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fo, LL. Ty CHUR [CUR] C H, ' Hehe [He] 16th June, 1850, THREE pA ili [ii] be (D.V.) im [in] the aboue [about] pu or 103 o'clock) by the Rev. J. HAIGH, ncumbent incumbent] of St Paul 8. MA 'clock) by the Pev. [Rev] W. G. GIBSON, 8 ee mbent [bent] of Longwood. bv the Rev. J. Mc.GHEE, in-Needingworth, [in-Needing worth] Hunts. pane ( NG ( G él o'clock) we of Holywell-cum- [recur] Rec x be made on ap which at present. remains on. the pp BANKING COMPANY. OVE. [OVER] HEREBY. GIVEN, that the E JSTEREST [ESTER] allowed by this Bank upon z of IST [ITS] pinst [inst] of JULY next, be-reduced will, sLE. [sale] to TWO en OE re ANNUM, sp Directors,. 'py andor [and] af the Board of Diy [Day] Manager. dav [da] Afternoon last, a GOLD yD, 08 i AI, Whoever has lost the same, i. jetter, [letter] to Mr. Thomas Cane, Halton, saps description of it, shall have it returned. ds, ging [going] 4 a sseut [set] healthy as a WET NURSE.-Apply to Ramadan-street. ' Person, non SungeoD, [Dungeon] - YLEY. [LE] Livery Stable-keepers AND are in WANT of a Man as sad Cub habits, and able to drive . He Personal application to be made s pair of Sean Yard, Kirkgate, Huddersfield. premises ' TED, a Respectable Person as SALES- [Sales ant] ANT dto [to] take charge of a Woollen Warehouse. MAN 7 with the Buyers who frequent the Markets rst-rate [rest-rate] references as to capability and cha- [Chas] a ed -ADDIS by letter, pre-paid, pad BROTHERS, be hours of 12 and wo cLOTH [cloth] FINISHERS AND DEALERS... arse Quantity of PEARL MOSS-on SALE, sree [see] ne condition -Apply to W. P. ENGLAND, Huddersfield. 9 o'clock, (Tuesdays excepted.) 7 Place, pEA [pa] FOWLS FOR SALE. - SALE, Four Splendid PEA Two os and Two Hens.-For further particulars, and amply to Mr. Epwarp [Warp] TEtLow, [Title] Painter, ti Fa Shorehead, [Forehead] Huddersfield. Je SOLD, a Bargain, in consequence of the pom being wanted ftnmeatiitely [fortunately] for otBer [other] purposes, FEARNOUGHT, [Fear nought] in good working condition. i; Guiness-Apply [Guineas-Apply] to Mr. ParTRIDGE, [Partridge] Bradford- [Bradfordjuidersfield] juidersfield [Huddersfield] ix SOLD or LET, a commodious DYE- [DYEHOUSE] 10USE, [USE] well situated at DaLTON, [Dalton] near Huddersfield, sith [Smith] Fistures [Fixtures] and Machinery of greatly improved eon on] fr Worsted and Cotton Dyeing; and com- [company] wan abundant supply of exellent [excellent] Water. . apply to Isaac Rosson, [Robson] King-street, sficld. [scald] WJONABLE [ENABLE] OMNIBUS FOR SALE. he DISPOSED OF, by PREV ATE. CON- [CONTRACT] KACT, [ACT] a handsome OMNIBUS, entirely new, paving been used, constructed to carry eight inside ht uut. [it] The above is painted Pea-green, is hand- [hand flowered] flowered. and is admirably adapted for a private snan, [san] having Pole, ., complete. rice, and to view, apply to Mir.. Jackson, Stafford usting [using] Establishment, Waketield. [Wakefield] ROSE AND CROWN HOTEL,. HUDDERSFIELD. R. MOORE is instructed to negotiate the LETTING of the above Old Respectable Hotel. uluation [valuation] will be comparatively small, and the Rent that the Tenant may reasonably calenlate- [calculate- calculation] on lliurd [Lord] Room clone as more than a sett-off for ce Inmediute [Immediate] possession may be nad; [and] as medical ad- [Adams] poms a specdy [speedy] change imperative. he LET. with Immediate Possession, a capital HOUSE. with Barn, Coach-house, Harness- [Harness