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oe reld [red] SHIRE ADVERTISE Chronicle No. 20. SATURDAY, AUGUST 17, 1850. Zio [Zion] of the Huddersfield Chronicle. WHITE LION HOTEL, CROSS-CHURCH-STREET a Ss --- yp the Bai [Ba] a have te 2 2 HOLMES BROTHER S, SALES BY MR. LANCASTER. SIR; S Letter wo ave en JOHN KAYE ------ AVLEY [ABLE] E XE returns thanks for the ' , RES Borel in your paper of last Saturday, but the a Piped liberal way in which he has been supported AKE the present opportunity of #aouncing [announcing] that they have received a large Assortment of ELIGIBLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY, NS cq bs bom [bo] two mistakes of my own, a continuation oF mira [Mir] HE Fen nd MOR, [OR] BY of the Puble [Public] Ce' ROMAN' HIP, ITZ, [IT] and SLIPPER BATHS, &c., to which they invite the IN NEW-STREET, HUDDERSFIELD. WEST RIDING OF YORKSHIRE. Ge allow me to corr Vi Tends, ave an ' a THE MIDSUMM [MIDSUMMER] of all, increase of com k O be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LAN- ADJOURNMENT OF ER SESSIONS fate signed by Mr. Hayley, previous to Of com re e Large Rooms for Y ne js be patting ught [ought] to have been called a memorandum of with my sister, to bea draft settlement ere x This was a mistake very easily one who rocment. [regiment] ioe [ie] jitle [title] t mv solicitor, the late Mr. John Peace, told me poner [pone] pt gi The ier [er] will jean jul. [July] jut fy jders [jets] Pie J tis [is] is t Yasistrates. [Magistrates] cary [car] nothing about legal matters, and is ofno [of] great sel [se] stated that the deed was presented for refused to fulfil his engagement, very natura [natural] ly concluded that every preparation 5 ; de. hail been Mr. Peace's Bill against Mr. Hay- [Haley] ayley [ale] had following COPS light upon the subject than anything throw more aaa [aa] 4S HAYLEY TO JOHN PEACE, DR. MR. THOMAS . i d Mr. Hannah ing upon you an . sal ies [is] taking instructions for marriage settlement Drawing agreement previous to settle- [settlement] ment- [men- Mantles] folios, neTossing [Singleton] Ib...--- execution by you and Mrs. Hay ey ctions [actions] for settlement settlement-folios, 55 sending upon you to fix a time to it over, and, also, upon Mr. Hannah 9nd [and] January, 1832. geld, and June, 1832.-Reed. [W.-Reed] 5. ENDORSED ON BILL uary, [nary] 1832.-Delivered [W.-Delivered] a copy to Mr. Thomas ames Hayley. T. S. BRADLEY. hye [he] same Mr. Bradley who is now Clerk to the will easily see why the business was not on readers ie a and further comment is unnecessary. . Cn now corrected my own errors, let me point out yr. Hayley 's (to say the least of them) as ther [the] arise, on by one. Mr. on understoo [understood] Fe living issue of our se princl [Prince] peut, [put] whic [which] Rather What canta [cant] qme. [me] oi) was pa olan [loan] veg Yr. Jose savs Indeed, [saves Indeed] I have no doubt, that it d by all parties that so soon as there should e marriage, I should be entitled to al money. Does the memorandum of agree- [agree] ich [inch] he admits was signed, express this dd to sign an agreement expressing one thing, and 4 doubt that quite the opposite was intended Mr. Hayley states about neither asking for or re- [ravel] avley [able] , avy [navy] portion of either principal or interest is not Hayley did ask for and receive a portion of it. jd to him in two sums, 350, at his own parti- [part- pertest] west, and the remaining 300 was paid to him by ph Kaye, who had purchased of me a dyehouse at folly Hall. Vir. [Sir] Harley states that he did not know until December, sw. that the 999 was inteaded [intended] to be settled on his diliren. [diligent] peut [put] wh Had he forgutten [forgotten] the memorandum of agree- [agree] ich [inch] he signed more than eighteen years previous, jars to sav, [save] on 7th June, 1831, and the nature of it not at all remarkable that the memorandum of should be lying, unknown to me, among the late Mr. Peace's sulicitor, [solicitor] I them, 10 fund. What Baking Company is ot true. aother [other] papers Of course, it was left in his care as my and, after his death, Idid [Did] not know evenwhere [even where] his pers [per] were depusited [deposited] until I heard that Mr. Tindale had whose office the memorandum of agreement was Mr, Hayley states about the West-Riding Union ny In the year 1846 there was claimant for the property in Jamaica-a Mr. lxander [Alexander] Hannah, who resided in Glasgow. The late Mr. fan. Heron, who was then Manager of the Bank, ac- [actually] tually [tally] ve exsting [existing] with Mr. The sum Hannah, wt to Glasgow with an authority from the then Directors to make the best arrangement he could Hannah, to induce him to withdraw his claim. agreed upon was 1,000. Shortly after this, Mr. of Glasgow, died, and nothing more was heard of liscaim. [disclaim] Itold [Told] Mr. Hayley what the Directors wished to do when security he came forward of his own free will and became forme; [form] and thus, at the teme, relieved the property viich [which] was mortgaged to the Bank, and prevented the sale vis quite clear, therefore, that the security was wt refused, as the Bank had held it some time previous. It is quite true that Mr. Hayley did reconvey [re convey] the pro- [procure] jeri [seri] to me without any pecuniary consideration, the kind- [conducive] ussofwhich [ostrich] was at the time duly estimated. The only nemorandum [memorandum] he required was granted, and that was a liter [Lister] from my son, to the effect, that in case of my death leshould [should] consider himself bound as far as lay in his power weompl [welcome] all the ete [tee] my engagements. Therefore, Mr. Hayley had word in writing he required. Mr. Haryloy [Harley] continued pay ing the instalments, because tt lad louud [Lord] himself to do so, and had no alternative. that Mr. Hayley did lend me the amount stated iis [is] letter, with which to pay wages. In the same month I buity [but] to paid 137 10s. towards the reduction of his lia- [li- lathe] the bank. I really do not see much disinterestedness in Mr. Hasler allowing the mortgage to be perused on his behalf, va solicitor, honourat [honour] tue solic [solid] Nir. [Sir] H, that the than whom none can be more upright and ble; [be] he had his choice, ) and we agreed to have only itor [it] employed, ayley [ale] does not state that it was mutually agreed mortgage should not be recorded until the pur- [our- policemen] for land, upon which to build an asylum, was al, and which only came about two le seevud [served] mortgage had not been toonth [Thornton] when months ago. sent out more than a the memorandum of agreement was found. I i oa tote to ty agent, wishing him not to record the circumstances having occurred which might ren- [en- render] er it fuding [Funding] tion [ion] the Us letter Campbell (who Ut Yet recorded the ks he would uhecessary. necessary] The circumstances were these-the of the agreement and its validity. I did not men- [men] i winy letter, not thinking it needful. erbyshire, [Derbyshire] who was my last agent in Jamaica, in 'ome, [one] dated 11th March, 1850, says- Mr. Was the previous agent) informs me he has mortgage on your property for 2,000, not be justified in not doing so unless iis. is] Laycock's authority to withhold it, which please me DINNERS at One o'clock every day. 