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, THE HUDDERSFIELD CHRONICLE, SATURDAY, AUGUST 17, 1850. Fey UNDER ROYAL ae. as aS a Pe oe 7 sa Anos [Ans] os ees [see] Bier ee Mey [May] PATRONAGE. an 2 PERFECT FREEDOM FROM COUGHS IN TEN MINUTES, AND INSTANT RELIEF AND A RAPID CURE OF D GS, ARE LOCOC [LOCO] K'S PU AND CONSUMPTION, ore COLDS, AND ALL DISORDERS OF THE BREATH AND INSURED BY LMONITIC [LUNATIC] WAFERS. Small Books, containing many hundreds of properly authenticated Testimonials, may be had of every Agent. URE RE] OF COUGH, AND COMPLETE RESTORATION . OF VOICE. 7, Alicia-street, Sculcoats, [Cyclists] Hull, Jan. 9, 1847. Sir,-Having been cured of a most obstinate hoarseness and cough (which for a considerable time totally deprived me of the use of my voice) by means of Locock's [Cock's] onic [Tonic] Wafers, and having spent pounds in seeking relief, but all Zo no purpose, I scarcely know how to express my gratiiade [gratitude] for the surprising and sudden change they have wrought mme. [me] I feel the least I can do is to assure you it give me unfeigned pleasure to satisfy any one who favgurs [favours] sae [sea] with a call, as to the wonderful efficacy of these wafers. (Signed), J. MEMELL. [Meme ll] CUR NSUMPTION [CONSUMPTION] IN NEWCASTLE. ms ORO December 5, 1845. ae myself speak of your Wafers with the heaving them in many eases of pulmonary consumption, and they have always afforded relief when every thing else has failed, and the patients having been surfeited with medicine, are delighted to meet with so efficient a remedy, having such an agree- [agreeable] mble [mile] taste. J. Mawson. 33, Moseley-street, Newcastle-on-Tyne. ING CURE OF ASTHMA OF TEN YEARS' SURPRIS [SURPRISE] STANDING. Princes-end, Tipton, March 20, 1846. Sir,-I have for the last ten years been afflicted with an asthma, during which time I have tried every known remedy, and have had the best medical advice possible for me to get. In fact I have spent from 40 to 50 on medical advice alone, and all to no avail; and I gave up all hopes of ever having the disease removed, until I was recommended to try Dr. Locock's [Cock's] Wafers. I purchased two small boxes and one large one, three months since, by which I am now perfectly cured, and beg to return many thanks, &c. (Signed,) HENRY BIsHTON, [Boston] To Mr. John J. Williams, chemist, Tipton. IMPORTANT TO ALL WHO SING. (From S. Pearsall, [Pears all] Esq., Her Majesty's Concerts, and Vicar-Choral of Lichfield Cathedral.) Lichfield, July 10, 1845. Gentlemen,-A lady of distinction having pointed out to me the qualities of Dr. Locock's [Cock's] Wafers, I was induced to make trial of a box, and from this trial I am happy to give my testimonial in their favour. I find, by allowing a few of the Wafers (taken in the course of the day) to gradually dissolve in the mouth, my voice becomes bright and clear, and the tone full and distinct. Thev [The] are decidedly the most efficacious of any I have ever used. S. PEARSALL. [Pears all] TO SINGERS AND PUBLIC SPEAKERS they we invaluable, as in a few hours they remove all Hoarseness, and i nd flexibility of the Voice. THEY HAVE A PLEASANT TASTE. wonderfully imerease [immense] the power and Nove [Nov] is. 9s. d., and Ils, [Is] per Bos. [Bo] Agents -DA SILVA nD Co., 1, Bride-lane, Fleet-street, London. Sold by all Medicine Vendors. et go SY ROVAL [ROYAL] LETTERS y, - -e ----- if 3. LOCOC [LOCO] Rg Pps [Pp] O TASTE oF HED [HE] WAFe [Wade] And are the only remedy recommended to be taken by Ladies. They fortify the constitution at all periods of life, and m [in] all Nervous Affections act like a charm. They remove all OBSTRUCTIONS, HEAVINESS, FATIGUE on SLIBT [SLIT] EXERTION, PaLpPitaTiIon [Palpitation] of the Heart, Lowness of WEAKNESS, and ALLAY PaIrn. [Pain] They create APPETITE, and remove INDIGESTION, HEARTBURN, WIND, HEAD-ACHES, GIDDINESS, &C. In HysTErIcaL [Hysterical] DISEASES a proper perseverance in the use of this Medicine will be found to effect a Cure after all ether means have failed. ',' Full Directions are given with every Box. Norte.-Those Wafers do not contain any Mineral, and may be taken either dissolved in water or whole. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. OBSERVE -There are various Counterfeits of this Medicine in the form of Mrxtures, Mixtures, Priis, Paris, &e. Purchasers must therefore observe that none are the Stamp outside each Box. genuine but WaFers, Waters, and that the words- Dr. Locock's [Cock's] WAFERS, are in The counterfeit Medicines have words on the Stamp so nearly resembling these as to mislead the unwary. Purchasers waust [waist] therefore strictly observe the above caution. Price 1s. 13d., 2s. 9d., and 11s. per Box. The 2s. 9d. Boxes contain nearly Three of the small size, and the 11s. Boxes Five of those at 2s. 9d. AGENTS FOR HUDDERSFIELD-Mr. JACOB FELL and Mr. ENGLAND, Chemists. FEMALE PRESERVED AND RESTORED. DR. COCKBURN'S ORIENTAL BOTANICAL EXTRACT. Under the immediate patronage of her most gracious Majesty the Queen, her Majesty the Empress of Russia, her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent, her Royal leading Members of the Aristocracy both of the English and Continental Courts of Europe. R. G. H. J. COCKBURN again, with the return of Summer, takes the pleasure of informing the adies [ladies] of HUDDERSFIELD and adjoining localites, [localities] that his RIENTAL RENTAL] BOTANICAL EXTRACT will be found an remedy, and the only one that will be proved after all other means have been tried, without the least good arising from them, for effectually removing all Blotches, Freckles, Pimples, Tan Spots, and other Eruptions, and quickly restoring the complexion 0] its original bloom of health, The application of the Oriental Botanical Extract is of a most agreeable and soothing nature, and r once or vice using, a pleasing and surprising change will be per- [proved] eeived, [deceived] and in a few days the complexion will assume a delightful roseate and youthful appearance, and at once Prove to the patients its wonderful and lasting efficacy. The preparation will be found highly beneficial in pre- [preserving] werving [weaving] the complexion from the disagreeable appearance 3 often presents trom [from] exposure to the sea air, and, atthe [Arthur] game time, frequent recourse to bathing. In those cases the riental rental] Botanical Extract is also especially recommended to be used immediately after by all persons who are in any way troubled with cutaneous eruptions, and who resort to salt water remedies. Dr. COCKBURN can, with the greatest satisfaction add, and also prove by thousands of testimonials received by him, during the last ten years, from all parts of the king- [kingdom] dom, [don] that the surprising and healthy qualities of the Qriental [Oriental] Botanical Extract know no equal, and have never Been known to fail, but after various other quack remedies for the complexion had been resorted to, ruinous both to health and pocket, without deriving any benefit, bat in many cases doing the patient great injury, the Oriental Botanical Extract triumphed in a complete and perma- [Perea- permanent] ment [men] cure. Dr. CocKBURN [Cocking] begs to place before his fair readers generally the following' testimonials, selected out of some thousands received from all parts of the globe, proving the wonderful and surprising efficacy of his Oriental Botanical Extract but it is quite impossible, in the short space of an ordinary advertisement, to give more than a very brief gzample. [ample] TESTIMONIALS RECENTLY RECEIVED, Expy [Exp] of a Letter received from Lady B-, Park-lane, London, April 10. Park-lane, London, April 10th, [the] 1850. Lady B-- forwards her compliments to Dr. Cockburn, and Kas [As] much pleasure in thanking him for the great service she de- [derived] rived from the application of his delightful and excellent prepara- [prepared- preparation] tion [ion] for the complexion; in fact, she cannot express herself in terms sufficient for benefits experienced. Lady B-- will feel ebliged [obliged] if Dr Cockburn, at the earliest convenience, will forward her half a dozen 4s. 6d. bottles, being about to leave town, and ot wishing to be without so valuable a friend. A post-office erder order] is herewith enclosed for the amount. Testimonial received April 11th, 1850. Cavendish House, near Windsur, [Windsor] April 10th, [the] 1850. Miss Beauchamp's respects to Dr. George H. J. Cockburn, and is now enabled to forward him, with a great deal of pleasure, this Retter, [Letter] from the good she has recently derived from using his truly wonderful Botanical Extract for the skin, together with his ex- [excellent] eellent [eel lent] advice, which she cannot thank him sufficiently for, but Queen of the f Belgians, the Highness the Duchess of igians, [organs] Cambridge, and opportunity occurs of recommending it, she shall do so, knowi [know] with Fae [Far] confidence that it is 'quite harmless and most enefic [benefice] Extract of a Letter received Feb. 21, 1850. Cumberland Terrace, Regent's Park, London, Feb. 21, 185 To G. H. J. Cockburn, Esq.