Huddersfield Chronicle (15/Sep/1866) - Netherton: The Railway

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The Railway.

Many parties have expressed their conviction that the new line of railway between Huddersfield and Meltham would be opened during the present year. This is found to be impossible, as the numerous unforeseen difficulties met with by the contractors render it almost certain that the undertaking cannot be completed till far into the spring of next year. The contractors are pushing forward the works with all possible speed; night and day men have for some time past been employed in both the Netherton and Butternab tunnels, and the works are progressing satisfactorily. The masonry in the latter tunnel is nearly completed, the men being now engaged on the last, or entrance "heading" of the tunnel. The former (Netherton) tunnel will be some time ere it is driven through, there being between thirty and forty yards of rock to pierce before the headings are completed, The permanent way from Meltham to Netherton tunnel is laid, the warehouses erected, and the building of the stations are being proceeded with. It seems — and it has been matter of remark — a great oversight has been made in planning the Netherton station. If built on its present site it will necessitate the confinement of a number of the carriages in the tunnel when the train comes to a stand. This could easily be avoided : there being ample room to erect a station and prevent the annoyance.

Huddersfield Chronicle (15/Sep/1866) - Netherton: The Railway


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