's Ale, and Spirits of first-rate cotton Stout, Bentle [Bentley] Y, with good Old ines, Good 1 .& . Huddersfield, August 17th, [the] 1850, tables, fe. &e. HOUSES AND SHOPS TO LET. To excellent HOUSES AND SHOP . LET, oppposite [opposite] the Rose and Crown Hotel. There a large CELLAR, suitable for Wine, Spirits, or Porter aults, [adults] which can be let with either. For further particulars, apply to Mr. Moore. T be LET, that newly-erected MESSUAGE [MESSAGE] or DWELLING-HOUSE situate at Hebble-terrace, on the Bradford-road, Huddersfield, containing on the Ground Floor a Front Sitting Room, with spacious Kitchen behind, Four excellent Bed-Rooms, and Attic over the whole; a good keeping Cellar; front and back Garden Ground, with the privilege or use of an out wash-kitchen, It is pleasantly situated, and within ten minutes walk of the 'own, For particulars, apply to Mr. Richard Scholes, of Heb- [Hebble] ble-torrace [be-terrace -torrace] aforesaid. August 16, 1850. ROOM AND POWER TO LET. TO WOOLLEN MANUFACTURERS, CLOTH FINISHERS, WARP MAKERS, SILK SPINNERS, AND OTHERS. T be LET, with immediate possession, at UPPERHEAD MILLs, [Mills] in HUDDERSFIELD, within a short distance of the Cloth Hall, ROOM and POWER suit- [suitable] able for the above purposes, where all the necessary con- [conveniences] veniences [conveniences] for Fulling, Tentering, [Entering] and Dying, may be had to a considerable extent, and, ifr [if] uired, [fired] a Se te En- [Entrance] trance with enclosed yard. 'Also ROOMS with a Good Frontage, well adapted for a Goods Warehouse. A respectable party may be accommodated with the use of a few Scribbles, Carders, Billeys, [Bills] and Spinning Wheels, in working condition. For Rent and other particulars, apply to Messrs. Lock- [Lockwood] wood and Keighley, Woollen Manufacturers, on the remises. [premises] LONDON AND NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY. ASS UAL [AL] AUTUMN EXCURSION from HUDDERSFIELD, to LONDON and back, (under the Sanction of the Directors, for TWENTY-FIVE SHILLINGs, [Shillings] in closed carriages, allowing a choice of Four, or Four- [Fourteen] TEEN days in town. Trains are appointed to leave the London and North- [Northeastern] Western Railway Station, HUDDERSFIELD, on the morni [morn] of Monpay, [Monday] the 9th of September, 1850, at Five o'clock punctually, returning from the Euston Station, London, on the evenings of September 13th and 23rd, at Half-past Six each evening. Taking up Passengers each Morning at the undermen- [under- undermentioned] tioned [toned] Stations, viz. [viz] HOURS OF DEPARTURE, FROM Huddersfield 5 a.m. Stalybridge 6 a.m. FARES TO LONDON AND BACK. ' 8rd [ord] Class. 2nd Class. 1st Class. From Huddersfield............ 150 115 210 From Staley Bridge........... 146 11446 296 Joining the Manchester Train at Stockport. Children under Twelve Years of Age Half-price. Persons wishing for 4 days, to go up by the Train on Sep- [September] tember [member] 9th, and return from London, September 18th, [the] and for 14 days, to go up September 9th, and return Sept. 23rd. Tickets, Bills, and every information may be obtained at the London and North Western Railway Station, Hud- [HUD- Huddersfield] dgrsfield, [Greenfield] and at the Stations on the Line; or of Mr. HENRY R. MARCUS, Manager and Conductor, 19, Leigh Street, Liverpool. A CHEAP TRIP to PARIS, in connection with the above Trains; ag son of which may be obtained on application to Mr. Marcus, by letter, post-paid, enclosing a postage stamp. CHEAP TRIPS ARRANGED FOR AUGUST, 1850. TO DERBY, BIRMINGHAM, AND BRISTOL. TUESDAY, 13th August, 1850.-To [W.-To] leave Normanton Station at Half-past Nine in the Morning, for the above three important places. FARES FKOM [FROM] NORMANTON. First Second Third Class. Class. Class. To Derby and Back ......... 9s. Od. 7s. Od. 5s. Od. To Birmimgham [Birmingham] and Back 12s. 6d. 9s. 6d. 7s. 6d. To Bristol and Back......... 17s. 6d. 13s. Od. 10s. Od. Children under Twelve Years of age Half-price. The Train will return on Monday, 19th August, leaving Bristol at 6 30 a.m., Birmingham at 12 noon, and Derby at 2 30 p.m. TO HULL AND BURLINGTON. On WEDNESDAY, 2ist [list] August, 1850.-To [W.-To] leave Nor- [Normanton] MANTON Station at Half-past Nine o'clock in the Morning, for the above last named two places. FARES FROM NORMANTON. First Second Third To Hull and Back............ 4s. 6d. 3s. 6d. 2s. 6d. To Burlington and Back... 6s. Od. 5s. 0d. 4s. Od. Children under Twelve Years of age Half-price. RETURNING FROM Hull the same evening, or Thursday, 22nd, at ...... 6 p.m. Burlington on Friday or Saturday, 23rd and 24th, [the] at 4 p. N.B.-The RETURN on Saturday the 24th being only extended to First and Second Class passengers from Bur- [Burlington] lington. [London] Parties can join the above two Trips at Normantom [Normanton] by Le statin 8 possible he also requires a letter from Train leaving MANCHESTER at 6 a.m., calling at cere, [ere] Hat, as your attorney, I bind myself not to Sowerby Bridge, 7 38 a.m. sry [sr] other claims before his, in the event of Mr. Halifax, at. 735 4, therefor ne [C] Withdraw the mortgage. There Elland, 50 5, erty [et] My fear of any one having a claim upon it Brighouse, at 758 5, Hayley's, Indeed such a thing was never 8 3 ,, tite immediately to Mr. Mirfield, 813 7 tine Mr. Campbell any document he might Dewsbury (Thornhill Les), 2 particul [particular] Ho Bb sal Particulars concerning the Bill of Exchange would i wia [win] )... 