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4 THE HUDDERSFIELD CHRONICLE, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1850. ANNIVERSARY OF THE WESLEYAN C PEL [PEEL] QUEEN.STHUET, [QUEEN.STOUT] HUDDERSFIELD. N Sunpay, [Sunday] Nov. 17, 1850, TWO SERMONS in the above place of worship. In the arr be Ten o'clock, and in the Evening a Sie, [Sir] by the Ev. DR. BEAUMONT, From London. . A Collection will be made after each Sermon in aid of the Trust Funds. SABBATH EVENING LECTURES. SECOND SERIES of LECTURES will be A deelivered [delivered] (D. V.) at the Hatt, [That] HUDDERSFIELD, by the Rev. R. STORRY, of Grove-place Chapel, Dalton, as under - I, -November 24th [the The Supreme Deity of the Saviour, and the Scripture doctrine of the Trinity in his lorified [fortified] person. IL- [Timber] mber [amber] Ist [Its Redemption and Atonement. III.-December 8th Bible a Revelation from God, the nature of its Inspiration, and the Law of its Exposition. sal of 1V.-December 15th [the 'Charity the first essential o genuine Christianity. es Service to commence each evening at half-past Six o'clock. ANNIVERSARY OF THE SOCIFTY [SOCIETY] FOR PROMO- [PROMOTING] TING CHRISTIANITY AMONG THE JEWS. N SUNDAY, November 17th, [the] 1850, THREE SERMONS will be preached in behalf of the above mociety [society] by, Lose or im [in] Tie WMoming [Mowing] canrcH; [anarchy] in the Afternoon at WooDHOUSE [Woodhouse] CuurcH; [Church] and in the Evening at the Parish CHURCH. Collections in behalf of the society will be made after each ANNUAL MEETING will he held on MonDay [Monday] EveENInNG, [Evening] the 18th instant, at half-past six o'clock, in the PHILOSPPHICAL [PHILOSOPHICAL] HaLL; [Hall] the Rev. A. THOMAS, M.A., will attend as a deputation from the Parent Society. The VICAR will take the Chair. SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE. PUBLIC MEETING of the ANTI-STATE- [State church] CHURCH ASSOCIATION and its Friends, will be held in the PHILosopHicaL [Philosophical] Ramsden-street, Huddersfield, on TUESDAY EvENING, [Evening] November 19, 1850. E. MIALL, [MILL] Esq., Editor of the Nonconformist, and the Rev. J. GORDON, . of Coventry, will attend as a deputation from the Anti- [substantiate] State-Church [Church] Association. The Rev J. GLENDENNING, of Highfield ; The Rev. J. STACEY, High-street ; The Rev. ENOCH MELLOR, M.A, Halifax; and The Rev. J. HANSON, of Milnsbridge, will also address the meeting. The chair will be taken at seven o'clock precisely. The object of the Society is to liberate religion from all State interference, all religious bodies being thereby left to support themselves and manage their own affairs. It is unsectarian in its constitution, and invites the co-operation of Churchmen as well as Dissenters. . Whether regarded religiously, politically, or financially, the subject is of the highest importance. The attendance of all parties is, therefore, earnestly requested. ANNUAL HORTICULTURAL SUPPER, HUDDERSFIELD, O be held at the Green Dracon [Deacon] Iny, [In] on THURSDAY NEXT, the 21st of November, 1850. Supper on Table at Seven o'clock. Tickets, 2s. 6d. each, to be had of Mr. R. Spivey, Green Dragon Inn. HUDDERSFIELD REGISTERED GAS-LIGHT COMPANY. HE HALF-YEARLY MEETING of the SHAREHOLDERS in the REGISTERED GAS. LIGHT COMPANY, will be held at the OFFICE, LEEDS Road, HUDDERSFIELD, on MonDay, [Monday] the 25th day of No- [November] vember [member] instant, at Seven o'clock in the Evening, pursuant to the Deed of Settlement. G. D. WARCUS, [MARCUS] Secretary. Huddersfield, Nov. 11th, 1850. LONDON WOOL SALES. --- --- OR SALE by AUCTION, on Tusspay, [Tuesday] 26th November, and Taurspay, [Tuesday] 5th December, about 2,500 Bales AUSTRALIAN, Port PHILIP, Van DIEMAN'S [DEMANDING'S] LanD, [And] and CaPE [Cape] WOOL. By C. and J. D. JACOMB, Brokers, 2, Basinghall-street, [Basing hall-street] London. COLONIAL WOOL SALES. T the HALL OF COMMERCE, Thread- [Threadneedle] needle-street, [street] London, on Monday 25th, [the] and Wednes- [Wednesday- Wednesday] day 27th November, and Monday 2nd and Wednesdey [Wednesday] 4th December, 1850, 6,500 bales Australian, Van Dieman's [Demanding's] Land, Port Philip and Cape Wools. Also on Monday, 25th November, 300 bales East Indian, Egyptian, and Mogadore [Meagre] Wools. Catalogues and further particulars in due time, by THOMAS SOUTHEY AND SON, Brokers, 23, Coleman-street. WOOL SALES. OR SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at Haiti of COMMERCE, on 23rd 29th November, 8rd [ord] 4th December, 5,000 BALES COLONIAL WOOL, com- [comprising] rising Australian, Port Phillip, South Australian, New Van Diemen's Land, and Cape Wool; and on 23rd November, about 450 Bales East India and other LOW WOOLS. Catalogues and further particulars in due time, on appli- [apply- application] cation to J. T. SIMES [SIMS] AND CO., Brokers, 58, Coleman-street, London. Sales bo Auction. - R. LANCASTER will shortly OFFER by PUBLIC AUCTION (unless previously disposed of by Private Contract) about Fifteen Acres of Freehold LAND, at MIRFIELD. Also, Seven excellent modern-built MESSUAGES, [MESSAGES] and several Lots of BUILDING GROUND, at NewHousE [House] and BatH [Bath] Buitpincs, [Buttons] HUDDERSFIELD. Mr. ABBEY, of Lockwood, near Huddersfield, will show the Premises and Price may be obtained by application to Mr. Hirst, Old Brewery, Rotherham. TO TIMBER MERCHANTS, MILL-WRIGHTS, MACHINE-MAKERS, AND OTHERS. T be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. THORN- [THORNTON] TON, on TUESDAY NEXT, November 19th, [the] 1850, on the Premises of Mr. Thomas Lobley, in the KING's Arms YarD, [Yard] LOWERHEAD-ROW, HUDDERSFIELD, A large quantity of well-seasoned ASH, OAK, BEECH and ELM TREES, of a large size. , Also, a quantity of BEDSIDES, NAVES, SPOKES, and FELLOES; [FELLOWS] a lot of One-inch BOARDS; Ditto, Three- [Thereafter] quarter-inch [inch] varirus [various] sizes of ASH and OAK PLANKIN [PLAIN] G; the whole of which will be Sold in Lots, to suit the con venience [convenience] of purchasers. Also, One DOG CART; One WHITECHAPEL CAR 5 and One Narrow-wheeled CART, with Patent Arms. Sale to commence at Half-past One o'clock prompt. Auctioneer's Office, 32, New-street, Huddersfield. Leaal [Legal] Notices. HUDDERSFIELD AND NEW HEY DIS- [DISTRICT] TRICT [STRICT] TURNPIKE ROAD. CONTINUATION OF TERM AND AMENDMENT OF ACT. N OTICE [NOTICE] IS HEREBY GIVEN, that cation is intended to next. Session, for leave to b extend the Term, afid [aid] alter, amen the Powers and Provisions ofan [fan] Act passed in the sixth year of the Reign of His Majesty King George the Fourth, inti- [into- entitled] tuled, [ruled] An Act for repairing and maintaining the Road from Huddersfield, in the West Riding of the County of York, in the Parish of Rochdale, in the County of Lancaster, with a branch to Toothill Lane, in the said Riding, and for m I a new road from Buck Stones Sito [Sit] the Highway leading