINE WINES. Office-East Entrance of the George Hotel, John William-street. 2 Broads, Doeskins, Kerseymeres, [gestures] ancy [any] Trouserings, [Trousers] and Vestings [Vesting] in great variety, at the Clo [Co] Mart, 34, New street. I RS. HORN, Teacher of the Organ and Piano DUTIES of her profession on Monday, Jan. 21st, 1856. Piano Fortes on Sale or Hire. New North-road, Huddersfield. KING JAMES'S SCHOOL, ALMONDBURY. HIS SCHOOL will RE-OPEN on the 23rd instant, and all Pupils are expected to be in attendance on that day. Further particulars may be known on application. NLASSICAL [CLASSICAL] and MATHEMATICAL ACA- [CA- ACADEMY] DEMY, [DENY] Ramsden-street, Huddersfield, conducted by Mr. ATTERSFIELD HUDDERSFIELD] and duly qualified teachers. The course of instruction includes the elementary branches and Greek Languages. Especial attention is paid tu English Literature, and the Commercial Department. French, German, Music, and Drawing (extras) by approved masters. Terms for board, &c., forwarded on application. The Academy will be RE-OPENED on Monday, January 21st, 1856. ROSPECT [RESPECT] PLACE ACADEMY, BRIG- [BRIGHOUSE] HOUSE, NEAR HALIFAX. PrincipaL-WILLIAM [Principal-WILLIAM] LUNDY, L.L.D., A.M., ete. [tee] Aided by well qualified Resident Assistants. The course of-instruction includes Latin, Greek, German, and French Languages Chemistry, Mathematics, Drawing, Drilling, and the usual branches ofa [of] liberal English Education. The duties of the School will be RESUMED on Monday, the 21st of January, 1856. . Prospectuses, with engraved premises, free on application. N .HARMTON [HAMPTON] SCHOOL, DOBCROSS, SADDLEWORTH.-Founpep, [SADDLEWORTH.-Found] 1729. WILLIAM WHITEHEAD, Esq., Chairman of 'Trustees. Head Master-JamMEes [Master-James] Darwent, from Trinity Colleze, [College] Dublin. Instruetion [Instruction] will be given in the following subjects -viz., 1, English; 2, Mathematics; 3, Latin and Greek; 4, French and German. Fee for each-Half a Guinea per quarter. The new premises will be OPENED January 28th. [the] ORKSHIRE [YORKSHIRE] SOCIETY for Boarding, Clothing, and Educating the Sons of respectable Yorkshire Parents, or parent, reduced by misfortune, residing, or who have resided, within ten miles of the Royal Exchange. Notice is Hereby Given that an Election is appointed to take place at the School, inthe [another] Westminster-road, on Wed- [Wednesday] nesday, [Wednesday] the 9th of April next, from twelve to three o'clock. Parents intending to offer any boy at the election must apply forthwith to the Secretary, at his office, 15, Old Jewry Chambers, City.-By order of the Committee, JOHN RAND BAILEY, Hon. Secretary. This society is entirely supported by voluntary donations and subscriptions, which are much required, and will be thankfully received by the Committee or Secretary. London, January 10, 1856. GRANGE COURT, CHIGWELL, NEAR LONDON. EFEREES [REFEREE] -The -the] Ven. Archdeacon Robinson, D.D., Master of the Temple; the Rev. J. E. Cox, M.A., F.S.A., Vicar of St. Helen's, Bishopsgate-street, London; the Rev. E. Smith, M.A., Rector of Ashley, Newmarket; the Rev. W. G. Goodchild, M.A., Vicar of East Tilbury, near Romford, Principal, the Rev. W. EARLE, M.A., assisted by F. Williams, Rsy., [Ray] B.A., Linco n [Lincoln n] Coll., Oxford, and masters for French, German, music, drawing, dancing, and drilling. Inclusive terms from 50 residence of 10 years at Tunbridge-wells, 380 pupils passed through bis hands, and the largest number at any one time under his chare [charge] was on his removal last June. Chigwell has been selected as a desirable locality for the reception of pupils solely on the grounds of its proximity to London and its extreme healthiness. There has not been hitherto a single case of illness of any kind. The present number of boys is 36, exclusively boarders. Grange Court is a mansion standing in its own grounds, on an eminence, near the church, with a large cricket-field and dry playground attached. The class-rooms and dor- [for- dormitories] mitories [Minories] are thoroughly ventilated, and the house is fitted up with every convenience for the purposes of a school. A prospectus will be sent on application to the Rev. W. Earle, Chigwell, near London. THE PATENT FLAX COMPANY.-PATENT WOOL. rpas [pas] Material adds to the strength, and, at the same time, diminishes the cost of Woollen Fabrics, as Cloth or Hosiery. It is now extensively manufactured, and, in consequence of several recent improvements, can be supplied at prices admitting of highly profitable results to manufacturers. A large assortment always on hand. Samples sent by post, on application, with stamp enclosed. . Specimens of Cloths made from the Patent Wool may be seen at Geo. S. Midgley's, Chancery-lane, Huddersfield, Sole Agent. GENERAL CABINET AND UPHOLSTERY SHOW ROOMS, No. 34, NEW-STREET, HUDDERSFIELD. ESSRS. [MESSRS] WILLIAM HANSON and CO., in . tendering their grateful acknowledgements for the liberal patronage conferred upon their house during the last fifty years, respectfully beg to invite the attention of their friends, and the public generally, to an early inspec- [inspector- inspection] tion [ion] of their large and elegant stock of MODERN HOUSE- [HOUSEHOLD] HOLD FURNITURE and UPHOLSTERY, comprising- [comprising] a great variety of silk and worsted