8 20 ,, paid 2 2 my last letter, but Mr. Hayley had not Wakefield, at 8 45 5, ni he had refused, but being threatened with a Tickets may be bought at the Huddersfield and principal Jad [Had] it, ber [be] 'Te. as ch hin [in] ir, yy, ah, Mr, H. hax [ha] ke Sl Use we a answer an 24 tim, either ax eae [ear] tw as a va Yorkshire Bank private individual or as a lion 1 Day a .. Particularly wishes 7 6 th lat a yr Aa rey [re] Ment [Men] Buda [Bad] q aq Xn i big tw ty Pu 1B iy toe, Ao Nes [Ne] W Kana eet, [et] TSON, [SON] Aust 13, Wadersfield, [Waders field] iu Bankruptey, [Bankruptcy] second thoughts were best, and he 2 with expenses, sa #8 far as T ay Banking Com Q; heither [either] ur knows well enough that there has been no accords ANG he use 59. ae be W When hen hen doube [double] USE apo [po] None ar ad at Sons, at Huddersfield, fis Ej tts [its] day day g g B Fisher sage above b aud [and] R. etry [try] Strict by mage, What he states about it in Novem- [November- November] What he states about it in 1848 is not concerned, The Manager of the York- [Company] pany [any] alone waited upon him I was xot [not] was Mr. Hirst. 18 true, 48 Mr. Hirst had his security on 7th March, ayley [ale] knew all about it at the time-nothing exe ed from him, and when he complained, Mr. Hirst 'alge [ale] securities with, or to join him at every Hr, abe [be] to do anything Mr. Hayley wished. ham Hirst is both able and willing, if called y mputations [imputations] Mr. Hayley may have cast irector [rector] of nking [King] Com any. With Mr. Hayley's own proposition, ar- [been] been made for reducing the Bill of Ex- [Examine] aie [are] it became renewable every four months. wal [al] aited [aired] upon to fulfil his verbal agreement he, gy, ptember [pt ember] the reasons he assigned for vy th tis [is] as well not to state them in but . rae. can be proved ox oath. fer bus for having occupied so large a space in ut I do not intend to trouble you again, wnless [unless] these reasons to be fy riot Competent tribunal without fear, know- [misfortune] Msfortunes [Misfortune] are brought about, not by any of my own, but by the maliciousness of I emain, main] Sir, your obedient servant. WAH [WAS] 2 A field, 17th August, 1850, JOHN mnie [mine] HEREBY GIVEN, that the Part- [Departure] dur) [Du] sae [sea] a subsisting between us, the under- [undertake] tle [te] Masopo [Mason] ne and WILLiam [William] Dyson, as Stone in the County of i in the Parish of Huddersfield, afore- [fore- undissolved] DISSOLVED by Mutual Consent, Dated gust, one thousand eight hundred and to the Firm of Fisher and D n must be Said Leonarp [Napoleon] FISHER, and all Jost [Jos] claim on and Dyson must be sent in to the said 1 or before September the 18th. [the] of ISHER [FISHER] o ee will be carried on by the said ray at premises as heretofore, in Temple- [Competent] nearthe [neath] Railway Station, and who n, to still merit a share of public LEONARD FISHER, WILLIAM DYSON. ISHER [FISHER] on itn [it] Petey [Peter] EDWARD Wa JOHN WINTER, G An', ESTATE AUCTIONEER, Rute [Rule] Pon [On] GENERAL VALUER, M Huddersfield. RESIDENCE, South-street. Stations, or will be sent by return of post on receipt of a t-office order. Letters prepaid, and enclosing ama [am] for reply, addressed to Mr. JOHN CUTTLE, ACCOUNTANT, WAKEFIELD. MELLOR'S PIANO-FORTE AND MUSIC ESTABLISHMENT, 28, CROSS-CHURCH STREET, HUDDERSFIELD, And 16, Commercial-street, Leeds. R. MELLOR, Prorsssor [Professor] of Music and Music-SELLER, ly announces that he has on hand an extensive assortment of PIANO-FORTES for SaLE [Sale] and Hirk, [Hick] which he has carefully selected from the celebrated Manufactories [Manufacturers] of Messrs. BRoaDWooD [Broadwood] and Sons, COLLARD and COLLARD, N, LUFF, and OETZMANN, [OTTOMAN] And which are unrivalled for richness of tone, elasticity of touch, elegance and durability of structure. of the New MopEL [Opel] InsTRUMENTs [Instruments] are exhibited for the frat time in Huddersfield, and a great Reduction in Price has in most instances been attained, by the appli- [apply- application] cation of machinery, and the adoption of a still greater division of labour in their construction, SHOW ROOMS UP STAIRS. SECOND-HAND PIANO-FORTBS. [PIANO-FORTS] 8. a 6 Octave Rosewood Cottage 140 4 et Octave Upright, by Broadwood............... 13 A6 by ditto 12 One Ditto, by Stodart [Started] and Son 54 Octave Squares, from PIANO-FORTES TUNED, REPAIRED, AND TAKEN IN EXCHANGE. ine- [in- Chamberlain] CHAMBER ORGAN for SALE or HIRE Noe Mase [Same] Son London twice a-week, on which from 20to [to] 30 per cent discount, for cash, is allowed from the published price. A quantity on hand at Half-price. Banps [Banks] SUPPLIED. s. d. CoRNopPEaNns, [Contains] by Pack and other makers, from... 115 to 5 guineas. TROMBONES, alto, tenor, ANd [And] Dass [Ass] -110 [W] to 2 12s. 6d. 310 CLELDES [ELDEST] 77 the very best English, reduced to... 1 VIOLINS Several fine old Italian Instruments from ......... 20 to 5 guineas. Vv LONCELLOS [VIOLONCELLOS] FLOM [FROM] .. 110 ' Agent for the sale of the PATENT HARMONIUM. Every article in the Music Trade at the lowest price. INSTRUCTION IN MUSIC. hee [her] of . MELLOR gives Lessons in the following branches o Mesic [Music] -The Piano-Forte, Organ, Thorough Bass, and Singing, at the residence of Pupils ;-also at his Establish- [Establish assisted] assisted by Miss 8S. MELLor, [Mellor] on Tuesdays, Wednes- [Wednesday- Wednesday] faye; [fate] and where, in addition to Private Lesso [Less ils [is] have the advantage of practising together- [together] a ion bas [as] long been approved by the masters keeping for stimulating and improving them in Time. 28, Cross CHUBCH-STREET, [CHURCH-STREET] HUDDERSFIELD. 37, CROSS CHURCH 'N REAT [REST] REDUCTION IN S e above List of Prices will be found such 2 BOYS' AND ME F E S HOLDSWORTH SONS' e NEW W GOODS At this Establishment parties furnishing have advantage not offered to the same extent by any oth [oh] CABINET FURNITURE AND UPHOLSTERY, 4 MATTRESSES, AND BLANKETS. j MANTLE, TOILETTE, &C., GLASSES. vy PassacE [Passage] CLoTus, [Cloths] Matrincs. [Matrons] The Show Rooms are replete with every possitie [positive] circumstances of all purchasers, and no expense is [] for supplying Goods of sound materials and workmatshiys. [workmanship] in each AORDINARY [ORDINARY] PRICES, AT BAYLDON'S, STREET, HUDDERSFIELD. TS.