-Sir,-I have much pleasure in forwarding you this testimonial respecting the wonderful efficacy of your Oriental Botanical Extract for the Complexion. I was, Sir, previous to using it, troubled with a great Inany [Inane] spots and eruptions on my skin but I am pleased to say that after a few applications of your Extract according to your directions, that every unpleasant appearance forsook my skin and in a very short space of time a perfect cure was made. I shall not feel any objection, if you think proper this public, and I have the honour to be, Sir, yours most faithfully, C. A. SEymour. [Seymour] Copy of a Letter received March 19th, [the] 1850. . Duke-street, Liverpool, March 18, 185 5 Dear Sir,-I should feel ungrateful after the service T havo [have] re- [received] ceived [received] by the use of your Oriental Extract, did I not thank you for the same. I have to inform you that seeing it adverti [advert] in several Liverpool newspapers, I was persuaded by a friend to try it, although at that time I felt assured it would only be a waste of money and trouble, having had recourse to so many things before, withuut [without] doing me the least good, but at last I determined to give it a trial, and accordingly obtained a 2s. 9d. bottle from Messrs. Eyre and Co., Steel-street, as one of your agents in this town, and J can only say with much pleasure that after a f I perceived a pleasing change, and in a ghort [short] time a perfect cure was the result; for which 1 beg you to accept my best thanks.-I am, dear Sir, yours obliged, M. Parker. Extract of a Letter received March Il, 1850. Union-street, Bristol, March 10, 1850. Mr. G. H. J. Cockburn, 27, Aldgate, itt [it] cake with great pleasure an opportunity of forwarding a Testimonial respecting the great benefit I have received from the use of your invaluable Oriental Botanical Extract, and I shall not think it but my duty to recommend it for use to all my friends and others, who are troubled with any unpleasant eruptions on their skin, for I can say this, after trying every other preparation, and deriving no use from them, I was induced by a lady to make a trial of your wonderful Extract, and I eannot [cannot] express my feelings in admiration sufficient for the good results that ensued for pre- [previous] vious [pious] to making use of it I was ashamed to go out into any society -my complexion being quite discoloured, by eruptions and spots; but after only using it twice, I even then perceived a great altera- [alter- alteration] tion [ion] for the better, and in a short time so improved that all my acquaintance were surprised and more, your Extract, to use, instead of being a trouble, is quite pleasant, and also an addition to ane [an] toilet. oping you will pardon this intrusion and freedom, I Sir, yours, respectfully, SEE Dunant. ' The Oriental Botanical Extract is prepared according to the age of the patient.. Dr Cockburn, therefore, requests parties will obtain it according to the following instruc- [instruct- instructions] tions [tins -No. 1, for the use of persons from 12 to 18 years of age; No. 2, for all persons from 30 to 50. Dr. Cockbnrn [Cockburn] can be consulted by letter, on all diseases ot the skin, or patients remitting him his usual fee, by office order or otherwise. Prepared only, and sold wholesale and retail, by the sole proprietor, Dr. G. H. J. Cockburn, 27, Ald [Al] te, London, in bottles, at 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d. each, with directions for use also by the following wholesale London chemists - Messrs. Barclay and Sons, 95, Farringdon-street Messrs. Edwards and Co., St. Paul's Churchyard; Mr. J. Sanger, 150, Oxford-street Mr. Thomas Prout, 222, Strand Messrs. Sutton and Co., Bow Church-yard; Messrs, Hannay and Which shall not be forgotten to be recommended by her wherever C0-, 63, Oxford-street; Messrs. Butler and Co.,4, Cheapside. it is required. Miss Beauchamp will thank Mr. G. H. J. Cock- [Cucumbers] Messrs. J. and R, Raimes, [Raines] Edinburgh; Mr. D. Campbell; Burn to acknowledge the receipt of the cheque now sent. Glasgow; Messrs. Pring and Co., Dublin. Extract of a Letter received March V7th, [With] 1850. Mr. W. P. ENGLAND, chemist, Wholesale and Retail Bristol, March V6th, [With] 1850. Agent for HUDDERSFIELD. Mr. Cockburn,-Sir,-Having been recommended to make a Mr. Hunter, chemist, Dewsbury. rial of your Botanical Extract, I purchased of my townsman, Messrs. Bolton, Blanshard, and Co., wholesale and retail Mr. chemist, Union etrect, [erect] a small bottle, to 3 agents, York. great many ons an es kin, and whi [who] nly only] say, with to you and 'pleasure to myself, exceeded Messrs. Reinhardt and Sons, chemists, wholesale and zay [say] most sanguine expectations for I had, before making use of retail agents, Leeds. your excellent tract, resorted to several things I saw adver- [aver- advert] i caste ised, [used] but without making any improvment [improvement] in me. I shall not, cheat, Don ir, feel any hesitation to answer any reference you may think so Ge n Zit to make to me; and allow me to thank you once more for the Mr. Hall, chemist, Barnsley. great benefit I have received from the use of your valuable pre- [prem] Mr. Sewell, chemist, Sheffield. paration.-I [reparation.-I] remain, Sir, your obedient and obliged servant, Mr. Wright chemist, Chesterfield. THomas [Thomas] H. CLEMENTS. Mr. Blackburn, chemist, Bradford. Extract of a Letter received J 1850. Mr. Wilkinson, chemist, Halifax. pg ane [an] 3. 1850 Mr. Butterworth, chemist, Todmorden, - Miss Wiltshire begs Mr. G. H.J. Cockburn to accept her best Mr. J. M. Clitton, [Clifton] chemist, Delph. thanks for the surprising efficacy she has derived from using his Mr. Hick, chemist, Wakefield. Botanical Preparation; and she can only say, that wherever the And all other respectable chemists in the United Kingdom. Z SAMUEL WARBURTON, of No. 11, St. Mark-stree, [Mark-street] Wood- [Wood caution] CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. house, near leeds, [Leeds] in the County of York, gentleman, do solemnly ayessrs. [ayers] WILKINSON and Co., Sur [Sir] . 2 5 a as 'geons, [aeons] beg to say that they have Gad sincerely declare that I am the owner of the ducelling-hovse, [dwelling-house] 'no connection with amy [may] person or persons is Leeds who style them Wo. 13, Trafalgar-street, in Leeds aforesaid, That the said dudl- [dull- dissolves] selves Wilkinson and Co.- Messrs. and Co. can only be Sng-house [Ng-house] has been tenanted and occupied by the firms of Wilkinson at 2, Back-green, Huddersfield and, King Cross- [Crosland] and Co., or Wilkinson, Royle and Co., for upwards af twelve years D EL A Y NOT And that no person or persons of the name of Wilkinson, nor any firm calling themselves Wilkinson and Co., and residing either at OR delays are dangerous. All parties suftering [suffering] Halifax, Huddersfield, or Bradford, in the said County of York, from cases of a private nature should consult Messrs. ever resided at No. 18, Trafalgar-strect, [Trafalgar-street] in Leeds aforesaid, nor; WILKINSON Co., SuRGEONS, [Surgeon] at their Medical Estab- [Stables- Estate] ever tenanted the same, or had any connection with that establish. ishments, [ailments] 2, BacK [Back] GREEN, HUDDERSFIELD, and 1, Kina [King] SAMUEL WARBURTON, CBOSS-STREET, [CROSS-STREET] Hatirax, [Hatteras] where honour and a speedy cure Taken, declared, and subscribed at Leeds, in the County of York, Maybe relied upon. Attendance daily at the above this 20th day of May, 1848, before me, Establishments. GEORGE STABLES Solicitor, Leeds WILKINSON Co.' PURIFYING DROPS, an astonish x; ing discovery for the cure of every stage and symptom o URE [RE] GUARANTEED.- [GUARANTEED] WILKIN SON, the venereal disease, price 4s. 6d. per bottle, can only be ROYLE, and Co. may be consulted at their resi- [rest- resided] had of the following agents - ence, [once] 13, TRAFALGARSTREET, LEEDS (Surgery, 57, Nile- [Street] ; street), from nine in the Morning till Ten at ight, [it] and Halifax.-Mr. Wilson, bookseller, &c., North Bridge. on Sundays till Two. They are, in consequence of increased Hyddersfield.-Mr. [Huddersfield.