damasks, Dantzic [Dynastic] and Lincolushire [Lancashire] feathers, all kinds of upholsterers trimmings, entire for dining, drawing and bed rooms, and inshort, [short] complete outfits for every style of mansion, cottage, or dwelling. No. 34, New-street, Huddersfield. ENTLEMEN, [GENTLEMEN] if you study comfort, elegance, and economy, examine the STOCK of WINTER BOOTS, at the Wellington House, No. 10, John William- [Illustrate] street, aud [and] try one pair, and I'll warrant you will never be annoyed in having to get measured again. It is impossible to give either a list of sorts or prices, as the stock is so immense and the variety so extensive, Remember the Wellington House, . H. C. CHOWN, [SHOWN] Proprietor. BY your Children's Kid, Memel, [Meme] and Cloth BOOTS at the Wellingtun [Wellington] House, where the Stock is immense, and you are sure of getting value for your money. care of your children's feet by letting them wear OVERSHOES out of doors and FELT BOOTS in the house. Children's Overshoes from 2s., and Felt Boots, from 1s. 2d. per pair, at the Wellington House, No. 10, John William-street. ALLS and EVENING PARTIES.-The [PARTIES.-the] Stock of the following s will be found worth the atten- [attend- attention] tion [ion] of purchasers -Black and White Kid Boots and Shoes, Black and White Satin Boots and Shoes, Bronze Kid Boots and Shoes, Moire Antique Boots and Shoes, in black and coloured and Patent Slippers of every descrip- [Scrip- description] tion, [ion] at the Wellington House, No. 10, John William-street. ADIES' [LADIES] WINTER BOOTS in Kid, Memel [Meme] Morocco, and Cloth Tops, Goloshed [Polished] with Patent, Patent Seal, and Cordovan, with Elastic Sides, also to Lace and Button, with the Military or Top-piece Heel, in endless variety, style, and substance, at the Wellington House, No. 10, John William-street. H. C. CHOWN, [SHOWN] Proprietor. F course you know that Chown, [Crown] of the Wel- [Well- Wellington] lington [London] House, No. 10, John William-street, has the Largest, Best, and Cheapest Stock of Children's BOOTS and SHUES [SUES] suitable for strong wear, in Kid, Memel, [Meme] and Cloth. HE WORKING CLASSES will find an im- [in- immense] mense [sense] Stock of BOOTS and SHOES suitable for their wear at this season of the year, at the Wellington House, No. 10, John William-street, Huddersfield. EGISTERED [REGISTERED] WALKING BOOTS.-Heary [BOOTS.-Hear] Marshall, of Northampton, has appointed A. C. Chown, [Crown] of the Wellington House, 10, John William-street, Huddersfield, sole a-zent [a-sent] for the Sale of his REGISTERED CAMBRIDGE PELISSIER [LESSER] COAT is ade [de] of cloths, manufactured expressly garm [farm] which is one of the most emanly [manly] out. To be had only of the maker, JOSEPH HIRST, JOHN HAIGH Co., Proprietors. 9 'HE mm for this High-street and Buxton-road, Huddersficid. [Huddersfield] WALKING BOOTS. These Boots are manufactured from the Patent Hide and French Calf Leather. The advan- [advance- advantages] tages [ages] attained are a perfect fit round the ancle, [Lance] &c., and while the appearance of a laced boot is preserved, the trouble of any mode of fastening isavoided. [avoided] s 5s - . H. C. Chown, [Crown] soleagent [sole agent] for Huddersfield and its vicinity, can recommend the above Boots to all who study com- [comfort] fort, elegance, and economy. Forte, will have pleasure in RESUMING the of education, pure and mixed Mathematics, and the Latins guineas. During the Principal's or the money will be returned without any demur, when business is resumed till Twelve o'clock. N.B. -Should any article purchased at their Establishment net give satisfaction, it will be exchanged (if uesired,) [desired] Every article is marked in plain figures at the lowest price, from which no abatement can be made. ', A new Book entitled the Court of Fashion, containing full Lists of Prices and directions for Self-Measure- [Measurement] ment, [men] may be had on application, or post free to any part of the Kingdom. NOTICE.-E. MOSES and SON'S Establishments are Closed from sunset every Friday till sunset on Saturday, For the convenience of persons residing at a distance, this Establishment will be Open on Christmas-day. C RAMSDEN, and LIVERPOOL TERMS, at -(Near the Railway Station.) Messrs. D. France and Co., where they will carry Specimens of their Graining, Marbling, Huddersfield, 13th Nov., 1855. (late T. and J. Firth,) Dryéanrzr and Hudddersfield. [Huddersfield] ROCERS, GROCERS] TEA DEALERS, and COUNTRY SHOPKEEPERS, SUPPLIED on LONDON OIL Mercuant, [Merchant] Beast Market, WHITWORTH'S TEA AND COFFEE WAREHOUSE, No. 9, John William-street, Huddersfield. yeex [ye] MENZIES and Co. respectfully inform the Public that they have Succeeded to the F business of PAINTING, PAPER-HANGING, CARVING, and GILDIN [GILDING] G, lately carried on at 29, Buxton-road, by on the above business The Stock of Paper-hangings are being sold under Cost Priee, [Price] ia order to make room fur spring goods. and Imitations of Inlaid-woods, to be seen at the Show-rooms. in all their varied departments, R HESLOP begs to inform the Public Drawing and Dining Rooms, ke. Prices from 7s. 6d. to 6 6s., according to the style. anxious to maintain the same, he best quality and designs, Rich Cut Glass, Dinner Services, coloured and