Huddersfield Chronicle (19/Apr/1856) - Holmfirth Monumental Alms-Houses

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We beg to direct the Attention of our readers to an advertisement in the 4th page of to-day’s Chronicle, setting forth the arrangements made for laying the foundation stone of the Holmfirth Alms-houses. The ceremony is announced to take place on Monday next, and will doubtless be a most interesting one. These alms houses are to be erected in commemoration, first, of the awful devastation caused by the memorable flood, from the bursting of the Bilberry Reservoir, on the night of the 4th of February, 1852, which in its ravaging course swept down mills and dwellings, overwhelmed many families when asleep in their beds, caused an awful destruction of life — the existence of more than eighty persons being thereby suddenly terminated ; and inflicted a destruction of property to the amount of more than £67,000 : and, second, to commemorate the munificent generosity of the nation, which speedily sub-scribed the large amount of £67,781 8s. 5d., in aid of the sufferers by this terrible calamity. It is scarcely necessary to state, that after the claims of the sufferers had been met, according to the scale of relief laid down by the Relief Committee, a large overplus of the subscription remained ; and that after the sum of £7,000 had been set apart in aid of the restoration of the Bilberry reservoir, the goodly dividend of 8s. in the pound was returned to the subscribers : occurrence of its nature almost unprecedented. After this return had been made, a small balance remained in the hands of the United Central Committee, a portion of which was by them appropriated to the Almshouses Memorial Fund ; the rest of that fund being contributed mainly by the inhabitants of the Holmfirth Valley, as a mode of evincing their grateful sense of the aid rendered in their dire necessity by a generous public. The particulars of the day’s proceedings. on the occasion of laying the first stone of this “Memorial of Gratitude,” will be found in the advertisement to which we have referred above ; and we have only to add that the buildings will be erected on a plot of land given for that purpose by Cookson Stephenson Esq, now of Lincoln’s Inn. By the advertisement to which we refer, it will be also seen that a ladies’ bazaar is to take place in the month of September next, in aid of the fund for endowing the Almshouses ; or, in other words, to provide the means of affording the objects of charity selected to dwell in the Alms houses, some small annual stipend in aid of their support. It is but right that we should mention that there are two bazaars now being prepared for — both to be held in Holmfirth ; one in September next, for the purpose just stated ; and one in some short time hence, in connection with the Wesleyan body, for the purposes of the connexion. This last, we believe, has been spoken of as “the Holmfirth bazaar ;” and while it is right that both should receive the support of their respective friends, it is also right that the fact of there being two should be known, that no mistake may be made, and that neither may receive the contributions intended for the other. We commend the public object aimed at, by means of the Memorial Bazaar, to the charitable consideration of our readers, satisfied as we are that they will be glad of the opportunity of aiding, in such an appropriate manner, a work of this truly generous diameter.