-Mr] Dewhirst, druggist, &c., King-street. practice, reluctantly, for the present, obliged to discontinue their usual visits to Bradford, Halifax, and Huddersfield. They beg, however, to state, that communications ad. Zo them at Leeds, will be attended to, and to intimate that they have entered into arrangements with Dr. ROYLE, MRCS. [MRS] who has had vast opportunities of studying Dis- [Diseases] eases, &c. &c., having long confined his attention thereto Gm one of the principal Hospitals in the kingdom. He has obtained first-rate Testimonials of his skill in their treat- [treatment] ment. [men] A very extensive private practice has proved his success. Letters, containing 1, will be atten [attend] ed to, and Advice and Medicines will be forwarded. Parties who cannot personally apply, might successfully wee W. R. and Co.'s DROPS and PURI- [PURE- PURIFYING] #YING [TING] PILLS.-A Treatise, of 24 pages, embellished with engravings, is sent with them. . WILkinson, [Wilkinson] RoyLx, [Royal] and Co. have published their AMe- [Me- Medical] ical [cal] Adviser. As a proof of its utility, a large edition has Pay sold, ice of the Purifying Drops, 4s. 6d. per bottle; three in is. j, in one, 1 Is.' Pills, Qs 9d., 4s, 6d., 11s., Foshan [Fishing] Per box. Considerable saving is effected by larger sized bottles and boxes; to be in their residence; or of the following agents - HUDDERSFrELp [Huddersfield] Mr. j -road. Wolifax- [Halifax- Halifax] my BROOK, Printer, 26, Buxton-roa [Buxton-road] Harti, [Hart] -Mr. Fybus, [Bus] Market 'y, bookseller; and Barnsley-Mr. wae [we] UR baring copied the 3 co. 3 .. galuable [valuable] Medici ve to Wilkinson, Royle, and Co.'s Geet [Feet] Ett [Et] bent 5 ae the public that none are government stamp, to in; 'Henry Royle on can only be obtained at thei. [the] which is felony; and fom [from] any of their accredited Agents, in OF wsbury.-Mr. [Dewsbury.-Mr] Hunter, chemist and druggist. akefield [Wakefield] Mr. Lawton, chemist and druggist, Bottom of Kirkgate. arnsley.-Mr. [Barnsley.-Mr] Waterfield, bookseller, &c. radford.-Mr. Tetley, chemist, &c., Leeds-road; and Mr. Sutcliff, chemist, &c., Westgate. Hebden Bridge.-Mr. Garforth, bookseller. Keighley.-Mr. Akeds, [Asked] Stamp Office. Todmorden.-Mr. Farrar, hair dresser. Rochdale.-Howarth, &c., wholesale druggist. Heywood.-Mr. Alston's boot and shoe establishment. Colne.-Mr. Hodgson, chemist, &c. Dencaster.-Hough, [Doncaster.-Hough] chemist, &c., Corn Market. Leeds.-Mr. Green, bookseller, Briggate. Pontefract Mr. Farrer, we Rey on .-Mr. Farrer, chemist, &e., Roper-s Goole.-Mr. Harnet, [Garnet] chemist, ke. Moper-atrect. [Moper-attract] Selby.-Mr. Glew, chemist, &c. York.-Mr. Marsh, stationer, &c., Peter-gate. Skipton.-Mr. Irving, chemist, &c. Burnley.-Mr. Munn, chemist, &c. Bingley.-Mr. Dunn, chemist, &c. , Mark those Numbers, Names, and Streets, Or serious disappointments you will meet. All Letters punctually attended to, and Medicines sent to any part of the Kingdom, At the Gloucester assizes, on Tuesday last, a woman named Hannah Curtis, 55 years of age, was found guilty and sentenced to death (with a recommendation to mercy from the jury), of foundering her husband, by poisoning him with arsenic on the 30th of April last, at Frampton Cot- [Cotterill] terill, [trial] in the county of Gloucester. The presumed induce- [inducement] ment [men] to commit the crime was a desire to marry a young man named Curtis, whose wife she became a few weeks after poisoning her former husband. DU BARRY'S HEALTH-RESTORING FOOD FOR INVALIDS AND INFANTS. Herz [Her] RESTORED without Medicine, inconvenience, or expense, to the most nervously delicate, dyspeptic, constipated, bilious, debilitated, shattered constitution. Six Indispensibles [Indispensable] to Invalids, delicate Persons and In- [Infants] fants. [ants] Protected by Royal Letters Patent, ARABIAN EN Price-lIb. [Price-lib] 1s., 3lb. [lb] 2s. 9d., 6lb. [lb] 5s. 3d., LENTIL POWDER. Price-llb. [Price-ll] 1s. 4d., 3Ib. [ob] 3s. 6d,, 6lb. [lb] 6s. 6d., 12 bs. 12s, ERVALENTA. [EVENT] In canisters, 11b. [b] 2s., 3lb. [lb] 5s. 6d., 6Ib. [ob] 10s., 12 Ib. 18s. Du Barry's PULMONIC BON [ON] BONS. [BINS] A nice, safe, and effectual remedy for coughs, colds, asthma, and all affections of the lungs, throat, and breath, are of unrivalled excellency. In boxes, Is. 14d., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d.; or, post free, 1s. 4d., 3s. 3d., 5s. 2d. Du Barry and Co., sole Licensees for Nevill's Patent FLOUR OF LENTILS, as purified, prepared, and highly improved, by Du Barry and Co., 127, New Bond-street, London. It is packed in canisters suitable for all climates, lib. at 1s., 3lb. [lb] at 2s. 9d., 6b. at 5s. 3d., 12 b. at 10s. Each canister bears the seal and signature of Du Barry and -, in full, without which none can be genuine, and the imitating of either is felony. The above farinaceous foods, as prepared by Du Barry and Co., will be found very useful to invalids and delicate children; but THE REMEDY for dyspepsia (indigestion), constipation, acidity, cramps, spasms, fits, heartburn, diarrhoea, nervousness, biliousness, affections of the liver and kidneys, fiatulency [flatulence] distension, palpitation of the heart, nervous headache, deafness, noises in the head and ears, pains in almost every part of the body, chronic inflammation and ulceration of the stomach, eruptions on the skin, scrofula, consumption, dropsy, rheumatism, gout, nausea and vomiting during p ancy, [any] after eating, or at sea, low spirits, spleen, general debility, paralysis, cough, asthma, inquietude, sleeplessness, invo- [into- involuntary] luntary [voluntary] blushing, tremors, dislike to society, unfitness for study, delusions, loss of memory, vertigo, blood to the head, exhaustion, melancholy, undless [unless] fear, indecision, wretchedness, thoughts of self-destruction, &c., is Du Barry's delicious health-restoring food for invalids and ts, THE REVALENTA [PREVALENT] ARABICA, [ARABIC] Discovered, exclusively grown, and imported by Du Barry Co., 127, New Bond-street, London, sole owners of the Revalenta [Prevalent] estates, and of the patent machinery by which alone the curative principles of the plant can be de- [developed] veloped. [envelope] This light delicious breakfast farina (without medicine of any kind, without inconvenience, and without expense, as it saves 50 times its cost in other more expen- [expense- expensive] sive [side] remedies) speedily and permanently removes the above disorders. It never turns acid on the weakest stomach, but imparts a healthy relish for lunch and dinner, and restores the fagulty [faculty] of digestion and nervous and muscular energy to thé [the] most enfeebled. 50,000 testimonials, some of which are given below, leave no doubt of its restorative virtues, or . TESTIMONIALS, It has the highest approbation of Lord Stuart de Decies; [decides] the Venerable Archdeacon Alexander Stuart, of Ross-a cure of three years' nervousness; Major-General Thomas King, of Exmouth; Captain Parker D. Bingham, R.N., of No. 4, Park walk, Little Chelsea, London, who was cured of twenty- [twenties] seven years' dyspepsia in six weeks' time; Captain Andrews, R.N.; Capiain [Captain] Edwards, R.N,; William Hunt, Barrister- [Barrister at] at-Law, [Law] King's College, Cambridge, who, after suffering sixty years from partial paralysis, has regained the use of his limbs in a very short time upon this food; the Rev. Charles Kerr, of Winslow, Bucks-a cure of functional disorders ; Mr. Thomas Woodhouse, Bromley-recording the cure of a lady from constipation and sickness during pregnancy; the Rev. Thomas Minster, of St. Saviour's, Leeds-a cure of five years' nervousness, with spasms and daily vomitings [vomiting Mr. Taylor, Coroner of Bolton Captain Allen-recording the cure of epileptic fits; Doctors Ure [Re] and Hae [He] Jamies [James] Shorland, [Holland] No. 8, Sydney-terrace, Reading, Ber [Be surgeon in the Regi- [Reg- Regiment] wont a cure of dropsy James Porter, Esq., Athol-street, Perth -a cure of 13 years' cough, with general debility; J. Smyth, Esq., Lower Abbey-street, Dublin Cornelius O'Sullivan, M.D,, F.R.C.8., Dublin-a perfect cure of thirty years' indescribable agony which had resisted all other remedies and fifty thousand other well-known individuals, who have sent the discoverers and inporters, [Importers] Dn Barry and Co,, 127, New Bond-street, London, testimonials of the extrordinary [extraordinary] which their health has been restored by this useful and economical diet, after all other remedies had been tried in vain fur many years, and all hopes of recovery abandoned.