Huddersfield Chronicle (16/Feb/1856) - Holmfirth Flood: Monumental Alms Houses

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At the last meeting of the committee, held at the Victoria Hotel, Joshua Moorhouse, Esq. in the chair, the erection of five alms houses, in execution of the beautiful design of Mr. Hill, architect, of Leeds, was ordered to be proceeded with, and the following gentlemen, who were then present, were constituted the building committee, namely, the chairman, (Joshua Moorhouse, Esq.,) the treasurer, (James Charlesworth. Esq.,) Messrs. George Hinchliff, J.H. Farrar, C.S. Floyd, J.E. Morehouse, Joshua Littlewood, John Harpin, and Samuel Wimpenny, with power to add to their number. A resolution was also unanimously passed that the foundation stone of the Almshouses should be laid by the body of Freemasons, with due masonic honours; and Mr. Floyd, at the request of the committee, undertook to communicate with the Right Hon. the Earl of Mexborough, the P.G.M. of West Yorkshire; and Charles Lee, Esq., the D.P.G.M., on the subject, with a view to a suitable day being fixed early in the spring. The next subject under consideration was the propriety of creating a fund for the permanent endowment of the Almshouses; and various modes were suggested and discussed. The funds already in hand and promised were estimated to be no more than sufficient to complete the building; and therefore it is necessary to provide a separate and distinct fund for the endowment, in order that each inmate may receive a small weekly allowance. To effect this object about £1,000 was considered necessary to be raised and invested. On the motion of Mr. Floyd, seconded by Mr. Farrar, a resolution was unanimously earned that a bazaar should be held in the autumn of the present year (the month of September being named) to carry out the object. Messrs. John Harpin, Geo. H. Hinchliff, Richard Jessop, and Robert R. Floyd were appointed secretaries, after which the meeting adjourned. Yesterday a large and influential meeting of the ladies of Holmfirth and its vicinity was held in the National School, convened by the secretaries pursuant to the resolutions of the Almshouses Committee, to take into consideration the best means of promoting a bazaar. Between thirty and forty ladies were present. Mrs. Leach was voted to the chair, and the following resolutions were passed:—

  1. That a bazaar, in aid of the permanent endowment of the almshouses, shall be held in the Town Hall, Holmfirth, on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the 17th, 18th, and 19th days of September, 1856. Moved by Mrs. Fearon; seconded by Mrs. Walton.
  2. That a committee be appointed to make the necessary arrangements, consisting of the following ladies:— Mrs. Leech, Mrs. Walton, Mrs. Fearon, Mrs. Kendall, Mrs. Towne, Mrs. Joshua Charlesworth, Mrs. Joshua Moorhouse, Mrs. Gartside, Mrs. Hinchliff, Mrs. Floyd, Mrs. Dyson, Mrs. Booth, Mrs. Nelson, Mrs. Joseph Mellor, Mrs. J.T. Taylor, Miss Stephenson, Miss Harpin, Miss Mellor, Miss Lockwood, Miss Woodhead, Miss A. Sykes, and Miss Beardsell, with power to add to their number. Moved by Mrs. Hinchliff; seconded by Mrs. Floyd.
  3. That Mrs Leech be appointed president of the committee. Moved by Mrs. Dyson; seconded by Mrs. J.T. Taylor.
  4. That Mrs. James Charlesworth be appointed treasurer. Moved by Mrs. Booth; seconded by Mrs. Nelson.
  5. That Miss Gartside, Miss E. Hinchliff; Miss Beeley, and Miss Floyd, appointed secretaries. Moved by Mrs. Farrar; seconded by Miss Lockwood.
  6. That the first meeting of the committee be held in the National School, on Friday next, the 22md instant, at half-past two o’clock in the afternoon. Moved by Mrs. Joseph Mellor; seconded by a Miss A. Sykes.

It only needs to be added that the greatest spirit and unanimity prevailed at the meeting, and there can be no doubt of the success of the undertaking.