Huddersfield Chronicle (15/Jun/1850) - page 4

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4 -A CARD. ZRA [RA] PRIESTLEY, Avctionger, [Auctioneer] APPRAISER, 4 and GENERAL Accountant, 123, Upperhead Row, uddersfield. [Huddersfield] AGENT for the Patent and Desicxs [Discs] Orrice, [Price] 4, Trafalgar Square, London. . PRoTECTION [Protection] for INVENTIONS in the United Kingdom and all Foreign Countries. NEW IRONMONGERY ESTABLISHMENT, 2, KING-STREET. . WOMERSLEY begs to inform the Public od that he keeps constantly on hand a very Choice Selettion [Selection] of GENERAL and FURNISHING IRONMON- [IRON- IRONMONGERY] GERY [GREY] GOODS, of a first-rate quality and design; and on inspection, will be found to contain some of the Cheapest Articles in the Trade Stock comprises STOVE GRATES, RANGES, TENDERS, FIRE IRONS, &c., suited for every kind of réom [room] and dwelling; Improved Cooking Ranges, &c. Best Japanned TEA TRAYS, TEA COFFEE POTS, rns, [ns] Kettles, Dish Covers, Coal Vases, Hat and Umbrella Stands, Superior Cutlery, Door Mats, &c. Ke. - The Lutest [Latest] Improved Shower, Hip, Spunging, [Spinning] and other LATHS, at very reduced prices-with every other deserip- [desire- desertion] of Birmingham and Sheffield Goods in the Trade. Also, the Improved Patent WEIGHING MACHINES, f a very superior quality, adapted for any situation, or any description of goods. icll-Hanging, [ill-Hanging] and all kinds of Smith's Work, executed with the greatest care and punctuality. To Messiours [Messieurs] Epwarp [Warp] Lake Hesp and Tuomas [Thomas] Hupson [Hudson] Barrys, [Barry] Clerks to the Trustees or Commissioners of the . Wakefield and Austerlands [Islands] Turnpike Road. y E, whose Names are hereunto subseribed, [subscribed] i being Trustees or Commissioners, named and aufhorised [authorised] in and by, or duly appointed and authorised under and by virtue of an Act of Parliament made and passed in the second year of the reign of his late Majesty King William the Feurth, [Further] intituled [entitled] An Act for main- [maintaining] taining [training] the Bead from Wakefield to Austeriands, [Austrian] in the Weat [West] Riding of the County of York, do hereby order, authorise, and desire you to CONVENE a SPECIAL MEETING of the TRUSTEES or COMMISSIONERS of the said RoaD, [Road] to be holden [Holden] at the house of Mr. Samuel Brad- [Bradley] les, [le] the Pack Horse in Huddersfield, in the County of York, on WEDNESDAY, the Third day of July next, at Twelve o'clock at Noon, to proceed in and carry the said Act into further execution, and especially to order and direct that there be erected and fixed a Side Bar or Chain, in the Township and Parish of Huddersfield afore- [aforesaid] said, along the North side of the said Turnpike Road, immediately to the East of the Longreyd [Longroyd] Bridge Toll-Bar vad [ad] Tull-House, on the said Turnpike Road, and across the South end of a certain Occupation Road or- [away] way, ex- [extending] tonding [tending] northwardly [northward] from and out of the said Turnpike Road, at the East end of the said Toll-House. Dated the Eleventh day of June, 1850. . GEO. CROSLAND. JOSEPH KAYE. THOS. VARLEY. In pursuance of the above Order and Requisition, we do hereby Convene a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING of TRUSTEFS [TRUSTEES] or COMMISSIONERS of the said TURNPIKE Roab, [Boar] t be holden [Holden] at the time and place and for the several pur- [our- purpose gin] posegin [pose gin] the above Order and Requisition stated. Ek. L. HESP, T. H. BATTYE, Clerks to the said Trustees, Iiuddersfield, [Huddersfield] 11th June, 1850. CHEAP TRIPS ARRANGED FOR JUNE. TO YORK AND SCARBRO'. N Monpay, [Monday] 17th June, 1850.-To [W.-To] leave the Normanton Station at Half-past Nine o'clock in tho 1aorning [morning] precisely, Returning Jrom [From] Yerk [York] the same Evening at 6 45, And Scarbro' on Wednesday Afternoon at 4 30. in time for the Trains South and Weat. [West] FARES FROM NORMANTON. 3s. Od., 2s. 64., 1s. 10d. Gs. Od., 5s. Od., 4s. Od. Children under 12 years of age half-price. The Wakefield Splendid Brass Band will accompany oe this Trip. TO BIRMINGHAM AND BRISTOL. On 25th June, 1850.-To [W.-To] leave Normanton Station at Half-past Nine o'clock in the morning precisely, returning on Saturday, 29th June, From Bristol at 830 a.m., Birmingham at 2.0 [2] p.m. TO BIRMINGHAM AND BACK. 15s. Od. -lls. [ll] 0d. 8, 6a. From, Normanton 12s. 64. 9s. 6d. 7s. 6d, From Sheffield.... 11s. 0d. &s. 6d. 7s. Od. FARES TO BRISTOL AND BACK. 20s. Od. lds. [ls] 6d. 1s. 6d. From. Normanton... 