plain. Dessert, Breakfast, and Tea-sets, China, gilt, and ungilt. [unbuilt] December 14th, [the] 1855. or coutrol [control] of those in charge; of instant detection. guides, rubbing surface, and valve faces, which fore amply guarded against. only that the boiler operated upon is equal to its ordin [orin] 'The [the] complete Steam Engine Indicator, on a new Included. . For terms and particulars apply to HADROT'S [HYDRO'S] MODERATOR LAMPS. THE ONLY MODERATOR LAMP WHICH RECEIVED THE PRIZE MEDAL. generally that he has just received direct from Hadrot's [Hydro's] Manufactory at Paris, a large assortment of the newest ani [an] mest [meat] elegant designs of these Lamps, suitable for As already sufficient is known of the perfection of these Lamps, it is only necessary to inform the purchasers that L. Hadrot, [Hydro] Prize Medal, is stamped upon the Burner and Gallery oF y m [in] of each Lamp of R. HESLOP, Jews.Er, No. 9, Kine-street, HUDDERSFIELD. CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHENWARE WAREHOUSE, COULPORT [CULPRIT] HOUSE, WESTGATE, HUDDERSFIELD. BEAZLEY and SON, grateful for the kind and inereasing [increasing] patronage they have received, and beg to intimate that their Steck [Stock] combines both Useful and Ornamental Goods o which, for quality and price, cannot bé ee oilet [toilet] Services, in great variety. Water Filters. Goods Lent on Hire, IMPORTANT INVENTION. STEAM BOILER EXPLOSIONS RENDERED IMPOSSIBLE I S885. [S] HOPKINSON CO., Engineers, Huddersfield,- [Huddersfield] Inventors and Manufacturers of the Patent Safety Alarum [Alarm] for Steam Boilers ;' the Patent Mercur, [Mercury] the Transverse Small Diameter Steam Builer, .and [Boiler, .and] Manufacturers of respectfully to invite the attention of all connected with Steam Boilers to their NEW PATENT COMPOUND SAFETY VALVE it being truly what its name imports a means of safety under all the. circumstances Explosions. This Safety Valve cannot be tampered with during the working of the boiler it is wholly out of the reach it cannot be weighted, except by entering the boiler, and the valve It is free from all complication, being formed on the sim are liable to adhere, are all alve [ale] nor can the flues become bare of water, by any means, whilst the boiler is at work. The action of the Ball Valves is certain, whenever the steam attains a and what is of more importance than all else, whenever the water in the boiler the valve gives timely and unmistakeable notice. Should this warning be neglected, itself to its full extent, let off all the steam, preventing the boiler from becoming overheated, and rendering the con- [continued] tinued [continued] working under such dangerous circumstances impossible, The consequence arising from Deficiency of Water, negligence, Steam and Vacunm [Vacant] Guage, [Gauge, Patentees of which ordinarily produce Boiler possesses ths means lest principles of construction. Spindles, dispensed with in the Compound Safety higher pressure than the limit fixed; diminishes below a certain fixed point, the valve. will inevitably open of sible. and explosions also im [in] inattention, ignorance, and wilful malice, are there- [there] 200 REWARD, . is hereby offered, and will be paid by the inventor to any person who shall demonstrate the possibility of exploding a boiler from pressure of steam or deficiency of water, if fitted with the New Patent Compound Safety Valve, provided working pressure. and correct principle, at 5 10s. each-Mahogany Case and Book J. HOPKINSON CO., Eugineers, [Engineers] Huddersfield. The following are a few of the Firms who have applied the Patent Compound Safety Valves to their Boilers. Horrocks, Miller Co. Preston. Hibbert Platts, Oldham. James Bayley Sons, Staley Bridge Swainson, Burley Co., Ashworth, engineers, Rochdale. Armitage Kaye, Hu ldersfield. [Huddersfield] Marshall Sons, Stockport. Worral [Worrall] Co., Manchester. James Wrigley Suns, Bury. Kershaw, Leese Co., a3 Mathers Co., engineers, ,, Henry Howle [Whole] Co., Sheffield. London and North Western Railway Peel, Williams Peel, Nayior [Mayor] Vickers, is Company. J. G. Galloway, os Thos. Firth Sous, Fielden Jackson, Blackburn. Benjn. Hick Son, Bolton Crossley Sons, Halifax. Hornby Co., és Fielden, Brothers, Todmorden. R. J. Crossley, Pilkin [Pilling] - Hopwood Sons, Burnley. J. Brooke Sons, Armitage Bridge. Hopwood ns, Hyde Sorby, Duckinfield. Chas. Brook, Meltham Mills. Bullough, Ferniough [Fern] Son, Jonas Brook Bro.'s, 53 Sparrows, 9 Edwards, Sowerby Bridye, [Bridge] Burrow Monks, Brighouse. Watson Bro.'s, Accrington. W. H. Raison is Brook's, Corn Mill, 9 Hargreaves, Jno. Wood Brs., [Mrs] engiurs. [engineers] ,, And scores of others. Radclitfe [Radcliffe] Sons, Oldham. John Sutcliffe, Greaves Sons, Sidebottham [Sideboard] Bros., Staley Bridge. TO LADIES, AIR PLAITS for wearing as coronets. The new and fashionable Albert Plait, for dressing the hair with the frizzed rollers, from 2s. 6d. to 1 10s. A list of prices may be had on application. A correct match ensured, by sending a small piece of hair, and sent post free to any part of the country, on reeeipt [receipt] of post order for the amount. J. PRIESTLEY, Hair-dresserand [Hair-dresser and] Perfumer, the Arcade, St. Georges-square, Hudderstield. [Huddersfield] Nothing brings on Nervous Debility, Premature Old