-The Zephyr Hat, from three-and-a-half to four ounces weight, that has been telling is Nduced [Induced] to 8s.; and the Licht [Light] Zephyr, at 12s. is reduced to 10s. 6d. the Black and Drab Paramatta, [Pratt] at 5s. 9d., are to 4s. 6d.; Black at Rell [Tell] reduced 3d.; Boys Satin Velvet Hats, at 4s. éd., Areseluced [irresolute] to 3s. 9d. And Drab hell. Hats, at Se, 6d., Beer have been offered to a British Public. ' CAPS AT REDUCED PRICES. STABLISHED [ESTABLISHED] 1772. ENERAL [GENERAL] FURN LS, WAKEFIELD, ED CARRIAGE FREE. portunity port unity] of selecting every article of Household Furniture,an ouse [use] out of Londo [London] comprises- [compromising] ISHING [FISHING] WAREHOUSES, Osanruts [Assents] AND HEARTH RUuGs, [Rugs] ne GENERAL Hanpware, [Hardware] respective department, suited to the tastes and Tome the Proprietors to maintain their long-established character ALL KINDS OF 'HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE PURCHASED, The gardens here and there disclose A solitary summer rose. But Flora's fairest children sleep, And other blooms begin to peep. Hush'd is the note of summer bird, And cries of are heard ; And now the plumy tribe assume A seasonable change of plume, omy [my] While many a slow and sweeping breeze 4 Strip of their leaves the fading trees. ie And thus we learn by ear and eye, te That autumn is approaching nigh Each change-of scene, each indication, he E. MOSES and SON beg to call and LIGHT OVER-COATS, adapted for Honfe [Hone] in Yorkshire, y OBSERVE E.. TAILORS, CLOTHIERS, 19, THORNTON BUILDINGS, Branch of their London Establishment, 154,. 155, Minories and Aldgate, City, London, CauTion.-E. [Caution.-E] MOSES SON, regret havitig [havoc] to' untradesman-like [tradesmen-like] falsehood ot being connected with instances, and for obvious reasons. They have no.q Branch Establishments, 36, Fargate, [Forget] Sheffield; desire genuine and Cheap Clothing, &ec., should Aldgate, City, London. 16, vat till twelve o'clock. A DELIVERED CARRIAGE TEAS AT during TWENTY YEARS has gratified our to one of the LARGEST in the TRADE. Our main object has been, and still is, to supply undertaking appears to be, it is obvious that to do wholesale appliances. In conformity with these ideas, Accommodation are sufficient to carry on trade to inseparably attached to Retail Shops in prominent 4 Hence it will be seen that we are in a Position to supp ; to supply at First Hand, by which all intermediate toe ts ' rs Hotel Keepers, Schools, and all ments. [rents] Poun [Upon] turning our best thanks for past er patronage and recommendation. 2, Bucklersbury, [Bucklers bury] Cheapside. by OSES AND GENERAL OUTFITTERS, E-STREET, BRADFORD, YORKSHIRE. 157, and 83, 84, 85, and 86, op' eromunicating [communicating] and forming one vast Our Coffee is roasted by the latest improved patent.mackinery. [patent.machinery] Much discussion having recently taken place in Parliagent-about [Parliament-about] CHICORY, we are induced to keep the best at 8d. per Ib, on sale for those who prefer its admixture. . Having briefly alluded to the principle on which we sonduet [son duet] our business, we respectfully solicit the attention of Large Establishments, who will derive considerable advantages from these arrange- [arrange] A U TUM N TIN s. THE early blooms begin to fade, The sportsmen mark with animation, And some already have decay'd an And OSES, Bradford Mart, is sought, And Shooting Coats for Autumn bought. The sportsmen who have never tried The coats at Mart supplied, Can never judge how very far These coats surpass what others are. Moses and Son in these have gain'd A fame by no one else attained. Then ere you mark 'mid pastimes pleasant, The grouse, the partridge, and the pheasan [Pearson] Ere you start off with dog and gun, biain, [brain] as numbers more have done, A Shooting Coat of M. and Son. TO SPORTSMEN. rticular [particular] at#ution [at#union] to their immense STOCK of SHOOTING, FISHING, this seapnpf [span] the year, at prices fully forty per cent lower than any other AN D SON, ite [it] the Church, Corner of blishment. [establishment] rd the Public against imposition having learned that the a, or It's all the same concern, ection [action] with og Thornton's or send to, either of their Branches, has been resorted to in many other House in or out of London, except their uildings, [buildings] Bradford, Yorkshire; and those who or to the Minories and TakE [Take] NoticE.-This [Notice.-This] Establishment is Closed sunset Friday till sunset Saturday, when business is resumed i Fue [Fe] TO ALL PARTS OF ENGLAND. HOLESALE [WHOLESALE] PRICES. TEA WAREHOUSE, 2, BUCELERSBURY, [SALISBURY] CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. HIS ESTABLISHMENT was in the year 1830. Its SUCCESSFUL PROGRESS i tions. [tins] The Patronage of the Public has elevated its position 16 Publicon [Public] TRADE TERMS. Great and assuming as such an INESS [ONES] ona [on] WHOLESALE SCALE, it isn [in] ur Locality was chosen in a bye thoroughfare, EXTENT, but without those merciless and enormous expenses ions, whereby an Extravagant Profit is rendered n e Public on the and M 4 are saved. to have where Space and ost [out] EconomicaL [Economical] TERMS-in fact, kEE [LEE] . The immense variety of 'I'kaS [I'as] now imported into fis country, demands the most scrutinizing caution. In this we have Considerable Advantages, as from the extent of our Trade we are enabled to employ a Qualified and Experienced Person, whose sole duty is that of carefully Selecting, fg, and appropriating Teas for consumption, The following are our present quotations -- copa [cop] ell BLACK TEAS. 8. ef GREEN TEAS. 8. d. Common Tea 2 (The duty on alt beng [being] as, 244. renders opmment [payment] , Common Green ss 3.0 [3] on the quality o unnecessary. i Hyson [Dyson] ............... 3 4 Sound Congou [Congo] Tea 3 4 is will mix with the ke Da (A good useful tea for economical and large con- [con] C will mix with the gs. black.) sumers.) [Summers] g Fine Young Hyson [Dyson] Strong Congou [Congo] Te. ace) 4 (We recommend this with the 3s. 4d. black.) A tea very much approved of. Fine Souchong Tea itl [it] 3 8 Super Young Hyson [Dyson] 4 (Pekoe flavour. Strongly recommended.) gy Fame Hysom [Hansom] 4 Fine Pekoe see 4D (This tea is more in repute than any other; it is Gunpowder 44 . very superior tea. Finest Pekoe Souchong woe 4 4 Phe [The] The ts At he ony [on] a (This is a high class tea.) y use. Finest Lapsang [lapsing] Souchong 5 0 Fine Shot Gunpowder 6 (This is rare tea, very scarce, of an extraordi- [extraordinary- extraordinary] nary flavour.) The finest Gunpowder imported 2 O COFFEES. The Coffee Market is very uncertain-prices changing daily. We quote the present prices 8. d. Fine Ceylon Coffee oe pee see 1 Fine Plantation (recommended) .................. B00 [B] ie 12 Finest Java Coffee (superior coffee) ..... 1 4 Finest Cuba Coffee (strongly recommended) ....... foo cst [cost] 1 6 Finest Mocha Coffee So lL 8 Note.