17s. 6d. 13s. 0d. 10s. Od. Children under 12 years of age Half-price. The Train leaving Manchester at 6 a.m., calling at 5 werby Derby] Bridge at 7 38, Halifax at 7 35, Elland at 7 50, J at 7 58, Huddersfield at 3, Mirfield at 8 13, i cwshury [Shrewsbury] at 8 26, Horbury at 8 35, and Wakefield at 8 45, reeches [reaches] Normanton at 9 o'clock. or further particulars see posting bills or apply at the ations [nations] or by letter, prepaid, enclosing stamp for reply, Mr. JOHN CUTTLE, Accountant, Wakefield. BANKRUPT'S STOCK. TO PRINTERS, STATIONERS, AND OTHERS. NOTICE. TEXHE [TEX] whole of the PRINTING MATERIALS, 4. STOCK-IN-TRADE, HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, ord EFFECTS, late the property of G. N. Bon [On] Printer, a&c.y Market-place, Huddersfield, a Bankrupt, will be SOLD infAUCTION, [infection] about the latter end of this month, parti- [part- parties] 'Mars of which will appear in next week's Chronicle. B, THORNTON, AvcTIONEEFR, [avocations] 33, New-street, Huddersfield. AUCTION SALES, BY MR. JOHN CARTER. g AN mahogany Sofa, painted Tudor . and French Bedsteads, Camp Bedstead, Feather and Flock Beds, Mattresses, beautiful mahogany Chests of Drawers, mahogany Easy Chair, Plate Chimney Glass, large Swing Glass, Fender and Fire Irons, set of Sitting- [Sitting] rocm [room] Chairs (in Hair Seating), handsome Bed-room Chairs, i-ccking [i-Cocking] Chair, Two valuable Oil Paintings (in massive j Dressing-Tables and Wash-Stands, Hearth Rug, ( Crib, Ke., ke. On WEDNESDAY next, June 19th, [the] 1850, at the Dwelling Jicuse [Excuse] lately occupied by Miss Horsfall, in St. Pavt's- [Pat's] HUDDERSFIELD, at Eleven o'clock in the Forenoon prompt. N B.-The HOUSE to be LET, apply to the Auctioneer. --- - (AT the Aucrion [Auction] Mart, top of RaMSDEN-STREET, [Ramsden-STREET] on SATURDAY (THIS DAY, June 15th, at Six o'clock in the Evening, Six Picces [Pieces] of Superfine BLOAD [BLOOD] CLOTH, ot different Colours, in lengths to suit purchasers.-Alse, [purchasers.-Ale] quantity of SHEFFIELD GOODS. No Reserve. JOHN CARTER, Auctioneer. SUPERIOR YOUNG FRESH HORSES, GEARING, CARTS, &c., &e. R. CARR has received instructions from Messrs. Jones and Williams, Contractors, to SELL ty AUCTION, the whole of their valuable STUD of HOKSES, [HOUSES] on Tutrspay, [Tortures] the 27th day of June, 1850, in the New Inn YARD, Bradford, consisting of TWENTY HORSES-colours brown, bay, black, and grey; most of them young, fresh, short-legged, useful Horses; they have been purchased regardless of expense, and are all good workers. Gearing for Thirty Horses, in very zood [good] condition, and consists of Lead and Shaft Gear- [Gearing] ing. Four very good Carts; One broad-wheeled Cart, ;atent [tent] arms; One common ditto; One narrow-wheeled, patent arms; aud [and] One common ditto; also a very neat Market Cart. The above are all the genuine property of Messrs. Jones 1d Williams, contractors, who have finished their con- [con] i-ect, [i-act, -ect] and will be Sold without reserve. The whole of the Stock may be seen at any time before the Sale, at the Stables, near the Wike Tunnel; and fur- [further] ther [the] particulars had at Mr. Carr's Office, Tyrrel-street, [Tyre-street] Bradford. - Sale to commence at One o'clock in the afternoon, on security of the THH [THE] 'HUDDERSFIELD CHRONICLE, SATURDAY, JUNE 15, 1880. LONDON COLONIAL WOOL SALES. . A T the Hart of Commerce, THREADNEEDLE- [Threatened] ve STREET, on TuEsDAY, [Tuesday] 18th, [the] TuuRspay, [Tuesday] 20th, [the] SaTuRDAY, [Saturday] 22nd, and THURSDAY, 27th June; and MoN- [On- Monday] pay, Ist, [Its] THuRsDaY, [Thursday] 4th, MonpDay, [Monday] 8th, and SaTURDaY, [Saturday] 13th July, 1850; , 12,750 Bales AUSTRALIAN, Van DIEMEN's LAND, PoRT [Port] PHILLIP, SOUTH AUSTRALIAN, and CaPE [Cape] WooLs. [Wool] Also, on.THURSDAY, 27th June, 250 Bales Ecyprian, [Expiring] Mocapore, [Compare] and other Woo1s; [Woods] and 50f [f] ,, SHANGHAI Woot. [Wood] Cytalogues [Catalogues] and further particulars, in due time, by THOMAS SOUTHEY SON, Brokers, 23, Coleman-street. FREEHOLD FARM AT LONGWOOD, AND GAS , &e. be SOLD by AUCTION by Mr. WILLIAM at Birs. [Bird] Hanson's, the New INN, ELLAND, on MonDay, [Monday] the 17th 1850, at Seven o'clock in the evening. Lot 1.-A MESSUAGE [MESSAGE] or FARM HOUSE, situate at Haigh House, in the township of Longwood and parish of Huddersficld, [Huddersfield] with the Barn, Cew [Ce] Heuse, [House] and other Farm Buildings, eeeupied [occupied] by Samuel Bailey. Also, the Several Closes of LAN D belonging thereto, and occupied therewith, and a parcel of WOOD LAND contiguous thereto, and consisting of the following particulars and quantities, viz. - a [C] p. House Barn, Si iB Lower Of Croft 1 3 38 Great Ing 21 18 Little Ing ...... 1 31 The Tongue 12 1 Hollin Hey Clough, (Wood Land)...... 