Huddersfield Chronicle (16/Sep/1893) - Meltham Feast

The following is a transcription of a historic newspaper article and may contain occasional errors. If the article was published prior to 1 June 1957, then the text is likely in the Public Domain.


Meltham Feast.

This feast commenced on Sunday last in beautiful weather, and very many people came into the village from surrounding parts. In the after-noon a successful "sing" was held in the Co-operative held near the Carlile Institute. A large stage had been erected to accommodate 250 performers, but more than this number of musicians and singers attended, and gave excellent renderings of selections from the Messiah and several hymns, Mr. D.W. Evans acting as conductor. The sun shone brightly, and the held was filled with listeners in every part. Over £26 was realised and after the expenses had been deducted, will leave about £14 to be divided between the Huddersfield Infirmary and the Thornhill Colliery Disaster Relief Fund. The whole of the arrangements were carried out by a committee of 12 young men, with Mr. Herbert Iredale as president, Mr. J. Durrans as treasurer, and Mr. J. Watson as secretary. Waggonette drives to different places were also taken by many during the day. All the mills stopped working on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and a great many people took advantage of the trips to Blackpool and other places. In the Peg Croft there was a circus and a line switchback roundabout lit up by electricity, and there were the usual swings, &c., all of which were extensively patronised. On Monday afternoon a cricket match was played between Meltham and Mr. Crosland's team, and on Tuesday afternoon the latter team played Meltham Mills. A match was also played by Meltham on Tuesday afternoon with Mr. Ephraim Lockwood's team. One of the most enjoyable feasts terminated on Wednesday night, and work was resumed on Thursday morning.