-Morning Chronicle. Analysis by the celebrated Professor of Chemistry and Analytical Cheinist, [Chemist] Andrew Ure, [Re] M.D., F.R.S., &c., &c. - London, 24, Bloomsbury-square, June 8, 1849. I hereby certify, that having examined 'Du Barry's Health Restoring Food,' I find it to be a pure vegetable Farina, perfectly wholesome, easily digestible, likely to promote a healthy action of the stomach and bowels, and thereby to counteract dyspepsia, constipation, and their nervous consequences. ANDREW URE, [RE] M.D., F B.S., &c., Analytical Chemist. St. Saviour's, Leeds, Dec. 9, 1847, For the last five years I have been in a most deplorable condition of health, having been subject during that period to most severe pains in the back, chest, right and left sides, which produced vomiting almost daily......Next to God, I owe you a great debt of gratitude. I have not had any sickness at the stomach since I commenced your Food, &c., &c.-I remain, gentlemen, yours very truly, . Rev. Toomas [Thomas] Minster, of Farnley Tyas, Yorkshire. Dewsbury, Yorkshire, 11th Sept., 1849. Gentlemen,-I am using your Food with great success. Before I I could poet take meal of any description, but Bi sure to suffer great pain after it from indigestion, I suppose, bu thank God I am much better. I have recommended your Food to a great many of my fellow sufferers.-ALEx. [sufferers.-Ale] CALDER, Sergeant Royal Sappers and Miners, Ordnance Survey, Dewsbury. 2, Princess-street, Manchester, 3rd month, 19th, [the] 1849. Respected Friend,- [Friend] I think no one who had received or seen so much good and comfort result from it as in my mother's case, letter as thou thinkest [thinks] best, and I will cheerfully answer any inquiries.-I am, thy friend, EDwARD [Edward] CoRBETT, [Corbett] tary [Tar] En gineer, [engineer] &c, 3, Sydney-terrace, Reading, Berks, Dec. 3, 1847. Gentlemen,-I am happy to be able to inform you that the per- [person] son for whom the former quantity was procured, has derived very great benefit from its use; distressing symptoms of long standing have been removed, and a feeling of restored health in- [induced] duced. [duce] Having witnessed the beneficial effects in the above- [above mentioned] mentioned case, I can with confidence recommend it, and shall have much pleasure in so doing whenever an opportunity offers. -I am, gentlemen, very truly yours, JaMES [James] SHORLAND, [HOLLAND] late surgeon, 96th Regiment. Stainbro', [Stain bro] Barnsley, Aug. 11th, 1849. Gentlemen,-My sister and myself have derived much benefit we are now much stronger ahd [had] calmer than before. Please send another 10Ib [ob] canister,&c.-B. M...... Schoolmaster. Royal Hotel, St. Heliers, Jersey, Nov. 4, 1849. My dear Sir,-It is not to be told all the benefit your Food has been to me; and my litt [list] e son cries for a saucer of it every morn- [morning] ing-he [he] never wanted a doctor since it came into the house. I consider you a blessing to society at large.-Most faithfully yours, WALTER KEATING. 21, Queen's-terrace, Bayswater, London, Nov. 22, 1849. Mr. Dampier [Damper] will thank Messrs. Du Barry and Co. tosend [to send] him another canister of their Revalenta [Prevalent] Arabica, [Arabic] it agreeing-so well with his infant. (This infant was six days' old. when it. com- [commenced] menced [mended] living on the Food). Devon Cottage, Bromley, Middlesex, March 31, 1849. Gentlemen,-The lady fur whom I udored [adorned] your food is six months advanced in pregnancy, and was suffering severely from indigestion and constipation, throwing up her meals shortly after eating them, having a deal of heartburn, and bei [be] constantly obliged to resort to physic or the enema, and some- [sometimes] times to both. Iam [I am] happy to inform you that your Food duced [duce] immediate relief e has never been sick since, had but iittle [little] heartburn, and the functions are more regular, &c, ' THos, [This] WOODHUUSE, [WOODHOUSE] Pool Anthony, Tiverton, Nov. 8, 1848. All that I had suffered from for twenty-five years, and which no medicine could remove or relieve, seems to vanish under the ihfluence [influence] of Revalenta. [Prevalent] I enjoy sound and refreshing sleep, which, until now, I could not procure. Nervousness is passing away rapidly, and I am much more calm and collected in every- [everything] thing I do, and it has quite sweetened my poor temper. It now affords me pleasure to do for others what, before, I did not dare to do for nervous irritation, &c. W. R. REEvEs. [Reeves] Athol-street, Perth, May 2, 1848. Some now elapsed since the lady (who had been an invalid for thirteen years from wand of digestion, accompanied with cough and general prostration of using it daily as directed, and I am happy to say that it has produced a most salutary change in her system, &e, JAMES POTTER. Haddingto [Harding] , East Lothian, March 3, 1849. Dear Sir,-Your excellent Arabica [Arabic] Food has com- [completely] pletely [lately] restored my stomach, nerves, and liver, which had been disordered for nearly twenty years past, and my health is now everything I could wish, and has been so these three months past, &e. ANDREW FRASER. Important CautTion.-Of [Caution.-Of] late many ignorant persons, actuated by cupidity alone, have attempted to foist upon the public, flour or powder of Lentils, in imitation of Du Barry's invaluable Revalenta [Prevalent] Arabica [Arabic] food (a farina posses- [possessing] sing the highest curative Principles of any substances ever discovered, and of which Messrs. Du Barry and Co. are the' sole proprietors and possessors). These imitative imposters have not hesitated to copy our advertisements, and puff as CURATIVE that which (though unobjectionable as food when properly prepared) possesses no more curative virtues than a piece of bread. Nor can they show a single curative effect, whilst Du Barry's Revalent [Prevalent] Arabica [Arabic] food has cured fifty thousand persons of high respectability, even in eases where all other remedies had failed and all hopes of recovery abandoned. But they invariably refer to the Old Testa. [Taste] ment [men] as their great authority forgetting that the only re. ference [France] there made to Lentils is Esau's fraud upon his brother Jacob; and the public is left to infer that these imitators, intent upon following Esau's example, wish to perpetrate a wholesale fraud upon invalids. A full report of important cures of the above and man other complaints, and a copious extract from fifty thousand testimonials, from parties of the highest respectability, is sent gratis by Du Barry and Co., on receipt of two stamps In canisters, with tull [till] instructions, weighing Ib. at 2s. 9d.; 2Ib. [ob] at 4s. 6d. Slb. [Lb] at 11s. 12Ib. [ob] at 22s. super-refined quality, 10lb., [lb] 32s.; [S's] and 5lb. [lb] 22s. for all climates. Canisters forwarded by DU BA. and Co., on receipt of Post-office or Bankers' orders. The 12Ib. [ob] ani [an] 10lb. [lb] canisters carriage-free to any town or railway station connected by rail with London. Du Barry and Co., 12 , New Bond-street, London also of Fortnum, [Fortnight] Mason, Co., 182 and 183, Piccadilly, Purveyors to her Majesty the. Queen, 182, Piccadilly; Hedges and Butler, 155, Regen;- [Regent;- Regent] street Barclay, 95, Farringdon-street Edwards, 67, S . Paul's Church-yard Rumsey, [Ramsey] 3, Queen-street-place Sut- [St- Sutton] ton, Newberry, Sanger, Hannay, 63, Oxford-street and through all respectable grocers, chemists, medicine vendo s [vendor s] and booksellers in the kingdom. Agent for HUDDERSFIELD, Mr. W. P. ENGLAND, CHEMIST, MARKET-PLACE. P. H. Wilkinson and Mr. J. H. Kershaw. BaRNSLEY,-John [Barnsley,-John] Ray. ; BEVERLEY,-E. Pipes, North Bar-street. BraDForD,-John [Bradford,-John] Pratt, W. J. Thomas, Thomas. Milner Maud and Wilson, M. Rogerson, F. M. Remmington, DEwsBuRY,-T. [Dewsbury,-T] M. and C. Brooke. LEEDs.-Reinhardt [Leeds.-Reinhardt] and Sons, 76, Briggate. PoNTEFRACT,-James [Pontefract,-James] Brice, Druggist. SHEFFIELD,-T. Watson and Co, WAaKEFIELD,-G. [Wakefield,-G] E. Smith. YorK,-Bolton, [York,-Bolton] Blanshard, and Co. BIRMINGHAM,-Phillpott [BIRMINGHAM,-Phillip] and Son, 28, High-street. LIVERPOOL,-T. Nixon and Co., 1, Castle-street. MANCHESTER,-T. Nash, John Dalton-street. DoncastTEeR,-R. [Doncaster,-R] Hartley. would be without it in sickness. Thou art at liberty to use. this; from your Revalenta [Prevalent] Arabica [Arabic] Food. We both of us have suffered much from nervousness and debility, but are thankful to state ' holm, [Holme] son of Hans Lind, schoolmaster, strength) for whom I procured your Arabiac [Arabic] Food has been FROM THE LONDON GAZETTE. BANKRUPTS.-Fapay, [BANKRUPTS.