10 2 Lower Hey L 1 84 9 3 2 of the Elland-cum-Greetland [Elland-cum-Greenland] Gas Company. For fyrther [further] information apply to Mr. JamES [James] HeEren, [Here] of the WAst [Was] Riding Union Banking Company, Huddersfield ; Mr. Zkomas [Tomas] aly, [al] Rastrick.; or Mr. HIGHAM, Solicitor, Brighouse. VALUABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY AT PADDOCK. T be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LAN-. CASTER, at the Gtorce [Grocer] Hoten, [Hotel] HuUDDERSFIEL [Huddersfield] on WEDNESDAY, the 19th day of June, 1850, at Six in the Evening (subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced), All that Excellent Newly-erected MESSUAGE [MESSAGE] or DWELLING HOUSE, with the Cloth Warehouse, Press Shop, and other Mercantile Premises adjoining, with the Garden, Stable, Carriage House, and other requisite Out- [Offices] offices, spacious Yard and Appurtenances, situate in Mill- [Millgate] gate, at Paddock, near Huddersfield, at present in the possession of Mr. John Armitage, cloth merchant. And ako [oak] ail that Spacious STONE BUILDING near thereto, well calculated and intended for a Finishing MILL or FACTORY, four stories high, besides good Atties, [Ties] with STEAM ENGINE, sixteen-horse power, Shafting and going Gear, and all other the privileges and appurtenances 'attached thereto, and late in the possession of the said John Armitage, and containing altogether an area of 1,566 square yards. The whele [while] of the Premises aro of recent erection, most substantially built, and finished regardless of expense, in complete repair, well supplied with good water, and replete with fixtures, possess a south frontage, and are well arranged for carrying on a large Manufacturing or Mercan- [American- Mercantile] 'tile Business, only one mile from the market town of. Fiuddersfield, [Huddersfield] and are leasehold under the Trustees of Sir 'John William Ramsden, Baronet, at a moderate ground rent. A considerable us pot of the Purchase-money may remain remises, [premises] if required. The Yremises [Premises] may be viewed, a plan inspected, and furthey [further] information had of the Auctioner; [Auctioneer] or of Mr. LAYCOCK, King-street, Huddersficld. [Huddersfield] VALUABLE BUILDING GROUND AT MILL, NEAR HOLMFIRTH. - O be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. GEORGE TINKER, at the NEw [New] Inn, HIncHLir [Hinchliff] on WEDNESDAY next, June the 19th, [the] at Six o'clock in the evening, subject to such conditions as will be then pro- [produced] duced, [duce] the hereinafter described PREMISES, BUILDING SITES, LAND or GROUND, in the following or such 'other Lots as may 'be ed upon ai the time of Sale [Sale] Lot 1.-AH that BUILDING, formerly used as a Dye- [Dyehouse] house, with the GROUND adjoining thereto and occupied therewith, situate at Hinchliff Mill, and divided on the north-east side thereof from the property of Mr. Joshua Barber, by the beck flowing from Stubbin into the River Holme, and bounded on the south-east by the said River Holme, en the north-west by the highway, and on the south-west by property belonging to Mr. John Holling- [Hollingworth] worth, and containing by admeasurement, [ad measurement] including the Site of the Building, 130 square yards. Lot 2.-All that eligible Plot of BUILDING GROUND, situate at Hinchliff Mill, being part of a field called Long Bank, but now occupied as a garden, and bounded on the north-east by buildings belonging to Mr. John Holling- [Hollingworth] worth, south-east by the River Holme, north-west by the Huddersfield and Woodhead Turnpike Road, and south-west by Lot 3, witha [with] frontage to the turnpike, as now staked out, of 163 yards, and containiag [containing] by admea- [Adam- ad measurement] surement [measurement] 301 square yards. Lot 3. -All that Plot of LAND, situate on the south- [southwest] west of Lot 2, with a frontage to the said turnpike of 11 yards, and containing 215 square yards, Lot 4.-On the south-west of Lot 3, with a frontage of 11 yards, and containing 230 square yards. Lot 5.-On the south-west of Lot 4, with a frontage of 12 yards, and containing 266 square yards. Lot 6.-On the south-west ot Lot 5, with a frontage of 163 yards, and containing 344 square yards. , Lot 7.-On the south-west of Lot 6, with a frontage of 163 yards, and containing 363 square yards. t 8.-A mest [meat] valuable Plot of BUILDING GROUND, divided from Lot 7 by a road sct [act] out for the use of the Lots, and which leads from the turnpike to a never failing spring of water on the side of the River Holme, which Lot has a frontage to the turnpike of 164 yards, and containing 384 square yards. - Lot 9.-On the south-west of Lot 8, with a frontage of 164 yards, and containing 384 square yards. ; t 10.-On the south-west of Lot 9, with a frontage of 163 yards, and containing 370 square yards. t11.-All [t.-All] that Plot of LAND or GROUND on the south-west of Lot 10, and extending on the south-east sides of Lots 12, 18, 14, 15, to the end of Lot 16, with a frontage to othe [the] turnpike of 17 yards, and containing 1,112 square Lot 12.-On the north-west of Lot 11, with a frontage of 183 yards, and containing 127 square yards. fot [for] 13.-On the south-west of Lot 12, and north-west of Lot i1, with a frontage of 183 yards, and containing 119 square yards, Lot 14.