from Ripponden to Stainland, at or near to Barkisland [Bark island] School, so far as the same relates to the Turnpike Road leading from Huddersfield to New Hey, and the Branch to Toothill Lane, in the said Act ed, The Huddersfield and New Hey District. And powers will be applied for in the said Bill to levy the same or new Tolls, Rates, or Duties on the said Dis- [District] trict [strict] of Road, and to alter or vary the existing Tolls Rates, or Duties, and to confer, vary, or extinguish exemp- [exempt- exemptions] tions [tins] from payment of Tolls, Rates, or Duties, and to con- [confer] fer, vary, or extinguish other rights and Privileges. Also to make provision for paying off, compounding, or making other arrangements with respect to existing Mortgages and Charges on the said Road and Tolls. Dated this sixth day of November, 1850, COOKSON STEPHENSON FLOYD, Clerk to the Trustees of the said Huddersfield and New Hey Turnpike Road, and Solicitor for the Bill. appli- [apply- applied] e to Parliament in the a Bill to continue and , continue and enlarge MELTHAM AND WESSENDEN HEAD TURNPIKE ROAD. WN OUICE [OUNCE] JS HEREBY GIVEN, That Appli- [Apply- Application] cation is intended to be made to Parliament in the next Session, for leave to bring in a Bill to continue and extend the term, and alter, amend, continue, and enlarge the Powers and Provisions of an Act, passed in the sixth ear of the reign of his late Majesty King George the ourth, [court] intituled [entitled] 'An Act for Making and Maintaining a 'Turnpike Road from Meltham, in the Parish of Almond- [Almond] se bury, to the Greenfield and Shepley Lane Head Turn- [Turnpike] Road, near Wessenden Head, in the Township of Austonley, in the West Riding of the County of York 3 gnd [and] which said Road lies in and passes through the several Ame [Me] Townships, Hamlets, or Places of Meltham and and owe allin [Allan] the West Riding of the County of York ; and au be applied for in the said Bill to continue and any Pan of years im [in] the said Act, furthe [further] w ma ve been granted b subsequent Acts of fut of the original Clerk to the Trustees of the ead [ad] Meltham and Wes- [West- Sees] ee Head and Solicitor for TEA WAREHOUSE, TOP OF BEAST MARKET, HUDDERSFIELD. TRKS [TURKS] and JOWITT having entered on the above premises, respectfully announce to their numerous Friends and the Public, that they have made ex- [extensive] tensive purchases in TEAS, COFFEES, SPICES, &c., from the first and best markets and are now prepared 2 submit to their inspection goods such as cannot possil [possible] excelled in quality or price by any other house in trade. ROWN [TOWN] COMMERCIAL HOTEL AND ROSE AND [C] POSTING HOUSE, KIREGATE, [KIRKGATE] HUDDERSFIELD. E REID begs to inform his Commercial sce [se] and the Pablic [Public] that he has entered on the above Hotel (which is undergoing a thorough repair), where he hopes by wertet [wetter] and moderate charges to merit share of the public's patronage. . Neat Carries for Weddings, &e.; Gig and Saddle Horses on the shortest notice; also Hearse, Mourning Coaches, &c., for Funerals. ; An excellent Billiard Table on the premises. FURNITURE AND LOOKING-GLASS ESTABLISH MENT, [MEN] 18, CASTLEGATE, HODDERSFIELD. [HUDDERSFIELD] & S. WILSON beg to return thanks to J their Friends and the Public for the rery [very] Bberal [Liberal] bestowed on them for a long series of years, an Pa ee eeme [em] time respectfully intimate that they have on hand a large ASSORTMENT OF MAHOGANY, ROSEWOOD, AND OTHER FURNITURE, Also, a large variety of CHIMNEY, PIER, and other LOUKIXNC [laconic] GT.ASSES, in Gilt and other Frames. Teimis [Terms] lsheral. [Liberal] ROBERTS'S NORTH, NORTH WESTERN, AND SCOTTISH COMMERCIAL BOARDING HOUSE, (Late Strachan.) 25, GREAT TRINITY-LANE, and 34, BREAD- [SWEETBREAD] STREET, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON. T Gentlemen, Manufacturers, Wool Buyers, Drapers, and Milliners, visiting London, this Esta- [East- Establishment] blishment [establishment] will be found economical, quiet, airy, clean, and respectable, and in the centre of the city, within three minutes' walk of St. Paul's Cathedral and the Bank of England. . Terms.-Bed and Breakfast, 2s. 6d. Tea, 1s.; Dinners and Suppers equally moderate. R. JOHN MARSHALL, Matster, [Matter] DEALER 1n Hops, &c., No. 17, WESTGATE, HUDDERSFIELD, Begs to inform the Inhabitants of Huddersfield and the public generally that he has succeeded to the BUSLNESS [BUSINESS] of a MALTSTER, [MASTER] which has been carried on for a great number of years by his late father, Mr. JEREMIAH MARSHALL, and he hopes by a strict attention to business to merit a continuance of the patronage which was given to his late father until the time of his decease. DEALER IN HAY AND STRAW, Wholesale and Retail. N.B.-Furniture or other Goods, requiring either Cart or Waggon, removed on the shortest notice. REMOVAL OF BEST'S TEA WAREHOUSE From No. 2, To THE PREMISES LATELY OCCUPIED BY Mr. Brown, BookKsSELLER, [Bookseller] No. 3, MARKET-WALK, HUDDERSFIELD, BEST (late of the firm of Best and Co.) gratefully acknowledges the patronage of his Friends during his two years connection with the above firm, and now respectfully solicits for himself a continuance of their future favours, which he hopes to merit by careful attention, good articles, and reasonable prices. TEAS Carefully selected and judiciously blended. COFFEES Of the finest growth and home roasted. Ground Cocoa N1Bs, [Nibs] used by Homeopathists, Spices of every description. CIGARS- [Cigars the] The choice sorts of the day. Rough Cut Cubaand [Cuban] Sheffield Tobacco. Tadely's [Citadel's] Tom Buck Snuff, &e. &c. Observe the Address -No. 3, MARKET-WALK. B. DURRANS, 23, Top or Westcare, [West care] oJ. HUDDERSFIELD, Respectfully returns thanks to his numerous friends for the very liberal patronage he has received since his commencement in business, and begs to say that he has just received a LARGE STOCK OF HATS, Of first-rate quality, which he intends to Sell at the smallest remunerating price, such as cannot be surpassed by any other house in the trade. Mrs. DURRANS also begs to acquaint the public that she has just purchased from the first houses in London, &ec., an extensive assortment of Fashionable BONNETS, RIBBONS, FLOWERS, &c., suitable for the Season, which she intends to Sell at the lowest possible rate. N.B.-A large Stock of Tooth, Hair, and Nail Brushes, Perfumery, &c. Rowland's Genuine Macassor [Macs] Oil, at 2s. 3d. per Bottle, sold by the trade at 3s. 6d. OBSERVE -23, TOP OF WESTGATE. RS. EDWARD B. CLARKSON, from London, begs to inform the Inhabitants of Hudders- [Udders- Huddersfield] field and its Vicinity, that she intends giving INSTRUC- [INSTRUCT- INSTRUCTION] TION [ION] to a select number of YOUNG LADIES in MUSIC and the FRENCH LANGUAGE, and respectfully Solicits their support. Having been accustomed to Tuition in London for many years Mrs. C. feels confident of giving satisfaction. Terms, including Music and French, One Guinea per quarter. PaDDOCK, [Paddock] NEAR THE CHURCH, Oct. 31, 1850. N.B.