-Fa pay] Avaust [August] 9. BANKRUPTS. Richard Groves Ward, otherwise Richard Ward, Brown- [Brown] treet, [street] -lane, coach currier, [carrier] to surrender August 10. at twelje [twelve] o'dock, September 20, at half-past twelve, at the pts' [its] Court solicitor, Mr. Ward, Keppel-street, [Keeper-street] Russell-sqyare [Russell-square] official ee, Mr. Whitmore. Thomas Dornford, [Durnford] Suffolk-lane, Cannon-street, i t, August 16, at one o'clock, October 4 at eleven, at 8 'Bankrupts' Court solicitor, Mr. Innes, liter-street; [Lister-street; -street] official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall- [Basing hall- Single] Frederiék [Frederick Bennett, Clapham Rise, Clapham, soda-water manufacturer, August 17, at twelve o'clock, September 30, at eleven at the Bankrupts' Court solicitor, Mr. Innes, Billiter-stteet [Billiard-street] official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall- [Basing hall- Basinghallstreet] -street. Edwin Hyrons, [Horns] John-street, Tottenham Court Road, pianoforte manufacturer, A' t 22, at half-past twelve o'clock, September 30, at twelve, at the Bankrupts' Court solicitor. Mr. Cox, Pinner's Hall, Old Broad-street official ionee, [one] Mr. Cannan, [Cannon] Birchin-lane, [Birch-lane] Cornhill. . enrv [envy] Charles Knell, Belvidere-road, Lambeth, timber merchait, [merchant] August 20, at half-past twelve, September 21, at eleven, at the Bankrupts' Court solicitor, Mr. Stenning, [Staining] Basingtall-street [Basing tall-street] official Mr. Pennell, Guildhall Chambes, [Chambers] Basinghall-street. [Basing hall-street] Thonas [Thomas] Clarke, Newport, Monmothshire, [Monmouth] grocer, August 23, September 25, at eleven o'clock, at the Bristol District Court of Bankruptcy solicitor, Mr. Perkins, Bristol ; official assi [ass] Mr. Acraman, [Crimean] Bristol. Samiel [Samuel] Parnall, [Parnell] East Looe, Cornwall, grocer, August 20, at elewn [eleven] o'clock, September 18, at one, at the Exeter Dis- [District] trict [strict] Court of Bankruptcy solicitor, Mr. Hobbs, Bristol ; and Mp. Stogdon, [Stockton] Exeter; official assignee, Mr. Hernaman, [Herman] Sere Willis Hinchliffe, Sheffield, manufacturer, August 24, September 21, at ten o'clock, at the Leeds District Court of Bankruptcy at Sheffield solicitors, Mr. Saxelbye, [Scarcely] Hull and Messrs. Horsfall and Harrison, Leeds official ager [age] Mr. Freeman, Sheffield. i liam Briddon, Bootle, Lancashire, manufacturing chymist, [chemist] 4 16, September 20, at eleven o'clock, at Live District Court of Bankruptcy solicitor, Mr. wo iverpool [Liverpool] official assignee, Mr. Turner, Liver- [Liverpool] pool. 2.4 Gee loth August 0, A. K. Holman, Leeds, cloth manufacturer.- [manufacturer] September'8, J. Clarke and E. Dearden, Bury and Rad- [Rad elite] Lancashire, grocers. ( CERTIFICATE. . Sptember [September] 16, T. Cowgill, Bradford, Yorkshire, grocer. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. Jj and T. Drake, Addingham, Yorkshire, linen drapers. - Beck and J. Adams, Sheffield, joiners.-J. Miller and H Nelson, Settle, Yorkshire, railway contractors.-W. W. Hyde and J. H. Dutchman, Kingston-upon-Hull, auc- [au- Auctioneers] tioaeers. [Auctioneers] -- i BANKRUPTS.-TvuEspay, [BANKRUPTS.-Tuesday] August 13. Jonathan Steele, Deptford, tar manufacturer, to sur- [Sir- surrender] rader [reader] August 22, at half-past one o'clock, October 3, at oe, at the Bankrupts' Court solicitor, Mr. Chidley, [Chile] Guildhall Chambers, Basinghall-street [Basing hall-street] official assignee, Ur. Whitmore, Basinghall-street. [Basing hall-street] Samuel and William Bridges Adams and Gerard Ralston, [Liston] Bow, ergineers, [engineers] September 5, at half-past eleven o'clock, Octobe [October 10, at one, at the Bankrupts' Court solicitors, Messrs. Crowder and Maynard, Coleman-street official assione, [passion] Mr. Cannan, [Cannon] Birchin-lane, [Birch-lane] Cornhill. Edwrd [Edward] Stephenson, Richmond, Surrey, builder, August 22, athalf-past [at half-past] eleven o'clock, October 3, at two, at the Banknpts' [Bankrupts] Court solicitor, Mr. Kaye, Symond's [Summoned's] Inn, Chanerry-lane [Chancery-lane] official assignee, Mr. Cannan, [Cannon] Birchin-lane, [Birch-lane] Janbs [Janes] Hibble, [Hebble] Bishopsgate-street Without, oil and colour- [colourman] man, August 22, September 30, at one o'clock, at the - Bankgpts' [Bankrupts] solicitors, Messrs. T. J. and E. S. Bishopgate Churchyard official assignee, Mr. Whitnore, [Whitney] Basinghall-street. [Basing hall-street] . .Edyard [Edward] Ground, Wisbeach [Beach] and Parsons Drove, draper, Augut [August] 23, September 27, at half-past twelve o'clock, at the Iankrupts' [Bankrupts] Court solicitors, Messrs. Mardon [Marion] and Prichrd, [Preached] Christchurch Chambers, Newgate-street official assigee, [assignee] Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall-street. [Basing hall-street] Jon Whitwell, Mark-lane, corn factor, August 24, at half-pst [half-post] twelve o'clock, September 27, at one, at the Banlkrupts' [Bankrupts] Court solicitors, Messrs. Abbott and Wheat- [Wheatley] ley, fouthampton [Southampton] Buildings, Chancery-lane and Messrs. Mille and Son, Norwich; official assignee, Mr. Pennell, Guilhall [Guildhall] Chambers, Basinghall-street. [Basing hall-street] Edward Ford and William Reeves, Leadenhall- [Leadenhall] stre [ste] ship agents, August 20, at half-past one o'clock, Septmber [September] 23, at twelve, at the Bankrupts' Court soli- [sol- solicitors] citos, [cities] Messrs. Lawrance and Plews, Old Jewry Chambers ; offical [official] assignee, Mr. Pennell, Guildhall Chambers, Basing- [Basinghallstreet] hallstreet. [hall street] Jrhn [John] Robinson and Edward Moore, Wakefield, spinners, Aumgst [August] 29, September 23, at eleven o'clock, at the Leeds Disrict [District] Court of Bankruptcy solicitors, Messrs. West- [Westminster] moijand [mind] and Taylor, Wakefield official assignee, Mr. -Hoje, [Hoe] Leeds. illiam [William] Henry De Wolf, Liverpool, merchant, A' 22,5eptember [22,September] 16, at eleven o'clock, at the Liverpool Dis- [District] trié [true] Court of solicitor, Mr. Holden, Liver- [Liver pod] pod official assignee, Mr. Cazenove, [Convey] Liverpool. 'Daniel M'Intyre, [M'Intro] Manchester, manufacturing chymist, [chemist] August 23, September 16, at twelve o'clock, at the Man- [Manchester] chester District Court of Bankruptcy solicitors, Messrs. Rowley and Taylor, Manchester official assignee, Mr. Poit, [Point] Manchester. DIVIDEND. September 4, J. Parker, Blackburn, grocer. Laie [Lane] PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. W. Reberts [Roberts] and Co., Birstal, [Bristol] Yorkshire, stone masons.- [masons] J. Turner and Son, Doncaster, linen drapers.-R. Edmond- [Edmondson] son and T. Pearson, Bury, Lancashire, painters.-B. Poole and J. Clegg, lessees of the right of sporting over Carlton Manor, near Otley.-S. Joule and Sons, Macclesfield and Rainow, cotton spinners as far as regards Joseph Joule.- [Joule] Davies and Fox, Leeds, joiners.-J. Howard and Co., Man- [Manchester] chester, thread manufacturers.-W. R. and T. H. Harni- [Han- Harrison] son, Sheffield, architects.-Clayton and Ball, Sheffield, ac- [accountants] countants.-J. [contents.-J. .-J] Morpeth and Co., Penistone, Yorkshire, quarrymen. Rushton and Hargreaves, Halifax, fancy woollen manufacturers.- [manufacturers] Horne and Jackson, Barnsley, linen drapers. -. - - A WIFE KILLED AY HER HusBanD [Husband] IN LIVERPOOL.- [LIVERPOOL] Early on Friday morning week, the neighbourhood of Brid- [Bird- Bridport] .port-street, [street] Liverpool, was thrown into a state of the Featest [Estates] alarm, by the report that a man named Robert , professional singer, residing in furnished lodgings 'in that street, had, during the night, murdered his wife, - Eliza Reed, about 26 years of age. Reed had been singin [singing] 'at a public house, called Master Humphrey's Clock, in ( Great Charlotte-street, on the Thursday night, and about twelve his wife went to bring him home. On necking home Reed began to ill-treat her, and ultimately knocked her down. Some lodgers in the house then went into the room, and found Mrs. lying on her face quite dead. The husband was taken into custody, and the jury have since returned a verdict of manslaughter against Rattway. [Railway] Arrangements have been con. cluded [eluded] between the London and North Western, Lanca- [Lance- Lancashire] shire and Yorkshire, East Lancashire, and the Leeds and Liverpool Canal, by which the Midland Railway secures the whole of the canal traffic the rates were increased on the Sth [St] instant, and this will, it is expected, improve the re- [receipts] ceipts [receipts] of the company.