and] and Stable adjoining, situate at Tt WELLS, recently id by Mr. James North, Curn [Turn] Miller. , acommodious [accommodation] WAREHOUSE, and a Two-stalled . situate as above. rat and uther [other] particulars, apply te My.. Gothard) ut, No. 7, Beast Market, Huddersfield. erick, [rick] May, 1850 the matter of the Petition of GEORGE SHER, [SHE] from June 1838, to September 1848, in Bradford, in the County of York, as a ware- [Warren] an, from the last named time to April 1849, and carrymg [carry mg] on business in Bradford afuresaid, [aforesaid] as aud [and] porter merchant, from the last named time to AMY, residing in Bradford aforesaid, out of busi- [bus- business] nd from the last named time to ttie-present [tie-present] residing wershield [shield in the aid county, 25 a warelrouseman. [warehouseman] hereby given, that the County Court of York-. at Huddersfield, acting in the matter of this Petition, veeed [weed] to tnake [take] a Final Order thereon, at the said on the Fifth day of July next. at Ten o'clock in hoon hon] precisely, unless w the colttrary, [contrary] y F. R. JONES, Jun., Clerk of the said Court. Petition of ALLAN RILEY, ume [me] ened, [end] in Huddersfield, in the County of whee man plasterer and whitewasher, afterwards aforesaid, carrying on business of plasterer ie partnership with one Thomas Hogan, Shorelan [Choral] or firm of Hogan and Riley, but inf aforesaid, plasterer and whitewasher, a . County Jail, at Halifax, in the me Coty [City] it matter of the te of Shorehead [Forehead] aH aor [or] ssiven, [seven] that the County Court of Yo wed werstield, [Westfield] acting 1Q the mattas,of [matters,of] thie [the] Desition, [Decision] on the Pate a Final Order thereon. at the said day of July next, at Ten o'clock in the trary, [Tracy] 7 Cause be then and there shown to trary, [Tracy] F. R. JONES, Jun. Clerk of the said Court. MCE [ME] Is wep [we] sai [said] I HEREBY GIVEN, that all the tin re Chattels situate at and on the Premises at aunty [aunt] of be LAND,.in the Parish of Kirkburton, 4a jg tk assignedovervs Dickinson, of pat Shelley, in the Parish of Kikberg [Quebec] ee Eighth day of October, 1848; tiv [ti] ben BC Esquire, Sheriff of Yorkshire, mut [mt] arcourt, [court] LD by th wit And notice is hercby [hereby] given thor [tho] ied uc ae Harel ie tha [that] ag, cr, by virtue of such Indenture of ts Tenth day of J by Order, une, [one] 1850, Being THOS. ROBINS An Bu Huddersfield. Solicitor to each Occasion or personally; . New-street, Huddersfield; be- css [cas] cause be then and there The Budderstield [Huddersfield] C1 AND WEST YORKSHIRE ADVERTISER, SATURDAY, JUNE 15, 1850. romicle [ridicule] Price 44d. HOLME S B GENERAL AND FU call attention. to. Room STOVE. KITCHEN RANGES and COOKING APP LOCK DOOR-KNOBS, WITH BELL- [Bell fenders] FENDERS LN. RNISHI [FURNISH] their STOCK of ORMOLU, BRONZE, OR BERLIN PAPER MACHIE [MACHINE] AND JAPAN 1 DISH COVERS Brass, and Copper Hip, and Shope [Shop] ' AY'S The dguard [guard] is guaranteed to cure all smoky great. success to Schools, Nurseries, Bed SOLE AGENTS FOR SYLVESTER'S which may now be seen BELL-HANGING AND GAS EITTING, [SITTING] SMITH 'London Tea Urns, Bro 5 Shower, Sponging, Baths, at such PATENT LIN DG it ROTHERS, [OTHERS] 21,NEW GRATES and CHIMNEY PI bey ining. [dining] Breakfast, and Bed ARATUS, [APPARATUS] GAS CHAN PULLS AND FINGER-PLATES TO MAT BLAC [BLACK] COAL. VASES AND BOX RON TEA TRAYS, TABLE AND DESSERT KNIVES AND