-Mrs. C. having played the Organ both in London, and at Scissett Church, Clayton West, would be glad of an Engagement in that capacity, GYMNASIUM, RAMSDEN-STREET. DANCING. Me LE BLANC feels pleasure in announcing that he has secured the professional assistance of M. L. Grant, of London, for this department, who will teach allthe [health] Dances, as danced at Buckingham Palace, Almack's, &c., including La Polka, Mazurka, 'Schot- [School- Scott's] tische, [Fischer, Cellarius, [Cellars, Valse, [Vale] Deux [Dix] Temps, &c., more especially The Minuet de la Cour, [Our] et Gavot, [Got, as danced at her Majesty's Ball. The JUVENILE CLASS will assemble at Ten o'clock, a.m., and at Half-past Two, p.m., on Saturdays. The PRIVATE and ADULT CLASS as per arrangement. Parties requiring Tuition, will please to forward their Cards to Mr. LE Bianc, [Bank] Ramsden-street. The FENCING, GYMNASTIC, and CALISTHENIC CLASSES as usual. Families attended. J SCHOLEFIELD, begs respectfully to thank e his Friends and the Public for the liberal patronage bestowed upon him since he commenced the practice of Dentistry, and to inform them that he may be consulted daily on all matters appertaining to his profession. J. 8S. has succeeded in taking advantage of a very great improrement, [improvement] recently discovered by a London Dentist, whereby a great saving of time and labour is effected in the Mechanical Department, and a much better fit is obtained than by any other method heretofore used, and by which he is enabled to make A GREAT REDUCTION IN THE PRICES OF ARTIFICIAL TEETH. OLD PALATES REMODELLED UPON THE NEW PRINCIPLE ; And every other operation performed upon scientific princi- [Prince- principles] ples, [poles] and guaranteed for twelve months, Terms may be had on application at his Residence, (Seven doors from Spring-street), Hudders- [Udders- Huddersfield] eld. [ed] é# In order to meet the circumstances and wishes of the Working Classes, J. S. will be in attendance every evening. DENTAL SURGERY. MEDICAL PAMPHLETS, Sold by NEVILLE and 23, Maddox-st., Regent-st., ondon. [London] Price 6d., post free 8d., or eight penny stamps. HAT IS HEALTH HOWISIT [HOIST] LOST, AND HOW RECOVERED By a VaLetu [Valet] DINARIAN. [SARDINIAN] Giving much useful Information relative to the Maintenance and Recovery of Health, with a Table of the Comparative Digestibility of One Hundred different Articles of Diet, Remarks on Physicians' Prescriptions, Patent Medicines, &c. 'This little work is evidently written by one who has paid well for his experience, and contains a mass of useful information for the healthy individual, while to the invalid or convalescent it affords knowledge of a most important character. -Herald. Price 4d., post-free 6d., or six penny stamps. NEUROTONICS, [neurotic] or the Art of Strengthening the Nerves, being an outline of a new method of curing Disease, Debility, Melancholy, Nervousness, &e., &c., by increasing the Vital Power or Nervous Energy of the System. By D. Napier, M.D. 'A little work, of which no one who values health, hap- [happiness] piness, [pines] or success in life, ought to neglect the Post. Price 4d., post free, 6d., or six penny stamps. RECIPES and REMEDIES, for Preserving and Beau- [Beautifying] tifying [testifying] the Hair, the Skin, and the Teeth, By the Author of What is Health One of the cheapest and most useful little books that we have seen aday. [day] To ladies it will be found Price 1s., post free, 1s. 6d. or eighteen penny stamps. POP ULAR [UL] PORNEIOLOGY, or the Treatment and Cure of Diseases of the Urethra and Generative System, Acute and Chronic, with numerous Prescriptions, and Plain Practical Instructions for the non-medical reader, to which is appended a variety of Cases, and full particulars of the Treatment and Cure effected in each particular case. By G. T, Hunter, M.D. Although Dr. Hunter has for many years retired from practice, he may still be considered as one of the most able hysicians [physicians] of the day in that particular line of study which e has adopted. [adopted] Medical Gazette. Published for the Authors, and sold by NEVILLE AND Boyp, [Boy] 23, Maddox-street, Regent-street, London. N.B.-A sealed packet, containing the whole of the above Wo-ks, (forming a complete medical lib 6 sont [son] ese ig aw rary), [ray] sen set forth. Your Majesty's commissioners on criminal law, ANNUAL 5; 2,000 LOAN, THE CHRONICLE, in their sixth report, observes -'It also appears that a Horticnitarss [Decanters] 5, tie ANTED to BORROW, by the Roman Catholic is liable, notwithstanding the Roman ho their annual supper, at the Green prot [port tang [tan] FIELD IMPROVEMENT CoMMISSIONERS, [Commissioners] the SUM SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1850. Catholic Relief Act, to have the oaths of allegiance and Westgate, on Y evening next, of 2,000, upon the Security of the 'Sewer-Rate, authorised abjuration tendered to him, under the provisions of the ans the high est in which the above one to be raised and levied by virtue of the Huddersfield Im- [In- Once] NCE [ONCE] D HER PRESIDENT above article, and that, in the case of a refusal to take the 4 wn, we doubt not but there will be CF is hei [he] ement [cement] Act, 1848. Such Loan to be repaid by Thirty FRA AN same, he would constitute himself a Popish recusant con- [con gathering] gathering. te ual [al] Annual Instalments. On Tuesday last the French National Assembly vict. [vice] The Roman Catholic Relief Act only abolishes the New ORaToRIo.-The [Oratorio.-The] history of .to 'be addressed to the undersigned, n hrase [hares] declaration against transubstantiation, and the invocation ledge under difficulties has ed toon the Past 44 THOS. Wi. CLOUGH, met for the despatch of business, to use a p of saints, and the sacrifice of the mass, as practised in the rence [rents] of examples of success, under an PR che aa - son to the Commissioners. by which the commencement of a session of the Church of Rome, ane [an] po a form of oath hee [her] chedvantauee, [advantageous] with less of surprise than ow a New-street, Huddersfield. . instead of the vaths [baths] o egiance, [allegiance] supremacy, are ever willing to giv [give] pleasure a. English Parliament is usually described and on tion, [ion] asa qualification for the exorcise of the offices and have to fight 2. up hill eg DOR [FOR] CD hase has] g ANTED, as SALESMAN, a Person who occasion M. Dupin, [Turpin] the former President of civil rights therein mentioned and then, by section a, good and great object. We han na has a Connexion with the Buyers attending the bl lected [elected] to that office by a enacts that such oath being taken and subscribed in any of poets, painters, engineers, M2 nny, [any] Huddersfield market, and who is also acquainted with the the Assembly, was re-e the courts, and before any of the persons therein men- [men some] some few have trod the path to fame thro... [tho] san woollen manufacturers of the district.