-On the south-west of Lot 13, and north-west of Lot 11, with a frontage of 184 yards, and containing 111 square yards. Lot 15.-On the south-west of Lot 14, and north-west of Lot 11, with a frontage of 183 yards, and containing 111 square yards. Lot 16.- All that Piece or Parcel of LAND or GROUND, used as a place for drying warps, bounded eastward by the River Holme, westward by property belonging to Mr. John Cuttell, northward by Lots 11 and 15, north-west by the turnpike road, southward by land belonging to Mr, Benjamin Green, and containing by admeasurement [ad measurement] 1,800 square yards, be the same more or less. The above Property is Copyhold of the Manor of Wake- [Wakefield] field, compounded for, and the fines payable in respect thereof small and certain. Lots 1, 11, and 16, are eligible for purposes requiring steam power; and the other Lots are sites for commodious and respectable Dwelling-Houses, situate adjoining to the Huddersfield and Woodhead Turnpike Road and the River Hoime,-abound [Home,-abound] in excellent and never failing springs of water, in the centre of a prosperous and thriving manufac- [manufacture- manufactory] from Huddersficld. [Huddersfield] These, with other advantages com- [combined] bined, [lined] render the sites well deserving the attention of builders, capitalists, and tradesmen. A Plan of the Property, as set out in Lots, may be seen at the place of Sale; and further particulars had of the Auftioncer [Auctioneer Mr. JosHua [Joshua] LItTLewoop, [Little] Surveyor, Dam- [Damages] hgase, [Hughes] near Holmfirth; or at the Office of . . Mr. C. TURNER, Pod Solicitor, Huddersfield. Holmfirth, June 7, 1850. Lot 2.-Fifteem [2.-Fifteen] Shares of 10 the Capital Stock turing [during] district. about one miic [mic] from Holmfirth and seven MIRFIELD, HORTON, LIVERSEDGE, AND BRIGHOUSE. - SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD ESTATES AND -. ADVOWSON, [ADVISING] IN LOTS. T be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. JOHN LANCASTER (subject to conditions to be produced at each sale), The xDvOWsoN [advising] of the PARISH CHURCH of MIRFIELD, consisting of Glebe Land in Mirfield and Cartworth,. and cértain [certain] small payments in lieu of Vicarial [Vicarage] Tithes. Also, several DWE [WE] ' LAND, and plots of eligible BUILDING GROUND in Mirfield, Liversedge, and Brighouse, and the Wood-called Whitley Wood, in Hopton. . The Property at.MIRFIELD consists of about 180 Acres, divided in 65 Lots, presenting most desirable sites for resi- [rest- residences] dences [fences] and commercial purposes. WaitLey [Whitley] Woop [Wool] contains 52a. [a] 2r. Ip., or thereabouts. and will be offeredin [offered in] one Lot. The Estates at Mirtield [Mirfield] and Hopton will be offered for sale, at the BLack [Black] BuLL, [Bill] MIRFIELD, on WEDNESDAY, the 26th June instant, at Two o'clock in the afternoon. The Property at LFVERSEDGE [LIVERSEDGE] eonsists [consists] of Dwelling Houses, Closes of Land, and plots of Building Ground, centaining [containing] about 40 aeres, [acres] diviticd [divided] into Twelve Lots. The Property at BriGHOUS [Brighouse consists ef fhe [he] Bleck [Black] Swan Inn, with Outbuildings, and several Closes of Land, and plots of Building-Ground, containing about 13 acres, di- [divided] vided [sided] into Fifteen Lots, suitable for mill sites and other nu P The Sale of the Liversedge and Brighouse Estates will take place at the BLack [Black] Swan INN, BRIGHOUSE, on THuRsDAY, [Thursday] the 27th June instant, at Three o'clock in the a parti [part] th Plans, showing the Estates escriptive [descriptive] iculars, [particulars] wi' ans, showing the Es as divided into Lots for Sale, may be had fourtecn [fourteen] days prior to the Sale, ef Mr. Lancaster, Huddersfield, the Auc- [Au- Auctioneer] tioncer; [erection] at the Black Bull Inn, Mirfield; the Black Swan inn, Brighouse; of Mr. Henry Holt, 'Land Agent, Wake- [Wakefield] field; or of Messrs. SCHOLEY and MARSDEN Solicitors, Wt by whofh [who] all necessary information will be en. akefield, [Wakefield] 5th Jaze, [Jane] 1850. VALUABGE [VALUABLE] ESTATE, AT MILNSBRIDGE. O be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. LAN- [LANCASTER] CASTER, at the house of Mr. John Armitage, the WarrREN [Warren] Howse Inn, Milnsbridge, in the County of York, on Monpay, [Monday] the Ist [Its] day of July, 1850, at Six o'clock in the evening, subject to such conditions as will be then and there produced, All that moiety or. equal undivided half part or share (the whole into two equal parts or shares being divided, or considered as divided) of and in all that MESSUAGE [MESSAGE] or DYEHOUSE, now an INN or PUBLIC-HOUSE, known by the name of the Armitage Arms, situate at Milnsbridge, in Linthwaite, in the Parish of Almondbury, in the County of York, together with the Barn, Stablo, [Stable] and Mistal [Mistral] to the same belonging, and new in the