Age, and shortens human life, more than Diseases of the Chest. P. Under the h a gr 1a Ca ae h and atronage [patronage] of the the principal Queen. Fa ane [an] es N THE ONLY REAL CURE WITHOUT INWARD MEDICINE IS OPER'S [PER'S] ROYAL BATH PLASTERS for Coughs, Asthma, Hoarseness, Indigestion, Palpita- [Pulpit- Palpitation] tion [ion] of the Heart, Croup, Hooping Cough, Influenza, Chronic Strains, Bruises, Lumbago or Pains in the Back, Spinal and Rheumatic Affections, Diseases of the Chest and Local Pains. More Wonderful Cures from many Thousands of others [others] SEVERE ATTACK OF RHEUMATIC PAINS CURED. Dear Sirs,-Having suffered many years from severe attacks of rheumatic pains, I feel great pleasure in telling you that I have derived great benefit from your invaluable Plaster. I shall most certain -ommend [amend] it to all my friends, all medical aid being of no use whatever. You are at leave to publish this in any Way you may think proper.-I am, dear sirs, yours truly, ington, [Kington] Aug. i2th, [with] 1S 54. R. Mayor, M A. AFFLICTED SEVEN YEARS WITH A DREADFUL COUGH. South Carlton, near Lincoin, [Lincoln] December 15, 1854. Gentlemen,-I am requested by a poor man in this village to write to you respecting the effects of one of your Roper's Plasters. He has been afflicted with a dreadful cough for the last seven years, and for which he has been advised to try one of your Plasters, which he has now had on three weeks, and which I am happy to i form you has been attended with beneficial results, as the cough is not so violent, and the phlegm, which at first was thick and tough, has been changed to ordinary spittle -I remain yours obediently,-SamL. [obediently,-SAM] Beeca. [Became] To Messrs. Roper and Son. Unpriucipled [Unprincipled] Shopkeepers, for the sake of gain, have vended spurious imitations. Purchasers are, theretore, [therefore] cautioned to Notice -The -the] words, Roper's RuyaL [Royal] Baru [Bar] PLASTER, engraved on the government stamp, and the Proprietor's Autograph on the back. RoBert [Robert] Roper. Prepared only by Robert Rorer [Roger] and Son, Chemists, Sheffield, On Medico-Chemical Principles, from British Herbs and the Gums and Balsams ot the Eastern clime, where The the] trees drop balsam, und [and] on all the boughs Health sits and makes it sovereign as it flows. Full-sized Plasters, ls. 4d.; and for Children, 93d. each; or direct by post, on receipt of 1s. 4d. or 1s. each, in postage stamps. Sold by most Patent Medicine vendors in the United Kingdom. PLASTERS. A FRIEND IN NEED. UNDREDS [HUNDREDS] OF CURES have proved ROPER'S PILLS though originally only intended tv assist the operation of Roper's Roya [Royal] Batu PiastTER) [Pasteur] the best remedy for all those distressing symptoms attend- [attending] ing a weak and disordered Stomach, Liver complaints, Bilious irregularities, such as Nausea or Sick- [Sickness] ness, Loss of Appetite, Loathing of Food, Pain in the Bowels, Languor and Depression of Spirits, Giddiness, Swimming or determination of Blood to the Head, &c., the forerunner of apoplexy. Proof of efficacy - Communicated by Mr. J. C. Reinhardt, Chemist, Hull. Sprvatiey, [Private] near Hull, October 3, 1853, Sirs,-Having found great benefit from Roper's Royal Bath Plasters and Pills, 1 wish to make my case known for the advan- [advance- advantage] tage [age] of those who suffer, as I have done, fora long time. I have been afflicted with spasmodic pains in the chest, and of the heart, arising from indigestion and liver compiaint [company] I was under treatment many months without feeling any better. At last I tried one of Roper's Plusters [Plasters] and a box of pills, which gave me relief in a few days, from which time my health has improved, and I am now quité [quite] well.-I remain, with thanks, yours THOMPsON. [Thompson] ranted free from any deleterious ingredient, being com ROPER and Son, Chemists, Sheffield, 2s, 9d., and 4s. 6d. each. Sold by most Chemists Besksellers [Booksellers] in the United Kingdom. ASK FOR ROPER'S PILES. Beware of Imitations -Be particular to ask for RoPER's [Roper's] Roper's Pills are a purely Botanic compound, and war- [war poser] poser of choice herbs, roots, gums, and balsams, by ROBY. in boxes at Is. 1d, . BURTON ALE. ICHARD [RICHARD] BARKER has made arrangements (with Evershed [Persevered] and Malleson, [Mallinson] brewers, Burton-on- [Ointment] Trent to supply Families with Casks of 18 Gallons of MILD BURTON ALE, at 16d. aud [and] 18d. per gallon. A stock always on hand. Thase [These] who may be induced to give this Alea [Ale] trial will at once attest the great superiority it has over any brewed in this neighbourhood. Market-place, Dec. Ist, [Its] 1855. QO WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS IRVING'S PATENT ELEMINE [ELEMENT] Is the best composition ever invented for working with Oil in the progesses [progress] of Scribbling and Carding Wool, &c. It dues rot in the least injure the Cards, will keep any length of time, makes only about half the usual waste or fudd, [fund] and ins with -m less breakage than by using vil [vi] alone. tie now used by most first-class Manufacturers and Yarn Spinnerg, [Spinner] to whom the Makers can furnish references. rice Qne [One] Penny per pound.