-Address, by letter, considerable majority. tionod, [toned] 'shall be of the same force and effect, te ep i difficult road of musical composition, and oe he oor [or] A. B., Chronicle Office. The Session thus constituted was inaugurated aed [ad] Be on, as, and ss stand. oe pace ote [ot] an Peed tent pe ee Memory the We . and declarations required or pres y lay sed [se] by Mr. Jackson, of Masham) orton, [Norton] ANTED, a WAREHOUSEMAN to take by the reading of a lengthy message from Prince force for Ms relief of his Majesty 3 Roman subjects with ao ectut [octet] a short Soe [Se] and brace 'CHARGE of the FINISHED GOODS DEPART- [Department] ident [dent] of the French Re- [From] from any disabilities, incapacities, or penalties. at, we are at least to have an MENT, [MEN] and mente [monte] the Correspondence relative to orders. Louis Napoleon, the lencth [length] into the does not, by any of its Mths [Moths] of all substitute the oath of a resident working man, which ite [it] One having a general knowledge of will be public. This document enters at length into appointed for yok [York] oa hs of al legiance, [elegance] pi 'acy, [act] ment [men] of musical erties, [writes] to be in evens oH te d . abyuratio [arbitration 3 wr. vonn [von] ans i yen ape joanna [Joanna] Nowron' [Norton] Clayton West, Huddersie [Huddersfield] a. state of ber [be] 'te ne ne Tin and previously required to Be token. by I a Se It earlier years of his life, was by je a . ) L Toe ny 2 At es speaks cheeringly [cheering] as to the state of the Finances, only substitutes it, it observed, in those cases where composition of 'The Seasons. t) iti [it] i i i ths had been allowed to relieve from the penalties language, ares hil [Hill] use 6 TO PARENTS AND GUARDIANS. and the condition of the industrial portion of the such oat cn tinct [tint] offence, and not, as in a case like the in ones ea anne sf chil [child] Thood. [Hood] ANTED a re able well educated French population. But no doubt that part of the present, where the not taking the oaths was itself the about seven yearsago, [year sago] just when the a mi ng; Youth, as an APPR [APP] a ECE [EVE] DESIGNER. message in which the personal intentions of the offence. he tox [to] th had eee' [see] in ae ape higher hopes any He will be under an experienced teacher, who is in connec- [connect- connexion] i t ma e for being a s y aa attack o alysis, [analysis] which . tion [ion] with one of the first firme [fire] in the trade. Any parent President were expected to be shadowed forth, What the punishmen [punishment] i forth s him from following his ten i bur QU ong [on] . or guardian wanting a first-rate profession for a youth, will was, under the circumstances of the times, the Popish recusant convict is set forth ed jusctivity [activity] which prechuled [preached] him find this an opportunity not o to be met wi the means of ascertaining bu is studies, After the lapse of a For terms, &., appl [apply] to Mr. BRowN, [Brown] Stationer, &., most anxiously looked for and the most eagerly have we at present a te a d 6 by Tecovered [Recovered] as to be enabled to devote his 7 i No. 1, New-street, Huddersfield. received. It is notorious that Louis Napoleon we trust that if it should be eemed [seemed] necessary by though a from excessive physinn,, [physician] R. A. DEAN, Oreanisr [Organiser] at Buxton-road has had an eye to the re-establishment of the the authorities to proceed, either in the manner ise a as a Chapel, informs his Friends and the Public gene- Empire on the ruins of the Republic, of course set forth above, or in any other, to repel the ag- [ago] of Mrs. Sunderland, Mrs. L. Peale ie. a ees [see] rally, that he gives Instruction in SINGING and ORGAN and himself as Emperor, bearing the name of Napoleon gression [creation] complained of, it will be done with temper aes mot Bollincon, [Belonging] and J. Peseu [Pees] iy, J usual z sas [as] on the most gratifyins [gratifying] -.. PraNo-FoRTE [Piano-Fort] HODDERSFIELD, [HUDDERSFIELD] a programme in itself. To this end he has in- [and] and judgment, and with every determination to Hanson will be seenred [sneered] from abe. Inte [Inter] loan trigued, [tried] coquetted, and confederated. To this end maintain inviolate the great pr inciple [principle] of religious wish every Success to the arrangemenrs [arrangements] THE RAT x BS SE ABON. [AVON] he has paraded himself before the public-reviewed liberty. Wesleyans assemblng [assembly] at Quo HA og pepe [pee] Rubber Waterproof Over-Coats, Over-alls, the armies, and made speeches. Yo this end he We understand that the inhabitants of Hudders- [Udders- Huddersprenatiod] prenatiod [printed] by the Rev. De. Beanmont, [Beaumont] Lhe [He] ae Capes, Chaise Aprons, Horso [Horse] Cloths, Railway has adopted all the means at his command to field will shortly have an opportunity offered them We may safely. piepheny [Epiphany] than on a Bee oF Wrappers, &c., be ephyr, [every] Dreadnought, Alpaca, and feel the pulse of the French people and fears of of speaking out their minds on the question. A re- [rene] be delivered. SHONUERC [SCHOONER] 'liscoure, [score] - J OHN [ON] PENDLEBURY, coups de etal, [eta] or attempts to gain regal power by quisition, [question] most numerously and respectably signed, hata [hats] publi [public] ee pon [on] Stare We Ce Storms HATTER AND HOSIER, force, have been very often and very generally is being got up to the worthy Constable of Hud- [HUD- Hides] is to be held in the Philosophical Hall, oy Stine oe 18, KING-STREET, HUDDERSFIELD, entertained. These ambitious views of the Presi- [Press- Presidential] dersfield, [Huddersfield] desiring him to convene the inhabitants nea [ne] addition te Be 'ome [one] es O be LET, with immediate possession, a dent are known to be distasteful to many of the together, to consider on the course necessary to be Noncoaformist, [Nonconformist] and the Rev. J. mall, Eon, [On] waitor [water] DWELLING-HOUSE, delightfully situated on the Generals in the army-and especially to General adopted to repel the insolent and insidious 2s a deputation from the par. i society, mee [me] Halifax road, (just out of the Huddersfield boundary) y y P Youne [Young] MEn's [Me's] CHRISTIAN containing Kite en, Dining Room, Drawing Room, and CHANGARNIER, [CHANGING] the Commander-in-Chief of the aggression of the Papacy. As might be expected, seriea [series] of lectures, on general aE ota roy. [oy] . Three Bed Rooms, with Gardens, back and front. forces at the disposal of the National Assembly. this requisition bears the signatures of men of all minds during the winter, 10 Apply to Mr. B. Brown, Stationer, Market-place. This has led to the unseemly spectacle of the parties, and of most of the Protestant persuasions. the Rev. J. Glyde, Ind. mie [me] iy . TO FARMERS AND OTHERS Military Chief publicly reproving the Executive No doubt but the Constable will deem it to be his Hall. The attemlance [attendance] -.. 