FORKS, OF THE NEWES [NEWS] hs Kettles, Metal Tea and.Coffee Rots, Candlesticks, Furniture, &c rices as place them within the reagh, [reach] of all, mney [money] Sr nies. [ties] caused by wind, and for Ventilation hes baer [bear] Rooms, Kitchens, Larders, Stables, &c.. PATENT RADIATING STOVE. GRA [GRAY] we wee at thew Show-rooms.. x. WORK, IRON AND- [And tin] TIN PLATE WORKERS, &e.. NG IRONMONGEBS, [IRONMONGER] Dra [Dr] DELIERS, [DEALERS] PENDANTS, and BRACKETS, CH, CORNICE ENDS AND CURTAIN BANDS, K, WITH FIRE IRONS TO SUIT; ' T SHAPES, UARD. [YARD] Bas DLY [DAY] THE HUDDER [UDDER] E. EAGLETON, Harter, [Carter] respectfully thanks the and supply such Goods only as.will. yield complete satisfacti [satisfaction] t J. E. E. has on. l price and quality. The most fanciful may meet and Children's HATS are unrivalled for suitability and adaptation To prevent disappointment, be particular to observe the Address WATCHES anoD [and] to acquaint his Friends and RICHARDSON bees AND GENTLEMEN LADI [LAID] PATENT LEV of first-rate quality and wo i W. R. takes this opportunity of informing the Public. any difficulty in repairing Foreign Watches satisfactorily ; HAS DONE) IS AN INSULT AND LIBEL ON THE TRADE; BUT -B.-JEWELLERY and PLATE REPAIRED, THY. FREMISEs. [Premises] icle, [ice] as the patent is out long ago.-Fiat Justitia,. [Justice] S HOLDSWORTH & NEW WELLS, GOODS DELIVERED CARBR [CARR] At this Establishment parties furnishing have the advantage not offered to the same extent by any other House CaBINET [Cabinet] FURNITURE AND UPHOLSTERY.. BEps, [Bes] MATTRESSES, AND BLANKETS. MANTLE, TOILETTE, &c., GLASSES. PassacGe [Passage] CLOTHS, MaTTINGs. [Mattings] The Show Rooms are replete with every possible variety' in each for supplying Goods of sound materials aad [and] workmanship. HATS HATS 3 EAGLETON'S FASHIONABLE HAT No. 20, CROSS-CHURCH-STREET. a DECIDE response to his earlier announcements, and assures them. it ail be Ls pod pleasure in calling present attention to his superb Stock of French HATS, most certainly unequalled in this locality for with their wishes in shape and style. His Youth's to age and appearance. Lo oE. EAGLETON, HATTER, No. 20, Cross Church-street, the Sign of the JEWELLERY 16, MARKET PLACE, HUDDERSFIELD. - 'S GOLD AND SILVER ER. AND HORIZONTAL WATCHES ij-- which, practical knowledge, he can. mscommend.. [ms commend] 68 4. d.. 'Gentlemen's Gold Levers from..................-..-. 1010 0. Ladies' Gold Levers from 8 10 Ditto. 1h Co a 310 0 Diéto [Ditto do. Horizontal 0.0.0... 4 40 that first-rate- [rate workmen] workmen, he le ys, never found AND TO. DENY. WHICH (4S. A CERTAIN AS THERE ARE NO FRENCH WORKMEN TOWN, THE PUBLIC WILL NOT BE DELUDED BY SUCH FALSE REPRESENTATIONS. i with despatch and care, by 2 WORKING JEWELLER KEPT ON A large assortment of. RRAHAM S [GRAHAM S] PATENT SPECTACLES always on hand. No AGENCY J REQUIRED for this ESTABLISHED 1772.. SONS' GENERAL FURNISHING WAR WAKEFIELD. . Spportunity [Opportunity] of selecting every article of Household. Eurniture, [Furniture] an ouse [use] out of Londoa,. [London] i The Stock comprises- [comprises carpets] ' CARPETS aND [and] HEARTH PaPER-HANGINGS.. [Paper-HANGINGS] DaMasKs [Damasks] AND MOREENS. [MOREEN] . GENERAL FURNISHING . respeetive [respective] department, sui [su] tastes. and rcumstances [circumstances] of all purchasers, and no expense is spared by the Proprietors i abla [able] ALL KINDS OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE PURCHASED, SFIELD [FIELD] MAR. and. public at lange, [lane] 'for their hearty continued endeavour to expese [expense] all fallacies, 1 'Large Golden Hat. the Public, that his Stock is replete with. ED PARTY r 3 IAGE [AGE] FREE. Rues., to maintain their long pe H E Landlord Well, Mr. Mason,.I kaye [Kaye] come to trouble you again. Tenant Indeed, sir, you liave. [have] . LANDLORD A FAMILIAR D I You must really be ware punctual. Tenant I will endeavour to be, sir. but 'We can't go without dress, you know that. Land Tenant Indeed, sir, it does. Landlord Cheaper most assuredly more-than half, I'll cat them. Tenant You quite surprise me for your suit looks out-and-out. you would. You see the suit Mayor of London, that I Tenant What a fool I was not to have my eycs [eyes] about me. you so well. . Tenant Moses Son, I think you said Landlord Exactly so. They have shops in London as well as in B either in quality, fashion, or cheapness. BS ER W E -eE.. TAILORS, CLOTHIERS, HATTERS, AND genuine and Cheap Clothing, te, City, . Take Notice.-This Establishment. is-Closed from sunset Friday, till twelve o'clock. A.M CONVERSATION. I shall not have your rent ready yet. Iam [I am] sorry for it, however, and. make every 'Landlord Apologies are all very well, Mr. Mason,, but they won't pay my rent here's anothep; [another] quarter just here. what put me back this quarter was having to buy a new suit of clothes.. ord But a suit of clothes don't cost so very much now a-days I paid no less than 6 for this hat and suit. Landlord What 6 You must be joking, surely.. You didn't [did't] buy them at Moses.& Son's, 'in, Tenant No, sir; IL did not.. Should I have-got tiem [time] amy [may] cheaper at Landlord And it ts out and out, too I would not wish for better clothes if I were Mayor of Bradford or Lord Landlord It's not for me to call you a fool; but, certainly, you should have dealt with those Tenant You may take it for granted that I shall ayail'mysclf [Railway'myself] of your bint. [bent] Landlord Very well, you can't do batter. Good day. I shall call again shortly. MOS ES 19, BUILDINGS, BRIDGE-STREET, BRADFORD, YORKSHIRE.. Branch of their London Establishment 154, 155, 156, 157, and 83, 84, 85, and 6, opposite thé [the] Church, corner of MINORIES and ALDGATE, CiTy, [City] LONDON, all communicating and forming one vast ehment. [cement] CauTion.-E. [Caution.-E] MOSES SON regret having to guard the Public- [Public against] against imposition, having learned that the. Hike falschood [falsehood] of being connected with them, or It's all the same concern, has boon Meorted [Meteor] to in many and for obvious reasons. They have no ccnneetion [connection] with aay [say] other House in or out of Lomdon, [London] except their Brafch [Branch] Establishments, 36, Fargate, [Forget] Sheffield and 19, Thornton's Buildings, Bradford, Yorkshire and those-who &ec., should call at, or send te,-cither [te,-either] of their Branches, or te the Minories and THE TENANT. Hope I've not called too soan. [son] Bridge-strect [Bridge-street] . oses [uses] Sons nt would have used radford. [Bradford] and Shefficld [Sheffield] and have no compeers AND ON, GENERAL OUTFITTERS, till sunset Saturday, when business is resumed -I aE, ue ed.Apartments at Messrs. Co.'s, TOBACCONISTS, Horse Inn, HUDDERSFIELD, where he will attend professionally well-known SPECTACLES on greatest assistance scientific peas can aecomptish,. [accomplish] i proof of ability; Mr. respectfully