-All orders ad to James Tolson and Sons, Dalton, Huddersfield, will be promptly attended to. IMPORTANT TO MANUFACTURERS. . UGDEN'S [SUGDEN'S] IMPROVED OILINE, [LINE] for working with Oil in the Scribbling aud [and] Carding of Wool, can be confidently recommended as the best ever introduced, having been used by numerons [numerous] manufacturers for nearly three years. It has no injurious effect upon cards-will not injure the Zbre [Breeze] of the wool-will keep any length of time-is not li to spontaneous combustion-its use is sanctioned by the principal insurance companies-no more waste than using entire oil-and an immense saving effected in propertion [proportion] to the quantity used. Testimunials [Testimonials] can be shown, and references given to highly respectable manu- [manufacturers] facturers. [manufacturers] Price One Shilling per Gallon. Orders addressed to David Syeden, [Sweden] Woodsome Lees, near Huddersfield, will have prompt attention. Agent-RAMSDEN AINLEY, Chancery-lane. TO WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS. MITH'S [SMITH'S] REFINED OJLINE [ONLINE] will be found more pure and economical thin any article yet intro- [introduced] duced [duce] for mixing with oil in the Scribbling and Carding of Wool will produce a greater weight, more even, and less twistly [twist] yarn than by the entire use of oil, and less subject to breakage. It will keep any length of time, and is not injurious to cards; it is used by some of the most respect- [respectable] able manulactirers [manufacturers] and spinners in the trade, to whom references can be made. Price 9 4. per gallon. Orders addressed, Robert Smith, Grange Chemical Works, Fenay Bridge, Huddersfield, will have immediate attention. AGENTS WANTED for Leeds and Dewsbury. JOHN GARDEN, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELLER, 17, CRO8S [CROSS] CHURCH-STREET, HUDDERSFIELD, EGS [ES] most respectfully to inform the inhabitants B of Huddersfieldand [Huddersfield] the surrounding district that hehas [heads] OPENED the above shop, where he intends carrying on the Watehmaking [Watchmaking] andJewellery [and jewellery] business in all their branches. J. G. having had upwards of 20 years' experience in the principal watch manufactories [manufacturers] of London, flatters himself e is enabled to give perfect satisfaction to those who may honour him with their patronage. Always on hand an excellent assortment of Gold and Silver WATCHES, English and Foreign CLOCKS and TIMEPIECES, Ladies' and Gentlemen's Gold and Silver GUARD CHAINS, &e., &e., and every description of JEWELLERY, &e. usnally [usually] kept in such establishments, all of which J. G. can with contidence [confidence] recommend, as being of the best quality and workmanship. ; Watches of every description accurately repaired. A trial is respectfully solicited. , MILNERS' [MINERS] HOLDFAST and FIRE RESISTING SAFES (non-conducting and vapourising), [prising] with all the improvements, under their Quad- [Quad] sle [se] Patebts [Patents] of 1840-51-54 and 1855, including their Proof Solid Lock and Door (without which no Safe is secure). The strongest, best, and cheapest safe- [safe] Milner Phenix (212 Safe Works, Liverpool, the most completg [complete and extensive in the world Show-rooms, 6 and 8, Liotd-stpbet, [Ltd-stabbed] Liverpool. London Depot, 47a, [a] Moorgate- [Magistrate] street, City.-Circulars free by post. Sole Agents for Huddersfield-GEO. LANCASHIRE and Co. Stationers and Paper Manufacturers. The the] Improved Steam Engine Indicator, beg among those Policies entitled to participate. The practical effects resulting from the system, will beat pnee [new] seen by the following extracts from the society's ooks [Oaks] - Additions already made to Policies of various accounts, Year Policy Sum No. ot Bonus added Total sum pay- [pay issued] issued in Assured Assured. [C] Policy. ble [be] at Death. 68d);) d] 2 8 da 1842 3,000 13 50412 6 3,504 12 6 1843 1,500 12 13210 5 1,632 10 5 1844 2,550 3 305 19 10 2,835 19 10 1845 2,000 10 215 7 4 2,215 7 4 1849 5,000 6 205 15 5,205 18 1851 5,000 4 124 110 5,124 1 wv The Third Quinqnennial [congenial] Division of Profits, will take place at the close of the year 1859. Participation in profits or not at the option of the assured. The without profits are at rates lower than those demanded by many of the existing offices, Parties allowed to pass and repass [repast] in times of peace, from one part of Europe to another by sea and land, except Turkey or the Levant, without payment of additional pre- [premiums] miums, [mums] or incurring the risk uf [of] forfeiture of policy. Should a party from any wnforseen [foreseen] cireumstances [circumstances] be unable to pay a premium, he will be allowed by the direc- [direct- directors] tors (if his policy be cf at least two years stancing), [standing] to let that premium stand over as a debt against the policy. Applications to be addressed to ARTHUR SCRATCHLEY, [SCRATCHED] M.A,. F.B.A.S., 3, Parliament-street, London. SPECIAL NOTICE. The Books of the Society Close on Ist [Its] March, and Pro- [Proposals] posals [proposals] lodged at the Head Office, or at any of the Agencies, on or before that date, will Secure the Acdvan- [Advance- AcdvanAdditional] Additional Bonus over later applicants, MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE. THE WHOLE PROFITS DIVIDED AMONGST THE ASSURED. HE SCOTTISH