-TEAS ARE DELIVERED CARRIAGE FREE TO sy Part OF ENGLAND, when the quantity ordered exceeds Six ; but the Carriage of Coffee is not Paid, unléss [unless] accompanied by Tea. . favours, we refer te our system of business as a satisfactory inducement for your MANSELL, HORNE, AND CO. ONE AGENT IN EVERY TOWN APFOINTEDJUPON APPROVAL OF REFERENCES, SMOKE NUISANCE. OHNSON [JOHNSON] and CLIFFE'S PATENT SMOKE CONSUMING APPARATUS, - Continues to give universal satisfaction. In addition to effecting the of Smoke it accomplishes an im- [in- important] rtant [rant] saving of Fue [Fe] . 'Apparatus does not require the aid of Machinery, and, is inno [Inn] respect complex. The expense attending its first, construction is small, and it seldom requires repaiz [repair] It is estimated that the saving of Fuel will amount from Fifteen to Twenty per Cent., and will, in from Twelve to Eighteen months, be equal to every expense tending the aratus. [apparatus] olor [ole] further apply to Messrs. Johnson and ffe, [fe] King-street, Huddersfield; or at the Office of Mu SP, of the same place, Solicitor, where Testimonials may seen and Licenses obtained. ae i ANNUAL DIVISION OF PROFITS. , XN REAT [REST] BRITAIN MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY. 14, WATERLOO-PLACE, ao 52, Kine WILLIAM-STREET,' ITY. [IT] HE CHISHOLM-CHAIRMAN. RICHARD HARTLEY KENNEDY, ESQ.-DEvury [ESQ.-Every] CHAIRMAN, This Society is established on the tried and approv [approve] rinciple [principle] of Mutual Assurance. The Funds are accum [acme] fated for the exclusive benefit of the Policy-holders, undef [under] their own immediate superintendence and control. The. Profits are divided annually, and applied in reduction oi the future Premiums. held on the 9th instant At the Annual General Meeting, held on the an elaborate and highly satisfactory report of the state of the society's affairs was submitted to the members, where- [whereupon] upon it was resolved, unanimously, that an allowance of Thirty r Cent. should be made on the Premiums payable on all Policies on the participating scale, on which -five or more yearly payments had been previously made. , Credit is allowed for half the Annual Premium for the first five years. The following Table exemplifies the effect of the preseni [present] reduction - A. R. IRVINE, Managing Director. [C] 14, Waterloo-place, 10th May, 1850. ICAL [CAL] REFEREE FOR HUDDERSFIELD DISTRICK' [DISTRICT] ROBINSON and SON, High-street. oN And for INDIA AND LONDON LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY, for Assurance of INVALID and Healthy Lives. . MEDICAL REFEREE. og WILLIAM JAMES CLARKE, Exq., [Ex] Kirkgate, ' AGENTS. .. DANIEL CROSLAND BATTYE; Feq., [Few] Solicitors and Huddersfield, 14th August, 1850. Pre Annual Reduction Annual when Amount premium of Premium - Assured. 488 Fe4- [W Fe- Finished] paid. 30 per Cent. now payable amt 3s. d. 38. d. 8. 20 1,000 2017 6; 6 5 8 1412 3 30 1,000 25 13 4 714 17 9 40 1,000 3318 4 10 3 6 23 14 10 , 50 1,000 48 16 8 1413 343 8 AGENT. Mr. JOHN BROOK, Registrar, Buxton-road. ' This Machine does away entirel [entirely] makes a more even thread-the Slu [Su] -and a considerable saving is effected. Manufacturers are requested to examine it for themselves. Huddersfield, 11th July, 1850. NOTICE. Directors of the STANDARD LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY, beg to inform the in- [inhabitants] habitants of Huddersfield and its vicinity, that they have appointed Mr. R. MickLETHWwaITE, [Micklethwaite] of the Chronicle Office, eir [er] AGENT in HUDDERSFIELD. Also, that Mr. M. will be happy to effect Life Ass to afford every information to parties wishing urances. [Frances] King William-street, London, July, 1850. OLDFIELD'S PATENT PIECING MACHINE. gs to inform the Woollen erally, [really] that his PATENT CING [CIG] MACHINE an now 'be seen at work on the of Messrs. OLDFIELD and ALLAN, Lockwood with Billy-Piecers- [Pieces] ber [be] can do more work pain, from have our Ralifaz-Mr. [Rails-Mr] A Ramaden, [Ramsden] JOHN BROOK, Buxton-road. . pas painful affection of the facial nerve is a Which have invariably effectual cure. Sir.-I have cellence [excellent] of your Pills for the Tic Doloreux. [Dolores] afflicted with this un Mr. Hick, 'Wakefield. m. that complaint. my friends,-who have all derived the greatest Please let my friend Walker have twelve boxes, ward . Mr. Gloyne. Leeds-Rei [Leeds-Re] it and Sons, Iane; [Lane] To May TIC DOLOREUX [DOLORES] CURED. cies [ties] of Neuralgia, which comprises similar affections in other parts of the body. It is characterised by acute attendant with convulsive twitchings [teachings] of the muscles, and continuing from a few minutes to several hours. All persons affected with this malady are recommended to try painful and tormenting HICK'S CELEBRATED TIC PILLS, been found to produce aspeedy [speedy] and TESTIMONIALS. To Mr. John Ford, C1 hesterfield. [Huddersfield] ' Sir,-I have recommended Mr. Hick's Pills for the Tick to all my friends with complete success. I cannot speak of them in too high terms of praise.-Yours, &e., Shrewsbury, Nov. 8, 1846. W. H. Hunter. To Mr, Hick, great pleasure in giving my testimony of the ex- T was frequently leasant [pleasant] complaint, but have not suffered x of your pills. I cannot too strongly 'Wu. HePrworrs. [Hepworth] Leeds, Jan. 27, 1847. it since taking a recommend them.-Yours, &c., Wakefield, June 12th, 1847. Briggate, Sir,-I think it due to you and the public to give my testi- [test- test] ee favour of your excellent Pills for the Tic Doloreux. [Dolores] I slightest attack for the last two winters, during which time I every winter for many years, but have not had the occasionally taken the pills.-Yours obediently, Cuas. [Cas] NELSON, Princess Street, New York, Dec. 14, 1846. Sir,-When I left Wakefield I brought with me six boxes of Tie Pills, one of my family having suffered very severel [severe] rus. [us] Tfind [Find] I Lave bean too liberal in supplyin [supply] i relief from them. ) and he will for- [from] em to me by next steamer. The Pills have wrought the nishing [fishing] cures.