-Railway Record of Saturday. JENNY LIND's BROTHER.-It will be interesting to many of our readers to hear, that John Lind, mariner, of Stock- [Stand] and brother of Jenny Lind, the 'Swedish nightingale, was married, in the re- [register] gister [sister] office in this town, to Miss Mary Gee, of Pillawenlly. [Plainly] John had not seen his sister for many years, until he acci- [acct- accidentally] dentally met with her the other day at Liverpool, on her professionai [professional] visit to that place. Jenny presented him with , a handful of pocket money but John, like his other two 'brothers, is able and willing to work for his bread, and if ( bis sister were to offer him an annuity to exempt him from labour, he would not accept of it. He spoke in the most affectionate manner of his sister, stating that she had sup- [supported] ported her father and mother since she was sixteen years of age.- [age] Bridgewater Times. DREADFUL THUNDER StoRM [Storm] IN YorkK.-On [York.-On] Thursday evening, the electric fluid struck the bell turret of the York Diocesan Training School, and shattered a large stone, which fell on to the roof below. The lightning then pro- [proceeded] ceeded [needed] into one of the large school-rooms, melting the gas Rip and igniting the roof, which was speedily in flames. e lightning, at the same time, struck down a chimn [chin] ey in the new practising school in course of erection. No person was injured, although there were assembled the principal, vice-principal, masters, training pupils, and yeoman bo altogether about 120 souls-at evening prayer. A police- [police officer] officer was knocked down by the lightning. The bell turret of the new Roman Catholic Church was likewise struck, and some damage done. Other casualties arose out of this terrific storm, but happily none attended with loss of human life. A Crumsy [Crimes] LIBEL.-In the diocese of Exeter, Mr. J. La- [Latimer] timer, of the Beynon [Beyond] Journal, has made himself very ob- [obnoxious] noxious to the Puseyite [Pursuit] Party by entering warmly into the struggle against them. The Rev. G. R. Prynne, incumbent of Eldad [Elder] chapel, lately obtained a criminal information against the Plymouth Journal, for hintin [hint] that, not a hun- [Hun- hundred] dred [red] miles from Eldad [Elder] chapel, a young lady had given birth to a child, of which a priest was the father. This was taken by Mr. Prynne to be an imputation agains [against] t him, and there- [therefore] fore he obtained a rule for a crimin [criminal information, though the defendant assured him that he was not the person pointed at, but a Mr. Burgess, who preached at a nd Advent chapel in Eldad, [Elder] near to his (Mr. Pryune's) [Praying's] chapel. It came out that there were two Second Advent chapels in Plymouth, at one of which Mr. Burgess officiated, and at the other a M Mr. Micklewood [McLeod] was r. E. Micklewood. [McLeod] called for the defendant, and said he wrote the paragraph, Mr. Burgess, and not which had reference to his opponent, to Mr. Prynne. Evidence was given on the one side that the libel was believed to apply to Mr. Prynne; and on the other, that it applied to Mr. Burges in whose house the Young lady was confined. When Mr. Latimer found that - Prynne applied the libel to himself, he published a handbill declaring it was not meant for Mr. Prynne but for Mr. Burgess. There was too much of pre-existing hostility, however, to permit the matter to be settled, and therefore the prosecution proceeded. The jury found Mr. Latimer not guilty, and the result was received with loud cheers. This gentleman is a brother, we believe, of Mr. Thomas Latimer, of Exeter, the proprietor of the Western Times, who was indicted by the bishop for another article. , FALL OF THE Corton Factory at Stockport. The oe upon the sufferers who met their death by the fall of Brinksway [Brink sway] Mill has now, after a lengthened investiga- [investigation- investigation] tion, [ion] been brought toa [to] close. The verdict is as follows - This fin ceased, Wright, after mature consideration, that the de- [detect] and others, came 0] whee Beatles C y, thi [the] e partial falling of the floors of the Brinksway [Brink sway] Factory, belonging to Mr. Cephas [Cease] Howard, which were supported by a cast-iron beam of an im [in t construction, and of an improper calculation, considering the weight it had to bear. Sir George Anderson is appointed Governor of Ceylcn, [Ceylon] and is to be succeeded in the government of Mauritius by Mr. m, now Governor-in-Chief of the Leeward DEATH OF THE VICE-CHANCELLOR OF ENGLAND.-The Right Hon. Sir Lancelot Shadwell, Vice-Chancellor of aan, [an] expired on Saturday morning, at his residen [resident] the Elms, Putney. This event was hourly expecte [expected] from Friday afternoon, when the symptoms of the paralytic attack under which he laboured for the last month, became painfull [painful] ing. The death of so good and so able a man will be greatly lamented. He presided over a branch of the Court of Chancery sincethe [since the] year 1827. Sir Launcelot Shadwell was the son of a barrister, well known in his day in the courts of law. He was born in the year 1779, and was educated at St. John's College, Cambridge, at which university he took a humble degree as seventh wrangler and junior medallist. He subsequently obtained a fellow- [fellowship] ship, and in 1803 wascalled [was called] to the bar at Lincoln's Inn. In 1821, he was appointed a King's counsel, and in 1826, he obtained a seat in parliament for the borough of Ripon. In 1835, he became one of the Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal, and he again held that office in the present year. He died in the 7lst [last] year of his age, leaving several children. Mr. Page Wood is mentioned as likely to be his successor, it being understood that the Attorney-General will not accept the office. THE TRIAL OF THE OFFICERS OF THE ORION.-The trial of the officers of this ill-fated ship has been appointed to take place at Edinburgh on Thursday the 29th of August. The persons to be indicted are Henderson, the captain ; Langlands, [England] the first mate and Williams, the second mate. The precognition or prelimin [preliminary] inquiry has been the largest ever taken in Scotland. e surviving passengers were principally examined before leaving Portpatrick, but the #icognition [condition] as to what should have been the proper mode of navigating the Firth of Clyde, under the cireum- [cream- circumstances] stances in which the Orion was placed, has been taken in Glasgow. The Procurator-Fiscal has been engaged six weeks in this work, during which almost all the steamboat captains and mates navigating the Clyde have been exa- [ex- examined] mined, with the view of fixing where the culpability really lay. A beautiful model of the Orion has been made in Greenock, and will be used at the trial, on which the most eminent men, on both sides, of the Scottish bar will be en The officers are out on bail. It is barely possi- [poss- possible] ble [be] the trial may be delayed a day on account of Her Ma- [Majesty] jesty's [jest's] expected arrival in Edinburgh on the A CHURCH CLERGYMAN ON CHURCH RaTEs.-The [Rates.-The] Rev. P. Ellis, incumbent of St. Paul's, Burslem, understanding that an attempt was contemplated of laying a compulsory church rate for that parish, has written a letter to the Staf- [Staff- Staffordshire] JSordshire [Oxfordshire] Advertiser, condemnatory of such a course. He remarks- As repects [respect] this parish, the laying of a com- [compulsory] pulsory [compulsory] rate is an unnecessary, a wasteful, and an injurious thing. That it is wnxnecessary, [necessary] cannot, I think, be disputed, for the great majority of proprietors within this parish are Churchmen and they can, if they be so disposed, place in the hands of the wardens the requisite funds, and thus enable them to discharge their obligations without a rate, for which I have no doubt that the wardens (and the clergy also) would heartily thank them, and by so doing they would not lose one shilling, but I believe be pecuniary gainers; for the present system is wasteful. This is easily proved. I have examined into the amount of those charges for the defraying of which a rate can be legally laid, and I am enabled to say that the sum of 150 per annum would be a liberal allowance. Now the rate expended last year was 468. More I need not say to prove that the present system is wasteful, and that Churchmen, by supporting it, do exorbitantly tax themselves. The injurious character of the present system (injurious to the Church) is so mani- [manifest] fest, and so universally admitted and bewailed, that I need not dwell upon it. Not only are enemies to the Church created, embittered, and strengthened by it, but (what I consider a still greater evil) the minds of Churchmen, occu- [occur- occupied] pied with a paltry squabble about a few pounds, shillings, and pence, are kept from those infinitely graver consider- [considerations] ations [nations] of spiritual efficiency and internal reform which concern the very life of the Church at present. Curious Story.