3 N SALE, at the Turn Brince [Prince] Power and not only France, but all Europe have duty to give the inhabitants the opportunity the an d oe hie eeu [eu] beet was ' Works, HUDDERSFIELD, a Large Quantity of GOOD been filled with apprehension, arising from this requisitionists [requisition] ask for; and whenever that oppor- [upper- opportunity] pany, [any] and in introdueing [introducing] to them th. Bite consign of Dry ene te An position of affairs, tunity [unity] is afforded, no doubt but it will be eagerly eee [see] pe ene 7 them shat [that] en 9 . 3 a au Wo MILLSTONES, fixed in an Iron Frame, with Wheels and It was natural, therefore, that the exposition of embraced. Respecting that meeting, we shall only riage, [ridge] one which at all timés [times] proves i. A Gundy [Grundy] ona [on] See beans, &. the President's own views in his own message counsel, moderation-prudence-firmness. While ie the other ue aoe [are] should be anxiously expected. In another part of we would not abate one jot of the rights of our ter [te] of being equally elewatine [elevating] GAS APPARATUS. this sheet these will be found at length. We can- Queen and Government to govern these isles cmon [con] var aie [are] our isti [est] ing a reverts N. BALE en ALP 2 eho [who] Ou Porras [Pores] not, however, refrain from quoting the following according to the enlightened public opinion of the remarks of the esteemeil [esteem] leet [Lee] te supplying upwards of 80 Lights, with Chain and Balance That which pre-occupies me above all things, you may times, and to do this without the interference or ea aah tee ee ae Manat [Mana] Weights for the same, weighing more than a ton; 2 be persuaded, is, not to know who will govern France in assumption of power by any foreign potentate,- [potentate] or rather as a Christian man. -. 2. Carrying Pulleys; 3 Retorts as good as new, and all the 1852, but to employ the timé [time] of which I dispose in such a Pp pe y any on SA ee ae eg mam, EO. ure [re] Fittings belonging to them; Lids and Screws for fastening manner that Pim [Pi] whatever it may be, may be we would also counsel care, lest the natural indigna- [Indian- addressing] address hinveclf [involve] dine tly [ty] to thee, At is f the same Furnace Frame and Fire Bars; 1 Purifier com- [cloth] Th ost [out] ble [be] nd th t dignified object of an ele- [Lee- election] tion [ion] which the recent attempt on the part of the out forgetting their fair friends, wi, plete, [plate] with Valve, having Trays made of plates of wrought noble and the most dignified object of an ele [Lee] time overhear something wi iron, perforated; 1 Round Vessel for collecting the Gas Vated [Dated] mind is not to seek, when one is in possession of Pope of Rome has called forth, should hurry us them, would be for their ava from the Retorts, with bent pipes and fittings; 7 Long POWer [Power] by what expedients it may be perpetuated, but to t ligi [Luigi] arTare [tartar] of sects ae of God, and shen [she] L Pipes with elbow joints for cooling and cleansing 'the Gas, W4tch [Watch] without ceasing over the means of consolidating, for tO religious wariare [ware] f its' forme [form] wee and abstracting the Tar. the advantage oe th the principles of authority ac of divine until it loct [lot] ite [it] tree se A ber [be] of FIRE BRICK morality which defy the passions of men and the instability ne greg [reg] eae [ear] Amid CLAY, made in a semi-circular Shape for the eo of the law. THE MUNICIPAL GATHERIN [GATHERING] laws no bat fe ae the Potorts [Ports] nen [ne] being 08 many as would cost 4 A declaration of this kind months ago, and a Iy another part of this sheet will be found a full forms desired to possess and enjor. [enjoy] hut tho caus [cause] fie bg on ale ot he ME adherence in practice to it, would have pro- F P0rt [pro-F Part] of the important at the Muni- linitatons [Uni- lanterns] as thal [that] ues [use] oo on which it stands, being required for another p 7 vented much anxiety, and no small amount of in- [principal] cipal [principal] Gathering of the different bodies of local extranet, from the Review' oT from Lenton Works, Imperial Hotel trigue. [intrigue] As it is, the ill-natured [ill-matured] will be ready to uthority authority] at the dinner last evening, for the avowed this subject, shosing [showing] how y rial Hotel, Huddersfie [Huddersfield] 1 . . what a desolation would arise tro [to an ascribe the language used to any thing but an in- PUrpose [in- Purpose] of communing together, with a view of a would he ar nue [ne] oO say that each of his 2 QMOKE [SMOKE] The very important tention [mention] to act upon it, should opportunity for any continuing that good understanding and that unity certain capacity for love-for Soke whish [which] was last meok [meek] f by the Manager HF line of poliey [policy] present itself, However, be of action so essential tothe [tithe] efficient working of our oh el, su Town Council, as the result of their long-continued efforts, that as it may, it is certain that France is not out local government. We are happy to say that the hearts. Let it sie [Sir] a eigen [Eugene] ws is entirely attributable to ea . . . all, keep its waters fresh, sweet, anil [ail] is ent [end] Wy st ewan [Swan] ils [is] to the of the Ee of her difficulties, as it regards the question of proceedings of the evening were of so satisfactory Tet the most beaatiful, [beautiful] chs [cs] . WAY, Engineers, of that town Who will govern France in 1852 [W The term of 224 harmonious a character, as to fully answer the ever be present to the min le rn i e ent [end] to, the mi and sont [son] Wis ae oe, smoke office of the existing President approaches termi- [terms- temptations] of those who originated this happy ail b een [en] one tbe [the] ie 4 now occasionally visible, oven in nents [rents] where the nation and whether the revision of the constitu- [constitution- constitution] mode of making our town's authorities and officials of female character. How much of seifsievoreines, [sovereigns] sag power is 200 horses and upwards-and this effect is the tion [ion] be undertaken or not, as some demand, it is better acquainted with each other, and with the lmost [most] to heroism was there in won io es result in every case where these boilers are applied, besides . tive [tie] duties that each h fn charg [charge] the sprightly girl, the blushing manien [Manning] Teton a continued saving in fuel of qne-third, [one-third] and proportionate Certain that either the to prolong the TeSpective [Respective] duties that each have in charge. daughter, as the belle of the villave [village] -sueviuny [seven] 9p omnes [ones] lessening of labour to the fireman. tenure of Leuis [Lewis] Napoleon's