EQUITABLE LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY. Instituted 1831. Incvr- [Incur- Incorporated] porated [ported] by special act uf [of] parliament. The Fund accumulated from the Contributions of Mem- [Men- Members] bers [bees] exceeds Nine Hundred Thousand Pounds. The annual revenue exceeds One Hundred and Sixty- [Sixth] three Thousand Pounds. The amount of existing Assurances exceeds Four Millions and a Quarter Sterling. The amount paid to the representatives of deceased Members is upwards of Six Hundred and Fifty Thousand Pounds, of which Seventy-eight Thousand Pounds are bonus additions. The next Division of Profits takes place at the Ist [Its] of. March, 1856, and Policies effected before that date receive one year's additional bonus over those effected after that date. ROBERT CHRISTIE, Manager. WILLIAM FINLAY, Secretary. Head Office-26, St. Andrew-square, Edinburgh. AGENTS. - ELD-JAMES [LED-JAMES] HERON, West Riding Union ank. [an] Rochdale-J. W. Harris, Solicitor. Dewsbury-J. G. Berry, West Riding Union Bank. Wakefield-Charles Hicks, Bookseller, Cudworth-J. M. Crockett, Surveyor. Barr and Nelson, Solicitors. Halifax-Thomas Parkinson, Sharebroker. [Share broker] Bradford-Charles Heron, 24, Kirkgate. Keighley-Francis Ellis, jun., Craven Bank. Skipton- [SkiptonGeorge] George Kendall. HE YORKSHIRE FIRE AND LIFE SURANCE [ASSURANCE] COMPANY. Established at York, 1824, and Empowered by Act o Parliament.-Capital 500,000. The attention of the public is particularly called to the terms of this Company for LIFE INSURANCES, And to the distinction which is made between MALE and FEMALE Lives. EXTRACT FROM THE TABLE OF PREMIUMS FOR INSURING ONB [ON] HUNDRED POUNDS. i A MALE. A FEMALE. A MALE. A FEMALE next; Ae next Birthday. Whole LifePremiums [Life premiums Birthday. Whole Life Premium 10 176 154 46 31. 6 3 3 2 13 193 170 50 313 3 166 d 111 8) 1 810 53 bu 6) 4 2 6 20 114 4; 1ll [ll] 6 56 5 40) 414 23 117 0) 113 8 60 6 6 0 512 6 26 203 116 2 63 74 0 69 86 2 5 0 119 9 66 8 4 0 710 8 33 286) 2 212 7 (1004) 9 7 6 36 213 0 2 6 4 73 (jllle [Jolley] 2 l1 2 6 40 219 9 210 76 1219 43 3 5 3 217 2 80 15 12.10 EXAMPLE.-A Gentleman, whose age does not exceed 30, may insure 1,000, payable on his decease, for an anuual [annual] payment of 22 10s. and a Lady of the same age, ean [an] secure the same sum, for an annual payment of 19 17s. 6d. All kinds of Insurances, contingent on life, are taken a Premiums proportionate with such contingencies, No charge made for Policy Stamps. This office charges a very moderate Premium for its Life Insurances, and this is equivalent to making a return of a large bonus. It is strictly a proprietary company, and Insurers are consequently not liable to make good the losses of others, as is the case with some companies pro- [professing] fessing to divide the profits. Persons having a boxa [box] fide interest in the livesof [lives of] ot hers assured, are covered to the extent of such interest, whether the assured die by duelling, by their own hands, or other- [otherwise] wise. Prospectuses, with the rates of premium for the inter- [intermediate] mediate ages, and every information, may be had at the Head office in York, or any of the Agents. FIRE INSURANCES Are also effected by this company, on the tollowing [following] terms - 1s. 6d. per cent. -.. 2s. 6d. Doubly hazardous do. ...... 4s. 6d. Special Insurances are taken on the most moderate terms, in accordance with the nature of the risks. No Stamp charged if the sum insured amounts to 300. Insurances trausferred [transferred] from other offices without any additional charge. Insurances for seven years charged six years only. The amount of duty paid by this company to government last year, was 19,592. Farming Stock insured without the average clause, and allowing the use of a Steam Machine, at 3s. per cent. In this department the company ranks highest amongst all the Provitcial [Provincial] Offices, with one exception, the amount insured last year being 3,127,784. Ist [Its] Class 2nd Class 3rd Class & Saloon. Saloon. Steerage. Saloon. Saloon 20s, 18s. 6d. 7s. Od. 3)s. Ga. 29s, See Bradshaw's Guide, pare 141, or apply to KEMP CO., Fleetwood. HE CODRINGTON C4 PE is one of the latest designs bronght [brought] ont, and is the easiest and must graceful Cape introduced, made of materials specially adapted for the style. be had only of the maker, JOSEPH HIRST, High-street and Buxton-road, Huddersfield. SILK, WOOLL [WOOL] EN,AND COTTON DYING, CLEANING, AND FINISHING HOUSE, 13, OLDHAM-STREET, MANCHESTER, N R. W. BERRLE [BARREL] begs to announce to the nobility, gentry, and the public in general of Hud- [HUD- Huddersfield] derstield [detailed] and its neighbourhood, that owing to the failure of Mr. Dyson, and still to keep before them the advantages of his system asa first-class Dyer, &c., he has appointed Mr. WM. WATKINSON, bosier, [osier] and Berlin wool, &e., dealer, New-street, his AGENT, who will receiveand [receive and] deliverall [deliver all] goods without additional charge. French cleaning as in London, Silk, satin, veivet, [velvet] merino, and other stuff-dresses, mantles, children's cloaks, shawls, table covers, moreens, [moreen] damasks carpets, rugs, counterpanes, gentlemen's clothes, gloves, teathers, [teachers] laces, ribbons, bonnets, &c., cleaned or