-Yours respectfully, Mr. Hick, Chemist, Wakefield, England TO BE HAD OF THE FOLLOWING AGENTS [AGENTS] HoppersFietp -Mr. [Happiest -Mr] WILMAN, Mr. SHILLITO Holmfrth-Mr. [Holmfirth-Mr] Lomax. Heckmondwike-Mr. [groundwork-Mr] Booth. Brighouse-Mr. Cowell. wan, Woodhouse ham, Wade. Lane; Pickles, Kirkgate; where also he had , HICE'S [ICE'S] CELEBRATED CQUGH [COUGH] LOZENGES ford-Mr. CASTER, at the house of Mr. T. Wigney, [Wine] the GrorcE [Grocer] HoTeL, [Hotel] in HUDDERSFIELD, on MonpaY [Monday] the 26th August, 1850, at Six o'clock in the evening, subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced, All that Substantial Stone-buili [Stone-built] WOOLLEN MILL, (four storeys high), situate on the east side of, and fronting New-street, in Huddersfield with the Boiler-house, Dry- [Drying] ing Stove, Warehouses, Stable, and Outbuildings connected therewith, and an excellent STEAM ENGIN of sixteen horses' power, with Boiler of twenty-three horses' power, with the principal Shafting and Going Gear thereto lon, [on] A Andalso, [And also] allthat [all that] excellent DWELLING-HOUSEattached [DWELLING-House attached] to the said Mill, with the Yard and other Conveniences enjoyed therewith, as the same are now in the Possession of Mr. Joseph Schofield. The above Premises are Leasehold under the late Sir John Ramsden, Baronet, for 60 years, renewable every 20 or 40 years, for ever, subject toa [to] small Annual Ground Rent, and Fine certain on renewal they ess [es] a frontage of 63 feet to the principal Street of the 'Town, and extend Eastward 144 feet, are well for carrying on a considerable Manufacturing Business, and might, 'at an applied to any other business i On in. the-dmportan [the-important] taking the valuable Woollen Machinery at a fair valuation. A portion of the Purchase-money may remain on Security of the Premises, if required. Further Particulars may be had, and the Premises and viewed, by application to Mr. JosEPH [Joseph] ScHo- [School- Schools] F on the Premises or Mr. LANCASTER, Auctioneer, Huqtersfield [Huddersfield] or at the Offices of MR. HIGHAM, Solicitor, Brighouse. August 6th, 1850. TO ALE AND PORTER BREWERS, INN- [Inn by] by Mr. LAN- [INNKEEPERS] KEEPERS, &c. r 'O be SOLD by AUCTION, CASTER, by Order of the Trustees of Mr. Thomas Wilson's Estate, on the Premises of the said Mr. THomas [Thomas] Witson, [Wilson] Ale and Porter Brewer, at BIRKBY, near Hup- [Up- Huddersfield] DERSFIELD, [HUDDERSFIELD] on WEDNESDAY and THURSDAY, the 11th and 12th slays of September, 1850, and following day (if neces- [NeWS- necessary] sary. [say] All the Valuable PLANT of an extensive ALE and PORTER BREWER, and the STOCK of Ale, Porter, Hops, Carriage, Ke. Comprising-Six large Porter Vats, calculated to hold from sixty to two hundred barrels each; twelve Stone Working Squares; large Mashing Tubs and Gearing two Stone Underbecks [Under becks] Setting-on Square and Masonry; large Wood Coolers, with Blowers Iron Hop, Beck, and Pipe ; Hop Press; two Malt Rollers and Hoppers; Refrigerator, on an improved principal; Measuring Machine; three COPPER BOILERS, will boil 17, 34, and 38 barrels each, with capital Furnace Work about 800 excellent Casks of 36, 24, and 18 gallons each; eighteen large Puncheons of Stale Ale; fifty Barrels of Old Ale and Porter. Twenty-three Pockets of Prime HOPS, in fine condition, Cooper, Smith, and Mechanics' Tools Grinding Stone ; about two hundred Sacks and two Sack Carts an excellent Waggon, nearly new; seven broad and narrow-wheeled me, one Re ey, two pair of Shelvings, [Shillings] and sundry 3 several useful Horses ang [an] Gearing a neat Close Carriage, in good condition ; lent Double Harness, and a great variety of other Any further information may be had of Mr. LANCASTER, Auctioneer; or Mr. F. Turner, Accountant, Hudders- [Udders- Huddersfield] field or Mr. LEADBEATTER, Solicitor, Mirfield. VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY, AT SCHOLES, NEAR HOLMFIRTH. ve be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. GEORGE TINKER, at the Boot anp [an] SHOE Inn, in ScHOLEs, [Scholes] in the parish of KIRKBURTON, in the county of York, on Fripay, [Friday] the 13th day of September, 1850, at Six o'clock in the Evening, in the following Lots, as now marked or staked out, or in such other Lots as shall be on at the time of sale, and subject to such conditions as will be then produced - Lot 1.-All that COTTAGE, Dwelling-house, or Tene- [Ten- Tenement] ment, [men] and the Out-buildings thereto belon [Berlin] Now in the possession of Edward Heald with the Parcel of GROUND adjoining thereto, on the south side thereof; situate and being at Scholes, within Wooldale, in the parish of Kirk- [Kirkburton] burton [Burton] aforesaid containing, by admeasurement, [ad measurement] (including the site of the Buildings,) one hundred and seventy-two superficial square yards bounded on the east by a public highway, called Moor Bottom-road, west by Lot 4 north by premises belonging to Mr. George Dixon, and south by a projected occupation road now marked or staked out. ot 2.-All that other COTTAGE, Dwelling-house, or Tenement, now in the ion of Jonas Beaumont; with the Parcel of GROUND adjoining thereto, on the south side thereof, west of and adjoining to Lot 1; containing, by admeasurement, [ad measurement] (including the site of the Building,) one hundred and one superficial square yards. Lot 3.-All that other COTTAGE, Dwelling-house, or Tenement, now in the possession of Allen Castle; with the Parcel of GROUND adjoining thereto, on the south side thereof, west of and adjoining to Lot 2; containing, by admeasurement, [ad measurement] (including the site of the Building,) one hundred and six superficial square yards. Lot 4.-All that other COTTAGE, Dwelling-house, or Tenement, and the Out-building attached, now in the possesssion [possession] of Jonas Dearnley with the Parcel of GROUND adjoining thereto, on the west and south skies thereot [thereto] west of and adjoining to Lot 3; containing, by easurement, [measures] (including the site of the Buildings,) two hundred and thirty-eight superficial -square yards. . Lot 5.-All that Plot of BUILDING GROUND, with the Buildings erected on part thereof, west of and adjoining to Lot 4, and bounded on the west by a public highway, called Quarry-road containing, by admeasurement, [ad measurement] three hundred and fifty-five superficial square yards and now in the possession of George Charlesworth. Lot 6.-All that other Plot of GROUND, south of Lot 5, and bounded on the west by Quarry-road containing, by admeasurement, [ad measurement] four hundred and sixty-four superficial square yards and now in the possession of the said George Charlesworth. Lot 7.-All that other Plot of GROUND bounded on the east by Lot 8, west by Lot 6, north by the said pro- [projected] jected [ejected] occupation road, and south by previ [Pref] belonging to Mr. Jonas Swallow; and containing, by admeasurement, [ad measurement] two hundred and forty-two superficial ape yards. Lot 8.