occupa- [occupy- occupation] tion [ion] of Thomas Saville. Also of and in all these Five COTTAGES or DYE- [Dye houses] HOUSES, situate at Milnsbridge aforesaid, now in the several occupations of John Collier, Henry Beaumont, John Thorpe, Solomon Collier, and William Kaye, their assigns or undertenants. [under tenants] And also of and in all those Four CLOSES or PAR- [PARCELS] CELS [CELLS] of LAND, situate at Milnsbridge aforesaid, called or commonly known by the several names of the Little Croft, the Bridge Croft, the Stone Yard, and the Elm Ing, containing tegether, [together] with the site of the buildings, 5a. Or. 17p. [p] (more or less), and now in the occupation of Joseph Armitage, Esq., and Thomas Saville, their assigns or undertenants. [under tenants] The above Premises are Freehold of inheritance. The Buildings are in good repair and well tenanted. The Land is in a high state of cultivation, and well watered; and being situate adjoining the highway leading from Hudders- [Udders- Huddersfield] ficld [field] to Golcar, is available as eligible Building Ground. Further particulars may be had, on application to Mr. LANcasTER, [Lancaster] the Auctioneer; Mr. Hatt, [That] of Milnsbridge, (and 3 his Offices, in King-street, Huddersfield) or at the Officgs [Offices] of Mr. C. S. FLOYD, Solicitor, Huddersfield and Holmfirth. uddersfield, [Huddersfield] 12th June, 1850. ELIGIBLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY IN BRIGHOUSE AND RASTRICK, - ROAD STOCK, &c. T be SOLD by AUCTION, by Mr. W. MOOBE, [MOORE] at the. house of Mr. Thomas Scott, the - HOTEL, in BRIGHOUSE, on WEDNESDAY, the 19th day of June, 1850,- [W] at Seven in the Evening, the following eligible PROPERTY, .namely - dN BRIGHOUSE. Lot 1.-A Plot of BUILDING LAND, formerly part of a Close, called the Daisy Croft (being on the south-western extremity thereof), bounded on the east by other parts of the said Close, west by an occupation road, north by the centre of a new street, and south by the Leeds and Elland turnpike road, to which there is a frontage of 46 feet; and the same contains, by admeasurement, [ad measurement] 610 square yards, more or less, IN RASTRICEK. [RASTRICK] Lot 2.-Four substantial COTTAGES, situate at Raw- [Raw hill] hill, near the Lower George Inn, adjoining the Leeds and Elland turnpike road, and occupied by John Schofield, Ann Thornton, Philip Shaw, and Samuel Buckley. Lot 3.-A Plot or Piece of BUILDING GROUND, now used as a garden, situate at the east end of the last-men- [mentioned] tioned [toned] Cottages, with the Outbuildings, now or lately occu- [occur- occupied] pied as a Stable, having a frontage to the turnpike road of eleven yards, or thereabouts, and containing 132 square yards, more or less. Lot 4.-A Substantial and Commodious FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, [MESSAGE] situate at Spout, in Rastrick, formerly erected by Mr. Thomas Fryer, and oceupied [occupied] by him up to his death, but now by Mz. Fryer, his widow, together with the Garden Ground, Outbuildings, and Appurtenances belonging thereto. . And also Two COTTAGES or DWELLING-HOUSES, near the said Messuage, [Message] together with the Outbuildings and Appurtenances thereto belonging, and now occupied by John Helm and John Dickinson. N.B.-The last-mentioned Lot is supplied by a never failing spring of excellent water. .-. Lot 5.-Six substantial FREEHOLD COTTAGES or DWELLING-HOUSES, with the Appurtenances, situate at the bottom of Ogden Lane, in Rastrick, occupied by Thomas Singleton, John Holroyd, John Brearly, Joseph Vickerman, and others. Lot 6.-The PRINCIPAL SUMS of 100 and 67 STOCK, secured on the Tolls of the Bradford and Hud- [HUD- Huddersfield] dersfield [Huddersfield] twnpike [turnpike] road, upon which interest at 5 per centum [cent] per annum has been punctually paid for many years past, For further information, apply to Mr. J. of the West Riding Union Banking Company, Huddersfield ; Mr. Tyé6mas [Teams] DEABNALY, [DEARNALY] Rastrick; or Mr. HIGHAM, Solicitor, Brighouse. 29th May, 1850... RapPip [Rap pip] Writinc.-Mr. [Writing.-Mr] Goodmane, [Woodman] the talented inventor and teacher of the improved method of writing, has de- [deservedly] servedly [served] received from the metropolitan and provincial papers the highest encomiums for the wonderful rapidity with which his pupils become excellent penmen. The mer- [Mr- mercantile] cantile [Castile] style is free, bold, and beautiful the ladies' hand neat and elegant. e would recommend our readers who wish to acquire a thorough knowledge of this useful art to place themselves at once under the instructions of Mr. Goodmane. [Woodman] His address will be seen in another column of this day's paper. CLERKSHIP TO THE BRADFORD BoarD [Board] OF GUARDIANS. -No less than five gehtlemen [gentlemen] have come forward to supply the official vacancy occasioned by the decease of Mr. Was. staff. They are Mr. Morris, Mr. Darlington, Mr. Lees, Mr Terry, and Mr. Thornton. The clection [election] will not take place till the 21st, and. no doubt the contest will be 2 close one. Besides the 16 elected guardians, there are 5 magia- [Maria- magistrates] trates [rates] entitled to vote, viz., Mr. Kay, Mr. Rand, Mr. Pol- [Pollard] lard, Mr. Walker, and Mr. Haris... [Harris] . FREEHOLD LanpD [Land] MovemEnt.