reques [request] ntion [nation] dersfield [Huddersfield] and - e 2 ei TUESDAYS ONLY, FROM 11 UNTIL.5 OTLOCK, [UNTIL.5 LOCK] No. 8, KIRKGATE, HUDDBRSFIELD [HUDDERSFIELD] ME L. E. FRANKS, Maker, Fecturer [Lecturer] on the Eye, &c., feels pleasure in stating that lie has AND EYE-GLASSES. j ive Si incip [once] uired [fired] in an extensive practic [practice] 'go as to give the ania [ana] ser [se] ETN [TEN] Fn preserving Eyesight to the latest period of life; and as a th following copy of Testimonial. from the Faculty of Hud- [HUD- Hunter] NEAR THE OLD CHURCH, OPPOSITE THE Pack TUESDAYS ONLY, witha [with] selection of his. Parker Newton e OBSERVE-ABBOTT CO.'S TEMPERANCE. HOTEL, N B.-NO HAWKERS EMPLOYED. that I have; and if I didn't [did't] get them for little i wih [with] feng [eng] ST depend ab tho hours YED [YES] IN THIS EHOUSES, [HOUSES] ' bi 4 i é i journment [Government] et i WRITING RAPIDLY IMPROVED. eelebrated [celebrated] and highly-finished PENMANSHIP. which combines elegance with freedom, and rapidity with execution, taught in EIGHT LESSONS of ONE HOUR EACH. The Success and. distinguished Patronage which have already crowned Mr.. Geodmane's [Goodman's] efforts in Huddersfield, and the continuance of eminent Er- [Encouragement] couragement, [encouragement] confirm most unequivocally his studied but ambitious views-Truth and Justice. BANK OF ENGLAND.-The Clerks in the Bank of England were instructed by Mr. GOODMANE; [WOODMAN] the Gov- [Lowest] WEST RIDING OF YORKSHIRE. MIDSUMMER SESSIONS. N OTICE [NOTICE] IS HEREBY GIV [GIVE] EN, that the MIDSUMMER GENERAL QUARTER SESSIONS of the Peace for the West Riding of the County of York, will be opened at SKIPTON, on Tugspay, [Tug spay] tho 2nd day of July next, at Ten of the clock in the Forenoon and b ent [end] from thence will be helden [held] at BRADFORD, on WEDNESDAX, [WEDNESDAY] the 3d day of the same month of J uly, [July] at 'Ben of the cloek [clock] inthe [another] Forenoon and also by further ad-- from thence, will be holden [Holden] at RO HERHAM, [DURHAM] on MonDAY, [Monday] the 8th day of the same month of J uly, [July] at Ten of the o'clock in the Forenoon, when all jurors, suitors, persons bound by recognizances, and others having business b at.the said several sessions, are iredito [credit] attend the court y bation [nation] of ni Writing ' Baliette [Ballet] sare [are] 'required 1 to take notice, that all appeals ABE y te GoopmaNe. [Goop mane] and Soy, must be entered before the sitting of the court on the firat [first] Mfsters, [Masters] No. 6, Market-place, Huddersfield No. , day of the sessions, at each of the above-mentioned places g Briggate, Leeds. and'that the list of suely [surely] will be called over by the Clerk of the Peace, at the expiration of half an hour from the opening of the court and that all appeals in which counsel are not then instructed, so as to be ready to proceed immediately (if called upon se to do) struck out. Solicitors are also required to take notice, that copies of the Order of Removal, of the Notice of Chargeability,. [Chargeable] and Grounds of Removal, are required to be filed by the Appel- [Appeal- Appellants] lants [Lance] with the Clerk of the Peace on the entry of the Ap- [Appeal] peal and before.the hearing of the Appeal.the Appellants raust [rust] also file with the Clerk of 'the Peace a copy of the Notice and Grounds of Ap -And that no. Appeals against removal Orders can be heard. unless, the Chairman .is