Huddersfield Chronicle (17/May/1862) - Sale by Tender: Meltham Railway

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Sale by Tender.



TO BE SOLD BY TENDER, all the TIMBER (except that in the Grounds at Healey House) on the Lands set out for the Branch Line of Railway to Meltham, in Dungeon Wood, and in the Township of South Crosland, viz., 45 numbered trees, 1011 Oak, 71 Ash and Elm, and 39 Sycamore, Birch, &c., Poles with the Bark, Tops and Underwood.

Tenders for the same to be sent to Mr. Dunderdale, Land Agent, Huddersfield, on or before the 24th May instant.

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Huddersfield Chronicle (17/May/1862) - Sale by Tender: Meltham Railway


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