-The [Movement.-The] subjoined letter on the subject of this movement has been addressed by the hon. member for the West Riding to Mr. Benjamin Bower, of Huddersfield.- London, 6th June, 18 0.-Dear sir,- [sir] I am much obliged by your letter giving mo the details of your operations for the Building Society and the Freehold Land Society. I look with great interest and satisfaction upon any efforts made to induce the mass of the people to economise and become owners of proporty. [property] It is by such a process alone they can, os a elevate themselves iti [it] the social scale. Their gain is.two-fold they not only strengthen their independence, but by self-denjal [self-denial] ahd [had] improved moral habits, they secure the respect which is always felt towards, men of virtuous and orderly lives. Yow cannot therefore render a greater servicé [service] to the work- [work] i ple [le] than in teaching them to save their money by cghtrolling [controlling] the desires, and putting a curb upon their am, sir, yours truly, RicaarD [Richard] CoBOEN.-Mr. [Cobden.-Mr] wer, [we] Rs LING-HOUSES, Closes of TO OUR READERS. Tuovan [Divan] the Chronicle has only this day completed its eleventh publication, we feel bound to offer our thanks to those numerous frieads [friends] who have in the outset honoured us with their patronage either as Advertisers or as Subscribers. The success which has attended our exertions ing to hand faveurable [favourable] to our undertaking,- [undertaking] together with the growing importance of the district of which Huddersfield is the centre,- [centre] and which we aspire to represent fully and efficiently,-has induced us to decide upon THE ENLARGEMENT OF THE CHRONICLE. We liave [have] now the pleasure ef announcing to our numerous Readers that on and after SatuRDAY, [Saturday] the 6th of Juty [July] next, the Chronicle will be ENLARGED TO THE FULL SIZE LOWED BY LAW, and thus be equal in point of size to the Man- [Manchester] chester Guardian, Leeds Mercury, London Times, or any of the leading Daily or Weekly News- [Newspapers] papers. The price of the Chronicle, as hitherto, will be fourpence halfpenny. THE CHRONICLE, JUNE 15, 1850. AL- IMPORTANT TO THE HOLDERS OF TENANT-AT-WILL PROPERTY ON THE RAMSDEN ESTATES. THe [The] serious attention of the holders of Tenant-at- [twill] Will property on the Ramsden Estates is impera- [impure- imperatively] tively [lively] needed to a matter in connection with the ground-rental they have to pay, which materially affects their position. The peculiar nature of their holding is one which for a time bafiles [bales] all the efforts of strangers to com- [comprehend] prehend-or [present-or -or] and we believe that lawyers at a distance have been not alittle [little] puzzled to make it out. The first feeling is one of incredulity-a sitive [stove] want of the power to believe that men of Posiness [Possession] and prudence would be so foolish as to expend large sums in the erection of dwellings on the ground of another person, and which they only hold on a mere tenancy-at-will, liable at any time to have the ground-rent increased to any amount, and liable also to be ejected at the will of the real owner-when the product of years of frugality and providence would be swept away into the lap of the ejector. We say the first feeling, when this actual state of things is first brought to the know- [knowledge] ledge of a stranger to Huddersfield law, is not an unwillingness to believe the almost incredible fact, but an almost positive persuasion that the thing is impossible. And this puzzle is not at all solved, the more especially to lawyers, when the information is superadded [super added] that the property thus held is regularly bequeathed, sold, mortgaged, and transferred, as though the title was as complete and as valid as Parliament itself could make it. These last processes can hardly be anderstood [understood] by those who are not on the spot, to see with their own eyes the working of the system. 