dyed. Kid gloves eleaned. [cleaned] Chintz curtains and covers cleaned and glazed without taking to picees. [pieces] Furs cleaned and altered. Gentlemen, Schools, aud [and] all who use Pens, Ink, aud [and] Paper, may Ist [Its] Class 2nd Class AGEN'IS. [AGENT'IS] place-Dewsbury C. R. Scholes, solicitor-Halifux [solicitor-Halifax] Edwin Bull, 7, Clare Hall-road- [Holmfirth] Holmfirth Martin Kidd, soli- [sol- solicitor] citor-Rochdale [city-Rochdale -Rochdale T. F Dearden, solicitor-Saddleworth James Platt, Prospecton, [Prospect] Upper Mill-Todmorden A, G. Eastwood, solicitor. PECTORAL BALSAM OF HORE [HIRE] HOUND. For the Relief and Cure of Coughs Influenza, Asthmas, and all diseases of the Chest and unys. [ins] Horehound is an herb which has ever been the ale, for its salubrious Cure of Coughs, Asthmas, and all Pul [Paul] Jom- [Jim- Complaints] plaints. As the usnal [usual] mode of using it as aay [say] Com cousiderable [considerable] iscouvenience, [inconvenience] Mr. Ford was induced to offer the public an elegant preparation from that universal and well-known herb. The distinguished approbation it has met with is a sufficient testimony of its eflicacy. [efficacy] Man thousand persons have annually, since its publication. experienced its healing effects,-some of whom emaciated aud [and] wasted away by an asthma or consumption ot long have ee relief far exceeding their ona, [on] ee monies of its restoring qualities, ae en Si Prepared by the patentee, Thomas Ford, who nests the public to observe that the Genuine Improved Balsam of Horehound has the outside wrappers printed in Red Ink, and signed by the patentee in Black Ink and as a farther protection to purchasers, the name of his agent, Mr. Edwards, 67, St. Paul's, is engraved on the Government Stamp. Sold in bottles at Is. 9d., 2s. 9d., 48, 6d., and 10s, Sd. each, by Messrs. Spivey, Hall, Fell, Wheatley and Higgins, Huddersfield ; esteemed by qualities in the - Wood aud [and] by most respectable Chemis' [Chemist] HuppersFiEtp [Happiest R. T. KOBINSON, [ROBINSON] Solicitor, Market- [Market] effect a saving of at least 7x. in the pound by purchasing their stationery at ARTHUR GRANGER'S Warehouse 9, Holborn-bars, City, and Pitaroy-terrace, [Poetry-terrace] New-road, tage [age] of the present Year's Entry, and One Year's) WhO [Who] mmkes [makes] no charge for stamping five quires uf [of] note paper, or 100 envelopes with arms, crests, inifials, [initials] or addresses, Useful cream laid note, 6d. per five quires; superior thick ditto, 9d. per five quires; India note, five quires ld, letter paper, 4s. per ream; sermou [sermon] paper, 4s. 6d, foolscap, 5s. and draft, 63. per ream. Good adhesive envelopes, all sizes, 2s. Gd. and 3s. 4d. per 1,000, Black bordered ditto, 6d. per 100, Queen's head envelopes, Is, per dozen. Super sealing wax, 2s. 6d. perlb. [Peel] the best that can be made, 3s. 6d. per lb. Thick satin copy bouks, [books] 20 leaves, any ruling, Zls. [Ls] per gross cyphering beoks, [books] 5s. per dozen, ruled or plain. Black lead pencils, 2s. 6d. per gross. Superior steel pens, 4d. per gross. Useful sample packets of paper and envelopes, by post, Is, each. List of prices post free. 'l'rade [l'trade] supplied. AJL [ALL] orders over 20s. sent carriage free to any part of the kingdom. Copy the address-ARTHUR GRANGER, 303, High Holborn, near Chancery-lane. Branches-L0, Fitaroy-terrace, [FitzRoy-terrace] New-road, and 9, Holborn-bars, City. ---- R. DE JONGH'S [JOHN'S] LIGHT-BROWN COD LIVEROIL, [Live roil] Prescribed with complete confidence by the Faculty for its purity, efficacy, and marked superiority over all other kinds in the treatment of CoNsUMPTION, [Consumption] BRONCHITIS, AsTHMa, [Asthma] Gout, RHEUMATISM, DiscasR [Discuss] OF 'THE SKIN, Rickets, INPaNTILE [Infantile] WasvTinc, [Wasting] GEXERAL [GENERAL] Desitiry, [Destroy] and all SCROFULOUS AFFECTION, It is entirely free from nauseous flavour, and being in- [invariably] variably and carefully submitted to chemical analysis- [analysis and] and only supplied in sealed bottles to prectude [erected] subsequent admixture or adulteration-this Oil possesses a guarantee of genuineness and purity offered by nu other Cod Liver il. SELECT MEDICAL TESTIMONIALS. Dr. LEPHEBY, [LEVY] Professor of Chemistry and Toxicology in the Medical College of the London Hospital, Medical Officer of Hualth [Health] to the city of London, &c., &c., ke. T have frequently hadoccasion [had occasion] to analyse the Cod Liver Oil which is sold at youres [yours] tablishinent [establishment] In all cases I have found it possessing the same setof [stiff] properties, amon, wiich [which] the presence of cholaic [colic] cempounds [compound] and of iodine in a state of organic combina- [combine- combination] tion [ion] are the most remarkable in fict, [fit] the oil correspends [correspondent] in all its characters with that named Huile [Hill] brane, [bran, and described as the best variety in the misterly [masterly] treatise of Dr. de Jongh. [John] It is, I believe, universally acknowledged that this lescription [description] of oil has great therapeutical power; and, from my investigations, Thave [Have] no doubt ofits [fits] being 4 pure and unadulterated article, Coilege [College] Laberatory, [Laboratory] London Hospital, September 24, 18.3. CHARLES