-All that other Plot of GROUND, east of and adjoining Lot 7; containing, by admeasurement, [ad measurement] two hundred and seventeen superficial square Lot 9.-All that other Plot of GROUND bounded on the east by Moor Bottom-road, west by Lot 8, north by the said projected road, and south by premises respectively belonging to Mrs. James Moorhouse, and the said Mr. Jonas Swallow; and containing, by admeasurement, [ad measurement] two hundred and ninety-two superficial square yards. The above Property is Freehold of Inheritance. The Cottages have been built recently, and are in d repair and. pleasantly situated. Lots 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, afford very desirable Building Sites; and Lots 5 and 6 contain an excellent Quarry. A Plan of the Premises, as divided into Lots, is lodged for inspection at the place of sale and further particulars may be had by applying to Mr. TINKER, the Auctioneer ; orfat.the [oft.the] Offices o . Mr. C. S. FLOYD, Solicitor, Huddersfield and Holmfirth. Holmfirth, 10th August, 1850. SALE BY MR. THORNTON. MARKET-SRREET, [MARKET-STREET] HUDDERSFIELD. T be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. THORN- [THORNTON] TON, on TuEsDay, [Tuesday] August 20th, [the] 1850, in the WAREHOUSE recently occupied by Mr. John Graham, wool- [wool stapler] stapler, near the CLOTH LL, HUDDERSFIELD, The following N ew and Valuable FURNITURE, Carpets, Chimney and Dressing Glasses, Pianofortes, &c. &c., com- [comprising] prising -Five Couches, in rosewood frames, and uphol- [uphold- upholstered] stered [steed] with curled hair four Sofas, in mahogany frames, scroll ends, beautifully carved, covered with hair cloth, and stuffed with real curled hair four easy Chairs, in rosewood and mahogany frames, and patent spring seats four Ma- [Mahogany] hogany [Hogan] Rocking Chairs, with stuffed backs and seats five rosewood and mahogany Loo Tables, five Chests of Mahogany Drawers, Feather Beds, Bolsters and Pillows, two Mahogany Stands, five very good newand [wand] second-hand Dining Tables, of various sizes; Mahogany Secretaire, [Secretary] Cupboard and Book- [Bookcase] case, Rosewood Cheffioneer, [Chiffon] richly carved, and plate-glass back; several Chimney Glasses, in gilt and rosewood frames; brilliant-toned cabinet PIANO-FORTE,. in rose- [rosewood] wood case, 63 octaves, by an eminent maker (cost eighty guineas); one square Piano-Forte (a very good instru. [inst] ment); [men] a variety of Dressing Glasses, five sets of Rosewood Chairs, Wash Stands, Whatnot, Biddette, [Bidder] Mahogany Bed Steps, Windsor Chairs, Birch Chairs, Brussels, Kidder- [Kidder ma] ma inster, [inter] a Gus Compe [Come] ts; very Hearth Rugs, oth, [oh] of various widths er wi variety of other effects not mentioned. wish e to commence at Two o'clock in the afternoon. he whole will be on view after Ten o'clock on the day of jsale. [sale] Auctioneer's Office, 32, New-street, Huddersfield. MORISON'S WRITING INKS MM dhe [he] INK is well adapted or either Quill or Steel Pens, is of great strength, and has been used by Merchants, Bankers, and Profes- [Profess- Professional] sional [national] Gentlemen for near half a aS. MORISON'S COPYING INK may be used where two kinds of ink are objectionable, answering all the of an Office Ink, it gives off a perfect copy, both origi- [origin- origin] . is a brilliant colour, and well nal [al] and copy remaining a permanent black. eee [see] yaar [year] tae [tea] suil [sail] r Writing an . MORISON'S PERMANENT BLUE AND BLUE CK will be found equal to an in use. To be had of all Booksellers Stationers. oy Duke Street, On Sale at Mr. J. BRooK's, [Brook's] Stamp Office, Weatgate, [Westgate] ots, [its] which will be more particularly described in posting FOR THE TRIAL OF FELONS, &c. N IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Midsummer General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, for the West Riding of the County of York, will be holden by adjournment at WAKEFIELD, on Wednesday, the 28th day of August instant, at Ten o'clock in the forenoon; and by further adjournment from thence will be holden at SHEFFIELD, on Friday, the 30th day of A instant, at Ten o'clock in the forenoon, for the Trial of Felons and Per- [Persons] sons indicted for Misdemeanors, [Misdemeanour] when all jurors, suitors, rsons [Sons] who stand upon recognizance, and others having business at the said Sessions, are required to attend the Court. . Prosecutors and Witnesses in cases of Felony and Misdee [Missed] meanor [manor] from the Wapontakes [Sweepstakes] of Staincliffe and Ewcross, [Cross] Claro, [Clara] Ainsty, [Inst] Agbrigg and Morley, Skyrack [Struck] and Bark- [astonish] stonash, [Ashton] must attend at the Sessions at Wakefield; and those from the Wapontakes [Sweepstakes] of Strafforth [Strife] and Tickhill, Osgoldcross [axletrees] and being the of the idi [id] ust [st] attend the Sessions at She West Riding, must a ey Clerk of the Peace. rs W rie [tie] fie akefield, [Wakefield] WIFT'S [WIT'S] SPECIFIC FOR THE GOUT, RHEUMATIC, TIC-DOLOREUX, [TIC-DOLORES] &c. One of the most speedy, safe, and effectual remedies ever offered to the public for the relief of the Gout, Rheumatic, Tic Doloreux, [Dolores] Tooth Ache, Lumbago, Sciatica, Nervous Head Ache, and all other ey affections. This specific is composed of ingredients so perfec [perfect] simple in their operations, that it may be taken by both sexes at any period of life, without the least inconvenience or interruption to the duties of business. This remedy needs no other recommendation than the undeniable fact that in every case where it has been fairly tried it has given speedy relief, and never failed in entirely removing, in a very short time, all pain, swelling, and every other symptom. The following testimonials will corroborate the above statements - FACTS ARE STUBBORN THINGS. Lockwood, Dec. llth, [loth] 1848. Mr. Swift,-Sir,-I feel it a duty I owe to you and the ublic, [public] to acknowledge the great benefit I have derived from the use of your specific after three days of acute pain from that monarch of diseases, the gout, about six doses restored me to my usual health. (Signed) JAMES FEAN. [DEAN] Lane Dyehouse, July 15, 1850. Sir,-I feel it my duty to inform you that your specific has effectually cured me in three days of rheumatic, which I have had in my hands and feet for many years, and for which I have lately been an out-patient in the Huddersfield Infirmary for seven weeks. JAMES ASPINALL. (Signed) Lockwood, March, 1850. Sir,-For