'Yet so the system actually is. Parties do lay out large sums of money on property to which they have no better title than the mere will of the owner, and subject to the risks, consequences, and conditions we have above described and this pro- [property] perty [petty] so held, is regularly bequeathed, sold, mort- [more- mortgaged] gaged [aged] or pledged; and has hitherto as regularly descended, or been transferred, or rendered avail- [available] able as security. Whence has arisen this anomolous-this [animals-this] almost incredible state of things From an universal and perfect feeling of confidence in the INTEGRITY and HONOUR of the ground landlord; from a perfect conviction that his word is his bond from the fact that experience hitherto has proved it to be so; from the fact, that when once a plot of land has been thus let at will to a party, he has been left in undisputed possession of his plot, so long as he paid the ground-rent agreed upon from the fact also that such ground-rent has never been raised upon him-never added to and from the fact like- [likewise] wise, that whenever, for the general improvement of the estate, a particular tenant-at-will property has been required, the full value of it has been given to the holder, as compensation for his loss. It must be clear, however, to even the most common apprehension, that anything calculated to disturb this feeling of confidence-to induce doubts 2s to the integrity and honour of the ground-land- [landlord] lord, is also caleulated [calculated] to produce most lamentable results on the value of the property so held. Once that feeling which is now the only title-the only security once that feeling of which may be aptly termed suspicion asleep, gives way- [wand] and away also goes the property itself Dismay and confusion will take the place of fancied se- [security] curity [purity] the prosperity of the town will be mate- [materially] rially [really] affected, if not annihilated and, as a conse- [cone- consequence] quence, [Queen] the value of the Ramsden estates will be seriously reduced. Another point is equally clear. There are three parties deeply interested in the maintenance of this feeling of confidence-in the keeping of sus- [suspicion] picion [pinion] continually asleep. Those parties are, first the tenant-at-will holders themselves for the safety and existence of their hard-earned savings and possessions are involved second, the owner and Trustees of the Ramsden estates for the rent-roll is otherwise in danger of considerable diminution and, third, the general publie [public] whose interests are bound up with the continued and increasing pros- [prosperity] perity [purity] of the district. . It is no less clear that it is manifestly the duty of each of these three parties to refrain from every act that could by possibility tend to weaken the confidence so essential to the well-being of each and all. - A strong fear that an innovation upon, and a complete departure from, an old and ancient cus- [us- custom] tom in connection with this main custom of tenant-at-will holding, will have this tendency if not the actual result, induces us to write as we do on the present occasion. That innovation we will now briefly describe. It has been customary for parties selling, or bor- [or- borrowing] rowing money upon, tenant-at-will property, to have the name of the purchaser inscribed upon the rent-roll of the owner of the soil, in the stead of the holder so disposing of it; or to have the name of the lender of money inscribed along urith [Frith] that of the holder the one insctiption [inspection] constituting a trans- [transfer] fer, and the other (in fact) a mortgage. When the money thus secured has been paid off, the name ot the lender has been erased, and the holder's left to stand on the rent-roll alone. - For each of these inscriptions and erasures,- [erasures] transfers, mortgages, and releases,-it has also been customary for now more than sixty years, to charge a fee of 2s. 6 1. 3 ah . 2 innovation upon this cus'om [us'om] ia now attempted hitherto, and the many testimonials te advance, so long as they conkj [con] Since last April Rent-day, transfer, or to secure a lende [lend] are. fee is required but that the amount be added to the yearly Rent, The rate Oe ta ad ont in each is security and thus, that which certain charge, becomes now a pnt [ont] rent-a tax of no small amount eR Let us illustrate the point. lance tevant-at-will [tenant-at-will] property has been belongs unto, working men, y ;,. their savings in money and builtin... OW in. the means to erect residences fir Ubs [Us] oftentimes for others of their ow, P DB clas, [class] 2 ly the money is procured out of these 32 purpose of these erections, lope bey, is paid up for the clubs have ej buiiding [building] laid in as security. This eon [on] nls [ls] by the officers of the club being 4 Rent-Roll of the Ramsden Estatec [Estate] helder. [elder] It not unfrequently [frequently] ha)... that even with the amvunt [amount] the party erecting i8 unable to fini, [fine] ' ther [the] aid; and friends not unfreguently [frequently] Hh circumstances, lend 20 or names also inscribed on the second Mortgagees. Here, then, tions, [tins] on which, under the old enstun, [stun] my 2s. 6d. each would be paid, or 3 3) Under the newly attempted dition [edition] FOR EVER of five per cent ground rent would be made Bur ... all. The releases have to he us, the borrowed moneys have been pa is anxious to have the holding ts hin, [in] 4 names of the lenders have to be vim... Rent-Roll. Here, again, are try py... which fees, amounting to 5s, would, custom, have to be puid. [paid] But tem, [te] another additi [addition] mal [al] five per oun. [on] added to the annual ground man would be compelled to pay an ,,,.. 