COWAN, Esq., M.D., L.R.C.3.E., Senior Physician to the Royal Berkshire Hospital. Consult- [Consulting] ing Physician to the Reading Dispeusary, [Dispensary] Translator of on Phithisxis, [Physics, Author of Bedside Manual of Physical Diagnosis, &c., &e., &e. Dr Cowan is glad to find that the profession has some reason ableg [able] uarantee [guarantee] for a genuine Tha [That] material now sold varies in almost every establishment where it is purchased, and a tendency to prefer 2 colourless and tasteless oil, if not counteracted, will ultimately jeopurdise [jeopardise] the reputation of an unquestionably valuable addition to the Materia [Material] Medica. [Medical] Dr. Cowan wishes Dr. de Jongh [John] every snccess [success] in his meritorious undertakiug. [undertaking] Reading, Berks, Jan. 26, 1855. Sold only in bottles, capsuled, and labelled with Dr. pg JONGH'S [JOHN'S] stamp and signature, WITHOUT WHICH NONE ARB [AB] GENUINE, by HARFORD, and CO., 77, Strand, London, Dr. DE JONGH's [JOHN's] sole Cunsignees; [Consignees] and by most respectable chemists in town and country. ' Halt-pints (10 ounces), 2s. 6d.; Pints (20 ounces), 4s. Quarts (40 ounces), 9s. ImpeRtaL [Imperial] Sold in HUDDERSFIELD by Mr. W. P. Chemist, Market-place; Mr. Hau, [Hay] Chemist, Kirkyate; [Kirkgate] ant Mr. H. Exron, [Exton] Homeopathic Chemist, The Arcade, St. George's Square. AXTER'S [AFTER'S] GOUT and RHEUMATIC PILLS, after many years' trial, are universally admitted to be the most speedy, safe, and efficacious remedy tor Gout, Rheumatism, Lumbaye, [Lumbago] Sciatica, Neuralyia, [Neuralgia] Tic Douioureux, [Direct] and all Rheumatie [Rheumatism] Affections. 'I'hey relieve the most acute pains in an honr, [horn] and effect a compleie [complete] cure even in chronie [Chronicle] cases, in a few days. 'They contain no opium nor other dangeruus [dangerous] medicine; require neither con- [confinement] fiiement [ferment] nor alteration of diet, and may be taken by the most delicate with perfect safety. ADDITIONAL TESTIMONIALS, Sir,-Mr. W. Perfect, of Bethel-street, Norwich, who had for some time been affiicted [afflicted] with Gous [Goes] und [and] Sciatica, was induced to try Baxter's Gout and Rheumatic Pills, and found immediate ielief [relief] in both causes. He then recommended them to a friend suffering from a similar malady, who in wshort [short] time received a complete cure.-Yours truly, Josiah Fletcher, Editor of the Norjolk [Norfolk] News. Sir.-In reply to your kind enquirics, [enquiries] I have much pleasure in stating, that 1 bave [ave] perfuctly [perfectly] recovered from my late severe attack of Rheumatism, after taking few doses of Baxtor's [Baxter's] Gout and Rheumatic Pills.-Yours Thos. Courtnay, [County] 2, St. James's-square Prepared only by 5S. V. Watts, 198, High Holborn, Lon- [London] don, Sold by most respectable patent medicine dealers, in boxes at Is. 1jd. [jd] and 2s. 9d. each, One large box is equal to three small ones. When there is any difficulty in obtaining the pills, they will be forwardet [forwarded] by post on receipt of Price ls. 1d. and 2s. 9d per box. LAIR'S GO va RHEUMATIC LS. Testimonial from Hull, toMr [tor] Prout, 229, Strand, London. Sir,-I have great pleasure in forwarding to you the enclosed. The heartfelt gratitude of Mr. Etty is beyond my power to describe. Yours respectfully, C. METCALFE. 13, Whitefriargate, [Watergate] Hull, Jan. 31, 1855. 26th January, 1855. to you the very great Blair's Gout and Rheu- [Re] Dear Sir,-I must acknowledge relief I have derived from the use of matic [magic] Pills, the first two boxes of which I purchased at your establishment whilst suffering from a severe attack of sciatica an lumbago, for the cure of which I had visited Harrogate, Buxtonandacelebrated cold water cure establish- [establishment] ment, [men] without the desired benefit. Having been a resident for upwards of twenty years in the East Indies, and being about to return, I cannot leave without expressing my gratitude for the benetit [benefit] I have received from the use of this inestimable medicine, I beg to remain, dear Sir, yours truly, CHaRLEs [Charles] Erry. [Berry] To Mr. C. L. Metcalfe, chemist, Hull. ; Mr. W, Taylor, bookseller, Warminster, Wilts, writes [writes] Penny, of Corton, Wilts, was afflicted with rheu- [re- rheumatism] matism, [mats] to such an extent that he could not move hand or foot be was recommended by a gentleman to try, Blair's Pills, and accordingly procured a box at Mr. Taylor's, from which he derived sv much benefit, that he sent for another, scted [acted] a complete cure. vee [see] rated Courtney, of Barton Stacey, Hants, [Hats] Says [Says] Having suffered much from gout, had Blair's Pills, and within two hours was quite easy. The use of these pills ought really to be known all over the world,' These Pills require neither attention nor confinement, and are certain to prevent the disease attackimy [attack] any vital part; and in consaqnanoe [consequence] of the great and ihereasing [harassing] de- [demand] mand [and] for this useful medicine, the proprietor hds [his] obtained rmission [mission] from her Majesty's, Commissioners of Stamps to ea the name and address of Thomas Prout, 229, Strand, London, im [in] upon the government stamp, affixed to each boxof [box of] the genuine medicine,-Sold by all vendors Ok My