office, or the attempt I many respects the meeting of last night may and smiles around her,-as the blwshins [blushing] Information may be obtained on application to the en eas' [was] - full of hope and fear,-as the ied vi patentees, and the boilers seen at work. to elect a successor, will lead to no small amount be regarded as important. The bringing together mother, contented to live only for her 308 Licenses will be granted to respectable boiler makers, of strife and contest. It will be well i of men of all classes, as it were, and of all parties maiden aunt, taking the cares vf pars 2 Knott Mill Iron Works, Manchester, Oct. 29th, [the] 1850. . be if all can be 1 ; honours,-and not least, as the a ; accomplished in peace and the stability of the 28 well as of all creeds, for the avowed purpose of think of woman in all these phases ot ut French government thereby secured. promoting the general welfare of the town, is of love her. Let them make th a TTS [ITS] ee itself proof of progress in true liberality and in ROK, [ROCK] of great momen, [moment] (hey a ' HUDDERSFIELD RAILWAY STATION, THE PAPAL AGGRESSION. right appreciation of each other's intentions in marriage, when its true nature wis Coat Suoors, [Sours] No, 12, 13, and 14. Tue ferment, caused by the insolent and insidious Which a few years ago might have been sought for Sno, [No] and anni [ann] ee Best Old Flockton Hous [House] Gol [Gold] 8s. Od. per ton, aggression of the Pope of Rome upon our Protes- [Protest- Protesting] invain. [in vain] The acerbities of party and class are giv- [give- giants] wants, and share each fe Dewsbury Bank 6s. 8d. ,, tantism, [mantis, most palpably increases. It is manifest ing way before the more genial and kindly influence Mae Be i shine' id Credit Prices-8s. 10d. and 7s. 6d. on every hand. No gatherings of any kind or of our nature and the barriers to association and form the grounds of separation, ani [an] i Leading to all places within the bars, 10d. per ton. sae [sea] toh [to] tion [ion] bet Ii the duties of home education, as an 2.4) No better coal can be used, than the Old Flockton for can be had, but the voice of indignation at to harmoniouseo-operation [harmonious-operation] between well-intentioned lav extreme heat and economy under judicious management. this attempt to impair the Queen's supremacy, is individuals, which political partizanship [partisanship] interposed, a). Ths [The] fest practical oe which heard to burst forth. No question of policy thrown re breaking down before a more enlightened idea 5 would press 'pon [on] 'them not to anevie [Annie] yi before the public, within the memory of that arid just appreciation of social duty. This fact precipitate proceeding-by pluekin [plucking ' a i Oo venerable personage, the oldest inhabitant has 2ugurs [augurs] well for the good government of the town, pace oe hae [he] Bowe ae 1. met with such a spontaneous and universal manifes- [manifest- manifested] and for our general progress as a district. children and not parents. The IMPERIAL FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE tation [station] of indignant feeling. It will be observed that steps were taken to con- [con] (a . COMPANY, The only fear is, that this feeling may hurry into tinue [tine] this good practice of meeting together and velopementswhenthe life of the briie [bride] 1s 5 som [some] trunk 25 vse [use] ESTABLISHED, 1803. the commission of acts, or the passing of laws to We have no doubt but that next year will see a should also be stent eee [see] ioe [ie] SUBSCRIBED AND INVESTED CAPITAL, meet the special case now arisen, which, asanation, [association] ore important gathering than even the present only made a stiitable [suitable] provision for the ONE MILLION SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS. we shall hereafter have cause to regret. It is one has been. We see nothing improbable in the idea household, but until there was a reas [read] HE Rates in this Company have been framed thing to maintain the supremacy of the Crown, and 'hat Sir J. W. Ramspen, [Ramsden] Bart., and some of the extremes, however, were to be as - T on the Lowest Scale with security to the repel aggressions upon our political system and Trustees who have been acting during his minority, pobend [bend] upon the 2 meen [men] F Assured, aed [ad] as to enable the Company to meet all their institutions but it is another to persecute for opi- [pi- opium] May grace with their presence the next municipal be entered upon by the youns [young] withvut [without] th 'Any her PE ns for Policies with which the Company nion's [noon's] sake. Religious liberty full, complete, and festive gathering for we are certain that no course ais poi Kow [Ow] eae [ear] the qrees [trees] ion, ee may De GEO. LANCASHIRE Sh to by unfettered freedom, is what every sect and the could be more effective to make the youthful heir relating two or three very husers [houses] pnd [and] Co., Bhate [Bate] rokers, [brokers] adherents to every creed have a right to enjoy, and 2 quainted [2 acquainted] with the public-spirited tenantry of his by reminding them etic [tic] aes to be protected in the exercise thereof and in the or of promoting that proper and kindly upon the family trom [from] the. ons R ECKITT'S [RECKITT'S] PATENT present temper of the public mind, vigilant care understanding between all parties so essential to ree [ere] ei fom [from] her conde [cone] . . oe Her conduct as a Wie. [We] srt [st] The Bore Re. 1 will have to be exercised, to see that any steps which the prosperity and welfare of the district. We truly loved God, let them choose held is the best Testimonial of its invaluw. [invaluable] May have to be taken to repel the insolent and trust the idea will not be lost sight of. union of ee oe andhwes [endways] oo pal oa s,s ye On Of aifectio [effect] is Was ar tte [te] ca eae [ear] in a insidious attempt of the Pope of Rome to sub- [suction] cation of children. The no, went which it can be made, whilst ta price brings ject [jet] this nation to his spiritual and political con- [Colonial] Local Entelligence. [Intelligence] aye Charles Lau [Lay] it withi [with] é nanan [nan] rorks [rocks] of Martin Tupper earnest - sumer. [summer] Fer Maine ee Fins troul, [truly] do not go beyond this point, and interfere oF 1851. We have been requested by the Concluded, after reciting Uoleridies [Oldies] Materials its superiority is proved by the first trial, as its With the civil and religious liberties of a numerous Secretary of our local committee to draw attention to the Genevieve, by alluding ke shies ayer' [aye] beautiful Fluidity causes it to clear immediately, imparting portion of our fellow-subjects fact, that ,2 company signing themselves 'Maxwell and Marriage, and sat down amid lout and cen [cent] a Lustrous Finish far different from that given' by the half. company, have extensively addressed circulars to parties A vote