10 per cent. because of his will be remembercd, [remembered] will only opera of slender means fo the man who loans nor transfers will eseape [escape] the 1. And thus the ancmalous [animals] spectacle i. Government REDUCING their tax oy 2. mortgage securitie;-while [securities;-while] the RaMSDEN [Ramsden] estates are augmenting then, But worse than this. The ciate [chat] the value of this elass [class] of pro... holder, though it is also one of quiet tryy., [try] value te the owner of the svil, [evil] A pro, queathed. [bequeathed] It is transferred trom [from] ). the inheritor under the will. Beans 2. fer, two-and-a-half per cent. is nent [sent] yearly charge to the property is sold. In consequence of - transferred. The one holder bad it at a vor. [or] the new holder has to pay, For even. , half per cent. more rent Jt is manires [marines . such cireumstancs [circumstances] the property will nur.) [our] ., much as it would do were the te remain a3 it was. ' But worse still than this. The ney [ne] a breaking through-an innovation apy [pay] custom. The entire property is held on -).- an old custom. Break through one. x) in the other is shaken. Show in one that the of the bord [board] of the may. . to be depended on, and suspicion will be iy. that it is but a broken reed in the othe [the] a feeling that the word of the owner tf -), hold is not his bond, even in a smal [small mares and the feeling of suspicion that it is uu . essentials will assuredly follow. The egun, [gun] is a perilous one. It is already felt to be such. The alarm iy taken. The numerous Clubs, whose inners so deeply involved, feed that their cur their power and efficiency for good, are ysl [sal] CoNFIDENCE [Confidence] is touched, To devise messin, [missing] the emergency, a meeting of the Pr. Foremen of the several Money ani [an Bul [Bull] has been convened, and is to be heli [held] Hotel, on Monday, the Ist [Its] of Jul can be no doubt but that the meetin [meeting] attended for the occasion is vxe [axe] of keep ans A word to the acting manager unler [under] of the Ramsden estates, before we lar [la] pen. To his general ability, public -pirt. [port] wi lightened policy, we bear most uneyu [uni] most willing testimony. To his ma promete [promote] the general welfare beth whom he acts, and of the tenantry ') also bear as unequivocal testimeny. [testimony] Man alterations in the mode of manacenient [management] 'uw undeniable improvements. But we mo him of the great danger that will any innovation on those old euswm [sum] affect the tenure. And let us gently bint [bent] gentleman, that possibly the alan [Allan] from sav [save] movements in this direction may be & the real facts would warrant. But lie must ber [be] that in a question of alarin [alarming] or co. 4 cion [Lion] or faith, REASON has little tow In i is . tr Ny 3 a Lite. Ie Pin, Deres [Dress] the as t remember the name he bears an 2 004 tion [ion] of that name with certain Duke of estates in Sule [Sale] shire, which have formed the subievt [submit] lamentable representations by the ers [es of the Times and the Ei And if the suspicion should be that it is intended to on the estates some points of the this gentleman, as a man of the world. see in such suspicions reason t be al cumspect, [suspect] and to be extremely act of his shall tend to a rupinre [rupture] of that SS ef confidence on which so much depen [depend] 2. THE POST OFFICES LUSE USE] SUNDAYS. Tr is an old and trite saying that ill s which blows no one good luek, [Luke, and ter [te] 5 may Lord AsHLEY [Ashley] congratulate hims not his motion for stopping the evilect [elect livery of letters on Sundays, come 02 before the fatigues of the Derby Das [As] shaken off by the majority of the Meo [Me] small majority would have been cones a& minority. Though Lord friends are not great admirers of we know of no body of men who ough) [ought] grateful for the future that such attractive displays. Had there Uv by Day on Wednesday, the noble Bath would have had no pigmy floor of the House of Commons on ts on the other hand, would the public att [at] danger of having a work of by an over-zealous attempt te thrust views of peculiar men on the great community. That the success of the accidental is beyond question, tor 161 Members in the House when the place, 93 of whom voted for, and 6 ing the pos [post] Thus have we a a et y accident by a majority which Sut [St] a seventh part of the whole House CuarRLes [Quarrels] Woon [Soon] is to be relied upe. [up] a to the feeling of the majority of the this Piritanical [Puritanical] debate Sir Bas Tile t e ee