Huddersfield Chronicle (18/Oct/1856) - Public Notices

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And presented by the Author to the Trustees of the Almshouses in aid of the Endowment Fund, A SERMON, preached before the Provincial Grand Lodge of Freemasons of West Yorkshire, at Holmfirth Church, on Monday, April 21st, 1856, on the occasion of laying the Foundation Stone of the Monumental Almshouses, erected in commemoration of the Holmfirth Flood of 1852, by Brother the Rev. J. G. Fardell, M.A., rector of Banbam, Norfolk; chaplain to the Right Hon. the Earl of Courtown ; P.P.S.G.W. ; and P. Prov. Grand Chaplain of West Yorkshire. Published by request of the P. G. Lodge, with an Appendix, by the Rev. Thomas James, incumbent of Netherthong.

Huddersfield : Printed and published by Bro. Joseph Brook, P.M., 342, Stamp office. Price Sixpence, or Seven-pence, free by post.

The wide-spread interest awakened in the public mind on the occasion of the fearful calamity which called it forth, cannot fail to bespeak for this sermon an attentive perusal. The touching incidents of the dreadful catastrophe pass vividly before the imagination of the preacher, who dilates upon them in sober and earnest language, befitting the subject he has to deal with. The appendix, too, supplied by the Rev. Thomas James, is a well-penned resume of the whole proceedings from the formation of the Bilberry Reservoir to the laying of the foundation stone of the Almshouses. United — the sermon and appendix — they form a handsome pamphlet, which should be in the household of every inhabitant of West Yorkshire, to be preserved as a permanent record of one of the most disastrous floods, and of the national liberality which stepped in to relieve the sufferers. — Huddersfield Chronicle.