-It is stated that on the death of an individual, not many weeks ago, in the Vale of Belvoir, and on the examination of his papers, a packet was found, with seals unbroken, purporting to be the last will and testa- [taste- testament] ment [men] of his mother, who had died 30 years before. Being of miserly habits, that is to say, penny wise and pound foolish, he had really taken possession of the property with- [without] out proving, as it is termed, the will in question, and had actually kept it by him all these years On open- [opening] ing the packet, three promissory notes were found enclosed, for 200 each. The statute of limitations, therefore, will, in all probability, bar the recovery of the principal, whilst the interest lost would have been 30 a year for thirty a At compound interest, the sum would have made aby [by] . THERAPEUTICS.-The history of medicine is by no means flat- [flattering] tering [tearing] to science. It is questionable whether more is known of disease, their causes and their cure, at this moment, than at the time ot Galen; it is certain that diseases are quite as numerous, and in the te as fatal. Every age has produced some new system of artificial therapeutics which the next age has banished ; each has boasted in its turn of cures, and they, in their turn, have been condemned as failures. Medicines themselves are the subjects of fashion. Is it not a pusitive [positive] proof that medicine is yet-unsettled; in fact, that it has no established principles, that it is little more than conjectural At this moment, says Mr. Pinny, 'the opinions on the subject of treatment are almost as numerous as the practitioners themselves. Witness the mass of contradiction on the treatment of even one disease, namely, consumption, Stroll attributes its frequency to the in- [introduction] troduction [production] of bark. Morton considers bark an effectual cure. Ried [Red] ascribes the freqnency [pregnancy] of the disease to the use of mereury. [mercury] Brillonet [Brilliant] asserts that it is curable by mercury only. Ruse says that consumption is an disease-should be treated by bleeding, purging, cooling medicines, and starvation. Salva- [Salve- Salvation] dori [Dore] says it is a disease of debility, and should be treated by tonics, stimulating remedies, and a generous diet. Galen recom- [com- recommended] mended vinegar as the best preventative of consumption. Des- [Assault] sault [salt] and others assert that consumption is often brought on by taking vinegar to prevent obesity. Beddoes recommended fox- [foxglove] glove asa specific. Dr Par found fuxglove [foxglove] more injurieus [injuries] in his practice than beneficial. Such are the contradictury [contradictory] state- [statements] ments [rents] of medical men And yet there can be but one true theory of disease. Of the fallibility and inefficiency of medicine, none have been more conscious than medical men, many of whom 'have been honest enough to avow their conviction, and now re- [recommend] commend MESSRS. DU BARRY'S REVALENTA [PREVALENT] ARABICA [ARABIC] FOOD, 2 farina which careful analysis has shown to be derived from the root of an African plant, somewhat similar to our honeysuckle. It appears to possess properties ofa [of] highly curative and delicately nutritive kind and numerous testimonials, from parties of un- [unable] yonable [yon able] respectability, have attested that it supersedes icine [cine] of every in the effectual and permanent reyfoval [removal] of indigestion (dyspepsia), constipation. and diarrhea' [diarrhoea] vousness, [nervous] biliousness, liver complaints, tlatulency, [flatulence] distension, pitation [petition] of the heart, nervous head ache, deafness, noises in e head and ears, pains in almost every part of the body, chronic inflammation, and ulceration of the stomach, erysipelas, eruptions on the skin, incipient consumption, dropsy, rheumatism, gout, heartburn, nausea and sickness during pregnancy, after eating, or at sea, low spirits, spasms, cramps, spleen, general dibility, [debility] paralysis, asthma, cough, inquietude, sleeplessness, involuntary blushing, tremors, dislike to society, unfitness for study, loss of memory, delusions, vertigo, blood to the head, exhaustion, mel- [melancholy] ancholy, [melancholy] groundless fear, indecision, wretchedness, thoughts of self-destruction, and many other complaints. It is, moreover, admitted by those who have used it to be the best food for in- [infants] fants [ants] and invalids generally, as it never turns acid on the weakest stomach, but imparts a healthy relish for linch [inch] and dinner, and restores the faculty of digestion and nervous and muscular energy to the most enfeebled. Caution.-The name of Messrs. Du Barry's invaluable food, as also that of their firm, have been so closely imitated, that inva- [vain- invalids] lids cannot too carefully look at the exact spelling of both, and also Messrs. Du Barry's address, 127, New Bond-street, London, in order to avoid being imposed upon by Ervalenta, Event, 'Real Arabian Revalenta, [Prevalent, or other spurious compounds, of peas, beans, lentils, Indian and oat meal, under a close imitation of the name, which have nothing to recommend them but the reckless audacity of their ignorant and unscrupulous com- [compound] pounders, [pounder] and which, though admirably adapted for pigs, would play sad havoc with the delicate stomach of an invalid or infant. TIME TABLES. HUDDERSFIELD TO HOLMFIRTH PENISTONE, 3d Cli3d [Cloud] Cled [Led] Cli2d [Cloud] Cl ed ct Hnddersfd [undeserved 6 58 8 20; 9 45 2 0) 5 40 7 20 Lockwood. 7 3 8 24 9 49 2 5 5 45) 7 25 BerryBrow; [Berry brow] 7 8 ... 9 53 2 10 5 50 7.30 Honley.... 7 10) 8 31 9 56 2 15 5 55) 7 35 Holmfirth junction. 7 13 34.10 0 219 [W] 6 0 7 40 Holmfirth arrival.... 7 20) 8 4010 7 225) [W] 6 7 7 45 departure 1 50 ... 12 10 4.10) ... 735 Stocks Mr. 8 5 ... 12 20 4 20 7 45 Shepley .... 8 12 ... 19 25 4 25 7 53 Denby Dale 20) ... 12 35 4 35 8 Penistone.. 8 30 12 45) 4 45 8 10 arrival ... 9 36 1 23 5 38 Sundays. A Train leaves Huddersfield at 6 46, 10 11, 7 25; Lockwood 6 51, 10 15, 7 29; Berry Brow 6 56, 10 30, 7 33; Honley 6 59, 10 35, 7 36; Holmfirth Junction 7 3, 10 40, 7 39; Holmfirth ar. 7 10, 10 45, 7 45; dep. [de] 7 a.m., 7 30 p.m.; Stocks Moor 7 15 a.m., 7 46 p.m.; Shepley 7 24 a.m, 7 49 p.m.; Denby Dale 7 29 a.m., 7 54 p.m.; Penistone 7 36a.m., [a.m] 2 p.m; Sheffield ar. 8 41 a.m. PENISTONE TO HOLMFIRTH HUDDERSFIELD. 3d Cl 2d Cli2d [Cloud] Clj2d [Clad] Cli2d [Cloud] Cl 3a Gi Sheffield...) ... ee 10 1) ... 2 56) 5 54 Penistone.. 7 0 ... 10 50 3 32 6 40 DenbyDale [Dental 7 8 ... 11 3 40) 6 50 Shepley .... 7 15 11 10 346) [W] 7 Stocks Mr. 7 20 11 15 3 50 7 10 Holmfirth 7 30) ... 11 20 3 55 T 20 Holmfirth 740 ... 11 30) ... 4 5 7 30 departure 7 32 8 55 11 25 3 20) 6 30 7 50 Honley..... 7 441 9 6111 35 3 30 6 40; 8 oO BerryBrow [Berry brow 7 47 9 10 11 38 3 35 6 45 8 5 Lockwood. 7 51 9 14 11 41 3 40 6 50; 8 10 Huddersfd [Huddersfield] arrival ... 7 55 9 18 11 45 3 45 6 55 8 15 On Tuesdays an Extra Train (calling at intermediate stations) will leave Penistone at 8 30 a.m. to meet the train at Holmfirth Junction, for Huddersfield, returning from Holmfirth at 10 a.m. for Penistone, meeting a train for Sheffield. Sundays. A Train leaves Sheffield at 9 56 a,m., 7 26 p-m.; Penistone 10 3g am.,8 10 p.m.; Denby Dale 10 46 a.m., 8 18 p.m.; Shepley 10 52 a.m., 8 24 p.m.; Stocks Moor 10 55am., [am] 8 27p.m.; [p.m] Holmfirth 5a.m.,8 40p.m.; [p.m] Holmfirth ar. 11 6a.m.,840p.m.; [6a.m.,p.m] dep. de] 7 15, 11 a.m.,8 30p.m.; [p.m] Honley7 [Honley] 25, 11 5a.m., 8 38 p.m. rry [try] Brow7 [Brow] 29, 11 9a.m.,8 41 p.m.; Pockwood [Lockwood] 7 34,11 14am. [am] 8 45 p.m.; Huddersfield ar. 7 39 11 19 a.m., 8 50 p.m. , HUDDERSFIELD TO BRADFORD. Par. Par. 2 C12 [C] CL 2 CL) 3 Ch SOL SO SOL Manchester ... 6 0 8 1510 15 12 10 145 3 5 5 7 36 S seven 9 0,10 55 1 25) 3 25; 5 0) 6 30, 8 20 Huddersfid [Huddersfield] 6 29 8 3 9 25 11 52 1 30135515 517 3 9 10 Mirfield ... 6 37 8 13 9 40,12 5 1 48 4 6 5 27 7 10' 9 53 Hecmndke [Hammond ... 8 21 9 48,12 14 1 55 4 14 5 35 71810 9 Liversedge 8 25) ... 