also furnished by the Appellants with acopy [copy] of all the -above dg ents. [ants] In all. appeals against Convictions the ndent [dent] must file. the not later than the opening of the court on.the first day of the Sessions. ; And Notice is also hereby given, that at the said General ' Quarter Sessions of the Peace to be holden [Holden] at SKIPTON . aforesaid, an assessment for the necessary expenses of the ; said Riding for the ensuing Half year, will laid at the hour of Twelve o'clock at Noon. - C. H. ELSLEY,. [ELSE] Clerk of the Peace of the Peace's Office, Wakefield, June 10th, 1850. THE ILLUMINATED CLOCK, No. 5, KING-STREET, HUDDERSFIELD. HESLOP te inform his Friends and the Public that he has always on hand a Large As- [Assortment] sortment [assortment] of Ladies' and Gentlemen's GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES of first-rate workmanship, and at the lowest CASH PRICES ; also a e Assortment of CLOCKS suitable for Offices,. Libraries, wing Rooms, &c. R. H. takes this opportunity to caution the public against the very inferior and low-priced Watches that are puffed off in the various Periodicals and other Advertising me- [mediums] diums, [drums] and begs to inform them that he keeps only such Articles as he can with confidence recommend. As the repairing of Foreign Watches has always been difficult to English workmen, he has e first-rate workman from Paris, who has had considerable experience im [in] the wateh [water] manufacteries. [manufacturers] of Geneva, that now any foreign watch,. however comyplicatedi [complicated] and difficult, can be put in proper repair in the shortest time possible.. 2s WORKING-JEWELLER IN THE TOWN KEPT ON THE PREMISES.. AGBNT [AGENT] FOR BRAHAM'S PATENT SPECLACLES. [SPECTACLES] SILVER PLATE Furnished' for Banquets, Dinner Parties, &c . GILBERTS NEWLY-INVENTED PATENT SLIPPER BATH UBPASSES [PASSES] every other. From. its peculiar construction, a much smaller quantity of water is required, thus greatly economizing both trouble and time. In using this BATH, the position is excoedingly [exceedingly] comfortable, and the-facitity [the-acidity] of getting in aad [and] out very great. Any one possessing the BATH, will find it an article . of. the greatest economy and luxury ever the public.. It is highly recommended by the. Medical Profession. SOLD BY EBENEZER THORNTON, GRATE, AND FENDER WAREHOUSE, No. 16. New-street, Huddersfield. ; THE O Cl STOVE, HATS HATS HATS BAYLDON'S FASHIONABLE HAT WAREHOUSE, 3 GROSS.GHURCH [GROSS.CHURCH] STREET, HUDDERSFIELD. . B.. returns his thanks to his friends and the public for- [forth] the deeided [decided preference given to his Hate,. - over all others, and begs leave to inform the Public, that ke lias [has] just reeeived'a [received'a new assortment of Infants', Boys', Youths', and Gentleman's HATS, of avery [very] deseription, [description] of the Newest Shapes. . G. B. particularly wishes to make it known to his friends, that his Fancy Hats, in Black and Drab, is of the Newest Styles, and at such Prices as never offered to the Public. ss ste ELSE OF PRICES - 7 i' Well-made Hats,.from 4s. 6d', to 5s..6d .; at 6s. and'7s. 6d..; beautiful Velvet, Fashio [Fashion] shi [si] nable [able] in Shape, and splendid in ;Colour, warranted to wear well, at 8s. 6d., and'10s. [and'1st] A well assortment of French and Satin Velvet, Naps, in every 'Style and strength, at 1s. the ric [tic] of style, and ail First-class fits that can be made,complete with every ee tie nhows [shown] List of Briiess [Bruises] wil. be found Sab [Bas] Mi dee pore before ad, and places al Competition at an. BOY'S AND MENS' [MEN] CAPS AT' REDUCED PRICES. A SHOWER BATH FOR TEN SHILLINGS AND SIXPENCE. A LARGE Selection of SHOWER BATHS, HIP and SLIPPER BATHS, SPONGING BATHS; and' TOILETTE FURNITURE, may now le seen at the Show Rooms of H O LM ES BROTH ERB [ER] S, . 