of thanks was movad [moved] to the made clammy Powder Starches now attempted to be intro- [intro whether] Whether it will be necessary to enact any new likely to become exhibitors, soliciting advertisements for ldress, dress] on the motion of the Rev. J ae duced [duce] y P law to meet the insolent and insidious the National Catalogue, and to state that, in reference the Rev. R. Skinner, and duly aku [au] wl OBSERVE-That it is not in Powder, but in Crystals ce and insidious aggres- [acres- aggregate] to this matter they have received communication from Mr, was paid to the Chairman, ster [ste] Manufactured by ISAAC RECKITT and SON, Hull; 00 of the Pope and his newly-appointed Cardinal Wyatt, wherein he says 'The executive think it proper to pany [any] separated. and Solid by Grocers, Druggists, &c., in lb., 3Ib., [ob] and and other dignitaries, is a question which the Hien [Hie] pv cia alg [al] no knowledge of the parties who have bee fhe [he] ee eS 20z. [z] Packets. autiful [beautiful] drama, The Green Busites. [Sites] , lawyers have now under consideration. By one HUDDERSFIELD AND THE EXHIBITION oF 1851. Wi shad is place of section it i held that no new law will be aeeereary, [arrears] obtained the following return of articles to bo exe ee ee ete [tee at this place of NOTICE that WILLIAM WILSON, onew [one] aw will be necessary bited [bites] from this locality in the Great Exhibition of1851, [of] from played, and Mr. John of in the Parish of Huddersfield in the that there is still sufficient in the statute-book to which it will be seen that, with the exception of minerals, spectable [respectable] performance. Mr, Wowltrl [Worldly] vs County of York, with whom, I, the undersigned, have meet the case, notwithstanding the f pai pair] Huddersfield will be fully represented on this occasion. In Mister Grinnice. [Grin nice. an excellent . for some time past been carrying on business as Wool- [Wool mass] . mass Of pails reference to the staple trade of the district, the plain and infused a good deal of Lust len [le] Cloth Manufacturers, bas in several instances, #04 penalties which have been swept therefrom. fancy manufactures will pe represented by about Lady of Lyons was one contra to my wishes an desires, d Wh 'os sixty exhibitors, amongst w om will be most of leadi [lead] Mr. J. We Pauline, by Mr afraid that ae Creditors might eventually cater, ae ether this be so or not, or whether ministers merchants, in mohair and alpaca too, the romaine tak [take] hana [hand] continuance of such misconduct should take place, I Y deem it to be their duty to propose other regu- [reg- regardless] articles being entered singly -Merinos, sewing cotton, pieces brought on and well received, in whet hereby give Warning to all parties, that I will not here- [he relations] lations, [nations] we hope and trust that no measure either of dyes, working model of hydraulic press, artificial leg, and the Messrs. Holloway have been wuts [wits] after be accountable for any debt or debts which he may, ey as manufactured lead and fountain, machines, raw wool (1 the ballet department Miss Wild is 2 from the date hereof, eontract [contract] for or in respect of our Procedence [Providence] or of legislation will meet with ap- [able] bale), floss yarn for knitting, machine for cleaning wool, quisition. [question] The services of Boz's [Box's] Joa, [Jos] partnership firm. Witness my hand this thirteenth day .proval, .approval] if at all calculated to abridge the measure life preserver, self-generating gas lamps, steam-plate press, anecing [lancing] are at least very extraordinary. 1 of November, 1850, ELI BRIERLEY of religious freedom accorded by our laws to every Tages [Ages] on 'railway ang rail, new for propelling car- [Carver] for the gods. who have given 2 [C] ' YS, new rotatory steam-engine, new water- [water] be observed that, in the course of next wees. persuasion, Sort, new dry gas-metre, model of the Leeds Industrial an entire new series of performances. in suet atest [test] Entelligence [Intelligence] The opinion of those who hold that the law as it portable designs, a Newfoundland dos, Neds. i Toadway [Roadway] an ical [cal] i character. BY ELECTRIC TELEGRAPH. at present stands is able to deal with the insolent rents cabinet two models of skew bridge' new County Court.-Iuportast [Court.-Upstart] Wass [C] Lonpon, [London] Frip [Fri] insidious sac apparatus, electro-magnetic engine, ti adj and nm AY NIGHT. and insidious Britany [Britain] 2 assert the Pope's supre- [sure- suppressed] dyed) peers press substances (dyed and. es took Bint [Bent] on Me Clay ae vee [see] . LAST NIGHT'S BANKRUPTS. macy over the British Isles, is set forth in the fol- [fold] Pritish [British] grain, flour, and meal, imitation of woods. which was opposed be Mr. Javumb. [Jam] The pit Joseph Watkins, Belmont-road, Vauxhall, Surrey, draper lowing communication ht has ACCIDENT.-A serious accident, which Brook, is a slubber, [slumber] residing at Farnley. and butter merchant. Neat wave Proved fatal, occurred on the London and cover the sum of 5 12s. ld. tor wages William Francis Harris, Manchester, warchouseman, [warehouse] Fri ROMISH [ROOMS] USURPATION PUNISHABLE UNDER THE Herts [Hearts] estista [estate] line, yesterday (Friday) noon, a little below casos [cases] pending this decision, but it was a day-street, Cheapside, Lendon. [London] By page 89 of tho Fit of the Crim ne Huddersfield station. In consequence of the excessive evidence and verdict, in this instance. sv t William Carter, boot and shoe maker, High-street, South- [SouthConmischonons] Conmischonons [Consignees] it will be seen wr fob daw [saw] Te any in ore mee [me] are was some to all. In 1839 a lease was taken of Farts rrey. [grey] e Lancashire a 'kshi [Josh] see and Mr. Jubn [Jun] Fate George Hand, grocer, Wolverhampton to tel two of her Majesty S Justices of the ce, all sus- [passenger] senger, [singer] 1.20 p.m., down train, which a alight ae 7 els [ls] L tho hemes [homes] te nee Week, io ee - John White, hay and straw dealer, Birmingham. Me gintibs [Gents] an. d abjura [Jura] Gon) [On] ee a oe the oaths of and prevented them clearing the points in the time anti- [anti] to share in the profits as a part ner [ne the ch . James Amos, trimming manufacturer, Coventry, Warwick. refuse to take the said oaths b 'chal [cal] peer S who cipated. [anticipated] Unfortunately at the same time a disabled expenses and charves. [Charles] In 1841 Mr. William Randall, calico printer, Manchester Foe thes [the] come punishable as Popish engine was coming up from Mirfield, and in consequence of on' the poundage system, tu which Mr. Pearvl [Pearl] oo John Frederick Brett, tailor, Gateshead. It is therefor tfull. [full] . the unforeseen delay, they came into violent collision about having viven [given] his consent, and, in the ery [very] 2 - wh erelore [ere lore] respectfully submitted that Cardinal a mile down the line. The shock was tremend [remand] Javing [Having] Ss paar [par] ae Vice- [Venetian] 2 and the Bishop of Birmingham are Hiab [Hob] h as tremendous, but we injunction was obtained trom [from] the Vice sap a Lonpon [London] Corn Marker, Nov. 15.