several weeks I have been almost a martyr to the tic doloreux [Dolores] and rheumatic, so that I have had no ease night or day; having heard of the surprising effeets [effects] of your pills upon one of my neighbours, I determined upon ing them, and am glad to say that, by the use of one box, I am quite well. (Signed) ELIZABETH CROW. Bradford, June, 1850. Sir,-Language cannot express the gratitude I feel for the relief obtained from the use of your specific, after so much severe pain in the small of the back, generally called lumbago one box has effectually removed it. SAMUEL THOMAS. Hundreds more, if required, will bear testimony to its rising efficacy. is specific is prepared only by JOSEPH SWIFT, 12, Westgate, Huddersfield, and sold in boxes at ls. 1 3d. and 2s. 9d. each, and may be had of the following agents - Halifax-Mr. Cawthron, chemist, 6, Silver-street; Mr. Parker, chemist, Crown-street; Mr. Wilkinson, chemist, Old-market; and Messrs. Hartley and Son, stationers. Brighouse-Mr. Atkinson, chemist. Leeds- [dismisses] Messrs. Reinhardt and Sons, chemists; Mrs. Mann, stationer; Mr. Heaton, stationer; and Mr. Moxon, chemist. - Dewsbury-Mr. Hunter, chemist. Cleckheaton-Mr. Woodcock, chemist. Pontefract-Mr. Priestley, chemist. Barnsley-Mr. Wall, chomict. [chemist] Snsiteld [Unsettled] Mr. Machon and Sir, Sewell, chemists, Ch eld-Mr. [ed-Mr] Wright, chemist. 5 rd-Mr. Blackburn, chemist. odmorden-Mr. [Todmorden-Mr] Butterworth, chemist. Iph-Mr. [If-Mr] Clifton, chemist. And most patent medicine vendors. 3 HEALTH WHERE 'TIS [ITS] SOUGHT Hettowar's [Howard's] PILLS. CURE OF A DISORDERED LIVER AND STOMACH WHEN IN A MOST HOPELESS STATE, Extract of o Letter from Mr. Matthew Harvey, of Chapel Hall, Airdrie, Scotland, dated the 15th January 1850. To Professor HoLLOWay. [Holloway] Srr,-Your [Sir,-Your] valuable Pills have been the means, with God's blessing, of restoring me to a state of perfect health, and at a time when I thought I was on the brink of the grave. I had consulted several eminent Doctors, who, after doing what they could for me, stated that they considered my case as hopeless. I ought to say that I had been suf- [su- suffering] fering [fearing] from a Liver and Stomach complaint of long stand- [standing] ing, which during the last two years got so much worse, that every one considered my condition as hopeless, Ias [Is] a last resource got a Box of your Pills, which soon gave re- [relief] lief, and by persevering in their use for some weeks, together with rubbing night and morning your Ointment over my chest and stomach, and right side, I have by their means alone got completely cured, and to the astonishment of myself and everybody who knows me. (Signed) MatrHew [Matthew] Harvey. CURE OF A CASE OF WEAKNESS AND DEBILITY OF Eutract [Extract] of Lette [Letter] YEARS' STANDING. ofa [of] from Mr. William Smith, of No. 5, Little 7; ; street, Gibson-street, Lambeth, ie. Wan, iss 7homas- [Thomas- Thomas] ee or 1R,- g to inform you that for nearly five years I hardly knew what it was to have a day's health, suffering from extreme weakness and debility, with constant nervous headaches, giddiness, and sickness of the stomach, together with a great depression of spirits. I used to think that nothing could benefit me, as I had been to many medical men, some of whom, after doing all that was in their power, informed me that they considered that I had some spinal complaint beyond the reach of cure, together with a very disordered state of the stomach and liver, making my case so complicated that nothing could be done for me. One day, being unusually ill and 'in a dejected state, I saw your Pills advertised, and resolved to give them a trial, more perhaps from curiosity than with a hope of being cured, however I soon foun [found] myself better by taking them, and so I went on persevering in their use for six months, when I am happy to say they effected a perfect cure. (Signed) WILiiamM [William] Smitrn. [Transmit] (frequently called EDWARD.) ay YEARS' STANDING. Y. J. K. Heydon, 78, Kin street, dated 10th 1849, To Professor HoLLowar. [Holloway] Srtr,-I [Sort,-I] have the pleasure to inform traordinary [ordinary] cures ot Asthma have been means of your Pills. One is that of the Razorback, who after having for twenty years been unable to make the slightest exertion, suffering very fear- [fearfully] fully from shortness of breath, coughing, and spitting, but is now, to use her own expression, able to run up to the top of that mountain. Another case is that of Mr. Caton, Tailor, Hutchinson's Buildi [Build] Clarence-street, who was so dreadfully bad he was confined entirely to his bed- [bedroom] room for six months, prior to his commencing with our Pills, and attended regularly by his medical ma who ae nounced [announced] him to be in a dying state, yet he, likewise, to my knowledge, has been restored to perfect health by the use of ygur [your] Pills, and rubbing your Ointment night and morn- [Morton] to the chest. (Signed) J. K. Heypon. [Heron] EARL OF ALBOROUGH [BOROUGH] CURED OF A LIVER AND STOMACH COMPLAINT. Extract of a Letter from His Lordshi [Lordship] dated Villa Messina, Leghorn, 21st 1845, To Professor HoLLoway. [Holloway] Siz,- [Six,- Six] Various circumstances prevented the possibility of my t you before this time for your politeness in sending me your Pills as you did. I now take this oppor- [upper- opportunity] tunity [unity] of sending you an order for the amount, and, at the Same time, to add that your Pills, have effected a cure of a disorder in my Liver and Stomach, which all the most eminent of the Faculty at home and allover the Continent, had not been able to effect; nay, not even the waters of Carlsbad and Marienbad. [Miranda] I wish to have another Box and a Pet of the Ointment, in case any of my family should ever require either. CURE OF ASTHMA OF Extract of a Letter from Sydney, you that many ex- [ex effected] effected here by the a Lady residing near Your most obliged and obedient servant, pute [pure] Cored) ALDBOROUGH. are i 5 These celebrated efficacious in the following Ague Female i- Se i gu ee Trregulari [Irregular] rofula, [scrofula] or King's Bilious Complaints oi of all kinds Sore Throats its Blotches on the Stone and Gravel Gout Secondary rome [more] Complaints Head-ache m [in] Symp- [Stamp- Symphony] N ics [is] - toms Indigesti [Indigestion] ic-Douloureux [ic-Dolores] Constipation of the Inflammation ' Bowel Uleers [Ulcers] onsumption [consumption] iver Complaints Venereal A ffecti [effect] Lumbago Worms of all kinds a