21,, NEW STREET. REGISTER AND SUSSEX GRATES. BED-ROOM GRATESB. [GREATEST] COOKING APPARATUS, on the most improved principles, and KITCHEN FIXTURES, in great variety, alwayS [always] on hand. SOLE AGENT FOR WIGFALL AND CO.'s PATENT LIQUID GLUE, For uniting Stone, China, Earthenware, Glass, Marble, Iron, &e. SMITH WORK AND BELL-HANGING. TIN-PLATE WORK, ETC. NO. 104, TOP OF KING STREET, HUDDERSFIELD, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL CARPET, RUG, DRUGGET, AND GENERAL WRAPERY [DRAPERY] WAREHOUSE. W D. and S. HENSHALL, in returning. thanks ta the Gentry, Cle [Ce] A e dersfield [Huddersfield] and its vicinity, for the many favours bestowed upon them since ning [nine] the abpve [above] Establishment, beg to inform them, that Mr. S. H. has just returned from London, Manchester, and other Markets, where he has made extensive Purchases of Goods suitable for the approaching Season, consisting of a large assortment of Plain and FANCY SILKS, SATINS, SATHVETTES [SERVIETTES ALPACAS, LUSTRES, BALZERINES, [BLESSINGS] PRINTED MUSLINS, . And a great variety of. Noveltics [Novelties] for Long and Square SHAWLS; in. Paisley, Cashmeres, Bareze, [Bare] Ac., &c Plain Cravats, &e., &c., &c.. oe AT60, [AT] A WELL S8LECTED [SELECTED STOCK OF PRINTS; DE -LAINES, [LINES] TABLE LINENS, BARNSLEY SHEETINGS, [MEETINGS] TICKS, DIAPERS, cc. W. D. S. H. wish, particularly to draw attention to their STOCK OF TAPESTRY, Brussels', 4-4ths [4-this] Kidderminster, , 2-4ths, [2-this] 5-8ths [5-this] Stair Carpets, Rugs, Printed and Plaid Druggets, [Druggist] &c., in great varicty, [variety] being the largest and bet. selectedStock [selected stock] in the West Riding, and which they are now offering at such Prices as cannot fail to give every satisfac-. [satisfaction] tion [ion] tof [of] Purchasers. . RUGS MADE TO ORDER ON THE SHORTEST NOTICE. RAIS [RAISE] COMPLETELY FURNISHED, AN Ren ARTICLE OF FAMILY MOURNING ALWAYS MILLINERY, BONNET, AND GENERAL DRAPERY WAREHOUSE, AT No. 28, NEW-STREET, IEUDDERSFIELD. [HUDDERSFIELD] and would specially of the Inhabitants of this Town and his very extensive and superior display. of the. L AT ES Tr M V.EL TIE S In Mantles, Jackets, &a;, of the most A large délivery [delivery] of the New Long Barege [Barge] SHAWLS; also. Cashmeres and Paisleys remarkably Cheap. S..8.. would here call particular attention. to his S F&F 5. D Ek P A&R B M EN FT, Which is.replete; and Ladies-before makipg [making] purclases-are [purchase-are] invited to inspect this stock. . A very choice stoek [stock] of Rippons., [Ripon] FLOwers, [Flowers] Parasois, [Parasols] GLOVES, CHEMISETTES, [CHEMISTS] NECK Tips, kc, &e.; sad'a wariety [variety] - of Novelties too.numerous to mention. S in RICE, CHIP, DUNSTABLE, and FANCY STRAWS, in all the Newest Shapes. The SHOW. ROQM [ROOM] is NOW OPEN for the Inspection of the above Novelties.. SAMUEL SHAW. 28, NEew-srerrr.. [New-Sierra] HORSE BAZAAR, 27,, CROSS CHURCH-STREET, HUDDERSFIELD, AND SPRING GARDENS, BUXTON. ; Publi [Public] wres [wees] in this tow y and. Physiology