Huddersfield Chronicle (18/Jan/1868) - page 2

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Woollen, Corn, and Cattle Markets

Woollen, Corn, and Cattle Markets.

Huddersfield Cloth Hall

Huddersfield Cloth Hall, Tuesday, January l4th. — The changesble weather of the past few weeks is exercising a very injurious effect upon our market, purchasers deeming it advisable to select sparingly, and only te meet pressing demands. Some representatives of shipping-houses, in addition to home buyers, have attended the market to-day, but there has been no large amount of business transacted. Purchases have been made of goods for exportation to Canada, mainly for the better descriptions, but the home trade has been quiet, the parcels of spring fancies that have changed hands having been generally small and there having been little demand for black doesking and other plain goods. Some orders have been given by Canadian houses for goods suitable for that market. Ip the yarn trade business is quiet, spinners finding difficulty in obtaining orders which will yicld adequate remuneration. There has not been much doing in the warehouses during the week. 'The local wool trade continues without perceptible alteration, the demand being limited, and parcels, for the most part, of diminutive proportions.

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