-The quantity of to be summoned to take the said oath ogally [Oakley] are happy to hear that beyond a severe shaking, the pas- [pas vent] vent Pearson from working the mill. An wheat up this morning from Essex and Suffolk is trifling It is also respectfully submitt [submit] db a sengers [singers] escaped without injury. The line however, was to the Lord Uhaneellor, [Chancellor] who reversed sie [Sir] whilst the Kentish stands were almost en tirely [entirely] bare. TEE the law an it spect [sect] a y su au ed by the undersigned, that violently torn up forsome [Somers] distance, and some of the carriages Vice-Chancellor, and direeted [directed] an issue ty 2 condition of the samples having improved, trade opened from Rome, is fully ade. [de] e es made against 'Provisors' more or less injured. The disabled engine was materially York. Sir Frederick Thesizer [These] was brown' free, and the full currency of Mon day was realized [realised] for both papal en y qua c pest and punish the recent damaged. Means were immediately adopted for forward- [Wellington] London by special retainer fur the defence. English and Foreign sorts. Flour and malt moved off The procurin [procure] from Ror [Or] Of 2 Yi hee [her] iit [it] ing the train, and repairing the line, and, we believe that examination of four witnesses, the proeeeling [proceeding ' steadily, and are the turn dearer. Malting barley brought or an archbishopric of oo xt such temporary repairs were completed at a late hour last by consent; the defendant, Mr. Pairoum. [Prom] Ss uite [quite] as much money grinding parcels realized [realised] late rates. than an offence against those statutes. otherwise night, as to permit of the usual traffic being resumed. the workmen's wages, and all the liudiliues [lilies] [C] i ealers [dealers] purchased oats pretty freely, and good corn could If it be urged, in extenuation that a new hi hy i REQUISITION To THE HIGH SHERIFF OF THIS CounTy.- [County.- County] It was now argued, that in ovis [vis] scarcely f ve Secured on as easy terms as at the begin- [begin constituted] 'constituted, and the old one not noticed that fact, Yes It will be Seen, on reference to our advertising columns, poundage arrangements with Mr. Pearet, [Pear] [C] ous [us] ng ofthe [of the] week. In beans and peas little done, but firmer from being an abatement, is an aggravation of such offer ar bat in obedience to a numerous and highly respectable Mr. Fairburn, had been released trom [from] all u yn Cee [See] prices maintained. White wheat, 45s. to 49s.; [S's] red wheat, for it not only invades, but supersedes and j enc. tequisition, [question] Wm. Rutson, [Reason] Esq., high sheriff, has convened bilities. [abilities] This was denied on the the part wt 9 a 44s. Arrivals.-English-Wheat, 2,260; barley, Queen's donative rights, as they are secured b 'the ores the a county meeting, to be held at York Castle, on Friday The evidence was very protracted and VON cos af 'a 720; malt, 6,150; flour, 1,930. Irish and the common law of England. y the statute next, to consider the propriety of presenting an address to patiently hearing the case, his Se ved [bed] sa ta 50. Foreign-Wheat, 2,500; barley, 2,040; The point protected by law is, in both intsa [ants] h her Majesty respecting the late papal bull. e plaintiff, inasmuch as it was peer uel [eel] oats, same, namely, that 'the crown of Enel [ENE] ah bh the THE HUDDERSFIELD NaTURALIST [Naturalist] SOCIETY.-The Mem [Men poundage arrangement had been [C] punk LIVERPOOL Corn MARKET, Nov. 15.-There was but a free at all times that it hath been in no earth ne em bers [bees] of the above society met on Monday evening at the' even if it had, it would not, unless the WH a small attendance at to-day's market, and sales were made but immediately subject to God in all 'this aah are usual place of meeting. The following question was pro- [produce] duly informed of the alteration see to alittle [little] extent ony [on] heat sold slowly, but late prices Tegality [Legality] of the same crown, and to none ath [at] uc mong [among] the posed by the vice-president, viz., whether the principle of affected the present decision. t 2s orien [Orient] upwsee [ups] fully maintained. Flour of good quality dull of sale, but Rich. it c. 25.) See also the statutes of others. (16th [the] germination starts with the radicle of a seed itself, on the certain period Mr. Fairburn had bee US [C un the low descriptions of American in good demand. No Ward III Richard II., Hen IV. 2s of Edward I., Ed- [Application] application of moisture, heat, and oxygen; or whether the paymaster, and, in the absence af pref (nat ) alteration in any other article. English-Wheat, 1,319; VIII, c.12, and the act ed in pene [pen of Henry radicle is stimulated by the change in the farina of the aware of any alteration, he must hold Mr ' oats, 1,390; flour, 618 sacks Foreign-Wheat, 3,343 reign of Queen Eli beth, om an the first year of the cotyledons, from the action of the above agents After responsible party. a # flour, 904 sacks 2,290 barrels. Supremac [Supremacy] ume me] ee rodiel [Brodie] i generally agreed to that the SocizTy [Society] ror [or] CHRISTIAN ins . to vital activity by the chemical jety [jet] intends WV ) niversity [University] Club, Nov. 7, 1850. change fret orodueed [produced] cy OY the chemical Jews.-The above excellent society MOV. Hay PROROGATION OF PaRLIAMENT...From [Parliament...From] the The following ix the 2 TON kh change first ces [ce] on the cotyledons. We believe that anniversary of the Hudderstield [Huddersfield] sok [so] pee of we observe that Parliament is further Brogden quotes It sects the oer [per] oe mich [much] Mr. any communieation [communication] on this question will be very aeceptable. [acceptable] Thomas, M-A., secretary of the Northem [Northern] DBCS [DOCS] rorogued [prorogued] from the 14th i quotes -- It seems that notwithstanding the TsE [SE] VicaR [Vicar] aND [and] PopER [Pope] --On Sun i in, Sunday) 2 chu [cu] vember [member] next. Te dees een, [en] Tuesday, the 17th of Roman Catholic Relief Act (10th [the] of King George 7) Rev eer [er] preached a soto [sot] are aah the ing thre [the] sermons to-morrow (Sum estou [est] ag 6 oes [ors] i i i i re Ss Oe serm [seem] i i y On ta rn pa of ann no that wo frame abe atone ete [tee] ace cn and cari [car] Foerster, [Forster] anh [an] the tata [tat] a Me Oo, a still further prorogation will take place Provisions of the lst [last] of King Geo obi tive [tie] congregation. The sermon evening the annual meeting will be. . rge [re] L., st. 2, c. 13, above bas since been published for general distribution. phical [physical] ball, the Vi chair. P icar [vicar] to take the