Mr. Franks, the Optician, having delivered Public Lectures in this town on the Anatomy a 3 F ANZANI . i ao the undersigned Surgeons, are o intron that ; Lie Fy, come ad aay. [say] Pe cl, therefore hace [have] tnyoh [Tonto] JEWELLER, TOY MERCHANT, AND DEALER IN. GENERAL FANCY GOODS, 3 Mr Pranks as an Optician to those who may require the assistance of RESEECTFULLY [RESPECTFULLY] 'announces-to the Inhabitants of Huddersfield and neighbourhood, that he has R. Cameron M.D... Huddersfeld. [Huddersfield] Jobn [John] Dyson............ Surgeon...... Mines i REMOVED. his. Establishment from 26 to 27, Cross which' he has fitted up, from the three J. T. Bradshaw .........Surgeon...... Huddersfield. J. E. Fosbrooke......Surgeom.....Mijhes [Brooke......Surgeon.....Misses] Briilge [Bridge great markets of the world'-Paris, London, and Birmingham-with ot 3 Wm. Greenwood .......Surgeon......Huddersfield 7' John Gey [Ge] A SPLENDID. STOCK OF SILVER AND SILVER-PLATED 1 eed [ed] ie Bons. [Bond] eae [ear] a Heddonticld, [Identical] J. Surgeon......Golear. [Surgeon......Golcar] Ofta most [Oft most] costly character. His ASSORTMENT of GENERAL FANCY ARTICLES is first-rate, and for price can- [canter] ree [ere] ook [oak] as s anon Huddersfield. J, Roberts ............. not Be equalled. The PAPIER [PAPER] MACHIE [MACHINE] DEPARTMENT is superb, and at such. prices-as.cannot fail to.give general cy. AB Na 22sec [sec] oceans nee EIEN [EVEN] ref .Jobn .John] Roberts ........- Surgee [Surge] ..Lahthwaito. [Slaithwaite] satisfaction. ig. cones Hellawel [Hellawell] ..... Edward Trotter... Surgeon......Newmill. METAL AND CABINET GOGDS [GOODS] 5 Bennett Surgeon... Almondbury. Martin ........,....- Surgeon..... Cannot be si for Cheapness and lity.. [city] W Goodall. zeon...... [Zion] Lockwood. Benjamin Beeley.....Surgeon..... rth. [rt] Ladies Gentlemen's DRESSING CASES, in Rosewood, Mahogan [Mahogany] Russia. Duc, [Du] and' Moroeco.. [Morocco] Ladies' CARD Richard'Allatt,........ Surgeon......Paddock. Charles Trotter.......Surgeon..... arth. [art] 'CASES, ig Shell, Papier [Paper] Machié, [Machine] and Moroceo. [Morocco] Tho STOCK. of JEWELLERY is strongly recommended as being ve-y Edward Lees... Surgeon......Honley. T. H. Martin ......... Surgeon. -....Holmfirth, cheap, afd [and] of first-rate quality FRENCH CHINA, and every kind of BOHEM [HEM] GLASS, in ancient, modern, amet [met] Pt TI ls and 'unj [un] tterns, [teens] at re bly [by] low prices.. MECHANICAL FIGURES, Musical Boxes and Accor-. [Accord] Partjés [Parts] submitting their Spectacles to Mr. Franks' examination, will meet with a candid' opiniog [opinion] ;-and he will not bridge-Goods ofavery [every] imaginable class. Newly-invented TOYS in endless variety, and very cheap. . dihis [dis] own without proving their superiority. Any article purchased'and not approveg [approved] will be exchanged. ; MortTo SMALL [Mort SMALL] PROFITS AND QUICK RETURNS.. KIRKGATE, ON TUESDAYS ONLY. ' 9 Remember the Address -ANZANI, MOCKING BAZAAR, 217, Cross Chureh-itreet.; [Church-street] ernors [errors] and Company have often expressed their high appro- [approve- apprise] Sey [Se] SU Bee TIT , and Inhabitants of Hud-- [HUD-- HUD] SHAW begs to announce his Second Return this season from the London. and other Markets,. An. extensive assortment of Muslins, Balgarines, [Bulgarians] Poplins, &c., &c., along with.a variety of New Articles for Fancy - Sale ' ' tei [te] y Se ae oq ol EAS [WAS] Wad YdS.MaNn [Yes.Man]