12 17) ... 418 5 39 2. 10 5 Cleckheatn [Cleckheaton] 8 30 9 56 12 22 2 3 4 93 5 44 7 27 10 10 Low Moor 8 37 10 3 12 29 2 11 4 29' 5 51) 7 33 10 16 Bradford 8 45 16 13 12 40 2 21 4 37) 6 1) 7 4310 95 BRADFORD TO HUDDERSFIELD. Par. 2CL) [CL] 2CL [CL] SEL) [SELL] Fe SSN [SON] So Ser [Se] Bradford ... 6 10 ... 9 30 1 8 3 30 4 50 6 33 8 40 Low Moor.. 6 15) ... 9 37) 1 16 3 38 4 57 6 431 8 58 Cleckheatn [Cleckheaton] 6 23) ... 9 14.11 46 1 241 3 5 9 6511 9 6 Liversedge 6 26) ... ... 11 50 ... 3.50 ... 6 551 9 9 Hekmdwk [Hemmed] 6 29)... 9 20 11 53 1 30 3 53 5 7 6 58 9 13 Mirfield ... 6 37) 8 13 9 27 12 0 1 38 4 0 5141 7 6 9 20 Hudderafld [Huddersfield 6 58 8 20 9 4312 8 1 56) 4 14) 5 35) 7 15 9 53 Manchester 915 [W] ... 11 5) 1 45, 3 50 6 15 7 10 9 35 11 10 esas [seas] 7 45 10 5,1 0) 210) [W] 4 40 5 53 7 40 10 35 HUDDERSFIELD TO PONTEFRACT AND GOOLE. 2 Huddersfield 8 3, 9 25,1 30, 5 5, 7 3.-Wakefield 915, 11 45, 1 45, 531, 7 40.-Pontefract 9 39, 12 e 7 1215, 544. 88-Goole 10 30, LEEDS, HUDDERSFIELD, Par. Par. Ex. 2CL. [CL. a Newcastle... dep. [de. ... ... 5 9 cli [cl] Thirsk .... Sy 3 ye Ripon 356 [W] 2 yg) 7 Harrogate ......... 9 26) 9 ot bro ...... -- 9 26) 9 a Pool for Otley w 1 9 51) 245) [W] Leeds......... dep. [de. ... 6 45) 9 30110 45 3 j- ss 3 Wortley ......... 651 [W] ... ho 3 13) 3) 5 og Churwell [Howell] ......... 6 56 flo [lo] sz 2 3 He Morley 7 2 om a Te Moy Batle [Table] ve 710) [W] 2. 7 i, iy Dewsbury ......... 714 9 50 11 18) 335, 3 2) 3 Mirfield ............ aes 7 23 10 01 28) 3 5 t ie Heaton Lodge oe 728) [W] Lg is Bradley ........... we 7 34) 2. ap gel WR is Huddersfield...) 6 0) 7 42110 12111 47 33 SY 8S Longwood ......... 6 5) ww. lal [all] eka [ea] Golear [Golcar] 610) [W] 2. OS Slaithwaite 615) [W] 754) [W] 2. he 5) 7 FM by Marsden 6 20 7 59 10 30 12 19 15 46 e Saddleworth ..... 6 35) 8 14)10 4512 25, 4, Greenfield 6 38) 8 20 ... Mossley ............ 6 46) 28 Stalybridge ...... 6 53) 8 35 Stockport ...... ar. 7 20 9 30 Ashton ............ 8 40 Droylsden [Dresden] ......... 8 45 Clayton Bridge .. 8 50 Park 8 55 Miles Platting ... ... 9 Manchester ... ar. 7 15 9 5) ve . 20 245) [W] 4 1 35 12 45) 3 30) 5 lp TS 7 O04 [O] 07 30,10 OLD Wy Lebel [Level] FIELD and MARSDEN at 8 30 Saddleworth 7 42, 242, 8 9 25, 3 35, 9 45, Ashton 8 1 8 55, Clayton Bridge 20, Platting 30, 3 30, 9 10, M gar A THIRD CLASS TRAIN will less 9 32a.m.; [a.m] and another from for 5 12 30 p.m., arriving in HuDperRsrietp ar a calling at all the intermediate Stations. Sundays A Train leaves Leeds at 6 0, 10, 6 45, Churwell [Howell] 6 14, 1 14, 657, Morley 290 1 a) 2 7 1 29, 714, Dewsbury 6 33, Heaton Lodge 6 48, 1 48, 7 33, Bradley ae dersfield [Huddersfield] 7 2, 22, 745, Longwood 7 5. 213, 7 56, Slaithwaite 7 21, 221,34 Ma ley 7 57, 257, 8 39, Stalybridye [Stalybridge] 8 35, 2 Liverpool ar at 10 20, 6 55 arriviz [arriving] 133, 7 Ls. Mirtieli [Mirfield] al den ms 25, Greentield [Greenfield] 7 40 Ls 0, 3 10, 8 320.90, Paz Ss anchester [Manchester] ar 5 mediate Stations.-Also, a T DERSFIELD [HUDDERSFIELD] for LEEDS at 1 45 Stations, 8 55, Stalybridge 8 10, 2 Greenfield 56, 2 46, 9 Marsden 9 17, 3 9 32, 3 22,951, Longwood 10 17, Mirfield 10 2, 3 32, 10 31, 4 21, 10 51, Wortley 11 5. LONDON AND NORTH 5... MANCHESTER, LEED Par. 201) [W] 303 9-4 London....... dep. [de. ... yo Birmingham...... 6 Chester as 7 45. 9 45 Crewe... 730) [W] 3 5211 Macclesfield ...... 740) [W] 9 Stockport ......... S 40,10 iS 1 45 Liverpool ......... 9 vlb [lb] as Manchester...dp. 630 S45 [S] 1030 2 4 Ashton 1 655) [W] 9 SWAG Bon, [On] Stalybridge .... 7 0, 9 lO iv Su 225 Mossley ......... 7 8 9 1610 G6 2 oy, Greenfield ...... 716) [W] 9 24ll [ll] & Saddleworth......) 722) [W] 93211 Ss zat. [at] Marsden............ 7 7) 94727 3 2 Slaithwuite [Slaithwaite] ...... 7 43) 95211 32 3 sj) 7 51 9 S811 [S] 35 315 4 Longwood......... Huddersfield ...) 8 410 38 11 52 32 Bradley ............ 8 10 10 13 11 4s Heaton Lodge... S 16,10 Isjl2 [Isle] 5 3 Mirfield ............ 8 21,10 25,12 lo 3 4 Dewsbury .. 8 31,10 33 12 Iu 3 Batley 8 35 10 37 12 28 3 a Morley 45.10 47 12 33 Churwell [Howell] ......... 8 51 10 53). Se Wortley ......... 8 57 10 43 4 2 arr 9 Sjll [Sell] vil2 [vile] Su tly [ty] 5 uy -- -- Pool for Otley ar, ll 26 141 4 41 a Knaresbro [Nursery] ...... Il 43 2 45 3 7 Harrogate ...... ll 43 2 45 Ripon ............ 12 10 232 32 Thirsk ......... 12 30 3 8 6 Newcastle......... 3 U0 LB oY 4 A THIRD CLASS TRAIN lees 10 30 a.m., HUDDERSFIELD atl [at Woon, [Soon] Sunde [Sound] is. A Train leaves Manchester at 10, 29, 7,9 37, Slaithwai [Slaithwaite] 335, 10 5, Bradley 9 51, 3 41, ly LL, Batley 10 21, 411, 10 41, Morley Ly 22D [D] bl, PAA [PA] AARAAA [ARA] HIRD CLASS Te p-h., Cth [Th] 26 30, tb Le, 39 Sly os Heat. lv 22, lv oT LANCASHIRE AND A Train leaves Manchester Bridge 9 32, 11 29, 6 27, 9 field ar 10 17, 12 14, 7 22, Mirfield ar 10 3, 12 0, 6 10 17, 949, Morley 1U 27, 9 12 5, 7 6, 941, Horbury Lo 7 25, 105, Normanton 10 4 Par. 6 ll 5 Par.) Ex. Edinburgh we Rawenstle [Earnestly] ridlingtn [Bridlington] . Scarbro' .... Harrogate . York......... Leeds Hun Normanton Wakefield.. Horbury .., Thornhill .. Leeds ...dp Churwell. [Howell] nw . 9 4 Hudderstd. [Shudder] arrival. ... departure Cooper Bdg [Big] Brighouse Elland 58 29 55). 2 9 3 15 LO 23 33 go ... 47 10 5)lo 2 30 11 40) 9 13 26 . 35 10 37 45,10 26 56 10 3 5 11 350 Y BARS Swaw [Saw] 5 Oho Sowerby Bd Luddenden Mytholmrd [Mytholm] Heb. Bridge Todmorden Burnley ar do. ap Walsden [Wilson] ... Littleboro' [Little] Rochdale... Blue Pits... Middleton . Oldham ar Manchester Liverpool .. - Wakefield 6 10, Horbury 70, and North Dean 7 7. A Train leaves Leeds in the 2 7 57 Huddersfield 11 de honse [house] 11, Elland 8 20, Nr. A Train leaves Leeds at 10 40, 11 23, Cooper Bri [Bro] 12 25, Todmorden 12 40; Rochdale 1 0, Blue Pits . 130, Manchester A Train leaves Normanton Horbury 6 51. ley 6 30, Churwell [Howell] 6 55, Mirfield Poa [PA] oso, [so] Noes Sowe i 9 7 45, dale 48, 10 35, MANCHESTER, LEEDS, Par, Par., Ex. Mil Ex Liverpool OL Manchester S 6 0) 8 1510 15 i2 Ll Middleton ' 6 21) 325 1lu [li] sz. 8 Oldham dp 3 6 0 8 15 lv is Blue 6 33) 8 32,lu 4012 Rochdale...) 2 6 41) 3 37 10 Ge ie Littleboro'. [Little] 651)... [W] (10 7 Walsden... 3 [Wilson... 3] 7 4) 2) 2 Todmurden S [Todmorden S] 5 7 9 S341. [S] ble [be] & Burnley ar S 5 we bad Do dpilss [Pills] 330 950 lz 2 Heb.Bridge) 5 721) [W] 9 311 ly, Mythomrd. 3 [Method. 3] 5 725) [W] 2. ... Luddenden 3 729) [W] ... lls [ll] SewerbyBg [Sewerage 6 5 7 35) 9 13.11 Us North Dean 6 12) 7 45, 9 ly ii te L ls Halifax dp; 6 0, 7359 L 7 Elland ...... 616 7TS5u [ts] . Brighouse 6 24) T 58) 9 25.11 jy i 27 Cooper Brg [Beg 6 29 83 6 1 ier [er] Huddersfd. [Huddersfield] . - - arrival.... 6 58' S 9 45 Le departure 6 29) 8 3, 9 25 LL Sup 1 6 37) 13) 9 35 12 Dewsbury ... 826) [W] 0. 12 Batley ...... -. 8 28 j1l2 [July] 1 ... 8 36 12 Churwell... [Howell... ... 8 41) 47). eds...) 2 5510 S120 [S] 2 Tnornhill.. [Thornhill.. 6 45) 8 26 ie Horbury ... 6 55) 33 h21 [H] Wakefield.. 7 5) 8 45) 9 1) 1 Normantn. [Normanton. 7 17 8 5510 12 sul [su] 2 S Hun) 745, 2.2 io 8 5011 20) Low 2 Harrogate 11 50 Scarbro' 51115 2 0, . Hull ......... 9 501215, 2) 24 Bridlingtn. [Bridlington. 2.) 02 ou . 1 003 0) wo 5 uw 5 Edinburgh 7 0915 2.) 0.) 4 5 Sundays. WM Che 7 30, Middleton 19, lv 32, 5 le. 7 40) 5 0, 7 30, Blue Pits 8 32, luv [lu] 42, 5 2. 5 23, 8 7, Littleborough 3 47, 5 40, bi, eos [es] Todmorden, 9 6, 11 12, 5 58, 84, Burr ap 30, 10 30, 745, Hebden - royd 9 20, 614, 8 50, Ludden [Sudden] Foor [For] 6 35, 97, Elland 9 45, 11 40, 6 uy, Le, 6 48, 9 20, Cooper Bridge W4, 11 10 37, 10 9, Leeds W. Rd. lu 43. ly lane, 10, 8 0, York 7 30, Hull s ju, Newest LEEDS, HUDDERSFIELD, 5 o lv wee LD 55 9 ull [ll] 1 9 171 9 (Qo 33 9 29 46) 9 32)12 9 43)12 3 9 ZL 52) EU 29 12 20) 3 AIL Sunde [Sound] ys A Train leaves Normanton in the me Huddersfield 6 52, Cooper Bridge tl, Well 7 25, Morley, 731, Batley Sowerby Bg. 8 33, Luddenden F. Bridge 8 49, Todmorden Burley tlebro' [Talbot] 9 29, Rochdale 9 38, Blue Oldham 10 15, and Manchester 0] Thornhill 11 30, Mirfield 11 35, Bueto [But] Bridge 11.40, Brighou [Brighouse] voy [oy] Bib Dean 12 0, Halifax, dep. [de] 1 ey, (a0 ar 6 34 7 Leeds Dsdry [Dry] ' 635, Morley 73 9 10, Bridge North Dean wove rby [by] 43, 92, jen [en] Hebden Bridge 7 59, 9 56, Tomer a Blue Pits a ar 9 45, Manchester ar 2 4 YORKSHIRE 2a 0, North Desa [Des] ae l vi 9 49, O55, [O] ov, Churwe [Church] 2. 7 1, i220. [i] 7 ul. BS. - Mi S 3u Tt 7 WIL oS Ll 49 L 1 1 32 k 5 A L tel Ther [The] pris [Paris] - eke Le p- from y, Norman 43, Sew , Jey. [Hey] act a 3 Livery' us oe 3 ah Bars Biddle eT. 5. Oe